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					Costa Rica-San Jose

   By Alexandra and Anna
History and Culture
                               Fun Facts
In 2009, the population was about 4.579 million, In 2000, the population was about
     3.931 million. In 9 years the population rised around 1 million. In 2011 (now) the
     population is 4,576,562.
 In Costa Rica, rice and beans are very common. A Cost Rican lunch, called Casado,
     contains rice, onioned meat (chicken or beef), fried plantain, an egg, beans and
     cabbage sprinkled with salt and lemon juice.
 The original language in Costa Rica is Spanish and it is also the most popular language.
     Some other languages in Costa Rica are Central American Spanish, Boruca and
Here are some Holidays in Costa Rica:
New Year's Day Jan 1 Feast of Saint Joseph (San Jose's patron saint) Mar 19
     Anniversary of the Battle of Rivas Apr 11 Easter (Maundy Thursday to Easter
     Sunday)* Labor Day May 1 Corpus Christi* Jun 10 Saint Peter and Saint Paul Jun 29
     Anniversary of the Annexation of Guanacaste Province Jul 25 Our Lady of the
     Angels Aug 2 Assumption/Mother's Day Aug 15 Independence Day Sep 15
     Columbus Day/Dia de las Culturas Oct 12 Immaculate Conception Dec 8 Christmas
     Eve Dec 24 Christmas Day Dec 25 Christmas Holiday Dec 28-31
These animals are endangered in Costa Rica,
  Such as the Jaguar, Howler Monkey, and the
  Parrot. Some other animals in Cost Rica are
  Bats, Anteaters, Coatis, Armadillos, Otters, and
         Clothing In Costa Rica
For women in Costa Rica, traditional clothing
  consists of a dress tailored in a specific style to
  include a few important characteristics.
  Woman in Costa Rica, traditionally where long
  thick clothing with ruffles. The Common colors
  on a dress are all ways bright! For Men, it is
  simple yet elegant, their clothing is very
  similar to the woman's. Usually they will be
  wearing a red color on their clothes.
The International Peace Bureau was made to
  show peace in Costa Rica.
One Other is a National Monument in San Jose,
  it symbolizes bravery and attitude.
A very common monument is the Angels of
Also here is a link for some Costa Rican Dancing!
Here is a link about the Government and more:

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