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           PROPOSAL #119-09

  DUE DATE: MARCH 9, 2009, 5:00 pm, CST
  OPENING DATE: MARCH 10, 2:00 pm, CST


  Room 830*716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd N
        Birmingham, Alabama 35203
           Phone: (205) 325-5383

No faxed or emailed responses will be accepted
                                     JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                        PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                            BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                      BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                       SHEET NO: 2
                                             REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The Jefferson County Commission is seeking requests for proposal from qualified firms
and or individuals to provide Arbitrate Rebate Services. By submitting a response, you are affirming that you (in the
case of individuals) and/or your organization are interested in contracting with the County to provide services covered

Sealed Request for Proposals marked “ARBITRAGE REBATE SERVICES” will be received by the Purchasing
Manager, Room 830 * 716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203.

Proposals will be accepted until 5:00 P.M. central time (standard or daylight savings time, as applicable) on March 9,
2009. Proposals submitted after this date and time will not be considered.

Proposals will be publicly opened at 2:00 P.M. on March 10, 2009.

The County is not responsible for delays occasioned by the U.S. Postal Service, the internal mail delivery system of the
County, or any other means of delivery employed by the bidder. Similarly, the County is not responsible for, and will
not open, any bid/proposal responses, which are not received later than the date and time, indicated above. Late
bids/proposals will be retained in the bid/proposal file, unopened.

TELEGRAPHIC/ELECTRONIC BID RESPONSES: Proposal responses sent by electronic devices (i.e., facsimile
machines and email) are not acceptable and will be rejected upon receipt. Vendors will be expected to allow adequate
time for delivery of their bid responses either by airfreight, postal services, or by other means.

TERMS OF CONTRACT: Any contract resulting from this RFP will become effective upon bid award (or within 30
days of award notification, approval of the County Commission). The contract may be extended at the County’s option
for a period of up to (2) two additional (1) one year terms.

Inquiries: Questions about this RFP should be directed in writing, via e-mail to Danny Panos or Deborah Scales at
the address shown below, no later than the end of the business day five (5) days prior to the bid opening date.
Correspondence with individuals other than those listed herein will not be allowed
        Danny Panos                                              Deborah Scales
        Assistant Finance Director                               Principal Buyer
        Jefferson County Commission                              Jefferson County Commission
        Room 810 Courthouse                                      Room 830 Courthouse
        716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd N                         716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd N
        Birmingham, Alabama 35203                                Birmingham, Alabama 35203
        Phone: (205) 325-5055                                    Phone: (205) 325-5383
        E-Mail:                                  E-Mail:

From the date that this RFP is issued until a firm is selected and the selection is announced, firms are not allowed to
communicate for any reason with any County employee other than the contact listed above regarding this RFP. The
County reserves the right to reject any proposal for violation of this provision. No questions other than written will be
accepted, and no response other than written will be binding upon the County. Written responses to questions shall be
provided to all firms to which this RFP was sent.

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                                      JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                         PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                 ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                             BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                 (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                      FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                          BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                           SHEET NO: 3

                                        REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued

INTERPRETATIONS AND ADDENDA: No interpretation or modification made to any respondent as to the meaning of
the RFP shall be binding on the Jefferson County Commission unless submitted in writing and distributed as an
addendum by the Jefferson County Purchasing Department. Interpretations and/or clarifications shall be
requested in writing and directed to Deborah Scales, Jefferson County Purchasing Division, 830 Courthouse,
716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North, Birmingham, AL 35203, (Fax 205 325-5221) or (email:
Verbal information obtained otherwise will not be considered in awarding of contract. All addenda shall become part of
the RFP.

COMMISSION and/or JEFFERSON COUNTY, ALABAMA throughout this document. Similarly, RESPONDENT,
VENDOR, and BIDDER refer to the person or company submitting an offer to sell its goods or services to the
COUNTY. The words PROPOSAL, QUOTATION, and BID are all offers from the BIDDER. The County has
established for the purposes of this RFP that the words SHALL, MUST or WILL are equivalent in this RFP and indicate
a mandatory requirement or condition, the material deviation from which shall not be waived by the County. A
deviation is material if, at the sole discretion of the County, the deficient response is not in substantial accord with this
RFP’s mandatory condition requirements. The words SHOULD and MAY are equivalent in the RFP and indicate very
desirable conditions or requirements but are permissive in nature. Deviation from, or omission of, such a desirable
condition or requirement will not in and of itself cause automatic rejection of a proposal, but may result in being
considered as not in the best interest of the County.

SCOPE OF SERVICES: Jefferson County, Alabama (“County”) seeks to engage a qualified arbitrage rebate firm to
immediately provide arbitrage rebate computations for two debt issues which are pass due for computation, with others
following as they become due.

BACKGROUND: The County has heretofore issued both fixed and variable rate bonds to provide capital for a major
renovation and improvement program for the County’s sanitary sewer system, General Obligation bonds for Capital
expenditures, and School bonds for the purpose of making grants to various school boards operating in the County
which form a program of debt financings.

For each bond issue, the consultant is to:
        Identify, and separately account for, all “Gross Proceeds” (as that term is defined in the Rebate
           Requirements) of the bond issue, including those requiring allocation analyses due to “commingled funds”
        Calculate the issue’s cumulative rebate liability.
        Provide an executive summary identifying the methodology employed, major assumptions, and
        Provide the County with five copies of the report and the Bond Trustee one copy of the calculation reports.
           Include appropriate documentation required to support calculations, including allocation calculations
           relating to the commingled reserve fund.
        Coordinate between the Bond Trustee, the County and legal counsel so all necessary information is
           provided to perform calculations accurately including the filing of any Forms 8038T that may be required.

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                                       JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                          PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                  ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                              BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                  (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                   FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                       BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                        SHEET NO: 4

                                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued

Failure of any Bidder to receive or examine any form, instrument, addendum or other document shall in no way relieve
any Bidder from any obligation with respect to their proposal or to any contract resulting from this proposal. The
submission of a proposal shall be taken as conclusive evidence of compliance with this condition. Failure to meet this
condition may result in rejection of any offering on this proposal

Any proprietary information contained in the Response shall be so indicated with the notation in BOLD letters at the top
and bottom of the page, THIS PAGE CONTAINS PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. A general indication that the entire
content or major portion, of the Response is proprietary will not be honored.

Interested firms and individuals are to provide the County with a proposal using the following guidelines:

    In consideration of time constraints, proposals should be as brief as possible, providing relevant factual information
    and excluding marketing materials. Each proposal will adhere to the following order and content of sections.
    Proposal should be straightforward and concise. Emphasis should be concentrated on conformance with the RFP
    instructions, responding to the RFP requirements, and on providing a complete and clear description of the offer.

    The following proposal sections are to be included in the Proposer’s response:
    A. Cover Letter
    A cover letter should summarize key elements of the proposal. An individual authorized to bind the consultant’s
    firm must sign the letter. Indicate the address and telephone number of the contact person for this assignment.
    The cover letter should be brief.

    B. Capability of the Firm
    Describe briefly your firm, its history and capabilities.

    C. Relevant Assignments
    Provide a list of five relevant assignments that are comparable to the one described herein.

    D. Project Organization and Staffing
    Provide name(s) of the person(s) who will be assigned to this project and include a qualification summary of each.

    E. References
    Provide the names and contact person(s) of at least two municipalities or comparable governmental entities for
    which your firm has provided arbitrage rebate services.

    F. Fee Proposal
    The County requires the fee structure for two (2) immediate issues, one which has been issued at affixed rate
    and the other at a variable rate with no rebate accrued as of September 30, 2008. You are welcome to set forth
    any other fee requirements such as how you would price requested follow-on services such as audit support and
    Fee Proposal must be completed and placed in separate sealed envelope. (See Enclosed Fee Proposal)

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                                      JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                         PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                 ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                             BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                 (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                        BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                         SHEET NO: 5

                                        REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued

    G. Submission of Proposals
       Complete written proposals must be submitted to:

        Annie Ward
        Purchasing Manager
        Jefferson County Commission
        Suite 830 Courthouse
        716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N
        Birmingham, Alabama 35203

   H. Number of Proposals
      Must submit six (6) copies of your proposal.

All copies and contents thereof of any proposal, attachment, and explanation thereto submitted in response to this
RFP, except copyrighted material, shall become the property of the Jefferson County Commission regardless of the
bidder selected. All copyrighted material must be clearly marked in indication of its copyrighted status. The County
shall be held harmless from any claims arising from the release of proprietary information not clearly designated as
such by the proposing firm.

   Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of their responses to all provisions of this RFP. The County may use
   some or all of the following criteria in its evaluation and comparison of proposals submitted. The criterion listed is
   not necessarily an all-inclusive list. The order in which they appear is not intended to indicate their relative

            A. Compliance with RFP requirements
            B. Understanding of the project
            C. Recent experience in conducting engagements that are similar in scope, complexity, and magnitude
                 for other public agencies
            D. Educational background, work experience, and directly related consulting experiences
            E. Price
            F. References
The County will also contact and evaluate the Proposer’s references; contact any Proposer to clarify any response;
contact any current user of a Proposer’s services; solicit information from any available source concerning any aspect
of a proposal; and see and review any other information deemed pertinent to the evaluation process. The County shall
not be obligated to accept the lowest priced proposal.

After written proposals have been reviewed, discussions with prospective firms may or may not be required. If
scheduled, the oral interview will be in question/answer format for the purpose of clarifying the intent of any portions of
the proposal. The individual who will be directly responsible for carrying out the contract, if awarded, should be
available for the oral interview via telephone.

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                                      JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                         PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                 ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                             BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                 (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                        BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                         SHEET NO: 6

                                            REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued

A Notification of Intent to Award may be sent to the vendor selected. Award is contingent upon the successful
negotiation of final contract terms. Negotiations shall be confidential and not subject to disclosure to competing
vendors unless an agreement is reached. If contract negotiations cannot be concluded successfully, the County may
negotiate a contract with another vendor or withdraw the RFP.

The final award of services, if they are awarded, will be made to the most qualified, responsive, and responsible Bidder
as determined in accordance with the evaluation criteria, policies and procedures solely identified by Jefferson County.
The determination of services to be provided by the selected Bidder shall be at the sole discretion of Jefferson County.


Subject to applicable State and Local law or regulations, the content of each Bidder’s Proposal shall become public
information upon the effective date of any resulting contract. A Bidder’s disclosure or distribution of the Proposal, other
than to the County, will be grounds for disqualification at the County’s option. All electronic files; audio and/or video
recordings; and all papers pertaining to any activity performed by the Successful bidder for or on behalf of the County
shall be the property of the County and shall be turned over to the County upon request. Proposals submitted are not
publicly available until after awarded contract is signed by the Jefferson County Commission. Jefferson County
reserves the right to retain all proposals submitted and to use any ideas in a proposal regardless of whether that
proposal is selected.

The Jefferson County Commission intends to award the contract to a sole contractor. The successful Bidder shall
assume total responsibility for all deliverables whether a sub-contractor or third-party produces them in whole or in
part. Further, the County will consider the successful Bidder to be the sole point of contact with regard to contractual
matters, including payment of all charges resulting from the Contract. The successful Bidder will be fully responsible
for any default by a sub-contractor, just as if the successful Bidder itself had defaulted. No sub-contractor will be paid
directly by Jefferson County. The successful Bidder will be solely responsible for the success of the entire project.

All invoices must agree with the purchase order in description and price and include the following information:
     1) Purchase Order Number; 2) Ship-to department name and address.

In order to ensure prompt payment, ALL ORIGINAL INVOICES* MUST BE SENT TO:
        Jefferson County Commission
        Finance Department
        Room 820 County Courthouse
        716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North
        Birmingham, Al 35203

*If invoice does not agree with purchase order, credits or a corrected invoice will be required in order for the County to
process payment. Invoices that do not reference an authorized Purchase Order will be returned to the vendor.

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                                     JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                        PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                            BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                    BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                     SHEET NO: 7

                                      REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued

If a Bidder has a third-party “remit-to” company, that information must appear on the Bidder’s response. Jefferson
County will send payment to the company designated on the Bidder’s. However, the County will not be responsible for
resolving payment issues should the Bidder change payment processing companies after a payment has been mailed
or without 45-day written notification to the Purchasing and Accounting divisions of Jefferson County.

Jefferson County is exempt from all tax. However, the successful Bidder shall be responsible for payment of all sales,
use, lease, ad valorem and any other tax that may be levied or assessed by reason of this transaction.

Failure to deliver as specified and in accordance with the RFP submitted, including promised delivery will constitute
sufficient grounds for cancellation of the order at the option of the County Commission.

This contract may be terminated by the County with a thirty (30) day written notice to the other party regardless of
reason. Any violation of this agreement shall constitute a breach and default of this agreement. Upon such breach,
the County shall have the right to immediately terminate the contract and withhold further payments. Such termination
shall not relieve the Contractor of any liability to the County for damages sustained by virtue of a breach by the

Jefferson County, without invalidating any resulting Contract, may order changes in the items within the general scope
of this RFP consisting of additions, deletions, or other revisions. The contract price and time being adjusted
accordingly, pricing for such additions/changes should be included in Bidder’s Proposal Response. All such changes in
the contract shall be authorized by a written change order to the contract and shall be executed under the applicable
terms and conditions of Jefferson County Commission. No claim for additional work or change in price will be
considered valid unless submitted in writing to the Purchasing Department and approved via change order by Jefferson
County Commission.

STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY: Bidder agrees that any information accessed or gained in performance of
those duties will be maintained in absolute confidence and will not be released, discussed, or made known to any party
or parties for any reason whatsoever, except as required in the conduct of duties required, or where disclosure is
required by law or mandated by a court of law.

All applicable State of Alabama and federal laws, ordinances, licenses and regulations of a governmental body having
jurisdiction shall apply to the award throughout as the case may be, and are incorporated here by reference. Any
contract executed based on award of this RFP must stipulate that governing law will be the State of Alabama.

All costs incurred in preparing the Proposal, or costs incurred in any other manner by the respondent in responding to
this Request for Proposal, will be wholly the responsibility of the respondent. All materials, supporting materials,
correspondence and documents submitted in response to this Request for Proposal will become the property of
Jefferson County and will not be returned.
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                                     JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                        PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                            BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                      BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                       SHEET NO: 8

                                       REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued

Jefferson County reserves the right to negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract with any of the evaluated
Bidders. Should the successful Bidder and Jefferson County fail to come to an agreement, Jefferson County may at its
sole discretion award services to any of the remaining Bidders. The Bidder to whom the contract is awarded shall be
required to enter into a written contract with Jefferson County in a form approved by legal counsel for Jefferson County.
This RFP and the proposal, or any part thereof, shall be incorporated into and made a part of the final contract.

Respondent may be requested to provide additional information and/or clarify contents of their proposal package.
Other than information requested by the County, no proposer will be allowed to alter the proposal or add new
information after the final filing date.

Bidder agrees to protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Jefferson County and its commissioners and employees
from any and all costs, claims, and damages of every kind and nature made, including attorneys’ fees, rendered or
incurred by or in behalf of every person or corporation whatsoever, including the parties hereto and their employees
that may arise, occur, or grow out of any acts, actions, work or other activity done by the Bidder, its employees, sub-
contractors or any independent contractor working under the direction of either the Bidder or subcontractor in the
performance of this contract.

Each Bidder submitting a proposal agrees not to refuse to hire, discharge, promote, demote, or to otherwise
discriminate in matters of compensation against any person otherwise qualified solely because of race, creed, sex,
national origin, ancestry or physical handicap.

The County will NOT hold harmless or indemnify any successful Bidder for any liability whatsoever.

Jefferson County reserves the right to require documentation that each Bidder is an established business and is abiding
by the Ordinances, Regulations, and Laws of their community and the State of Alabama.

If you are required by any regulatory agency to maintain professional license or certification to provide any product
and/or service solicited under this RFP, the County reserves the right to require you to provide documentation of your
current license and/or certification before considering your proposal and/or before awarding a contract.

       Are you required to maintain professional license or certification?       _____YES         _____NO

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                                      JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                         PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                 ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                             BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                 (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                      FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                          BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                           SHEET NO: 9

                                             REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued

The successful bidder will maintain such insurance as will protect him and the County from claims under Workmen's
Compensation Acts, and from claims for damage and/or personal injury, including death, which may arise from
operations under this contract. Insurance will be written by companies authorized to do business in Jefferson County,
Alabama and shall include Jefferson County, Alabama as Added Additional Insured including a thirty (30) day(s) written
cancellation notice. Evidence of insurance will be furnished to the Purchasing agent not later than seven (7)
day(s) after Purchase Order/contract date.

The successful Bidder and any of its sub-contractors shall maintain books, records, documents and other evidence of
account procedures and practices which properly and sufficiently reflect all direct and indirect costs invoiced in the
performance of the Contract. The successful Bidder and its sub-contractors shall retain all such records for five (5)
years after the expiration or termination of the Contract. Records relating to any litigation matters regarding the
Contract shall be kept for one year following the termination of litigation, including all appeals if the litigation does not
terminate within six (6) years from the date of expiration or termination of the Contract. Upon prior notice and subject
to reasonable time frames, all such records shall be subject to inspection, examination, audit and copying by personnel
so authorized by the County and State or Federal officials so authorized by law, rule, regulation or contract, as
applicable. During the term of this Contract, access to these items will be provided within Jefferson County of the State
of Alabama, unless otherwise agreed by the County. Delivery of and access to such records will be at no cost to the
County during the six (6) year period after the Contract term or six (6) year term following litigation. The successful
Bidder shall include the records retention and review requirements of this section in any of its subcontracts.

For all the work being performed under this contract, Jefferson County or a designated 3 party auditor has the right to
inspect, examine, and make copies of any and all books, accounts, records and other writing relating to the
performance of the work. Audits shall take place at times and locations mutually agreed upon by both parties, although
the successful Bidder shall make the materials to be audited available within one (1) week of the request for them.

Jefferson County expressly reserves the right to reject any or all RFPs, or parts of RFPs or re-bid, and to make the
award on merit and/or features of design and quality, delivery, and availability of parts and service as the best interest
of the County appears.

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                                      JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                         PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                 ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                             BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                 (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                        BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                        SHEET NO: 10
                                        REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued

Bidder certifies by bidding, that he is fully aware of the conditions of service and purpose for which services included in
this RFP are to be purchased, and that his offering will meet the requirements of service and purpose to the
satisfaction of the Jefferson County Commission and its Agent.

                                                     Sheet 10 of 13
                                       JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                          PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                  ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                              BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                  (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                       FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                           BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                           SHEET NO: 11
                                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued

                                                 Non-Collusion Affidavit

I, ___________________________________________________, an authorized agent/representative of

________________________________attest that the proposal is not made in the interest of, or on behalf of, any

undisclosed person, partnership, company, association, organization, or corporation; that the Proposal is genuine and

not collusive or sham; that the Offeror has not directly or indirectly induced or solicited any other Offeror to put in a

false or sham RFP, and has not directly or indirectly colluded, conspired, connived or agreed with any Offeror or

anyone else to put in a sham RFP, or than anyone shall refrain from proposing; that the Offeror has not in any manner,

directly or indirectly sought by agreement, communication or conference with anyone to fix the RFP of the Offeror or

any other Offeror, to fix any overhead profit, or cost element of the RFP price or of that of any Offeror, or to secure

any advantage against the public body awarding the contract of anyone interested in the proposed contract; that all

statements contained in the RFP are true; and further, that the Offeror has not, directly or indirectly submitted his/her

RFP price or any breakdown thereof or the contents thereof, of divulged information or data relative thereto, or paid,

and will not pay any fee to any corporation, partnership, company, association, organization, RFP depository, or to any

member or agent thereof, to effectuate a collusive or sham RFP.

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I have read and understand this Non- Collusion Affidavit and guarantee complete

compliance with all the terms, conditions and stipulations.

Subscribed and Sworn to                                     BY: ___________________________________
Before me this ________ day                                 Authorized Signature of Offeror   Date
of ___________ 20____.
                                                            Print or Type Name of Offeror

Notary Public of
My Commission expires

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                                      JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                         PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                 ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                             BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                 (205) 325-5383

                                                                                               FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                   BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                   SHEET NO: 12
                                        REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued


Fee Proposal

Fee Schedule:
Arbitrage Rebate Calculation Covering up to a One-Year Computation Period                       $
Arbitrage Rebate Calculation Covering up to a Two-Year Computation Period                       $
Arbitrage Rebate Calculation Covering up to a Three-Year Computation Period                     $
Arbitrage Rebate Calculation Covering up to a Four-Year Computation Period                      $
Arbitrage Rebate Calculation Covering up to a Five-Year Computation Period                      $

Allocation / Review / Verification of Commingled Funds                                          $

IRS Filing Instructions and Completion of IRS Form 8038-T                                       $

IRS Audit Assistance - Per Hour                                                                 $
If travel is required by the County, travel expenses will be billed at cost                     $

Rebate Report Calculation Fees Include:
Calculation of the bond yield                                                                   $
Calculation of investment yield                                                                 $
Evaluate the debt service funds to confirm its status as a "Bona Fide Debt Service Fund"        $
Calculate the arbitrage rebate liability                                                        $
Calculate estimates of future arbitrage rebate liabilities                                      $
Calculation of yield restriction payments                                                       $
Create, assemble and deliver cumulative investment, expenditure and arbitrage reporting
records in a timely manner                                                                      $
Prepare and deliver copies of the rebate reports to the County, the trustee and the County's
bond counsel                                                                                    $
Provide a signed opinion according to the IRS Code                                              $
Provide consultation and advice on record keeping and other matters to facilitate rebate
tracking                                                                                        $

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                                      JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSION
                                         PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
                                 ROOM 830 * 716 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD N
                                             BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203
                                                 (205) 325-5383

                                                                                                     FEBRUARY 24, 2009
                                                                                                         BID NO: 119-09
                                                                                                         SHEET NO: 13
                                        REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL- Continued

                                                 SIGNATURE PAGE
The Jefferson County Commission or its Agent shall have the right to waive any informality or irregularity. Under
certain limited conditions, the Purchasing Department may apply a local preference option in determining the low bid
for purchases of personal property.

All provisions of this Invitation are accepted by bidder as part of any contract or purchase resulting there from.

Please specify terms of payment below; otherwise, the terms will be Net 30.

Date_______________ Company Name: ___________________________________________________

Terms:________________ Address: ________________________________________________________

Phone :( )___________________County:________________ State: _________ Zip: _______________________
If Jefferson County business Licenses were issued to your company for the past twelve (12) months, please list

Vendor's Federal I.D. Number_________________________________________

I certify that _____________________________has ____has not______ been in operation for one year at
                   (Company Name)                             (Check one)
for one year at locations(s) zoned for the type of business conducted by my company at the address stated above.

                                                                 (Authorized Signature)

                                                                  (Print Name)

                                                                  (E-Mail Address)

Toll Free Phone: ____________________________

Return original bid in enclosed envelope. Authorized signature of bidder must be in ink.
Bids received in our office after the specified date and hour will not be considered.

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