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                              Meeting of the Corporation
                            Wednesday 25 May 2011 at 4.00pm
                                  Jacob Bancks Room

Present :            Mr Malcolm Cameron           Mr John Petitt
                     Mr Barry Holliman            Mr Frank Pitkin
                     Mrs Sarah Irving             Cllr Colin Rayner
                     Mr Bob Lewin                 Mr Mike Steyn
                     Mr Philip Love               Mr Peter Thorn
                     Ms Emma O’Neill              Mr John Wilder (Chair)
                     Mr Karnail Pannu

Apologies:           Mr Bruce Adams               Mr John Holland
                     Mr Jono Bond                 Mr George James
                     Mrs Yvonne Cawte

In attendance:       Mr David Marshman            Finance Director
                     Mrs Tracy Reeve              Clerk
                     Mr Steve Wain                Principal Designate

The formal meeting was preceded by a presentation: ‘AoC Feedback on Shared Services
Feasibility Study’ from Peter Barnard, (AoC) and Jill Small, (Small Solutions Ltd).
The Governors considered the presentation and it was agreed that taking forward the Shared
Services agenda would need to be considered within the longer term strategy of the College.

The formal meeting was also preceded by the attendance of some of the new Academy Heads to
meet the Governors. Governors noted the new organisation chart and welcomed the new team.
It was agreed that the Clerk would circulate the revised list of Link Governor pairings to
Academy Heads, (this was issued to Governors at the meeting) along with a copy of the agreed
protocol for the Link Governor Scheme.

25/11 Apologies for absence
      Apologies were received from Mr Adams, Mr Bond, Mrs Cawte, Mr Holland and Mr

26/11 Notification of any other business
      There was none.

27/11 Notification of interests
      There were none.

28/11 Minutes of the meeting held on 23 March 2011
       The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.

29/11 Matters Arising from the minutes of 23 March 2011
    Death of Hungarian Student
      The Chairman asked for an update on any findings concerning the death of the Hungarian
      exchange student whilst staying on the BCA campus. The Principal informed the
      meeting that the coroner had left the verdict open as all medical tests had been
      inconclusive. Governors were informed that the inquest would be held on 11 July 2011.
      The Chair sought, and was given, confirmation that all BCA staff that had been involved
      in the incident had received the appropriate counselling.


30/11 Appointment of Vice Principal (Students)
      The meeting considered the proposal of the Selection Committee to appoint Gillian May
      as VP Students. Mr Petitt, (Chair of the selection panel), informed the Members of the
      lengthy process undertaken: there had been 50 applications which had been shortlisted by
      the Principal Designate and governors, to enable 7 candidates to be called for the
      selection day. The selection day had included rigorous interviews with the panel of
      governors, the Principal Designate, the VP Resources, Academy Heads, students and
      other staff. Members noted that although the shortlist had been a very strong field, the
      governors decision to appoint Ms May, had been fully ratified by both student and staff
      Resolved:      That the recommendation of the Selection Committee should be
                     APPROVED and Gillian May should be appointed as VP Students,
                     with a start date of mid-August 2011.

31/11 Governance Issues
       Change of date for July 2011 Corporation Meeting
      Members agreed to change the date for the July 2011 Corporation meeting from 20th July
      to 27th July 2011. It was noted that the Clerk would be unavailable to clerk the meeting
      on the revised date and the Chair asked for a replacement to be identified. The Chair
      sought, and was given confirmation that the Remuneration Committee scheduled for the
      20th July 2011 would also be moved, (date to be confirmed).
      i)       That the Corporation meeting in July 2011 would be moved to Wednesday
               27th July 2011 at 4.30pm, (a temporary Clerk to be identified).

        Governors Self-Assessment Action Plan
       The meeting considered the Action Plan which arose from the summary of Governor’s
       Self-Assessment Returns for 2009/10. Progress against the Action Plan was deemed to
       be reasonable: a Dashboard of Key Performance Indicators had now been implemented;
       the Governors Link Scheme was now operational and the Search Committee were taking
       action to resolve the gender imbalance on the Corporation. Discussions took place on
       what further training should be made available to Governors. Areas to be investigated
       further were highlighted as LSIS online training and finance training for governors. It
       was agreed that the ½ hour presentations preceding Corporation meetings should be
       reinstated and should cover curriculum areas within the College as well as briefing on
       external factors eg. schools policy. The Principal Designate suggested that training for
       the Governors on their expected external advocacy role would be useful. It was
       confirmed by those present that Staff Governors did fully understand their role and remit
       as Staff Governors.
       Resolved:     That a Governors Training Strategy, including internal and external
                     training opportunities be developed to take account of the above

        Search Committee, 25th May 2011
       The Chair gave a verbal update on discussions that took place at a Search Committee
       meeting which had preceded the Corporation meeting. He asked for approval of the
       Search Committee recommendation that the ‘determined number of the Corporation’ be
       increased by 1, to 19, in order to accommodate a potential new governor. Full details
       would be brought to the next Corporation meeting but it was noted that this would start to
       address the gender imbalance on the Corporation.
       i)     That the Corporation should increase its ‘determined number’ by 1
               external member to 19 members with immediate effect.
       ii)    That details of a proposed new member to be brought to the Corporation
              meeting in July 2011.

32/11 Updated College Self-Assessment Report 2009/10
      The Principal Designate presented a revised version of the College Self-Assessment
      Report 2009/10 which he had redrafted for the recent Ofsted Inspection Visit. This
      revision was drafted to reflect the College success rates when the impact of Functional
      Skills (FS) was removed, (the Ofsted data considered FS success rates separately). It was
      noted that the abridged version was broadly the same as the SAR already approved by
      Corporation (23 March 2011) but it now detailed grades by a further curriculum split
      within departments and any inconsistency between grades and narrative comment had
      been corrected. The Principal Designate informed the meeting that the original SAR
      2009/10 which had been submitted was underplaying the College strengths and
      overstating weaknesses in the narrative; there had been no reflection of high grades and
      value-added being above benchmark at BCA. Members were informed that although
      Ofsted had based their pre-inspection commentary on the original SAR as submitted, the
      lead inspector had accepted this revised report and instructed the Inspection Team to base
      their inspection upon it. Members noted that the Quality Improvement Plan 2010/11
      (approved 23 March 2010) had not changed; this would be updated for 2011/12 after the
      Ofsted Inspection.
      Resolved:       That the revised Self-Assessment Report 2009/10 be APPROVED.

33/11 Ofsted Visit 16-20th May 2011 Feedback and Action Plan
           Financial Management Control Evaluation (FMCE) Validation visit
      The VP Resources presented the feedback report following the FMCE validation carried
      out by two inspectors (from Yorkshire Region of the SFA) who spent three days at BCA.
      Members were pleased to note that after a full evaluation the SFA had fully supported the
      FMCE grading for 2009/10 as submitted, ‘Satisfactory’, with some grades classified as
      ‘Good’. Members were informed that the caveat to this positive validation was that the
      College should submit the Strategic Plan (now approved by Corporation) to the SFA as
      soon as possible. The positive outcome was largely because the College has
       demonstrated considerable distance travelled during the last 18 months in relation to
       Financial Management. The SFA Inspectors recognised the input of the Governors from
       Autumn 2009 onwards in identifying the problem, acting upon it and starting to put
       people and procedures in place to deal with it. The new financial information and
       budgeting procedures put in place by the VP Resources were also a positive factor. The
       meeting considered all the recommendations of the report in detail and agreed with all
       findings; an action plan would be developed to take these forward, (to be monitored by
       the Audit Committee).

       The VP Resources gave the Governors a detailed update on progress made towards
       fulfilling conditions for the Financial Notice to Improve (NtI) to be lifted. It was noted
       that the College was a long way to meeting all requirements: the Strategic Plan was now
       agreed, and the Development Plan was being fully-costed (which would feed into the 3
       Year Budget Forecast). The sign-off of the year end accounts with a surplus would be
       the final requirement to get the Financial NtI lifted
           i) That the draft SFA Report on the FMCE Validation be RECEIVED.
           ii) That an Action Plan should be developed to take forward the
                recommendations of the report, (VP Resources and Clerk). This would be
                monitored by the Audit Committee.

            Ofsted Feedback
       The Principal presented a summary of the grades awarded and verbal feedback received
       from the Ofsted Inspection Team. It was noted that the formal Inspection Report would
       be drafted by the Lead Inspector and validated by Ofsted over the next 4 or 5 weeks.
       Members were reminded that results notified must remain confidential to the College
       until final publication of the report. In order to preserve confidentiality further
       discussions are minuted at Part 2, minute 42/11.

34/11 BCA Strategic Plan and Development Plan
      The Principal Designate presented a final version of the Strategic Plan, which had been
      approved in draft format at the Governors Strategy Conference on 8th April 2011. He
      informed the meeting that he had reduced the volume of the Strategic Plan by removing
      the context. The Development Plan 2010/11-2012/13 which brought together the stated
      objectives from the Strategic Plan was also considered, (this had also been approved in
      draft format on 8/4/11). The legend on the Development Plan was confirmed; bold
      typeface was ‘completed’, underlined was ‘in progress’. The Governors commended the
      clear and concise format of both of these reports.
      Resolved: That the final version of the Strategic Plan (May 2011) and the
                    Development Plan 2010/11 – 2012/13 be APPROVED.


35/11 March 2011 Management Accounts
      Members received the Management Accounts for March and April 2011 including details
      of debtors and cashflow projections. The Finance Director confirmed that the College
      was on target to deliver a small surplus for 2010/11. At April 2011, the year-to-date
       (YTD) income is £226k below budget and YTD expenditure is £235k below budget.
       The result for the year to April is a surplus of £15k (£9k better than the approved budget).
       The end year position was now for a surplus of £47k (compared with budgeted surplus of
       £8k). The following areas were highlighted on the commentary: there had been staff
       restructuring costs in March of £54k in connection with a senior member of staff, (this
       had been offset by releasing the general contingency reserve accrued in-year). General
       salary costs were noted as £28k below budget due to vacant posts. Building maintenance
       costs were overspent by £12k mainly due to electrical repair work. The additional
       income of £12k within Other Income was queried; the VP Resources informed the
       meeting that this was from an insurance settlement to repair burglary damage to The
       Beehive roof. The relatively high level of accruals within the accounts was questioned by
       the Chair but he received assurance from the VP Resources that this represented a prudent
       spreading of deferred pension liabilities (as a result of redundancies at the end of
       2009/10). The actual sums involved would be identified fully on next month’s
       management accounts and taken to F&GP Committee (July 2011) for information.
       Members were pleased to note that the college’s ‘net current assets’ had gone to a
       positive position, however this position would not be sustainable at year-end due to the
       flex of funding payments. It was noted that the cash position of the College was stronger
       than forecast and members were pleased to note that there had been no need to utilise the
       approved overdraft facility. The meeting commended the VP Resources tight fiscal
       control over the last year.
       i)      That the accounts for March and April 2011 be received.
       ii)     That additional information on accruals be taken to F&GP Committee in
               July 2011.

        Cashflow
       Members noted a detailed cashflow forecast (rolling cashflow to 12 months after month
       end) for March and April 2011. The Finance Director informed the meeting that the
       College was ahead of the predicted cashflow position: cash balance at year end was still
       forecast at £0.256m.

        Dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
       The meeting considered the Dashboard of KPIs for March and April 2011. This
       contained financial and non-financial performance data which would be presented to
       Governors on a monthly basis with the Management Accounts. Members asked the SMT
       to consider including information on income generation on the Dashboard for the future.

36/11 Learner Number and Funding Forecast
       Enrolment 2011/12
      Members received a report of the current enrolment position for 2011/12 produced by the
      Head of Marketing and Student Support. The number of applications (896 at 24/5/11)
      was slightly lower than the same point in 2010, (937) and offers accepted were also lower
      (473 compared with 504 in 2010). The college was still averaging 50 applications per
      week. The Principal Designate reminded the meeting of the impact that removing
      Construction from the curriculum for 2010/11 had on numbers of 17 year olds staying on
      for a second year at BCA; this negative impact would not happen for 2011/12. Members
       also noted that the Motor Vehicle courses were a potential area of growth. It was noted
       that three areas of the curriculum were showing strong growth across all levels of their
       programme: Animal Management, Equine and Sport. The area which was the biggest
       cause for concern in terms of low applications at all levels was Early Years. Members
       expressed concern over the lower than hoped for enrolment and the likely impact on
       funding for 2012/13 if target numbers were not reached. Members were assured that
       vigorous action was being taken to ensure all areas were at or above expected levels but it
       was agreed that any shortfall in learner numbers would require compensation by
       generating income from other sources. It was confirmed that the Marketing Team used
       all modern methods of contacting prospective students with much effort being focussed
       online, via social media outlets and also via mobile phone ‘apps’. Members noted details
       of a number of specific campaigns which would take place between now and September
       2011 in order to maximise applications and offers accepted. The meeting was informed
       that the college now had the capability to identify geographical information of applicants
       using software driven by ‘google maps’. This detail would be included on future
       enrolment reports.
       Resolved: That future enrolment reports presented to Corporation should contain
                     details relating to the geographical areas of applicants.

37/11 Staff reorganisation update
      The Principal Designate gave the meeting a verbal update on progress with the Staff
      Reorganisation. As the meeting had already noted, the new Management Team was now
      in place with all vacancies having been filled internally (from those within the ‘at risk’


38/11 Audit Committee minutes, 2nd March 2011
      The minutes were taken as read and received.

39/11 F&GP Committee minutes, 16th March 2011
      The minutes were taken as read and received.

40/11 Date of meetings 2010/11

                 Wednesday 27th July 2011

41/11 Any Other Business
       College Maisonettes
      The VP Resources updated the meeting, see confidential minutes attached (minute

       The meeting closed at 6.38pm


                               Meeting of the Corporation
                             Wednesday 25 May 2011 at 4.00pm
                                   Jacob Bancks Room

                           Part 2- CONFIDENTIAL MINUTE
                  (reviewed and deemed in public domain January 2012)

Present :            Mr Malcolm Cameron             Mr John Petitt
                     Mr Barry Holliman              Mr Frank Pitkin
                     Mrs Sarah Irving               Cllr Colin Rayner
                     Mr Bob Lewin                   Mr Mike Steyn
                     Mr Philip Love                 Mr Peter Thorn
                     Ms Emma O’Neill                Mr John Wilder (Chair)
                     Mr Karnail Pannu

Apologies:           Mr Bruce Adams                 Mr John Holland
                     Mr Jono Bond                   Mr George James
                     Mrs Yvonne Cawte

In attendance:       Mr David Marshman              Finance Director
                     Mrs Tracy Reeve                Clerk
                     Mr Steve Wain                  Principal Designate

42/11 Ofsted Inspection Feedback
     Members were delighted to note that the College had been awarded a strong Grade 2
     (Good) for Overall Effectiveness with the 14-16 School work being graded as Outstanding
     (Grade 1). The grades for each element of the inspection were noted as follows.

                                 Overall      14-16        16-18 learner       19+ learner
                                                           responsive          responsive
Overall effectiveness                 2            1               2                   2
           Capacity to Improve        2
Outcomes for Learners                 2            1               2                   2
Quality of Provision                  2            1               2                   2
Leadership & Management               2            1               2                   2
                  Safeguarding        2
          Equality & Diversity        3
Animal Management &
Numeracy & Literacy                   3

     The meeting considered the Satisfactory grade awarded to Equality and Diversity. The
     inspection found that BCA was inclusive and that diversity was celebrated, but felt that
more work needed to be done on Equality Planning and the development of Equality and
Diversity Impact Measures (EDIMs). The meeting noted the recommendations of the
inspectors (which would be confirmed in the final report) that BCA should:
   Further spread good practice across all curriculum areas of the College.
   Increase quality of partnerships with employers
   Ensure cross college enrichment is appropriate and accessible
   Develop a more systematic approach to the planning and recording of Equality and

It was agreed that the long-term strategy of the Corporation to completely focus on quality
improvement over the last 5 years had proved correct. The significant improvement in
quality noted since the November 2006 Ofsted Inspection was the result of this strategy
and successful implementation by staff. The Chair and Governors congratulated the Senior
Management Team and asked for their congratulations to be passed onto all staff and
students who had made a significant contribution to the positive inspection week. It was
noted that the final inspection report would be presented to the July 2011 meeting of the


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