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									   Being a woman particularly on times of requiring medical attention is something like a medical
emergency that needs to be taken care with an extra care. We at Women Med Care specialize in that
extra care required in women medical care that makes us one of the most sought after medical
destination in whole of California. We are a team of specialized professional doctors, caretakers and
physicians. We fully understand what it takes for a delicate women care, thanks to the years of practice
in the field in medical welfare.

Our clinics have specifications in almost every medical condition that may arise and have equipments
ready to tackle any emergency forth coming. We as a team appreciate emphasizing individual care for
the best possible outcome.

Our chief doctor, Dr. Francisco Ceullar is a graduate from Salvadorena Alberto Masferrer School of
Medicine and went on to complete his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at King/Drew
medical center in southern CA. Dr. Ceullar specializes in high risk obstetrics, pelvic prolapse, and
minimally invasive gynecological surgery. Also dealing with Preterm labor, Placenta previa, Interstim,
Heavy bleeding, Irregular bleeding, Urogynecology, his excellence in patient surgical care, has made him
in being one of the leading certified surgeons in gynecological techniques in the community.

Women Med care is a certified women health care center affiliated to scores of leading medical centers,
hospitals and medical societies of US such as Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, San Antonio
Community Hospital, California Medical Association, American Medical Association, American congress
of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, etc.

Our main focus is on providing specific health care needs with compassion and understanding in a
professional environment. Strict care policies and an urge to serve the community better ensures that
nothing happens out of order. We pride ourselves in the latest techniques and equipments as well as
our highly trained staffs capable of taking personal decisions at time of needs so as to serve better.

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