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Chapter 4 section 1
I.    What is Culture?
     A. a way of life: the set of
        beliefs, values, and practices
        that a group of ppl have in
        common (all of the things
        that make up an entire
        people’s way of life)
B. cultural features
   1. language
   2. religion
   3. clothing
   4. music
   5. food
   6. gov’t
   7. education
   8. art
C. differences make each
   culture unique
D. Cultural Traits
 1. an activity or behavior in
    which ppl take part
    a. start of school year
    b. language
    c. sports
2.sometimes shared by
  ppl around the world
3.some change from place
  to place (eating with
  chopsticks vs. a fork vs.
E. Development of Culture
  1. passed down through
  2. taught by family
    a. traditions
    b. foods
    c. holidays
    d. laws
    e. moral codes
3.adoption of new cultural
  traits (immigrants)
4.history: Spanish
  acquisition of Central and
  South America
 a. language (Spanish)
 b. religion (Roman Catholic)
  5.environment (people in
      deserts herd animals)
II. Cultural Groups
   A. ppl who share similar
     1. age (teenagers)
     2. language
     3. religion
B.Cultural Region: an area
  in which ppl have many
  shared cultural traits (the
  Arab World)
  1. religion
  2. language
  3. lifestyle
    a.   food
    b.   music
    c.   clothing
    d.   architecture
4.may dominate an entire
  country (Japan) country may have
  different cultural regions
6.may include different
  countries (Kurdish)
C. Cultural Diversity
  1.ethnic group: a group of
    ppl who share a common
    culture and ancestry
    c. food
2.some countries have
  many ethnic groups
  (Tanzania 100+)
3.cultural diversity: having
  a variety of cultures in
  the same area
  a. can lead to conflict
  b. some cooperate with
     one another (USA)
III.Changes  in Culture
  A.How Cultures Change
    1. some change quickly
    2. others change slowly
    3. innovation: new idea or
       way of doing something
      a. telephone
      b. motion pictures
      c. Internet w/ others
 a. Spanish brought guns
    and horses to the
 b.Native Americans intro.
    potatoes and chocolate
    to Spanish
 c. Chinese intro. Buddhism
    and written language to
    Koreans and Japanese
5. How Ideas Spread
  a. cultural diffusion: the spread
     of cultural traits from one
     region to another
  b. when ppl move
    1. European settlers
    2. American pioneers
  c. new ideas spread
    1. baseball
    2. blue jeans
II.   Religion
  1. Purpose of religion
      1.   Teach meaning/purpose of life (answers “big”
      2.   Unify ppl. – create common ground
      3.   Teach about a culture’s values/beliefs
  2. Shared traits
      1.   Assoc. w/ gods/spirits that influence human life
      2.   Teach ppl. to be good
  3. Problems
      1.   Leads to division/killing
      2.   Sometimes spread thru violence
    6. Religions of the World
            Animism    Hinduism     Buddhism     Judaism     Christian       Islam

Founder/                  None    Siddhartha      Moses        Jesus       Mohammed
 Prophet     none        (1700-    Gautama        (1400      (33 BCE)      (610 CE)
                       1100 BCE) (500-300          BCE)
                        950 mil.-    BCE)                       1.9-       1.3-
                          1 bil.   500 mil.-      13 mil      2.1 bil.     1.57 bil.
                       (14-20%)      1 bil.       (.2%)      (29-32%)      (19-21%)

                       S (India),                 USA,       Americas,     SW, S, SE
                        SE Asia S , E, SE Asia    Israel     Euro., Afr.   Asia, N Afr.
  Main       Poly-       Poly-       No god        Mono-       Mono-       Mono-
 Beliefs    theistic    theistic                  theistic    theistic     theistic
                                   Things make      10          10         5
             Spirit      Caste         us                                 Pillars
                                                 Cmdmnt.     Cmdmnt.
            Worship     System
                                    Meditation    Torah        Bible       Quran
            Ancestor    Dharma
            Worship                  Reincar-
Afterlife               Reincar-     Nation/                               Judgmnt.
                                                 Judgmnt.    Judgmnt.
                        Nation/      Nirvana       Day         Day         Day

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