Christmas by ewghwehws


          BY: Jackson Bolek
The history of how Christmas
came to be!
How Christmas got started
 Christmas started when Christ the
 savior was born.
 Christmas celebrates the birth of
 Jesus Christ.
 The reason we get presents on
 Christmas because the three wise
 men came to give baby Jesus
Traditions of Christmas
 One thing that is a must for Christmas is
 the Christmas tree!
 You would decorate the tree with
 ornaments or tinsel. Also most people put
 Christmas lights on the tree to light up the
 tree. One last thing is you would put a star
 or an angel at the top because there was a
 star in the sky when Jesus was born and
 the angel because there was an angel
 there too.
 Do you have a Christmas tree for
       Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a special card
that you send on Christmas to say “I
love you” happy Christmas”.
The first Christmas cards came from
Victorian England where parents
would send cards on Christmas.

Santa is a jolly old man who delivers
presents to all good children.
To all bad Children got coal on
Santa had reindeer that pulled all the
presents for Santa

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