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									                      H.J. MACDONALD MIDDLE SCHOOL
                     3127 Elizabeth Ave. New Bern, NC 28562
                Phone: 252-514-6450            Fax: 252-514-6456

                        Mrs. Deborah Langhans, Principal
                      Ms. Bridgette Carson, Assistant Principal
                      Mrs. Nancy Gaskill, Assistant Principal

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Fall Schedule
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Spring Schedule
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Dear H. J. MacDonald Middle School Students and Parents,

      It is my pleasure to welcome you to H. J. MacDonald Middle School for the 2011-12 school year. I am
extremely excited and delighted to serve you as the Principal of H. J. MacDonald Middle School. The teachers and
staff join me in welcoming you and hoping that this will be a successful and satisfying year for all.
      It is my vision that H. J. MacDonald Middle School will become a world class middle school second to none
and a true “school of choice” for students and staff. It is my goal to make sure every child feels safe and valued
while attending H. J. MacDonald Middle School and experiences success on a daily basis. Failure will not be an
option for our students.
      To assist in accomplishing this vision, this handbook is provided so that all of our students and parents are
aware of our expectations for the upcoming school year. The pages of this handbook are filled with information
regarding procedures and school policies that will make it possible for everyone to be successful. Please read
carefully the information provided in this handbook so that many needless problems may be avoided.
      As we approach a new school year it is important for the entire H. J. MacDonald Middle School community to
embrace the education of our students. Research shows that students whose parents are involved with their
education are much more successful. Moreover, students who are involved in school activities often have better
attendance habits, discipline records, and academic performance than those who do not participate. We want all
students to have a plan for success—quality is the expectation for everything we do at H. J. MacDonald Middle
      I sincerely hope that your time spent at H. J. MacDonald Middle School will be rewarding and enjoyable.

Deborah P. Langhans

                      H.J. MacDonald Middle School will be the highest performing
                                   middle school in North Carolina.

      H. J. MacDonald Middle School, united with families and communities, will rigorously
     challenge all students to graduate from high school and be globally competitive for post-
                       secondary education, work, and life in the 21st century.

                                                  Core Beliefs
   Through commitment, performance excellence, and teamwork we believe best instructional
   practices will allow all students to show academic growth; a safe and inviting environment
  promotes learning; process improvement promotes positive change; building positive internal
    and external partnerships will support our goals; and consistent expectations will promote
                                          positive behavior.

DISCLAIMER STATEMENT: The contents of this handbook were accurate at the time of printing but may be subject to change.
Though the handbook has been proofread carefully, we apologize for any typographical errors or inaccuracies which may exist.

H.J. MacDonald Middle School has the capacity to send messages to every parent in a matter of minutes via
telephone. This communication device will be used for routine messages and in the event of an emergency. The
message will start until the recipient of the call speaks into the receiver. In order to keep students and parents
informed, it is imperative that phone numbers on file with the school office are accurate. Please contact Mrs. Linda
Bloomfield at 514-6450 with any changes in parent contact information.

Students may be dropped off beginning at 7:25 a.m. Any student reporting to school between 7:25 a.m. and 7:40
a.m. will be required to report to the cafeteria for breakfast or wait outside until 7:40. Students are not to be dropped
off at school before 7:25 a.m. We will not assume responsibility for your child before 7:25 a.m. The entry bell will
ring at 7:40 a.m. and the tardy bell will ring at 7:50 a.m.

To be considered in attendance, students in grades K-8 must be present for one-half of the school day. For all
regular school days, students who arrive at the beginning of the day must remain in school until 11:30 a.m. to be
considered present for the day. Additionally, a student must arrive at school by 11:30 a.m. on regular school days
and remain until the end of the school day to be considered present (see Policy 1011.04 of the Craven County Board
Of Education Policy Manual).

Returning from being absent one or more days – Students should bring a written excuse from home or doctor
within two days following an absence explaining the reason for their absence(s) and submit the note to their
homeroom teacher. It is the responsibility of the student to get all assignments missed and make up the work. In
order for an absence to be excused it must follow one of the excusable reasons as identified in local board policy
(see CCS Policy Handbook).

Late Bus Arrivals – Students arriving to school on a late bus should report directly to class. An announcement will
be made to admit those students into class without penalty.

Leaving School During the Day - Students will only be allowed to check out of school with their parent/guardian
or other identified emergency contact. If some other person is to pick up a student, the school office should have
prior notification from the parent/guardian. No students will be checked out after 2:30 p.m. except for emergencies.

All Craven County School Board Policies governing Craven County Schools can be found at the Craven County
Schools website:

The Craven County Board of Education takes seriously all complaints of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and
bullying. The process provided in our policy is designed for those individuals who believe that they may have been
discriminated against, bullied, or harassed in violation of Policy 1013.01, Prohibition Against Discrimination,
Harassment, and Bullying. Individuals who have witnessed or have reliable information that another person has been
subject to unlawful discrimination, harassment, or bullying should report such violations to a school system official.
If it is not feasible to report such actions, anyone can submit an anonymous report using “Report a Bully” at
www.craven Thank you for helping us provide a comfortable and safe environment for all students.
Definition of Discrimination
Discrimination means any act or failure to act that unreasonably and unfavorably differentiates treatment of others
based solely on their membership in a socially distinct group or category, such as race, ethnicity, sex, pregnancy,
religion, age, or disability. Discrimination may be intentional or unintentional.
Definition of Harassment and Bullying
Harassment or bullying behavior is a pattern of gestures or written, electronic or verbal communications, or any
physical act or any threatening communication that (1) places a student or school employee in actual and
reasonable fear of harm to his or her person or damage to his or her property; or (2) creates or is certain to create a
hostile environment by substantially interfering with or impairing a student's educational performance, opportunities
or benefits.
Characteristics of Harassment and Bullying
1) The behavior is aggressive or malicious.
2) It is repeated and goes on over time.

3) It occurs in an interpersonal relationship which is characterized by a certain imbalance in strength or power.
Types of Bullying
1) Physical – Hitting, kicking or any other physical aggression.
2) Verbal – Teasing, name-calling, put-downs, or other behavior that would deliberately hurt others’ feelings or
make them feel bad.
3) Emotional or Exclusion – Starting rumors, telling others not to be friends with someone, or other actions that
would cause someone to be without friends.
4) Cyber-bullying - Using electronic device mediums such as, but not limited to computers, cell phones, and
pagers to bully (bullying defined above) others through methods such as posting comments, statements, or pictures
on blogs or websites, text messaging, instant messaging, and email .

Craven County, in cooperation with the State, provides bus transportation for those students who qualify under the
School Law. Rigid rules and regulations apply to bus transportation for the protection of the students involved.
These rules will be distributed and discussed with all students at the beginning of the school year. Mr. Becton
Broughton, director of Craven County School Bus Transportation, arranges bus routes and exercises general control
over the buses serving this school. In the interest of safety, it is of utmost importance that students riding buses
exercise self-control and good discipline at all times. Students who do not observe the rules and regulations set up
for their own safety may be denied the privilege of riding the bus. All buses are equipped with cameras and
videotaping capability and surveillance tapes (video and audio) are reviewed daily. Bus assignments will not be
changed unless an obvious error has been made or place of residence has changed.

The traffic circle adjacent to the cafeteria is to be used for pick-up and drop-off of carpool students. The traffic
circle is one-way to traffic and is accessed from the second left turn down Racetrack Road from the Elizabeth
Avenue intersection. For the safety of students, please do not drop off or pick up students in the faculty parking lot
or on Elizabeth Avenue. Students should be ready to unload when arriving in the morning and cars should pull up
as far forward as possible to expedite traffic flow. In the afternoon, cars should drive all the way down to the cul-
de-sac on Racetrack Road and line up on the right shoulder of the road until entering the traffic circle. The driveway
on the traffic circle should be kept clear to allow handicapped buses access to the back of the school.

(Two-Way Radios, CD/MP3 Players, Electronic Game Players or Games, Media Players, Laser Pointers and
Similar Devices): No student shall use, display, transmit or have in the “on” position on school property any
wireless communication device or personal entertainment device, including but not limited to, cell phones, pagers,
two-way radios, cd/mp3 players or any laser pointers or similar devices until after the conclusion of the instructional
day. During the instructional day students shall turn off all wireless communication devices or personal
entertainment devices and shall store them either in their locker, or book bag. Any wireless communication devices
or personal entertainment devices used, displayed, or possessed in the “on” position will be confiscated. Wireless
communication devices, personal entertainment devices, cell phones, pagers, two-way radios, cd/mp3 players,
electronic game players or games, media players, laser pointers and similar devices that are confiscated will be
returned only to parents or law enforcement agencies. Confiscated devices will be labeled by student name and the
date confiscated. The school will not be responsible for the loss or theft of any cell phone.

1st offense: Confiscation for 10 calendar days and if the student has used the picture cell phone or PDA on school
property, the incident will be forwarded to law enforcement to determine if a crime has been committed.

Subsequent offenses: Confiscation for 30 calendar days and involvement of law enforcement as deemed necessary.

Principals may authorize individual students to possess and/or use for personal purposes wireless communication
devices if, in the opinion of the principal, there is a reasonable need for such communication. If a student uses a
laser pointer or similar devices, in a way that reasonably could or does cause physical harm, the laser pointer may be
considered a dangerous instrument and the student may be charged with violation of the Assault and Battery policy
and disciplined accordingly. (Taken from Craven County School Board Policy).

Core Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Students are placed in appropriate classes to
insure that their individual needs are met.

Exploratory Subjects: Art, Band, Music, Health & Physical Education, French, and Career-Technical Education.

Homeroom: Each student will be assigned to a core teacher first block for homeroom. This homeroom period is
designed to serve as advisory time as well as the time in which attendance will be monitored.

In addition to the regular required subjects, H. J. MacDonald Middle School offers a variety of programs to meet the
specialized needs of our students. These programs are as follows:
Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program: An enrichment program in Language Arts and Math for those
students meeting requirements.
Algebra I: An advanced course in Algebra for 8th grade students who excel in the field of math, and who meet
established county prerequisites.
Art: A program for all students designed to stimulate an appreciation for a creation of art.
SED, LD, and ID: Instructional programs designed to supplement necessary skills for identified students to be
successful in all subject areas. Most of these services are provided in the regular classroom through the inclusion
Fast Forword: A computer based program designed to assist identified students to improve thinking and reading
skills. This program is offered during exploratory.
 Instrumental Music (Band): Instrumental Music is a continuous, progressive program of skill development.
 Beginning Band is offered to sixth grade students who have demonstrated an aptitude and interest through testing
 and conferences held at the conclusion of the fifth grade year. Band is an elective offering, and students, after
 completion of their first year, elect to continue or discontinue the program during their seventh and eighth grade
 years. Program requirements include: major expenditure for instrument, extensive personal time for practice, and
 non-class time spent at school and other locations for passing of steps and for concerts.
Chorus: Chorus is open to any students interested in learning more about music and who loves to sing. The choral
group performs during the school year for our school and community.
Health & Physical Education: This curriculum is required of all students in grades 6, 7, and 8. It combines a
physical fitness and skills approach with emphasis on both team and recreational sports. Health Education is
provided through this subject area to assist students with personal growth and social development.
French: This course is an introduction to the French Language with an overview of numbers, and conversational
vocabulary. Cultures and traditions are also explored.
Reading Renaissance: The Reading Renaissance program is a formula for successful
school-wide reading programs that combine technology, motivation, and individualized
instruction to support extensive in-school and out of school reading practice. The specific
objectives of Reading Renaissance are:
          1. To create optimal, measurable growth in student reading ability.
          2. To help students become independent, self-directed readers and
          3. To contribute to the development of critical and analytical thinking
          4. To make reading fun and help students develop a lasting love of
Students have focused reading practice daily, in grade-appropriate combinations of read to, read with, and
independent reading activities. The Accelerated Reader will play an important role in the Reading Renaissance
program. It provides true assessment, supports effective motivation and allows teachers to track individual progress
Career-Technical Education: A course of study for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in the areas of Keyboarding and
Business Computer Technology.
NCVPS: High School courses offered on-line for high school credit through the NC State Department of Public
Instruction. Students enrolled in these courses must have internet access at home and be committed to higher

Students will not be called from class to receive special occasion deliveries. If items are delivered to the school,
students will be called to the office at the end of the day to receive such items. However, anything that will obstruct

the bus driver’s view is not allowed on the school bus. (Ex. Balloons) The school will not accept responsibility for
any items that are not delivered.

First run bus students will be dismissed at 3:10 p.m. followed by all other students at approximately 3:15 p.m.
Teachers will escort students to car pool and to the buses at 3:15.

DRESS CODE- (Board of Education Policy Section 1000: Student Regulation 1013)
Students are responsible for using sound judgment in dress, grooming, and personal hygiene so that health and
safety problems are not created and educational process is not materially or substantially disrupted. The principal
has the authority to regulate student dress especially if the dress is disruptive, obscene, offensive, unsafe, or
otherwise inappropriate. Example: Appropriate footwear is required at all times for safety reasons. All school staff
shall abide by and strictly enforce all student dress code requirements.

       The shoulder width of shirts or blouses must completely cover undergarments. No spaghetti strap tops or
        dresses, tube tops, exposed sports bras, inappropriate athletic clothing or tank tops are allowed.
      Net shirts, bare midriffs, see-through or sheer blouses, spandex or tight fighting clothes, and dresses or
        other revealing attire (i.e., exposing the cleavage) are not acceptable.
      Short dresses, mini skirts, or short shorts will not be allowed. A skirt cannot be shorter than mid-thigh.
      Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist line. No underwear shall be revealed.
      Headgear, hats, do-rags, or sunglasses are not to be worn in the building except for medical and/or safety
      Clothing, jewelry or buttons with letters, initials, symbols or wording that is obscene, alcohol or drug
        related, offensive, inflammatory, or detrimental to the instructional process or otherwise inappropriate are
        not allowed.
      No clothing that displays or promotes drug, alcohol, sex or violent behavior is permitted.
      No gang related clothing, long shirts/jerseys, baggy pants, trench coats, accessories, or symbols as
        identified by local law enforcement agencies will be allowed.
      When provided, all students in grades 9-12 shall wear their picture identification badges at all times while
        on school grounds.
      There shall be no jewelry affixed to student’s nose, mouth, tongue, lip, chin, cheek, or eyebrow.
      No bedroom slippers or sleepwear are to be worn unless permitted by the school principal.
      Flip flops are not allowed in grades K-8.
      Footwear deemed as inappropriate by the principal shall not be worn.
H.J. MacDonald students must also adhere to additional dress code requirements that are outlined below:
      All clothing should “fit” appropriately; clothing that is excessively tight or big will not be allowed.
      All shirts must be long enough so that no skin is exposed at any time.
      Pants shall be worn secured at the waist. Pants that do not fit appropriately to remain at the waist must be
        secured with a belt.
      Shirts longer than 6 inches below the waist must be tucked in with a belt.
      No hand gear will be worn inside the building.
      Chains or items that may be deemed dangerous shall not be hanging from the neck, wallets, pants, etc.
      Pants shall not be tucked into socks or shoes.
      Long sweaters, heavy coats, or hoods shall not be worn in the building during the instructional day.

From time to time, new fads or styles in clothing for boys and girls come about that may not be considered proper
attire for school wear. The administration reserves the right to determine whether a particular type of clothing or
style is appropriate.

Improperly dressed students will not be allowed to attend class. Teachers will send students out of dress code to ISS
with a dress code referral. The ISS instructor will contact the student’s parent and attempt to correct the student’s
dress. If proper dress cannot be obtained, the student will remain in ISS for the remainder of the day. Students who
receive 3 dress code referrals will then receive a discipline referral from the ISS coordinator for insubordination and
referred to an assistant principal (and each dress code violation afterwards).

A wide range of services is provided to exceptional students, including consultation, in-class resources (direct
services within the regular classroom), and a variety of separate programs. In order to access services, a student
must have a current, appropriate Individual Education Plan (IEP). Every student’s needs are unique and the best
results will be obtained through individual conferences with the parents, teachers and student.

Participation and membership in all clubs, organizations and sports programs at H.J. MacDonald School are open to
all students who meet academic and conduct requirements. Only seventh and eighth grade students can participate
in competitive athletics as mandated by the North Carolina Athletic Association. Suspension from school will result
in an automatic exclusion from participation in any athletic event during that sports’ season. Clubs will have their
own set of standards for participation. The final decision for exclusion from participation rests with the principal. A
student suspended from school is not allowed to participate in any extracurricular activity including athletic
events during the time of their suspension.

Clubs:            National Junior Honor Society
                  Student Council
                  Warcub Yearbook
                  Chess Club
                  Drama Club
                  SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
                  Art Club

Athletics:       Volleyball                         Girls’ Basketball
                 Football                           Boys’ Basketball
                 Wrestling                          Girls’ Soccer
                 Cheerleading                       Boys’ Soccer
                 Girls’ Golf                        Boys’ Golf
                 Girls’ Track & Field               Boys’ Track & Field
                 Baseball                           Softball
Requirements for Participation in Athletics:
   1. Cannot be 15 years old on or before August 31st of the present school year.
   2. Must have been in attendance at least 75% of the previous semester.
   3. Must have a completed physical and parental permission form on file with the athletic department and
       proof of accident insurance. A student may not try out or practice for a team or sport without these records
       on file.
   4. Promotion to the next grade level makes a student eligible for fall sports. (Grade placement or assignment
       in lieu of promotion makes a student ineligible for athletics.)
   5. At the end of the nine weeks grading period, a student must pass six out of six subjects to remain eligible.
   6. Out of School Suspension (OSS) ends student’s eligibility for that sport season.
   7. In School Suspension (ISS) placement: First offense will result in suspension from practice and games for
       a period determined by the Principal, Athletic Director, and Coach. Second offense ends student eligibility
       for the sport season.
   8. Assignment to the Alternative Learning Classroom (Gateways) ends student eligibility for the sport season.
   9. Eligibility requirements must be given in writing to all participating students and their parents.

H.J. MacDonald operates under a “Closed Lunch Hour”. This means that students will remain at school during the
lunch period. A well-balanced Type A lunch will be available for purchase every day. Students may pay cash in the
lunchroom on a daily basis or pre-pay for lunch on a weekly or monthly basis. Beverages and supplemental items
are available to be purchased separately. ALL FOOD (INCLUDING DRINKS AND ICE CREAM) IS TO BE
EATEN INSIDE THE LUNCHROOM. Bottled beverages are not to be brought to school. Prices for the 2011-12
school year are as follows:
                                                              Full Price               Reduced Price
Breakfast                                                     $1.15                    $0.30
Lunch                                                         $2.00                    $0.40

Academic Grades                                       Conduct Grades
A 93-100                                              S Satisfactory
B 85-92                                               N Needs Improvement
C 77-84                                               U Unsatisfactory
D 70-76
F 69 or below

All students must be enrolled in Physical Education for one semester each year. During each semester session
“Health” will also be taught. Health and PE teachers will provide instruction for both curriculum areas. Students
must wear gum-soled shoes only in the gym. No “street” shoes are allowed during PE class. Students must
participate in all PE classes. If you must be excused from PE classes, you must have a written note from a

The Healthy Children’s Act also requires that all students receive a minimum of 20 minutes of physical activity
daily. Students will receive 20 minutes of outdoor structured physical activity daily weather permitting. If weather
is not permitting, teachers will arrange for indoor physical activity. Physical activity cannot be taken away from
students for punitive reasons.

The office staff is not able to diagnose illness and cannot dispense medicine to be taken internally. The school can
and will help with emergency first aid measures, but this is the extent of medical knowledge of the staff. In the
event of an accident at school, students are reminded to report the accident to the teacher immediately. Accident
reports must be filled out by the supervising teacher. These reports become invaluable in submitting claims to
the insurance company. Medicine and drugs that must be taken by students while at school must be delivered to the
school nurse or secretary with proper documentation from the student’s physician as to the need for the medicine or

Craven County Board Of Education Official Medicine Forms may be obtained from the school office or
Board of Education Office.

Vision screening is routinely conducted on 7th graders in the fall. New students will be screened as time allows.
Parents of students who fail two screenings will be notified. Financial assistance may be available for eye exams
and glasses. Please contact the school nurse for more information. Height and weight are routinely measured in the
spring. Body mass index is calculated using: or Letters will
be sent to parents of students above the 85 percentile; this is considered at risk of overweight. Please notify the
school nurse if you do not want your child included in the screening process.

Honor Roll-Students must earn a grade of 85 or above on all subjects and no conduct grade below an S.

Principal’s List-Students must earn a grade of 93 on all subjects with no conduct grade below an S.

Honor Roll and Principal’s List students will be recognized at a rewards assembly at the end of each nine week
grading period. Students enrolled in a NCVPS course must maintain an average of 85 or better to be eligible for
Honor Roll.

As a public service, the School Board has negotiated a general accident policy covering all pupils who have
subscribed. Participation in this insurance program is entirely voluntary. The policy is underwritten by Sentry Life
There are two options for premium payments:
         1. enroll on-line with a credit card at or
         2. cut along the dotted line of the online form, complete the form, and mail it, along with check or money
         order to:
                            The Young Group, Inc.
                            256 West Millbrook Road

                           Raleigh, NC 27609

Claim forms can be found at It is very important that any accident be reported
to the supervising teacher immediately. SCHOOL TIME OR 24-HOUR PREMIUM COVERS ALL ATHLETES.

Any student choosing to participate in athletics at HJM must purchase school insurance or provide proof of
insurance by another reputable insurance company.

Lockers will not be used except by special request. If a student needs a locker only locks purchased from H. J.
MacDonald are permissible. Locks are available from the school for $8.00.

The Media Center serves as the information center of our school. Please use the resources offered in the media
center in a way which shows respect for the freedom and openness that the library provides. All students are
welcome to use the Media Center at their teacher’s discretion and within the stated expectations.

      The media center hours are 7:30-3:30 on most days.
      Students may check out up to three resources (books, audio-books, etc.) for ten school days.
      Students are responsible for the books they check out. Books not renewed or returned on time will have an
         overdue fine of 5¢ per day.
      Students should never check out a book for another person.
      Students with overdue book or fines will not be allowed to check out additional resources until the
         outstanding obligation is taken care of.
      Students must have a signed Internet Acceptable Use Policy form to use school computers or technology.
      Questions, concerns, and suggestions for the HJM Library Media Center should be addressed to Mr. Baker.
The use of the internet in the Media Center and on all school computers requires the completion of the Craven
County Schools Internet User Agreement for Middle and High School Students form at the beginning of each
school year. Copies of these forms will be maintained in the library and/or in the student’s homeroom. The Craven
County Schools Media Release Form is required to release/publish your child’s written work, artwork, and spoken
message or photograph in whole or in part. These forms will be sent home at the beginning of the school year and
will be kept on file in the student’s homeroom.

Sixth, seventh and eight graders are eligible for the National Junior Honor Society. In order to be inducted and
remain a member, students must maintain a 90 or higher average in all subject areas and S’s in conduct for each
nine-week period. Members who fall below this standard will be placed on probation and cannot participate in
NJHS activities.
• First grade below a 90 and/or conduct below an S will result in probation for a grading period.
• If a member receives a grade below 90 consecutively in any subject or combination of subjects and/or a conduct
grade below an S that will result in removal from National Junior Honor Society.
 • If a member is on probation for any three nine-week periods (grades 6-8) a letter will be sent home removing the
student from membership.
• A student may not participate in any NJHS activities that may occur during their probation.

School disciplinary situations which result in probation or removal from NJHS:
• Suspension from school 2 times in school or 1 time out of school, will result in removal from NJHS.
• Once out of NJHS a student cannot be reinstated into NJHS.
• Officers shall come from the 8th grade. They will be elected in the fall each year by 8th grade members.
• Service projects shall be an important part of the NJHS. All members are expected to participate in at least 3
• Meetings will be held monthly after school. Members are expected to attend.

OTS (Opportunity To Succeed)
H. J. MacDonald Middle School teachers are dedicated to the success of all students. Opportunities are available for
students to receive additional assistance from their classroom teacher if they are struggling obtaining the required
curriculum. Opportunity To Succeed (OTS) will be offered by each of your child’s core teachers at least once/week

in the morning and afternoon. Sessions will be held in the teacher’s classroom. Students must have rides available
at designated times in order to remain after school for OTS. Students must notify teachers of their intent to be
present for OTS the day before each session.

Student planners will be provided by each team quarterly. Planners will contain quarterly calendars, pacing guides
for core subjects, academic charts, as well as planners for students to record assignments and for parents and
teachers to communicate. Students are expected to have their planners in their possession in all classes everyday.

All students that have an 80 average or better in all subjects, all satisfactory conduct grades, no more than 3
unexcused absences and have not received a discipline or bus referral will be eligible to attend a celebration event at
the end of each nine weeks. This event is called “Principal’s Pride”.

Progress reports will be issued 3 times each 9 weeks prior to report cards. Progress reports should be reviewed by
the parent/guardian, signed, and returned to the student’s teacher(s). Progress reports will be issued to all students
by all teachers on the following dates:
          1st quarter: September 14, September 28, October 19
          2nd quarter: November 18, December 8, January 9
          3rd quarter: February 13, February 27, March 12
          4th quarter: April 23, May 8, May 21

Students are required to pass all six subjects in grades 6, 7, and 8, score a level III or above on the EOG for Reading
and Math, and be in attendance in school for 160 days or more in order to be considered for promotion to the next
grade. Achievement levels for middle school students on the Reading and Math EOG assessments at Level II or
below may be cause for retention at the present grade level or for assignment to a remediation program. Students
with more than 20 absences in a school year, including out-of-school suspension, shall not be promoted to the next
grade except by determination of the principal/designee upon review of the student’s records.

Report cards will be issued four times during the school year: November 3, January 26, April 12 and June 7. June
7, 2011 is the last day of school for students. Requests for early issuance of report cards will not be honored.
Students not in attendance on June 7 may come to school to receive report cards on June 8 or thereafter.

The school counselors are available to assist students with personal, academic, and career development individually,
in small groups, and in the classrooms. Students are encouraged to visit their school counselor if they have a
problem or concern. Students should obtain a classroom teacher’s permission to visit the school counselor. The
school counselors will make an effort to talk with their counselees as many times as possible during the school year.
Counselors also are available to interpret pupil information to students, parents, and teachers and are responsible for
registering new students and introducing them to the school. The school counselors also obtain records and evaluate
data pertaining to the aptitudes, interests, and abilities of each student.. They also oversee all state-mandated testing
and the character education program. Counselors are available for parent conferences or to arrange parent
conferences with teachers as requested.

It is the policy of the Craven County Board of Education to provide a free and appropriate public education to each
disabled student within its jurisdiction, regardless of the nature or severity of the handicap. It is the intent of this
school system to ensure that students who are disabled within the definition of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
of 1973 are identified, evaluated, and provided with appropriate education services. Students may be disabled under
this policy even though they do not require services pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
(IDEA). Due process rights of disabled students and their parents under Section 504 will be enforced.

Students and adults are strictly prohibited from selling any item or soliciting funds for any organization on school
property unless authorized to do so in writing from the principal.

                                                         - 10 -
Students are expected to be in their 1st period class before the tardy bell rings. The tardy bell rings at 7:50 a.m. Any
student not in their classroom by 7:50 a.m. should report to the front office to check into school and receive a pass to
class. Every student needs to be in school everyday and on time. When a student has acquired 3 tardies to school or
to class during a 9 week period, the teacher will write a disciplinary referral and refer the student to an assistant
principal (and each tardy afterwards). Excessive tardies shall be considered in determining promotion/retention if
the tardies are interfering with the student’s academic achievement.

Parents have a legal right to know the professional qualifications of classroom teachers. Specifically, parents have
the right to ask for information pertaining to licensure, highly qualified credentials, college major, etc. Any parent
requesting this information should contact the Craven County Human Resource Department at 252-514-6367.

Students will not be called to the telephone during school hours. Students should not ask friends or relatives to call
school except for an emergency that they are willing to relay to the office staff. In case of an emergency, the office
will contact the student and proceed accordingly.

At the beginning of the year textbooks will be issued to students. Upon receipt students are responsible to care for
them and return them in good condition. Students will be responsible for monetary damages or loss of any textbooks
assigned. All fines must be paid before the end of the year.

It is the belief of the Craven County Board of Education that the use of tobacco is harmful to general health. The
Board further believes that adults working or visiting on school property should be positive role models for students
and that a 100% tobacco free policy contributes to a healthier learning/teaching environment for students and staff.
The Board of Education hereby prohibits the use of tobacco products on all school property by everyone at all times.
In addition, staff members may not use tobacco in any form when supervising, directing or coaching student
activities even though the event may be held after school hours or away from Craven County School property. The
use and/or possession of tobacco or tobacco products are prohibited and any student who violates this rule is subject
to the provisions of the student Discipline and Conduct Code. There is also a $25.00 fine payable to the school. This
rule applies on the way to and from school, during lunch, at school activities, and during the school day.

All changes in transportation must be in writing. Notes requesting a change in transportation must be turned into
Ms. Moore in the front office before 9:00 a.m. each day. Ms. Moore will verify the note and notify appropriate
school personnel. Faxes will be accepted and should include a phone number where the parent/guardian can be
reached. The school’s fax number is (252) 514-6456.

                                                        - 11 -
The administration and staff of H.J. MacDonald Middle School is dedicated to the task of making certain that all
students receive a quality education. Teaching and learning must be the main focus of everyone in our school
community. Any kind of behavior that interferes with the teaching and learning process is unacceptable. The
objective of the staff of HJM is for students to have a positive experience, especially in the classroom. A positive
experience involves all staff members respecting and caring for all students. The staff will also expect the same
kind of consideration from students. While studying the Code of Conduct and Procedural Code for H. J. MacDonald
Middle School, students and parents should keep the following in mind:
1.The H. J. MacDonald Middle School Handbook contains a Classroom Code of Conduct as well as one to be used
school-wide. The administration recognizes that teachers have the opportunity to develop rules that apply to their
classroom. These rules should be visibly posted and reviewed with students regularly.
2.The Code of Conduct operates on the basis of Zero Tolerance. Parents and students are reminded that for a Code
of Conduct to be successful, a consistent application of the Code must be applied to all. When parents or students
ask for “special” consideration it undermines the integrity of the Code of Conduct.
3.Not knowing the rules and regulations of the Code of Conduct is not an acceptable excuse. Please read the

There are basic behaviors that every student is expected to adhere to while in any classroom. The teacher is in
charge of the classroom at all times! It is unfortunate that some students “choose” to misbehave. Such misbehavior
includes (but is not limited to) talking out of turn, not bringing materials to class, not doing assigned work, putting
one’s head on the desk, talking out loud, not paying attention, and other such behaviors. The administration,
teachers, and staff will treat all students with dignity and respect, however, immature, irresponsible, or disrespectful
behavior will not be tolerated. Based on these statements, the following Classroom Code of Conduct states proper
behavior expectations of every student at H. J. MacDonald Middle School:
              1. All students will bring paper, pencil (or pen), textbooks, and other materials required by the
                   teacher to class every day.
              2. All students will attend every class and be prepared to devote the entire instructional time to
                   constructive activity under the direction of the teacher.
              3. All students will obey the directives of all teachers and staff members at all times. Students will
                   be treated with dignity and respect. No student is to argue or dispute any directive or ruling of a
                   teacher or staff member (this includes substitute teachers).
              4. All students will follow school behavior expectations and the general classroom expectations of
                   the teacher during class time.

Those who violate the Classroom Behavior Expectations and other teacher-developed classroom rules will be dealt
with in accordance with the following system:
             1st Offense-Reminder: A “reminder” will be issued to a student the first time the student disrupts or
             breaks a classroom rule. The teacher will remind the student of the expected behavior or rule to be
             followed. A reminder gives the student an opportunity to choose more appropriate behavior before a
             more substantial corrective action is received. The teacher will make a note in the student’s behavior
             log of the reminder.
             2nd Offense- Time Out: The second time a student disrupts in the same day, the teacher must provide
             an immediate corrective action. The disruptive student will be removed from the rest of the class to a
             seat near the teacher or away from their group for 10 minutes. The teacher will make a note in the
             student’s behavior log of the disruption.
             3rd Offense- Parents contacted: The third time a student disrupts in the same day, the teacher must
             make parental contact. This can be in the form of a phone call, email, text, or note sent home by the
             student. The teacher can also require the student to call the parent and inform the parent of their
             behavior. The teacher will make a note in the student’s behavior log of the disruption.
             4th Offense-Administrator: Students who continue to be disruptive after 3 offenses may be sent to an
             administrator for corrective action. The teacher must have already met with the administrator and
             discussed actions that may be taken. The administrator’s role includes counseling with the student,
             conferencing with the parent, or suspending the student.

                                                         - 12 -
In cases of severe misbehavior, such as fighting, vandalism, defying a teacher, or in some way stopping the entire
class from functioning, a student would not receive a reminder first. The student loses the right to proceed through
the hierarchy of corrective action. These severe clauses should be few and far between if the classroom teacher has
successfully implemented the classroom procedural code and classroom management practices. Severe misbehavior
calls for an immediate corrective action that removes the student from the classroom. The classroom teacher will
send the student to the office for corrective action. Any student sent to the office for corrective action by an
administrator at any time, must have a completed disciplinary referral completed by the referring teacher. The
student must be told by the teacher why they are being sent to an administrator.
There are three categories of improper conduct at H.J. MacDonald Middle School: Category I for the least serious
offenses, Category II for higher level offenses, and Category III for the most serious offenses. The administration
will determine the proper category and the corrective action for each offense. It is imperative that students and
parents understand that all rules of H. J. MacDonald Middle School apply at any school event, any time and any
where the student is under the supervision of school administrators and teachers or those appointed by the
administration (such as parents, chaperones, etc.) during and after school hours. These rules apply any time a
student is on the school campus. Moreover, these rules apply whenever a student is participating in or attending any
activity where representatives of H. J. MacDonald Middle School are involved (on campus or away from campus)—
such as athletic events, and other off-campus activities. THE PRINCIPAL OR HER DESIGNEE HAS FULL
           Nuisance Items at School (includes CD players, IPODS, cell phones, etc.)
           Out of Area (being somewhere in the building other than where assigned)
           Tardies (3 tardies to school or to a class in a 9 week period and each tardy after)
           Gambling
           Cheating, Forgery and Lying (providing false information to staff; i.e., false name, etc.)
           Being sent out of class for repeated classroom misbehavior (4th offense of classroom procedural code)
           Gum, candy, food items, etc. (gum, candy, and other food items are not allowed in the classrooms,
              media center, gym, or hallways)
           Possession, Use, or Distribution of Tobacco Products or Smoking Paraphernalia
           Leaving the School Campus or Being Out of School or the Classroom Without the Knowledge or
              Permission of a Parent, Teacher, or Staff Member
           Being Disrespectful to or Bullying Other Students
           Insubordination (includes refusing to comply with request of a staff member)
           Display of any “gang” related gestures, symbols, etc.
           Being Disrespectful to Any School Employee
           Assault, Violence, Profanity, or any other flagrant Gesture Directed Toward Any School Employee
           Possession of a Weapon or Explosive Device
           Possession, Sale, Exchange, Use of or Being Under the Influence of Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, or Non-
              Prescribed Drugs
           Breaking and Entering a School Building or Trespassing on School Property; Damaging School
              Property; Theft of School Property
           Sexual Harassment
           Damage or theft of another person’s property
           Disorderly Conduct
           Fighting or Involvement in an Affray/Arguing/Creating a Public Disturbance/Assaulting a Student
           Recording and posting students in any school setting on public media outlets (i.e. internet, etc.)

                                                      - 13 -
                                   CORRECTIVE ACTIONS CHART
CATEGORY I                    CATEGORY II       CATEGORY III                               ACTION
1ST Offense                                                                                1 day
                                                                                           In School Suspension
                                                                                            (or 1 class period if
                                                                                           disruptive student)
2nd Offense                                                                                1 day
                                                                                           In School Suspension
3rd Offense                                                                                2 days
                                                                                           In School Suspension
4th Offense                   1st Offense                                                  1 day
                                                                                           Out of School Suspension
5th Offense                   2nd Offense                                                  2 days
                                                                                           Out of School Suspension
6th Offense                   3rd Offense                                                  3 days
                                                                                           Out of School Suspension
7th Offense                   4th Offense                    1st Offense                   5 days
                                                                                           Out of School Suspension
8th Offense                   5th Offense                    2nd Offense                   10 days
                                                                                           Out of School Suspension
                                                                                           (possible long-term
9th Offense                   6th Offense                    3rd Offense                   10 days
                                                                                           Out of School Suspension
                                                                                           (possible long-term

  1. Students assigned to ISS must complete all assignments. The instructors will communicate with the
      student’s teachers for instructions and assignments. Students assigned to ISS must also complete behavior
      log with corrective measures.
  2. Students assigned to ISS or suspended from school will not be allowed to participate in (or attend) any
      assemblies or school activities during the school day or after school.
  3. Students who do not complete corrective actions as assigned will be assigned additional actions to
  4. Parents must be notified by the referring teacher for each office referral submitted. The administrator will
      notify the parent of the corrective action.
  5. Students engaging in physical altercations or unruly behavior will have a juvenile petition filed with the
      Craven County Courts for disorderly conduct in addition to receiving corrective actions at the school.

A student, accompanied by their parent or guardian, may appeal the corrective action of the assistant principal to the
principal. However, the appeal must be based on one or more of the following:
     1. The Assistant Principal did not base his/her decision on the facts.
     2. The behavior of the accused was not a violation of the Code of Conduct.
     3. The punishment given was not consistent with the Corrective Actions Chart.
An appeals meeting must be scheduled with the principal by the parent or guardian within 24 hours.

                                                        - 14 -
                                     Who To Ask?
Often times students and parents may have questions about school and they do not know who to
ask. The following information showing who in the school is responsible for which areas of
operation may be helpful in these situations.

Contact the school at 252-514-6450 or email at

Mrs. Langhans-Principal     Ms. Carson-Assistant Principal        Mrs. Gaskill-Assistant Principal
Accelerated Reader          ISS                                   Bulletin Boards
Accelerated Math            Buses                                 Crisis Plans
AIG Program                 Clubs                                 Curriculum
Athletics                   Curriculum                            Discipline
Attendance                  Discipline                            Field Trips & White Buses
Curriculum                  Exceptional Children’s Program        In Touch Notification System
Data Analysis               Effective & Efficient Operations      Lockers
Discipline Appeals          Facilities & Rentals                  Safe & Inviting Environment
Fundraisers                 Limited English Proficient Program    Staff Development/Sea System
Handbooks                   School Pictures                       Substitutes
Junior Paws                 Supervision                           Supervision
School Calendar             Teacher & Staff Evaluations           Teacher & Staff Evaluations
Strategic Planning                                                Textbooks
Teacher Certification
Teacher Duties
Teacher & Staff

Ms. Mendes, Ms. Nasser-School Counselors
Student Awards & Recognitions
Character Education
Counseling Students/Parents
Enroll/Withdraw Students
Scheduling Students
Student Records
Yellow Folders

Ms. Garner-Bookkeeper         Ms. Lyles-Testing Coordinator       Ms. Bloomfield-NC Wise
Money/Receipts                Testing (local and state)           Attendance
Supplies                      Drop Out Prevention                 Discipline Records
                              Guidance Assistant                  InTouch Messaging System

                                            - 15 -

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