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					                                   Principal’s Pride
                                                                            Karen A. Lewis, Superintendent
March 27, 2007                                                              Fran Fedyna, School Supervisor
Volume 2, Issue 7                                                Carol Wolfe, Supervisor of Special Services
                                    Our Purpose
                                    The purpose of this newsletter is to provide information to
                                    parents, students, and residents of Franklin Township. This is an
                                    informational newsletter and serves to help make all constituents
                                    aware of happenings in our school.

                                   The Work Family Connection
                                   I am pleased to inform you that The Work Family Connection
                                   will continue to provide before and aftercare services for our
 Our Purpose                  1    children in the 2007/2008 school year. Be advised that they
                                   offer summer programs at local sites as well. Log onto
 Information Update           1
                          for more information.
 Upcoming Events              1

 Fifth Grade                  2

 Calendar Dates               2    NJ State Report Card
 Absentee Ballots             2    Each year the Department of Education publishes information
                                   regarding schools and districts in New Jersey. This
 Spelling Bee Winners         2
                                   information includes test scores, costs related to staffing,
 Special Services Dept. Notice 2   length of the school day and other information. To review
 Food Pantry                  2    this information, please visit
 Box Tops for Education       3
                                   and click on NJ School Report Card.
 Kindergarten News            3
                                   State and Local Testing
 From the Health Office       3
                                   During the month of March, the children in grades 3,4,5,6,7,
 PTA News                     4    and 8 participated in the state-testing program. Results are
 School Budget Vote           4    expected in June. During the week of 4/23/07, the students
                                   in grades 2-7 will take the Terra Nova Test of Basic Skills.

       Upcoming                    Rural Awareness Contest
        Events                     As you know, the children in grades 3-6 are participating in a
                                   community program sponsored by Rural Awareness. Please
      Teacher In-                 talk to your children about this contest that focuses on the
       service March               beautiful rural community they live in.
       29th – 1:00
      Spring Recess                         Congratulations to FTS
       April 6th-13th
                                              Teacher of the Year
      Spring Concert
       for Grades 3 & 4                    Mrs. Pamela Watkinson
       April 19th
  Page 2 of 4                       Grade Level News                                       FTS Newsletter

                                Fifth Grade News
The County Clerk          Social Studies
must receive              The focus of the fifth grade social studies program has been to study the
absentee ballots at       geography of North and South America. Through the use of technology,
least 7 days prior to     students have actually been able to receive a very strong visual presentation of
the election, April       many regions and places throughout the Western Hemisphere. Even better is
17th.                     that students themselves have become creators of information by preparing
You can visit the         detailed and lengthy presentations on states of the United States and provinces
Hunterdon County          of Canada. Through the use of laptops, Smartboards, and the Internet, students
Board of Elections        have been able to conduct research and present their finding to their classmates.
on-line as well.          The fifth grade will continue to emphasize the integration of technology into the
                          curriculum through the use of project work throughout the year. Barry S. Kramer

                          Fifth grade science students have been hard at work throughout the school year
                          using science process skills to examine the world around them. Students have
                          conducted investigations in geology, chemistry, and physics. For example, we
                          are learning about an English fellow named Sir Isaac Newton who sported some
                          interesting hair, but was quite intelligent when it came to physics and calculus.
                          Using Newton's ideas, we are currently testing and proving the laws of motion,
                          even calculating the speed it takes to jog through the hallways of FTS. Whoops!
                          Don't tell. No running in the hallways! As we approach spring, the students will
                          explore living systems and gain knowledge of how these systems interact.
                          Science is simple, with lots of fun, hands-on learning experiences. Pat Quick

Spelling Bee Winners                                                       Each school district in New Jersey
                                                                           is responsible for providing
We would like to congratulate the following students for winning their     services to children between the
individual grade level sections of our annual Express Times spelling       ages of 3 & 21 who have a
bee:                                                                       handicapping condition that
Grade 6 - Emily Hudak; Terry Li                                            interferes with learning to a
Grade 7 - Jacqueline Bataille; Kathryn Cargill                             significant degree. If you have a
Grade 8 - Sarah Popa; Kerianne Roberts                                     child in this age group and you
Terry Li, the school-wide winner, competed for Franklin Township           feel they have significant delays in
School at the 21st Annual Scripps Regional Spelling Bee Finals at          areas such as motor coordination,
Lehigh University on March 8th. Way to go, Terry!                          relating to others, speaking
                                                                           and/or understanding of language,
                                                                           etc., contact Carol Wolfe,
 Food Pantry                                                               Supervisor of Special Service, at
 The Food Pantry, located at the Quakertown Methodist                      the school for possible assessment
 Church, is open on the third Wednesday of every month
                                                                           and programming.
 from 10:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. This service is
 available to anyone who lives in Franklin Township. If
 you have any questions please call 735-5870 or 730-
                                                                                 New Calendar Dates
 0214. Please leave a message and your call will be
                                                                         This year we were fortunate to have only
 returned as soon as possible.
                                                                         two days when school was cancelled due to
                                                                         snow. This does change our calendar and
                                                                         graduation for the Class of 2007. Barring any
                                                                         additional emergencies, school will close for
                                                                         students on June 14, 2007 and Graduation
                                                                         Exercises will be held that evening at 7:00
                                                                         p.m. Teachers will report on June 15th and
   FTS Newsletter                                 Grade Level News                           Page 3 of 4

 Kindergarten News                                    From The Health Office
The kindergarten let loose on Dr. Seuss! To            Here's some Good Health Tips from "Happy Feet":
celebrate Read Across America Week, the                Prevention is the watchword for parents to keep their child
children had a variety of guest readers who            healthy and reduce the spread of cold and flu germs!
shared their favorite Dr. Seuss selections.            *Wash your hands frequently: proper hand washing for 15
As a final culminating activity, the children          to 20 seconds to remove germs. Place sanitary hand
engaged in a delicious green eggs and ham              wipes and gel cleansers in lunch boxes.
breakfast.                                             *Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze:
Green was the theme for March. The                     recommend using your upper sleeve and emphasize the
children finger painted with green pudding,            importance of throwing away used tissues and washing
made fun leprechauns, created paper                    hands right away.
shamrock designs and ate green bagels.                 *Try not to rub your eyes or nose: explain how cold and flu
We would like to thank all of the                      germs can spread from contaminated surfaces to the eyes,
kindergarten parents for their ongoing                 nose, and mouth.
support for these activities.                          *Follow healthy habits: encourage good nutrition,
                              Dr. Petersen             exercise, and enough sleep.
                                                       *Stay clear of people who are sick: Students (and staff)
                                                       who are sick should stay home.
 Congratulations to the Franklin Township
                                                       *Know the signs of the flu: The key flu symptoms are
 students who wrestled for the North Hunterdon
 Wrestling Club this season. These students had
                                                       fever, aches (headache and muscle aches), chills, dry
 a successful season and had great fun                 cough, tiredness, and sudden onset of symptoms like
 supporting the North Hunterdon High School's          extreme exhaustion. Colds usually present symptoms
 Wrestling Team at their home matches:                 such as stuffy nose, sneezing, and sore throat.
                                                       Since cold and flu season is still with us, following the
 8th Graders: Wesley LaBorde and Andrew Reed           above recommendations will assist in staying healthy. You
                                                       can access online maps that show where the flu is found
 6th Grader: Stephen Swider                            around the country. Visit
                                                       www.cdc/gov/flu/weekly/usmap.htm and
 3rd Graders: Kyle Busher, Nick Gurreri and   for flu-tracking information.
 Carmine Ricciardi
                                                                                               ML Findley, RN
 2nd Graders: Geoffrey Jurgensen, James
 Jurgensen, Tyler Simony and Sean Swider                    Boxtops 4 Education Update
 1st Graders: Matt Busher, Ryan Reed and Matt             Thank you to all of the parents that have clipped
 Rounds                                                   and submitted box tops. We have made our final
                                                          submission for this year and our total earnings for
 Kindergartener: Josh Rounds                              the year is $750.00.
                                                          Please continue to clip and submit your boxtops;
                                                          we'll submit again in September.        Kim Skalaski

   How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen & How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk
   Based on the book by Faber and Mazlish, this presentation focuses changing the way we speak to
   kids so that we can help them deal better with feelings and cooperate more often. These ways of
   speaking also foster independence, and help us learn more effective ways to praise kids. In
   addition, this style of speaking encourages kids to open up more and share more of their lives and
   their feelings. This program is for parents of students aged 4-18.
   Join us on Wednesday, April 25, 2007, at 7 PM, in the multi purpose room.
                            FTS PTA
     Franklin Township
                           •The PTA is in need of a Treasurer and a Market Day Chairperson for the
                           2007/2008 school year. If you are interested, please contact Maureen Cargill
           Phone:          at 908-284-1608.
       (908) 735-7929      •Ice Cream Social Night sponsored by The Coldstone Creamery of Flemington
            Fax:           and Phillipsburg. The PTA would like to invite all FTS families to an evening
       (908) 735-0368      of FREE ice cream, after you vote on Tuesday, April 17th. More details to
                           •Walkathon will be held on Wednesday, April 18th. The rain date is Friday,
                           April 20th. The walk will take place during school hours. Walk packets went
                           home on March 22nd. All volunteers will be notified soon.
   We’re on the Web!
                           •The PTA’s Town-Wide Garage Sale is getting a great response. Stay tuned for
                           further details.
                           •Market Day pick up will be at Franklin Township School in the month of
                           April. Please show your support for this very popular & profitable fundraiser.
                           To date, we have received $1,646.04 in profit. Order forms are due April 11th.
                           Pick up date is April 17th. This month’s profit will go to the 6th grade class.
                           •The next PTA Meeting will be held on April 3rd at 7:00 P.M. at FTS.
                           •Any correspondence? Please contact Shelley Crisologo at 908-735-9553.

          School Budget Vote
                      April 17, 2007 3-9PM
                                   Quakertown Firehouse

Franklin Township School
P.O. Box 368                                                                            NON PROFIT ORG.
Quakertown, NJ 08868                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                         Permit No. 101
                                                                                      Quakertown, NJ 08868

                                         MAILING LABEL

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