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234   GUTTERS: CA Building Products TE™ Therma-gutter System – Galvanised
      Steel 2.0mm

      A boundary wall / valley gutter with a thermally efficient design to reduce the
      heat loss at the boundary wall / valley junction achieved by incorporating slots
      within the purlin flange directly above the insulation, which reduces the
      thermal bridge from inside to outside. Designed to be used on normal
      industrial or commercial buildings, with profiled metal clad roofs. Class 1 – 3
      humidity internal environments in accordance with BS 5250:2002.

      Manufacturer: CA Group Ltd, Evenwood Industrial Estate,
      Copeland Road, Evenwood, Co Durham, DL14 9SF.
      Tel: 01388 834242 Fax: 01388 830964

      Product Reference: CA Building Products TE™ Therma-gutter System
      TE™ Therma-gutter, Galvanised Steel Valley Gutter
      TE™ Therma-gutter, Galvanised Steel Boundary Wall Gutter

      Material: Fabricated from 2.0mm thick hot dip zinc coated Galvanised mild
      steel to BS EN 10142:2000 grade FeP02G Z600.

      Sizes: Consult with CA Group Ltd. for recommendations and details
      CA Group Ltd can also provide a design and specification service and it is
      recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.

      Gauge/Thickness: 2mm Galvanised Before Manufacture

      External finish: A coating of TC/500-25 organic epoxy coating, colour black,
      to be factory applied by CA Building Products to exposed surfaces.
      All internal welds to be painted with two coats of zinc rich paint
      Outlets are factory welded into the gutter sole.

      50mm, 70mm or 90mm Resin bonded rock fibre Therma-rock insulation slabs
      to BS EN 13162:2001.
      The gutter construction is to be computer modelled to determine its -value
      and f-factor – refer to CA Building Products’ Technical Department.

      Internal liner sheet: Galvanised mild steel to BS EN 10147:2000 grade
      FeE220G, 0.7 mm thick with Z275 coating and 20 micrometer polyester paint
      finish, the reverse to have a grey polyester coating.

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      Jointing Method:
      One end of each length of gutter is to be joggled continuously down the sides
      and across the sole. The joggled end to be punched at typically 75mm
      centres and each hole is fitted with an M10 hexagonal captive nut. The plain
      end of the gutter is punched to match. Each joint is to be sealed during
      assembly with a continuous strip of 50mm x 5mm PIB gutter sealant
      positioned in the centre of the joggle. Liner joints to be sealed with 9x3mm
      Therma-strip butyl sealant.
      The gutter joints are to be fixed with austenitic stainless steel M10 hexagonal
      head bolts 30mm long with stainless steel washers.

      Fixing Method:
      All joints are to be assembled according to CA Building Products’ instructions.
      Gradually tighten from the centre of the sole outwards, until the sealant
      extrudes evenly from the joint. Seal the notch at the joint with a strip of
      Therma-foil Plus 80.
      After the roof assembly has been completed clean out any debris from the
      gutter and paint over any damaged coating with TC/500 touch up.

      Accessories: Corner boxes, Transition sections, Expansion joints, Sumps,
      Outlets, Overflows, Weirs all available from CA Building Products.

      The internal surface of the insulated gutter to be class 0 in accordance with
      Building Regulations when tested to BS 476 Parts 6 & 7. The outer surface
      must be rated FAA when tested to BS 476 Part 3.

      The gutter is guaranteed to have a minimum life of 25 years, assuming
      correct installation and maintenance manual detailing inspection, cleaning
      and repair requirements must be provided.

      The contractor is to devise and use a safe method of working throughout the
      construction period, in accordance with HSE and CDM requirements.
      Consult CA Group Ltd technical literature for details.

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