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Creating Fine American Wines in the European Tradition...

Welcome to the online home of Chateau Felice. We invite you to learn
about our boutique winery located in the small and prestigious Chalk Hill
appellation of Sonoma County. Browse our current releases, buy wine
online, check upcoming events, join our wine club or plan your next visit
to our Healdsburg Tasting Room. Call us and consult with one of our
wine stewards. 707.431.9010.
Chateau Felice farms 25 acres planted to five different varieties of wine
grapes. These vines, carefully tended to produce a low-yield, allow the
winemaker to craft small lots of extraordinary wine. The goal is to allow
the unique essence of these grapes to come through, providing true
varietal character in the aromas and flavors of each wine. Similar to her
neighbors at the Chalk Hill Winery, Chateau Felice features rolling hills
sloping upward in every direction from the road and lakes.

Slopes and hillsides have long been considered prime winegrowing
locations, as they allow for better drainage and sun exposure. Chateau
Felice has nine different blocks of vineyard, each with a slightly different
exposure. The primarily clay-loam soils have a generous supply of water
at their disposal, should the need arise. Chateau Felice's winegrowing
philosophy echoes that of many of the best vineyards in California and
Europe - Great wines are made in the vineyard. Only by producing the
best possible fruit can truly world-class wines be produced. Cabernet
Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Syrah and Zinfandel
surround the winery. Chateau Felice Estate Vineyards are blessed with a
combination of climate factors that contribute to the production of
extraordinary wine grapes. SEE THE GRAPES

The orientation of the little valley encourages the influence of the cool
coastal air in the morning and evening. Because of the geographical
orientation and altitude, however, the vineyards are protected from
lingering excess moisture that can lead to mold and rot. The vines are
trellised to allow maximum exposure of the grapes to the evening
breezes, while shielding the grapes from the hottest of the sun's rays. The
height of the hillsides that face each other to form the valley causes
sunset to come early, but the soil composition retains the day's heat, to
the benefit of the ripening fruit. Constant observation by the winemaking
team - and the tending of the vineyards by the vineyard management
company - ensures that the grapes that will become Chateau Felice wines
are of the highest quality and most representative of the terroir in the
Chalk Hill Appellation.

The quality of the grapes is directly affected by the quantity of production,
with lower yield leading to higher-quality grapes. Chateau Felice cuts back
excess fruit throughout the growing season. As the grapes progress
toward the harvest, some vines may have uneven ripening and those that
are not progressing satisfactorily are also removed. Then, just prior to
harvest, a final pass is made to remove those bunches that are damaged
or do not meet quality standards. The result is that at harvest, only the
best grapes are processed into the must. MAKING WINE

The CF

Barry and Phyllis Rodgers, married since 1974 and business partners
since 1992, are the proprietors of Chateau Felice. A former aerospace-
industry executive and investment banker, Barry has long had a passion
for wine and wine-making. Phyllis, who previously headed a software
consulting firm, shares Barry's appreciation for wine and welcomed the
challenge of establishing Chateau Felice. Together, they chart the course,
manage the business, and are directly involved in every facet of the
Samantha Rodgers is Director of Marketing and Sales and is the
Rodgers' younger daughter. A graduate of Chapman University with a
degree in Business and Entrepreneurship, Samantha brings her
entreprenurial spirit, business savvy, and flair to Chateau Felice. Sam has
been involved with the company in several capacities over the years and
was recruited to manage the downtown Healdsburg tasting room which
opened in 2006. National Sales and relationships with distributors fall
within Sam's domaine. She spends about half of each month visiting
restaurants and retailers with distributors, hosting winery dinners, and
pouring Chateau Felice wines for in-store tastings around the country.

Tami Collins is the Winemaker at Chateau Felice. She directs all
winemaking operations from vine to bottle. A graduate of U.C. Santa
Barbara in Earth Sciences, Tami comes to us from Blackstone Winery in
Napa County and De La Montanya winery in Sonoma County.
              Tom Van Kamp is Cellarmaster and keeps the winery
running in tip-top shape. Previously, Tom was Callarmaster for Ferrari-
Carrano Winery.

             Joyce Loudon runs all of our behind the scenes
administration and more. Her organization and Kansas City calm keep us
grounded. "Auntie Joyce" is a favorite with kids and dogs....Oh, OK. She's
ours too! Meet Joyce at Chateau Felice on center.

              Sketcher is our official greeter and ambassador. He attends
all winery events, is an invaluable harvest assistant, and loves to sniff the
wine. He has a very fine nose.


Chateau Felice wines are currently distributed in the territories below. To sample our wines
for your restaurant or store, please contact the listed distributor or address inquiries to

Arizona - Rebecca Shields at Finley Beer, Fine Wine Division (520) 623-8800

British Columbia - Gordon Ritchie at Foremost Wine Domaines (403) 689-5110

California - Chateau Felice (707) 431-9010

Delaware - Paul Trier at Star Cellars (215) 988-0312

District of Columbia - Chip Lubke at Atlantic Wines and Spirits (410) 302-0466

Illinois - Ron Balter at Connoisseur Wines (773) 561-8705

Louisiana - Nick Selby or David Kenney at Uncorked Wines (504) 828-5708

Maryland - Chip Lubke at Atlantic Wines and Spirits (410) 302-0466

Missouri - Lee Reid at Bodi Wines (314) 409-6379

Nevada - Kirk Offerle at Uva Wines & Spirits (702) 301-3153

Oregon - Jeff Tatro at Universal Wines (503) 399-2069

Pennsylvania - Paul Trier at Star Cellars (215) 989-0312

CF on
                                              223 Center Street, Healdsburg


                                            Summer Hours: Open every day

                                               Friday-Saturday, 11am-7pm

                                           and Sunday-Thursday, 11am-6pm

To reach us from the south, exit Highway 101 at "Central Healdsburg" and follow Healdsburg
Avenue to Matheson Street. Turn right along the Plaza Park and then right again onto Center
Street. Proceed to 223 on the right, immediately past the public parking lot. From the north,
exit Highway 101 at "Dry Creek" and turn left. Turn right onto Healdsburg Avenue. Continue
to Matheson Street. Turn left and then right onto Center Street. There is a public parking lot
next door to us.

December 2007 Club
Selection ...

These three wines have been lovingly hand-crafted and are presented to you before going into our tasting room. As a wine club member, you
have the distinct privilege to taste and purchase these wines before anyone else. All of these wines are very limited production and will not
be available for long.
2005 Chardonnay Estate

bottle $24/case $288

Connoisseur $19.20/$230.40 Collector $18/$216 Cellarmaster $16.80/$201.60

This classic chardonnay is bright light gold in color with delicious aromas of ripe lychee, lemon, honey, and
toasty oak. Round and broad, it has a slippery mouthfeel with toasty oak, sweet lemon, spicy citrus, honey,
and a toffee caramel finish.

Fermentation: 100% barrel fermented, 100% mallolactic

Oak: 100% French oak, 40% new oak, Aged 12 months in barrel, Alcohol: 15% Production: 385 cases

2004 London Cab

bottle $19/case $228

Connoisseur $15.20/$182.40 Collector $14.25/$171 Cellarmaster $13.30/$159.60

Our 2004 London Cab is deep dark red in color, spicy and leathery, with overtones of smoked meat and sweet black licorice. It is rich, fruit
forward, and has flavors of sweet dark chocolate and toasty caramel. Good length with dried fruit finish.

Fermentation: 18 days Aging: barrel aged 24 months

Oak: French, 40% new, Aged 18 months in barrel, Alcohol: 14.9% Production: 467 cases

2005 Rainbeau Red

bottle $30/case $360

Connoisseur $24/$288 Collector $22.50/$270 Cellarmaster $21/$252

New for us this year, 2005 Rainbeau Red is evolved ruby, the color of new bricks, with aromas of cherry, dried currant and chocolate
covered nuts. Delicious flavors of cranberry, bitter cherry, vanilla, and spicy fruitcake round out the middle, and a velvety tannin finish
graces the tongue at the end. This is a blend of 38% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Zinfandel, 23% Merlot, and 6% Cabernet Franc.

Fermentation: 18 days Aging: barrel-aged 20 months

Oak: French, 40%new, Aged 12 months in barrel and 12 months in bottle, Alcohol: 14% Production: 39 cases

Make Your Own

A stroll through the vineyards, blending wine with a professional winemaker by your side, naming your own wine and creating a
custom label... experience the joy of winemaking without the risk! Or perhaps the opportunity to purchase great wine at an
affordable price is enough to pique your interest. Welcome to the Chateau Felice Barrel Club!

If you want the fun of winemaking and custom-blended, custom-labeled great wine for a great price, the Barrel
Club is for you! This club has been run for several years by Joyce and Louis Mogabgab who live in Orange
County, but if you live elsewhere you can still participate.

                                          Here’s how it works. Each year at harvest, the Barrel Club purchases
multiple barrels of grape juice from Chateau Felice to create their own unique blend of red wine. The juice is
fermented and stored in French Oak barrels both new and neutral. Chateau Felice cares for these barrels until
bottling and provides bottles, corks, bottling and legal labels. As a Barrel Club Partner, you have the right to
design and affix your own personal label to the front of your bottles (for example, using or

We send an offering in January: you become a member simply by purchasing. Then, in September of the
following year, the Partners meet at the winery and blend the wine with recommendations by the Chateau
Felice winemaker and a final decision by consensus. Bottling takes place soon after the seminar and the wine is
available in November.

THE 2008 BARREL CLUB This year we are excited to offer something new: instead of buying the 2007 harvest, we will be
purchasing multiple barrels of 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc Reserve. Returning members and wine enthusiasts alike
will appreciate the additional complexity of 2-year old barrel-aged wine with only a marginal increase in cost over last year.

Blending Seminar: Chateau Felice will host a luncheon, Tasting and Blending Seminar at the winery on
September 6, 2008. Barrel Club Partners will meet with Barry and Phyllis Rodgers, the owners of Chateau
Felice, and winemaker Tami Collins to sample several different blendings of

                                            the barrels. Those attending the seminar will be able to discuss the
merits of each alternative and vote on the way the final unique blend will be created. The afternoon will include
a lovely lunch and a sampling of various Chateau Felice wines. The cost is $125.00 per person and space is
limited to ensure a small, personal wine country experience.

The minimum commitment of a Quarter Barrel is required to receive an invitation for 2 people to the Blending
Seminar. With the commitment of a Whole Barrel, you will receive a Priority invitation for 8 people. If you are
eligible and would like to attend the Blending Seminar, we encourage you to RSVP as early as possible so as not
to miss this opportunity. (After June 30, space will be open to all Partners.)

Click to read Louie's mind as he travels to the 2007 Blending Seminar.

The Barrel Club Value The Regular 2008 Barrel Club price for 2-year old barrel-aged wine will be $234 per
case plus tax and transportation ($19.50 per bottle ++). However, you can secure the very best price by
committing early: from January 1 until March 31, 2008, the Special Discount price for 2-year old barrel-aged
wine will be $210 per case plus tax and transportation ($17.50 per bottle ++). Remember there is no fee to
become a Barrel Club member - you only pay for the wine you purchase. And as a current Barrel Club member,
you also receive a 20% discount on all Chateau Felice wines. This year, we are offering the following barrel
increments for purchase:
Eighth Barrel                      3 Cases

Quarter Barrel                    6 Cases

   Minimum commitment for an invitation for 2 people to the Blending Seminar.

Half Barrel                      12 Cases

Three-Quarter Barrel             18 Cases

Whole Barrel                     25 Cases

   With the commitment of a Whole Barrel, you pay for 24 cases and receive 25 cases; you will also
receive a Priority invitation for 8 people to attend the Blending Seminar.

The Schedule An initial deposit of 60% is due with your Order Form. The final 40% plus tax and any
transportation costs will be billed to you and is due at bottling. The Blending Seminar will take place on
September 6, 2008 with invitations typically mailed in April. Bottling will take place soon after the Blending
Seminar and the wine will be available in November. Prices do not include tax and are reflective of pick-up at
the winery. You may also pick-up your wine in Orange County, California or have it shipped almost anywhere
from Chateau Felice. Please contact us for transportation or shipping costs as prices vary.

If you have any questions about the Barrel Club, please contact Joyce and Louie Mogabgab at 714-
838-5263 or

Be Seen in the Best of Places...

Click on the photos to see slideshows.
Winemaker Dinner, August 25, 2007   Barrel Club Blending, September 2007
10th Birthday, September 15, 2007   Havana Heaven, May 2007
Harvest Luncheon, October 26, 2006   Barrel Club Blending, September 2006
 Winemaker Dinner, October 14, 2006     American Express Executives

                                 Blending & Dinner, September 2006

Experience the Romance of Wine
Chateau Felice winery estate is an ideal wine country setting for your
wedding. Secluded in the hills of the Chalk Hill Valley in Sonoma County, it
is set amongst 45 acres of vineyards, oak trees, olive trees and a serene

This romantic rustic setting has two distinct areas for private events.
Events for up to 50 can be held on the terraces and pavilions that are "at
the Chateau", while guests at larger affairs can enjoy the lawn area
"Across the Pond". Both locations offer spectacular views of vineyards,
lush trees, the lake and the wonderful estate with the vineyards as a
backdrop. Chateau Felice is conveniently located minutes from Highway
101 in Healdsburg and 7 miles north of Santa Rosa. Click on the photos below
to see more.

For this formal wedding, seating for the ceremony was on the Great Lawn
giving the guests fabulous views of the vineyards surrounding the
Chateau. In this picture, there is seating for 100 guests. Following the
ceremony the bride and groom chose to have a cocktail reception on the
Chateau veranda followed by a formal dinner dance in a romantic tent
across the pond.

Less formal, this ceremony for 70 was held in the Gazebo Garden. A
cocktail style reception on the veranda of the Chateau followed.

Chateau Felice is not a commercial event venue, and many of the facilities
that are typically available at such places must be brought in for events
staged here. While this can be costly, events at Chateau Felice are unique
and spectacular, ranging from intimate "cocktail" parties to country
barbeques to elegant formal dinner dances.

The options are at chateau Felice are endless: an oyster bar, a sushi bar,
swans on the lake, a petting zoo.... Make your once-in-a-lifetime event as
spectacular as your dreams.

More Details

Please call me with your ideas and questions. I look forward to working
with you and your Wedding Planner to help you create the wedding of
your dreams.

Carey Tatman, Event Site Manager


Chateau Felice wines are best when enoyed with great food -- from gourmet cuisine to
backyard BBQ. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite recipes... Open a bottle of Chateau
Felice wine and enjoy! FOOD PAIRING BASICS

Featured Recipe: Veal Filet Los Altos

Veal Filet with Organic Wild Rice, Baby Vegetables and Morel Mushroom Jus

by Chef Gary Roth, Los Altos Country Club
Paired with 2004 Chateau Felice Chardonnay Estate
First time users of this recipe will want to capture the beauty of the vegetables just like Gary did. After many secretive smiles and coaxing,
Gary fessed up that the real secret to his beautiful vegetables are the Blanch and Shock method.

Always have two things ready – rapidly boiling salted water, and an ice bath. In the rapidly salted boiling water, cook your fresh, green
vegetables until tender, and then quickly thrust them into an ice bath. Do not crowd the pot of boiling water, as you always want to keep the
rapid boil rolling. In fact, do each vegetable separately, and never cover the vegetables. “

This process helps to keep the chlorophyll active and help set the color to a brighter shade of green. Set the blanched greens aside, and re
heat just before you plate.

Special note on Gary: After being at the Los Altos country club for 20 years, Gary finally left to do some international traveling.


Red Snapper
Pair with 2004 Acier
3-Cheese Spinach                         Veal Filet Los
Calzones                                 Altos
Pair with Chateau Felice 2001 Cabernet   Pair with 2004 Chardonnay Estate
Sauvignon                               

Coq                                      Grilled Charmoula Lamb
au                                       Chops
Vin                                      Pair with 2002 Syrah
Pair with 2001 American Celebration     

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