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					 Board of Trustees Presentation

Advancing Foothill-De Anza’s
         Legacy of
 Excellence and Opportunity

    Central Services Annual Report
             July 11, 2005

Advancing the Legacy
  Chancellor’s Office
  Human Resources and Equal Opportunity
  Business Services
  Facilities and Operations
Looking Ahead

2004-05: A Fourth Consecutive Year of Challenges in an
Uncertain Economy
   Enrollment softening, but remarkable recovery
   Large swings in course-taking patterns of students
   Unmet demand in high-cost programs
   Gap between revenues and expenses
   Rising costs, particularly health benefits
   State funding to Foothill-De Anza below the state average (far below
   national average)
Foothill-De Anza forced to reduce more than 10 percent of its
$150 million general fund budget
   Restructuring (doing more with less)

…and Opportunities
  Continuing to provide educational excellence and opportunity
  for students
  Innovations across departments to increase service to
  students, staff and the community
  Building out Measure E
  Ensuring accountability and sustainability
  Planning for the future: Educational Master Plan and
  Accreditation Self-Studies
           Mission Statement

The Foothill-De Anza Community College District provides a
dynamic learning environment that fosters excellence,
opportunity and innovation in meeting the educational needs
of our diverse students and community.
            Approved by board of trustees on June 7, 2004

Central Services is dedicated to this mission by providing to our
colleges and the community a network of critical administrative

The talented, skillful staff of Central Services is committed to
supporting the education of students at Foothill and De Anza.
         Advancing the Legacy

           Central Services Departments

Chancellor’s Office
Human Resources and Equal Opportunity
Business Services
Facilities and Operations
ETS, including Institutional Research and Planning
Foothill-De Anza Foundation
          Chancellor’s Office

Within the Chancellor’s Office
  Board meetings and support
  Board policies and procedures
  District Educational Master Planning
  Community relations
  State and federal relations, legislative advocacy
  Public affairs and media relations
  Foundation strategic leadership and fundraising
           Chancellor’s Office

Board Policies
   Nine new policies, including Mission Statement; Neighborhood Outreach;
   Institutional Planning
   Four amended policies, including Environmental, Health, Safety and
   Energy Management; Non-Smoking Areas; Contracts
    Seven new and amended administrative procedures
District Educational Master Plan
Legislative Advocacy with a Focus on Equalization
      Instrumental in CCC’s securing $30 million in equalization funding in
      challenging legislative climate
           Chancellor’s Office

Focus on Learning Matters
   Pedagogical excellence—staff development
   Public domain
   Workforce Gap Analysis
   Community education
Community Leadership and Reputation of the District
   NASA Collaborative
   Health benefits forum
   Allied Health Collaborative
    - Santa Clara and San Mateo counties
        Human Resources and
        Equal Opportunity

Within Human Resources
  Employment Services
  Personnel Services

*Labor and Employee Relations
*Diversity/Equal Opportunity
       Human Resources and
       Equal Opportunity
Three Key Developments
  Respect in the Workplace project
  Employment/development services
  Classified hourly employees
         Human Resources and
         Equal Opportunity
       Respect in the Workplace
With the Human Resources Advisory Committee
 and the outstanding cooperation and
 collaboration of the academic and classified
 senates, 41 focus groups provided information
 on respect in the workplaces of the district.

  The data will drive training and development
   activities to improve working conditions.
Human Resources and
Equal Opportunity
         Human Resources and
         Equal Opportunity
            Classified Hourly Employees
The creation of this work group improves our ability to
provide ongoing services to students and incorporates
these employees into our staff as permanent members.
The district significantly reduced its reliance on short-
term employees and expanded the ranks of classified

These positions allow a new level of flexibility in providing
 services to students and flexible schedules for employees.
           Human Resources and
           Equal Opportunity
         Employment/Development Services

Bad News: Layoffs
Good News
  An amazing, creative, cooperative effort to provide support services for
  employees transitioning to new positions
  A process to provide opportunities for internal transfers to avoid layoffs
  A level of key administrative support acknowledging the critical
  contributions of classified staff
            Human Resources and
            Equal Opportunity
Challenges: Back to the Basics—Three “R’s”
   Restore a sense of job security and enthusiasm
   Renew pride in and support of our colleges
   Rebuild staff positions
…and Opportunities
   To use data from focus groups to build a better workplace
   To take a new look at how/why we do things from the viewpoint of
   employees in new positions and from budget reduction necessity
   To assess our Diversity Climate three years later via a new survey
       Business Services

Within Business Services
  Budget Operations
  Material and Purchasing Services
  Risk Management
  Hazardous Materials and Safety Management
  Police and Safety Services
         Business Services

  Working with the District Budget Committee, prepared
  budget reduction strategies
  Delivered regular, extensive budget information to a wide
  variety of district audiences
  Collaborated with Human Resources and the Benefits Task
  Force to prepare for potential health benefits program changes
  in 2006-07
  Prepared a major report on the unfunded retiree medical
         Business Services

Accounting and Payroll
   Received a positive audit report in 2004, with no exceptions
  and limited management comments
  Accounts Payable operated at peak loads paying bills
  associated with Measure E
Payroll and ETS
  Designed an automated work flow process for timesheets
  Increased bidding and purchasing activity due to Measure E
  construction activity resulted in heavy workload
  Implemented new system to advertise bids on the Web
           Safety Services

Police and Safety Services
  Fully staffed department provided vital safety services to all students,
  faculty, staff and community members using our facilities
Risk Management
  Achieved savings in insurance renewals through aggressive marketing of
Hazardous Materials and Management
  Created new department and a new management position; hired new
  director, who will begin work in July
        Business Services

  Addressing district’s unfunded medical liability
  Continually rising expenses, uncertain state budgets
  Declining enrollment
…and Opportunities
  Planning for fiscal rebuilding to grow infrastructure
  proportionately during recovery
  Planning for staffing to support new Measure E
  buildings coming on line
        Facilities and Operations

Within Facilities and Operations
  Custodial Services
  Plant Operations
                  Facilities and Operations

   For 2005-06: Building Out Measure E
       At Foothill
           Foothill’s two largest Measure E buildings are under construction
              New Campus Center
              Lower campus facilities that will house student services, life sciences and a studio
       At De Anza
           All four major new buildings will be open for fall classes
                Science Center
                Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies
                Student and Community Services Building
                Stelling Parking Structure
           Renovations and infrastructure work continuing
           Performance Hall partially funded by state; under design

Measure E projects are expected to be substantially complete by the end of 2007.
         Facilities and Operations

Other Facilities Activities
  State Capital Outlay Program
     We continue to be aggressive with our Capital Outlay
     requests; however, state funding issues coupled with our
     “built out” status make this challenging
  Sustainability efforts
     LEEDS certification for three buildings at De Anza;
     energy- and water-saving efforts for Foothill
     Cogeneration and photovoltaic systems operational on
     both campuses
        Facilities and Operations

Major Challenge
  Supporting the educational mission with appropriate
  levels of maintenance
    2002 study indicates that an additional 22 positions would
    be required to maintain the current level of maintenance
    for the additional 250,000 square feet of Measure E
…and Opportunities
  Renovating and constructing needed facilities
  Planning for the future
Educational Technology

Within ETS
  Information Systems
  Institutional Research and Planning
  Networks, Communication and Computer Services
Continuing to Provide Quality Service and Support
  Annual Technology Use Survey
     Showed continued improvement in user perceptions of
       Since 2001, quality of service measures have risen from 66% to
       33% felt service had improved since previous year
       85% were satisfied or very satisfied with network performance
       User comments generally more positive
     Solicited baseline data on specific issues and performance,
     showing similar levels of satisfaction
     All data are online (

Continuing to Provide Quality Service and Support
  New spam/virus firewall continuing to be effective
  Portal project beginning to roll out this summer
  Workflow automation/forms processing
  Call Center continues to average about 12,000 calls
  per year
  IR&P supporting approximately 250 requests for
  data, analyses, studies, survey design and support
  from faculty, staff and administrators

Continuing to Provide Quality Service and
  New online financial aid system
  Completed testing on streaming media at De Anza
  Significant progress on security policies, procedures
  and plans
  Significant progress on data warehouse implementation
  (10 years of data now online)
  Renegotiated IS software system contract, saving
  approximately $160,000 annually
  Continuing to provide quality technical and infrastructure
  support in light of cuts to ETS budget and staffing in 2003
  Providing quality technical planning and support to Measure
  E efforts
  Maintaining an aging technical infrastructure
  Providing a secure and reliable technology environment
…and Opportunities
  Implementing portal environment for entire Foothill-De Anza
  Improving security through authorized access to online
  resources (Identity Management)
  Wireless access during next academic year
  Building a culture of research for decision-making

Within the Foundation
  Organization and Leadership
  Results and Goals
  Fundraising Themes
  Major Gifts, Annual Giving, Planned Giving
  Board and Commissions
  Outreach and Events

Organization and Leadership
  New executive director hired in fall 2004
  Staffing reorganized for greater fundraising effectiveness
  Foundation now self-funded
Results and Goals
  Foundation revenue will exceed 2004-05 goal of $2 million
  Major events raised about $200,000
  Chancellor’s Circle raised approximately $100,000
  Goal for 2005-06 set for $3.5 million

Fundraising Themes
   The Foundation is now focused on raising significant levels of
   “flexible” support in three themed areas:
      Excellence (for teaching)
      Opportunity (for students)
      Innovation (for technology and facilities)
Major Gifts, Annual Giving, Planned Giving
  Major Gifts: Cultivation and solicitation will continue to
  support key projects on both campuses
  Annual Giving: Being enhanced to include alumni and
  Planned Giving: Legacy Circle continues to grow, significant
  bequests are being made, and two charitable gift annuities
  were contributed in 2004-05

Board and Commissions
  23-member board of directors, recruitment of new members
  underway to enhance diversity
  Foothill and De Anza Commissions continue to actively
  involve the colleges with surrounding communities
Outreach and Events
  Efforts are underway to continue improving the success of
  Foothill’s “Summer Benefit Gala” and De Anza’s “A Night of
  Other stewardship and cultivation activities will continue with
  consideration for effectiveness and staff time

 Foundation’s self-supporting status requires raising more
 unrestricted funds and reallocation of the investment pool
 Full-time staff of three very small relative to the number and
 range of fundraising needs and activities on both campuses
 Instilling the value of giving to community colleges
…and Opportunities
 Economic and philanthropic environments slowly continue to
 Opportunities to give are increasing
 Vast resources of alumni and friends from which to seek
 prospective donors
         Looking Ahead

  Increase access and growth (approximately 2% per year)
  Increase state funding for community colleges
  Address rising costs of health benefits, unfunded retiree
  medical liability
  Balance budget
  Maintain strong productivity
  Promote excellence, innovation and diversity
  Evaluate: measure our progress toward goals
 Board of Trustees Presentation

Advancing Foothill-De Anza’s
         Legacy of
 Excellence and Opportunity

    Central Services Annual Report
             July 11, 2005

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