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Noteworthy in March


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									                           Radio & TV Program Guide | Mar12

Noteworthy in March
n Pledge Madness! Tournament-quality Specials March 3-18!
n Family Literacy Event – Meet Clifford!
n “Finding Your Roots” Premieres
n John Grisham Novel on “The Radio Reader”

                        College of Communication
                        Arts and Sciences
                                  Volunteer This Month
                                                                                               What’s Your Story?
                                                                                               We’re always looking for stories
                                  to Be a Key Player in                                        about how WKAR Radio or TV
On Our Cover                      Pledge Madness                                               has made an impact on your life.
Pledge Madness comes to           You’ll note a lot of “Pledge Madness”                        Did you make a lifelong friend
WKAR, March 3-18. Look for        going on around WKAR this month,                             during a volunteer stint? Did a
terrific specials on WKAR-TV,     as we bring you a number of terrific                         certain program provide you
WKAR Create and WKAR World –      shows and specials.                                          with the information you needed
and please give generously!
                                  We are recruiting volunteers to answer                       at just the right time? Perhaps
CrediTs                           phones during this event. If you are                         you just love certain programs
Editor                            interested in volunteering, give mem-                        or personalities. Please tell us!
Jeanie Croope                     bership a call at (517) 432-3120, Ext. 374
College of Communication          or email membership@wkar.org. We                             Send an email to jeanie@wkar.org
Arts & Sciences
Dean Pamela Whitten               will need phone operators evenings                           (be sure to put “My WKAR Story”
WKAR Acting Director              and weekends from Saturday, March 3                          in the subject line).
Gary Reid                         through Sunday, March 18.
Radio Station Manager
Curt Gilleo
Content & Community
Engagement Manager
Susi Elkins
Radio News Director                                                                            “The more that you read, the
Kevin Lavery
Radio Reading Service                                                                          more things you will know.”
Brad Walker
Volunteer Coordinator                                                                                  – Dr. Seuss
Mary Wright
WKAR is a division of the         Volunteers answer phones during WKAR’s pledge drive.
College of Communication
Arts & Sciences at Michigan
State University. If you have
questions about WKAR call
(517) 432-9527, ext. 365
weekdays (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
or contact Carol Karber at
Advisory BoArd
                                     WKAR will host two Raising Readers
Michael Rhodes
 Chairperson                         Family Fun Workshops this month.
                                                                                             Lansing Workshop
Richard Weingartner                  Targeted to families and children ages                  Gier Park Elementary School
 Vice Chairperson
Jessica Wortley Adler
                                     4-6, the workshop shows parents how                     Thursday, March 15
T. J. Bucholz                        to have fun with their child while learn-               Registration/Pizza: 5:30-6 p.m.
April Clobes                         ing new ways to build reading skills.
John Dobbs                                                                                   Program: 6-7 p.m.
                                     Each child receives a book and learning
Nancy Elwood                                                                                 To register, call (517) 755-1360.
Meredith Grimm                       activities to take home. A light supper
Carrie Rathbun Hawks                 is provided.
David Hollister                                                                              Holt Workshop
Derrick Jones
Mary Black Junttonen                                                                         Sycamore Elementary School
Michael Levine
Karen Phillips
                                                                                             Thursday, March 22
Joseph Ross                                                                                  Registration/Pizza: 6-6:30 p.m.
Patrick Spyke
Donna Ullrich                                                                                Program: 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Robert Ulrich                                                                                To register, call (517) 699-7811
Jane White
Maria Wygnal                                                                                 or email musiak@hpsk12.net
WKAr’s MissioN
                                                                                             by March 20.
We connect people to power-
ful ideas that inspire personal                                                              For more about WKAR’s fun
growth, exploration of our                                                                   family and children’s activities
world, and positive change.
                                                                                             and programs, see our new
                                                                                             Kids’ Corner on page 12.
MSU is an Affirmative-Action/        WKAR’s Family Fun Workshops are made possible by grants from Jackson National Life Insurance Company,
Equal-Opportunity Employer.          Macy’s and Target.

2 StayTuned
                                        Moyers & Company
                                        Sundays at 2 p.m.
                                        Bill Moyers has returned to public
                                        broadcasting with Moyers &
                                        Company, a weekly hour of
                                        compelling conversation about
                                        life and the state of American de-
                                        mocracy. Scholars, artists, activ-
Pledge Madness!                         ists, scientists, philosophers and
Who needs March madness                 newsmakers bring context, in-
when we have Pledge Madness             sight and meaning to important
going on right here at WKAR?            topics. Moyers also offers his own
From March 3-18, look for               timely and penetrating essays on        Itzhak Perlman helps the San Francisco
                                        society and government.                 Symphony Orchestra celebrate 100 years.
specials with Joe Bonamassa,
Hugh Laurie, Peter, Paul and
Mary, Idina Menzel, Celtic              BackStage Pass
Woman, Tony Bennett and                 Thursdays at 10 p.m. (Repeated Satur-     Create Marathons
Phantom of the Opera.                   days at 8 p.m. on WKAR World and at       All day, every saturday!
See pages 4-5 for more on               11 p.m. on WKAR-TV.)                      WKAR Create is seen on Channel 23.3
Pledge Madness at WKAR!                 WKAR’s “music made in Michigan”           and on many cable systems. PLeAse
                                        series BackStage Pass is nothing          NoTe: Some programming during
                                        if not versatile. This month we’ll        Create Marathons on March 3, 10
Branford                                                                          and 17 will be pre-empted so you
Marsalis                                feature the MSU Chamber Music
will be one                             faculty performing classical offer-       can support that station during
of the stars                                                                      our Pledge Madness campaign.
featured on                             ings and blues from guitar master
Finding                                 Larry McCray from Flint.
Your Roots.                                                                       03/03 | Soup-er Saturday
                                                                                  Nothing warms better than a
                                                                                  hearty bowl of soup. Get recipes
Finding Your Roots                                                                from Julia and Jacques, Jeff
Sundays at 8 p.m., beginning March 25                                             Nathan, Tommy Tang and more!
Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., returns
with another series that delves
                                                                                  03/10 | Ladies of Leisure
into the genealogy and genetics                                                   Get tips on entertaining, sewing,
of famous Americans. Finding                                                      cooking, gardening, or crafting
Your Roots combines history             Joe Wood at Fenway Park, circa 1913.      with Katie Brown, Lidia Bastian-
and science in an exploration                                                     ich, Nancy Zieman and more!
of race, family and identity in         Fenway Park at 100
America. Those discovering              Monday, March 26, 8 p.m.                  03/17 | The Emerald Isle
surprises in their family trees         Fenway Park at 100 celebrates             Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with
include Kevin Bacon, Robert             the centennial of the oldest (and
                                                                                  Rudy Maxa, Rick Steves, Burt
Downey, Jr., Branford Marsalis,         smallest) ballpark in America. The
John Legend, Martha Stewart             film tells the story of Fenway’s          Wolf and Tommy Makem.
and Barbara Walters.                    long history as a venue for sports
                                        and as a public space: masses for
                                        WWI soldiers, a 1922 Irish Repub-
                                        lican rally, FDR’s last presidential
                    Charlie Rose’s
                    interview           campaign speech, concerts by
                    series comes        Bruce Springsteen and others.
                    to WKAR-TV.

                                        Great Performances
                                        Friday, March 30, 9 p.m.
                                                                                  Rick Steves
                                        The San Francisco Symphony
Charlie Rose                            Orchestra celebrates 100 years
Most Weeknights at 11 p.m.              with a gala concert featuring ac-         03/24 | Destination: Asia
Charlie Rose is arguably one of         claimed writer and San Francisco          Tour the jewels of Asia with the
the most astute and engaging            native Amy Tan, music director            Grannies, Rudy Maxa, Art Wolfe,
interviewers on television. Now         Michael Tilson Thomas, Itzhak             Rick Steves and Burt Wolf.
his popular series will also be         Perlman and Lang Lang perform-
seen on WKAR-TV on Monday               ing works by Copland, Mendels-            03/31 | Mexican Table
through Thursday nights. Whether        sohn and Britten. Concert footage         Rick Bayless and Pati Jinich
he’s speaking to a popular film         is interwoven with short video            bring you the best dishes of
star, an author or a figure in busi-    stories highlighting unique mo-           Mexico from tacos to mole.
ness or politics, count on reveal-      ments in the symphony’s history,
ing nighttime conversation.             as well as performer interviews.
                                                                                      StayTuned | March 2012 3
  The Sweet Sixteen                                |

Big Band Vocalists (3/3)

Great Performances:
Tony Bennett – Duets 2 (3/4, 3/6, 3/18))

Great Performances: Eric Clapton’s
Crossroads Guitar Festival (3/4)

TransSiberian Orchestra:
The Birth of Rock (3/6)

A Community Sings:
10th Anniversary (3/10, 3/13)

Celtic Woman (3/17)

Downton Abbey:
Behind the Drama (3/11)

‘60s Pop, Rock & Soul (3/14)

                        College of Communication
                        Arts and Sciences
The Sweet Sixteen
support tournament quality, fan favorites and
awesome match-ups on WKAr-Tv March 3-18!                             |

                               Les Miserables In Concert (3/7)

                                     Oscar Hammerstein II:
                                     Out of My Dreams (3/11)

                                          Idina Menzel Live:
                              Barefoot at the Symphony (3/11)

                        Great Performances: Phantom of the
                               Opera at Royal Albert Hall (3/4)

                                       Great Performances:
                          Hugh Laurie: Let them Talk (3/11, 3/12)

                                            Jon Bonamassa:
                          Live at the Beacon Theatre (3/12, 3/16)

                                      Il Volo Takes Flight (3/17)

                               Beneath the Pines (3/4, 3/11, 3/18)

                        WKAR TV
                    Weeknight News
                    The PBS NewsHour
                    airs Monday-Friday
                    at 7 p.m., preceded by
                    BBC World News
                    America at 6 p.m.
                    and Nightly Business
                    Report at 6:30 p.m.
                    Judy Woodruff

  01 | Thursday
  8:00    Michigan Out of Doors
  8:30    The Red Green Show
  9:00    This Old House Hour
  10:00   P.O.V.
          Racing Dreams
  11:30   MSU Today
  02 | Friday                                Tony Bennett sings duets with Lady Gaga and others on Great Perforamnces. (March 4, 6, 18)

  8:00    Washington Week                    9:00      Big Band Years                        05 | Monday
  8:30    Off the Record                               Peter Marshall hosts this             8:00      Dr. Wayne Dyer
  9:00    American Masters                             tribute to the great music                      Wishes Fulfilled
          Cab Calloway – Sketches                      of the big bands.
                                                                                                       The noted speaker returns
          A look at the life and legacy      11:00     Allen Toussaint                                 with more inspiring words
          of Calloway, one of the icons                The Soul of New Orleans                         on working toward making
          of jazz.                                                                                     your dreams come true.
  10:00   In Performance                     04 | Sunday                                     11:00     Antiques Roadshow
          at the White House                 10:00     A.D.D. and Loving It?!                          Honolulu, HI
          A Broadway Celebration                       Strategies on dealing with at-
          Celebrate Broadway with
          dancers from “West Side Story,”
                                                       tention deficit disorder              06 | Tuesday
          Audra McDonald, Idina Menzel,
                                             11:30     Rick Steves’                          8:00      TransSiberian Orchestra
          Elaine Stritch, Marvin Hamlisch
                                                       European Insights                               The Birth of Rock
          and more.                          12:00     Washington Week                                 The acclaimed orchestra offers
  11:00   Austin City Limits                 12:30     Off the Record                                  one of their dynamic and visu-
          Robert Earl Keen                   1:00      The McLaughlin Group                            ally exciting shows. WKAR has
                                                                                                       limited tickets to their Battle
                                             1:30      To the Contrary                                 Creek appearance available.
                                             2:00      Moyers & Company                      9:00      Great Performances
                          Doris Day is
                          featured in        3:00      Great Performances                              Tony Bennett: Duets 2
                          Big Band                     Tony Bennett: Duets 2                 11:00     Charlie Rose
                          Vocalists.                   The legendary vocalist with
                          (March 3)                    Lady Gaga, k.d. lang, John
                                                       Mayer, Michael Buble, more.
                                             5:00      Great Performances
                                                       Eric Clapton’s Crossroads
                                                       Guitar Festival
                                                       Guitar masters take the
                                                       stage in this annual event.
  03 | Saturday                              7:30      Beneath the Pines
  10:00   Peter, Paul & Mary                 8:00      Great Performances
          25th Anniversary Concert                     Phantom of the Opera
          All the hits from the iconic                 at Royal Albert Hall
          folk trio.                                   The British cast of the acclaimed
  12:00   Use Your Brain                               Andrew Lloyd Weber musical,            Les Miserables, with Alfie Boe, celebrates
          to Change Your Age                           with many guest stars, celebrate       25 years. (March 7)
          Dr. Amen returns with new                    “Phantom’s” 25th anniversary.
          tricks on keeping young.           11:30     Off the Record                        07 | Wednesday
  2:00    Easy Yoga for Easing Pain                                                          8:00      Les Miserables In Concert
  3:00    3 Steps to Incredible                                                                        Alfie Boe, Lea Salonga and
          Health                                                                                       Nick Jonas star in this 25th
  4:30    Ed Slott’s                                                                                   annIversary concert edition
          Retirement Rescue                                                                            of the beloved musical. WKAR
  6:00    QuizBusters                                                                                  will offer tickets to the Wharton
          Springport/Vandercook Lake                                                                   Center production coming in
  6:30    QuizBusters                                                                                  April during this program.
  7:00    Big Band Vocalists                                                                 08 | Thursday
          The crooners and canaries                                                          8:00      Michigan Out of Doors
          of the 1940s, including                                                                      Live studio breaks feature pro-
          Louis Armstrong, Doris Day,                                                                  gram hosts offering Michigan
          Margaret Whiting, Peggy Lee                                                                  cruise opportunities at certain
          and many others.                   Dr. Wayne Dyer, Wishes Fulfilled (March 5)                giving levels.
6 March 2012 | StayTuned
9:00      Alone in the Wilderness II         3:00      Oscar Hammerstein II                     Out of My
          Recently uncovered footage                   Out of My Dreams                         Dreams
          carries Richard Proeneke’s                   The music, life and career of            is a profile
          story forward.                               Broadway’s Oscar Hammerstein             of lyricist
10:30     Beneath the Pines                            is reviewed in this new special.
11:00     Charlie Rose                                 Guests include Stephen Sond-             merstein.
                                                       heim, Hal Prince and host,               (March 11)
09 | Friday                                            “Glee” star, Matthew Morrison.
                                             4:30      Idina Menzel Live
8:00      Washington Week                              Barefoot at the Symphony
8:30      Off the Record
9:00      Big Band Vocalists
                                                       The star of “Wicked” and “Rent”
                                                       performs show tunes and classic
                                                                                                12 | Monday
10:00     Victor Borge                                 pop. Marvin Hamlisch leads the           8:00           Jon Bonamassa
          Comedy in Music                              orchestra.                                              Live at the Beacon Theatre
10:30     StoryCorps                                                                                           The internationally renowned
                                             6:00      Great Performances
          Stories of Love                                                                                      guitar superstar delivers a
                                                       Hugh Laurie: Let them Talk
                                                                                                               stunning performance with
          Moments from the NPR series.                 The “House” star proves him-                            memorable duets with legend-
11:00     Austin City Limits                           self a fine New Orleans jazz                            ary rock singer Paul Rodgers
          Cheap Trick                                  musician in this film.                                  (Bad Company) and John Hiatt.
                                             7:30      Beneath the Pines
10 | Saturday                                          The Bowl Show
                                                                                                9:30           Great Performances
                                                                                                               Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk
10:00     Dr Wayne Dyer                                                                         11:00          Antiques Roadshow
          Wishes Fulfilled                                                                                     Honolulu, HI
1:00      Rick Steves’ Hidden Europe
          Rick uncovers new spots not so                                                        13 | Tuesday
          well known to travelers.                                                              8:00           Peter, Paul & Mary
3:00      A Community Sings                                                                                    25th Anniversary Concert
          10th Anniversary                                                                      10:00          A Community Sings
          WKAR salutes the Mid-Winter                                                                          Celebrating 10 Years
          Singing Festival, celebrating                                                         11:00          Charlie Rose
          10 years of song.
4:00      Magic Moments                                                                         14 | Wednesday
          Best of ‘50s Pop                                                                      8:00           ‘60s Pop, Rock & Soul
6:00      QuizBusters                        “Wicked” star Idina Menzel performs show
                                             tunes on Barefoot at the Symphony.                                An all-star cast of pop and
          Napoleon/Homer                     (March 11)                                                        Rock favorites deliver live per-
                                                                                                               formances and vintage clips.
                                                                                                10:00          Horses of the West
                                             8:00      The Story of the                                        America’s Love Story
                                                       Costume Drama
                                                                                                               Ali McGraw narrates this emo-
                                                       A celebration of 50 years of small-
                                                                                                               tional journey on horseback
                                                       screen historical costume drama,
                                                                                                               through the American West,
                                                       looking at how the genre has
                                                                                                               looking at working ranch
                                                       changed, including “The Forsyte
                                                                                                               horses, elegant Arabians and
                                                       Saga,” “Upstairs, Downstairs”
                                                                                                               a therapy horse.
                                                       and “Brideshead Revisited.”
                                             9:00      Downton Abbey                            11:00          Charlie Rose
                                                       Behind the Drama
                                                       A look at the filming of the
                                                                                                15 | Thursday
East Lansing’s Mid-Winter Singing Festival             Masterpiece favorite.                    8:00           Moments to Remember
is celebrated in A Community Sings.                                                                            More music from the
(March 10, 13)                               10:00     Secrets of the Manor House
                                                       This documentary takes you into                         fabulous 1950s.
                                                       the Edwardian world of life in the       10:30          StoryCorps
6:30      QuizBusters                                                                                          Stories of Love
          Howell/Williamston                           Manor House – upstairs and down.
                                             11:30     Off the Record                           11:00          Charlie Rose
7:00      Lawrence Welk’s
          Big Band Splash
          The company celebrates the
          music of the Big Band years.
9:00      Ed Sullivan’s
          Rock & Roll Classics
          The ‘60s
          The Beatles, Doors, Rolling
          Stones, Mamas and the Papas,
          Petula Clark and more are
          featured in vintage clips.
11:00     American Masters
          Neil Young: Don’t Be Denied

11 | Sunday
10:00     Use Your Brain
          to Change Your Age
12:00     Washington Week
12:30     Off the Record
1:00      The McLaughlin Group
1:30      To the Contrary
2:00      Moyers & Company                   Phantom of the Opera is seen in its entirety during Pledge Madness. (March 11)

                                                                                                               StayTuned | March 2012 7
  16 | Friday
  8:00       Great Performances
             Jackie Evancho: Dream with Me
             The child singer offers classical
             and contemporary songs.
  9:30       Joe Bonamassa
             Live at the Beacon Theatre
  11:00      Austin City Limits
             Steve Earle, Kris Kristofferson

                                                   NOVA offers a look at extremely icy conditions. (March 21)

                                                   18 | Sunday                                        21 | Wednesday
                                                   10:00     Suze Orman’s Money Class                 8:00      Nature
                                                   12:00     Washington Week                                    Survivors of the Firestorm
                                                   12:30     Off the Record                                     The remarkable ability of
  Guitarist Joe Bonamassa performs at the          1:00      The McLaughlin Group                               Australian bushfire victims to
  Beacon Theatre. (March 12, 16)                   1:30      To the Contrary                                    bounce back and the environ-
                                                   2:00      Moyers & Company                                   ment’s capacity for healing.
  17 | Saturday                                    3:00
                                                             3 Steps to Incredible Health
                                                             Easy Yoga for Easing Pain
                                                                                                      9:00      NOVA
  9:00       Anne of Green Gables                                                                               Extreme Ice
             Lucy Maud Montgomery’s en-
                                                   5:30      ‘60s Rock, Pop & Soul                              The mystery of melting ice
             dearing story of Anne Shirley         7:30      Beneath the Pines                                  sheets affect the fate of coast-
             is told in a five-hour marathon                 Out takes and bonus footage not                    lines around the world.
             starring Megan Follows, Col-                    previously seen.
                                                   8:00      Great Performances                       10:00     Steve Jobs
             leen Dewhurst and Richard                                                                          One Last Thing
             Farnsworth.                                     Tony Bennett: Duets 2
                                                                                                                A unique insight into what
  2:00       Celtic Woman                          10:00     The Story of the                                   made the mercurial and bril-
             Believe                                         Costume Drama
                                                             A celebration of 50 years of small-                liant Steve Jobs tick.
             The dazzling music of this
             Celtic ensemble inspires.                       screen historical costume drama,         11:00     Globe Trekker
  4:00       Celtic Thunder                                  looking at how the genre has                       Sri Lanka/Maldives
             Voyage                                          changed, including “The Forsyte
                                                             Saga,” “Upstairs, Downstairs” and
             Celtic music continues with the                 “Brideshead Revisited.”
             male ensemble that combines
             traditional and contemporary          11:00     McLaughlin Group
             Irish music.                          11:30     Off the Record
  6:00       QuizBusters
  6:30       QuizBusters
             DeWitt/Grand Ledge
  7:00       The Welk Stars
             Through the Years
             This musical walk down
             memory lane features stars
             past and present including                                                               Members from the MSU Chamber Music
             JoAnn Castle, Myron Floren,                                                              faculty perform classical selections on
             The Lennon Sisters, Bobby and                                                            BackStage Pass. (March 22)
             Cissy and more.
  9:00       Il Volo Takes Flight
             The three “teenage tenors,” all       Steve Jobs is profiled in One Last Thing.
                                                   (March 21)
                                                                                                      22 | Thursday
             Italian heartthrobs, offer their
             first PBS show.                                                                          8:00      Michigan Out of Doors
  10:30      Victor Borge                          19 | Monday                                        8:30      The Red Green Show
             Comedy in Music                       8:00      Antiques Roadshow                        9:00      This Old House Hour
  11:00      American Masters                                Honolulu, HI                             10:00     BackStage Pass
             Sam Cooke: Crossing Over              9:00      PBS Election 2012                                  MSU Chamber Music
                                                             Republican Candidate Debate                        Classical music performed by the
                                                             Ray Suarez moderates this post                     MSU Chamber Music faculty.
                                                             Super-Tuesday debate.                    11:00     Charlie Rose
                                                   10:30     Antiques Roadshow
                                                             Bismarck, NC                             23 | Friday
                                                   11:00     Charlie Rose
                                                                                                      8:00      Washington Week
                                                   20 | Tuesday                                       8:30      Off the Record
                                                   8:00      American Experience                      9:00      PBS Arts
                                                             Into the Deep: America,                            Women Who Rock
                                                             Whaling and the World                              A look at the indelible mark
                                                             The rapid rise and precipitous                     made by women in music from
                                                             decline of the American whaling                    Bessie Smith to Lady Gaga.
  The Story of the Costume Drama looks at                    industry.                                          Cyndi Lauper hosts.
  some of the great mini-series set in a variety
  of periods. Pictured: “Brideshead Revisited.”    10:00     Frontline                                11:00     Austin City Limits
  (March 11, 18)                                   11:00     Charlie Rose                                       Widespread Panic
8 March 2012 | StayTuned
24 | Saturday                                 26 | Monday
11:00      Hands On Crafts for Kids           8:00      Antiques Roadshow
11:30      Burt Wolf:                                   El Paso, TX
           Travels & Traditions               9:00      Antiques Roadshow
12:00      Rick Steves’ Europe                          Bismarck, ND
           The Romantic Rhine                 10:00     Fenway Park at 100
12:30      The Victory Garden                           Celebrate the centennial of
1:00       From Glory Days                              Fenway Park, one of Boston’s
1:30       This Old House                               most popular attractions and
                                                        a landmark for baseball fans
2:00       Ask This Old House                           everywhere.
2:30       Hometime                           11:00     Charlie Rose
3:00       Woodsmith Shop
3:30       Motorweek                          27 | Tuesday
4:00       Great Getaways                     8:00      Fenway Park at 100
4:30       Michigan Out of Doors              9:00      American Experience                      Larry McCray brings the blues to BackStage
5:00       Wilderness Journal                           Triangle Fire                            Pass. (March 29)
5:30       Inside E Street                              A look at how a tragic factory
6:00       QuizBusters                                                                           9:00       Great Performances
                                                        fire in New York led to work-                       San Francisco Symphony at 100
           Kent City/White Cloud                        place safety laws.                                  Celebrate the symphony’s centen-
6:30       QuizBusters                        10:00     Frontline                                           nial with Michael Tilson Thomas,
           Everett/Lansing Eastern
                                              11:00     Charlie Rose                                        Itzhak Perlman and Lang Lang.
7:00       Lawrence Welk Show                                                                    11:00      Austin City Limits
           Antiques Roadshow
           Keeping Up Appearances
                                              28 | Wednesday                                                Coldplay
                                              8:00      Nature
           Last of the Summer Wine
                                                        Ocean Giants - Giant Lives               31 | Saturday
                                                        Learn why size matters in the            11:00      Hands On Crafts for Kids
10:30      The Red Green Show                           world of whales.                         11:30      Burt Wolf:
11:00      Backstage Pass                     9:00      NOVA                                                Travels & Traditions
           MSU Chamber Music                            Bioethics                                12:00      Rick Steves’ Europe
                                                        Discover why a new era of                           The Romantic Rhine
                                                        personalized, gene-based                 12:30      The Victory Garden
Henry Louis Gates                                       medicine is both ominous and             1:00       From Glory Days
hosts a new                                             promising.                               1:30       This Old House
series of journeys                            10:00     Quest for the Lost Maya
through the fam-                                                                                 2:00       Ask This Old House
                                                        Explore archaeological evi-              2:30       Hometime
ily tree on Finding
Your Roots.                                             dence of a previously unknown            3:00       Woodsmith Shop
(March 25)                                              Mayan society in the Yucatan
                                                        Peninsula.                               3:30       Motorweek
                                                                                                 4:00       Great Getaways
                                              11:00     Charlie Rose                             4:30       Michigan Out of Doors
                                              29 | Thursday                                      5:00
                                                                                                            Wilderness Journal
                                                                                                            Inside E Street
                                              8:00      Michigan Out of Doors                    6:00       QuizBusters
25 | Sunday                                   8:30
                                                        The Red Green Show
                                                        This Old House Hour
                                                                                                            Jackson Christian/
                                                                                                            Jackson County Western
11:00      QuizBusters                                                                           6:30       QuizBusters
           Kent City/White Cloud              10:00     BackStage Pass
                                                        Larry McCray                                        Kearsley/Alma
11:30      QuizBusters                                                                           7:00       Lawrence Welk Show
           Everett/Lansing Eastern                      The blues-guitar powerhouse
                                                        from Saginaw performs.                   8:00       Antiques Roadshow
12:00      Washington Week                                                                       9:00       Keeping Up Appearances
12:30      Off the Record                     11:00     Charlie Rose
                                                                                                 9:30       Mulberry
           The McLaughlin Group
           To the Contrary
                                              30 | Friday                                        10:00      Last of the Summer Wine
                                                                                                 10:30      The Red Green Show
2:00       Moyers & Company                   8:00      Washington Week                          11:00      Backstage Pass
3:00       Woodsongs                          8:30      Off the Record                                      Larry McCray
           The Blind Boys of Alabama
4:00       Growing a Greener World
4:30       America’s Heartland
5:00       This Old House
5:30       Hometime
6:00       My Generation
6:30       Tracks Ahead
7:00       Under the Radar: Michigan
           Detroit, Traverse City
7:30       MSU Today
8:00       Finding Your Roots
           Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. hosts
           this series on discovering your
           past using some fascinating
           famous people as examples.
9:00       Finding Your Roots
10:00      Masterpiece Classic
           The Old Curiosity Shop
           Charles Dickens’ woeful tale
           stars Derek Jacobi and Sophie
           Vavasseur.                         Pianist Lang Lang is featured in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra’s 100th anniversary concert
11:30      Off the Record                     on Great Performances. (March 30)

                                                                                                            StayTuned | March 2012 9
                                                             Gardening                                            Sewing & Needlecraft
                                                             Garden Smart                                         America Sews
                                                             M/W, 10 a.m., 4 & 10 p.m.                            M, 2 p.m.
                                                             P. Allen Smith: Garden Home                          Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting
                                                             Su/F, 10 a.m., 4 & 10 p.m.                           Su/W, 12 & 6 p.m. (begins 3/11)
                                                                                                                  Knit & Crochet Now
                                                             The Victory Garden                                   Su/W, 12 & 6 p.m.
                                                             Tu/Th,10 a.m., 4 & 10 p.m.
WKAR Create is seen on Channel 23.3 and                                                                           Knitting Daily
many cable systems. Programming is subject                                                                        W, 2 p.m.
to change. For the overnight Create schedule
visit WKAR.org.
                                                             Home & Decorating                                    Quilting Arts
                                                             Around the House w/ Matt & Shari                     W, 12:30 p.m.
                                                             M/F, 5:30 & 11:30 p.m.; F, 11:30 a.m.                Quilt in a Day
  On March 3-18, we will be                                  For Your Home                                        Th, 2 p.m.
  asking for your support and                                Su/W, 11 a.m., 5 & 11 p.m.                           Sewing with Nancy
  programs will be pre-empted.                               Katie Brown Workshop                                 M/F, Noon & 6 p.m.
  See the schedule below.                                    S/W, 11:30 a.m., 5:30 & 11:30 p.m.                   Sew It All
                                                                                                                  Tu, 2 p.m.
                                                             Health & Lifestyles                                  Travel
Food & Wine                                                  Allaire Back Fitness                                 Burt Wolf: What We Eat
Bake, Decorate, Celebrate!                                   W, 8:30 a.m.                                         Tu/Th, 7:30 a.m., 1:30 & 7:30 p.m.
M, 11:30 a.m..                                               Classical Stretch                                    Globe Trekker
Ciao Italia                                                  Th, 8:30 a.m.                                        Tu/Th, 9 a.m., 9 & 9 p.m.
M, 8 a.m. & 8 p.m.; F, 8 a.m., 2 & 8 p.m.                    Exhale: Core Fusion                                  Grannies on Safari
Chef John Besh’s New Orleans                                 M, 8:30 a.m.                                         M/F, 9:30 a.m., 3:30 & 9:30 p.m.
S/W, 8 a.m. & 8 p.m.                                         Growing Bolder                                       Rick Steves’ Europe
Cook’s Country                                               Tu, 11:30 a.m., 5:30 & 11:30 p.m.                    Su/M/W/F, 9 a.m., 3 p.m. & 9 p.m.
Su/W, 7 a.m., 1 & 7 p.m.                                     Th., 5:30 & 11:30 p.m.                               Travelscope
                                                             Healthy Body, Healthy Mind                           Su/W, 9:30 a.m., 3:30 & 9:30 p.m.
Caprial & John’s Kitchen
Tu/Th, 8 a.m. & 8 p.m. (begins 3/27)                         F, 12:30                                             Travel with Kids
                                                                                                                  M/F, 9:30 a.m., 3:30 & 9:30 p.m. (begins 3/19)
Cuisine Culture                                              Sit & Be Fit
Tu/Th, 8 a.m. & 8 p.m.                                       Tu, 8:30 a.m.                                        Woodworking
Essential Pepin                                              Wai Lana Yoga                                        Ask This Old House
Tu/Th, 7 a.m., 1 & 7 p.m.                                    F, 8:30 a.m.                                         Su/W, 10:30 a.m., 4:30 & 10:30 p.m.
Great American Seafood Cooking                                                                                    Rough Cut
T/Th, 2:30 p.m. (begins 3/26)                                Painting                                             M/F, 11:a.m., 5:30 & 11 p.m.
Herbert Keller                                               Best of Joy of Painting                              This Old House
M/F, 8:30 p.m. (begins 3/27)                                 Tu/Th, 12:30 & 6:30 p.m.                             M/F, 10:30 a.m., 4:30 & 10:30 p.m.
Lidia’s Italy In America                                     Donna Dewberry Show                                  Woodturning Workshop
Su/M/W/F, 7:30 a.m., 1:30 & 7:30 p.m.                        Su, 12:30 & 6:30 p.m.; W, 6:30 p.m.                  Tu/Th, 11 a.m., 5 & 7 p.m.
New Scandinavian Cooking                                     Painting & Travel w/ Roger & Sarah                   Woodwright’s Shop
M/F, 8:30 p.m. (ends 3/24)                                   F, 2:30 p.m.                                         Tu/Th, 10:30 a.m., 4:30 & 10:30 p.m.
Sara’s Weeknight Meals                                       Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Arts
Su., 8:30 a.m., 2:30 & 8:30 p.m.; W, 8:30 p.m.               Th, 2:30 p.m.
Simply Ming                                                  Love to Paint with Mimi
M/F, 7 a.m., 1 & 7 p.m.                                      M, 2:30 p.m.
Tommy Tang’s Easy Thai (begins 3/25)                         Paint This w/ Jerry Yarnell
S/W, 8 a.m. & 8 p.m.                                         Tu, 2:30 p.m.
                                                             Painting w/ Paulson
Crafts                                                       W, 2:30 p.m.
Beads, Baubles, Jewels                                       Scheewe Art Workshop
Th, 11:30 a.m.                                               Tu, 6 a.m.; Th. Noon & 6 p.m.                       Tommy Tang

support                                     Health and Fitness
                                            3 Steps to Incredible Health
                                                                                     Joel Harper’s Firming After 50
                                                                                     Tu, 3/13, 11 a.m.; Th, 3/15, 2 p.m.
                                                                                                                               Sewing with Nancy: Art Quilts
WKAr Create                                 Th, 3/15, 3 p.m.                         Kickstart Your Health
                                                                                     Sa, 3/3, 10 p.m.
                                                                                                                               F, 3/16, Noon

March 3-18!                                 Change Your Brain,                                                                 Travel
                                            Change Your Life                         Use Your Brain to Change Your Age         Rick Steves’ Hidden Europe
                                            M, 3/5, 8 p.m.                           Th, 3/8, 8 p.m.; Sa, 3/10, 9:30 p.m.;     F, 3/9, 8 p.m.; F, 3/16, 1 p.m.;
                                            Diet Free with Zonya Foco                Su, 3/11, 2 p.m.                          Su., 3/17, 6 p.m.
                                            Sa, 3/3, 6 p.m.; M, 3/12, 10:30 a.m.     Inspiration & How-To                      Over Hawaii
                                            Dr. Christiane Northrup:                 Dr. Wayne Dyer: Wishes Fulfilled          F, 3/16, 3 p.m.
                                            Menopause                                Sa, 3/10, 5 p.m.; W., 3/7, 8 p.m.;        Visions of Ireland
                                            Tu, 3/13, Noon; Th, 3/15, 8 p.m.         Tu, 3/13, 2 p.m.; Su., 3/18, 2 p.m.       Sa, 3/17, Noon & 9 p.m.
                                            Easy Yoga for Easing Pain                Ed Slott’s Retirement Resources
                                            Sa, 3/3, 5 p.m.; M, 3/12, 12:30 p.m.;    Sa, 3/10, 8 p.m.; Su., 3/11, 2 p.m.;      Local
                                            Sa, 3/17, 1:30 p.m.; Th, 3/15, 10 p.m.   Su., 3/18, 6 p.m.                         A Community Sings
                                                                                                                               Su., 3/18, 5 p.m.
                                            Eat & Cook Healthy                       Play Piano in a Flash
                                            Sa, 3/3, 8 p.m.; M, 3/12, 9 a.m.         Sa, 3/17, 7 p.m.
10 March 2012 | StayTuned
                                              7:30 Aviators
                                              8:00 Magic Moments (3/7)
                                                    Great Performances (3/14)
                                                    Seneca Falls (3/21)
                                                    Fenway Park at 100 (3/28)
                                              9:00 Globe Trekker (3/21, 3/28)
                                              9:30 Idina Menzel (3/14)
                                              10:00 A Community Sings (3/7)
WKAR World is seen on Channel 23.4 and
many cable systems. Programming is subject
                                              11:00 NOVA (3/7, 3/14)
                                                    Shifting Sands (3/21)
                                                                                          WKAr World
to change. For the overnight World schedule
visit WKAR.org.                                     Finding Your Roots (3/28)             March 3-18!
M-F Weeknights (Unless otherwise noted)       Thursday                                    8:00 Ed Slott’s Retirement Rescue (3/3)
10:00 PBS NewsHour                            Noon Dr. Wayne Dyer (3/8)                        Great Performances (3/10)
                                                    Change Your Brain (3/15)                   Story of the Costume Drama (3/17)
Monday                                        2:00p Northurp/Menopause (3/15)
                                              3:00p Michel LeGrand/Friends (3/8)
                                                                                               BackStage Pass
                                                                                                   MSU Chamber Music (3/24)
Noon American Family                          4:00 Easy Yoga for Easing Pain (3/15)                Larry McCray (3/31)
      Anniversary (3/5)                       4:30 StoryCorps (3/8)                       9:00 Downton Abbey
      Victor Borge (3/12)                                                                          Behind the Drama (3/17)
1:30 Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra (3/12)       6:00 Music Voyager
                                              6:30 Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions              Frontline
2:30 StoryCorps (3/5)                                                                     10:00 B-52s
3:00 3 Steps to Incredible Health (3/5)       7:00 Journal
                                              7:30 America’s Heartland                             With the Wild Crowd (3/3)
      Use your Brain (3/12)                                                                     Secrets of the Manor House (3/17)
6:00 From Glory Days                          8:00 American Experience
6:30 Closer to the Truth                             Amish (3/1)                                Masterpiece Classic (3/24, 3/31)
                                                     Into the Deep (3/22)                 11:00 Official Best of Fest (3/17, 3/24, 3/31)
7:00 Journal                                                                              11:30 Focal Point (3/24,3/31)
7:30 Under the Radar: Michigan                       Triangle Fire (3/29)
8:00 Beneath the Pines (3/5, 3/12)                   Legends of Folk (3/8)
      The Teaching Channel (3/19, 3/26)              Alone in the Wilderness (3/15)
8:30 Oscar Hammerstein II (3/5)               9:00 Quest for the Lost Maya (3/29)
      Under the Streetlamp (3/12)             10:00 Don McLean (3/8)
9:00 Independent Lens (3/19)                        John Tesh Big Band (3/15)
      Mystery of Chaco Canyon (3/26)          11:00 Small Farm Rising (3/8)
10:00 Easy Yoga for Easing Pain (3/5)               Niagara Falls (3/15)
      Story of the Costume Drama (3/12)             Virginia Lee Burton (3/22)
11:00 Independent Lens (3/5)                        Roots of Health (3/29)
      World of Julia Peterkin (3/12)
      Leading with Kindness (3/19)            Friday
      Secrets of the Manor House (3/26)       Noon 3 Steps to Incredible Health (3/9)     The B-52s, left to right: Keith Strickland, Cindy
                                                                                          Wilson, Fred Schneider, and Kate Pierson
Tuesday                                             Angelique & Friends (3/16)
                                              2:00 Spend Well, Live Rich (3/9)
Noon Under the Streetlamp (3/6)
      Trial & Errors (3/13)
                                                    Yanni Live (3/16)                     Sunday
                                              3:30 Use Your Brain (3/9)                   10:00 Ed Slott’s Retirement Rescue (3/4)
1:30 Horses of the West (3/6)                       Idina Menzel (3/16)
      Kickstart Your Health (3/13)                                                              Protect Your Family Fortune (3/11)
                                              6:00 Growing a Greener World                      Change Your Brain (3/18)
2:30 Ed Slott’s Retirement Rescue (3/6)       6:30 New York Originals                     2:00 Alone in the Wilderness (3/4)
3:00 Suze Orman’s Money Class (3/13)          7:00 Journal                                      Rick Steves’ Hidden Europe (3/11)
4:30 Beneath the Pines (3/6)                  7:30 Great Getaways                               Greart Performances (3/18)
6:00 On Story                                 8:00 Albert King with                       3:30 Over Hawaii (3/4)
6:30 Wider World                                    Stevie Ray Vaughan (3/9)                    Victor Borge (3/18)
7:00 Journal                                        Northrup/Menopause (3/16)             4:00 Horses of the West (3/11)
7:30 My Generation                                  Red Green (3/30)                            Tony Bennett Duets (3/18)
8:00 Dr. Wayne Dyer (3/6)                     8:30 Keeping Up Appearances (3/30)          5:00 Suze Orman’s Money Class (3/4)
      3 Steps to Incredible Health (3/13)     9:00 Great Performances (3/9)                     Alone in the Wilderness II (3/11)
      QuizBusters (3/20, 3/27)                      American Masters (3/23)               6:00 Growing Bolder
8:30 QuizBusters (3/20, 3/27)                       Mulberry (3/30)                             Joe Bonamassa at
9:00 Clarence John Laughlin (3/20)            9:30 Last of the Summer Wine (3/30)               Beacon Theatre (3/18)
      Steve Jobs: One Last Things (3/27)            Before There Were Parks (3/23)        6:30 Alone in the Wilderness II (3/11)
10:00 Easy Yoga for Easing Pain (3/5, 3/13)   10:00 A Community Sings (3/16)                    Why Quilts Matter
11:00 How the Beatles                         11:00 Charlie Rose (3/16, 3/23)             7:00 Horses of the West (3/4)
      Rocked the Kremlin (3/6)                                                                  NOVA (3/25)
      Mohammad Ali:
      Made in Miami (3/13)
                                              Saturday                                    7:30 StoryCorps (3/18)
                                              10a    3 Steps to Incredible Health (3/3)   8:00 Nature (3/4)
      Weaving Worlds (3/20)                          Suze Orman’s Money Class (3/10)            Superstars of ‘70s Soul (3/11)
      Finding Your Roots (3/27)                      A.D.D. and Loving It?! (3/17)              Dr. Wayne Dyer (3/18)
                                                                                                Antiques Roadshow (3/25)
Wednesday                                     11:30a Rick Steves’ Hidden Europe (3/3)
                                              Noon Alone in the Wilderness II (3/10)      9:00 Women Who Rock (3/25)
Noon A.D.D. and Loving It?! (3/7)             1:30 A.D.D. and Loving It?! (3/3)           9:30 3 Steps to Incredible Health (3/4)
     Ed Slott’s Retirement Rescue (3/14)             Use Your Brain to Change             10:00 B-52s
1:30 Magic Moments (3/7)                             Your Age (3/10)                               With the Wild Crowd (3/4)
2:00 Use Your Brain (3/14)                    3:00 Joseph Campbell &                            Red Rock Rondo (3/25)
3:30 Surviving Disaster                              the Power of Myth (3/3, 3/10)        10:30 StoryCorps
4:00 Horses of the West (3/14)                       A Community Sings (3/17)                      Stories of Love (3/11)
6:00 Visionaries                              4:00 Moments to Remember (3/17)             11:00 Who Does She Think She Is? (3/18)
6:30 Roadtrip Nation                          6:30 StoryCorps (3/17)                            Global Voices (3/4, 3/11)
7:00 Journal                                  7:00 Moyers & Company                             Afropop (3/25)
                                                                                               StayTuned | March 2012 11
                                       Kids Corner
Kids’ Daytime                          Everyday Moments
                                       are Learning Moments
Monday-Friday                          Saturday, March 18, 1-4 p.m
7:00    Arthur                         Hannah Community Center
7:30    Martha Speaks                  Join WKAR, Clifford the Big Red
8:00    Curious George                 Dog, and a host of other favorites,
8:30    The Cat in the Hat             including Corduroy and Tacky
        Knows a Lot About That         the Penguin, at a family event!
9:00    Super WHY!                     In addition to the characters,
9:30    Dinosaur Train                 three interactive stage shows
10:00   Sesame Street                  (1:30, 2:15 and 3 p.m.) will
11:00   Sid the Science Kid            feature the Merry Music Maker,
11:30   Word World
                                       who will make music come alive
12:00   Super Why!
                                       as children engage in a playful
12:30   Clifford the                                                         Celebrate the 108th birthday of
        Big Red Dog
                                       musical experience. Jean Bolley
                                       and Karrie Korroch will be at the     the beloved Dr. Seuss with a two-
1:00    Caillou
                                       storytelling corner.                  hour Cat in the Hat marathon
1:30    Peep & BWW/Pocoyo
2:00    Wild Kratts                    WKAR Ready To Learn Service           on Friday, March 2, at 8 a.m. and
2:30    The Cat in the Hat             will be there, too, with infor-       2 p.m., and Saturday, March 3,
3:00    Curious George                 mation on how you can best            at 7 a.m.
3:30    Cyberchase                     use WKAR’s terrific children’s        The four episodes include two
4:00    Arthur                         programs to best help your            premieres – Seasons and When
4:30    WordGirl                       child develop literacy skills.        I Grow Up/Doing It Differently.
5:00    Dragonfly TV (M),
        Fetch (T/Th/F), Biz Kid$ (W)
                                       Each family will receive a free       Other episodes focus on ice and
5:30    Electric Company               book, while supplies last.            rainbows.
                                       The event is free and made pos-       The Cat in the Hat Knows a
saturday Mornings                      sible by the Early Childhood          Lot About That! is designed to
7:00    Curious George                 Literacy Coalition. For a down-       help young children learn core
7:30    The Cat in the Hat             loadable brochure about literacy      science skills to prepare them for
8:00    Sid the Science Kid            month activities continuing           success in school – while taking
8:30    Dinosaur Train                 March 19-30, visit cadl.org.          them on Seussian adventures
9:00    Thomas & Friends                                                     that inspire their curiosity.
        Bob the Builder
        Design Squad
                                       Raising Readers                       Families, schools and communi-
                                                                             ties around the country pay trib-
10:30   Signing Time                   Family Fun Workshops!                 ute to Dr. Seuss at this time each
                                       WKAR’s Ready To Learn Service         year, and WKAR joins them in
sunday Mornings                        will host TWO free Raising Read-      honoring his legacy with content
7:00    Franny’s Feet                  ers Family Fun Workshops this         that encourages kids to explore
7:30    Angelina Ballerina             month at Sycamore Elementary          the world around them.
8:00    Sesame Street                  School (Holt) and Gier Elementary
                                                                             For fun Cat in the Hat activities
9:00    Wild Animal                    (Lansing). See page 2 for details
         Baby Explorers                                                      or to watch video from The Cat
                                       on registration.
9:30    Mister Rogers’                                                       in the Hat Knows a Lot About
        Neighborhood                                                         That, visit pbskids.org and click
10:00   Zula Patrol                                                          on the Cat!
10:30   Miffy & Friends
                                                                             WKAR’s Education
PLEASE NOTE:                                                                 Facebook Page
On Thursday,                                                                 If you’re on Facebook, be the first
March 16, at                                                                 to know about new activities or
10 a.m. and 1 p.m.,                                                          workshops when you “like” WKAR’s
                                                                             Education Services page! We’ll
programming is
                                                                             provide useful links that both
pre-empted to
                                                                             parents and teachers will find
air a Colonial                                                               helpful. And while you’re there,
Williamsburg                                                                 check out WKAR – Public Media
Electronic                                                                   from Michigan State University
Field Trip.                                                                  on Facebook, too!

                                “Today’s programming is made possible, in part, by a contribution…”
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                                                                          March 13
                                                                          •	 from	Robert	Cierzniewski	in		
                                                                                                                     March 22
                                                                                                                     •	 from	Joan	C.	Smith.
                                   honor of American Red Cross               honor of his mother, Sophia.            •	 in	memory	of	Marcia	
                                   volunteers and blood donors.           •	 from	Cynthia	and	Andy	Beal	in	             Schneiderman on her birthday.
                                •	 from	two	returned	Peace	Corps	            celebration of Natalia’s 16th           March 23
                                   volunteers, in celebration of             birthday.                               •	 in	memory	of	Zolton	Ferency		
                                   Peace Corps Day today.                 •	 from	Michigan	Court	of	Appeals	            from his family.
                                •	 from	Marie	L.	Wolfe.                      Judge Amy Ronayne Krause.               •	 In	memory	of	Gertrude	Olsen	
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                                   of Texas Independence Day.                Kathleen Anzicek.                       March 24
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                                   No tanks across the Russian               of Karen’s birthday.                       appreciation of public radio.
                                   Empire. He simply let the              •	 from	Robert	Morris	and	Linda	           March 25
                                   people go.                                Peckham celebrating the 25th            •	 in	memory	of	William	Smith,	on		
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                                   her grandson John’s 14th               March 15
                                   birthday and his brother Will’s                                                   March 26
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                                   10th birthday.                            Joan Hoffman’s birthday and her            of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising,
                                March 4                                      gift of classical music.                   1943.
                                •	 in	honor	of	all	the	music		            •	 from	Dr.	Barry	reminding	everyone	      •	 from	John	and	Jenny	Bond	in	
                                   educators who help us                     that safety belt use is a healthy          celebration of their anniversary
                                   find joy through music.                   habit!                                     and good times together.
                                March 5                                   March 16                                   March 27
                                •	 from	Crossroads	Physical		             •	 in	memory	of	Charles	and	Catherine	     •	 from	Dr.	Stephen	Wilensky,	in	
                                   Therapy in Okemos.                        McLellan.                                  honor of the birthday of Wilhelm
                                March 6                                   •	 in	memory	of	Howard	Mauntler	              Conrad Roentgen, the discoverer
                                •	 from	Harry	Marsden	in	memory	             with thoughts for his family.              of x-rays.
                                   of Erica Weiss Marsden. Her            •	 from	Brian	Lefler	in	celebration	of	    •	 in	celebration	of	the	30th	
                                   friends miss her.                         his son’s birthday. Happy Birthday         wedding anniversary of Jim
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                                   David Wentworth to celebrate           March 17                                      anniversary!
                                   36 wonderful years of marriage.        •	 from	Gene	and	Suzanne	R.	Sullivan.      •	 from	Lynne	Martinez	in	
                                March 7                                   •	 from	Tina	and	David	Bowen	                 celebration of the 20th wedding
                                •	 from	Gary	and	Mary	Alice		                supporting traditional Irish,              anniversary of Andy and Miya
                                   Stollak for their appreciation            Scottish, and old music radio              Martinez.
                                   of the Prime Time Seniors’                programming.                            March 28
                                   Program.                               March 18                                   •	 to	commemorate	mathematician	
                                March 8                                   •	 in	honor	of	the	birthday	of	Juliet	        Claude Shannon, a Gaylord,
                                •	 from	Julie	in	memory	of	her	              Anne Newcomer. Happy Birthday,             Michigan boy and founder
                                   dear friend and composer,                 Juliet.                                    of mathematical information
                                   John Moss, on his birthday.            •	 from	Susan	Howard	who	is	exceed-           theory.
                                •	 from	MSU’s	Center	for	Gender	             ingly pleased to wish Susie Mallory     March 29
                                   in Global Context in honor of             a happy 75th birthday.                  •	 from	Karen	Blackman	in	honor	of	
                                   International Women’s day.             March 19                                      the birthday of her folk hero, Bob
                                March 9                                   •	 from	Jonathan	and	Elizabeth	K.	            Blackman.
                                •	 from	Karen	and	Clyde	Flory                Hanna.                                  •	 honoring	Bob	Blackman’s	
                                   in celebration of their 49th           •	 from	Jim	and	Jane	Waun	in	                 birthday and the 27 year run of
                                   wedding anniversary.                      celebration of Florence Lyons’             his program “The Folk Tradition.”
                                •	 to	honor	Susan	Lawther	on	                86th birthday.                          •	 from	Doctor	Susumu	Inouye	in	
                                   her birthday and to send               March 20                                      celebration of his wife Mary’s
                                   much love and kisses.                  •	 in	celebration	of	Maureen	                 birthday.
                                March 10                                     McDonough and Dennis Propst’s           March 30
                                •	 from	Doug	and	Bev	Federau	                30th wedding anniversary.               •	 from	Kris	and	Dirk	in	memory	
                                   in celebration of their wedding        •	 from	Karen	and	Dan	Friderici,	in	          of William Kooiman on the
                                   anniversary.                              celebration of Spring, no matter           anniversary of his birth.
                                March 11                                     what the weather.                       March 31
                                •	 in	memory	of	Raymond	Winter	           •	 in	celebration	of	Robin	and	Jim	for	    •	 in	celebration	of	Robert	and	
                                   Frankmann on his birthday.                the joy they have given their family.      Renee Leonard’s 45th wedding
                                •	 in	celebration	of	50	years	of	life.	   March 21                                      anniversary.
                                   Happy Birthday Nanette! From           •	 from	Chris	and	Susan	Andrews	in	        •	 from	Gretchen	in	celebration	of	
                                   Lief, who loves you.                      loving memory of Jack Good, who            her husband Rick’s birthday.
                                •	 in	honor	of	Lucas	and	Ella.               loved classical music.
                                March 12                                  •	 from	Lois	Ann	Reed	in	honor	of	
                                •	 from	Marjorie	M.	Renfrow.                 Bach’s birthday.

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  Dan Bayer – In the Groove                                                        AM 870
                                            Dan has been playing everything        3/1-10 – Sign On 6:45 a.m.; Sign Off 6:45 p.m.
                                            from jazz legends to local artists,    3/11-31 – Sign On 7:45 a.m.; Sign Off 7:45 p.m.
                                            new releases to classics and even      Weekdays
                                            jazz-inspired performances out         Morning Edition
                                            of that genre. When it comes to        Sign On 8:30 a.m., 9-10 a.m.
                                            setting up your own jazz library,
                                            he offers a few suggestions.           Radio Reader
                                                                                   8:30 a.m.
                                            “I’d start with the Smithsonian        On Point
                                            Jazz Collection or Ken Burns’ Jazz,    10 a.m.
                                            both multiple CD sets that give the    Fresh Air
                                            listener a pretty good overview of     Noon
                                            the genre from its birth to nearly
                                            the present,” he says. “As for indi-   SportsTalk 870
                                                                                   1 p.m.
                                            vidual albums, Kind of Blue by Miles   Call (517) 355-WKAR (355-9527) or
                                            Davis comes to mind first. It truly    toll-free (877) WKAR-870 (9527-870).
                                            is a jazz milestone. Then I’d jump
  Dan Bayer
                                            to Time Out by the Dave Brubeck
                                                                                   Talk of the Nation
                                                                                   2 p.m.
  Now that The Dan Bayer Jazz               quartet, a wonderful experiment        Call 1-800-989-TALK (8255)
  Show has been on WKAR for a               with time signatures that gave us
  few months, the show is making            the hit “Take Five.”                   All Things Considered
                                                                                   4 p.m.
  Facebook friends and getting lots of
  attention from listeners. Dan adds        Listen to The Dan Bayer Jazz           BBC World Service
  a variety of anecdotes and links to       Show Saturday nights at 8 p.m.         Overnight Stream on WKAR.org
                                            or find it online at WKAR.org.
  his posts and always includes an
                                            The program’s online stream            Saturdays
  overview of the week’s show.                                                     Ondas en Español
                                            is Saturdays and Mondays at
  “I keep my eye out for local per-         8 p.m. and Thursdays at 1 p.m.         Begins at Sign On

                                                                                                                    WKAR AM/FM Radio
  formances, whether they be area                                                  Weekend Edition Saturday
  artists or widely known musicians          Dan Bayer’s                           10 a.m.
  making a stop in town,” he says,
  discussing the information he
                                             New Release Picks!                    Car Talk
  includes in his online posts. “I’m also    The Maureen Choi Quartet -
                                             The Maureen Choi Quartet              Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
  on the lookout for news about jazz                                               1 p.m.
  artists, whether it be music award         Pat Metheny - What’s It All About
  nominations, new recordings,               Corea, Clarke and White - Forever
                                                                                   Only A Game
                                                                                   2 p.m.
  interviews, or life events, illness or     Wynton Marsalis -
  death. Of course, I always give a                                                Fresh Air Weekend
                                             The Music of America                  3 p.m
  little advance notice about what’s         Planet D Nonet - Old School
  coming up on this week’s program.”                                               Prime Time Radio
                                                                                   4 p.m.
                                            “LIKE” The dan Bayer                   All Things Considered
                                                                                   5 p.m.
                                            Jazz show on Facebook!                 Ondas en Español
                                                                                   6 p.m. until Sign Off
  Radio Reader AM 870 – Weekdays, 8:30 a.m.                                        Ondas en Español
                                                                                   Begins at Sign On
  The Litigators by John Grisham                                                   Weekend Edition Sunday
  The work of John Grisham comes to WKAR on Thursday, March 29,                    10 a.m.
  when Dick Estell begins reading “The Litigator” on The Radio Reader.             Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
  The Washington Post called the book “a snappy, well-turned novel.”               Noon
  David Zinc, a young but burned-out attorney, walks away from his fast-track      On the Media
  career at a fancy downtown Chicago firm and finds himself at the doorstep        1 p.m.
  of Finley & Figg, a two-bit operation always in search of their big break.       Hearing Voices
  With their new associate on board, F&F is ready to tackle                        2 p.m.
  a really big case, a case that could make the partners rich                      Car Talk
  without requiring them to actually practice much law.                            3 p.m.
  The Litigators is an entertaining read filled with the kind                      MSU Today
  of courtroom strategies, theatrics, and suspense that                            4 p.m.
  have made John Grisham America’s favorite story-                                 All Things Considered
  teller. His nuanced understanding of law and his                                 5 p.m.
  gentle touch make this one a don’t-miss selection!
                                                                                   Ondas en Español
                                                                                   6 p.m. until Sign Off
14 March 2012 | StayTuned
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  Jody Knol Hosts March LSO PreView Conversation
  The Lansing Symphony Orchestra (LSO) will offer Brahms’ Piano Concerto
  No. 2 on Saturday, March 10, at 8 p.m., as its fifth MasterWorks concert
  this season.
  Prior to the concert, Jody Knol will host a half-hour PreView Conversation
  in Wharton Center’s Jackson National Lounge, beginning at 7:15 p.m.
  The discussions include someone from the orchestra – possibly the guest
  performer or orchestra members – who offer insight into the evening’s
  concert, providing background for audience members. Patrons may
  even hear passages of music performed or explained and gain an insight
  that helps one feel more connected to the evening’s program. PreView
                                                                                         Jody Knol
  Conversations are free and the Q&A is lively!
  The concert itself will include Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun,
  Strauss’ tone poem Death and Transfiguration, and Brahms’ second piano
  concerto. Joining the orchestra is world-renowned Van Cliburn-medalist
  Philippe Bianconi. Bianconi was described by the Washington Post as an
  artist whose playing is “always close to the soul of the music, filling the
  space with poetry and life.”
  Timothy Muffitt will conduct the orchestra.
  For more information about the concert, ticket purchase or other events
  related to the LSO, visit their website – www.lansingsymphony.org
                                                                                         Timothy Muffitt

  WKAR is a longtime partner with the Lansing Symphony Orchestra and has included performances
  from the LSO in its 90.5 Community Concerts series, which airs summers on 90.5 WKAR.

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                           The old saying goes “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!”
                              Agree or not, there is little doubt that Irish music can bring a smile
                                  to your face – and maybe even find your feet dancing a jig!
                            Here are some radio and TV music specials to fill your heart with a song.

                                            Celtic Woman | Saturday, March 17, 2 p.m.
                                       Celtic Thunder: Voyage | Saturday, March 17, 4 p.m.

                                                     WKAR Create
                                         Saturday Marathon | All Day Saturday, March 17
                                  Tune in for an Irish marathon, with travel guides Rick Steves
                                        and Burt Wolf and the music of Tommy Makem.

                                                    90.5 FM WKAR
                                               The Folk Sampler | Sundays, 8 p.m.

College of Communication
Arts and Sciences
                                        Listen on March 18 for a St. Patrick’s Day salute!
                                           The Thistle & Shamrock | Sundays, 9 p.m.
                                                  Celtic music every week!

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