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Easter 2007

Dear Holiday Home Buyer

For over 40 years our family has been providing a holiday home getaway for people
who love peace and quiet (and increasingly all their creature comforts) in a beautiful
rural setting, with many years’worth of things to explore and enjoy ashore and afloat.
In recent years, whilst others have opted to get bigger and brasher, we have chosen to
stay loyal to our original concept: we have worked to become more peaceful, to
provide better and more attractively presented facilities and to become a responsible,
sustainable eco tourism business.

After much careful planning, we are now ready to carry through a complete
redevelopment of our riverside holiday complex over the next four years, so as to
create a private holiday home and boat-owner community, enjoying the highest
standard of accommodation and facilities in probably the most beautiful location in

When completed, it will comprise approximately 150 holiday homes with up to 120
pontoon berths for leisure craft, with a new riverside pub and a high-class restaurant,
enjoying stunning views.

To learn more about how we run our business, what we provide and to explore your
choices for becoming part of our holiday community, please visit our web site, join
our mailing list or contact us at our office in normal office hours.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Rodney Wright
            Building the best in beautiful Burgh


             Introductory Letter from the Owner

          Burgh Castle Marina Redevelopment Plan

Annex: Phased redevelopment of holiday park layouts and units
Burgh Castle Marina Redevelopment Plan

Work will be completed next month on the initial phase of a four year re-development
plan of the holiday park, supervised by our architects, Messrs Middleton and George.
This comprises 100 plots for luxury holiday caravans (12 and 13’ wide) and 44 plots
for holiday lodges (20’wide) spaciously laid out in a twelve acres parkland setting,
with separate areas for holiday caravans and lodges. Each holiday home will be
connected to all mains services, including provision for piped gas supply and for
wireless broadband internet connections, with dedicated parking adjacent or
alongside. All the holiday homes offered for sale will be to high specifications of
insulation and energy efficiency, with double glazing and central heating as standard
so as to permit holiday use in all the seasons of the year.

The existing ambience of the park will be retained and enhanced to provide a
peaceful, attractive and green setting for holiday home-owners, with a minimum of
hard surfaces and suburban features, low level pedestal lighting and a maximum of
mature trees, flowering shrubs, border perennials and woodland or hedgerow flowers
in verges.

All holiday caravans will enjoy ten year pitch tenure and all lodges will be on 25 year
pitch tenure with their use limited to families and friends (no commercial subletting)
and the park will be dog-free. The new layouts will be offered in four phases and most
ground works will be carried out in the winter months of each year, with first phase
units available for occupation from late May of this year onwards. On completion of
the final phase (subject to the necessary planning consent being obtained), there will
no longer be any touring pitches or rental units on the park, which will then become
an exclusive community of private long-term holiday home owners.

Phase 1

Approximately 13 new plots for holiday caravans will be available for occupation
between May and September of this year, several of them having marina and river
views (view premia apply). The first 5 lodges will all have magnificent views and will
be laid out from September onwards for occupation this Autumn or Spring next year.

Phase 2

25 holiday caravan plots and up to 14 lodges (the latter with marina or castle views or
with partial marina views) will be available for occupation in the 2008 season.

Phases 3 and 4

A further 62 holiday caravans and 25 holiday lodges will be available for occupation
in the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

Residential Park

The existing, separate residential park for 12 homes will be retained with one plot
remaining available for a new park home to be erected to the buyers’ choice of unit
and its specification (up to 42x20’), complete with a separate detached garage.
Park Amenities

Subject to the necessary planning consents being obtained, the existing large, outdoor
pool complex will be upgraded during the latter phases of development to incorporate
an enclosed pool (whilst retaining access to an outdoor lawn area) with jacuzzi, steam,
sauna and gym facilities, all available on optional subscription memberships to
holiday home owners, berth holders and their guests. During phase 4 (subject to
planning consent), the existing riverside pub and restaurant (The Fisherman’s) will
be demolished and replaced with a new architect-designed building incorporating
indoor and outdoor eating and drinking areas, all with magnificent river views and
with a separate, dedicated fine dining facility.


Subject to the necessary planning consent being obtained, the existing marina basin
will be enlarged to permit a reconfigured pontoon layout with additional pontoons,
disabled access (to boats) and shore-side toilet and shower facilities for between 100
and 125 privately owned leisure craft, all enjoying service connections including
wireless broadband internet access. The existing 75 marina pontoon berths have
already been extensively refurbished and offer electricity and water connections as
required. Some berths are still available for annual letting for boats of up to 12 metres
LOA and up to 1.5 metres draft. The enlargement and reconfiguration work to
increase berthing capacity is likely to take place during 2009.

Sustainable tourism

As the first holiday park in the area to receive a David Bellamy Gold Award (now in
our sixth year) and still the only park and marina complex in the East of England to
have received a (silver) award in The Green Tourism Business Scheme, we are fully
committed to our part in creating a sustainable eco-tourism future for this beautiful
spot in the Broadlands landscape. This area is still much under-estimated as a getaway
destination for all those who enjoy a wide variety of peaceful country pursuits afloat
and ashore.

Our redevelopment plan now offers holiday home-owners the opportunity to enjoy the
highest standards of accommodation and supporting amenities, designed with
painstaking attention to environmental and visual impact, but unspoilt by the
distractions and disturbances that so often accompany larger complexes in chain
ownership and with busy rental trades for casual visitors. We intend to secure that
future through long-term arrangements to take us into a third generation of
independent and family ownership and control and by working to meet the needs of
customers who share our aims and values.

Proprietor, Easter 2007

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