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									                                RONI WALID KOBROSLY, MPH


Department of Community and Preventive Medicine
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 644
Rochester, New York 14642 United States
Tel: 1-585-276-4840; Fax: 1-585-461-4532

University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry                                 Rochester, New York
Division of Epidemiology                                                               September 2008 - present
Doctor of Philosophy

Thesis Title: “An Epidemiologic Investigation into the
Relationship between Stress, Allostatic Load,
and Depressive Symptoms among the Elderly.”

University of Michigan, School of Public Health                                           Ann Arbor, Michigan
Epidemiology Department                                                              September 2006 - May 2008
Master of Public Health

Thesis Title: “Increased Risk of Bladder Cancer
Among Automobile Industry Employees:
A Population-Based Case-Control Study
in Southeastern Michigan, USA.”

Rice University                                                                                Houston, Texas
Bachelor of Arts in the Biological Sciences                                          August 2002 - January 2006

My primary research interests include psychiatric epidemiology, psychosomatic medicine, and understanding how
social and economic phenomenon influence population health. Secondarily, I am interested in environmental health
and advanced statistical methods in psychiatric etiologic research.
First authorship:

Kobrosly RW, van Wijngaarden E, Galea S, Cory-Slechta DA, Love T, Hong C, Shamlaye CF, Davidson PW.
Socioeconomic Position and Cognitive Function in the Seychelles: A Life Course Analysis. Neuroepidemiology
2011 (in press).

Kobrosly RW, van Wijngaarden E. Revisiting the association between metabolic syndrome and depressive
symptoms. Ann Epidemiol 2010 Nov; 20(11): 852-5.

Kobrosly RW, van Wijngaarden E. Associations between Immunologic, Inflammatory, and Oxidative Stress
Markers with Severity of Depression; an Analysis of the 2005-2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination
Survey. Neurotoxicology 2010 Jan; 31(1): 126-33.

Kobrosly RW, Meliker JR, Nriagu JO. Automobile Industry Occupations and Bladder Cancer: A Population-Based
Case-Control Study in Southeastern Michigan, USA. Occup Environ Med 2009; 66(10): 650-6.

Papers in progress:

Kobrosly RW, Jones CMC, Seplaki CL, van Wijngaarden E. Physiologic Dysfunction Scores and Cognitive
Function Test Performance in United States Adults.

Kobrosly RW, Seplaki CL, Cory-Slechta DA, Moynihan J, van Wijngaarden E. Multisystem Physiologic
Dysfunction Is Associated with Depressive Symptoms in a Population-Based Sample of Older Adults.

Kobrosly RW, Parlett L, Stahlhut RW, Barrett ES, Swan SH. Exploring the Socioeconomic Dimensions of
Phthalate Metabolite Levels Among United States Women of Reproductive Age.

Sloan CD, Romeiser J, Kobrosly RW, Meliker JR. Driving Distance to Work and Body Mass Index in Southeastern

Listed as a contributor:

Songdej N, Winters PC, McCabe MJ Jr, van Wijngaarden E. A population-based assessment of blood lead levels in
relation to inflammation. Environ Res. 2010 Apr;110(3):272-7.

van Wijngaarden E, Campbell JR, Cory-Slechta DA. 2009. Bone lead levels are associated with measures of memory
impairment in older adults. Neurotoxicology. 30(4): 572-80.

Strong R, Miller RA, Astle CM et al. 2008. Nordihydroguaiaretic acid and aspirin increase lifespan of genetically
heterogeneous male mice. Aging Cell. 7(5): 641-650.


Study Title: Examining the Link Between Allostatic Load and Depressive Symptoms Among Older Adults
Pilot and Collaborative Studies Award - $ 12,352
Clinical and Translational Science Institute
University of Rochester Medical Center

    Occupational and Environmental Medicine
    Biomarker Insights
    Psychiatry Research

University of Rochester,                                                              September 2010 – present
Center for Reproductive Epidemiology Research Assistant
PI: Shanna H. Swan, PhD
     Helped develop surveys for a nacent multicenter epidemiologic study: The Infant Development and
       Environment Study (TIDES)
     Assisted in development, organization, preliminary analysis of TIDES
     Developed code to organize, summarize, and error-check first study wave TIDES data

University of Rochester,                                                              September 2009 – present
Seychelles Child Development Study Research Assistant
PI: Philip W. Davidson, PhD
     Took part in discussions regarding future research directions
     Proposed and carried out analyses focusing on socioeconomic position and health
     Conducted miscellaneous statistical analyses for study
     Helped in the testing of a new occupational coding scheme for the study

University of Michigan,                                                                  May 2008 – October 2008
Geriatric Center Research Assistant
PI: Richard Miller, MD, PhD
     Performed statistical analyses and provided study analysis advice for rodent aging research
     Created figures, charts, and tables that were included in publication

University of Michigan,                                                                        May 2007 – May 2008
Michigan Arsenic Study Research Assistant
PI: Jerome Nriagu, PhD
     Took over management of University of Michigan Arsenic Study, under the supervision of Dr. Jerome
        Nriagu. Organized study data and conducted statistical analysis
     Interviewed participants for residential, occupational, dietary histories, and obtained water samples

Ann Arbor Ecology Center                                                         September 2006-June 2007
Research/Organizing Assistant
Supervisor: Tracey Easthope, MPH
    Helped organize annual Michigan Network for Children's Environmental Health meeting, and co-developed
      MNCEH website (http://www.mnceh.org/). Created and researched a document summarizing other states’
       child environmental health successes, which was used by key community stakeholders to as a step towards
       implementing programs.
      Researched and created fact sheets on toxicology and environmental health for public education.
      Collected and compiling data on childhood abnormalities in all Michigan counties for publication in
       MNCEH report.

Rice University,                                                                        May 2004 – September 2005
Biochemistry Lab Research
PI: Seiichi Matsuda, PhD
     Carried out study comparing genes regulating sterol production of phytoplankton Emiliania huxleyi to those
        of Arabidopsis thaliana, under mentorship of Dr. Matsuda and a graduate student.
     Gained familiarity with biochemistry lab techniques: DNA preparation, PCR reactions, gel electrophoresis,
        centrifuging, gene cloning, and DNA analysis software and databasing.

University of Rochester,                                                                                    Fall 2009
Introduction to Public Health Undergraduate Course
     Co-designed syllabus, created mid-term group project for students
     Gave 3 lectures introducing the topics of health disparities and social epidemiology
     Evaluated essays, projects, and final exam
     Mentored students throughout course

University of Rochester
Seychelles Child Development Study
    Mentored 2 undergraduate students with their independent research projects
    Guided students through literature review process that culminated in final course reports
    Mentored students in developing presentation skills and conceptual issues in epidemiologic research


      Dean's Award (University of Michigan, School of Public Health)
      President’s Honor Roll (Rice University)
      Inducted into Honorary Chemistry Society (Rice University)


    Co-organized 2011 Honorary Saward-Berg Lecture at the University of Rochester. Guest speaker: David
     Helms, PhD
    Co-created Rochester Free School at the Flying Squirrel community center, an organization facilitating the
     teaching of free courses on topics ranging from visual art, to literature, and everyday practical skills. Helped
     with the promotion of the Free School, including design t-shirts and flyers
    Volunteering with University of Rochester Refugee Student Alliance. Helping a Rochester refugee family
     acclimate to living in the United States
    Rice Amnesty International Club—Co-organizer and participant
 Metro Justice (Rochester, NY), a Grassroots Political Organization. Co-Organized a Vigil in front of a New
  York Congressman’s Office to Save Social Security
 In Control Project (Rochester, NY). Tutoring urban students in math and science after school
 Habitat for Humanity

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