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                   M744 Community Telephone

C3.310 Software Release Information

The latest M744 Community Telephone software has been released. The software,
version C3.310, introduces a number of new features. In order to use these features,
Dealers should upgrade their M744 software suite to the following versions:

      Management System Version 1.5XX
      M744Config Version 1.500
      M744Downloader Version 3.0.0.X

The telephone software and M744Downloader have been attached to this email. A CD
with the entire M744 software suite will be mailed to you next week.

New features in C3.310 phone software

      Country Code Locking: The Country Code controls in which country the
       telephone can be used. This will protect the Dealers assigned territory from the
       threat of parallel imports. Version C3.XXX and later software all require a valid
       country code. This is loaded during configuration using M744Config version 1.500.
       In operation, if a telephone running C3.XXX software cannot find a country code
       or the correct country code it will display "No Countries" or "Wrong Countries"
       respectively and go into a locked state. Dealers will be issued with a Dealer Code
       and the agreed upon country code files, which are generated by Tellumat. Every
       Country Code File contains the Mobile Country Code (MCC) for a particular
       country and is identified by the name of the country and the file extension ".key".
       Once the telephone has been configured it will on start up compare the loaded
       country code with the country code presented by the GSM network. If there are
       no country codes loaded or the country code is incorrect, the telephone will
       display a warning on the LCD and go into a locked non-operating state.

      Disable Purse: This feature is aimed at Dealers operating telephones with pre-
       paid SIM cards and who use the GSM network to limit airtime-spend on the
       telephone and not the purse feature. Instead of setting the purse to a very high
       value it can be turned off, allowing the telephone to still operate as a payphone,
       but not using a purse value in the billing calculations. The Purse menu entry is
       replaced with the new “Airtime Balance” menu that allows the operator of the
       telephone to request the remaining pre-paid airtime balance from the network,
       which is then displayed on the telephone LCD. The “Airtime Balance” command is
       dependent on the GSM network providing for SMS triggered balance inquiry. As
       the airtime balance code is unique to each GSM network, the * # code is specified
       in the configuration file as the parameter AirBalanceCode. If the GSM network
       does not support a code (i.e. only a voice call can be used to request the
       balance), the voice call must be dialled as per normal telephone operation. Note
       that the purse should never be set to off when using Post-paid (Contract) SIM
       cards, as there is then no mechanism to control the airtime-spend on the
       telephone. If a Controller is being used, the latest version of Controller software,
       version 3.02, is required when operating with the purse off.

      International “+” number barring: The M744 software will automatically bar
       calls made to numbers prefixed with +. This alleviates the requirement to place
       the + in the barred numbers table.

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      Remote Configuration:          This feature is available when the telephone is
       managed from the Version 1.5XX Management Application (MA). The feature
       allows the Dealer to remotely download the complete configuration file to a
       selected list of M744 telephones using a GSM data call. This method is far more
       reliable, less time consuming and more cost effective than using multiple SMS
       commands to update the telephone configuration. The download can be
       scheduled to start at a certain time, such as after office hours. In operation, an
       SMS is sent to the telephone and this triggers the telephone to initiate a data call
       connection to a specified GSM modem number. Once connected the configuration
       file is automatically downloaded to the telephone in about 30 seconds. “Remote
       Update” is displayed on the telephone's LCD while the data call is in progress.
       The data downloaded is stored in memory on the telephone until the data call has
       been successfully completed. The telephone then disconnects and re-configures
       itself with the data received. On completion of the re-configuration, the telephone
       will operate as normal. The MA operator can review the data call schedule and
       check which calls have been completed. Failure to contact the telephone results in
       the MA automatically re-scheduling another attempt. After three attempts, the
       MA will abandon that download, which must be manually rescheduled.

      Call duration display: The time in the time/date display is replaced with the call
       duration, indicated in mm:ss (minutes: seconds) format when busy on a call. This
       reverts to time/date format within one minute of the completion of the call.

      Subtract from purse command: A new purse management command allows an
       amount to be deducted from the purse.

      Support for 4 Management System numbers: A maximum of four
       management system numbers can be specified in the configuration file. The
       telephone will only accept commands originating from these numbers. Version
       1.500 of the Management System supports this feature.

      Post-paid billing option: This option allows the telephone to be configured so
       that billing starts at zero at the start of the call and then counts the cost of the
       call as time elapses. The customer then pays the amount displayed at the end of
       the call.

      Removal of Feature Phone mode: The Hands-Free Feature Phone functionality
       has been removed from the C3.XXX software stream. This software is now
       available as F1.100 and will allow for greater development of the feature phone

M744Config Version 1.500

      Support country code locking: Version 1.500 requires that country code files
       be selected before selecting the configuration file for download.

      Improved workflow: The order in which selections have to be made has been
       improved by disabling any buttons that are not necessary to complete the task.

      Improved download reliability: A number of minor enhancements have been
       made to improve the reliability of the download to the telephones.

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M744Downloader Version

      M744 software download: The Downloader will connect to the telephone at the
       correct baud rate and automatically stop the application and clear memory
       configuration prior to loading the software. The M744 software is now named
       using the software version, such as C3310.dwl, to prevent incorrect software
       from being mistakenly loaded. The Downloader automatically prevents software
       from being loaded onto a telephone with incompatible firmware.

      M744 firmware download: The Downloader can be used to load firmware to
       the M744 telephone.

      M744 Controller software download: The Downloader can be used to load
       Controller software onto the M744 Controller. Note that this requires the use of
       the Controller-to-PC download cable 660-03667.

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