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text on a path


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               Text on a Path
               by Matt Kloskowski

Welcome back. This week I have something very exciting - or at least exciting for some
of you. OK, I'm being slightly dramatic here. This weeks tutorial will be my first
Photoshop CS only effect. However, I still plan to go back and forth between 7.0 and CS
for a while before converting completely over to CS.

One of the best new features for me in Photoshop CS is creating text on a path. Its very
nice not to have to go back into Illustrator to do this anymore. I also believe that
creating text on a path is simple. However, there are plenty of tricks associated with this
technique and if you're new to the concept then you may not know of them.

Step 1: First, some quick history for those of you not familiar with this concept. Text on
a path is simple. First, you create a path using the Pen or Shape (only the vector shape
tools will work though) tools. Then you select the text tool, click on that path or shape
to notify Photoshop that you would like to apply text to this path, and begin typing. Not
much to it huh? The only thing to keep in mind is that you can only apply text to a Path
- not selections or objects created using the marquee tool.

Step 2: We'll start out with a simple shape - a circle. I have created a small object to
apply our text to just to make it look more interesting.

Step 3: However, I created this shape with the marquee tools so there is no actual path
to assign the text tool. We can fix this easily by selecting the Shape tool (U). In the top
left corner of the Options Bar, you will see three small icons. Select the Paths icon (See
the first reference image below). Then draw a circle on the canvas while holding down
the Shift key to constrain the proportions. Try to make this circle the same size and
shape as the existing object on the canvas.
Step 4: Next, select the Type Tool. Choose an appropriate foreground color so you can
see the text. Begin to move your cursor over the path and you should see it change to a
slightly different cursor as you hover over the path shape - one with a small dash
through it.

When you see this, click on the path and begin typing. Your text will magically start
wrapping around the shape. NOTE: The font used here is called "Keep On Truckin". You
can download this font for free at www.fontdiner.com.

Step 5: Now this is cool right. But if you clicked where I did on the path, your text looks
pretty mis-aligned over there on the right side of the circle. To fix this, select the Open
Arrow Direct Select tool or the Path Selection Tool.

Position it over the type and you'll notice that the cursor changes to an I-beam with an
Step 6: Click and drag along the path and watch as your text follows. Be cafeful not to
drag across the path to the other side however. Position it where you would like - the
center point always works well for me.

Step 7: Now I know that since I said in the previous step to be careful not to drag
across the path that most of you probably did. In case you didn't, lets say you want
your text along the inside of the circle. Just select the Direct Selection or Path Selection
Tool again and position your cursor over the text. This time drag across the path toward
the inside of the circle. The text will not wrap around the inside of the path. Position it
as I have here.

Step 8: Lastly, one final trick. Many times you want the text to wrap along the bottom
of the path but not inside. If you simply dragged the path around the circle as we did in
step 5, the text would be upside down at the bottom. But if you complete step 6, the
text is right side up but its on the inside of the shape. To fix this, open the Character
Palette (Window > Character). Take note of the Baseline Shift textbox.
Step 9: Select your text and enter a negative number in the Baseline Shift textbox. I
used -30 for my example but yours may vary depending on the font that was used.
Observe how the text still alings itself to the bottom of the path but is now wrapped
along the outside of the shape.

Well thats it for this time. I hope you enjoyed my first Photoshop CS tutorial. As always,
please let me know if you have any questions. You can email me at
ExtremePhotoshop@yahoo.com or stop by my website (www.ExtremePhotoshop.com).
Until next time...

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