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									                                               Action Plan
    Algeria          By Delloul Lakhdar &
                             Rula Habash

                                                   Intel ISEF
                                             Educator Academy
                                                     May 2012

              Intel ISEF 2012 – Educator Academy           1
1                       Intel Confidential
                High Level Goals
• What do you want to accomplish for your school, region or
  country? Look at long-term (3-5 years) and short-term goals
  (1-2 years)
   – Long term goals
       • Implement science inquiry in high schools
       • Institutionalize management of science fairs and science
         programs for secondary schools and make it an annual
       • Increase the number of students participating in science fairs
         every year by 25%

   – Short term goals
       • Get approvals from decision makers to support Science Fairs
         at the NMOE schools
       • Create awareness of science fairs and build a support base of
         teachers, mentors, volunteers, judges, sponsors..etc.
       • Start a new affiliated fair in one directorate
       • Participate with 3 projects in 2013 and 2014 to Intel ISEF

                     Intel ISEF 2012 – Educator Academy                   2
• How will you know you succeeded?
      • National Ministry of Education supports with $$ money for
        science fairs
      • Model replicated across all directorates in 3 years
      • Student participation in affiliated fair increases 25% over a
        five-year period
      • Volunteers/mentors increases 25% during the 2013-2017
        school year
      • Systemic curriculum changes underway; 50% of teachers
        trained in Project Based Learning (or Inquiry research) or new
        curriculum adopted

                  Intel ISEF 2012 – Educator Academy                 3
                                        Action Plan –
                           Steps to Meet Your Goals and Objectives
              Action                           Measure success?                     Who’s Responsible?             Deadline?
Meet the NMOE officials and              Get their buy in and support               Delloul Lakhdar                May ‘12
present Algeria action plan

Form a Science Fair Committee            Implementers from NMOE of 5 to 7           Delloul Lakhdar                June ‘12
(SFC)                                    people
Translate and localize the               Teachers and students will have a          Science Fair committee (SFC)   July ‘12
international rules and guidelines of    translated booklet to follow
Intel ISEF 2013                          (Participation Kit)
Have a meeting with the schools          Meet with 25 school principles as they     Delloul Lakhdar and            September ‘12
principles in the directorate and        will be more willing to participate into   SFC
explain to them the purpose of           the science fair when they realize it’s
having science fairs and how it fits     importance
in the project based learning

Request a meeting with math and          Meet with 40-60 science and math           Delloul Lakhdar and SFC        September ‘12
science teachers in the school           teachers who will be familiar with Intel
directorate to introduce to them to      ISEF. Teachers will start encouraging
Intel ISEF                               and requesting the students to
                                         participate during the beginning of the
                                         academic year.
Affiliate Science Fair with Intel ISEF   Fair affiliated                            Rula Habash                    October ‘12

Looking for companies and                Have one sponsor                           Delloul Lakhdar                November ‘12
organizations interested in              organization/company
sponsoring the event

                                         Intel ISEF 2012 – Educator Academy
                                           Action Plan –
                              Steps to Meet Your Goals and Objectives
               Action                         Measure success?                        Who’s Responsible?           Deadline?
Conduct a workshop with teachers        Projects will meet the requirements of        Delloul Lakhdar and SFC      November ‘12
to discuss the rules and guidelines     the rules and guidelines.
for the coming Intel ISEF 2013 and
address any questions they have.
Selection of judges                     Having minimum 10 university                  Delloul Lakhdar              December ‘12
                                        professors of different specializations
                                        to be named as Judges committee
Open registration and receiving         Receiving applications                        Delloul Lakhdar and Judges   January ‘13
applications of students                                                              Committee
Filter applications                     Judges will filter received applications      Judges Committee             January ‘13
                                        to qualify projects minimum 50
Conduct the science fair and            Successful implementation of the              SFC and MOE                  February ‘13
announce final winners to go to Intel   science fair and selecting the best 3
ISEF 2013                               projects to participate at Intel ISEF

Register the official party             Complete registration of official party       Delloul Lakhdar              March ‘13
                                        going to Intel ISEF
Finalize projects and complete all      Assist finalists to finalize their projects   SFC                          March-April ‘13
required                                and complete all required forms
Travel to US                            Participate with the 3 projects to Intel      Delloul Lakhdar              May ‘13

                                        Intel ISEF 2012 – Educator Academy
  Intel ISEF Educator Academy
Reflection - To be done…
• As a result of your participation in the 2012
  Educator Academy, reflect on your experience
  – Highlight what your team felt was the key learning from
    the Educator Academy
     • The contents of the Educator Academy was direct to the
       point in particular for new comers
  – Which Shop Talks were the most beneficial for your team?
     • Intel Future Scientists program
     • Sessions about starting new science fairs
     • Exchanging experiences with other countries

                  Intel ISEF 2012 – Educator Academy            6

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