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					    UPPERGULLY NEWS                  Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn 2005

    Edition 3 Autumn 2005

Local Issues
Local History
Local People

Inside this edition:
•    Children’s author Paul Jennings visits
•    Local cheerleader creates history
                                                      Page 1
•    UG circus’s private meeting with Cirque du Soleil
       Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn       2005

                                             WORLD FAMOUS AUTHOR REMEMBERS THE HILLS
       IF YOU WOULD LIKE        By Sally Dusting-Laird          sold around seven million So Paul would escape by

       TO CONTRIBUTE IN                                         copies of his books worldwide.      reading books and dreamed of
       ANY WAY WITH                    he Dandenong Ranges        “If you can make kids laugh, one day becoming a writer.
       LOCAL STORIES,                  were a magnifcent tell me something that’s more                 “I knew I was quite good at
       ADVERTISING OR                  source of inspiration useful than that,” he said.            writing but I didn’t ever think I
       PHOTOGRAPHY                     for one of Australia’s     Paul revealed as a boy he was good at school,” he said.
       PLEASE CONTACT       most successful       authors and seemed happy on the outside When Paul was 15 years old he
                            story tellers, Paul Jennings.       but inside he felt differently.     wrote an article and sent it to
       The Editor              Mr Jennings has fond               “Anybody who knew me the Australian Women’s Weekly.
       Upper Gully News     memories of living in Belgrave would have said I was wild, It was rejected and Paul said he
       Coonara Community    for a number of years.              rude and naughty, you know, was devastated and decided he
       House                   “I used to live in Belgrave, wandering the countryside on just wasn’t good enough and
       22 Willow Road       near Puffing Billy,” he said. “As                                              gave up.
       Upper Ferntree Gully a writer the beautiful scenery                                                    “I didn’t write again
       Victoria        3156 was inspiring.”                                                                until I was 38 years old,”
        9758 7081 or           Knox City shopping centre                                                   he said.
       Email:               also featured in a number of his                                                  In 1984 his 11 year
       coonarahouse         earlier books.                                                                 old       son      started       “I guess I have a special gift                                              complaining about the
                            that makes it easy for me to                                                   boring books he was
       Editor/writer        write children’s books,” he said                                               reading.
       Sally Dusting-Laird  d ur ing a sp ecial guest                                                         Paul decided he’d
                            appearance at Ferntree Gully                                                   write a story for his son.
       Sub-editor           library at Knox Festival in                                                    It was titled Unreal one
       Amanda May           March.                                                                         of Paul’s most popular
       Laura Cameron           “I remember in great detail                                                 books and he admits
                            what it was like to be young and Paul Jennings with Savannah at FTG library    his     favourite.
       Sales executive      the man y feelings a nd                                                        More books followed and
       Carolyn O’Neill      experiences you go through. All my bike. But actually inside I in 1990, Round the Twist, an
                            of my books come from didn’t feel like that at all, and ABC television                         series was
       Contributors:        childhood memories.”                when I look at the photos of based on Paul’s stories.
       Leanne FitzGerald       Paul Jennings’ stories are myself as a boy, they It                         became a top rating
       Janice Witham        devoured by kids all around the were invariably this sad little children’s program in more than
       Amanda May           world.                              boy looking out at the world in 40 countries around the world.
       Judy Wolff               Peter Smith inspects of a rather confused way, that’s the
                               Since the first publication the long grass                             “The thing is to find what you
       Diane Howes          Unreal in 1985 he has written way I remember it.”                       love because then you’re going
       Merindah McInnes     more than eighty stories and                                            to be happy doing it,” he said.

       Upper Gully News
       printed by Ferntree Print
                                                SENSORY GARDEN – A TOUCHING PROJECT
                                              Children of all ages and abilities    to touch.                                it as an outside “classroom” for
       Deadline for next issue:            will benefit from a new project due to     Coonara’s Reception Coordinator, activities. We also have several
       June 14th, 2005                     start at Coonara Community House in      A m a n d a M a y, w i l l o v e r s e e talented artists who have offered their
                                           June this year.
                                                                                                                  Irene Smith feeding the troops
                                                                                    the project and is looking for any help services to create some artistic pieces
                                              A sensory garden will be developed    or ideas ranging from donations of for the garden.”
    ABN 65 554 350 180                     with the help of a Work for the Dole     plants on the “wish list” to anyone         A meeting for interested parties will
                                           project and funding from the City of     willing to volunteer an afternoon be held at Coonara Community
                                           Knox.                                    helping out once the garden is House, 22 Willow Road, Upper
Views and comments expressed in this          A plan will be drawn up with input    established.                             Ferntree Gully on Wednesday, June
paper are not necessarily those of any
member of the Upper Gully News unless      from the community, groups that use         “ I a m p a s s i o n a t e a b o u t 15 from 1.30pm-3.00pm.
acknowledged as such. Products and         the playground and childcare staff at    the therapeutic benefits of gardening       Donations for materials and soil
services listed or advertised in the       Coonara.      Wheelchair access will     for anyone, especially children as they from the local business community
newspaper should not be considered as
endorsements. While every effort is made
                                           enable children with disabilities to     are our future,” Ms May said.     “The will stretch the budget a lot further.
to ensure accuracy of editorial content,   access the garden beds. There will be    garden is in need of some                   If you can help please contact
UGN takes no reponsibility for errors.     scented plants to smell and those with   tender loving care at Coonara and it Amanda May at Coonara Community
                                           soft leaves such as “lambs ears”         would be great to colour it up and use House on 9758 7081.

     Page 2
                                                                              Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn 2005


            ommunity Houses and mental The distance between how a person is
            health organisations have coping with the illness and how it’s
            joined forces to remove the perceived socially is so vast.”
            stigma of mental illness and          “I think the general population is
help sufferers return to society by worried by mental illness and this includes
providing educational opportunities.           the people living with the illness.”
   Special workshops on mental health             “They can experience social and
have been held in a number of local geographic isolation, poverty, loss of focus
community houses, teaching staff and and direction, self consciousness, fear of
tutors to understand and manage judgement, rejection and diminished
behaviour.                                     self-esteem.”                                 Mental Illness – The Facts
   They also explored the myths, usage and         Until recently there was a negative
side-effects of medication.                    stigma associated with mental illness        • You can’t see it or touch it and many
   Community Access Mental Health but a band of brave celebrities                             people walk around not realising they
Alliance (CAMHA), based in Lilydale, including sportsmen and women have                       have it.
offers fee assistance to people struggling come out and announced their various
                                                                                            • Mental illness is a hidden disability
with finances but wanting to return to
                                                                                              unlike people living with physical
   They also help with transport costs and
                                                                                            • Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia
provide personal support in the classroom.
                                                                                              and eating disorders are a huge
   CAMHA co-ordinator Karen Fairhurst is
                                                                                              issue in the community but many
leading the fight for equal opportunity.
                                                                                              people don’t recognise the symptoms.
   “The best practical support we can put
in place are fee assistance, transport and                                                  • Recent figures indicate that as many
supported participation,” Ms Fairhurst                                                        as one in five Australians will suffer
said.                                                                                         from depression at some stage
   “If you’re isolated, medicated and you         CAMHA’S Karen Fairhurst                     during their lives.
don’t have transport, that’s okay, we’ll get                                                • Doctors believe up to a 25 per cent of
you there.                                     battles with depression.                       adolescents will suffer from a major
   “We       have      ten     community          “People are frightened because they         depressive illness.
houses involved in the project and by can’t see it and it has to do with                    • It’s even been referred to as the
removing the barriers people will move the mind, it has to do in essence with                 common cold of mental illness and
forward.”                                      who we are and so I think when we              often goes unnoticed and untreated.
   Ms Fairhurst said CAMHA recognises socially label someone we put distance                • People with a mental illness are not
and values the uniqueness and diversity of between that person and ourselves so               inherently violent, unable to work,
all people and the role they play in society.  we can then push that person away,”            unpredicatable, untrustworthy, weak
    “Many people don’t see the illness for Ms Fairhurst said.                                 or unable to get well.
                                        Yvette and Sebastian                                • Research indicates that people
what it is and they label someone who is         CAMHA has been operating since
stumbling a bit at getting up in the February 2000 and emphasises                             receiving treatment for a mental
morning…not many people understand community inclusion and the sense of                       illness are no more violent and
that’s the medication, they think that’s the belonging as important factors that              dangerous than the general
illness and therefore that’s the person.”      contribute to the recovery of people           population.
   “I think that’s just terribly unfair. who experience a mental illness.

 LIVING WITH MENTAL ILLNESS                                                 PERSONAL JOURNEYS
“I became very withdrawn from the           community.                                   deserve a great break in life.”
community; I didn’t want to socialize,      There I was finally given a choice
even with my family which made things       towards personal growth and spiritual
very difficult. A councillor at Anglicare   strengthening, a chance to rejoin the        “It has given me lots of self-esteem,
referred me to CAMHA and suggested          human race or should I say the               boosted my confidence to go out and meet
they might be able to help rebuild my       Community House race. My mindset is          people. In a way my friends and family
self-esteem and reintroduce me to the       slowly adjusting to the fact that I do       members now look up to me because now

                                                                                                                                Page 3
  Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn     2005

cont from p.3                                         in the class room, the CAMHA worker           to deal with. I went on to do further
“I’m doing something they themselves                  was there, she sat opposite me at the         courses, started  socializing more and
wouldn’t be able to do.”                              table, reassured me that things were          having positive thoughts about the
                                                      going to be OK.                               f uture.”
                                                         I could barely hold the tools. Once
“The first night at jewellery making class            I got into the making of the jewellery I
I was confronted with a range of mixed                started relaxing, got into the moment. I      “I have filled a huge void and loneliness
emotions, my anxiety levels went through              discovered it wasn’t as hard as I thought     in my life. Not only does this experience
the roof, and I was shaking like a leaf. I            it would be. After that first powerful        empower and allow one to make choices
remember that night so well. I finally got            experience I found that things were easier    it helps lead to recovery or being well.”

 BYRON A BRAVE FIGHTER                                                                                       By Sally Dusting-Laird

            yron      Didcock         is no cure.                                        boy for the          many cancer survivors.”
            spends       three            Today was                                      R o y a l                He’s also a gifted artist and
            months of the year        not a good day                                     C h ild r e n ’s     his work has been displayed
            in hospital and has       for Byron.                                         Hospital             at the Royal Children’s
watched at least six of his               He had a                                       Good Friday          Hospital.
close friends die, one just days      persistent                                         Appeal.                 Byron believes painting is a
ago.                                  cough and was                                          “I always        great way to express himself.
   But amazingly the Upper            breathless,                                        enjoy public            “I like doing art because
Ferntree Gully teenager still         barely able to                                     speaking on          you can get your feelings out
has a positive attitude and           leave the couch                                    the      radio       on paper. I like drawing
maturity beyond his years.            he was laying                                      and      TV,”        cartoons.”
   His smile is infectious and        on.                                                Byron said.              Byron puts on a brave front
he loves to tease his mother,             Five days                                          “I     talk      but frankly admits the disease
like many 14-year-old boys.           ago he came             Cystic Fibrosis            about stem           does scare him.
   But Byron is not like other        out of hospital sufferer Byron Didcock cell research                        “You just watch your
boys. He lives with Cystic            for the second                                     because              friends suffering and it seems
Fibrosis (CF) a disease that          time this year.                                    potentially          like a domino effect and you
primarily affects the lungs,           “I’m constantly tired and it’s there could be a cure for CF.”          wonder how long you have to
pancreas, liver and                   not easy to breathe...some         “I like to think of myself           fight it off,’ he said. “That’s
reproductive organs and is the        days are worse than others,” as a spokesman for CF                      the most scary thing.”
most common                 life-     he said. “Last year I missed because I like to get the word                 “It’s not my time yet. I
threatening, genetic disorder         half the school year but I do a out and spread awareness.”              don’t think there’ll be a cure
among Australians.                    lot of work at home and the        “One day I’d like to see CF          in my time…but I wish in
   CF causes a build-up of            teachers are really good.”      become a household name                 years to come people in my
mucus in the lungs which may              Byron earns his pocket like other fatal diseases such               situation will be able to at
lead to repeated chest                money in different ways; most as cancer.”                               least have hope.”
infections, lung damage and           notably he’s a professional        “There is absolutely no
reduced lung function. There          public speaker and a poster cure for CF whereas there are


                     Call Craig Kennedy                                                            Sushi Noodle Bar
                     (03) 9758 3072                                                      Healthy, fresh, tasty
                            1246                                                                   1224 Burwood Hwy
         Cox           Burwood Hwy                                                             Upper Ferntree Gully 3156
                     Upper Ferntree Gully                                                          Ph: 9758 8311
Page 4
                                                                                Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn 2005


            sense of community can        “Everyone from older people to    ARCHERY CLUB ON TARGET
           be the heart and soul of    children benefit from a
           towns and suburbs.          community that has healthy             Hollywood blockbuster            “Lord of the Rings did a
           Knox is one of those        community group participation.”     Lord of the Rings has            bit for us,” Mr Phelan
suburbs with a strong community            “Formal and informal groups     inspired a new generation of     admitted. “A lot of juniors
spirit but do you realise how many     are an essential part of the Knox   young competitors involved       joined up.”
groups there are registered in the     Community.”                         in Upper Ferntree Gully’s           Sherbrooke Archers cater
area?                                     Cr Moore said the strength of    Sherbrooke Archery club.         to    two main types of
   Knox Mayor Jenny Moore said         community groups comes from            Knox resident Danielle        archery: target and field.
there were more than 150 groups        community minded volunteers –       Phelan, 13, is one of               “Target archery is shot on
available to residents.                “the lifeblood of the groups.”      Australia’s top archers for      a flat range with varying
   “Community Groups are an                  “Without the support of       her age but only picked up       distances from 5 metres to
important and integral part            volunteers and community minded     the sport 2½ years ago.          90 metres depending on
of any community,” Cr Moore            individuals we would not have as       Her father Mark is not        your age and experience,”
told Upper Gully News.                 many community groups.”                                              Mr Phelan said.

Telephone: (03) 9752 2188
                           Nigel M. Ross
                 B.A. (Hons) (London), LL.B. (Mon.)
                       Ananda Jayasinghe

Jason & Ross                     Suite 5/1182 Burwood Highway
Barristers & Solicitors               Upper Ferntree Gully 3156
                                                                                      Archers Mark and Danielle Phelan

          The Gully Market
          Archers Mark and Danielle Phelan
                       Association Inc. A00 350 76K
                                                                           bad either. He’s been a
                                                                           competitive archer for seven
                                                                           years and is now considered
                                                                                                               “Field archery is shot
                                                                                                            through the bush, a bit like a
                                                                           a master of his craft.           round of golf. Each target is
            The little market with a BIG reputation                           Danielle competed in the      a different distance and
                                                                           state championships last         different size.”
                 At the gateway to the hills                               February and came second            Mr Phelan said prices of
                                                                           in the Under 14 division.        bows can vary tremedously
                                                                              She practices around four     with basic beginners sets
                                                                           hours a week but for             starting at $160 and a top
    Every                                                                  Danielle the thrill of           shelf bow costing $1500.
   Saturday                                                                competition is not the only         “Arrows start at six
                                                                           draw card. She gets to spend     dollars and can cost as
   & Sunday                                                                quality time with her father.    much as $70 each; it just
                                                                              “We get along really well     depends on your standard.”
                                                                           as we get to do a lot               Sherbrooke Archers
                                                                           together,” Danielle said.        provide all levels of
                     Arts, Crafts, plants & produce                           “We get to go away on         coaching. Session times are
                                                                           competitions, talk a lot and     on Sunday mornings.
          Come see the creators & find that special item                   have a lot of good times.”          The clubrooms can be
                        Railway carpark                                       “The club has about 50        contacted on 9753 6599.
                      Burwood Highway                                      members with competitors
          Upper Ferntree Gully (Opposite Royal Hotel)                      ranging in age from 6 to
         All enquiries to Keith 0417 599 466                                                                 Community groups cont....p6

                                                                                                                                  Page 5
  Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn     2005

 from p.5
                               SNAKEY BUSINESS                                            by Sally Dusting-Laird

Snakes and lizards aren’t everyone’s                  meeting at Monash University,” he said.         decide you would like to keep reptiles find
idea of a cuddly pet but many Knox                       The VHS has about 250 members.               out as much as you can.”
residents disagree as they turn up in                    Mr Watharow said he became interested          “Ensure you get a good enclosure and
droves to the monthly meetings of the                 in reptiles as a child.                         purchase a healthy and easy to handle
Victorian Herpetological Society (VHS).                  “At first I was a lizard person,” he said.   reptile.”
   The VHS was founded 25 years ago to                “My father used to feed this great old man        The next VHS meeting is on May 6, at
create an up-to-date resource for reptile             blue tongue in our backyard in Sydney and       Monash University.
keepers to get quality information on                 I could not believe how fascinating
husbandry techniques.                                 reptiles were.”
   They also learn how to promote reptile                “That was enough to convince me that I
awareness, encourage beginners to seek                had to learn more.”
employment in the field of herpetology                   “But back then information and the
and foster a good community spirit among              tools for learning were very poor.”
keepers.                                                 “Now I love the range of options and
   VHS spokesperson Simon Watharow,                   encouragement this era has got for reptile
from Scoresby, said everyone is welcome               fanciers.”
to join the VHS and membership is quick                  But Mr Watharow warned not everyone
and easy.                                             was suitable to own snakes or lizards.
   “You can visit the website                            “Keeping reptiles is a privilege and or attend a monthly                    great responsibility,” he said. “If you

         LOCAL CIRCUS CELEBRATES FIRST BIRTHDAY                                                                          By Judy Wolff

                  alk      into           But she refused to quit, as        there she realised that circus
                  T e c o m a          gym was the only thing on             was her true passion.
                  U n i t i n g        offer in her small country               Circus combines team and
                  Church Hall          town.                                 individual performance; uses
on a Monday or Wednesday                  Instead, she started coaching      all body shapes and fine and
night and you’ll see plates            a gymnastics display group            gross motor skills. In addition,
twirling, balls juggling, human        that introduced an element of         it always carries a fun aspect.
pyramids, people walking on            teamwork.                                There are tricks and skills to
stilts and riding unicycles, all          Since then Anna has moved          suit anyone and a sense of
to a blur of laughter and music.       through rhythmic gymnastics           achievement that cuts across
  It’s hard to tell the adults         to acrobatics, and now circus.        academic, cultural, age and
from the children in this                 Each new sport has involved        peer boundaries.
organised chaos. This is               co-operation, varied body                 “The same philosophy
Coonara Community Circus.              shape and a choice of skill of        underpins my approach to
  “Everyone can learn circus,”         its participants.                     circus training as teaching,” Anna Brooks and circus students
circus founder Anna Brooks                For instance, an acrobatic         Anna said.
said.                                  pyramid needs very different              “I want my kids to develop
  “There is a trick for every          sized people at the base and          into skilled, resilient, happy      After a difficult start,
shape, strength and age.”              apex.                                 individuals.”                     Coonara Community Circus is
  Since the age of 16, Anna               Anna’s desire to work with             Having found her niche in thriving and has just celebrated
has coached some form of               children in a non-competitive         circus for children, Anna its first birthday.
physical arts.                         way, led her to study teaching        became passionate about the         From its church hall venue,
  As a girl, she practised             at Melbourne University.              next step: bringing circus to a team of professional coaches
gymnastics with a love-hate               Later, as a teacher, she           the community.                    and parent administrators
relationship but she became            joined Coonara Community                   She is inspired by the introduce children, teenagers
disenchanted with the rigidity         School in Upper Ferntree              community oriented Women’s and even adults to a growing
of this competitive, individual        Gully.                                Circus, the Spaghetti Circus range of circus tricks.
sport, which suits very few               Coonara already offered a          from northern NSW, and the          For information on the
body shapes.                           circus programme and it was           world famous Cirque du Soleil. circus phone 9758 5426.

Page 6
                                                                               Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn 2005

         HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT                                              Hawkes Pharmacy
Most people want to create a
safer and cleaner neighbourhood
                                    “purposeful informality” to
                                    determine their own objectives,
                                                                             Approved Retailer
but many don’t realise how their
daily behaviour impacts on the
                                    research their impact on the
                                    environment and even save
                                                                           Diabetes Australia—Vic
environment.                        some money in the process.
   Maybe you want to recycle           The program works with                    Diabetes-friendly products
your laundry water, make your       councils, residents, schools,                   Education services
own compost, start a native         businesses and community
garden, install energy-efficient    groups to provide healthy, more              Information and Support
devices or start car pooling.       environmentally friendly and                   Membership available
   The Sustainability Street        safe neighbourhoods.
program will provide you with          It usually starts with a general
the skills and knowledge to         information session.                             Also available
transform your local area into         For Upper Ferntree Gully            National Diabetes Services Scheme
the most sustainable living         residents this will be held at
environment possible, while         Coonara Community House,
developing local networks and a     June 22nd 7-9pm.
sense of community.                    It costs nothing, just shared
   This program recognises that     knowledge with your                          Shop 10 Ferntree Plaza
a strong community is a happier     community neighbour.                             Burwood Hwy
and safer community.                   Call Coonara Community
   Sustainability Street provides   House, on 9758 7081, for more
                                                                              Upper Ferntree Gully Vic 3156
the opportunity for people to       information about the first                  (Opposite Maxi Foods)
work together with a sense of       Sustainability Street meeting.

                                                                               Ph: 9758 1082
          Manufacturers of aluminium                                 Undertake something that is difficult; it will do
                                                                     you good. Unless you try to do something
               and steel doors                                       beyond what you have already mastered, you will
                                                                     never grow.
            Shower screens                                           Ronald E. Osborn

        Insect doors and screens
             Security doors
             Roller shutters
           Sliding door units

                13 Rose Street
         Upper Ferntree Gully Vic 3156

      Phone: 9758 3800
                   Fax: 9758 2320
                                                                                                                                 Page 7
    Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn   2005

                                                                         Ferntree Gully, is so Great,
                                                                         10 out of 10, it would rate.
                                                                         With the National Park,
At our school, we have an inter-school sport                             And wonderful people too,
tournament. It’s where we have six to eight                              Oh Ferntree Gully, I love
teams that complete in a fun and safe enviroment.
All the kids that entered last year had great fun
watching and playing to win the title.
                                                                         Caitlin H (age 11)
We played hockey and everyone had a great
time. Before the finals each team plays each
All the kids would like to thank the teachers for
their time making it a success.

Scott (Age: 12)

                                                                      I am in Grade 6. I play basketball six times a
                                                                      week, because I play for two teams. They are the
                                                                      Ford Raiders and Ferntree Gully Falcons. In the
                                                                      Raiders I am in Under 14’s team.
                                                                      In Ferntree Gully Falcons, I am in Under 12’s.
   Dave Russell started boxing in 1979. He was only 19 years young.
                                                                      Two people I know from School, Tim and Jack
   At the age of 23 he began professional boxing. He started          also play for the Falcons.
   boxing to lose weight, get fit, and to stay out of trouble.        I have 1 Dog, 2 Cats and 2 Turtles.
   Dave trained at Ringwood and Richmond. His trainers were Ron
   Russell, Leo Berry and Mick Canavan.                               Nathan (Age: 11)
   Dave fought 34 times, professionally. He won 23 of those
   fights, drew 3 times and lost 8. He travelled to England twice,
   and fought there 4 times. He also went to Tokyo and Noumea.
   Dave appeared in the newspapers lots!!!!
   On the 11th of December 1992, Dave won the W.B.F (World
   Boxing Federation) title in the cruiserweight. He also won the
   Australian heavy weight championship in 1985 ; the O.P.B.F
   cruiserweight title in 1987 and 1992. Dave had the opportunity
   to box at the Olympics but the Australian
   Olympic Committee rejected him because of his tattoos.
   But out of all of his achievements I think that he is best at
   being a dad and at being show-and-tell for homework.

   Ruby (Age: 11)
                                                                         Ruby and Dave Russell

  Page 8
                                                                        Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn 2005

                                        Solution: 19 Letters (answer p.11)

E    N     A   I     C      I       G       A    M    M      U      S      I       C      C
D    C     P   E     V      O       P       E    R    A      C      I      M       O      C
R    T     N   R     A      P       R       O    T    C      A      I      M       N      F
A    O     U   A     U      A       R       M    I    A      N      E      S       C      A
M    N     A   B     D      R       D       E    H    S      D      T      O       E      Z
A    E     P   O     E      O       N       T    T    Y      H      P      N       R      N
E    R     P   V     V      D       E       R    A    G      A      R      G       T      A
S    U     L   A     I      Y       E       U    I    N      J      A      Z       Z      G
R    T     A   T     L      L       D       L    T    E      V      R      S       S      A Lava flow very fast
A    R     U   I     L      I       T       O    E    A      E      T      T       C      V Volcano blast everywhere
E    E     S   O     E      O       M       N    R    V      A      T      A       E      A Very hot, and very red.
H    V     E   N     O      I       I       I    U    G      A      I      R       N      R
E    O     C   F     M      T       E       E    E    R      O      C      N       E      T Jasmine (Age: 12)
R    E     N   E     A      T       N       O    I    T      I      D      U       A      X
K    S     A   M     Y      T       H       G    I    L      T      O      P       S      E

Actor          Footlights           Parody                Used with permission from
Applause       Hit                  Rehearse                 JANRIC Enterprises
Audience       Jazz                 Revue
Audition       Magician             Scene
Comedy         Mask                 Song
Comic          Matinee              Spotlight
Concert        Minstrel             Stage
Dance          Music                Star
Debut          Opera                Variety
Drama          Ovation              Vaudeville                             Ingredients
Encore         Overture                                                    3 1/2 cups of grated zucchini
Extravaganza                                                               1 onion, chopped
               Pantomime                                                   3 rashers of bacon or ham, chopped
                                                                           1 1/2 cups of grated tasty cheese
               BURWOOD HIGHWAY                                             1 cup of S/R flour
               APPLIANCE CENTRE                                            1/3 cup of oil
                                                                           5 eggs lightly beaten
                   9758 8891                                               Combine all ingredients, mixing well. Pour
                                                                           mixture into a lightly greased baking dish
                                                                           and bake at 180C for 40-45 minutes.
               New and Used Spare Parts
                  1220 Burwood Hwy
                                                                           Caysi (Age: 10)
                 Upper Ferntree Gully
                   (Opp. Railway CarPark)

                                                                                                                          Page 9
  Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn   2005

                 DOBSON WARD NEWS                                         ST THOMAS’                    Service Times
CONGRATULATIONS                   Knox?                                ANGLICAN CHURCH
  It was my pleasure to attend      The Community Ideas Forum
Coonara Community House is an opportunity for individuals                 12 Mountview Rd                Thursdays
Annual General Meeting in the community to make                        Upper Ferntree Gully 3156         10am Informal Eucharist
recently and “officially” launch suggestions on issues or                   Ph: 9758 0217                      & chat time
this wonderful community initiatives that could assist                                                    Sundays
newsletter.                       Council and the Knox                                                    8.00am Said Eucharist
  Newsletters such as this, are community in the future.
                                                                       Open Tue—Fri 10am—2pm
                                                                                & Sundays                 9.30am Sung Eucharist
valued by the local community, Ideas can include or be related
creating a sense of place                 to environmental,             Parish Priest & Chaplain to       & Children’s Ministry
and of being part of a larger             economic or social                 Angliss Hospital
family.                                   initiatives, safety, youth   The Rev’d Susanne Chambers
  I am constantly amazed at               programs or recreation              Ph: 9758 7960
                                                                                                         ALL WELCOME
the depth and breadth of                  and       leisure.
programs          provided by               I have been appointed
Coonara and thank them                       to the committee that
                                                                          BRING SOME COUNTRY INTO YOUR
for     their    continued Cr Karin Orpen will consider ideas and                  BACKYARD    by Diane Howes

enthusiasm and support                       look forward to your
for this part of our world.       participation.                                   ou don’t need        the local poultry farm, you
ANGLISS HOSPITAL CAR                Registration Forms are                         to move to the       need to put some thought into
PARKING                           available from the Knox Civic                    country to produce   a run for them.
  At the March Council meeting Centre, Rowville Branch Office                      food.                   Chickens need a place to
the green light was given for the or can be downloaded at              Growing your own fruit and       roost at night out of the
hospital to commence works for and click           vegetables does not require      weather. I also advise wire
the new car park on their land on the Bright Ideas icon.               any great life changes.          meshing over the run and to
and extended parking                Submissions close on       Mon-
                                                                       Vegetables can be grown in       secure the meshing at ground
restrictions for surrounding day 6 June, 2005
                                                                       pots or prepare a vegetable      level to protect them from
streets. We received a good
response to the parking surveys For further information contact        patch in full sun.               dogs and foxes. It also keeps
and residents input has been Carrie Bruce on 9298 8000 or                 No special tools are needed   out wild birds.
                                  email    and seeds and seedlings are         I have been told stories of
incorporated into the permit
conditions.                                                            freely available at              crows coming into the
                                  CR KARIN ORPEN
                                                                       supermarkets and garden          chicken boxes and stealing
  What legacy will we leave our                                        supply outlets. All your         eggs. As far as feeding goes,
                                  DOBSON WARD
children, our grandchildren and                                        produce will be organic and      I feed mine twice a day and
                                  9298 8233 (message service)
future generations living in                                           will give you a sense of pride   you might be surprised at
                                                                       and achievement besides          what they will eat. Mine eat

     The Ecology Shop
                                                                       tasting great as well.           everything but chicken food
                                                                          Growing fruit does not        pellets.
                                                                       need a great deal of room.          All the scraps from the fruit
                                                                          Dwarf fruit trees are         and vegetables you grow will
                                                                       readily available. Some apple
                Affordable organic food                                trees have been developed to
                                                                                                        feed the chickens and in turn
                                                                                                        the chickens will turn the soil
                        Free Range Eggs                                grow straight for small          and fertilize your fruit and
                                                                       gardens, so give them a try.     vegetables. A system that is
                                                                          If you want a pet that        beneficial to all. The chickens
                                                                       produces eggs, puts              have a nice life as well.
                                      Naturopath available             themselves into their run
                                      Massage Therapy                  every night, turns over your
                                                                       ground and eats the unwanted
                                      Homeopathy                       insects in your garden…then
                                                                       try keeping chickens. You
                                                                       can also use their waste
            1232 Burwood Highway                                       products on the vegetable
                                                                       patch to fertilize your
          Upper Ferntree Gully Vic 3156                                vegetables.
                                                                          Before you buy your
               Ph: 03 9752 2688                                        chickens or save them from
                                                                                                          Looker the chook

Page 10
                                                                             Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn 2005

                                                ANIMAL TALK                      with local vet Dr John Isaac
With the Brrr….just around the cor-             as doing less exercise. So be               dogs. Around the fire at night is a
ner, it’s often easy to forget that our         careful with the portions and cut           great time for this activity. If your
pets need special attention also dur-           out the snacks.                             pet gets wet during the day, matts
ing winter. So here’s some tips to en-                                                      develop very quickly making it
sure your pets stay healthy and             ♦   Adequate Shelter. If your pet               essential you dry them off and
happy.                                          stays outside during the colder             brush or comb them.
                                                winter months, make sure you
♦   Vaccination. Flu injections are a           provide      adequate shelter, so     ♦     Coats. Plain or waterproof really
    regular procedure for humans.               that escape from the cold and               make it much more pleasant on
    Ensure that your pet is also up to          rain is easily found. Soft comfort-         those windy or wet days for your
    date especially if they are going           able bedding is also        recom-          pet’s walk. They look good and
    to be boarding over this period.                                                        give great protection on the
    For cats, it’s flu vaccine and for                                                      bleakest of days.
    dogs it’s kennel cough. Vaccina-
    tion doesn’t prevent all flu’s but it                                               ♦     Toys. With less activity toys can
    does prevent most cases.                                                                be a way of warming things up as
                                                                                            well as relieving any boredom.
♦   Toe nails. Without as many walks                                                        The squeak and chase toys for
    on hard surfaces to act as a natu-                                                      dogs are the best for this. They
    ral nail file, dog’s toenails are                                                       give your dog a fun game and
    longer in the winter. The solu-                                                         exercise at the same time. Cats
    tion…regular     clipping                                                               love chasing all sorts of balls or
                                            Tilly                                           even rolled up foil.
♦   Diet. Just like people, we see the
    waist spread in pets. Even though                                     Oliver        ♦     Arthritis. Like humans, the joints
    pets burn more calories in winter                                                       are more prone to stiffen up when
    to maintain body temperature,               mended.                                     the weather turns cold. Gentle
    they are more prone to put on           ♦   Grooming. Daily brushing and                regular exercise and warmth can
    weight during winter as there is a          combing is still necessary espe-            help, but in the older dog suffer-
    tendency to       overfeed in the           cially in the long coated cats and          ing with arthritis this is often not
    colder months at the same time                                                          enough. Sasha’s Blend is a shark

                Wordsearch solution:
              "Perform and Entertain"

       UGN’s community notice board
                                                                          For Selling or buying your home,
Upper Ferntree Gully's Annual Fireman’s Ball
                                                                           In the Dandenong Ranges area
Date: Saturday, May 14th, 2005
                                                                      Consult your local Real Estate Agent
Venue: Upwey Community Hall
UPWEY                                                                 and benefit from the over 40 years of
Tickets on sale for $15 at the door                                     Personal Real Estate experience.
Come along and support your local fire brigade
                                                                 Phone, Hans Hoogenbosch 9758 5744,
Young Mum’s Playgroup/Support group                               Mob 0409 337 734, A/H 9755 2233
Date: Wednesdays 1.30-3.30pm
Venue: Alice Johnson
Park Blvd
Ph: Leanne on 9870 0574
or pre-school on 9758 2973
for more details
All welcome!!!!
                                                               1212 Burwood Hwy, Upper Ferntree Gully
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  Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn     2005

 LOCAL GIRL CREATES CHEERLEADING HISTORY                                                                                    By Amanda May

             iffany Jansen’s love of dance                                                          Ferntree Gully Primary School and has
             lead her to tr y o ut                                                                  always loved dancing. Her mother
             cheerleading, a combination                                                            enrolled her in classical ballet when only
             of dance, gymnastics and                                                               four-years-old at Kerryn Leanne Dance
acrobatic skills and now she is a member                                                            and Performing Arts in Scoresby.
of the first Australian Cheerleading Team                                                             At the dance school Tiffany learned tap,
in history to compete and win                                                                       jazz, contemporary, funk and acrobatics.
internationally.                                                                                    The dance studio took on cheerleading
   Cheerleading is a relatively new sport                                                           under the Gymnastics Australia umbrella
in Australia but the team competed in the                                                           in 2004.
Cheer Ltd International Championships,                                                                In August 2004 Tiffany was part of
in South Carolina, America, last March,                                                             performance teams (Devils and Angels).
and claimed the championship title in the                                                             The Devils team became Victoria
Open Dance and Senior Recreation                                                                    Champions with the Angels team placed
Division.                                                                                           runners up.
   The annual event attracted more than                                                               Both teams then went on to compete at
4,500 participants and 15,000 spectators                                                            National level, travelling to Sydney and
during the three day championship.                                                                  competing at Homebush where they
   Cheerleading squads from the United                                                              became National Champions in the Pom
States, Canada, England, Scotland and                                                               and Drill Dance section, with placing’s in
Australia were invited to compete in                                                                all other sections.
these prestigious championships.                               Tiffany Jansen (top)                    They were placed third overall in both
   Tiffany, 15, is a past pupil of Upper                                                            divisions.

                                                      night they are safe from harm and so are        If anyone is interested in becoming a
  A SHELTERED LIFE                                    the wildlife in your area.                    carer you will need to join a wildlife group.
               by Diane Howes
                                                        “Pet owners have the responsibility to        The fees are around $25 and the work-
  Being a carer in a wildlife shelters                keep their animals safe and by doing so it    shops cost about $15 each.
sounds like a great hobby but it is really a          keeps our wildlife safe,” she said.
                                                                                                      You also need to work under the guid-
serious commitment.                                     Most of the animals left with Yvonne have   ance of someone like Yvonne for one to
  And Yvonne Cowling should know.                     been injured by cars but shockingly around    two years
“The Possum Lady” has been a Wildlife                 nine per cent involve human cruelty.
                                                                                                    before applying for a Wildlife Shelter li-
carer for many years.                                                                               cense for your own.
   “You start out wanting to save the world                                                           The initial cost of equipment to set up
and all its creatures, but after 27 years as                                                        costs about $1000.
a carer you realize that you can’t save all
the animals and you get very frustrated,”                                                              Adding to your equipment is ongoing
she said.                                                                                           and the animals will suffer if you attempt
                                                                                                    to take short cuts.
   “You also meet the best and worst of
the community”.                                                                                       You need cages in various sizes be-
                                                                                                    cause as Yvonne explained: “Ringtail
  So far this year Yvonne has received                                                              possums grow very quickly and they need
839 animals. Last year the number of                                                                room to move to develop their muscles.
animals that came to Yvonne’s door was
1709.                                                                                                 “If you decide to do this work it is a
                                                                                                    huge commitment,” she said.
   The strongest message Yvonne can
give is if domestic animals are confined at
                                                          Yvonne, Melissa and possum                  “If you are not prepared to put in 24/7

Page 12
                                                                                       Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn 2005

BACKSTAGE WITH                                      Cirque du soleil                                                 By Sally Dusting-Laird

    Upper Ferntree Gully’s Coonara               Besstchetnyi, is one of Quidam’s longest        the Ukraine when he finishes with Cirque
Community Circus children couldn’t               serving acrobats.                               but added, “I hope it is not for a long
believe their luck when they were invited           He met up with the Coonara circus for        time.”
to a private tour and personal meet and          a question and answer session after                 Mr Kay told the group working for
greet with some of the world famous              rehearsals.                                     Cirque du Soleil is not a job, “it’s a
performers from the Cirque du Soleil.               “I started doing acrobatics when I was       lifestyle.”
   They sat mesmerised and alone under                                                               “We’re on the road 12 months of the
the big top, set up next to Rod Laver                                                            year with only two weeks off, so we’re all
arena in Melbourne, as acrobats warmed                                                           like a family,” he said.
up for them during rehearsal time.                                                                   Mr Kay said it is a very expensive
   Cirque du Soleil’s Public Relations                                                           process travelling overseas with the
Manager, Daniel Kay, said the circus                                                             circus.
strongly supported youth charities and                                                              “There are 56 shipping containers full
“try to give back” to the many countries                                                         of equipment,” he said. “Then it takes
they visit by opening their doors for free                                                       nine days to set up the tent, and lay
to community youth groups.                                                                       asphalt on the ground.”
   Coonara circus were one of the lucky                                                             “We take 48 hours to pack up and when
few in Australia to experience their                                                             we leave the area is left in its original
hospitality.                                                                                     condition…as if we were never here.”
   Founded by a band of Quebec street
                                                  Acrobat Konstantin Besstchetnyi (centre)
performers in Canada, in 1984, Cirque du
Soleil is big business operating on three        six-years-old,” Mr Besstchetnyi said. “I
continents at any one time.                      used to train hard and dream. My mother
   It is a theatrical blend of circus arts and   wanted me to become a doctor but I love
street performance. There are no animals         what I do. I can say if you want to be a
just human energy.                               great acrobat with the Cirque du Soleil
   The latest production to come to              you work on one piece and become really
Melbourne is called Quidam.                      good at it.”
   Russian performer, Konstantin                    He hopes to set up a circus school in                 Cirque du Soleil’s big top

   VÄtáá|v j|ÇwÉã YâÜÇ|á{|Çzá                                      Have you considered all the options for
                                                                     your child’s primary education?

                                                                Take a look at Coonara School:
     Suppliers of Creative Curtains Blinds Awnings
               Timber Venetian Specialist                        A small, well-established, independent primary
                                                                   A caring and inspiring, community-based,
     You will always be treated with care and attention                       learning environment
      We love our blinds and drapes and so will you                 An innovative integrated curriculum with
          Catering for all budgets                                      small multi-aged learning groups
                                                                  Nurturing social and emotional development
            Drapes, Pelmets, Romans, E Screens                         Interested in finding out more?
                      Holland Blinds                                              OPEN DAY
                Repair Service Available                                 Saturday, May 7, 10am-2pm
                                                                                 22 Willow Road
                                                                              Upper Ferntree Gully
                1250 Burwood Hwy                                                Ph (03) 9758 5426
            Upper Ferntree Gully Vic 3156                                    You can contact us on:
            Call 9752 2555                                              or you can find us on the web at:

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  Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn   2005

  THANKS FOR THESE MEMORIES                                                                      MEMORIES
      as told by Joyce Summers (nee Breen)                                                     as told by Betty Connop
                      continued from last edition                                              continued from last edition

                                                                                      “The Progress Association used to run a
                                                                                   Carnival each year in December (on the area
   “Winters were very cold in those                   One cup of tea and a piece of pie cost
                                                                                   where the Upper Ferntree Gully market is
days...I can remember ice on the                   one shilling and Nestles had a machine
                                                                                   now held on weekends).
                                                   which was red and you put three pence
puddles.                                                                              The original St Thomas Anglican church,
   Going to school (Upper Ferntree                 in for a block of chocolate by pulling a
                                                                                   built in 1907, was moved from Lysterfield to
                                                   handle. It was a wonderful treat.
Gully), each room had an open fireplace                                            Mountview Road in 1924.
and if you were lucky enough to sit in                My father Harry Breen was the
                                                                                      The wooden cross from that church is now
                                                   captain of the Upper Ferntree Gully fire
the front row it was a great bonus.                                                on the back wall of the new church, which
   The Mothers Club used to provide a              brigade for 26 years.
                                                                                   was erected and dedicated in 1959.
                                                      He was given a fire brigade funeral
cup of cocoa to each child and my father                                              The small wooden church was demolished
used to donate the milk that was boiled            and I donated his long service medal to
                                                   the brigade.                    in 1978 when extensions of toilets, kitchen
up in a copper and was always welcome.                                             and foyer were made to the new ‘St Thomas’
   Something that was not welcome was                 He died in 1947 at the age of 55.
                                                      The depression years were very hard
the dentist van that came every year.                                                 After a few years at Upwey High School,
   For days we would be terrified and as           for a lot of people and I can well
                                                                                   my working years (commencing on my 15th
                                                   remember people coming to our farm
you got nearer in the line it was a                                                birthday) were spent in the Upper Ferntree
nightmare to see someone come out                  with a billy for milk and dad would give
                                                                                   Gully Post Office (five years, until I married
crying with blood comingJoyce aged
                               from their          them
                                                 five some vegetables and eggs.    in the original St Thomas’ in 1950).
mouth.                                                He also took his vegetables to the
                                                   Victoria market.                   The Post Office was then in Main Road.
   Upper Ferntree Gully was a very                                                 When fire swept through the Tarax Bar and
popular place for guesthouses.                        He had the very best of peas and beans
                                                                                   small shops, four shops were built in Dawson
                                                   and many times he couldn’t even give
   The station was very different and had                                          Street and the Post Office moved there.
refreshment rooms on it as you changed             them away.”
                                                                                      It has since had two moves back to Main
there for a coach to take you further.                                             Street then to Ferntree Plaza.
                                                   To be continued next edition…..
    Joyce Summers at 80                                                               The Hairdresser and Billiard Room were
     visiting her former                                                           demolished and my father built a men’s
      home at for Local
  Support Coonara                                                                  hairdresser shop in Main Road.
                                                                                      Furmston’s sold their Grocery Store, then
        Community                                                                  built and ran the newsagency for a few years
     Organisations                                                                 before Alan Crawford and family spent 22
                                                                                   years there.
                                                                                      Mr Tonkin built the last four shops in the
     Coonara Community                                                             street. They were originally a chemist,
                                                                                   greengrocers, dress shop and Tonkin’s Estate
 House has received State                                                          Agency.
 Government funding to act                                                            They have since changed hands to a
 as a “Community Building                                                          window furnisher, locksmith, mower repair
    Hub”. As such we can                                                           and mortgage company.
   provide FREE training,                                                             After spending the first year of marriage in
                                                                                   Tecoma (Ted managed ‘Ye Olde Store’), Ted
  support, mentorship and                                                          and I bought the greengrocer and moved into
  resources to not for profit                                                      a small residence behind the shop, where we
  community groups in our                                                          stayed for 23 years in business, and raised
  area. Contact us and ask                                                         five children, before building and moving
    for Sally or Debbie for                                                        into a larger home in 1968.
                                                                                      The business is now a washing machine
        more details on                                                            repair shop and antique store.
                                         Joyce (5) at home (the Coonara site)         Our children were all born in the original

    9758 7081                          All our dreams can come true - if we have
                                                                                   William Angliss Hospital built in 1939 (now
                                                                                   Chandler House).”
                                       the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney                  To be continued next edition...

Page 14
                                                                                                                         Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn 2005

                       MELLOW OUT WITH A NEW GOWN                                                                                                                 STUDIO 3 –
                                                                                                                                                               Frances O’Connor
                                         else and why not, every                  gowns for weddings,           display at the Grand Hyatt
            the    footpath
           beside Burwood
                                         little girl loves to dress
                                                                                  debutante balls, formals,
                                                                                  christenings and many
                                                                                                                Hotel in Melbourne.
                                                                                                                  You can also match the
Highway’s Upper Gully                        Sharon personally                    other stylish occasions.      dresses with handmade
shops, you may have                      designs uniquely individual                She has five gowns on       jewellery, tiaras and other                   Fran O’Connor loves
noticed some fancy                                                                                              accessories.                               nothing more than spending
mannequins and even                                                                                                “All the dresses in the
fancier ball gowns outside                                                                                      shop are revamped,”
                                                                                                                                                           the day in the Dandenong
the Francis James                                                                                               Sharon said.                               Ranges.
Photography Studio.                                                                                                “I provide a unique                        But she’ll usually have a
   Walk inside and you                                                                                          service. If you go to the                  camera around her neck and a
immediately feel you’re in                                                                                      Salvation Army and buy a
a time warp, transported                                                                                        raw silk dress for $50,
                                                                                                                                                           bunch of active, beautiful
back to the days of long                                                                                        bring it to me and I’ll take               children practising their best
flowing dresses and elegant                                                                                     the sleeves and neck off, if               smiles and trying to sit still.
formal balls.                                                                                                   necessary I’ll re-bone it                     The local hills are the
   Amber Mellow Designs                                                                                         and re-dye it, put on
is owned by English-born                                                                                        flowers and a new skirt and
                                                                                                                                                           location of many of the
Sharon Didcock, who grew                                                                                        you will end up with the                   beautiful family portraits she
up in a quaint village                                                                                          most fabulous 21st century                 photographs for clients. Fran
south-west of London                                                                                            ball gown.                                 has been a professional
filled with rose gardens                                                                                          “We use the fabric so
and weekend jumble sales.                                                                                       that we don’t have to
                                                                                                                                                           photographer for ten years.
   “That is why I’m                                                                                             re-buy it..”                                  “I specialise in black and
obsessed with flowers,”                                                                                           You can also hire gowns                  whites, babies, newborns and
Sharon admitted.                                                                                                and a full set of jewellery                I also service maternity
   “From the age of ten I                                                                                       for that special date.
grew up fossicking in                                                                                              “I think a lot of people
                                                                                                                                                           hospitals,” she said.
jumbles so I always had a                                                                                       are getting back into                        “Weddings and family
fascination for older things.                                                                                   having fun with clothes                    reunions set in the Dandenong
   “I’d chop things up and                   Sharon Didcock and a unique creation                               and not feeling limited by                 Ranges are also popular as are
make them into something                                                                                        playing it safe.”
                                                                                                                                                           debutante balls.”

     Amber Mellow Designs
       Uniquely individual Gowns, designed & created to bring out the princess in you!
                                                                                         At Studio3      Studio3                                Frances O’Connor Photography
                                                                                                         Capturing Natural Beautiful images shot on location or at our Ferntree Gully Studio
            •      Gowns on display available for hire

            •      Wedding gowns
                                                                                                                                • Wedding packages
            •      Debutante gowns
                                                                                                                                • Family portraits & reunions
            •      Formals

            •      Flower girls & christening gowns
                                                                                                                                • Newborns & pregnancy
            •      Melbourne Cup carnival
                                                                                                                                • Modelling portfolios
            •      Men's formal hire

            •      Jewellery, tiaras & Accessories                                                                              • Commercial
            •      Special rates apply for weekend hire & group
                   bookings                                                                                                     • Deb photos
      Phone Sharon on 0414 536 539 or

                 9758 8618                                                                                                                1214 Burwood Hwy Upper Ferntree Gully
     1214 Burwood Hwy Upper Ferntree Gully                                                                                                                 9758 8618
                                                                                                                                                 Adrian Jackson bike champion

                                                                                                                                                                                               Page 15
  Upper Gully News—Connecting the Community, Autumn   2005

      Government funded adult education in your community

           Coonara Community House has limited government funds to deliver adult education and training to
                   people who have not previously completed studies beyond secondary school level.
                                        Receive at least 40 hours of training for just $51
                                                         (plus $20 annual amenities fee)
                   All courses also available to the general public at very reasonable rates.
      Courses to choose from include; computer fundamentals, Internet and email, Word for Windows,
      bookkeeping, medical terminology, personal effectiveness, writing skills, art studies, resume writing
                    and interview skills, stress management, reception skills and more...
                                        For full details call Coonara Community House,
                                       22 Willow Rd Upper Ferntree Gully on 97587081

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