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									Body Mass Index
   What is Body Mass Index(BMI)?
• measurement of body fat
• based on height and weight
 What is the BMI Formula?

Weight in pounds X 703
  Height in inches²
How can I use BMI to determine if I
   am an ideal body weight?
• 20 and 25 - healthy
• Below 20 - underweight
• Above 25 - overweight
• Above 30 - obesity
  How does BMI impact your health
 The higher your BMI, the higher your
  risk of developing such conditions
  as heart disease, high blood
  pressure, sleep apnea, and type 2
             Is BMI accurate?
• It is generally accurate for most people, but
  can read too high for athletes or others with
  large, heavy muscles.
• The most accurate way to determine one’s
  body composition is by calculating % of body
• The most accurate test is under water
  hydrostatic weighing
• The second most accurate test is the skin fold
  test with a + or – 3 % margin for error.
          Ticket out the Door
• Record your BMI
• Does your BMI put your health at risk?

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