Smart Grid Stimulus Funds: Demo Projects, Partners Emerge

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					Smart Grid Stimulus Funds: Demo Projects, Partners Emerge
By Katie Fehrenbacher
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August 31, 2009

                               The first wave of applications for a piece of the almost $4
                               billion in smart grid stimulus funds were due the first
                               week in August and drew close 50 utilities that we heard
                               of (and hundreds more that have been a lot quieter about
                               it). Now the second deadline to apply for smart grid
                               demonstration projects has just rolled by (on August 26),
                               and even more utilities have made announcements and
                               spoken to the media about their proposals.

                                 This morning New York utility Consolidated Edison said
                                 it has applied for $46 million for smart grid demonstration
                                 projects in conjunction with the New York City Economic
                                 Development Corporation, smart grid software maker
                                 Viridity Energy, Boeing, Columbia University, The
Prosser Group, CALM Energy and the Rudin Management Company. Con Edison says
the pilot project will focus on new technology that will create a two-way communication
system between it and its customers, as well as finding ways of bringing down the cost of
services for its customers.

Con Edison’s announcement comes on the heels of news over the last week from a string
of utilities. PG&E said it’s asking the Department of Energy for $25 million in stimulus
funding for a compressed air energy storage project (the utility already asked for $42.5
million for a home area network project with the city of San Jose and Stanford
University). Compressed air energy storage, which PG&E has been working with for
some time, involves taking excess energy from a power plant or renewable energy, using
it to run air compressors, which pump air into an underground cave where it’s stored
under pressure. When the air is released, it powers a turbine, creating electricity.

Southern California Edison is also asking the DOE for funds for an energy storage demo
project. Last week Greentech Media reported that SCE applied for a $25 million grant for
a project with lithium ion battery maker A123Systems, to build a 32-megawatt-hour
battery in the Tehachapi Mountains at a substation. That’s in addition to an application
for another $35 million grant with potential partners General Electric, Cisco and IBM, for
a broader demo project that will incorporate appliances, home energy management
systems, and a wireless network, which could include the wireless standard WiMAX.

Earlier this month we reported that San Diego Gas & Electric filed an application for $30
million for a smart grid wireless project called GridComm that will span the entire 4,100
square miles of its footprint. A portion of its network that could be built with WiMAX
and potential partners could include Cisco, IBM and Arcadian Networks.
Here’s our latest list with updates (this has also been updated with Beacon Power, Tucson
Electric Power):

                        Type of     Amount
      Company                                             Project             Location
                         Firm      Requested
                                              A demo project that will
                                              include 110,000 smart
     AEP Ohio          Utility    $75 million meters, distribution tech,
                                              plug-in hybrid car tech and
                                              consumer gear.
Alliant Energy Corp
 (owns Wisconsin                  $45 million
                       Utility                NA                             Madison, WI
 Power and Light                  +
  Ameren Illinois
                       Utility    $45 million NA                             St Louis, MI
     Ameren UE         Utility    $70 million NA                             St Louis, MI
                                  $21.75                                     Waukesha,
    Transmission       Utility                  Power grid monitoring
                                  million                                    WI
   Arizona Public
                       Utility    NA            NA                           Phoenix, AZ
                       Energy                   Upgrade electric             Spokane,
       Avista                     $20 million
                       Co.                      distribution system          WA
 Baltimore Gas and                                                           Baltimore,
                   Utility        $200 million NA
      Electric                                                               MD
                                                funding of two 20 MW
                       Flywheel $46.7                                        Tyngsboro,
   Beacon Power                                 flywheel energy storage
                       Maker    million                                      MA
                                                General smart grid
Bluebonnet Electric               $18.8         buildout. Partners include   Bastrop,
   Cooperative                    million       Silver Spring Networks,      Texas
                                                Control4, eMeter.
   The Building
    Owners and         Building
                                                For the first commercial
     Managers          office   $92.7
                                                office smart grid building   Chicago, Il
   Association of      trade    million
     Chicago           group.
Burbank Water and
                       Utility    $20           NA                           Burbank, CA
                                               Smart meter deployment
CenterPoint Energy Utility        $200 million and equipment to manage       Houston, TX
                                               power outages
 Cleveland Utilities Utility   NA             NA
                     Utility   $175 million Smart meters                 Chicago, IL
                                            Smart grid, in conjunction
                                            with Boeing, Viridity      New York,
Consolidated Edison Utility    $46 million
                                            Energy, Columbia           NY
                                            University and others.
Dominion Virginia                                                      Richmond,
                     Utility   $200 million Smart meters
      Power                                                            VA
Duke Energy, NC,
                     Utility   $14 million Smart meters                  NC, SC
Duke Energy, OH,
                     Utility   $200 million Smart meters                 OH, IN< KY
      IN, KY
First Energy Corp    Utility   $57 million NA                            Akron, OH
                               NA (Seeking
 Florida Power &
                     Utility   funds, not  Smart meters                  Miami, FL
Glendale Water and                                                       Glendale,
                     Utility   $20 million Smart meters.
       Power                                                             CA
Kentucky Municipal                                                       Frankfort,
                     Utility   NA             NA
 Power Association                                                       KY
    Keys Energy
  (Corrected from                                                        Key West,
                     Utility   NA             NA
    Florida Keys                                                         FL
   Electric Coop)
 Lakeland Electric   Utility   $20 million Smart meters                  Lakeland, FL
  Lincoln Electric             $33.5
                     Utility                Smart meters                 Lincoln, NE
       System                  million
                                            Voltage management,
Long Island Power                                                        Long Island,
                  Utility      $119 million fiberoptics for smart grid
   Authority                                                             NY
 Madison Gas and                            Consumer-facing smart
                     Utility   $5.5 million                              Madison, WI
    Electric                                grid applications.
  National Grid      Utility   $200 million End to end smart grid        U.K.
 Northeast Utilities Utility                NA                           Berlin, CT
NSTAR Electric and             $28M
                   Utility                    NA                         Bedford,
      Gas                      million
                                              Smart meter deployment     Las Vegas,
    NV Energy        Utility   $138 million
                                              and network build out      NV
       Oncor         Utility   $317           $317 million for smart     Dallas, TX
                                million, and meter deployment and
                                $3.5 million network build out, and $3.5
                                             million for a regional
                                             demonstration project that
                                             would include installing
                                             technology on eight high-
                                             voltage lines in central
                                             $42.5 million for home
                                             area networks in
                                $42.5        conjunction with the city of San
   Pacific Gas &
                      Utility   million, and San Jose and Stanford        Francisco,
                                $25 million University, and $25 million CA
                                             for compressed air energy
                                             Researchers at Battelle
                                             Memorial Institute and a
                                             dozen utilities in five
 Pacific Northwest
                                             Northwest states as well as
    Smart Grid
                      Utilities $178 million the Bonneville Power         NA
                                             Administration, 3TIER,
                                             Areva, Drummond Group,
                                             IBM, Netezza and
       PECO           Utility   $200 million NA
       Pepco          Utility   $142 million NA
Pepco’s Atlantic City                                                     Mays
                      Utility   $19 million NA
      Electric                                                            Landing NJ
 Pepco’s Delmarva                                                         Wilmington,
                      Utility   $93 million NA
       Power                                                              DE
                      Energy                 Smart meters, monitoring Allentown,
     PPL Corp                   $19 million
                      company                system                       PA
                                             Buildout smart grid in
  Progress Energy Utility       $200 million Carolinas and Florida        Raleigh, NC
      PSE&G                     $76 million NA                            Newark NJ
                                             Smart grid wireless
  San Diego Gas &               $30 million network called GridComm, San Diego,
      Electric                  project      in conjunction with Cisco, CA
                                             IBM, Arcadian Networks.
Southern California             $50 million, $50 million for a            Los Angeles,
       Edison                   and $60      synchrophasor project in CA
                              million for conjunction with WECC,
                              Demo grants and $60 million for wind
                                           energy storage project and
                                           a regional smart grid demo
                                           in conjunction with Cisco,
                                           IBM, A123Systems, GE
                                           and SunPower.
                                           $197M for smart meters
                    Energy                 and $165M for
Southern Company              million, and                            Atlanta, GA
                    company                transmission and
                              $165 million
   Tacoma Power     Utility   $32 million Smart meters.
                                                                      City, WA
  Tennessee Valley                                                    Knoxville,
                    Utility   $200 million NA
     Authority                                                        TN
 Texas New Mexico             $49.1                                   Fort Worth,
                    Utility                Smart meters.
  Power Company               million                                 TX
                                           Smart grid project
                                           including energy storage
  Tucson Electric                          and solar, and partnering
                    Utility   $25 million                             Tucson, AZ
       Power                               with EnerNOC, Tendril,
                                           Raytheon, University of
                                           Arizona, Itron.
United Illuminating           $37.5        Smart meters and network New Haven,
        Co.                   million      build out                  CT
 Vermont Electric
 Power, Efficiency
                    Utilities $66 million Statewide smart grid.       Vermont
 Vermont, plus 20
  Vermont utilities
    We Energies     Utility   $3.5 million Smart meters.
  Westfield Gas &                                                     Westfield,
                    Utility   $5 million Smart meters.
      Electric                                                        MA
   Westar Energy    Utility   $20 million Smart meters                Topeka, KS
                                           Smart meters, demand
 Wisconsin Power
                    Utility   $10 million response, distribution      Madison, WI
and Light Company
 Wisconsin Public                                                     Greenbay,
                    Utility   $18 million Smart grid
    Service Corp                                                      WI

Data pulled from press releases,, Greentech Media, San
Francisco Business Times,,, San Jose Mercury News,
BizJournals, JSOnline, Lincoln Journal Star, EE Times, Reuters.

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