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					                                  GOLD BOND WEEKLY DRAW
                                 STOCKPORT COUNTY F.C.
                                          WINNERS WEEK 27
                                          Friday 6th July 2012

         £2,000       S.1096               Mr & Mrs Rodgers           Mrs Rodgers

         £500         Z.3167               Robert Purdon              R Purdon

         £200         L.1458               Mr J Hall                  Standing Orders

         £100         R.0784               Mr M Lacy                  Standing Orders
                      AS0438               Tony Shirley               Tony Shirley

         £50          FF6085               Gordon Reid                Office Payer
                      AW0520               W. Vickers                 Mr M Brown
                      E.4658               D Earp                     Standing Orders
                      Q.2637               R.McLarnon                 Online Payer

         £25          AD6866               Mrs Simpson                John Essex
                      X.5845               Hayden Bailey              Online Payer
                      MM1748               Mrs S Wood                 Ced Norton
                      AJ0252               D Twomey                   Office Payer
                      A.1081               Miss K Erwin               Sue Carden
                      F.4058               Miss L Kane                Mr Sim Morris

         170 x £10 Winners (Selected Few Below)
O.1796   MR S D    TWEEDALE          DERBY STREET              EDGELEY              STOCKPORT
N.4096   MR A B    KENNERLY          GREENFIELD ROAD           BOLLINGTON           CHESHIRE
O.1557   A         KINDER            QUEENS ROAD               BREDBURY             STOCKPORT
B.0751   G         EVERTON           CHARLOTTE STREET          PORTWOOD             STOCKPORT
C.2552   L         FLETCHER          TURNCROFT LANE            OFFERTON             STOCKPORT
V.0316   SIMON     CHADWICK                                    TOWN STREET          STOCKPORT
C.0058   MISS L    BROOMHEAD         ANSON ROAD                DENTON               MANCHESTER
I.0823   MRS       HOLLINSWORTH      WELLFIELD ROAD            OFFERTON             STOCKPORT
G.1880   MR J      WILSON            GARDENS                   OFFERTON             STOCKPORT
S.0714             BUFTON            SHEARWATER ROAD           OFFERTON             STOCKPORT
V.5279   PAUL      BURKE             NURSERY ROAD              HEATON NORRIS        STOCKPORT
E.6169   MRS P     COURTENAY         MAPLE AVENUE              NEWTOWN              DISLEY
F.1268   MR C      BENNETT           MEADWAY ROAD              CHEADLE HULME        STOCKPORT
N.3933   MR J      SMITH             BRINDALE ROAD             BRINNINGTON          STOCKPORT
H.1796   MR B      SAGE              CEDAR ROAD                GREAT MOOR           STOCKPORT
G.0429   MRS S     NOSWORTHY         DELAMERE ROAD             GREAT MOOR           STOCKPORT
S.1021   RACHEL    MC ALLEF          RIPLEY AVENUE             GREAT MOOR           STOCKPORT
S.2293   J.        HEMBROUGH         TINTERN GROVE             OFFERTON             STOCKPORT
I.5484   MR M      SMITH             LYNGATE CLOSE             OFFERTON             STOCKPORT
M.2621   MRS K     PIMLOTT           CLARENDON ROAD            HAZEL GROVE          STOCKPORT
M.5225   MRS G     SIMCOCK           BRINKBURN ROAD            HAZEL GROVE          STOCKPORT
I.2601   MRS R     MCINTYRE          CHATSWORTH ROAD           HAZEL GROVE          STOCKPORT
         130 x £5 Winners (Selected Few Below)
R.2718   OLDHAM’S          PET SHOP               112 CASTLE STREET                       EDGELEY                        STOCKPORT
N.5562   MRS K             O'CONNOR               LAMBS FOLD                              HEATON CHAPEL                  STOCKPORT
I.1882   MR R              WINDELINCK             LARNE AVENUE                            CHEADLE HEATH                  STOCKPORT
X.5078   JAMES             POWER                  WHARTON AVENUE                          CHORLTON CUM HARDY             MANCHESTER
A.6007   PETER             EAST                   EARLE ROAD                              BRAMHALL                       STOCKPORT
U.5418   PHIL              HORNSBY                EARLE ROAD                              BRAMHALL                       STOCKPORT
C.1497   MR G              WILLIAMS               PATTERDALE ROAD                         OFFERTON                       STOCKPORT
G.5701   MR D              NICHOLS                BEAUFORT ROAD                           OFFERTON                       STOCKPORT
I.5941   MR L              HALL                   LYME ROAD                               HAZEL GROVE                    STOCKPORT
D.0905   MRS S             KEDIAN                 DAVIES ROAD                             BREDBURY                       STOCKPORT
F.5164   MR H              SPARKES                THE CIRCUIT                             EDGELEY                        STOCKPORT
L.3650   ELIZABETH         MCDONAGH               BUCKINGHAM ROAD                         CHEADLE HULME                  STOCKPORT
P.1609   CARL              ROBINSON               LAPWING LANE                            BRINNINGTON                    STOCKPORT
D.6452   PETER             BRYANT                 PINFOLD                                 HADFIELD
Y.5038   JIM               RAWLINSON              HUNTINGDON CRESCENT                     BRINNINGTON                    STOCKPORT
G.2886   MRS C             MOORE                  LINDEN GROVE                            GREAT MOOR                     STOCKPORT
R.1497   AMANDA            ROUEN                  CLAREMONT ROAD                          GREAT MOOR                     STOCKPORT
C.2454   HELEN             BURTON                 PARK CRESCENT                           FURNESS VALE
I.4106   MRS B             MCHUGH                 KINNAIRD CRESCENT                       OFFERTON                       STOCKPORT
I.5522   MR R D            BARKER                 BROOKFIELD AVENUE                       BREDBURY                       STOCKPORT
L.1855   MR C              DAVIES                 ROUNDCROFT                              ROMILEY                        STOCKPORT
M.1987   MR.               TONGE                  BRIGHTON AVENUE                         REDDISH                        STOCKPORT
D.4622   JOHN              ALLEN                  CASTLE STREET                           EDGELEY                        STOCKPORT

         The GOLD BOND Weekly Draw, is delighted to be supported by the following local companies –

                                                     (Please support those who support us)
         FINGERPOST TRAVEL CLUB (For All County Away Games)                               07896 536 757
         H.B. PRINTING                                                                    0161-427 4588
         OLDHAM PET & GARDEN SUPPLIES                                                     0161-480 8648
         HANDFORTH CARPET WAREHOUSE                                                       01625 549405
         FITZPATRICK SCAFFOLDING LTD                                                      0161-430 8806
         TOPMARKS GARAGE LTD                                                              0161-494 7700
         LOVE LANE LTD (Picture Framing)                                                  07817 812 817
         M.G. DOMESTIC (Domestic Appliances)                                              0161 368 3913
         BEBBINGTON & Co (Chartered Accountants)                                          0161-485 7136
         HELP THE HATTERS                                                                 07802 566 733
         WESTON POINT COLLEGE (Runcorn)
         THE SPORTSMAN (Strines)                                                          0161-427 2888
         ANDREW ARMS (Compstall)                                                          0161-484 5392
         FOX GLOBAL LOGISTICS LTD                                                         0161-425 7462
         A-T GARDEN SERVICES (Stockport) ANDY TURNER                                      07815 138 449
         HOWARD & SON (Motorcycle MOT’s and Services)                                     0161 480 3825
         THE FLORIST, SHAW HEATH                                                          0161 429 9863
         DAVID HALL PAINTING & DECORATING, OFFERTON                                       07984 100 502
         SOFA BARGAINS, CASTLE ST. Complete suites from £399                              0161 477 7700
         THE NURSERY INN, GREEN LANE                                                      0161 432 2044
         LOCAL GARDENS & GROUND MAINTENANCE, BLAKE SLATER                                 07946 456 470
         OFFERTON FISH BAR, 130 HALL STREET, S. MUSYNSKI                                  0161 480 0361
         TWO RULES HIGHWAY CONSULTANTS, STEVE O’CONNELL                                   07851 584972
         JOHN KENNY

         To join the list of companies who support The GOLD BOND Weekly Draw supporting Stockport County and appear on this web
         site, in the official match day programme and the weekly winners list costs just £5 per week. As part of this package you will
         receive 2 VIP ticket to a match of your choice, plus entry every week into the draw, which has £5,600 worth of prize money.
         Contact Ant on 0161-477 7926 or e-mail “” for further details.

         Promoter: John Woodman. Blackpool FC Development Association, Freepost BJ2683, Blackpool, FY1 1ZR
         The Gold Bond Weekly Draw aims to support a variety of sporting organisations and other charities.
         Licensed by The Gambling Commission - licence 5166
         Please Gamble Responsibly:

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