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									                              LIVING FAITH
                                  ST. MATTHEW’S LUTHERAN CHURCH
NOVEMBER 2009                  email address:
             STEWARDSHIP                                         BIBLE STUDIES
                                                                 Women’s Bible Study
                                                                    9:30-11:00 a.m.
                                                                  Pr. Tarja Stevenson
                                                                 Childcare Provided
                                                                 Weekday Bible Study
                                                                  10:00-11:30 a.m.
Our stewardship emphasis for 2010 “New Love                      Pr. David Bohannon
New Mercy” speaks to our life in God, our en-
gagement with the world and the confidence,                     Women’s Evening Study
hope and trust, by which we live as Christians.                 3rd Monday of the month
God’s love and mercy are reflected in our life                         7:30 p.m.
and work and in the congregational and outreach                    Men’s Bible Study
ministries of our life together in Christ.                              Sundays
Your stewardship packet will contain our pro-                            7 p.m.
posed ministry and program budget for 2010,                       Pr. David Bohannon
the Time and Talent form, the pattern of giving
that currently provides our ministry, a growth in
giving chart and a commitment card.
                                                        ADVENT POTLUCK DINNER
                                                       SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29 5:30 P.M.
Our Bishop Richard Graham, will be with us on
Sunday, November 1. He will be our preacher         Congregational potluck dinner to begin the Ad-
during worship. During the SCS hour he will         vent Season; be sure to sign up on the poster in
speak to the work and ministries of our Synod.      the narthex.
                                                          A voice cries in the wilderness:
             Commitment Sunday                          "Prepare the way of the Lord, make
          Sunday, November 22, 2009                  straight in the desert a highway for our

                                                    In preparation for the ADVENT SEASON, en-
                                                    closed with this newsletter is an ADVENT
                                                    FRIENDS FORM!
                                                    Please fill out and return by Sunday, Nov.
  THANKSGIVING EVE SERVICE                          22nd if your family wishes to participate. This
  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25th                          will facilitate our assigning names and get the
          7:30 P.M.                                 information to you before the first Sunday in
   Please bring a food offering with you.           Advent, November 29. Thank you.
                                           NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES
                                        Jana Dillon                            Pam Orr
                                      8-Pat Hartline                           Pat Reynolds
                                        Marc Carlson                           Lawrence Bombay
                                        Robert Gusberti                        Cindy Schmitt
                                        Paul Laird                          22-Dee Kokan
                                     9-Tom Carpenter                           Yuliya Occhiuzzo
                                        Tommy Huntington                    23-Angela Luedke
                                        Deborah Hempel                         Kim Lervold
                                     11-Lesley Reifsnyder                      Susan Phillips
 2-Christina Abadir                     Dani Siciliano                      24-Sally Cotner
   Jillian Muschler                     Daniel Gerhart                         Kelsey Laster
   Wendell Tignor                       Jodi Kline                             Larry Wiprud
   Bob Wilcox                           Sam Shelkin                         25-Kyle Pallansch
   Carole Thomas                        Max Vanderzyl                       26-Lynette Gates
3-Claire Carr                        12-Adam Mouw                              Roger Kinneberg
   Hal Lambert                       13-Dwain Crawford                         Janelle Jampole
  Jack Shelkin                           Vince Amato                        27-Keith Cotner
4-Frank Brown                        14-Matthew Bouchery                       Pierce Schreiber
   Sarah Walsh                          Matthew Clark                          Jane Tamai
   Sue Wolf                             Aaron Kanefsky                      28-Steve Debban
   Chloe Ouellette                   15-Kristopher Hull                        Courtney Cresap
5-Lauren Goldschmidt                    Brenda Johnson                         Giselle Mueller
   Brett Parker                      16-Kate Strand                         29-Mark Kuhn
6-Amanda Krauss                         Shanna Rosario                         Ivan Nicolai
   Ariana Patton                     17-Connie Clark                        30-Christopher Walsh
   Emily Carr                           Karen Moonan                           Frank Henry
   Emilie Deadman                    18-Sue Ann Cartwright
7-Ryan Mouw                              Erik Knudson
   Sarah Tamai                       19-Kathryn Carpenter
   John Rigot                        21-Susan Kuhn

                                                         9-Charlie & Susan Phillips
  6-Jon & Kathleen Hinkofer                              19-David & Kathleen Parrish
  8-George & Pam Orr                                     22-Lisa & Bruce Truesdell
  8-Richard & Lynn Schreiber                             22-Kristen & Tajr Hull
  8-Wayne & Lisa Stohs                                   26-Al & Gail Galvan
                                                         29-Carl & Mary Gill

                                CHOIR NEWS: All choirs will soon begin to learn special Christmas
                                music. This is a good time to add your voice to the group! There’s always
  room for more! Cherub, Youth, Teen & Senior choirs will be singing at the Thanksgiving Eve Ser-
  vice, Weds., Nov. 25, 7:30 p.m. NOTE: Change in rehearsal schedules. Cherub, Youth & Teen
  Choirs will rehearse Weds., Nov. 25, 6:45-7:15 p.m., Teen & Senior Choirs will warm-up Weds.,
  Nov. 25, 7:15 p.m. The Sr. Choir will practice Weds., Nov. 25, following the service, 8:30-9:30 p.m.
  There will be no rehearsals on Thurs., Nov. 26th.
   St. Matthew’s in the Community                  from $5 to $250. For each purchase, you re-
                                                   ceive a card indicating which gift will be pro-
Many thanks to everyone who contributed            vided to which worthy organization. Some ex-
cleaning supplies and other items for the refu-    amples of this year’s gifts are ice cream treats
gees assigned to the Lutheran Social Services      ($5), medical care for low-income families
National Capital Area. Twenty-one buckets of       ($25), nutritious meals for a week ($20), school
cleaning supplies, dishes, bedding and strollers   supplies and computer equipment ($45), salary
were delivered to help people from Afghanistan,    support for a pastor ($100).
Pakistan, Iraq and Iran. Larger items such as
beds, cribs, kitchen or dinette sets with chairs   SENIOR CITIZEN THANKSGIVING
can be picked up by Lutheran Social Services by
contacting Naaz Khan at 443-615-6118.
                                                      SATURDAY, NOV. 21, NOON
You may have noticed a change in the meal
support requests for the Drop-In Center. The       Please check the sign-
Drop-In Center is a shelter for homeless persons   up poster in the nar-
near Potomac Mills Mall. April through Octo-       thex to help provide
ber the shelter is open during the day and area    food items, to help
churches provide food for lunches. This sum-       serve or to help drive.
mer the need was much greater than past years      All food items need to
and we have recently increased the amount of       be at church by 10:30
food we bring to accommodate the larger num-       a.m. on the 21st. This is always a very popular
ber of homeless persons. Thank you for your        luncheon. If you are able to help transport our
faithful support. We have taken lunch on the 4th   guests please indicate that on the sign-up poster.
Friday of each month and when there is a 5th       Thank you!
Friday (like October) we provide that lunch as
well.                                                 WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS IT ANYWAY?
From November through March the Drop-In            It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to
Center changes from a daytime shelter to an        others. Through the Social Ministry committee
overnight shelter. St. Matthew’s will provide a    we provide Christmas presents and a dinner to
hot dinner on the 4th Monday night each month      20 low-income families. Watch for a poster in
and when there is a 5th Monday (like November)     the narthex to sign up. Each line you sign on is
we will provide that dinner too. We anticipate     an item of clothing for adults, and for children
that the shelter will be full this winter so we    two lines, one for clothing and one for a toy.
have planned our meals accordingly. We pro-        Each line has a minimum value of $20.00. Our
vide hot lasagna for dinner during the winter      Day School collects toys for the families and our
months. If you would like to provide lasagna       Sunday Church School collects food for their
but cannot be at church at 6:00 p.m. (because of   dinners.
work or other commitments) please contact
Gretchen Wilcox (703-361-7483) or Sue
Orndorff in the church office.                                  ACTS of Kindness
Beginning mid-November you will again see the                      Silent Auction
Gifts of Hope table set up in the Narthex. Gifts               Saturday, November 7
of Hope, an alternative gift-giving program in                        6:30 p.m.
the Metropolitan Washington, D. C. area, begins                    Christ Chapel
its 18th year in Advent 2009. Started in 1992 in
the E.L.C.A. Metro Washington Synod, Gifts of               Tickets: $10.00 per person
Hope has raised well over 2 million dollars to
help people in need in our community and                   Call Kathy Graydon for tickets
around the world. Gift options range in price                      or information
                                                                703-441-8606 X212
                                                             Here is some information about our next
             Ongoing Ministries                       reading assignment.
ACTS Thrift Store volunteers, Tuesdays, No-                   Rumer Godden was the author of more
vember 3 and December 1, 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. at        than 60 books, including novels, short story col-
the store in Woodbridge. Sort clothes, stock          lections, poetry, plays and non-fiction. In This
shelves, price merchandise, hang donations, and       House of Brede is set in a convent of contem-
generally assist store staff and customers during     plative nuns whose main “work” is round-the-
the noon rush hour. Our efforts provide a lunch       clock communal liturgical prayer.
break for other volunteers and staff. Contact Su-
                                                               Coming from all walks of life, ages and
san Kuhn for more information, 703-491-2898.
                                                      temperaments, the nuns of Brede create commu-
Collators dates: Fridays, November 20 and De-         nity through their single-hearted devotion to
cember 11. Meet at 10:00 a.m. We prepare              spirit, and to each other. Their life is a life of
congregational mailings - newsletters, steward-       prayer: sung prayer in choir and personal pray-
ship letters, Day School information, etc.            er alone. Prayer, says one nun, “is our craft --
Daytime Drivers transport area seniors, espe-         the craft of a contemplative religious; and, as a
cially residents of Lake Ridge Fellowship House       good workman, an artist, loves his craft, we
to medical appointments nearby on Mondays,            must delight in ours.”
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00                    The nuns at Brede are flawed in many
a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Thursdays 10:00 a.m. to         ways—overly ambitious, headstrong, strict, im-
12:00 p.m. Drivers average one trip a month.          patient. But they all find solace and peace in
Call Susan Kuhn (703-491-2898) to volunteer.          their devotion to continual prayer. Their special
                                                      calling is to honor God through prayer, and to
                                                      change the world by doing so.
                                                              Godden converted to Roman Catholi-
         Do you enjoy reading and discussing          cism in 1968. In preparation for writing In This
books? Book Group invites you to join our             House of Brede (1969), about life in a Benedic-
conversations. We meet at 2:30 PM, on a Sun-          tine monastery, she lived for three years at the
day afternoon, about every 4 to 6 weeks. At           gate of Stanbrook Abbey, a Benedictine founda-
each session, we agree on a date for the next         tion.
session. We meet in the homes of various par-
ticipants. Each host home provides light re-                She died in Dumfries, Scotland, on No-
freshments. A different participant volunteers to     vember 8, 1998, at the age of ninety.
facilitate discussion for a particular session.
        In September we agreed on this list of
books we will be reading in this order: In This
House of Brede by Rumer Godden, The Guern-
sey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary
Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows, Ladies of Lib-              CHURCH WOMEN’S NEWS
erty by Cokie Roberts, Sarah's Key by Tatiana
de Rosnay.                                                       STUFFED WITH LOVE
        If you’d like to join in our discussions,     Church Women have set aside the evening of
watch the Sunday bulletins and monthly issues         Tuesday, November 10, beginning at 7:30
of this newsletter for announcements about the        PM, to assemble and fill 25 Christmas stock-
next gathering. If you would like additional          ings for Prince William County children in
information, need a ride, or wish to add your         foster care. Special guest Victor Evans will be
name to the contact list, call the church office at   present to talk about the Foster Care program
703/494-3090 or Susan Kuhn at 703/491-2898.           and the distribution of these gifts.

Needlework artist Evelyn Langman has provid-        serving as the pulpit minister for 20 years,
ed newsprint patterns, sewing instructions, and a   Lucado announced in early 2007 that he was
list of materials needed for making the stock-      stepping down due to health concerns related to
ings. If you would be willing to stitch up two      atrial fibrillation. Lucado has since assumed
or more stockings, please pick up a pattern         the ministry role of writing and preaching at
packet by calling the church office at 703/494-     Oak Hills. He co-pastors the church with one of
3090 or by speaking with Sally Cotner at            Willow Creek’s former teaching pastors, Randy
703/878-4716. If you would prefer to make a         Frazee.
financial donation toward the purchase of mate-     Lucado has described 3:16, The Numbers of
rials for stockings, please speak with Sally.       Hope as “a twenty-six-word parade of hope: be-
                                                    ginning with God, ending with life, and urging
Everyone is encouraged to contribute gifts for
                                                    us to do the same. Brief enough to write on a
children ages 4 and up, and to help sort do-
                                                    napkin or memorize in a moment, yet solid
nations and stuff stockings on November 10.
                                                    enough to weather two thousand years of storms
Here are some suggestions for stocking surpris-
                                                    and questions.”
es: books, candy, stuffed toys, washable mark-
ers, coloring books, crayons, games, dolls,
trucks, lotion, lip balm & gloss, socks, notepa-                Sr. High Youth
per and pen. However, shoppers need not be                  Congregational Dinner
limited to these items. Let your hearts be crea-                   Tailgate!
tive.                                                   Sunday, November 15, 5:30 p.m.
At this meeting we will be electing officers for    Come support the Sr. High Youth and
                                                      enjoy a Tailgate Hot Dog Meal!
Women’s Evening Study Are you looking to            You are invited to come in your favor-
be part of a small study group? Are evenings        ite team’s colors (any sport, any team)
the ideal time for you to meet? Have you heard
about the Women’s Evening Study Group? The                        Freewill offering.
third Monday evening of each month, this group
                                                     Sign Up on the Poster on the Narthex
gathers in participant homes to share conversa-
tion and light refreshments. Currently the group          Bulletin Board to indicate
is reading and discussing two chapters a month                your participation.
from Max Lucado’s book, 3:16, The Numbers
of Hope. The next session will be Monday,
                                                                       Babysitters List
November 16, beginning at 7:30 PM. Come,
sit in for a session and share the fellowship.      The following teen members of St. Matthew’s
We will gather at Connie Clark’s house, 12301       enjoy babysitting as a way to earn some income.
Persimmon Pl, 22192. Call the church office         If you need a sitter, contact one of the following:
at 703/491-2898 if you’d like a copy of the read-   Michaela Carlson       703-680-0867
ing assignment and study questions. Call Susan      Kate Hill              703-910-7794
Kuhn at 703-491-2898 if you’d like more in-         Kelsey Laster          703-590-8849
formation, need a ride, or wish to add your name    Amara Nethercutt       703-499-8868
to the contact list.                                Melanie Occhiuzzo      703-670-6110
         Max Lucado is a best-selling Christian
author and minister of writing and preaching at     If you are interested in being added to our list,
Oak Hills Church (formerly the Oak Hills            please call the church office and speak to Sue
Church of Christ) in San Antonio, Texas.            Orndorff.
Lucado has written more than 50 books with 28
million copies in print…and has appeared
regularly on several bestseller lists. After

                                                  Please sign up on the narthex bulletin board, so
                                                  we can tell ACTS how many of us to expect,
                                                  and so that we can can plan our transportation.
                                                  This is a helpful service we will be providing for
                                                  our community. See you there.
Sunday, Nov. 1 –5:30 p.m. Parents’ Night                  MARK YOUR CALENDARS…
                                                  Friday – Sunday, Nov. 6-8: Confirmation Re-
Sunday, Nov. 15- 5:30 p.m. Congregational         treat
                                                  Saturday, Nov. 21, 12:30 – Thanksgiving
Sunday, Nov. 29 - Advent Dinner; service          Service Project: Deliver Food to ACTS
project for youth/basement
                                                  Sunday, November 29: Advent Dinner; ser-
Sunday, Dec. 6 – 6:30-8:30 meeting                vice project for youth in basement
Sunday, December 13 – 5:30-8 p.m. Holiday         Wednesday, December 30: Ice Skating at
Party                                             Harris Pavillion
Wednesday, Dec. 30 – Ice Skating

DATE          MEAL           COOKS                    INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY
4             Hoagies        Mindy Nethercutt     With the return of cold weather you need to be
                             Laura Carlson        prepared for an occasional change of plans.
                             Pam Hoppe            When county schools are closed on a particu-
11            NO CONFIRMATION                     lar day, there is NO Wednesday morning Bible
                                                  Study, NO confirmation. Sometimes bad
18            Holiday
                                                  weather develops late in the afternoon--affecting
              Turkey         Tina Occhiuzzo
                                                  activities such as church women’s programs and
                             Kim Lervold
                                                  choirs. When it’s necessary to cancel an activity
25            NO CONFIRMATION                     for church women, we’ll call the names on the
                                                  sign-up sheet; choirs will call through their
    7TH & 8TH GRADE YOUTH NEWS                    phone chains. If you’re not signed up for church
                                                  women, call before you set out, Sally Cotner
       7TH & 8TH GRADE YOUTH                      703-878-4716 or Susan Kuhn 703-491-2898.
          SERVICE PROJECT                         Questions about choirs, call Mrs. Lundgren,
Meet at church at 12:30 PM, on Saturday,          703-494-9100.
November 21st. We will be transporting food
donations to the ACTS Food Pantry in                  St. Matthew’s Shifts Its Banking
Dumfries. Dress comfortably to help load and                   Services to TD
unload the food, and bring a donation of canned
                                                  At a time when all of the country is looking at
or other non-perishable food items.
                                                  the banking industry with a wary eye, the Fi-
After we’ve finished our work, we’ll be           nance and Stewardship Committee has recom-
stopping for a treat on the way back home.        mended to the Church Council that our congre-
Bring $5.00 to buy yourself a snack.              gation’s banking services be shifted to TD Bank.
                                                  This move will save money in that TD levies no
                                                  transaction costs on the deposit of checks and

also has a schedule of banking service costs that       Financial Secretary & Treasurer’s
especially favor non-profit organizations.                  Report, September 2009
One of the special offerings of TD is called the
                                                      September Giving by Category
Affinity Membership Program. While this pro-
gram is designed to build the number of persons       Current      $ 52,821
choosing TD for their personal banking services,      Benevolence      6,907
it is also unique in that it rewards non-profit or-   Building        11,160
ganizations like St. Matthew’s whose members          Memorial           175
join the Affinity Membership Program. Once
each year, TD conducts a computer sweep of the        Pass Through       350
checking and various savings account balances         Total         $ 71,413
of households who are registered with Affinity        Year to Date $ 673,289
and, if the proper number are registered, the
                                                      To date we have given $109,525 toward our
bank writes a check to the designated non-profit
                                                      congregation’s benevolence commitments.
organization. Specifically, if at least 50 house-
                                                      $8,335 has been given through our Samaritan
holds of St. Matthew’s members choose to do
                                                      Fund towards emergency assistance for utilities,
their banking at TD and register to be a part of
                                                      rent, gas, food, car insurance and prescriptions.
the Affinity Membership Program, TD will
                                                      $11,250 has been provided through ACTS.
make a check out to St. Matthew’s in an amount
that equates to ½ of 1 percent of the average         Thank you for your faithfulness in giving to our
monthly checking account balances and ¼ of 1          parish ministries and community outreach.
percent of monthly savings deposits. Savings          Pat Hartline, Financial Secretary
accounts included as eligible for the program are     Hugh Miller, Treasurer
passbook savings, money market accounts, cer-
tificates of deposit and IRA’s. There is no max-             BOY SCOUT TROOP &
imum amount that TD will pay, and the check                   VENTURING CREW
will never be less than $500.
                                                            CHRISTMAS TREE SALES
If you would like further information on this                    St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church
program, please contact a member of the Fi-                                 Parking Lot
nance and Stewardship Committee or visit a lo-
                                                        Starting Friday, November 27th, we will offer
cal TD Bank to inquire about program specifics.
                                                               beautiful Balsam Fir trees for sale.
Committee members are Keith Cotner, Darryl
                                                        If you intend to buy a live tree this Christmas
Lundgren, Paul Moessner, Hugh Miller, Pat
                                                          Season, consider buying from Troop 1396.
Hartline, Gary Olson, Craig Gerhart, David
Strand, Pat Victorson, George Orr, Chuck                             Some very good reasons:
Moler, Steve Zimmerman & Sue Orndorff.                              - Support the Boy Scouts.
                                                                  - Our prices are competitive.
              A Note of Thanks                              - Sales lot is right here at St Matthew’s.
                                                       - Your purchase will help fund wholesome ac-
St. Matthew’s Congregation,                            tivities for young men and women in our com-
Thank you for your comforting prayers, expres-                                munity.
sions of sympathy, and beautiful flowers.             - With each purchase, our Scouts will give the
Through St. Matthew’s congregation, God’s             butt of your tree a fresh cut, professionally wrap
comforting arms embraced us in our time of             it for transport, and mount it atop your vehicle.
mourning.                                               - Buy your tree early and take your pick from
Thank you for caring,                                                   the best on the lot.
Pam, Ashley & George Orr                               - ALSO: Consider purchasing a tree for an or-
                                                       ganization or family in need. Troop 1396 will
                                                        provide free delivery to your favorite charity.



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