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                                  We can help you go to Canada…

    Be advised that defendants of any criminal offense, regardless of grading (Summary,
    Misdemeanor, Felony) will not be permitted passage into Canada.

    Persons crossing the Border are monitored and must have passports and driver’s license.
    Random checks are completed on United States citizens. This process is completed in less
    than five minutes. Note, that all records do appear even probation without disposition,
    dismissals, and expungements. If this happens, the border guards will detain you, and you will
    not be permitted entry. They will also complete a warrant check and detain for United States
    Authorities. Offenses include, but are not limited to, the following:

      DUI (Driving Under the                 Shop Lifting                       Assaults with Biological
       Influence)                                                                  Agents
                                              Drug Offenses
      DWI (Driving While                                                         Terroristic Threats
                                              Forgery/Fraud
                                                                                  Stalking
                                              Disorderly Conduct
      OUI (Operating Under the
                                                                                  Harassment
       Influence)                             Intimidation
                                                                                  Reckless Endangerment
      BUI (Boating Under the                 Tampering with
       Influence)                              Records & Witnesses                Kidnapping
      OWI (Operating While                   Crimes Against                     Arson
       Intoxicated)                            Animals
                                                                                  Robbery
      Assault Against a Person               Abuse of a Corpse
                                                                                  Rape
      Thefts                                 Book Making
                                                                                  Burglary
      Protection From Abuse                  Crimes Against
      Robbery
                                              Crimes Against the
      Child Support Orders

Records may be found in numerous fashions regardless of the method the Border Guards are under
strict supervision, that is to “detain” and “divert.” You will not be permitted access to Canada. All
persons with a suspect past are prohibited. This does not mean “conviction.” Even if the records are
incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete, entry will not be permitted, even if your records have been expunged.
This will also count for arrests with the conclusion of “not guilty.”

We can petition the Canadian government to allow legal passage into the country. The process needs to
be completed by an attorney who has a firm grasp of this law and procedure. The above records are
beyond contestation without the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Note, there are agencies similar
to bail bonds that will assure passage by placing a bond. This is incorrect; your money is forfeited and
entry is denied.

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