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									                       English III Final Exam - STUDY GUIDE
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The Crucible
  1. Abigail and Betty are:

  2. Tituba is Parris’ slave from:

  3. Who does Parris suggest calling in when Betty is ill?

  4. Why have Betty and Ruth Putnam both fallen ill?

  5. What did Abigail drink?

  6. John Proctor committed this with Abigail:

  7. What does Betty do when she hears the Lord’s name?

  8. The Putnams hold a grudge against the:

  9. Reverend Hale uses reverse psychology to get Tituba to admit to calling the devil with Goody
     Osborne and Goody:

  10. How many people do Abigail and Betty accuse at the end of Act I?

  11. What does Mary Warren give to Elizabeth Proctor?

  12. Mary Warren says that in order to live, those on trial for witchcraft must:

  13. Who accuses Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft?

  14. Reverend Hale becomes wary of the accusations when who is arrested for witchcraft?

  15. John Proctor forgetting the commandment about adultery is an example of:

  16. What do the people find in the poppet Mary gave Elizabeth?

  17. Mary Warren tells the judge that:

  18. Why is it wrong for Proctor to plow on Sunday?

  19. Judge Danforth puts Elizabeth’s hanging off for a year because:

  20. How many people signed the deposition stating the goodness of Rebecca Nurse?

  21. Who plays the “middleground” in the play? Refer to the quote by Danforth, “A person is either
      with this court or he/she must be counted against it, there be no road in-between.”

  22. Thomas Putnam accused Jacobs of witchcraft to:

  23. John admits to being this in order to prove Abigail guilty.

  24. Why does Elizabeth deny John’s lechery?

  25. Mary Warren reverses her statement of lying by:

  26. Cheevers says these are roaming in the streets because their masters are in jail.

  27. Why does Danforth refuse to postpone any more hangings:

  28. Does Rebecca Nurse confess to witchcraft?

  29. How did Giles Cory die?

  30. What were Giles Cory’s dying words?

  31. John Proctor refuses to do this because it will ruin his name forever

Of Mice and Men
  32. What town are George and Lennie fleeing from at the beginning of the novel?

  33. What excites Lennie the most about his dream life with George?

  34. Why is Candy unable to imagine getting rid of his old dog?

  35. Why does Curley wear a Vaseline-filled glove on one hand?

  36. Why does Carlson insist on shooting Candy’s dog?

  37. Whit enters the bunkhouse with a magazine featuring a man he used to work with. Why is the
      man in the magazine?

  38. What is Old Suzy’s place?

  39. Who discovers Curley’s dead wife?

  40. What does Curley wear to set himself apart from the other men?

  41. Who cared for Lennie before George?

  42. Of Mice and Men is set in which decade?

  43. What does Curley’s wife offer to let Lennie touch?

  44. Who does Candy look for advice from before letting Carlson shoot the dog?

  45. How does Steinbeck foreshadow the death of Curley’s wife?

  46. How did Crooks get his name?

  47. Before George meets Lennie in the woods in the final scene, whose gun does he take?

  48. What does George say to Lennie before shooting him?

  49. When Lennie drops down next to the pool of water as the novel opens, what is George’s
      advice to him?

  50. Who is the only man to understand the bond between Lennie and George?

  51. Why doesn’t Crooks allow Lennie to enter his room at first?

The Great Gatsby
  52. Why does Tom hit Myrtle at his apartment in NYC?

  53. Where is Gatsby’s mansion located?

  54. Where does Gatsby’s reunion with Daisy take place?

  55. In what year is The Great Gatsby set?

  56. Where were Nick and Tom educated?

  57. What is Jordan Baker’s occupation?

  58. What is Nick’s home state?

  59. Why did Gatsby drop out of college?

  60. Which millionaire hired the young Gatsby as an assistant?

  61. Where is the valley of ashes?

  62. Who among the following comes to Gatsby’s funeral?

  63. Which woman is Tom’s extramarital lover?

  64. Who drives the car that kills Myrtle?

  65. How are Daisy and Nick related?

  66. Where did Daisy meet Gatsby?

  67. Where did Gatsby study after the war?

  68. On the day after the confrontation between Tom and Gatsby in NYC, what does Gatsby
      instruct his gardener not to do?

  69. At the end of the novel, Daisy chooses to be with:

  70. What are the eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg?

  71. Why does Nick move to NY?

  72. Why does Gatsby throw his weekly parties?

  73. What is Meyer Wolfshiem’s claim to fame?

  74. Where does Gatsby recognize Nick from?

  75. What did Fitzgerald not call the 1920’s?

The Five People You Meet in Heaven
  76. What did the blue man take in order to get blue?

  77. What type of car was the blue man driving when he wrecked it?

  78. What country were Eddie and the captain fighting the war in?

  79. Who was Ruby’s husband?

  80. What happened to the original Ruby Pier?

  81. Where did Eddie end up after he met his five people?

  82. What disease did Eddie suffer from when he was 83 years old?

  83. What did Dominguez and Eddie use to fish with?

  84. Who was Nicky related to?

  85. Where did Eddie and Marguerite first meet?

  86. Who was Joseph Corvelzchik?

  87. What country was the blue man originally from?

  88. What tool did Joe try to sell Eddie for his birthday?

  89. Where did ruby used to work when she was younger?

  90. What did Eddie’s father die from?

  91. What heritage was Mickey Shea?

  92. What was the name of the building of “freaks”?

  93. What was the name of the ride that killed Eddie?

  94. What was Eddie chasing when he caused the blue man to wreck?

  95. Who was shot in the war by crazy two?

  96. What caused the fire of the original Ruby Pier?

  97. What were Eddie and Marguerite saving up for?

  98. Who did Eddie always go gamble on horses with?

  99. What caused the accident with Freddie’s free fall?

  100. What did Marguerite always give Eddie for his birthday?

  101. What was Eddie doing before he and the men killed the four crazies?


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