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                                    Getting Started
                                                       Don’t exclude anyone or any group from
 KICK BUTTS DAY TIPS                                   your event – especially smokers. KBD is not
                                                       anti-smoker; it’s an opportunity to fight back
   Register your event! Seriously. Registering         against the tobacco industry and educate oth-
   your event lets our KBD team know you're out        ers. It is meant to be EMPOWERING!
   there. Remember, if you don’t register, your
   information will not be included in our KBD         Contact the media. This can help you spread
   press releases and other media materials – so       your message way beyond KBD – reaching
   register today!                                     hundreds, even thousands, of people by mak-
                                                       ing sure the media covers your event. See our
   Plan ahead. Start recruiting young people to        media section for more details.
   your activity, gathering supplies and confirm-
   ing your event location and other details early     Publicise your event. As young people you
   to make sure you cover everything.                  have a wealth of computer knowledge so util-
                                                       ise the free resources available to you; be it
   Always secure necessary permits. (This is so        Facebook, Bebo or Twitter. You may want to
   important!) Whether it is getting permission        create a personal blog for KBD and the run-up
   from your teacher to hold an event at a school      using Wiki-sites, Flikr uploads or YouTube to
   assembly or formal permission from your local       positively send your message to empower
   police or city/ county council, make sure you       other young people to get involved. If you are
   have permission to organise your event at           campaigning for your school or youth group
   whichever location you choose. Speak to your        using social media, please make sure you have
   Police Community Support Officer, or a local        all the necessary permissions before uploading
   Youth Worker who will know the steps you            any pictures or videos of your peers, your
   will need to take. If you are unsure just give us   youth group/school will have the forms that
   an e-mail or call.                                  you may need to fill out.
   Be factual. Make sure that all of the informa-
   tion you give out about Big Tobacco is factual
   and not libellous.
   Be polite. Let us say you are distributing fly-
   ers with tobacco facts and industry quotes…be
   sure not to litter or force your message on oth-
   ers. Hand out flyers to those who want them
   and spread your message to everyone else
   with cool posters and banners. Be sure to
   clean up after your event! At the end of the
   day, you want a good portrayal of youth advo-
   cacy in the press rather than the negative
   stereotypes so often reported.
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                                                           and disease in the United Kingdom. In fact, tobacco
     EXPOSE BIG TOBACCO                                    use kills more people than alcohol, AIDS, car
                                                           crashes, illegal drugs, murders, and suicides COM-
     The average age that children start smoking in BINED.
     Wales is 11 years, and some start when they are
                                                           Worldwide, tobacco use kills one person every 6.4
     just 7 years old. This is particularly worrying as
                                                           seconds – that’s 545 people every hour and 13,100
     earlier uptake of smoking is associated with heav-
                                                           every day.
     ier smoking patterns, lower quit rates and there-
     fore a higher probability of smoking related illness, In Wales, that’s 15 people per day. 5,650 deaths
     disease and death.                                    per year; 100+ deaths per week; 15 deaths per
                                                           day; more than 1 every two hours.
     What does Big Tobacco see when they look at
     young people? They see “replacement smokers” Big Tobacco knows people wouldn't buy their
     for their products. As a 1981 Philip Morris market- deadly products if people realised the truth, so
     ing report noted;                                     they spend more than £8.3 billion a year on adver-
                                                           tising and marketing.
     “Today’s teenager is tomorrow’s potential regular
     customer.”                                                In the two minutes it takes you to brush your
                                                               teeth, the industry spends more than £32,000.
     Well, we’ll see about that. Today’s young people
     are turning the tables on Big Tobacco. On Kick            In the hour you spend watching X-Factor, they
     Butts Day and throughout the year, young people           spend more than £960,000 targeting replace-
     are choosing to STAND OUT…SPEAK UP…and                    ment smokers and keeping those who are al-
     SEIZE CONTROL AGAINST BIG TOBACCO!                        ready addicted.
     Young people are telling the real story about to- Publicly, Big Tobacco denied for years that their
     bacco. They are spreading the word that tobacco products are addictive, but their own documents
     use is the number one cause of preventable death tell a different story. As early as 1963, Brown &

You can e-mail for more information and advice; to register your event; and after your event to
                      send your pictures, press materials, news clips and other materials.

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           Williamson said (privately, of course);             ammonia (a poisonous gas and a powerful
                                                               toilet cleaner),
           “Nicotine is addictive. We are then in the busi-
           ness of selling nicotine.”                          arsenic (a potent rat poison),
           In 1994 however, executives from the seven          acetone (a poisonous solvent and paint
           major tobacco companies testified in front of       stripper),
           Congress, part of the United States govern-
           ment, that they did not believe nicotine is ad-     formaldehyde (used to preserve dead
           dictive. That's interesting, eh?!                   bodies),

           Philip Morris was pretty clear about what           toluene (a poisonous industrial solvent),
           they really thought about nicotine back in          polonium-210 (a highly radioactive ele-
           1972;                                               ment), and
           “The cigarette should be conceived not as a             carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas).
           product, but a package. The product is nicotine.
           . . think of the cigarette pack as a storage con- Totally disgusting…but totally true! Check out
           tainer for a day’s supply of nicotine. . . think of for more infor-
           the cigarette as a dispenser for a dose unit of mation.
           nicotine… think of a puff of smoke as the vehicle
           of nicotine.”
                                                               Now you know some of the facts. It’s time to
           Big Tobacco knows that once people have spread the word and get people excited about
           tried a cigarette the nicotine gets and keeps creating change! Use this guide as a…well,
           people addicted to their products. With every guide! It has tons of helpful info in it. If you
           puff of a cigarette, a smoker breathes more want more help, advice or training you can
           than 4,000 chemicals including:                     just contact the KBD team in ASH Wales.
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General Facts                                           yellow, and causes premature wrinkling
                                                        of the skin. It also makes your hair,
                                                        clothes, and breath smell gross.
  In Wales 24% of the population smoke
                                                        Other non life threatening physical dis-
  (WHS, 2009).
                                                        eases associated with smoking include:
  In Merthyr Tydfil 31% of the population
                                                        Crohn’s disease, chronic back and neck
  smoke; whilst in Powys it is 18% (WHS,
                                                        pain, diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporo-
                                                        sis, rheumatoid arthritis, and mascular
  Smoking is highest amongst those aged 25-
                                                        degeneration which causes blindness.
  34 years.
                                                        Smokers will also spend longer in hospi-
  Recent statistics show that amongst Welsh
                                                        tal and have a higher chance of dying
  15 year olds, 9% of boys and 14% of girls
                                                        from post-operative complications than
  report smoking regularly (HBSC, 2009).
  Smoking is the single most preventable
                                                        Stopping smoking before surgery can re-
  cause of premature death in Wales.
                                                        duce the risk of complications, for exam-
  Cigarette smoke is responsible for:
                                                        ple smokers are six times more likely to
           5,650 deaths per year
                                                        get wound infections than non-smokers.
           100+ deaths per week
           15 deaths per day
           More than 1 death every two hours
  Adult smokers lose at least 10 years of life.
  The chemical nicotine - found in cigarettes
  and other tobacco products - is an addictive
  drug, which is why it is so hard for people to
  quit using tobacco once they start.
  Lung cancer, throat cancer, heart disease,
  stroke and emphysema are just some of the
  painful, life-threatening diseases linked with
  smoking. Smoking is also associated with
  cancers of the mouth, larynx, oesophagus,
  pancreas, cervix, kidney, stomach and blad-
  Smoking is linked to impotence and fertility
  problems; gum disease; and reduced sense
  of taste and smell.
  Smoking limits the amount of oxygen in the
  blood, reducing your stamina for sports and
  other physical activities.
  Smoking turns your teeth and fingernails

You can e-mail for more information and advice; to register your event; and after
          your event to send your pictures, press materials, news clips and other materials.

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           The Burden of Smoking                       Smoking and Pregnancy
             Estimated cost to the NHS in Wales          Wales has the highest rate of smok-
             is £386 million each year to treat          ing in pregnancy in the UK.
             smoking related diseases.                   In Wales 37% of women will smoke
             A staggering 1.7 million working            at some point during their preg-
             days are lost due to sickness ab-           nancy, and 22% will smoke through-
             sence caused by smoking each year           out their pregnancy.
             in Wales alone.                             Smoking in pregnancy is harmful to
             Smokers spend an estimated £2500            both mother and baby.
             each year on smoking 20 cigarettes          The effect of smoking in pregnancy
             a day.                                      can be life-long, with increased risk
             Also consider the effect to the fire        of ear, eye, and chest infections; re-
             service, (44% of fatalities in house        duced cognitive ability; and stunted
             fire cases are caused by smokers’           growth.
             materials); and to the environment          Smoking in pregnancy increases the
             (with 90% of Welsh streets littered         risk of miscarriage, still birth and
             with smoking related rubbish).              Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
                                                         (SIDS) or cot death.

           Secondhand Smoke                                known cause of lung cancer, heart dis-
             Secondhand smoke is a complex mix-            ease, and respiratory problems, as well
             ture of over 4,000 chemicals that are         as other health problems.
             produced by the burning materials of a        Exposure to secondhand smoke in-
             cigarette.                                    creases the risk of lung cancer (by
             Secondhand smoke contains more than           24%) and heart disease (by 25%) in
             250 chemicals known to be toxic or            non-smokers.
             cancer-causing, including formalde-           Exposure to secondhand smoke results
             hyde (embalming fluid), arsenic (a poi-       in at least 11,000 deaths a year in the
             son), and cyanide (also a poison).            United Kingdom.
             Immediate health effects of second            Children are vulnerable to secondhand
             hand smoke include reduced lung func-         smoke; it is linked to pneumonia, bron-
             tion; exacerbation of respiratory prob-       chitis, asthma, middle ear damage, de-
             lems; dizziness; and nausea.                  creased lung function, meningitis, and
             Secondhand smoke exposure is a                sudden infant death syndrome.
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  YOUNG PEOPLE TOBACCO USE RATES                                family and in the school setting.
     Most smokers start as teenagers, with children in          7% can buy single cigarettes from shops or mobile
     Wales as young as 7 starting to smoke.                     vans – the sale of single cigarettes was banned in the
     The average age at which people in Wales start to          UK in 1991.
     smoke is between 11 and 12 years.
     Amongst Welsh 15 year olds, 14% of girls and 9% of       ASH Wales’ survey of female teenage
     boys report smoking.                                     smoking 2009
     Up to 90% of smokers start before the age of 18.           19% were spending as much as £20 a week on ciga-
     Children whose parents or siblings smoke are more          rettes.
     likely to become smokers themselves.                       Almost a half (46%) felt staying slim was important
     Tobacco use is a major contributor to, and a driver        to them.
     of, health inequalities across Wales. More than any        76% of their parents smoked.
     other issue, tobacco use is responsible for the gap in     One of the main reasons stated for starting smoking
     life expectancy between the most advantaged and            was because family members smoked, with 60%
     the most disadvantaged in our society.                     stating this as the main reason.
     There are many reasons why young people start
     smoking, some listed are: as an act of rebellion, or
     they have heard it keeps you slim and others may
                                                              ASH Wales’ young people survey 2011
     cave in under peer pressure. Young people may also         22% of the young people surveyed smoked
     believe it makes them look cool and older.                 Having friends and family who smoke is a big influ-
     Each day 30 children in Wales become addicted to           ence on young people’s smoking rates:
     cigarettes, that’s a whole classroom of young people.           Of those whose family smoked, 26% smoked. For
                                                                     those whose family did not smoke, only 10%
  ASH Wales’ smoking in young people                                 Among those who did not have friends who
  survey 2008                                                        smoked, only 1.5% smoked. For those who had
     The average number of cigarettes smoked each week               friends who were smokers, 33% smoked.
     is 45.                                                     82% of current young smokers started smoking be-
     78% of those surveyed can buy cigarettes in local          tween 10-15 years old.
     shops.                                                     75% have tried to quit smoking but were unsuccess-
     1 in 5 can buy cigarettes from supermarkets.               ful.
     4 in 5 can buy cigarettes from friends and family.         76% of smokers thought that they were addicted.
     1 in 5 can get cigarettes from vending machines.           57% of young people didn’t know that nicotine re-
     8% can buy cigarettes from ice cream vans and bur-         placement therapy (NRT, e.g. patches or gum) is
     ger vans and private dwellings.                            available to anyone aged 12 and over.
     81% can access single cigarettes through friends,

You can e-mail for more information and advice; to register your event; and after your event to
                      send your pictures, press materials, news clips and other materials.

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           Legislation and government approaches
           Smoke-free public places
              Implemented on 2nd April 2007 in order to protect workers and the public from the
              harmful effects of second-hand smoke.
              The ban prohibits smoking in enclosed public spaces, from bus shelters to pubs and
              Since the legislation was implemented support continues to grow.
           Age of sale legislation
              On 1st October 2007 the age of sale was raised from 16 years to 18 years.
              Includes cigarettes, cigars, loose tobacco and rolling papers.
           Sale of tobacco from vending machines
              On 1st February 2012, in Wales, it became illegal to sell cigarettes from vending ma-

                In China, the tobacco company Philip Morris (who own the brand of ciga-
                            rettes– Marlboro) have sponsored school uniforms.
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        Now that you know what Big Tobacco is up to        year by 2020 and 70% of those deaths will be in
        in the United Kingdom, it’s time to tell you       developing countries.
        what they are doing around the world. With
                                                           When it comes to marketing their products to
        declining sales in the UK and other developed
                                                           young people around the world, the tobacco
        countries, due to smokefree legislations and
                                                           companies promote their cigarette brands
        tobacco awareness, the tobacco industry has to
                                                           through every possible medium. Some of the
        go abroad to developing countries to make
                                                           more obvious methods include television,
        further profits. In 1996, former Philip Morris
                                                           magazines and newspapers, billboards, and the
        Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey Bible said;
                                                           internet – but the companies also have a whole
        “We are still in the foothills when it comes to    lot of “indirect advertising” techniques in their
        exploring the full opportunities of many of our    bag of tricks, none of which are allowed in the
        new markets.”                                      U.K. These include sponsoring sporting events
                                                           and teams, promoting rock concerts and discos,
        Worldwide, nearly 5 million people die each
                                                           and placing their brand logos on t-shirts, back-
        year from tobacco use. If current trends con-
                                                           packs and other merchandise that attract young
        tinue, tobacco use will kill 10 million people a

You can e-mail for more information and advice; to register your event; and after your event to
                      send your pictures, press materials, news clips and other materials.

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           Here are some more scary stats:                      people around the world become addicted
                                                                to tobacco. If current trends continue, 250
              Tobacco use killed one hundred million
                                                                million children alive today will die from
              people in the 20th century and, if current
                                                                tobacco-related disease.
              trends continue, it will kill one billion peo-
              ple in the 21st century.                          China consumes more than 30% of the
                                                                world's cigarettes and almost 70% of
              Worldwide, approximately 4 million peo-
                                                                males in China smoke.
              ple die from tobacco-related illness each
              year. This is the equivalent of twenty-seven      The top five cigarette-consuming countries
              747 airplanes full of passengers crashing         are: China, United States, Russia, Japan and
              every day. By the year 2030, 10 million           Indonesia.
              people will be dying each year from to-
                                                                Philip Morris International, British Ameri-
              bacco use.
                                                                can Tobacco (BAT), and Japan Tobacco are
              Almost one billion men (35% in developed          the world's three largest multinational to-
              countries and 50% in developing coun-             bacco companies.
              tries) and 250 million women (22% of
                                                                In 2004, Philip Morris captured about one-
              women in developed countries and 9% in
                                                                sixth of the world cigarette market by op-
              developing countries) smoke cigarettes.
                                                                erating in 160 countries and selling ciga-
              Worldwide, over 15 billion cigarettes are         rettes worth more than £36 billion.
              smoked every day.
                                                                China is the largest cigarette manufacturer,
              Every day, some 80,000-100,000 young              followed by the U.S.

           The sources for all these facts, and other useful tobacco information, can be found at:
               ASH Wales,
               The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
               Smoking Cessation (June 2010), edited by Dr Keir E. Lewis.
               Cost of Smoking to the NHS in Wales (August 2009) by Ceri J. Phillips and Andrew

                                                      For more information on young people and tobacco
                                                      advocacy in other parts of the UK, see the resources
                                                      page at the end of the guide.

                                                      To get involved with youth advocacy all year round
                                                      you can join ASH Wales Peer Health Promoters see
                                                      the programme staying involved section of this guide.

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