Business and Marketing Education
                                    School of Teaching and Learning
                                             529 Education
                                  BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY
                                    Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0247


To be considered for a graduate assistantship in the area of business education, please complete this
application and send it electronically to the graduate coordinator, Dr. Robert G. Berns, at


1. Name ________________________________________________________________________________

2. Permanent address _____________________________________________________________________


3. Phone numbers (please identify only ones you prefer to be used)

              Home: ___________________________
              Cell: _______________________________
              Work: _______________________________

4. E-mail address: _________________________________________________

5. Program option(s) within the masters program in business education program of interest to you

       _____ Teaching licensure for integrated business and/or marketing (for those interested in preparing to
             teach business and/or marketing in grades 4 and beyond, including middle schools, high schools,
             career centers, community colleges, and private business schools; includes required teacher
             licensure courses)

       _____ Master teacher in business education (for those who already hold a teaching license in business)

       _____ Master teacher in marketing education (for those who already hold a teaching license in

       _____ Post-secondary (for those preparing to teach in community colleges, private business schools,

6. Baccalaureate degree

       College or University: ________________________________________________________________

       Degree: __________________________________________________________________________

       Year: _____________________________________________________________________________
7. Master’s degree (if any)

       College or University: ________________________________________________________________

       Degree: __________________________________________________________________________

       Year: _____________________________________________________________________________

8. Honors and awards _____________________________________________________________________

9. Honoraries or professional societies (include leadership positions, if any, and description of involvement)

10. Attach to this form a narrative that includes the following:

       (1) a description of your motivation for attending graduate school,
       (2) what you plan to achieve in this degree program, and
       (3) your plans and goals following the completion of this graduate degree.

11. Certification. By sending this application by e-mail, you are certifying that you have completed a formal
    application for admission to the BGSU Graduate College and have requested that the necessary
    preliminary and final official transcripts be sent to the Graduate College. You have also either taken the
    Graduate Record Examination and requested scores be sent to BGSU or have scheduled an appointment
    to do so.

   Further, you have requested three individuals to serve as references and to mail letters of recommendation
   to the following:

               Dr. Robert G. Berns, Graduate Coordinator
               School of Teaching and Learning
               529 Education
               Bowling Green State University
               Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0247

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