001112001112B Preliminary Injunction by P068jl


                                  PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION
        This cause coming to be heard on Plaintiff's Motion for Preliminary Injunction, based on
Plaintiff's verified complaint, due notice having been served on Defendant, and the Court having
considered the verified complaint, the evidence, and the argument of counsel, and being fully
advised in the premise, finds that:
1.      Defendant has attempted to illegally evict Plaintiff by cutting off water service, cutting
off electrical service, and attempting to remove Plaintiff's property from the premises.
2.      Continuation of this conduct by Defendant will cause Plaintiff irreparable harm, and
Plaintiff has no adequate remedy at law.
A.      Defendant, and his officers, agents, employees, and all Persons in active concert or
participation with him are enjoined, Pending final resolution of this cause on all counts, from
continuing or instigating any illegal eviction, including interruption of water and electrical
service, and threatening, harassing, or interfering with the personal liberty of Plaintiff.
B.      Defendant is ordered to restore water and electrical service to the premises.
C.      Plaintiff is not required to post bond for issuance of this Preliminary Injunction.
There is no just reason to delay enforcement of or appeal from this Order. This Injunction shall
take effect immediately.

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