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         Web Design                                                                                                   Web Design
                                                                The Internet Minute                                   A Distant Horizon Company
           A Distant Horizon Company                            with	Brandon	Wilson

                                                                A	 voice	 of	 optimism	 and	 support,	 Brandon	
  What makes Milwaukee Web Design                               Wilson	 speaks	 with	 ten	 years	 of	 real-world	
                                                                experience	using	internet	technology	to	grow	
  different from a freelance web designer                       hundreds	 of	 Midwestern	 businesses.	 The	
  or other small web design company?                            sixty	 second	 radio	 spots	 encourage	 Indiana	
                                                                business	 owners	 to	 have	 fun	 using	 a	 mix	 of	
 •	 	 sing	our	web	site	systems	you	can	maintain
                                                                marketing	and	technology	to	thrive	regardless	
                                                                of	economic	conditions.	
       	 our	own	web	site	by	logging	in	with	a	password.
                                                                       Listen	for	The Internet Minute	on:

  •	   I
       	f	you	don’t	want	to	make	your	own	changes	to	
       your	web	site,	we	can	quickly	make	them	for	you.                                                                         SERVICES

  One Stop Shopping                                                                                                       Business	Web	Site	Design
  •	   	 e	offer	“one-stop	shopping”	for	your	business	
       W                                                                                                                   Web	Site	Maintenance
       web	site,	including	design,	programming,	hosting,	
       e-mail,	maintenance,	search	engine	optimization	                                                                   Web	Site	Hosting	&	E-Mail
       and	consulting.	
                                                               Milwaukee Web Design                                    E-Commerce	/	Shopping	Carts
                               Financing                               A D i s ta n t H or i zon C o m pa n y           Search	Engine	Optimization
  •	   W
       	 e	offer	financing	and	“monthly	payment”	                                                                         Pay	Per	Click	Advertising
       options.		Don’t	go	without	a	web	site	because	of	              250	East	Wisconsin	Ave,	Suite	1800
       the	money.		We	will	find	a	way	to	get	you	going.                                                                Web	Application	Development
                                                                             Milwaukee,	WI		53202
                                                                     Ph:	414-459-3626			Fax:	414-459-3630              Corporate	Intranets	/	Extranets
Quick Turnaround                                             
                                                                                                                         Broadcast	E-Mail	Marketing
  •	   W
       	 e	like	to	go	live	with	projects	in	30	days	or	less. 

       Advanced Solutions                                                                                                                          FREE
  •	   	 e	can	offer	in-depth	web	site	strategy	
       consulting	for	more	advanced	situations.                                                                                                   Web Si
                                                                                                                                                Consul tes
                                                                                                                                                 & Estim

MILWAUKEE Web Design                                    Web Site Design Services                                     E-Mail Service
                                                        Milwaukee	 Web	 Design	 has	 packages	 starting	 at	         Milwaukee	 Web	 Design	 can	 provide	 POP	 E-Mail,	
                                                        just	$499	as	well	as	some	of	the	most	sophisticated	         SPAM	 protection	 and	 web-based	 e-mail	 along	         	
                                                        corporate	 web	 design,	 e-commerce	 and	 content	                                                                    	
                                                                                                                     with	 your	 web	 site	 hosting	 account.	 	 If	 you	 have	
                                                        management	 systems	 you	 will	 find	 anywhere.	The	         an	internal	e-mail	server	we	can	route	mail	to	that	
                                                        key	to	our	concept	is	that	every	web	site	is	fully	up-       server	instead.
                                                        gradable!		You	just	pay	the	difference	between	the	
                                                        package	 you	 are	 in	 and	 the	 package	 you	 want	 to	     Search Engine Optimization
                                                        move	 up	 to.	 	You	 can	 get	 started	 no	 matter	 what	    The	 web	 site	 infrastructure	 and	 design	 methods	

                                                        your	 budget	 and	 build	 on	 your	 web	 strategy	 as	  	    we	 utilize	 for	 web	 development	 are	 inherently	

                                                        you	evolve.                                                  search	 engine	 optimized.	 	 Everything	 we	 do	 is	
                                                                                                                     aimed	 at	 finding	 a	 balance	 between	 high	 quality	
                                                        Web Site Maintenance                                         graphic	 design,	 search	 engine	 optimization	 and	

         41                                             Most	of	our	web	sites	are	“self-maintainable,”	mean-
                                                        ing	 you	 can	 make	 edits	 to	 the	 web	 site	 yourself.	
                                                        However,	many	business	owners	do	not	have	time.	

                                                                                                                     Pay Per Click Advertising
                                                        With	 that	 in	 mind,	 Milwaukee	 Web	 Design	 offers	       There	 are	 several	 search	 engines	 that	 offer	 “paid”	
                                                        “quick	 turnaround”	 web	 site	 editing	 service...	 you	    advertising	or	preferential	listings.		Milwaukee	Web	
Milwaukee Web Design was founded                        can	 request	 changes	 by	 phone,	 fax,	 e-mail,	 over-      Design	can	set	up	and	monitor	Google	Adwords™,	
to help Milwaukee business owners effectively           night	or	postal	mail	or	via	a	form	on	our	web	site.	         Yahoo	 Search	 Marketing™	 and	 MSN	 Keywords™	 as	      	
use the World Wide Web to promote their services                                                                     a	part	of	a	comprehensive	site	promotion	strategy.
and sell products online. Our mission is to provide     E-Commerce / Shopping Carts
quality web design, hosting, maintenance and            Have	 you	 always	 wanted	 to	 sell	 your	 company’s	        Web Application Development
web site promotion services for all businesses and      products	on	the	web,	but	you	did	not	know	where	             Milwaukee	Web	Design	can	assist	business	owners	
organizations, regardless of size.                      to	start?		Milwaukee	Web	Design	has	dozens	of	op-            with	the	design	and	programming	of	custom	web-
                                                        tions	for	e-commerce,	shopping	cart	web	sites	and	           based	 software	 for	 business	 applications	 such	 as	
Milwaukee Web Design is a free-standing business,       online	ordering	that	can	make	it	much	easier	than	           registration	 systems,	 corporate	 extranets,	 custom	
but it is not a start-up company, it is backed by one   you	might	think	to	get	started.                              content	management	systems	and	more.
of the most successful web design firms in the USA, Our big-box store locations
                                                        Web Site Hosting Service                                     Intranet/Extranet
                                                        Milwaukee	 Web	 Design	 utilizes	 the	 hosting	 re-          A	 corporate	 intranet	 or	 extranet	 organizes	 forms,	
and sales consultants across the country enjoy          sources	 of	 which	 include	 two	        policies	and	procedures,	contact	lists	and	HR	infor-
serving every type of business and organization         state-of-the-art	 data	 centers,	 99.9%	 uptime	 and	        mation	to	keep	your	staff	working	effectively	both	
in an ongoing fashion. We do not just design web        24/7/365	 emergency	 service.	 	This	 hosting	 service	      inside	your	office	and	out	in	the	field.
sites, we also host and maintain the web sites and      provides	comprehensive	web	hosting	for	over	300	
provide ongoing consulting for most of our clients.     American	businesses	and	2500	e-mail	users.

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