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					                                                  Miss Millers Timetable
                                                       w/c 14th May
                                           Monday        Kirk all day
Jubilee Street Party on Thursday 31st      Tuesday       Staveley all day
                May, 1.30pm                Wednesday     Kirk all day
Planning is underway so more details       Thursday      Staveley all day
 to follow, but get your red, white and    Friday        Kirk am/Staveley pm
  blue clothes at the ready. Parent,
grandparents, aunties etc all welcome
    to join us for this event. We are
delighted to welcome our new starters
        to this special celebration.                    Y6 ONLY
                                            Could you remember to complete
                                           your forms for Boroughbridge High
                                            School and return to the office as
Olympic Torch – the torch is                        soon as possible
enjoying its journey around our
school families. Please look out for
your turn and we will share some
more extracts with you at                               Please could you ensure
Celebrations Assembly on Friday.                        you clearly name school
If it is easier to send photos for the                  uniform. Also could you
book by email please do so to;                           check bags for any
admin@kirkhammrton.n-yorks.sch.uk                         misplaced items of
                                                        clothings and return to
                                                        school. Many thanks.

               Fruit shop is open to
               class 2 & 3 during the
               midmorning break every         Every one welcome!
               day. 20p per piece of
               fruit. Please could you        Please do not forget
help the ‘shop keepers’ to bring the       Celebrations Assembly on
exact amount. (Class 1 receive free
                                           Fridays at 3.10pm. Please
fruit/veg through a government
scheme)                                        bear in mind that lessons are
                                            usually taking place in the school
                                           hall so doors will not be open until

       Dates to Remember
    School closes for half term                           Next week is SATs
        Thursday 31st May                                   week – a special
                                                           mention and good
  School reopens after half term
                                                         luck wishes to our Y6
       Monday 11th June

      Find our blog at http://shareit.yhgfl.net/northyorks/kirkhammerton/
An old Sufi tradition advises us to speak
 only after our words have managed to
  pass through four gates. At the first
gate, we ask ourselves ‘Are these words
true?’ If so, we let them pass on; if not,
  back they go. At the second gate we
 ask; ‘Are they necessary?’ At the third
 gate we ask; ‘Are they beneficial?’ and
   at the fourth gate, we ask ‘Are they
 kind?’. If the answer to any of these is
   no, then what you are about to say
 should be                   left unsaid.
                                             Article appeared in last week’s edition
                                                     of Knaresborough Post

A reminder to everyone to keep
collecting cereal box tokens for
books – collection box in the
Last and final call for Sainsbury
vouchers – collection box in the

 Wanting to get fit for Summer!
 Why not join us every Thursday
  for a jog, walk, skip or hop
   around the playing fields.
Action starts at 1pm - come rain
             or shine.

       Find our blog at http://shareit.yhgfl.net/northyorks/kirkhammerton/

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