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					                                                    14 May 2007          Issue 69
Tasmanian Skills Investment Program                                                              Dates for your Diary
The Tasmanian Skills Investment Program (TasSkills)                                 17 May    Interpreting Training Packages and Designing Training
                                                                                              Delivery and Assessment Strategies workshop (Hobart)
Supplementary Program for 2007 is now open.
                                                                                    18 May    Assessment in the Workplace workshop (Hobart)
Detailed information is available by accessing the website at:                      18 May    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) workshop (Hobart)                  22 May    Review of the National Guidelines for OHS competency
The closing date for submission of tenders is 1 June 2007. In order                           standards in Training Packages - Discussion Paper
to ensure that any queries are answered promptly, please send them                            (comment on by 22 May)
to:                                           28 May    2007 Tasmanian Training Awards (nominations close)
                                                                                    31 May    Taking Australian VET to the world (Melbourne)
                                                                                      1 Jun   Tasmanian Skills Investment Program (closes)
 Tasmanian Training Awards 2007 – A Reminder                                          7 Jun   Flexible Learning Network meeting (Hobart)
                                                                                      8 Jun   Virtual Trainer - Hands-on Workshop (Hobart)
 Nominations for this year’s Awards close on Monday 28 May 2007.                     19 Jul   WorldSkills Australia Try’a Trade event (Hobart)
 For further information about the Awards and how to enter, visit the             9-10 Aug    VELG National Conference (Brisbane)
 Awards website:                           22-24 Aug    TAFE Rural & Isolated Communities Conference
 Alternatively, contact Jacqui Maclaine on (03) 6233 3194 or email               30-31 Aug    Tasmanian Learning & Skills Authority Conference                                                        (Hobart)
                                                                                    31 Aug    2007 Tasmanian Training Awards Gala Dinner (Hobart)

E-learning gets a boost                                                      Tasmanian Flexible Learning Network goes online
2007 has been a great year for Tasmania with five teams securing             The Tasmanian Flexible Learning Network (TFLN) has combined
funding from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. Combined            with Ian Whitehouse and Marcus Ragus to bring you ‘e-mania’, an
with LearnScope, e-learning skills within RTOs and industry will forge       online network which will be based around TLFN events. The TFLN
ahead. The projects are:                                                     invites you to attend the launch of this network and to hear from our
TAFE Tasmania - The Extending the QTI m-Player                               first guest speaker for the year, Daniel Dacey.
This project develops the 2005 New Practices QTI m-Player project. QTI       Thursday 7 June (4pm - 5pm)
m-Player is a free assessment application which operates on a personal       Hobart (OPCET boardroom, 1st floor, 99 Bathurst Street)
digital assistant (PDA) or smart phone with a mobile network connection
to the internet. It enables teachers and trainers in the field to access     Daniel is from New England Computer Solutions and will talk about
content, assess students, provide feedback and then upload data in a         Virtual Trainer, a mobile learning platform, intended for learning
secure way. For further information visit:                                   "anytime and anywhere" in the workplace, with personalised       learning triggered by barcode or RFID technology. Virtual Trainer is
                                                                             already being used in retail, aged care and nursing training. Daniel
Tasmanian Communities Online, Tasmania                                       comes from a teaching background and will be able to give us
Supporting e-learning in rural and regional communities, this project will   practical and relevant advice.
use a group of 15 community leaders to rural locations to help
unemployed people re-engage in formal learning through study circles,        RSVP for catering purposes. To register your attendance, please
mentoring, coaching and e-learning.                                          email
Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania
(in partnership with TAFE Tasmania)
                                                                                       Virtual Trainer - Hands-on Workshop
This industry e-learning demonstration is designed to develop a solution     Friday 8 June (10am - 12pm)
to address the key business issues that currently exist with the delivery    Hobart (OPCET boardroom, 1st floor, 99 Bathurst Street)
and assessment of annual mandatory fire and emergency training.
                                                                             This is an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with Virtual
Federal Group of Tasmania                                                    Trainer. Presented by Daniel Dacey, some of the applications that
(in partnership with Drysdale Institute, Tasmania (TAFE))                    will be demonstrated and discussed include:
As a leading business in one of Tasmania’s main industries, tourism, the
Federal Group will customise a Flexible Learning Toolbox and link it to      Virtual Tour - Virtual Tour can also be used for evidence collection,
their Supervisory Development Program. For further information visit:        by recording GPS coordinates and date/time stamps for locations.                                    Applications identified in education include botany, architecture,
                                                                             outdoor guiding and tourism students.
E-mania is an online network facilitated by Ian Whitehouse and Marcus        RFID Podcaster - RFID Podcaster allows students to trigger
Ragus. The E-mania network will establish a dynamic and innovative           instructional audio podcasts for any item or location by using RFID
online network that builds on the existing face to face network, the         technology.
Tasmanian Flexible Learning Network.                                         OH&S Induction - This project explores the use of multilingual
LearnScope                                                                   instructional delivery, this time in the context of a workplace site
Congratulations to 10 TAFE and two non-TAFE teams, two individuals           induction.
and 20 staff members from various registered training organisations          There will be limited places available for this workshop, so RSVP is
(RTOs) who will undertake professional development in e-learning this        essential: To register your attendance, please email
year. There is a busy year ahead for LearnScope teams.             

                                  Office of Post-Compulsory Education and Training, GPO Box 169, Hobart 7001
                      For contributions, contact Brendan Boucher (6233 3628) or email

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