Washington County Bridal Show by jennyyingdi


									                        Washington County Bridal Show
                                    Vendor Registration Form

Registration Deadline: Friday Feb 3rd
Company Name:__________________________________________________________
Person in charge day of event:_________________________________________________
Mailing Address:__________________________________________________________
Service Category:
       Catering                              Event Planner                   Venue
       Rentals                               Officiate                       Formal Wear
       Travel                                Accommodations                  Invitations/Gifts
       Jewelry                               Photography/Video               Registries
       Music/DJs                             Salon/Spa                       Other__________
Fee Category (see website for breakdown)
   $75                                                   $100
   $150                                                  $200
Information for the website and marketing materials:
Company Name:__________________________________________________________
Main Business Phone:______________________________________________________
Website or physical location:__________________________________________________
Do you give permission to have your website linked to ours: Yes    No
Do you give permission for us to link to photos and information on your website: Yes No
Show Information
Preferred table size: 60” round,  3’x 3’, 8ft , 6ft, own or no table:__________________
Do you require access to a power source: Yes     No
Do you plans to sell products at the show: No    Yes, describe:_________________________
Will you attend the exhibitor setup/networking event Friday 2/24 5-7pm: Yes    No
Optional Information
What other bridal shows do you participate in:______________________________________
Would you like us to invite another business to participate in this show:_____________________
Payment Information:
Mail this form and payment check to: Amas Veritas Events C/o Amanda Kraft 11515 SW Center
Street, Suite 17 Beaverton OR 97005 Make checks payable to: Amanda Kraft
PayPal (add processing fee of $15). Payment and form can be sent to: mandyk01a@netscape.net

I hereby confirm that I have read the Exhibitor Guidelines on next page and by signing agree to abide
by these guidelines.

Signature _____________________________                      Date: ________________
                                       Exhibitor Guidelines

Registration and Payment:
 Payment must be received by Feb 3rd.
 Space will be given on a first come first serve basis
 Due to limited space, there are no refunds for cancellations
 Due to limited available space, we reserve the right to limit the number of vendors in each category
 A list of bridal leads generated by event registration will be emailed to each exhibitor in attendance
 An Excel spreadsheet of leads is available for a charge of $15. Please include payment with your

Set up and tear down:
 Set up times: Friday 2/24 5pm-7pm (this is also a networking opportunity), 8-9am on Saturday
 Show hours: Saturday 2/25 9am -3pm
 Dismantling of displays cannot commence until 3pm on Saturday and should finish by 5pm
 Space assignments are made on first-come, first-served basis. We put vendors in spots that work
   best with the flow and keep two of the same category vendors in different spaces. Those requiring
   electric outlets will be placed along the outside aisle along the wall whenever possible.
 Your space includes 1 table and a chair. Table coverings are not provided
 All decorations, sound/electrical equipment or supplies must be provided by the exhibitor
 Any and all damages to the ballroom that is specific to a vendor are at the expense of that vendor
 Any items that will be attached to the floor, wall or ceiling can only be attached with painters tape.
 All decorations and signs must be removed. Please take them with you or place them in the
   dumpsters if you do not wish to keep them.
 Parking is available in the parking lot. Parking behind the building will not be permitted.

Vendor conduct:
 All bridal show exhibitors and their employees must confine their activities to their assigned space
 Please plan on being set up and prepared to open your booth at 9 a.m.
 All exhibitors must limit noise level to an acceptable level
 Vendor parking is limited to the outer-most aisle of the lot
 Handouts (including literature, souvenir items and promotional materials) may be
   distributed only from your display space – not from the aisle
 All booths must be staffed the entire time.

 No print marketing will be purchased for this event all advertisement will be through direct
  contact with potential clients by the vendors.
 Vendors are encouraged to self-market the show by linking their website to ours as well as printing
  and distributing posters and flyers available on the website.
 Vendors are responsible for checking that the link to their business on WaCoBridalShow.com is
  working properly.

  NOTE: All vendors are expected to follow through on responsibilities as outlined above. Vendors
   that do not follow through on responsibilities in a professional manner may not be allowed to
                                  participate in next year's event.

Please contact, Amanda Kraft 503-481-6507 for additional questions regarding this year’s Bridal

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