Schedule of Technical Sessions (Paper and Projects) by aO8VyR


									                     Schedule of Technical Sessions (Paper and Projects)
                                    October 23-24, 2009

Day 1- Oct 23, 2009                 Afternoon: Stream P (Plenary Hall- 2nd Level)
   Timeslot                Presenter                                   Title                      Category
1:30 – 2:00     # 1P Tech Paper:                       KOREAN NATIONAL QUALITY                 NGO –
                Mr. Young Sun Hong, Korean             CIRCLE COMPETITION                      Continuous
                Standards Association, Korea           SYSTEMS AND EVALUATION                  Improvement
2:00 – 2:30     # 2P Project Competition               Elimination of Cobble in ROT Side       Production
                ANWESHANA, SAIL - Rourkela             Guard in HSM
                Steel Plant , India
2:30 – 3:00     # 3P Project Competition:              Increased Production Target from        Production
                HULANTER, PT Pamapersada               16.582.387 ton to 17.000.000 Tons
                Nusantara , Indonesia
3:00 – 3:30     # 4P Project Competition               Reduction of internal customer          Production
                MC2 QCC12, TVS Motor Company           complaints       in   Scooty      pep
                Ltd., India                            Scooterettes
3:30 – 4:00     # 5P Project Competition               Reduction in high firing rejection of   Production
                KIRAN, Aditya Birla Insulators India   insulators thru’ focused
4:00 – 4:30     # 6P Project Presentation              Increased      High     Ash      Coal   Production
                MOP Creative, PT. Indominco            Production equal to 43% during 7
                Mandiri, Indonesia                     month.
4:30– 5:00      # 7P Project Competition               Increasing the Plant availability by    Production
                FARADAY , Chrome Ore                   minimizing the down time of Tailing
                Beneficiation Plant, FAMD, TATA        Thickener
                STEEL India
5:00- 5:30      #8P Project Competition                Cycle Time Reduction in Hemi-           Production
                TRIPLE ONE, Bharat Heavy               spherical Dished End Cover
                Electricals Ltd , India                Manufacturing.

Day 2- Oct 24, 2009                 Morning: Stream P (Plenary Hall- 2nd Level)
    Timeslot                  Presenter                                Title                      Category
8:00-8:30         # 1P Project Competition             Elimination of Falling Door             Production
                  D’ Survivor                          Assembly from Pallet
                  Toyota Motor Philippines Corp.,
8:30 – 9:00       # 2P Project Competition             Failure of Temperature & Sample         Production
                  VIKAS-1489, SAIL Alloy Steel         Car at AOD Refining Unit
                  Plant, India
9:00-9:30         #3P – Project Showcase               How to Reduce the Complaints            Service-
                  Sweeper Team, China Mobile           of SMS                                  Continuous
                  Group Guangdong Co. Ltd,                                                     Improvement
9:30-10:00        # 4P Project Competition             Elimination of Assembly Line            Production
                  RAINBOW, Lucas TVS Ltd,              Rejection on Gear Reduction
                  Netapakkam, Pududcherry, India       Starter Motor Assembly
10:00-10:30       # 5P Project Competition             92.3% Reduction of Insufficient         Production
                  S.T.A.R.S.                           Preform Abnormality Originating
                  Sanyo Semiconductors                 at Die Bonding Solder Wire
                  Manufacturing Philippines            Assembly by March 2008
                  Corp., Philippines
10:30-11:00       # 6P Project Showcase:               Develop a New Method of                 Service-
                  The Network Service Support          Semantic of SMS port                    Continuous
                  QC, China Mobile Group                                                       Improvement
                  Guangdong Co. Ltd., China
11:00-11:30       # 7P Project Competition             Lowering the Delays Frequency on        Production
                  Ultra, PT. Semen Gresik              the Cement Distribution at the
                  (Persero) Tbk.,Indonesia             Group 63DPM1 Packer Machine,
                                                       the 2 Tuban
11:30-12:00       # 8P Project Competition             Backlash not adjusted within            Production
                  GAGAN, Hero Motors Limited           specification
12:00 – 13:00                  Lunch Break (Lunch @ Exhibit Hall 2- Main Level)

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Day 1- Oct 23, 2009                 Afternoon: Stream A ( EXHIBIT HALL 1-Main Level)
   Timeslot                 Presenter                                Title                      Category
1:30 – 2:00    # 1A Tech Paper                        JOURNEY TO MISSION-                    Manufacturing
               Mr. Cezar Travina, Nestle              DIRECTED WORK TEAM: THE                - Continuous
               Philippines Inc., Phils                NESTLE PHILIPPINES-CAGAYAN             Improvement
                                                      DE ORO FACTORY EXPERIENCE
2:00 – 2:30    # 2A Project Competition               Frequent jamming & stopping of         Production
               NIDAN, SAIL –Bolani Ore Mines          primary screen house trolley
2:30 – 3:00    # 3A Project Competition               Improving the life of burner motors    Production
               SAMBHABANA, SAIL - Rourkela            in Synthesis gas plant of SSM
               Steel Plant , India
3:00 – 3:30    # 4A Project Competition               Reduction of Deviation from target     Production
               Wastreat, PT ANTAM Tbk.                of Thickener Overflow’s Suspended
               Gold Mining Business Unit Indonesia    Solid Parameter at Tailings
                                                      Treatment Area
3:30 – 4:00    # 5A Project Competition               Developing a Solution for Optimum      Production
               ABHIYAN, SAIL - Bhilai Steel Plant ,   Moisture Control in Sinter Raw Mix
4:00 – 4:30    # 6A Project Competition               Productivity Improvement in HX Production
               Power of Pentagon, Sundaram            25W Compressor Cover machining
               Clayton Ltd., India                    cell
4:30 – 5:00    # 7A Project Competition               Stabilization of 7 Meters Tall Battery Production
               CHUNAUTI, SAIL - Bhilai Steel          Health
               Plant , India
5:00-5:30      # 8A Project Competition               Reduction of Anti-Foaming Agent        Production
               THE AMINATORS 2, Pilipinas Kao,        Usage at Tertiary Amine Plant 2
               Inc., Philippines

Day 2- Oct 24, 2009                 Stream A (EXHIBIT HALL 1- Main Level)
    Timeslot               Presenter                                 Title                      Category
8:00 – 8:30     # 1A Project Competition              Broken Wafer Elimination at            Production
                Quantum Team                          FCC1-004
                ST MicroElectronics Inc.,
8:30 – 9:00     # 2A Project Competition              Reducing the Lifting of Wire Bonds     Production
                MODULE, Hindustan Aeronautics         on Ultrasonic Wire Bonder
                Ltd. – Avionics Division , India
9:00-9:30       #3A Project Showcase                  Retractable and Expandable             Mfg-
                Advance Gas Detector                  Visual Gas Detector for Varying        Continuous
                Hongkong & China Gas Co.,             Angle Inspection.                      Improvement
                Ltd.Hongkong, China
9:30-10:00      #4A Project Competition               Rejection of Hot Working Steel         Production
                AGNI, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.,     profile Mandrel Used in Ring Rolling
                India                                 Operation
10:00-10:30     # 5A Project Competition              Enhancement of Effectiveness of        Production
                NAVSHAKTI, NTPC Ltd., India           Soot Blower for Higher Generation.
10:30-11:00     # 6A Project Competition              Reduction of Hammer Crusher            Production
                SRADDHA – CMM, RINL-                  Downtime in Sinter Plant
                Visakhapatnam Steel Plant India
11:00-11:30     # 7A Project Competition              Higher Productivity in Machining of    Production
                PUL 03 M, Bharat Heavy                Mill Side Housing and Base on
                Electricals Ltd., India               Vertical Boring Machine.
11:30-12:00     #8 Project Showcase                   Difficulty during Operations           Showcase
                PELANGI, Fire and Rescue              when Using Fire Hydrant with
                Department of Malaysia,               Missing Elbow.
12:00 – 1:00                   Lunch Break(Lunch @ Exhibit Hall 2-Main Level)

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Day 1- Oct 23, 2009            Afternoon: Stream B (RM 101-Main Level)
   Timeslot                  Presenter                         Title                         Category
1:30 – 2:00    # 1B Tech Paper                      CREATIVE WAYS TO DEVELOP              Manufacturing-
               Mr. Nandan Raghuwanshi & Mr.         TEAMS AND ENHANCE                     People
               Devendra Patel, Hero Motors,         TEAMWORK                              Development
2:00 – 2:30    # 2B Project Competition             Internal Customer Schedule no         Production
               MC2 QCC 15, TVS Motor Company        Meet.
               Ltd., India
2:30 – 3:00    # 3B Project Competition             Integrated Negative Development       Production
               AQUILINES, NTTF at RD                Using Software
               Tata Technical Educational Centre,
3:00 – 3:30    # 4B Project Competition             Capacity Enhancement of Spring        Production
               PATRIOT, WABCO-TVS(India)            Brake Actuator as a Product
               Limited ,India
3:30 – 4:00    # 5B :Project Showcase               The Development of Interactive        Service-
               Interactive MMS Group, China         MMS Technology                        Continuous
               Mobile Group Guangdong Co.                                                 Improvement
               Ltd., China
4:00 – 4:30    # 6B Project Competition             Elimination of Electrical Problems    Production
               VIDYUT, BEML Limited, India          on BG825 Equipment
4:30 – 5:00    # 7B Project Competition             Track Erases on M1 Machine            Production
               SOURA SAKTHI, Solar
               Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. , India
5:00- 5:30     # 8B Project Competition             High Cell Breakage Rate in Auto       Production
               CHAITANYA, Solar Semiconductor       Line
               Pvt. , India

Day 2- Oct 24, 2009                             Stream B (RM 101-Main Level)
    Timeslot                 Presenter                             Title                     Category
8:00-8:30      # 1B Project Competition             High Cost in Consumable Materials     Production
               SIGMA, MCC PTA India Corp.
               Private , India
8:30 – 9:00    # 2B Project Competition             Frequent Delay in Completing          Production
               Dharam, Naval Dockyard, Mumbai,      Trials of Steam and Motor Driven
               India                                Pumps
9:00-9:30      # 3B Project Competition             To Reduce Rear Axle Breakdown         Production
               EVERGREEN, Adahi India Glass
               Ltd., India
9:30-10:00     #4B Project Competition              Elimination of Quality Variation in   Production
               ENVIRO, Lucas TVS Ltd MTH            Sewage Treated Water
               Road, Padi Chennai, India
10:00-10:30    # 5B Project Competition             Elimination of first pallet flour     Production
               NORTHERN SPRING TEAM:                handling cost starting February
               Pilmico Foods Corp., Philippines     2008
10:30-11:00    # 6B Project Competition             Machine Down time reduction in        Production
               IDLER, Asok Heyland, Ennore,         Idler Gear Bore & Face grinding
               India                                Machine through process
                                                    improvements in 5 phases
11:00-11:30    #7B Project Competition              Frequent Breakdowns in Table          Production
               SPARK, BHEL - Heavy Electricals      Movement of Plano-Milling Machine
               Equipment Plants India
11:30-12:00    # 8B Project Competition             Elimination of Front Axle Rejection   Production
               DELIGHT, Asok Heyland, Ennore,       due to Hub End Play and Reduce
               India                                effort and Ergonomic Index in Hub
12:00 – 1:00                  Lunch Break(Lunch @ Exhibit Hall 2-Main Level)

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Day 1- Oct 23, 2009                        Afternoon: Stream C (RM 102- Main Level)
   Timeslot                 Presenter                                 Title                       Category
1:30 – 2:00    # 1C Tech Paper                        THE SAGA OF NAGA CITY:                   Government-
               Mr. Gilbert M. Llovit, GCC Ltd,        LOCAL SOLUTIONS TO WORLD-                Continuous
               Philippines                            CLASS QUALITY GOVERNANCE                 Improvement
2:00 – 2:30    # 2C Project Competition               Reduction in the down time of            Production
               e-Power, Apollo Tyres Ltd India        cutter carriage

2:30 – 3:00    # 3C Project Competition               Customer Complaint        related   to   Production
               SMART QUALITY CIRCLE, FAG              Axial Play
               Bearings India Ltd.,India
3:00 – 3:30    # 4C Project Competition               Elimination of Vehicle Rejection in      Production
               R&D 10, TVS Motor Company Ltd.,        Scooty Streak
3:30 – 4:00    #5C Project Showcase                   Modified Tractor Furrower Used           KSC
               DEARBC TEAM, Del Monte Phils.          for Bedding
               Employees Agrarian Reform
               Beneficiaries Coop, Philippines
4:00 – 4:30    # 6C Project Competition               Failure of Potentiometers for Ajax       Production
               QCC POWER, Hindustan                   assembly of Jaguar Aircraft
               Aeronautics Ltd., India
4:30 – 5:00    #7C Project Competition                Level-up Sinter Productivity Thru        Production
               ACTIVATORS CIRCLE: Philippine          Advanced Activation of Burnt Lime
               Sinter Corp., Philippines
5:00 – 5:30    # 8C Project Competition               Frequent Tearing of Z-mill               Production
               SENDZIMER, SAIL – Salem Steel          Recovery Filter Mesh
               Plant , India

Day 2- Oct 24, 2009                                 Stream C (RM 102-Main Level)
    Timeslot                Presenter                                 Title                       Category
8:00-8:30       # 1C Project Competition              Reduce the Steering Body                 Production
                EKTAA, Jayushin Ltd., India           Rejection due to Buzzer Wire NG
8:30 – 9:00     # 2C Project Competition              Production Delay of Feed Line N –        Production
                ORBIT QUALITY CIRCLE,                 Top Assembly due to Geometrical
                Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., India     Deviations
9:00-9:30       # 3C Project Showcase                 Decreasing TD-SCDMA Video                Service-
                Exploration Team, China               Phone Call Loss Rate of HK-              Continuous
                Mobile Group Guangdong Co.            Zhuhai-Macao Bridge                      Improvement
                Ltd., China                           Construction Line
9:30-10:00      # 4C Project Competition              Hard to Insert bolt to weld nut          Production
                Linspire Roberts Automotive           (Customer Claims)
                Industrial Parts Manufacturing
                Corp., Philippines
10:00-10:30     # 5C Project Competition              Reduction of Energy Loss at Plant        Production
                PMD 01, TVS Motor Company             1
                Ltd., India

10:30-11:00     # 6C Project Showcase                 Pressure Washer                          KSC
                THE SWEEPERS TEAM, Allied
                Services Multi-Purpose Coop.,
11:00-11:30     # 7C Project Competition              High Rejection and Rework in             Production
                LAKSHYA, Hindustan                    Rivetting of Wheel Assembly
                Aeronautics Ltd. – Engine             Turbine Part at Engine Assembly
                Division , India                      Part No. 8675697
11:30-12:00     #8C Project Competition               Difficulty in Cutting of Pre-insulated   Production
                SMS Quality Circle, Mazagon           Double Spiral Duct
                Dock Ltd., India
12:00 – 1:00                  Lunch Break(Lunch @ Exhibit Hall 2-Main Level)

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 Day 1- Oct 23, 2009                      Afternoon: Stream D (RM 103-Main Level)
   Timeslot                   Presenter                               Title                        Category
1:30 – 2:00     # 1D Tech Paper                           ENHANCING EFFECTIVENESS               Manufacturing
                Mr. Gopal Prasad Singh, Bhilai            OF QUALITY CIRCLE THROUGH             - People
                Steel Plant, India                        MIS                                   Development

2:00 – 2:30     #2D Project Showcase                      Profit increase in trading electric   Service-
                Human Machine, Korea Midland              power by improving Maintenance        Continuous
                Power Co. Ltd Korea                       methods of Pump/Turbine               Improvement
2:30 – 3:00     # 3D Project Competition                  Elimination of equipment damage       Non-Production
                QUEST, SAIL - Rourkela Steel              and thereby coal mix-up in coal
                Plant , India                             blending bunkers

3:00 – 3:30     # 4D Project Competition                  Workspace for Laboratory OH & S       Non-Production
                OSHE 2, National University of            Certification Scheme
                Singapore, Singapore
3:30 – 4:00     # 5D Project Competition                  Complicated process, More             Non-Production
                VOYAGER, Bharath Heavy                    varieties of hardwares and tools
                Electricals Ltd. Electronics Division ,   and increased cycle time in (Stat.
                India                                     Freq. Control) Panel
4:00 – 4:30     # 6D Project Competition                  An experiential report on software    Non-Production
                Euripides QC, NEC Telecom                 QC Circle (SWQC) activities based
                Software Philippines, Inc.,               on the Process Network Analysis
4:30 – 5:00     # 7D Project Competition                  High down time of the Freight         Non-Production
                VIDYUT, OCL India Ltd., India             Elevator of Silica Refractory Plant
                                                          Mill House
5:00- 5:30      #8D Project Competition                   Reduction of Inventory in DE          Non-Production
                CARTO, Lucas TVS Ltd                      Hardening Machine
                MTH Road,
                Padi Chennai, India

Day 2- Oct 24, 2009                                  Stream D (RM 103-Main Level)
     Timeslot                  Presenter                                Title                     Category
8:00-8:30          # 1D Project Competition               Enhanced Safety and Security in       Non-Production
                   EXHIBITORS, Singapore Police           Public Parks
                   Force, Singapore
8:30 – 9:00        # 2D Project Competition               Malfunctioning of Thermax System      Non-Production
                   AVISHKAR, SAIL - Durgapur              Motorized Valved
                   Steel Plant , India
9:00-9:30          # 3D Project Competition               Poor Compliance on Hand Hygiene       Non-Production
                   Manos Dela Colada, Alabang
                   Medical Clinic Las Piñas Branch,
9:30-10:00         # 4D Project Competition               Solderability Failure Elimination     Non-Production
                   Tin Commanders                         on QFP80-02.
                   ST MicroElectronics Inc.,
10:00-10:30        # 5D Project Competition               Automated Cleaning Kit For Gun        Non-Production
                   MORWITS, Singapore Armed               Barrel
                   Forces (Army)
                   Ministry of Defence, Singapore
10:30-11:00        # 6D Project Competition               Higher process Setup time             Non-Production
                   Thejas, Saint-Gobain Glass             Reduction
                   India, India
11:00-11:30        #7D Project Competition                F-16 Aircraft MUS-Bus Test Set        Non-Production
                   METROPOLIS, Singapore
                   Armed Forces (Airforce)
                   Ministry of Defence, Singapore
11:30-12:00        # 8D Project Competition               Unserved Prescriptions by CWC         Non-Production
                   Meralco Corporate Wellness             Pharmacy
                   Center, Philippines
12:00 – 1:00                      Lunch Break(Lunch @ Exhibit Hall 2-Main Level)

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Day 1- Oct 23, 2009                       Afternoon: Stream E ( RM 104 –Main Level)
   Timeslot                 Presenter                           Title                         Category
1:30 – 2:00    # 1E Tech Paper                      “ ON LINE QUALITY CIRCLE               Manufacturing
               Mr. Ashok Kumar Khanna, Sail         SYSTEM “ IN BHILAI STEEL               – People
               Bhilai Steel Plant, India            PLANT                                  Development

2:00 – 2:30    # 2E Project Competition             Reducing Waiting Times (WT) for        Non-Production
               SGH- DIV of MED, Singapore           New Appointments in the
               General Hospital Singapore           Endocrinology Outpatient Service
2:30 – 3:00    # 3E Project Competition             The Effect of FMEA on Reducing         Non-Production
               Guard Heart, Kaohsiung Veterans      Door-to-Balloon Time and Mortality
               General Hospital ,Taiwan             of ST Segment Elevation
                                                    Myocardial Infarction
3:00 – 3:30    # 4E Project Competition             To Reduce the Time taken for the       Non-Production
               ASSET SPECIALIS, Land                Maintenance of Concrete road
               Transportation Authority Singapore   Surface
3:30 – 4:00    # 5E Project Competition             No proper outcome from labs            Non-Production
               SANKALP, EDUTECH NTTF Ind.           leading to high failure rate.
               Pvt. Ltd , India
4:00 – 4:30    # 6E Project Competition             Overcoming Wastage Problem in          Non-Production
               PERMATA, Malaysia                    Processing Hard Tissue Research
4:30 – 5:00    # 7E Project Competition             Prevent Vehicles Accident in the       Non-Production
               Sangkuriang Sakti, PT Jasa Marga     Purbaleunyi Tollroad
               Tbk , Indonesia
5:00-5:30      #8E Project Competition              Long Waiting Time of Customers         Non-Production
               Full Quarters, Honda Cars Makati,    during Receiving Process
               Inc., Philippines

Day 2- Oct 24, 2009                       Morning: Stream E ( RM 104- Main Level)
    Timeslot                  Presenter                             Title                    Category
8:00-8:30       # 1E Project Competition            Frequent failure of Tilting Drive of   Non-Production
                BRAHMAS, SAIL Durgapur Steel        BOF Mixer
                Plant , India
8:30 – 9:00     #2E Project Competition             Universal Ruggedised LCD               Non-Production
                RECTIFIER, Singapore Armed          Monitors
                Forces (Navy) Ministry of
                Defence, Singapore
9:00-9:30       # 3E Project Competition            To reduce time in bedside              Non-Production
                SGH-NETWORK, Singapore              hairwashing process
                General Hospital , Singapore
9:30-10:00      #4E Project Competition             Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pressure       Non-Production
                Vikas, Yard Services Centre,        test Facility with variable power
                Naval Ship Repair Yard, India       supply
10:00-10:30     # 5E Project Competition            Frequent Discharge Line Choking of     Non-Production
                MILESTONE, NTPC Ltd,                Ash Slurry Pump Series-D
                Talcher Super Thermal Power
                Station India
10:30-11:00     # 6E Project Competition            Spillage during Para-Xylene            Non-Production
                ANWESAN, MCC PTA India              Unloading form Ship
                Corp. Private ,India
11:00-11:30     # 7E Project Competition            Zero stock-out of Fast Moving          Non-Production
                FUSION CIRCLE, Pilipinas Kao,       Chemicals in QA
                Inc, Philippines
11:30-12:00     # 8E Project Competition            Long Waiting Time of Patients at       Non-Production
                Disclaimers, Alabang Medical        Laboratory Reception upon
                Clinic Main, Philippines            Claiming of Results

12:00 – 1:00                  Lunch Break(Lunch @ Exhibit Hall 2- Main Level)

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Day 1- Oct 23, 2009          Afternoon: Stream F (EXHIBIT AREA 1 – Ground Level)
   Timeslot                 Presenter                               Title                      Category
1:30 – 2:00    # 1F Project Showcase                 Outage Prevention of Electric          Service-
               World Cup, Korea Plant Service &      Power Facilities by Improving          Continuous
               Engineering Co. Ltd). (KPS)Korea      Gas Turbine Fuel Valves                Improvement

2:00 – 2:30    # 2F Project Competition              Reducing Turnaround Time For All       Non-Production
               NUS CORS, National University of      Double Major Registration Activities
               Singapore ,Singapore
2:30 – 3:00    # 3F Project Competition              Maintain the Tollroad Lighting at      Non-Production
               Prakarsa Lintas, PT Jasa Marga        100 % Functioning
               Public Co., Indonesia
3:00 – 3:30    # 4F Project Competition              Web-based Soil Information System      Non-Production
               GEOSP TEAM, Space, Planning &         (SIS) Office of Estate and
               Management Unit Office of Estate      Development
               and Development , Singapore
3:30 – 4:00    # 6H Project Competition              Increased Efficiency in Title          Non-Production
               Top Q, Malaysia                       Management System
4:00 – 4:30    #6F Project Competition WINDOW,       Difficult to Repair Faulty Geyser at   Non-Production
               Jamshedpur Utilities & Services Co.   Site in Green Enclave Kadma
               Ltd., India
4:30 – 5:00    # 7F Project Competition              Lab Sign Using Sign Generator          Non-Production
               OSHE 1, National University of
               Singapore, Singapore
5:00-5:30      #8F Project Competition               Buffer Amplifier for Interfacing       Non-Production
               TARANGINI, Naval Dockyard,            V/UHF Transceiver RT 2948 with
               Vishakapatham, India                  Automatic Identification System PC

Day 2- Oct 24, 2009           Morning: Stream F (EXHIBIT AREA 1- Ground Level)
   Timeslot                 Presenter                                Title                    Category
8:00-8:30      # 1F Project Competition              Fabrication of an in-situ diesel       Non-Production
               Ross Island, Naval Ship Repair        alternator slip ring skimming jig
               Yard , India
8:30 – 9:00    # 2F Project Competition              Reduction in Customers with BA         Non-Production
               GnR WIT Child of 9 - Manila           Bill that visited Lucena Business
               Electric Co., Philippines             Center Beyond the 30-day
9:00-9:30      #3F Project Showcase                  New Design of Flue Installation        Service-
               Perigrine                                                                    Continuous
               Hongkong & China Gas Co.,                                                    Improvement
               Ltd., Hongkong, China
9:30-10:00     #4F Project Competition               Frequent Maintenance of SQ Water       Non-Production
               HIMALAYA QC                           Pump
               Tata Power Co. LTd India
10:00-10:30    # 5F Project Competition              Improvement in Productivity by         Non-Production
               JOSH, SAIL - Bhilai Steel Plant ,     Precise Positioning of M109 Travel
               India                                 Mechanism in Sintering Plant-3
10:30-11:00    # 6F Project Competition              Accurately      Monitoring      and    Non-Production
               The Virgin People, Mary Mediatrix     Documentation         and      Limit
               Medical Center – Lipa Batangas,       Incidences of Medication Errors
11:00-11:30    #7F Project Competition               Poor Performance of Students in        Non-Production
               THE MARTINETS, Gwalior Glory          Terminal Examination
               High School , India
11:30-12:00    # 8F Project Competition              Elimination of inexactly Set Skin      Non-Production
               Tarantula, RSU Dr. Saiful Anwar,      Traction Pulley in Low Extremity
               Indonesia                             Fracture Patient in In-patient
12:00 – 1:00                  Lunch Break(Lunch @ Exhibit Hall 2- Main Level)

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Day 1- Oct 23, 2009           Afternoon: Stream G (EXHIBIT AREA 2- Ground Level)
   Timeslot                 Presenter                             Title                       Category
1:30 – 2:00    # 1G Project Showcase                The Study on Antifouling              Service-
               Antifouling Flashover Operation      Flashover Technique Applied in        Continuous
               QCC, Jinyuan Electricity             Heavy-polluted Transformer            Improvement
               Chemical Cleaning Center Co.         Stations
               Ltd., China
2:00 – 2:30    #2G Project Competition              CAC Inlet Pipe Modification in 2516   Non-Production
               POWER, Asok Heyland, Unit– 2,
2:30 – 3:00    # 3G Project Competition             “Low Efficiency Rate of Quick         Non-Production
               The Mechanix                         Service Technicians at Honda
               Honda Cars Makati, Inc.,             Cars Alabang”
3:00 – 3:30    # 4G Project Competition             Reduce the delay in troubleshooting   Non-Production
               Indradhanush, GAIL (India) Ltd       Gas Turbine
3:30 – 4:00    # 5G Project Showcase                Reduction of troubleshooting time     Non-
               Korean Electric Power Co.            by improving 765kV substation         Production
               Seoul, Korea
                                                    troubleshooting action process.
4:00 – 4:30    #6G Project Competition              Improvement in Safe Cognition of      Non-Production
               Efficiency, Taichung Veterans        Patients and Relatives during the
               General Hospital ,Taiwan             Cardiac Catheterization,
4:30 – 5:00    # 7G Project Competition             Enhancing the Managing of House       Non-Production
               Merger dot Com, Malaysia             Buyers Complaint through a
                                                    Systematic Approach
5:00-5:30      # 8G Project Competition             Frequent Failure of Raw water         Non-Production `
               LAKSHYA, Chandrapur Super            Pump Motor in ETP
               Thermal Power Station

Day 2- Oct 24, 2009            Morning: Stream G (EXHIBIT AREA 2- Ground Level)
    Timeslot                  Presenter                             Title                    Category
8:00-8:30       #1G Project Competition             Reduced Breakdown in HMT Lathe,       Non-Production
                SOLVER, SAIL - Durgapur Steel       i.e. machine no. MS-94
                Plant ,India
8:30 – 9:00     #2G Project Competition             Eliminate over-reliance on 3          Non-Production
                INNOVA, Singapore Police            party’s awareness to detect a
                Force,Singapore                     person in distress
9:00-9:30       # 3G Project Competition            Improved Protection System for        Non-Production
                GYANYOGI 774, SAIL – Bokaro         Cable to Prevent Burning
                Steel Plant ,India
9:30-10:00      # 4G Project Competition            Incoming Supply Tripping Causing      Non-Production
                JYOTI 1872, SAIL – Bokaro Steel     Total Power Failure and Stoppage
                Plant , India                       of Production
10:00-10:30     # 5G Project Competition            Reduce Loss of Man-power, Time,       Non-Production
                SANGAM 4050, SAIL – Bokaro          Energy and Improve the Quality of
                Steel Plant, India                  Repair
10:30-11:00     # 6G Project Competition            Incorporating Double Degree           Non-Production
                NUS-CORS 2                          Requirements into Centralized On-
                National University of Singapore,   line Registration System
11:00-11:30     # 7G Project Competition            Elimination of Container Car’s        Non-Production
                Transkal, PT ANTAM Tbk              Bearing Failure in 15 weeks period.
                Nickel Mining Business Unit,
11:30-12:00     # 8G Project Competition            Special Term Registration System      Non-Production
                NUS-CORS 3
                National University of Singapore,
12:00 – 1:00                   Lunch Break(Lunch @ Exhibit Hall 2- Main Level)

Concurrent Schedules                                                                         Page 8
Day 1- Oct 23, 2009            Afternoon: Stream H (EXHIBIT AREA 3- Ground Level)
   Timeslot                  Presenter                                  Title                     Category
1:30 – 2:00      #1H – Project Competition              Twisted Leads Elimination              Non-Production
                 Kung Fu Leads
                 ST MicroElectronics Inc.,
2:00 – 2:30      #2H – Project Competition              A Sustainable and Environmentally      Non-Production
                 REGULATOR, Land Transportation         Friendly Utility Trench
                 Authority ,Singapore                   Reinstatement Method Using
                                                        Recycled Material
2:30 – 3:00      #3H– Project Competition               Wheel unloading problem in Semi        Non-Production
                 SAURAV, SAIL Durgapur Steel            Automatic Wheel Handling System
                 Plant , India

3:00 – 3:30      #4H – Project Competition              Standardisation of Mill Fan Rotor      Non-Production
                 AKASH – ES&F, RINL-                    Assembly
                 Visakhapatnam Steel Plant , India
3:30 – 4:00      #5H– Project Competition               Reduce Platelets Transfusion in        Non-Production
                 SGH-DIVofSURG                          Patients on Preoperative Aspirin
                 Singapore General Hospital,            going for Coronary Artery Bypass
                 Singapore                              Graft Surgery (CABG).
4:00 – 4:30      # 6H Project Competition               Poor Availability of ESP First Field   Non-Production
                 “NIRIKHSHAN” (TATA POWER),             Fly Ash Conveying Transmitter of
                 Jojobera Power Plant, Tata Power       Unit No. 1
                 Co. Ltd.India
4:30 – 5:00      #7H Project Competition                To Reduce cost per Optical Disc        Non-Production
                 D’Incredible Kaizen                    Drive through Standard time
                 Panasonic Communications               Reduction by February ’09.
                 Philippines Corp., Philippines
5:00-5:30        #8H Project Competition                Timely Delivery of Rotor Punchings     Non-Production
                 QC 125 ,PRM Bhopal Mfg, Bharat         for Industrial Motors
                 Heavy Electrical Ltd. India

Day 2- Oct 24, 2009             Morning: Stream H (EXHIBIT AREA 3- Ground Level)
    Timeslot                   Presenter                                Title                      Category
8:30 – 9:00
11:30- 12:00
12:00 – 1:00                     Lunch Break (Lunch @ Exhibit Hall 2- Main Level)

Summary as of Sept 28, 2009

       Country               Production            Non-Production               Showcase           Tech Paper
Malaysia              -                       3
China                 -                       -                         5
Taiwan                -                       2
Hongkong China        -                       -                         2
Korea                 -                       -                         3                      1
Singapore             -                       15                        -                      -
Indonesia             4                       4                         -                      -
India                 41                      29                        -                      3
Philippines           7                       12                        2                      2
Total                 52                      65                        12                     6
Total # of Competing Circles                                     115

Concurrent Schedules                                                                               Page 9

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