My character was Mike Fink who was a keelboat man by T6yfsq0e


									       My tall tale character was Mike
Fink who was a keelboat man. He
was a captain and his nickname was
King of Keelboat Men. His job was to
move people and things on a boat on
the river.
    When Mike Fink was two days
old he ran away with acrobatic frogs.
His parents didn’t know how strong
he was until he ran threw a window.
       When he grew up he was still
strong. Mike Fink wanted to be a
keelboat man, but he knew he had to
build up his strength more so he
wrestled a bear. Then he thought if he
won against Big Bart he could be a
keelboat man. He got on top and
knew he could be a keelboat man.
One day Mike Fink wrestled an
alligator because it was circling the boat that he was on. The alligator finally
gave up and swam away from the boat.
      Mike Fink was glad to be a keelboat man and captain of the boat. His
strength was keeping him safe and allowed him to be a keelboat man. Mike
Fink was so brave. He was braver than a lion.

                                            Written and illustrated by Amanda

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