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									                            PhD Courses
                 Textbooks for 2007/2008
Behavioral Sciences / Henrich Greve
      Constructing social theories by Arthur L.Stinchcombe
      HM24 .S85 1968
      The Division of labor in society by Emile Durkheim
      HM548 .D87 1984
      Economy and society: an outline of interpretive sociology by M. Weber, G.
      Roth and C. Wittich
      HM57 .W342 1978 Vol. 1 and 2
      Explaining social behavior: more nuts and bolts for the social science by J.
      H61 .E57 2007
      Strategy of conflict by Thomas C.Schelling
      BF637 .N4 S3 1980
      The Wealth of nations by Adam Smith
      HB75 .S65 2003

Continuous Time Finance / Astrid Schornick
      Dynamic asset pricing theory by Darrell Duffie
      HG4637 .D84 2001
      Methods of mathematical finance by Ioannis Karatzas and Steven E.Shreve
      HG10 .K33 1998
      Pricing and hedging of derivative securities - Nielsen, Lars Tyge
      HG6024 .A3 N545 1999

Dynamic Programming Applications / Ioana Popescu
      Dynamic programming and optimal control by Dimitri P.Bertsekas
      QA402.5 .B465 1995 Vol. 1 & 2

Industrial Organization / Astrid Dick
      Handbook of industrial organization by R. Schmalensee and R. D. Willig
      HD2326 .H28 1989 Vol. 1 and 2
      Theory of industrial organization by Jean Tirole
      HD2326 .T56 1988

27/07/2012                                                                           1
Game Theory Part A / Ehud Lehrer
      A Course in game theory by Martin J. Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein
      HB144 .O733 1994
      Game theory by Drew Fudenberg and Jean Tirole
      HB144 .F83 1991
      Game theory for applied economists by Robert Gibbons
      HB144 .G53 1992
      Primer in game theory by Robert Gibbons. UK ed.
      HB144 .G53 1992

Introduction to Organisational Theory / Vibha Gaba
      Demography of corporations and industries by G. R. Carroll and M. T.Hannan
      HD4826 .C37 2000

Microeconomics / Timothy Van Zandt
   Maths tutorial, P1
      Advanced microeconomic theory by G. A. Jehle and Philip Reny, 2nd ed.
      HB172 .J4 2001
      How to read and do proofs: an introduction to mathematical thought
      processes by Daniel Solow
      Q175 .S66 2005
      Mathematics for economists by Carl P. Simon and Lawrence Blume
      HB135 .B59 1994

   Microeconomics, P1
      Advanced microeconomic theory by Geoffrey A. Jehle and Philip J.Reny, 2nd
      HB172 .J4 2001
      Introduction to game theory by Martin J.Osborne
      Microeconomic theory by Andreu Mas-Colell, Michael D. Whinston and Jerry
      HB172 .M6247 1995

   Microeconomics, P2
      Advanced microeconomic theory by Geoffrey A. Jehle and Philip J.Reny, 2nd
      HB172 .J4 2001
      Contract theory by Patrick Bolton and Mathias Dewatripont
      HD2365 .B65 2005
      Lecture notes in microeconomic theory: the economic agent by Ariel
      HB172 .R83 2006
      Microeconomic analysis by Hal R. Varian
      HB172 .V35 1992

27/07/2012                                                                        2
      Microeconomic theory by Andreu Mas-Colell, Michael D. Whinston and Jerry
      HB172 .M6247 1995

Multinational Enterprises / Subramanian Rangan
      Foreign investment decision process by Yair Aharoni
      HG4538 .A56 1966
      In the Hurricane's eye by Raymond Vernon
      HD2755.5 .V472 1998
      International operations of national firms by Stephen Hymer
      HG4538 .H96 1976
      Multinational enterprise and economic analysis by Richard E.Caves
      HD2755.5 .C395 1996

Multinational Entreprises B. / Jasjiit Singh
      The Differentiated network by Nitin Nohria and Sumantra Ghoshal
      HD2755.5 .N64 1997
      From global to metanational by Yves Doz, Jose Santos and Peter Williamson
      HD6954.3 .D69 2001
      Managing across borders by Christopher Bartlett and Sumantra Ghoshal
      HD2755.5 .B37 2002
      On competition by Michael E. Porter
      HF1414 .P67 1998

Probability and Statistics / Ehud Lehrer and Eilon Solan
      First course in probability by Sheldon Ross
      QA273 .R67 2006
      Introduction to probability theory and its applications by William Feller
      QA273 .F45 1971 Vol. 1 and 2
      Probability with martingales by David Williams
      QA274.5 .W54 1991

Probability and Statistics / Ilia Tsetlin
      John E. Freund’s mathematical statistics with applications 7th ed. by I. Miller
      and M. Miller
      QA276 .M55 2004

Research Methods / Martin Gargiulo
      Handbook of survey research by Peter H. Rossi; James D Wright and Andy
      HN29 .H294 1983
      Social network analysis: methods and applications by S. Wasserman and K.
      HM131 .W356 1994

27/07/2012                                                                              3
Research Methods / Paul Kleindorfer
      The Structure of scientific revolutions by Thomas Kuhn, 3rd ed.
      Q175 .K95 1996

Strategic Management Programme / Charles Galunic

      Who says elephants can't dance? Inside IBM's historic turnaround by Louis
      HC100 .I36 G47 2002

Time Series / Ilian Mihov
      Time series analysis by James Douglas Hamilton
      QA280 .H264 1994

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