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									                                    MS.SAOWANEE LERTWORASIRIKUL

Current Address:                                                                                Permanent Address:
Department of Product Development                                                               11/44 Latplakhao 38,
Faculty of Agro-Industry                                                                        Latplakhao Rd., Ladphrao
Kasetsart University, Bangkok                                                                   Bangkok Thailand 10230
Thailand 10230                                                                                  Tel.(662) 940-4694 (3)
Tel.(662) 579-5580 (25)

EDUCATION            North Carolina State University / College of Engineering.                                         Raleigh, NC
                     Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (Minor: Operations Research)                                      May 2002
                     Overall GPA : 4.0/4.0

                              Honors:    Academic Scholarship from Ananda-Mahidol Foundation (King Scholarship) to pursue
                                          graduate studies in USA.
                                           Elected to PHI KAPPA PHI Honor Society
                                           Elected to Omega Rho, the International Operations Research Honor Society
                              Activities:  Member of FANGroup, research group to study fuzzy logic theory and neural networks with applications to
                                        Operations research and Industrial engineering

                      University of California at Berkeley / College of Engineering.                                 Berkeley, CA
            M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.                                          Dec 1998
   Overall GPA : 3.6/4.0

                              Honor:  Academic Scholarship from Ananda-Mahidol Foundation (King Scholarship) to pursue graduate studies in

                    Kasetsart University / Faculty of Agro-Industry/ Department of Product Development. Bangkok, Thailand
            B.S.(Agro-Industrial Product Development) with First Class Honors.                      March 1996
                    Overall GPA : 3.75/4.0

                              Honors:  Academic Award.         1994-1995
                                         Academic Scholarship. 1994-1996
                              Activities: Member of Academic Committee in Agro-Industry 1994.

EXPERIENCE           Trainee at Wan Thai Food Industry for two months. 1995                                     Bangkok, Thailand
                     Analyzed production systems and launched a project to determine the correlation between temperature and concentrations of
                     soup used for producing instant noodles.

                     Assistant Researcher for four months. 1996                                                    Bangkok, Thailand
                     At the Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute.
                     Collected data on rice and rice products.

                     Research Assistant. 2000-2002                                                                North Carolina, USA
                     National Textile Center Project (NTC), North Carolina State University, USA
                     Researched on integrated supply chain analysis and decision support and collaboration in softgoods E-supply chain.

                     Teaching Assistant. 2001                                                                    North Carolina, USA
                     Department of Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA
                     Course: Soft computing in Operations Research

                     Instructor. 1996-present                                                                      Bangkok, Thailand
                     Department of Product Development, Faculty of Agro-Industry, Kasetsart University.
                     Teaching courses:  Introduction to Operations Research
                                        Mathematics and Computers for everyday life
                                        Sensory Evaluation of Quality
            Macintosh, Windows(3.1, 95, NT 4.0), PC, basic UNIX and MS-DOS.
            Computer languages: C and Visual Basic.
            Software: Lotus123, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Matlab, LINDO, SPSS and AMPL.

            Strong quantitative and analytical skills.

COURSES     Graduate courses from University of California at Berkeley                       Berkeley, USA.
            Concept of Probability (Bin, Yu)                   Fall semester, 1997
            Mathematical Programming I (Oren, S.S.)            Fall semester, 1997
            Applied Stochastic Process I (Ross, S.M.)          Fall semester, 1997
            Facilities Design and Logistics (Kaminsky, P.M.)   Spring semester, 1998
            Engineering Reliability (Barlow, R.E.)             Spring semester, 1998
            Production and Inventory Systems (Leachman, R.C.)  Spring semester, 1998

            Graduate courses from North Carolina State University                            Releigh, USA.
            Bayesian Decision Analysis                           Spring semester, 1999
            Production Planing, Scheduling and Inventory Control Spring semester, 1999
            Large Linear Programming System                      Spring semester, 1999
            Capital Investment Economic Analysis                 Fall semester, 1999
            Material Handling System                             Fall semester, 1999
            Fuzzy Decision Making                                Fall semester, 1999
            Computer Simulation                                  Spring semester, 2000
            Soft Computing in IE                                 Spring semester, 2000
            CIM System Design                                    Fall semester, 2000
            Human Factor System Design                           Fall semester, 2000
            Network Flows                                        Fall semester, 2000
            Discrete Optimization                                Spring semester, 2001

LANGUAGES   Thai and English.

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