BMF MEMBERS FORMAL DECLARATION
                                  OF TURNOVER FOR 2011/12

                                                                             PLEASE COMPLETE
                         Address Label                                        AND RETURN BY
                                                                             FRIDAY 20th APRIL

                                STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
                      For BMF membership and research purposes only

    Please complete all sides of this annual Formal Declaration of Turnover form and return by the
    deadline as follows:-

             Online: secure via member log in

             By email: electronic copy sent to

             By post: Member Relations, Marine House, Thorpe Lea Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 8BF

    Please tick to confirm:-

           I have read the accompanying explanatory notes and confirm the information supplied is
             correct to the best of my knowledge, and includes all relevant marine activities

     I confirm there have been no company changes within the last 12 months, for example change
      of ownership or address, and the contact details remain the same. If not, please outline below.

    Client Account Declaration:-

        I confirm that we offer brokerage or hold monies as an intermediary and maintain a client account

            Name:                                      Company:

            Signed:                                    Date completed:

           Please call the BMF Member Relations team on 01784 223663 or email for help completing this form or if you have any questions

                                  Please read explanatory notes before completion
                           BMF MEMBERS FORMAL DECLARATION
                             OF TURNOVER FOR 2011/12
Q1. Marine Trading Turnover

Please provide the marine trading turnover of the UK                    member    company   to    the
nearest £1,000 for your last full financial year, in pounds sterling.

Marine trading turnover is the value of all sales and services of the UK member company,
including international trading, connected to the leisure, superyacht (over 24 metres) and
small commercial (up to 24 metres) marine industry. This includes the manufacture and
supply of craft, equipment, engines/systems and accessories and all marine related
services to consumers and businesses. Please read the explanatory notes for full details.

   Marine Turnover (in figures)                     £
   Marine Turnover (in words)
   Dates of financial year to which
   this applies (write in)


Q2. Total UK Company Turnover

 What is the total UK company turnover? i.e. is the marine trading turnover outlined above your
 total turnover or part of your overall business activity. Please state to the nearest £1000.

   UK Company Turnover (in figures)                £

Q3. Marine Employment

i) How many employees are involved in this marine trading activity, including working directors and
   owners that work full time, part time or temporary/contract?
ii) If there are part time or temporary/contract employees, please state the weeks they work
    equivalent to full time employees e.g.
    ~ part time employees working on average 3 days a week = 31.2 weeks a year (3 ÷ 5 x 52)
    ~ temporary employees working every day for 2 months = 8 weeks a year

                                                    i) Number of                ii) Full Time
                                                     Employees                Equivalent Weeks

   Full Time Permanent Employees                                                 52 weeks
   Part Time Permanent Employees
   Temporary/Contract Employees

Q4. Marine External Costs:

For your marine trading activity, what is the total cost of all bought in/paid for raw materials,
products and services including rent and rates? This excludes employee salaries and profits. This
enables us to demonstrate the direct economic benefits of the UK marine industry.

   Total External Costs                    £

                            Please read explanatory notes before completion
                                         BMF MEMBERS FORMAL DECLARATION
                                           OF TURNOVER FOR 2011/12
      Q5. Marine Trading Activities
      Please provide the percentage of your marine trading turnover by sector below for us to demonstrate the
      size and trends of each. The total page add to 100% and sectors are divided into these three columns:-
       i) M = UK Manufacturer                          - manufactured within the UK only
       ii) D = Distributor                             - boats or products sold direct to the trade (e.g. to dealer or
                                                         chandler) and NOT DIRECT to consumers
       iii) S   = Services/Sales                       - services, boats or products sold or provided DIRECT to consumers
                                                         or to businesses for their own use
                                                             i)      ii)                                                         iii)
                                                             M       D                                                            S
 BOATS                                                       %       %        CONSUMER SERVICES/SALES                            %
 Superyachts (over 24 m)                                                      Inland Hire / Hotel / Passenger Boats
 Sailboats / Keelboats / Dinghies                                             Coastal / Sea Charter
 Motor boats / cruisers                                                       Watersports Rental
 Narrowboats / Barges                                                         Sailing schools / Watersport Tuition
 Personal Watercraft                                                          Brokerage (2nd Hand boat sales)
 RIBS / Inflatables                                                           Dealership (New boats sales)
 Canoes / Kayaks                                                              Chandlers / Marine stores
 Commercial boats (work / rescue boats)                                       Inland Marinas / Moorings
 Other (speciality boats)                                                     Coastal Marinas / Moorings
 ENGINES/SYSTEMS                                                              Boat Repairs / Servicing
 Engine Installation Equipment                                                Maintenance / Facilities (engine servicing, boat
 (tanks, gauges, silencers, exhaust mounts)                                   cleaning, dry dock, pump out)
 Inboard / Sterndrive Engines                                                 Fuelling Stations
 Outboard Engines                                                             Finance
 Sterngear, Propellers and shafts                                             Insurance
 Transmissions (gear boxes, jet outdrive units,                               Legal
 hydraulic drives, stern drives)                                              Surveyors
 Other Engine Manufacture - write in category & %                             Other Consumer Service e.g. magazines,
                                                                              yacht management -write in category & %

 Other Engine Distribution - write in category & %                            BUSINESS SERVICES
                                                                              Boat Transport (road and sea)
                                                                              Business Consultants / Services
 EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES                                                      (marketing, PR, event management)
 Boatbuilding Equipment and Materials                                         Training for Marine Businesses
 (raw materials, machinery, equipment)                                        Financial
 Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings and Maintenance                               Insurance
 Products (paint, resins, glue, varnish)                                      Legal
 Boat Electricals                                                             Marina Services
 (batteries, generators, cable, security systems)                             (design, construction, surveillance)
 Boat Electronics                                                             Technical / Boatbuilding Services
 (audio, GPS, aerials, radar, computer systems)                               (design, construction, surveyor)
 Deckgear / Hardware / Rigging                                                Other Business Service (write in category & %)
 (decking, fenders, sails, doors, winches, masts)
 Marina & Boatyard Equipment
 (pontoons, cradles, hoists, mooring systems)
                                                                              ANY OTHER CATEGORY
 General Boat Utilities (ventilation, plumbing, lighting)                     If the category does not fit within any of the
                                                                              above headings, please write in category & %
 Personal Gear & Watersports Equipment
 (clothing, footwear, bags, helmet)
 Safety Equipment
 (life jackets, fire extinguishers, flares, survival)
 Other Equipment Manufacture - write in category & %

 Other Equipment Distribution (write in category & %)

TOTAL                                                                                                           =                100%

                                          Please read explanatory notes before completion
                           BMF MEMBERS FORMAL DECLARATION
                             OF TURNOVER FOR 2011/12
Q6. Marine Markets
What percentage of your marine trading turnover and marine employees relates to the following
markets? e.g. if you manufacture tenders, are these provided to the leisure, superyacht or small
commercial market(s). If you do not know precisely, please provide an estimate if possible.

                                                               % Marine           % Marine
                                                               Turnover          Employees

   Leisure / Recreational marine

   Superyacht (over 24 metres)

   Small/Light commercial marine (up to 24 metres)

   Not known
   Total                                                          100%               100%

Q7. International Marine Turnover

Is your marine trading turnover related to selling products or providing services outside the UK?
E.g. exporting craft or equipment or providing holidays taking place abroad.

                    YES                    NO

If yes above, please provide details of the international marine turnover in £’s and by country
(* please see explanatory notes for specific countries):-

           International Marine Turnover                  £

           Of this turnover % to each country:                     100%
           Other EU Member Countries*
           Other European Countries*
           North America
           South America
           New Zealand
           China / Taiwan
           Other Asia
           Middle East

                            Please read explanatory notes before completion

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