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					                                                                                  Curriculum Vita: Tracy

                                  JOHN ROBERT TRACY
                              WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY


          Year                           Institution                                     Degree
          2005                    Colorado State University                PHD in Education & Human
                                                                           Resource Studies
          1986                       University of Iowa                    MSW: Master of Social Work
          1976                    Truman State University                  MA in Counseling & Guidance In
          1970                    Truman State University                  BS in All Social Sciences in
                                                                           Education (History Major)

                                  PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


              Year                                Position                              Institution
August 24, 2009 to Present         Associate Professor/Dept Chair SW       Western Illinois University

January 2008 to May 12, 2009       Adjunct Assistant Professor for         University of Wyoming
                                   International Programs

August 21, 2007 to May 12, 2009    Assistant Professor Social Work         University of Wyoming

Jan. 2006 to Aug 12, 2007          Assistant Professor Social Work/Field   University of Guam
                                   Education Coordinator

Jan. – Dec. 2005                   Assistant Professor Social Work         University of Arkansas at Pine

2004                               Adjunct Instructor Social work          Colorado State University
2003                               Teaching and Research Assistant         Colorado State University
2002-03                            Teaching and Research Assistant         Colorado State University
1984-85                            Teaching and Research Assistant         University of Iowa

1983 – 1984                        HS Substitute Teaching (mostly social   Jr. & Sr. High School Iowa City
                                   sciences)                               and Coralville Public Schools

1976-77                            High School Counselor and Social        Osborn Jr. & Sr. High School
                                   Science Instructor

Spring 69                          Full-Time Substitute Teacher Social     Ophelia Parish Junior High School,
                                   Sciences                                Kirksville, MO

Fall 68                            Student Teacher Social Sciences         Ophelia Parish Junior High School,
                                                                           Kirksville, MO

                                                                         Curriculum Vita: Tracy

                              Social Work Professional Practice

1999-2001     Senior Program Coordinator and OBRA Coordinator (1-99 to 7-01: 30 mo’s)
         (Ombudsman Reconciliation Act of 1986). Larimer Center for Mental Health, Fort
         Collins, CO. Coordinated county-wide outreach services for seniors in Larimer
         County, which included staff coordination and supervision, program development,
         development of monitoring instruments, community collaboration, grant writing and
         fiscal planning, materials preparation, program and services interpretation, policy
         development, development of program and community training, strategic planning,
         and direct services. Coordinated OBRA (Ombudsman Reconciliation Act 1986) for
         the mental health center, provided back up, program oversight, and supervision of the
         PASARR Coordinator. Member of advisory council of Larimer County Office on
         Aging, and Colorado State Older Adults Advisory Council. Performed 27-10 holds
         and certifications as necessary and monitored compliance of client records with state
         managed care regulations.

1997-1999    OBRA/PASARR Coordinator (6-97 to 6-99: 24 mo’s)
      (Ombudsman Reconciliation Act of 1986/Pre Admission Screen and Annual Resident
      Review) Larimer County Mental Health Center. Larimer County OBRA/PASARR
      Coordinator, representative for the State of Colorado. Included social, functional, and
      psychiatric evaluations of persons going into or already in nursing care. Made psychiatric
      diagnoses, placement and treatment recommendations for long term care. Interfaced with
      community, interpreted policy and regulations, monitored nursing home, hospital, and
      community compliance with OBRA/PASARR regulations and performance. Planned,
      developed, and conducted community training workshops.

1995-1997 Mental Health Forensic Therapist (9-95 to 6-97: 21 mo’s)
      Children & Families of Iowa, Inc. Des Moines, IA. Mental health/rehabilitation therapist
      with juvenile sexual offenders, their families, and victims. Developed treatment plans,
      wrote progress reports and maintained daily progress notes. Interfaced with agency
      staff, courts, social services, and other professional providers throughout the state of
      Iowa. Developed treatment program and community training. Trained and supervised
      residential staff in treatment milieu. Interpreted policy and compliance concerns
      regarding State of Iowa treatment requirements to courts, social agencies, and others.
      Licensed Independent Social Worker in State of Iowa.

1994-1995 Case Management/Clubhouse Facilitator (8-94 to 6-95: 10 mo’s)
      Community Companions, Inc. San Jose, CA. Served adults with mental illnesses in the
      San Jose area. Facilitated prevocational groups, conducted relationship training, taught
      life skills classes and assisted groups with social activities. Recruited volunteers and
      developed courses to be used with consumers and as in-service training.

1993-1994 Social Group Facilitator (6-93 to 6-94: 12 mo’s)
      Interim, Inc. Monterey, CA. Served adults with mental illnesses in Monterey and Salinas.
      Facilitated client social groups, conducted relationship training, taught art classes and
      assisted groups with social activities. Developed and supervised a major

                                                                          Curriculum Vita: Tracy

       fundraising/social event project. Developed and managed a consumer newsletter,
       provided oversight of nutrition program and monitored it to meet State of California

1989-1992 Executive Director/Psychotherapist (1-89 to 11-92: 46 mo’s)
      Antelope Valley Transformations, Inc. Lancaster, CA., a non-profit family counseling
      center. Wrote grants, organized agency services for low-income persons, made the
      organization financially stable, and provided administrative supervision of MFCC
      trainees. Developed in-service training and community education program. Coordinated
      services with other community services. Monitored compliance with state and federal
      regulations. Managed organizational finances, insurance, payroll, taxes, and reported to a
      board of directors.

1987    Childcare Worker (5-87 to 9-87: 4 mo’s)
       Burt Children's Center San Francisco, CA. Residential care for severely emotionally
       disturbed and autistic children. Worked as a counselor on the unit with five children.
       Completed paperwork and reports.

1985-1986 Case Manager/Therapist (6-85 to 11-86: 17 mo’s)
      Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Rock Island and Mercer Counties Rock Island, IL.
      Provided case management and therapy services to 25 clients with severe mental
      illnesses. Also, wrote, obtained, and monitored a grant for one FTE to conduct anti-
      stigma community education. Developed and conducted in-service stress reduction and
      anti-burnout class.

1982-1983 Outreach Counselor (11-82 to 9-83: 11 mo’s)
      Community Health Care, Inc. Davenport, IA. Conducted community outreach to low-
      income persons in an inner city neighborhood regarding health care services and assisted
      people to obtain access to those services.

1978-1982 Agency Program Director/ Social Worker (1-78 to 8-82: 103 mo’s)
      Friendly House Neighborhood Center Davenport, IA. An original "settlement house"
      modeled after the Hull House in Chicago. Developed, planned and directed all services
      for all ages in areas of recreation, nutrition, education, counseling, job development, day
      care, community organization, emergency assistance and interagency networking.
      Included fiscal management, grant writing and fundraising. Managed all new program
      development, United Way allocations and proposals, monitored compliance of all
      programs with funding source requirements, completed timely reports, and developed
      staff training program. Developed community and consumer courses and special interest
      workshops and activities. Wrote, supervised and monitored a recreation/nutrition
      Department of Agriculture food program serving meals to youth in inner city parks.
      Hired and trained 312 CETA youth and adult workers to work program. Monitored
      compliance with federal and State regulations regarding the Department of Agriculture
      grant and CEDA requirements. Also, wrote, obtained, and monitored two-year grant for a
      pilot project to provide counseling and vocational guidance to at-risk youth in the inner
      city. Represented agency to community.

                                                                                   Curriculum Vita: Tracy

1973-1975 Program Director/Psychotherapist (1-73 to 9-75: 32 mo’s)
      Northeast Missouri Community Action Program Kirksville, MO. Directed five-county
      drug and alcohol community education program. Wrote, obtained and monitored grant
      programs, developed and conducted community and school educational programs, and
      provided substance and alcohol abuse counseling. Represented agency to community.
      Interpreted state and federal laws regarding substance use and possession. Supervised
      five program staff and collaborated with law enforcement, public schools, city officials,
      courts, and community organizations.
1969-1970 Child Welfare Worker (12-69 to 8-70: 9 mo’s)
      Chariton County Welfare Office Keytesville, MO. Case manager for unwed mothers,
      conducted adoptions, foster and day care licensure, counseling, and community education
      programs. Monitored compliance with State and County policies and regulations and
      interpreted such to clients and the community. Licensed and monitored day care homes,
      day care centers, foster care homes, and residential facilities. Represented agency to
      community. Also interpreted legal aspects to schools regarding appropriate special needs
      services for children.

                                         Awards and Honors

While I have not received any formal academic honors or awards, I have received several awards
and certificates of recognition and appreciation for service in practice and for keynote
presentations to community organizations.
                                     Research and Scholarship

Grants and Funding

    YEAR           RESEARCH           NAME OF            FUNDING          AMOUNT              TYPE OF
                     ROLE              GRANT              SOURCE                              GRANT
Summer of 2009   Project           Summer Session      Univ. of         $6,000.00          International
                 Coordinator and   Course Proposal     Wyoming                             Program Grant
                 Instructor        for International   Academic
                                   Travel              Affairs
Fall 2008 to     Project           Winter Session      Univ. of         $7,000.00          International
January 2009     Coordinator and   Course Proposal     Wyoming                             Program Grant
                 Instructor        for International   Academic
                                   Travel              Affairs
2001 to 2003     PI and co-        Larimer County      Colorado Trust   $300,000.00        Research
                 evaluator         Palliative Care
1999 to 2000     PI and project    Mental Health       Larimer County   4,000.00           Clinical Practice
                 director          Senior Chat         Community
                                   Groups              Foundation
1991 to 1992     PI - Executive    Agency Startup      Boeing Mfg.      $5,000.00          Clinical Practice
                 Director          Grant

                                                                           Curriculum Vita: Tracy

1978 to 1985     PI and Program   Numerous        United Way,      Approximately    Funding for
                 Director         Grants (100     American         $15,000,000.00   human service
                                  plus)           Express,         All total.       programs
                                                  Department of                     including food
                                                  Agriculture,                      nutrition
                                                  Community                         programs.

Publications (Refereed Journals)

    1. Schatz, M., M. Salz, Tracy, J. & Tracy, S. (2008). Dialogue home groups optimize
       “technology transfer” for social programming. In Portularia: Journal of Social Work,
       University of Huelva: Publishing Service.

    2. Schatz, M., Tracy, J. & Tracy, S. (2007). Overcoming social oppression: Using dialogue
       and theatre to reveal oppression and foster healing. In Critical Social Work: An
       interdisciplinary journal dedicated to social justice. Vol. 7, No 2. Windsor, Ont:
       University of Ontario. (Refereed).

Publications (Book and Monograph Chapters)

        Tracy, J. (1996). Nature’s child: An autobiographical novel. Clive, IA: Conique Press.
        [non-referreed, self published. Sold 400 copies via Borders Books]

Publications (Technical Reports)

        Tracy, S. & Tracy J. (2004). Larimer County Palliative Care Initiative final Project
        Report Sent to The Colorado Trust at Denver, CO.
Publications (Book Reviews)

        None published to date
Refereed National and International Abstracts [status indicated re: presentation]

    1. Tracy, J. (2008). Article on Relationship: A New Paradigm for Social Development and
       Social Work. Accepted for presentation at conference in Nepal: ICSD (International
       Consortium for Social Development in Nov.2008). [Did not get to present due borders
    2. .
    3. Tracy, J. (2008). Abstract accepted for the 2008 Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed
       International Conference. Beyond Freire: Changing Our Perceptions. [Presented at

    4. Tracy, J (2006). Paper accepted. The Perceptual Lens, Mental Health, and Well Being
       (peer reviewed). In The 5thInternational Conference on Social Work and Mental Health
       Conference proceedings. Hong Kong. (Refereed Paper) [Presented at conference]

                                                                     Curriculum Vita: Tracy

5. Ran MS1, Chen SY, Schwab G, Dames V, Tracy J., Chan CLW (2006). Paper accepted.
   Suicide Prevention in Micronesia: A Review of the Academic Literature. In The
   5thInternational Conference on Social Work and Mental Health Conference proceedings.
   Hong Kong. (Refereed Paper) [Presented at conference]

6. Tracy, J. & Tracy S. (2006). Abstract accepted. Using Memory as Mental Health
   Intervention. Skills workshop (2 hrs). In The 5thInternational Conference on Social Work
   and Mental Health Conference proceedings. Hong Kong. [Refereed abstract, presented in
   workshop format]

7. Tracy, J. (2006). Abstract and paper accepted. Bridging the Gap between Conceptual
   Frameworks for Program and Curriculum Design (abstract peer reviewed). [Refereed
   paper presented at the 25th BPD conference in Los Angeles, CA.]

8. Tracy, J. & Schwab, G. (2006). Abstract and paper accepted. Systemic Networking for
   Mental health and Human Services at the Transforming Mental health Systems in Our
   Pacific Islands 2006 Conference. [Juried presentation]

9. Tracy, J. (2006). Abstract and paper accepted. Using Art in Mental Health: Promoting
   Mental Health and Social Well-Being at the 2006 Annual NASW-GUAM Conference in
   Tumon, Guam. [Presented Refereed Paper]

10. Tracy, J. & Dames, V. (2006). Abstract and paper accepted. Models of Mental Health
    Care and Social Justice at the 2006 Annual NASW-GUAM Conference in Tumon, Guam
    March 2006. [Presented Refereed Paper]

11. Tracy, J. & Tracy, S. (2005). Abstract and paper accepted. Co-constructing a University
    of Liberatory Praxis. Workshop presented at Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed 11th
    International Conference at Hollywood, CA. [Juried presentation]

12. Tracy, J. & Tracy, S. (2004). Abstract and paper accepted. Marginalization: Using
    Memory to Disclose Oppression. Workshop presented at Pedagogy and Theatre of the
    Oppressed 10th International Conference at Omaha, NE. [Juried presentation]

13. Tracy, J. & Tracy, S. (2003). Abstract and paper accepted. Breaking the Bubble of
    Oppression: Introducing a Revolutionary Paradigm and Action Plan. Workshop
    presented at Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed 9th International Conference at
    Milwaukee, WI. [Juried presentation]

14. Tracy, J. & Walz, T. (1985). Abstract and paper accepted. Cottage industries & Third
    World Development. Presented at a three week international workshop. Co-developed and
    co-conducted with Thomas Walz, Ph.D., University of Iowa School of Social Work at
    Patzcuaro, Mexico. [Juried presentation]

                                                                         Curriculum Vita: Tracy

Presentations (Refereed Local and Regional Abstracts in Tri-state (Illinois, Missouri,


        None refereed to date

Presentations (Other) Non-refereed Community, Regional and National Professional


        1. Tracy, J. (2009). Presented to the Macomb Human Services Community Partners on
           the social work program. Macomb, Health department. (By Invitation)

        2. Tracy, J. & Tracy, S. (2006). Presentation on A Brief Look at Theatre of the
           Oppressed at the February Meeting of NASW-GUAM Chapter in Hagatna, GU
           2006. (By Invitation)

        3. Tracy, J. (2005). Foster Care from a Child’s Eyes. Speaker at the Annual Arkansas
           Social Workers Association Conference in Pine Bluff, AR. (By Invitation)

        4. Tracy, J. (2003). Toward a Relationship Paradigm in Spirituality (January). Dialogue
           with Matthew Fox, O. P. at Wisdom University in Oakland, CA. (part of independent
           study at Colorado State University).

        5. Tracy, J. (2002). Toward a Relationship Paradigm in Counseling (November).
           Dialogue with Jack Reiske, Ph.D. at Columbia, MO. (part of independent study at
           Colorado State University).

        6. Tracy, J. (2002). Toward a Relationship Paradigm in Learning (July). Dialogue with
           Robert Richburg, Ph.D. at Colorado State University. (part of independent study).

        7. Tracy, J. (2002). The Treatment Team, Who Are We and How Do We Work
           Together. Aging in America: Mental Health and the Older Adult Population
           Workshop at Colorado State University. (By Invitation)

        8. Tracy, J. (2002). Creative Writing for Human Service Professionals. A workshop for
           staff at the Larimer County Mental Health Center, Fort Collins, CO. (By Invitation)

        9. Tracy, J. (2001). WordJazz, a public poetry reading group, co-organizer and presenter
           at the Rocky Mountain Coffee Connection, Fort Collins, CO.

        10. Tracy, J. (1996). Creative Writing for Human Service Professionals. A workshop for
            staff at Children & Families of Iowa, Des Moines, IA. (By Invitation)

                                                                          Curriculum Vita: Tracy

      11. Tracy, J. (1991). Relationship Building. A leadership Workshop, Held at the Wellness
          Center in Des Moines, IA.

      12. Tracy, J. (1991). Toward a Relationship Paradigm. Presentation and workshop at the
          Iowa Mental Health Coalition Conference in Des Moines, IA (1991). (By Invitation)

      13. Tracy, J. (1989). Relationship Building Workshop at Creative Alternatives Family
          Counseling Center, Lancaster, CA. (By Invitation)

      14. Tracy, J. (1973-75). Drugs, Alcohol, and the Community. Drug and alcohol education
          presentations throughout Northeast Missouri in schools and to community groups.
          Northeast Community Action Program of Kirksville, MO.

Peer Reviewer of Articles for Publisher

      April 2008 Peer review of submitted article for Social Work Education entitled Social
      work intellectuals, critical social theory, critical social work and public engagement
      (manuscript ID: CSWE-2008-0021).

      January 2009 Peer review of submitted article for Social Work Education entitled
      Educating social work students in multifaceted interventions for trauma (Manuscript ID:

                  Continuing Education and Faculty Development Activities

      1. Tracy, J. (2006). Taught Case management Course for community professionals and
         students. Offered through the University of Guam.
      2. Walz, T. & Tracy, J. (1996). Co-conducted week long workshop at Iowa Summer
         Writers Workshop–National Social Work Creative Writing Workshop, University of
         Iowa, School of Social Work.
      3. Tracy, J. (1976). Conducted a Four-Day Gestalt Encounter Group and Training.
         Participants were master’s level counselors at Truman State University, Kirksville,

                           Appointments to University Committees

      Western Illinois University: College of Education Department Chair Committee.

      University of Wyoming: UW CHS Faculty Council, MSW Committee, Field Education

      University of Guam: Senate Standing Committee on Evaluations (SCE) appointment to
      serve on the Program Review Team to review the self-study of the Master’s of Public

                                                                         Curriculum Vita: Tracy

      Administration (MPA) Program and the Program Review Team for the Master of Arts
      Counseling Program.

                                      Work in Progress

      1. Ongoing research project: Relationship Perceptual Orientation Survey of university
         students (graduate and undergraduate in all disciplines). First administration to
         students at the University of Wyoming. Currently doing data analysis. Plan to submit
         proposal for IRB to do same study at WIU with survey administration during
         November or December 2009. Will prepare and submit one to two articles from this
         data by April 2010.

      2. Book manuscript proposal for a book on Relationship Perceptual Theory and Human
         Behavior. Proposal Deadline: January, 2010. Book completion: January 2011.

      3. Tracy, J. (1996). Nature’s child: An autobiographical novel. I am currently rewriting
         this into a memoir and preparing this for submission for publication. It has wonderful
         potential use in social work. Deadline: October, 2011.

                              Thesis and Dissertation Research

      1. Tracy, J. (2005). Toward a relationship paradigm: An auto-narrative reflexive
         ethnography of co-participation and co-construction of the culture of meaning. Ft.
         Collins, CO. Ph.D. Colorado State University, PhD Dissertation. UMI ProQuest
         Dissertations. ISBN 0-542-09963-2. Gene Gloeckner, Chair.

      2. Tracy, J. (1986). Symbolic and literal: A logical reframe (1986). Master of Social
         Work Thesis at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. Thomas Walz & John Craft,

      3. Tracy, J. (1976). Actualization diagnostic construct (1976). Unpublished partial thesis
         (M.A. in Ed.) Truman State University at Kirksville, MO. Richard Wright,

      4. Tracy, J. (1969). The Significance of the Monitor and the Merrimac. Unpublished
         historiographic study for major in history. Undergraduate. Don Kolberg, Supervisor.

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research Supervision (Supervisor, Committee Chair or

                Co-chair) (Name of student, thesis/dissertation title and year)

      Served as Research Chair for 11 students at UWYO (six completed, the rest were given a
      different chair prior to my going to WIU)

                                                                               Curriculum Vita: Tracy

        1. Terri Meyer-Sipe, A system analysis: The treatment of mental illness in older adults
           in Wyoming nursing homes (2008). (committee member only).
        2. Cortney Stelzer, Parental attitudes toward corporal punishment of children: The
           impact it has on child abuse (2008). (Co-chair).

                          Consulting and Other Scholarship Activities

        1. 2008-Present Consultation and Training for Wyoming Mental Health and Substance
           Abuse Waiver Certificate.

        2. 2004 Consultation regarding setting up an online MSW Program for Walden
           University (Laureate Inc.)

                        Teaching: Courses Taught in Higher Education

Count       Course Number                     Course Name                   Year     Credit   Number
                                                                                     Hours       of
47      SW480                    Field Education Practicum                 SUM10      13          6
46      SW315-04 WIU             Generalist Practice I: Micro              SP10       4          16
45      SW340-01WIU              Special Topics: Using the Creative Arts   SP10       3          18
                                 in SW
44      SW345 WIU                Investigation in SW                       F09         3         1
43      SW425 WIU                Generalist Practice III: Macro            F 09        3        29
42      SOWK 5980 GRAD           Social Work Research Application          SP 09       3        16
41      SOWK 5960 GRAD           Thesis Research                           SP 09       3        11
40      SOWK5720 GRAD            Advanced Community Practice               SP 09       3        25
39      SOWK 5750 GRAD           WICHE Case Management                     SP 09       3        20
        (online) UWYO
38      SOWK 4780-02, SOWK       Sem: International Social Welfare &       F-08        3        11
        5800-02, INST 4990       Social Development
37      SOWK 4980-03 & 5975-80   International Social Work Guam            F-08        3        11
36      SOWK 5600-01/80 UWYO     Advanced Generalist Practice: Adults      F-08        3        30
35      SOWK 5795-06/85 UWYO     SOWK Research Application                 F-08        1        11
34      SOWK5494 UWYO            Generalist Social Work Practice (MSW      Sum 08      2        17
                                 advanced standing foundation)
33      SOWK5499 UWYO            Generalist Social Work Practice in        Sum 08      2         7
                                 Communities & Organizations (MSW
                                 advanced standing foundation)
32      SOWK 5210 SEC. 01 & 80   Groups, Organization, and Community       Spr         3        11
        UWYO                                                               2008
31      SOWK 5310 sec. 01 & 80   Generalist Practice II                    Spr         3        14
        UWYO                                                               2008
30      SOWK5720 UWYO            Advanced Gen Pract with Communities       Fall 07     1        20

                                                                          Curriculum Vita: Tracy

29   SOWK5600-01/80 UWYO   Advanced Gen Pract with Individuals        Fall 07    3        20
                           and Families (graduate0
28   ED623                 Individual Dynamics and Human              Spr 07     3         8
                           Behavior (graduate)
27   SW485b UOG            Field Instruction III (undergraduate)      Spr 07     3        10
26   SW385                 Field Instruction I (undergraduate)        Spr 07     3        17
25   SW301 UOG             Social Work Practice Methods I             Fall 06    3        22
24   SW345 UOG             Social Justice (undergraduate)             Fall 06    3        25
23   SW485a UOG            Field Instruction II (undergraduate)       Fall 06    3        10
22   SW450 UOG             Social Work Case Management                Sum 06     3         7
                           (undergraduate)                            A
21   SW485b UOG            Field Instruction III (undergraduate)      Spr 06     3        12
20   SW404 UOG             Social Work Practice Methods IV            Spr 06     3        12
19   SW385 UOG             Field Instruction II (undergraduate)       Spr 06     3        10
18   SWRK 3352 UAPB        Emotionally Disturbed Children             Fall 05    3        15
17   SWRK3308              Social Legislation (undergraduate)         Fall 05    3        14
16   SWRK3323 UAPB         Human Behavior and Social                  Fall 05    3        14
                           Environment I (undergraduate)
15   SWRK3302 UAPB         Social Work Research (undergraduate)       Fall 05    3        18
14   SWRK3352-UAPB         Emotionally Disturbed Children             Spr 05     3        13
13   SWRK2306-UAPB         Social Work Lab (undergraduate)            Spr 05     3        12
12   SWRK2307-UAPB         Social Welfare Policy (undergraduate)      Spr 05     3        14
11   SWRK3322 UAPB         Human Behavior and Social                  Spr 05     3        14
                           Environment II (undergraduate)
10   SW342                 Generalist Practice with Organizations &   Fall 04    3        27
     CSU                   Communities (graduate)
9    SW631A                Advanced Community Practice (Sec.1 &       Fall 04    2        44
     CSU                   2) (graduate)
8    SW61A                 Advanced Community Practice (Sec 3)        Fall 04    2        20
     CSU                   (graduate)
7    HS688                 Program design, implementation and         Spr 04     3        19
     GP-IDEA               Evaluation: Youth development
     (Online course)       (graduate)
                                 Co-taught with Mona Schatz
6    SW688                 Field Liaison (graduate)                   Spr 04     3         1
5    SW342                 Generalist Practice with Organizations &   Fall 03    3        52
     CSU                   Communities. TA with Bruce Hall
4    Ed684V                Supervised teaching in SW631B              Spr. 03    3        26
     CSU                   Advanced Community Practice - with
                           Mona Schatz (graduate)
3    Ed684V                Supervised teaching in SW631A              Fall 02    3        26
     CSU                   Advanced Community Practice - with
                           Mona Schatz (graduate)
2    SW202-msw-U of Iowa   Social Work, Social Change and Social      Fall 84    3        42
                           Development. TA with Tom Walz, Ph.D.
1    SW216-msw-U of Iowa   Group Leadership & Human Sexuality         Fall 84    3        132
                           TA with Howard Rupple, PhD.

                                                                          Curriculum Vita: Tracy



   Year       Number of Undergraduate Advisees             Number of Graduate/Resident Advisees
2008-09     14                                           16
2007-08     13                                           3
2006-07     18                                           0
2006        12                                           0
(Dec. To
2005        15                                           0
(Jan. 1-

           University Service (Listing of Committee/Administrative Responsibilities)

      1. University of Wyoming: Faculty Council
      2. College of Health Sciences: None at present
      3. Division/School: Member Field Education Committee, faculty Field Liaison and
         Field Instructor, Co-Chair and committee member of 11 student research committees.

                               Professional/Community Service

      1. Community Service Activities:
           a. 2009: Presentation to Macomb Community Partners profession group.
           b. 2007-2008: Wyoming Independent Living, Inc. Providing training and guidance
              for clients and staff in development of a fundraising project using the arts.

                           Professional Memberships and Activities

      1. 2008-present: International Association of Social Workers.
      2. 2007-present: International Consortium for Social Development. .
      3. 2006-Present: Guam National Association of Social Workers, committee member.
           Currently contribute from the distance.
      4. 2004-Present: National Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), Attend
           conferences and contribute in organization.

                                                                                    Curriculum Vita: Tracy

        5. 2004-Present: Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors (BPD), Attend
             conferences and contribute in organization.
        6. 1997-Present: National Association of Social Workers (NASW), Attend conferences
             and contribute in organization.
        7. 2004-Present: International Theatre of the Oppressed (ITO), Attend conferences and
             contribute in organization.
        8. 2002-Present: Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed (PTO), Attend conferences
             and contribute in organization.

              Clinical Practice Professional Social Work Licensure and Certification

        1. Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Colorado # 991938 (active)
        2. Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) in Arkansas #1956-C (will allow to lapse)
        3. Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) Expired license in Iowa (License was
           allowed to lapse)
        4. Lifetime Secondary School Teaching Certificate in Missouri
        5. Credentialing and Privileging status: State of Colorado Mental Health privileged me
           to service all nursing facilities in Laramie County Colorado, between 1997-2001.
        6. Between 1998 and 2001 I was approved as a Medicaid and Medicare provider for the
           State of Colorado.
        7. Clinical Practice Service Activities: Between 1997 and 2001 I served as the PASARR
           Coordinator for the State of Colorado Mental Health in Laramie County Colorado.,
           which entailed doing psychological assessments of anyone going into or already in
           nursing care to screen them for mental health needs and institutional
        8. Faculty Patient Care Activities: None at this time

                                      Past Patient Care Activities

       Clinical Site               Dates                   Type of Care                  Number of Hours of
Larimer Center for Mental   1997 to 2001        PASARR coordinator,                      Approximately 45 to
Health Laramie County                           psychotherapist, case management,        50 hours.
Colorado                                        senior team supervisor, and field
                                                instructor for masters level students.
Children and families of    9-1995 to 6-1997    Forensic psychotherapist for             Approximately 40
Iowa in des Moines, IA                          juvenile sexual offenders in             hours
                                                treatment facilities
Community Companions,       8-1994 to 6-1995    Case Management and Clubhouse            Approximately 45
Inc. San Jose, CA                               Facilitator as well as some              hours
                                                supervised psychotherapy

                                                                                     Curriculum Vita: Tracy

Interim, Inc. Monterey,     6-1993 to 6-1994     Social Group Facilitator and some      Approximately 40
CA                                               supervised psychotherapy               hours

Antelope Valley             1-1989 to 11-1992    Executive Director/Psychotherapist     Approximately 30
Transformations, Inc.                            (supervised doing psychotherapy        hours
Lancaster, CA
Alliance for the Mentally   6-1985 to 11-1986    Student Psychotherapist and case       Approximately 45
Ill of Rock Island and                           manager of severely mentally ill       hours
Mercer Counties Rock                             adults.
Island, IL.

Friendly House              1-1978 to 8-1982     Agency Program Director/ Social        Approximately 20
Neighborhood Center                              Worker                                 hours
Davenport, IA
Northeast Missouri          1-1973 to 9-1975     Program Director/Psychotherapist       Approximately 30
Community Action                                 for drug and alcohol education and     hours
Program Kirksville, MO.                          treatment program

Chariton County Welfare     12-1969 to 8-1970    Child Welfare Worker doing case        Approximately 50
Office Keytesville, MO.                          management and some                    hours
                                                 psychotherapy under supervision


Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Colorado # 991938


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