Toowoomba Plant2 by patel111


									                        Toowoomba Plants
                                 by Patricia Gardner
Trees, shrubs, and some mistletoes, (for the brave)   Hairy Birds-Eye (Alectryon tomentosus)   Weeping Whit
- the book contains detailed descriptions of 277                                               salicifolia)
indigenous plants.                                    Showy Guinea Flower(Hibbertia
                                                      linearis var. obtusifolia)
The focus is on plants suitable for gardens, so is
not a complete botanical list. The author has
omitted ones with names like �giant stinging
tree� and �blind-your-eye�!

Many of the plants have never before been
included in any book. Despite being little-known,
the local flora include a great number of plants
which are highly su
                                itable for gardens,
and deserve to be much more widely used in their
home territory (and elsewhere).

There is a strong emphasis on plants of the �dry
rainforests�. These are trees and shrubs which
combine lush rainforest looks with practical
drought resistance. Smaller than trees of the �wet
rainforests�, they are very suitable plants for
suburban gardens.

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