F218 � Scope of Accreditation Selection List: Plastics Testing by Dofz1YtU


									        F218 – Scope of Accreditation Selection List: Plastics Testing Laboratories

To apply for A2LA accreditation for plastics and related products tests, each applicant must
identify every applicable standard or reference document for which accreditation is sought. If you
would like to be accredited for a standard that is not listed (including company test methods),
identify the standard by designation and short title in the space provided or on a separate
attachment. If you wish to seek accreditation for the ISO equivalent of an ASTM method, please
indicate the ISO test method designation by the equivalent ASTM method. This list is intended to
supplement the Chemical (F205) and Mechanical (F214) Scope of Accreditation Selection Lists.

___ ASTM D256             Impact Resistance of Notched Specimens of Plastics
___ ASTM D523             Specular Gloss
___ ASTM D543             Resistance of Plastics to Chemical Reagents
___ ASTM D570             Water Absorption of Plastics
___ ASTM D635             Rate of Burning (Horizontal)
___ ASTM D638             Tensile Properties of Plastics
___ ASTM D648             Deflection Temperature of Plastics under Flexural Load
___ ASTM D671             Flexural Fatigue of Plastics by Constant-Amplitude-of-Force
___ ASTM D695             Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics
___ ASTM D696             Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion of Plastics
___ ASTM D732             Shear Strength of Plastics by Punch Tool
___ ASTM D746               Brittleness Temperature of Plastics and Elastomers by Impact
___ ASTM D785             Rockwell Hardness of Plastics & Electrical Insulation Materials
                           (Rockwell Hardness Scale __R __L __M __E __K)
___ ASTM D789             Determination of Relative Viscosity, Melting Point, and Moisture Content
                           of Polyamide (PA)
___ ASTM D790             Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastics & Electrical
                           Insulating Materials
___ ASTM D792             Specific Gravity (Relative Density) and Density of Plastics by Displacement
___ ASTM D882             Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting
___ ASTM D903             Peel or Stripping Strength of Adhesive Bonds
___ ASTM D952             Bond or Cohesive Strength of Sheet Plastics and Electrical Insulating
___ ASTM D953             Bearing Strength of Plastics
___ ASTM D955             Measuring Shrinkage from Mold Dimensions of Molded Plastics
___ ASTM D1003             Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics
___ ASTM D1004             Initial Tear Resistance of Plastic Film and Sheeting
___ ASTM D1044             Resistance of Transparent Plastics to Surface Abrasion
___ ASTM D1203             Volatile Loss from Plastics Using Activated Carbon Methods
___ ASTM D1238             Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer
___ ASTM D1239             Resistance of Plastic Films to Extraction by Chemicals
___ ASTM D1242             Resistance of Plastic Materials to Abrasion
___ ASTM D1243             Dilute Solution Viscosity of Vinyl Chloride Polymers
___ ASTM D1505             Density of Plastics by the Density-Gradient Technique
___ ASTM D1525             Vicat Softening Temperature of Plastics
___ ASTM D1601             Dilute Solution Viscosity of Ethylene Polymers
___ ASTM D1603             Carbon Black in Olefin Plastics

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___ ASTM D1621             Compressive Properties of Rigid Cellular Plastics
___ ASTM D1693             Environmental Stress-Cracking of Ethylene Plastics
___ ASTM D1708             Tensile Properties of Plastics by Use of Microtensile Specimens
___ ASTM D1709             Impact Resistance of Plastic Film by Free-Falling Dart Method
___ ASTM D1729             Visual Evaluation of Color Differences of Opaque Materials
___ ASTM D1790             Brittleness Temperature of Plastic Sheeting by Impact
___ ASTM D1822             Tensile-Impact Energy to Break Plastics and Electrical Insulating Materials
___ ASTM D1824             Apparent Viscosity of Plastisols and Organosols at Low Shear Rates by
                           Brookfield Viscometer
___ ASTM D1895             Apparent Density, Bulk Factor, and Pourability of Plastic
___ ASTM D1921             Particle Size (Sieve Analysis) of Plastic Materials
___ ASTM D1925             Discontinued 1995; Yellowness Index of Plastics
___ ASTM D1929             Ignition Properties of Plastics
___ ASTM D2240             Durometer Hardness
___ ASTM D2244             Calculation of Color Differences From Instrumentally Measured Color
___ ASTM D2288             Weight Loss of Plasticizers on Heating
___ ASTM D2457             Specular Gloss of Plastic Films
___ ASTM D2565             Practice for Operating Xenon Arc-Type Light Exposure Apparatus With and
                           Without Water for Exposure of Plastics
___ ASTM D2583             Indentation Hardness by Barcol Impressor
___ ASTM D2584             Ignition Loss of Cured Reinforced Resins
___ ASTM D2839             Density of Polyethylene Using Melt Index Strand
___ ASTM D2842             Water Absorption of Rigid Cellular Plastics
___ ASTM D2843             Density of Smoke from the Burning or Decomposition of Plastics
___ ASTM D2857             Dilute Solution Viscosity
___ ASTM D2863             Oxygen Index
___ ASTM D2990             Tensile, Compressive, and Flexural Creep and Creep-Rupture of Plastics
___ ASTM D3012             Thermal Oxidative Stability of Propylene Plastics, Using a Biaxial Rotator
___ ASTM D3045             Heat Aging of Plastics Without Load
___ ASTM D3417             Heats of Fusion and Crystallization of Polymers by Thermal Analysis
___ ASTM D3418             Transition Temperatures of Polymers by Thermal Analysis
___ ASTM D3763             High-Speed Puncture Properties of Plastics Using Load and Displacement
___ ASTM D3835             Determination of Properties of Polymeric Materials by Means of a
                           Capillary Rheometer
___ ASTM D3846             In-Plane Shear Strength of Reinforced Plastics
___ ASTM D3895             Oxidative Induction Time of Polyolefins by Thermal Analysis
___ ASTM D4019             Moisture in Plastics by Coulometric Regeneration of Phosphorous Pentoxide
___ ASTM D4674             Accelerated Testing for Color Stability of Plastics
___ ASTM D4812             Unnotched Cantilever Beam Impact Strength of Plastics
___ ASTM D5420             Impact Resistance by Means of a Falling Weight (Tup) (Gardner)
___ ASTM D5630             Ash Content in Thermoplastics
___ ASTM E168              General Techniques for Infrared Quantitative Analysis
___ ASTM E308              Computing Colors Using the CIE System
___ FMVSS 302              Flammability/Burning Rate of Materials
___ UL 94                  Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances
___ SAE J323               Determining Cold Cracking of Flexible Plastic Materials
___ SAE J369               Flammability of Automotive Interior Materials
___ SAE J1351              Odor test
___ SAE J1545              Instrumental Color Difference Measurement

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___ SAE J1639              Mold Shrinkage of Injection Molded Thermoplastics
___ SAE J1885              Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Interior Trim Components Using a
                           Controlled Irradiance Water Cooled Xenon Arc Apparatus
___ SAE J1960              Xenon Arc Accelerated Exposure (External)
___ GM 9059                Thermal-Oxidative Stability
___ GM 9070P               Flammability Test for Plastic Materials
___ GM 9094P               Melting Point by Differential Scanning Calorimeter
___ GM 9125P               Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Materials (Xenon Arc)
___ GM 9300P               Falling Dart Impact Test for Plastic Materials
___ GM 9301P               Intrinsic Melt Viscosity
___ GM 9302P               Stress Mark Susceptibility
___ GM 9306P               Ash Determination
___ GM 9904P               Multi-Axial Impact

___ OTHER                  (Please Specify):___________________________________________

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