MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS
1.    An external customer is
      a) a person to whom your completed work goes
      b) someone in another division of the a business
      c) someone outside the organisation
      d) your creditor

2.    An internal customer :
      a) must pay for services provided
      b) sells to the final user
      c) s the final user f the product or service
      d) works for the same organisation as the series or product provider

3.    Market Research is:
      a) used to determine customer needs and expectations
      b) part of the advertising function
      c) essentially public relations function
      d) part of sales training
4.    “Getting close to the customer” means
      a) more direct selling
      b) better directed adverting
      c) warranties that are most comprehensive
      d) listening to what customers have to say

5.    The purpose of applied research is to
      a) Satisfy internal customers
      b) Satisfy external customers
      c) Find practical ways to improve a product of service
      d) Find new markets

6.    An informal network:
      a) Is shown in organisational charts
      b) Develops around personal relationships
      c) Cannot exist in a hierarchical organisation structure
      d) Replaces a culture of trust

7.    Customer feedback is useful for:
      a) Improving the product
      b) Improving performance of sales personnel
      c) Analysing customers and needs and expectations
      d) All of the above
8.    A Trusting relationship between producer and customer means:
      a) more repeat business
      b) sales staff become complacent
      c) higher overheads because customers needs require more attention
      d) new business does not have to be sought

9.    The term relationship building refers to:
      a) the team building in an organisation
      b) motivating sales personnel
      c) giving a product a high status
      d) creating a strong bond between and organisation and its customers

10.   The best way to find out about customers needs is to:
      a) talk to sales representatives
      b) talk to other businesses
      c) research on the internet
      d) talk directly to customers

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