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 Word of Advice                               Helpful tips to find the perfect
                                              prom dress at reasonable prices
                                               Photo from www.windsorstore.com                                                       Paula berNal                                   These stores offer a wide vari-          If you look long enough you are
                                                                                                                                     Staff writer                             ety of prom dresses in various price      bound to find a great deal.
                                                                                                                                                                              ranges.                                        Most of their prom dresses
                                                                                                                                           For many girls in high school            When you first walk into Wind-      range in price from $50- $250.
                                                                                                                                     prom can be a very expensive night.      sor you can’t help but stare at all the   There is a price range for everyone
                                                                                                                                           When you start adding the costs    colorful dresses in the back of the       in between, and there are even a few
                                                                                                                                     for the dress, shoes and all the other   store.                                    dresses under $50.
                                                                                                                                     items that are necessary to get ready          Not only does Windsor sell               Since Macy’s is a department
 alexa Mauzy-lewis                                                                                                                   for the big day, Prom spending can       dresses but they also have clothes,       store, it is easy to find everything you
 Staff writer                                                                                                                        easily balloon to an average of over     shoes, and accessories for your hair,     will need for prom.
                                                                                                                                     $1,000, according to USA Today.          and jewelry.                                   If you decide to purchase your
       As May 19th draws closer and                                                                                                        If you can afford to pay that            Long prom dresses at Windsor        prom dress from either of these two
 the prom-mania takes over, many                                                                                                     much many people would argue that        range from $70 to $200 and up, and        stores I can almost guarantee you will
 students consider it to be an almost                                                                                                it’s worth it.                           the short dresses range from 50 to        get a beautiful dress worth its value.
 mandatory event.                                                                                                                          Prom is a once in a lifetime       $150.                                          I also recommend checking the
       Prom is a major tenet of high                                                                                                 event and you will remember this               Windsor also carries a small se-    MCHS prom dress page on Face-
 school. It’s the night that everyone is                                                                                             night your whole life.                   lection of shoes ranging from $25 to      book for anyone who is planning on
 supposed to remember for the rest of                                                                                                      So why not spend the extra         about $35.                                attending prom.
 their lives.                                                                                                                        money to look nice?                            The next store I visited was Ma-         This site was made for girls who
       Except prom is not everyone’s                                                                                                       When you look back at your         cy’s, a big department store not spe-     are going to MCHS prom to show-
 thing. A lot of people don’t really like                                                                                            pictures 20 years from now, you will     cifically known for prom dresses.         case their dresses so other people
 the whole “spend $50 on a ticket and                                                                                                probably not regret buying that ex-            However, they carry a huge as-      will not purchase the same one. You
 buy an outrageously expensive dress                                                                                                 pensive dress.                           sortment of dresses in the store and      can also get feedback on what other
 that you’ll only wear once” deal. Oth-                                                                                                    However, if you are on a tight     online.                                   people think of your dress.
 ers cannot stand the atrocious music                                                                                                budget, then I advise you to take the          Macy’s is constantly having sales        This site may also help if you’re
 they exclusively play all night. Yet they                                                                                           time to look around and go to many       which makes this an affordable op-        unsure of how much to spend on
 still feel compelled to attend prom                                                                                                 different stores to find the best deal   tion to purchase your prom dress.         your dress.
 simply because everyone else is going.                                                                                              on your dress.                                 This store is not as organized           It can give you an idea of where
 Here are some tips on how to enjoy                                                                                                        I visited two stores, Macy’s and   as Windsor, so if you plan to buy         to purchase your dress and the look
 yourself at prom despite such draw-           This dress and a variety of other options at affordable prices can                    Windsor, which can be found in sev-      here I advise you to take your time       most girls are wearing so you can be
 backs.                                        be found at Windsor, a store selling formal wear for women.                           eral malls.                              to browse.                                original.

                                              Prom dresses reveal individual style
       First, go into it with a positive
 outlook. You don’t have to be such
 a negative Nancy about the whole
 ordeal. Lighten up a bit and have a
 good time. If you convince yourself           Kelsey ellioTT                                   ity be your guide.                              pendent.
 beforehand that you are going to be           opiNioNS editor                                       A big issue for many girls is finding           Heels are another matter. For those
 miserable the whole time, odds are,                                                            a dress that no one will have. In order to      going with a date that are shorter than they
 you will be.                                        This time of year the main issue is        achieve that goal, go to stores that are not    are, high heels are not the way to go.
       Going along with the whole let-         prom. And with that comes the stress of          name brands such as Nordstrom’s, Cache,              While many dont want to wear flats,
 ting loose idea, forget about how             finding your perfect Cinderella prom dress.      Windsor or Macys. Search at little boutique     always remember you can go with a wedge
 much you may hate the music that is           Everyone is wishing for the cliche moment        shops that not well-known.                      that gives the illusion of being higher than
 playing. Music is music, just dance it        where you walk through the doors and the              Another way to ensure that your dress      they actually are.
 up with your friends and live a little.       sea of people turn, dazzled by your gown         will not be worn by another is to look at the        The perfect dress will find you when
 You will survive, I promise.                  that seems to be on another level then ev-       Facebook where girls can post pictures of       you least expect it. on the day of looking
       Finally, if you are worried about       eryone else’s.                                   their prom dresses.                             for your dress, don’t go in expecting any-
 the economic burden of prom, there                  While some go ball gown, others go              By doing this you not only get to see      thing special.
 are ways around the tremendous                mermaid. Every style is different and most-      who has what prom dress, but it gives you            Keep an open mind because some
 costs. You don’t have to buy the $300         ly unique.The key is finding that one special    a feel for what type of dress you might         dresses may look better on than off. Trying
 prom dress, instead go for something          fit. The perfect dress is not far from your      want.                                           on many dresses is never a bad thing. This
 a little less superfluous. You don’t          reach. Just a quick drive to your favorite            Not only is the dress important but        is the highschool experince!
 have to pay to get your hair and nails        shops with your favorite of friends.             accessories matter just as much. Having a            Grab it by the reins and enjoy the
 done either. Call up your best friend               The key to finding the perfect dress is    simple dress can easily be played up by fun     cheesy moments because this is one of the
 and get your makeover on. It’ll be a          to let your character and personality shine      costume jewelry.                                few left in your highschool life.
 blast and, more importantly, free.            through it. If you’re flirty, go with brighter        Chunky necklaces are always praise              Prom can be stressful, however, it is
       Go for the experience. Prom             colors with some jewels on it.                   worthy when worn with a simple, sleek           also a time to dress up and look stunning.                 KendAll JAcKson | PHOTOGRAPHER
 could end up being the time of your                 Classy? Go with a sleek, neutral color     and elegant dress. Also there is the choice     Own the dress you choose, don’t let it own     Taylor Jackson(12) samples a dress that manages to
 life if you let it be.                        dress that isn’t revealing. Let your personal-   of finding the simple delicate chain with a     you.                                           show off her personality and taste in fashion.

                                                                    B+                                                               B                                                   A+                                                        A+

                              Title: Making Mirrors                                      Name: Port of Morrow                                       Name: Pho Ca Dao                                         Name: Think Like a Man
                              Genre: Alternative                                         Genre: Indie                                               Genre: Vietnamese Food                                   Genre: Romantic Comedy
                              For fans of: Ellie Goulding                                For fans of: The Kooks                                     For fans of: Udon Noodles                                For fans of: Madea’s Family Reunion
                             Josie beavers                                               virGiNia sTaNToN                                          Jessica HoNG                                              roxaNNe barreTT
                             Staff writer                                                Staff writer                                              CeNterSpread editor                                       Staff writer
                                   If you’ve listened to the radio anytime in                  The Shins is arguably one of the most                     Located in Rancho Bernardo and Mira                     Starring a very attractive cast, “Think Like
                             the past month or so, then you’ve experienced                well known and definitive indie bands to grace           Mesa, Pho Ca Dao is one of the best pho places           a Man” is a romantic comedy based on Steve
                             the uprising artist known as Gotye.                          the genre. So when the band didn’t release a             in San Diego. As a veteran pho connoisseur, I            Harvey’s bestseller, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like
                                   Wouter De Backer, better known by his                  new album for a period of five years following           have eaten where pho is too bland, too salty,            a Man.”
                             stage name “Gotye” has become an instant                     “Wincing the Night Away” in 2007, fans                   and too expensive. Pho Ca Dao offers excellent                Following the release of Harvey’s book six
                             sensation in America after his hit song                      became antsy with anticipation.                          food for a reasonable price.                             men’s love lives are drastically changed. Feeling
                             “Somebody That I Used to Know” hit number                         So, to say the least, their new album, “Port              Pho is a Vietnamese rice-noodle soup               betrayed by one of their own kind, they decide
                             one on the Billboard Hot 100 list.                           of Morrow,” had a lot to live up to when it              usually served with beef or chicken and                  to use the book to their advantage.
                                    His success is partially in thanks to his             was released about a month ago in late March,            seasoned with Asian basil, mint leaves, bean                  There is the Mama’s Boy versus the Single
                             very interesting voice and style. The Australian             especially since the entire band, minus lead             sprouts, and lime. It is the main feature at Pho         Mom; the Dreamer versus the Woman Who Is
                             artist’s creative use of unusual instruments also            singer James Mercer, underwent a lineup                  Ca Dao, and the broth maintains a great balance          Her Own Man; and the Non-Committer versus
                             gives his newest album “Making Mirrors” a                    change.                                                  of flavor, fragrance, and clarity.                       the Ring Girl; plus the Happily Married Man
                             unique edge.                                                      It’s obvious at first listen that this album              Other food selections are also superb.             and the Happier Divorced Man.
                                   Other songs such as “Making Mirrors”                   marks a new era for The Shins. There is a great          Wrapping oily egg rolls in fresh, crunchy lettuce             The movie did not have an extremely
                             and “Eyes Wide Open” have also impacted the                  possibility that Mercer’s experimental album             leaves counteracts the greasiness and gives the          moving plot, but it did feature a number of
                             musical charts worldwide. The lyrics of most                 with Danger Mouse under the name Broken                  appetizer a lighter feel. The spring rolls are           hilarious comedians such as, Kevin Hart and
                             of Gotye’s songs deal with the problems of                   Bells had some influence on the albums new               average, though still good. Wrapped in moist             Gary Owen. Within the first five minutes of
                             life or love, and put a deep spin on things that             sound. Although it was great alone, mixing it            rice paper and stuffed with rice vermicelli              the film, Hart stole the show making the entire
                             everyone can relate to.                                      with The Shins distinctive sound didn’t play             and fresh lettuce, customers can choose from             audience laugh out loud.
                                   The relatable content of the songs makes               well for the album.                                      shrimp, pork, or beef. If you are looking for                 Overall the movie wasn’t only funny, because
                             them ever more popular in the U.S, while also                      The tracks are hit or miss. Some reek of           something light, the shrimp is an excellent              of the diverse roles; people in the audience were
                             reaching platinum in places as far as Poland.                clichés such as the song “It’s Only Life” while          choice. For people looking for something more            also able to relate to at least one character.
                                   To anyone who enjoys alternative music                 others are pretty spectacular, like “The Rifle’s         flavorful, the charbroiled pork offers a great                This movie is a mixture of hilarious
                             like Bon Iver, Empire of the Sun, and Ellie                  Spiral” and “Simple Song”.                               meal in mess-free, compact eggrolls.                     comedians and decorated actors, so it is bound
                             Goulding, Gotye is definitly someone to check                     Regardless of the new sound, it’s a great                 The vermicelli at Pho Ca Dao is average            to be a hit. Walking out of the theater you are
                             out.                                                         record. Mercer’s songwriting, as always, is              compared to other pho venues, again offering             almost forced to review your morals as far as
                                   All in all, I recommend this album to                  untouchable and there are moments that are               a little too much vermicelli, but nonetheless            dating.
                             anyone who is a fan of indie music. The                      reminiscent of past albums.                              delicious.                                                    Besides being an overall hilarious movie it
                             meaningful lyrics of Gotye attract fans of all                    In the end though, it’s not really The Shins              All around, Pho Ca Dao is my favorite pho          also had great acting. I would pay to go see this
                             kinds, and his music continues to grow more                  as much as it is just Mercer. But Mercer being           venue in San Diego. I recommend it to first              movie again, it’s a must see if you want a good
                             and more popular each day.                                   Mercer, he pulls it off extremely well.                  time and senior pho eaters alike.                        laugh, whether you’re single or not.

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