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     Paul – Logical, Persuasive


Jan. 2
                                                              While public reading and the arts of speaking
Song 91
                                                          and teaching are given much attention in the
Bible reading:         2 Chronicles 29-32
                                                          school, the benefits of Theocratic Ministry School
Speech Quality: Benefit Fully From the Theocratic
                                                          education are not limited to that. As you
Ministry School (be p. 5 ¶ 1-p. 8 ¶ 1)
                                                          participate, you will be helped to cultivate such
No. 1 Take Delight in God’s Word (be p. 9 ¶ 1-5)
                                                          valuable skills as personal reading, listening and
No. 2 2 Chronicles 30:1-12
                                                          remembering, studying, doing research, analyzing
No. 3 Why Genuine Christians Refrain From
                                                          and organizing, conversing, answering questions,
Using Profanity
                                                          and putting thoughts down in writing. The Bible
No. 4 Sin's Effect On Our Relationship With God
                                                          itself and Bible-based publications will provide the
(rs p. 374 ¶ 2-p. 375 ¶ 2)
                                                          basis for study and for comments and
                                                          presentations given in the school. As you fill your
Speech Quality                                            mind with the precious truths found in God’s Word,
Benefit Fully From the Theocratic Ministry                you will learn to think God’s thoughts. How
School                                                    beneficial that can be in every aspect of life! Of the
                                                          value of God’s Word, 20th-century university
   AROUND the earth, in upwards of 200 lands,             educator William Lyon Phelps wrote: “Everyone
millions of students are benefiting each week from        who has a thorough knowledge of the Bible may
Theocratic Ministry School education. Some are            truly be called educated. . . . I believe a knowledge
new. Others have attended the school for many             of the Bible without a college course is more
years. The school is conducted in tens of                 valuable than a college course without a Bible."
thousands of locations. Wherever you live on
earth, the same program of education is available         How to Benefit to the Full
to you. People of all ages, ethnic groups, and               Of course, in order to benefit fully from the
educational backgrounds are receiving this                education provided in the Theocratic Ministry
theocratic instruction, free of charge.                   School, you, the student, must make a personal
    When the school was inaugurated in                    effort. The apostle Paul urged his Christian
congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1943, its         associate Timothy: “Ponder over these things; be
purpose was stated in these words: “To prepare all        absorbed in them, that your advancement may be
‘faithful men,’ those who have heard God’s Word           manifest to all persons." (1 Tim. 4:15) In what
and proved their faith therein, to ‘be able to teach      practical ways can you apply yourself?
others’ . . . to the one end of making each one . . .        If at all possible, attend the Theocratic Ministry
better equipped to publicly present the hope that is      School each week. Make wise use of this textbook,
within him." (Course in Theocratic Ministry, p. 4)        Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School
The school’s objective has remained the same to           Education. Print your name in the space provided
this day.                                                 for it on the title page. Always bring the book with
   Really, what is the best thing that any of us can      you when you attend the school. This textbook is
do with our God-given gift of speech? The Bible           also a workbook. When you read in it important
answers: “Every breathing thing—let it praise Jah."       points that you feel will help you, underline them.
(Ps. 150:6) When we do that, we bring joy to the          Use the generous margins to write down practical
heart of our heavenly Father. We give evidence to         points that you learn during discussions at the
him that our own hearts are responding with               school.
gratitude to his goodness and love. No wonder                A printed copy of the program to be followed in
Christians are encouraged always to “offer to God         the Theocratic Ministry School is provided
a sacrifice of praise, that is, the fruit of lips which   separately. The schedule will also include details
make public declaration to his name”! (Heb. 13:15)        as to how the school will be conducted. You may
With a view to helping you improve in your ability to     find it practical to keep the schedule in this book,
use your God-given gifts to praise Jehovah, we            where it will be handy.
welcome you as a student in the Theocratic
Ministry School.                                            In preparing for the weekly school sessions,
                                                          keep in mind that the Bible is the principal

textbook. Give priority to reading any portion of the    we may think clearly, act wisely, and communicate
Bible that may be scheduled for the week. If you         effectively the marvelous truths from God’s
are also able to read in advance the material for        inspired Word.
the various program parts, this too will be very
                                                         [Box on page 6]
                                                         FEATURES OF THE SCHOOL
   During the school, there may be opportunities
                                                         A weekly program of reading, study, and research
for audience participation. Take full advantage of
                                                           centered on the Bible
these. Getting involved in such discussions is an
important factor in remembering what you hear            Instruction in public reading and in the arts of
and being able to put it to use in your personal life.     speaking and teaching
   Of course, all students will have opportunities to    Participation in class discussions
give talks or demonstrations before the                  Opportunities to give presentations before the
congregation. Make good use of each one of those          congregation
opportunities. Really apply yourself to improve in
whatever speech quality has been assigned to             Personal assistance to help you progress
you. You will be given counsel with a view to your       [Box on page 7]
continued progress. Welcome that personal help.          SKILLS THAT ARE GIVEN ATTENTION
In your book, make a note of specific suggestions
as to what you might personally do to improve.           Listening and remembering
Since it is difficult for a person to perceive himself   Personal reading
the way others do, the loving, Bible-based
suggestions and counsel provided can contribute          Studying
significantly to your progress. That is true even if     Doing research
you have been enrolled in the school for many
years. —Prov. 1:5.                                       Analyzing and organizing
   Would you like to make more rapid progress? If        Conversing
you show personal initiative, that can be done.          Answering questions
Study in advance the material that is to be covered
in each student talk. If a substitute speaker is         Putting thoughts down in writing
needed, you will be in a position to volunteer, and      [Box on page 8]
that will give you more experience. When others               A FOUNDATION ON WHICH TO BUILD
give talks, listen carefully to how they handle the        The ability to communicate effectively is an art.
material. We learn from one another.                     Not everyone does it well. Many textbooks have
   Additionally, if your circumstances permit, you       been designed to help people to improve in this
can accelerate your progress by personally               area. However, the Creator, the One who endowed
studying ahead in this textbook. After you have          humans with the ability to speak, knows more
learned well what is in the next 15 studies, proceed     about speaking and teaching than any human
to work your way through the “Program for                speech instructor. His only-begotten Son
Developing Ability as a Speaker and a Teacher,”          cooperated with him as the Master Worker in
beginning on page 78. First, study each lesson,          producing the human brain and the organs of
and do the exercises that are outlined in                speech as well as all the other marvels of creation.
connection with it. Apply in your ministry what you        As angels and then humans were brought into
are learning. This can greatly enhance your              existence, that Son served as the Word of God, the
progress as a speaker and as a teacher of God’s          primary One through whom God himself conveyed
Word.                                                    instruction to them. (Prov. 8:30; John 1:1-3) That
                                                         Son was sent to earth as the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Your Theocratic Ministry School education will       Concerning him, the inspired record says: “The
help to prepare you for what matters most in life.       crowds were astounded at his way of teaching."
Since we are alive because of God’s will, to praise      And those who heard him testified: “Never has
him is to realize the very purpose of our existence.     another man spoken like this." (Matt. 7:28; John
Jehovah God deserves praise of the highest               7:46) Over 40 times Jesus is spoken of in the
quality. (Rev. 4:11) The education that we receive       Gospels as Teacher, and with good reason. There
in the school is a means to accomplish this so that
is much about speaking and teaching that we can         shows us how to enjoy success in all that we do.
learn from him.                                         —Josh. 1:8; Ps. 8:1; Isa. 41:10.
  The Bible also contains a record of how Jehovah
                                                            The more time you spend reading the Bible, the
God used men and women from many
                                                        greater will be your satisfaction as you grow in
backgrounds to accomplish his will. Some of them
                                                        knowledge of God’s will for you. But the delight will
delivered brief but powerful messages. Many did
                                                        go far beyond that. When your reading provides
not speak before large audiences, but they
                                                        you the help you need to deal wisely with
faithfully shared in giving a witness concerning the
                                                        problems, you will feel like the psalmist who said:
true God and his purpose. Apparently, most were
                                                        “Your reminders are wonderful. That is why my
not eloquent speakers, but God blessed their
                                                        soul has observed them." (Ps. 119:129) You too
efforts. We can learn from what the Bible tells us
                                                        will rejoice as you discern from the Scriptures
about how they carried on their ministry. —Ps.
                                                        principles that help to mold your thinking and your
                                                        desires in a godly way. —Isa. 55:8, 9.
  Of course, the Bible is not a textbook about public
                                                        The Bible provides moral guidance that shields us
speaking. But for those who read with
                                                        from harm and shows us the right way. As we read
discernment, it contains valuable insights
                                                        it, we sense that Jehovah is a Father who knows
regarding effective speaking and teaching. Benefit
                                                        what problems will result when we give in to
From Theocratic Ministry School Education
                                                        imperfect fleshly desires. He does not want us to
endeavors to build on that foundation.
                                                        suffer the terrible consequences that will inevitably
                                                        come from flouting his high moral standards. He
No. 1
                                                        cares about us and wants us to enjoy the best way
Take Delight in God’s Word
                                                        of life. Our reading of his Word helps us to
                                                        appreciate more fully what a blessing it is to have
   HAPPY is the man whose “delight is in the law
                                                        him as our God and heavenly Father.
of Jehovah." Such a man reads God’s Word “in an
undertone day and night." (Ps. 1:1, 2) Do you
                                                        No. 2
experience that delight? How can you increase the
                                                        (2 Chronicles 30:1-12)
joy that God’s Word brings you?
Listen as Jehovah Speaks                                No. 3
    Do not simply read words. Visualize the             Why Genuine Christians Refrain From Using
situations about which you read. Imagine the
voices of those who are quoted. As you read the
opening chapters of the Bible, hear Jehovah             No. 4
himself reveal, step by step, what is done in           Sin's Effect On Our Relationship With God
making the earth fit for man. Listen as he tells his    (rs p. 374 - 375)
Son, the Master Worker, that the time has come to       How does sin affect a person’s relationship
bring the first humans into existence. Picture the      with God?
scene: Adam and Eve rebel, God passes judgment
                                                           1 John 3:4, 8: “Everyone who practices sin is
on them and, subsequently, he ousts them from
                                                        also practicing lawlessness, and so sin is
Paradise. (Genesis, chaps. 1-3) Feel a sense of
                                                        lawlessness. He who carries on sin originates with
awe when you read that a voice from heaven
                                                        the Devil." (How forceful this is! Those who
identifies Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the
                                                        deliberately choose a course of sin, making a
beloved, the one sent by God to lay down his life
                                                        practice of it, are viewed by God as criminals. The
for mankind. (Matt. 3:16, 17) Try to imagine the
                                                        course they have chosen is the one that Satan
apostle John’s reaction when he hears Jehovah
                                                        himself first took.)
declare: “Look! I am making all things new." (Rev.
21:5) Truly, reading God’s Word in this way is a           Rom. 5:8, 10: “While we were yet sinners, Christ
delightful experience!                                  died for us. . . . When we were enemies, we
                                                        became reconciled to God through the death of his
    Continue reading the inspired record, and you
                                                        Son." (Notice that sinners are referred to as
will come to know Jehovah as a majestic and
                                                        enemies of God. How wise, then, to avail ourselves
awe-inspiring person. You will feel strongly drawn
                                                        of the provision that God has made for
to this One who loves us, deals mercifully with us,
                                                        reconciliation to him!)
helps us if we humbly keep trying to do his will, and
    1 Tim. 1:13: “I was shown mercy [says the
apostle Paul], because I was ignorant and acted
with a lack of faith." (But when he was shown the
right way by the Lord, he did not hold back from
following it.)
2 Cor. 6:1, 2: “Working together with him, we also
entreat you not to accept the undeserved kindness
of God and miss its purpose. For he says: ‘In an
acceptable time I heard you, and in a day of
salvation I helped you. ’ Look! Now is the
especially acceptable time. Look! Now is the day of
salvation." (Now is the time when the opportunity
for salvation is available. God will not forever
extend toward sinful humans such undeserved
kindness. So, care needs to be exercised in order
that we do not miss its purpose.)

Jan. 9                                                  only true God and to cultivate a fine relationship
Song 144                                                with him as well as to cope successfully with the
Bible reading 2 Chronicles 33-36                        problems of life. It explains the way to eternal life in
Speech Quality: Accurate Reading (be p. 83 ¶ 1-         God’s new world. Our goal should be to read the
5)                                                      Bible to the best of our ability. —Ps. 119:140; Jer.
No 1: 2 Chronicles-Why Beneficial (si p. 84 ¶ 34-6)     26:2.
No. 2 2 Chronicles 34:1-11
                                                           How to Read Accurately. There are many
No. 3 What The Bible Says About The Soul
                                                        facets to effective reading, but developing
(rs 375 ¶ 4-p. 376 ¶4)
                                                        accuracy is the first step. That means endeavoring
No. 4 Never Be Ashamed of Adhering To The
                                                        to read exactly what is on the printed page. Be
Bible's Moral Standards
                                                        careful not to skip words, drop word endings, or
                                                        misread words because of their similarity to other
Speech Quality                                          words.
Accurate Reading                                        In order to read words correctly, you need to
be study 1 pp. 83-84                                    understand the context. That will require careful
     What do you need to do?                            preparation. In time, as you develop the ability to
      Read aloud exactly what is on the                 look ahead and consider the flow of thought, your
      printed page. Do not skip words,                  accuracy in reading will improve.
      ignore parts of words, or exchange                No. 1
      one word for another. Pronounce the               2 Chronicles--Why Beneficial
      words correctly. Take note of                     si p. 84 Bible Book Number 14—2 Chronicles
      punctuation and diacritics.
                                                        WHY BENEFICIAL
      Why is it important?
                                                               Second Chronicles adds its powerful
      Careful and correct reading is a                  testimony to that of other witnesses concerning
      fundamental part of conveying                     this eventful period, 1037-537 B. C. E. Moreover, it
      accurate knowledge of Bible truth.                gives valuable supplementary information not
                                                        found in other canonical histories, for example, at 2
    THE Scriptures state that it is God’s will that     Chronicles chapters 19, 20, and 29 through 31.
people of all sorts “come to an accurate knowledge      Ezra’s selection of material emphasized the
of truth." (1 Tim. 2:4) In accord with that, when we    fundamental and permanent elements in the
read aloud from the Bible, our desire to convey         history of the nation, such as the priesthood and its
accurate knowledge should influence how we              service, the temple, and the Kingdom covenant.
read.                                                   This was beneficial in holding the nation together in
    The ability to read aloud from the Bible and from   hope of the Messiah and his Kingdom.
publications that explain the Bible is important for       35
                                                               The closing verses of Second Chronicles
youths and older ones alike. As Witnesses of            (36:17-23) give conclusive proof of the fulfillment of
Jehovah, we have a responsibility to share with         Jeremiah 25:12 and, in addition, show that a full 70
others a knowledge of Jehovah and his ways. That        years must be counted from the complete
often involves reading to one person or to a small      desolation of the land to the restoration of
group. We also do such reading within the family        Jehovah’s worship at Jerusalem in 537 B. C. E.
circle. In the Theocratic Ministry School, there are    This desolation therefore begins in 607 B. C. E.
appropriate opportunities for brothers and sisters,     —Jer. 29:10; 2 Ki. 25:1-26; Ezra 3:1-6.
young and old, to receive counsel with a view to        36
                                                              Second Chronicles contains powerful
improving their oral reading.                           admonition for those walking in Christian faith. So
   Reading the Bible publicly, whether to               many of the kings of Judah started well but then
individuals or to a congregation, is something to       lapsed into wicked ways. How forcefully this
take seriously. The Bible is inspired of God.           historical record illustrates that success depends
Additionally, “the word of God is alive and exerts      upon faithfulness to God! We should be warned
power . . . and is able to discern thoughts and         therefore to be not “the sort that shrink back to
intentions of the heart." (Heb. 4:12) God’s Word        destruction, but the sort that have faith to the
contains priceless knowledge that is available from     preserving alive of the soul." (Heb. 10:39) Even
no other source. It can help a person to know the       faithful King Hezekiah became haughty on
recovering from his sickness, and it was only
because he quickly humbled himself that he was
able to avoid Jehovah’s indignation. Second              No. 4
Chronicles magnifies Jehovah’s wonderful                 Never Be Ashamed of Adhering To The Bible's
qualities and extols his name and sovereignty. The       Moral Standards
entire history is presented from the standpoint of
exclusive devotion to Jehovah. As it lays emphasis
also upon the royal line of Judah, it strengthens our
expectation of seeing pure worship exalted under
the everlasting Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the loyal
“son of David."—Matt. 1:1; Acts 15:16, 17.
No. 2
(2 Chronicles 34:1-11)

No. 3
What The Bible Says About The Soul
rs p. 375 - p. 376 Soul
What does the Bible say that helps us to
understand what the soul is?
    Gen. 2:7: “Jehovah God proceeded to form the
man out of dust from the ground and to blow into
his nostrils the breath of life, and the man came to
be a living soul." (Notice that this does not say that
man was given a soul but that he became a soul, a
living person.) (The part of the Hebrew word here
rendered “soul” is nephesh. KJ, AS, and Dy agree
with that rendering. RS, JB, NAB read “being." NE
says “creature." Kx reads “person.")
   1 Cor. 15:45: “It is even so written: ‘The first
man Adam became a living soul. ’ The last Adam
became a life-giving spirit." (So the Christian Greek
Scriptures agree with the Hebrew Scriptures as to
what the soul is.) (The Greek word here translated
“soul” is the accusative case of psykhe. KJ, AS,
Dy, JB, NAB, and Kx also read “soul." RS, NE, and
TEV say “being.")
   1 Pet. 3:20: “In Noah’s days . . . a few people,
that is, eight souls, were carried safely through the
water." (The Greek word here translated “souls” is
psykhai, the plural form of psykhe. KJ, AS, Dy, and
Kx also read “souls." JB and TEV say “people”; RS,
NE, and NAB use “persons.")
    Gen. 9:5: “Besides that, your blood of your souls
[or, “lives”; Hebrew, from nephesh] shall I ask
back." (Here the soul is said to have blood.)
Josh. 11:11: “They went striking every soul
[Hebrew, nephesh] that was in it with the edge of
the sword." (The soul is here shown to be
something that can be touched by the sword, so
these souls could not have been spirits.)
Jan. 16                                                 correctly. To become an effective public reader in
Song 137                                                the congregation, you will need to develop good
Bible reading           Ezra 1-5                        habits in personal reading. This involves
Speech Quality: How To Read Accurately                  appreciating that each word in a sentence plays a
 (be p. 84 ¶ 1-p. 85 ¶ 3)                               role. You cannot ignore some of them and get a
No 1: Introduction To Ezra (si p. 85 ¶ 1-7)             clear picture of what is being said. If you misread
No. 2: Ezra 1:1-11                                      words, even when reading to yourself, the meaning
No. 3 Benefits From Having An Honest                    of the sentence will be distorted. Misreading may
Conscience                                              result from failure to consider diacritics or the
No. 4 Animals Are Souls (rs 376 ¶ 5-p. 377 ¶3)          context in which words are used. Put forth an effort
                                                        to understand what each word means in the setting
Speech Quality                                          in which it appears. Consider, too, how the
How To Read Accurately                                  punctuation affects the meaning of the sentence.
 be study 1 Accurate Reading                            Remember that thoughts are usually conveyed by
                                                        groups of words. Take note of these so that when
   Punctuation and diacritics are important             reading aloud you read word groupings—phrases
elements of written language. Punctuation may           and clauses—instead of simply words. Clearly
indicate where to pause, how long to pause, and         understanding what you are reading is an
possibly the need for inflection. In some               important step toward being able to convey
languages, failure to change tone when required         accurate knowledge to others by public reading.
by the punctuation may change a question into a
statement, or it may alter the meaning altogether.         It was to an experienced Christian elder that the
At times, of course, the function of punctuation is     apostle Paul wrote:"Continue applying yourself to
largely grammatical. In many languages it is            public reading." (1 Tim. 4:13) This is obviously an
impossible to read accurately without giving careful    area in which all of us will find room for
attention to diacritics—both those that are written     improvement.
and those that are understood from the context.
These influence the sound of the characters with              HOW TO ACHIEVE IT
which they are associated. Be sure to get                     Practice! Practice! Practice! And do so
acquainted with the way that punctuation and                  out loud.
diacritics are used in your language. This is a key
to reading in a meaningful way. Remember that                 Ask someone to monitor your reading
your objective should be to convey thoughts, not              and point out mistakes.
merely to say words.                                          When doing personal study, discipline
   Practice is required if you are going to cultivate         yourself to read carefully.
the ability to read accurately. Read just one                 Instead of merely reading words, learn
paragraph, and then do it again and again until you           to read groups of words.
can read it without any mistakes. Then go on to the
next paragraph. Finally, endeavor to read several       EXERCISE: After preparing well, ask a friend or a
pages of material without skipping, repeating, or         family member to follow in the Bible as you read
misreading any words. After you have taken those          aloud a portion from Matthew chapters 5 to 7.
steps, ask someone to monitor your reading and            Ask him to stop you every time you (1) skip a
point out any mistakes that you may make.                 word, (2) read a word incorrectly or change the
                                                          word order, or (3) ignore a diacritic or some
   In some parts of the world, poor eyesight and          punctuation that calls for a pause or an
inadequate lighting contribute to difficulty in           inflection. It would be good to do this for at least
reading. If it is possible to give these the needed       ten minutes on two or three occasions.
attention, improvement in reading will undoubtedly
result.                                                 [Box on page 84]
   In time, brothers who read well may be invited to
share in the public reading of study material at the    Period (.) indicates a full stop.
Congregation Book Study and the Watchtower              Comma (,) usually requires a slight pause, as
Study. But to care well for such a privilege, more is   more text will follow.
required than just being able to say the words

Semicolon (;) marks a pause milder than a period           Babylonian king Belshazzar and his grandees
but stronger than a comma.                                 were drinking toasts to their demon gods. Adding
                                                           to their pagan debauchery, they were using the
Colon (:) introduces a list or a quotation; it requires
                                                           holy vessels from Jehovah’s temple as their cups
a pause but without a drop in inflection.
                                                           of drunkenness! How fitting that Cyrus was outside
Exclamation point (!) signals strong feeling in            Babylon’s walls that night to fulfill the prophecy!
tone.                                                         3
                                                                This date 539 B. C. E. is a pivotal date, that is,
Question mark (?) usually requires that the                a date that may be harmonized with both secular
sentence be read in a somewhat higher tone or              and Biblical history. During his first year as ruler of
with rising inflection.                                    Babylon, Cyrus “caused a cry to pass through all
Quotation marks (“ ” or ‘ ’) may indicate that the         his realm,” authorizing the Jews to go up to
enclosed words should be set off with pauses (very         Jerusalem to rebuild the house of Jehovah. This
slight if a part of text; stronger if a full statement).   decree was evidently issued late in 538 B. C. E. or
                                                           early in 537 B. C. E. A faithful remnant journeyed
Dashes (—), when used to set off words, usually            back to Jerusalem in time to set up the altar and
call for a slight change of tone or pace.                  offer the first sacrifices in “the seventh month”
Parentheses () and brackets [ ] may isolate                (Tishri, corresponding to September-October) of
words to be read with a slightly lower tone. Source        the year 537 B. C. E. —70 years to the month after
references in parentheses do not need to be read,          Judah      and     Jerusalem’s       desolation     by
and bracketed words that are needed to complete            Nebuchadnezzar. —Ezra 1:1-3; 3:1-6.
the sense of what is read do not require a change                Restoration! This provides the setting of the
in tone.                                                   book of Ezra. The use of the first person in the
                                                           narration from chapter 7 verse 27 through chapter
No. 1                                                      9 clearly shows that the writer was Ezra. As “a
Introduction to Ezra                                       skilled copyist in the law of Moses” and a man of
si pp. 85-86 Bible Book Number 15—Ezra                     practical faith who “prepared his heart to consult
                                                           the law of Jehovah and to do it and to teach” it,
       Writer: Ezra                                        Ezra was well qualified to record this history, even
       Place Written: Jerusalem                            as he had recorded Chronicles. (Ezra 7:6, 10)
                                                           Since the book of Ezra is a continuation of
       Writing Completed: c. 460 B. C. E.                  Chronicles, it is generally believed that it was
       Time Covered: 537–c. 467 B. C. E.                   written at the same time, about 460 B. C. E. It
                                                           covers 70 years, from the time that the Jews were
    THE end of the prophesied 70 years of                  a broken, scattered nation marked as “the sons of
Jerusalem’s desolation under Babylon was                   death” to the completion of the second temple and
drawing near. True, it was Babylon’s reputation            the cleansing of the priesthood after Ezra’s return
that she never released her captives, but                  to Jerusalem. —Ezra 1:1; 7:7; 10:17; Ps. 102:20,
Jehovah’s word would prove stronger than                   footnote.
Babylonian might. Release of Jehovah’s people                 5
                                                                The Hebrew name Ezra means “Help." The
was in sight. Jehovah’s temple that had been laid          books of Ezra and Nehemiah were originally one
low would be rebuilt, and Jehovah’s altar would            scroll. (Neh. 3:32, footnote) Later the Jews divided
again receive sacrifices of atonement. Jerusalem           this scroll and called it First and Second Ezra.
would again know the shout and praise of the true          Modern Hebrew Bibles call the two books Ezra and
worshiper of Jehovah. Jeremiah had prophesied              Nehemiah, as do other modern Bibles. Part of the
the length of the desolation, and Isaiah had               book of Ezra (4:8 to 6:18 and 7:12-26) was written
prophesied how the release of captives would               in Aramaic and the remainder in Hebrew, Ezra
come about. Isaiah had even named Cyrus of                 being skilled in both languages.
Persia as ‘the shepherd of Jehovah,’ who would                6
tumble haughty Babylon from her position as the                  Today the majority of scholars accept the
third world power of Bible history. —Isa. 44:28;           accuracy of the book of Ezra. Concerning the
45:1, 2; Jer. 25:12.                                       canonicity of Ezra, W. F. Albright writes in his
                                                           treatise The Bible After Twenty Years of
    Disaster befell Babylon on the night of October        Archaeology: “Archaeological data have thus
5, 539 B. C. E. (Gregorian calendar), as the
demonstrated the substantial originality of the                 compensation for it, soul for soul."
Books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, of Ezra and                      (Notice that the same Hebrew word for
Nehemiah beyond doubt; they have confirmed the                  soul is applied to both mankind and
traditional picture of events, as well as their order."         animals.)
  Though the book of Ezra may not be quoted or                  Rev. 16:3: “It became blood as of a
referred to directly by the Christian Greek Scripture           dead man, and every living soul* died,
writers, there is no question about its place in the            yes, the things in the sea." (Thus the
canon of the Bible. It carries the record of                    Christian Greek Scriptures also show
Jehovah’s dealings with the Jews down to the time               animals to be souls.) (*In Greek the
of the assembling of the Hebrew catalog, which                  word here is psykhe. KJ, AS, and Dy
work was largely accomplished by Ezra, according                render it “soul." Some translators use
                                                                the term “creature” or “thing.")
to Jewish tradition. Moreover, the book of Ezra
vindicates all the prophecies concerning the                    Do other scholars who are not
restoration and so proves that it is indeed an                  Jehovah’s Witnesses acknowledge
integral part of the divine record, with which it also          that this is what the Bible says the
harmonizes completely. In addition, it honors pure              soul is?
worship and sanctifies the great name of Jehovah                “There is no dichotomy [division] of
God.                                                            body and soul in the O[ld] T[estament].
                                                                The Israelite saw things concretely, in
No. 2                                                           their totality, and thus he considered
(Ezra 1:1-11)                                                   men as persons and not as
                                                                composites.       The     term      nepeš
No. 3                                                           [nephesh], though translated by our
                                                                word soul, never means soul as
Benefits From Having An Honest Conscience
                                                                distinct from the body or the individual
                                                                person. . . . The term [psykhe] is the
No. 4                                                           N[ew]           T[estament]          word
Animals Are Souls                                               corresponding with nepeš. It can mean
rs p. 376 - p. 377 Soul                                         the principle of life, life itself, or the
      Where does the Bible say that                             living       being."—New          Catholic
      animals are souls?                                        Encyclopedia (1967), Vol. XIII, pp.
                                                                449, 450.
      Gen. 1:20, 21, 24, 25: “God went on to
      say: ‘Let the waters swarm forth a                        “The Hebrew term for ‘soul’ (nefesh,
      swarm of living souls* . . . ’ And God                    that which breathes) was used by
      proceeded to create the great sea                         Moses . . . , signifying an ‘animated
      monsters and every living soul that                       being’ and applicable equally to
      moves about, which the waters                             nonhuman beings. . . . New Testament
      swarmed forth according to their kinds,                   usage of psych (‘soul’) was
      and every winged flying creature                          comparable to nefesh."—The New
      according to its kind. . . . And God went                 Encyclopædia Britannica (1976),
      on to say: ‘Let the earth put forth living                Macropædia, Vol. 15, p. 152.
      souls according to their kinds . . . ’ And
      God proceeded to make the wild beast                “The belief that the soul continues its existence
      of the earth according to its kind and              after the dissolution of the body is a matter of
      the domestic animal according to its                philosophical or theological speculation rather than
      kind and every moving animal of the                 of simple faith, and is accordingly nowhere
      ground according to its kind." (*In                 expressly taught in Holy Scripture."—The Jewish
      Hebrew the word here is nephesh. Ro                 Encyclopedia (1910), Vol. VI, p. 564.
      reads “soul." Some translations use
      the rendering “creature[s].")
      Lev. 24:17, 18: “In case a man strikes
      any soul [Hebrew, nephesh] of
      mankind fatally, he should be put to
      death without fail. And the fatal striker
      of the soul [Hebrew, nephesh] of a
      domestic    animal     should      make
Jan. 23                                                  run. The words are there, but much of the benefit is
Song 106                                                 lost.
Bible reading:         Ezra 6-10
                                                             In some cases, indistinct speech is related to a
Speech Quality: Words Clearly Spoken (be p. 86 ¶
                                                         structural defect in the speech organs. But even
                                                         those who must cope with such a problem can do
No. 1: Ezra - Why Beneficial (si p. 87 ¶14-18)
                                                         much to improve by applying the suggestions in
No. 2: Ezra 6:1-12
                                                         this study.
No. 3: At Death, Neither Soul Nor Spirit Continues
                                                         Frequently, however, indistinct speech results from
Living (rs 377 ¶ 4-p. 379 ¶ 6)
                                                         a slurring of words—running them together so that
No. 4: * God's View of Marriage
                                                         they are difficult to understand. The problem may
                                                         involve skipping syllables or significant letters or
Speech Quality                                           dropping word endings. When a person
Words Clearly Spoken                                     indiscriminately runs words together, his hearers
be study 2 p. 86 Words Clearly Spoken                    may catch some ideas and phrases but they have
                                                         to guess at others. Failure to enunciate clearly can
      What do you need to do?                            impair the effectiveness of a person’s teaching.
      Express words so that they can easily
      be understood by your audience. This               No. 1
      involves (1) proper use of the speech              Ezra -- Why Beneficial
      organs and (2) understanding of the                si p. 87 Bible Book Number 15—Ezra
      structure of words.                                WHY BENEFICIAL
      Why is it important?                                  14
                                                               The book of Ezra is beneficial, in the first
      When you enunciate carefully, others               place, in showing the unerring accuracy with which
      can understand what you say. Words                 Jehovah’s prophecies are fulfilled. Jeremiah, who
      that are clearly spoken are likely to be           had so accurately foretold Jerusalem’s desolation,
      taken seriously.                                   also foretold its restoration after 70 years. (Jer.
                                                         29:10) Right on time, Jehovah showed his
   IN ORDER to communicate effectively, you              loving-kindness in bringing his people, a faithful
must speak clearly. What you want to say may be          remnant, back again into the Land of Promise to
interesting, even important, but much of it will be      carry on true worship.
lost if your words are not easily understood.               15
                                                               The restored temple again exalted Jehovah’s
   People are not motivated by speech that they          worship among his people, and it stood as a
do not really understand. Even though a person           testimony that he wonderfully and mercifully
has a strong voice and can readily be heard, if his      blesses those who turn to him with a desire for true
words are slurred, they will not move others to          worship. Though it lacked the glory of Solomon’s
action. It is as if he were speaking in a foreign        temple, it served its purpose in harmony with the
tongue, unintelligible to the hearer. (Jer. 5:15) The    divine will. The material splendor was no longer
Bible reminds us: “If the trumpet sounds an              there. It was also inferior in spiritual treasures,
indistinct call, who will get ready for battle? In the   lacking, among other things, the ark of the
same way also, unless you through the tongue             covenant. Nor was the inauguration of
utter speech easily understood, how will it be           Zerubbabel’s temple comparable with the
known what is being spoken? You will, in fact, be        inauguration of the temple in Solomon’s day. The
speaking into the air."—1 Cor. 14:8, 9.                  sacrifices of cattle and sheep were not even one
                                                         percent of the sacrifices at Solomon’s temple. No
    What Makes Speech Indistinct? It may be
                                                         cloudlike glory filled the latter house, as it had the
failure to open the mouth sufficiently. Jaw muscles
                                                         former, nor did fire descend from Jehovah to
that are rigid and lips that scarcely move may
                                                         consume the burnt offerings. Both temples,
contribute to muffled speech.
                                                         however, served the important purpose of exalting
   Speaking too rapidly may also result in speech        the worship of Jehovah, the true God.
that is difficult to grasp. That is like playing a          16
                                                                The temple built by Zerubbabel, the
recording of speech faster than it was designed to
                                                         tabernacle constructed by Moses, and the temples
                                                         built by Solomon and Herod, along with their
features, were typical, or pictorial. These                Matt. 10:28: “Do not become fearful of those
represented the “true tent, which Jehovah put up,       who kill the body but cannot kill the soul [or, “life”];
and not man." (Heb. 8:2) This spiritual temple is the   but rather be in fear of him that can destroy both
arrangement for approaching Jehovah in worship          soul* and body in Gehenna. ” (*Greek has the
on the basis of Christ’s propitiatory sacrifice. (Heb   accusative case of psykhe. KJ, AS, RS, NE, TEV,
9:2-10, 23) Jehovah’s great spiritual temple is         Dy, JB, and NAB all render it “soul.")
superlative in glory and incomparable in beauty
                                                           Acts 3:23: “Indeed, any soul [Greek, psykhe]
and desirableness; its splendor is unfading and
                                                        that does not listen to that Prophet will be
above that of any material structure.
                                                        completely destroyed from among the people."
      The book of Ezra contains lessons that are of
                                                              Is it possible for human souls
highest value for Christians today. In it we read of
                                                              (people) to live forever?
Jehovah’s people making willing offerings for his
work. (Ezra 2:68; 2 Cor. 9:7) We are encouraged               See pages 243-247,            under    the
by learning of Jehovah’s unfailing provision for and          heading “Life."
his blessing upon assemblies for his praise. (Ezra      Is the soul the same as the spirit?
6:16, 22) We see a fine example in the Nethinim
and other believing foreigners as they go up with           Eccl. 12:7: “Then the dust returns to the earth
the remnant to give wholehearted support to             just as it happened to be and the spirit [or,
Jehovah’s worship. (2:43, 55) Consider, too, the        life-force; Hebrew, ruach] itself returns to the true
humble repentance of the people when advised of         God who gave it." (Notice that the Hebrew word for
their wrong course in intermarrying with pagan          spirit is ruach; but the word translated soul is
neighbors. (10:2-4) Bad associations led to divine      nephesh. The text does not mean that at death the
disapproval. (9:14, 15) Joyful zeal for his work        spirit travels all the way to the personal presence of
brought his approval and blessing. —6:14, 21, 22.       God; rather, any prospect for the person to live
   Though a king no longer sat on Jehovah’s throne      again rests with God. In similar usage, we may say
at Jerusalem, the restoration aroused expectation       that, if required payments are not made by the
that Jehovah would in due course produce his            buyer of a piece of property, the property “returns”
promised King in the line of David. The restored        to its owner.) (KJ, AS, RS, NE, and Dy all here
nation was now in position to guard the sacred          render ruach as “spirit." NAB reads “life breath.")
pronouncements and worship of God until the time           Eccl. 3:19: “There is an eventuality as respects
of Messiah’s appearing. If this remnant had not         the sons of mankind and an eventuality as
responded in faith in returning to their land, to       respects the beast, and they have the same
whom would Messiah have come? Truly, the                eventuality. As the one dies, so the other dies; and
events in the book of Ezra are an important part of     they all have but one spirit [Hebrew, ruach]." (Thus
the history leading to the appearance of the            both mankind and beasts are shown to have the
Messiah and King! It is all most beneficial for our     same ruach, or spirit. For comments on verses 20,
study today.                                            21, see page 383.)
No. 2                                                      Heb. 4:12: “The word of God is alive and exerts
(EZRA 6:1-12)                                           power and is sharper than any two-edged sword
                                                        and pierces even to the dividing of soul [Greek,
No. 3 At Death, Neither Soul Nor Spirit                 psykhes; “life,” NE] and spirit [Greek, pneumatos],
Continues Living                                        and of joints and their marrow, and is able to
rs p. 377 - p. 380 Soul                                 discern thoughts and intentions of the heart."
                                                        (Observe that the Greek word for “spirit” is not the
Can the human soul die?                                 same as the word for “soul.")
   Ezek. 18:4: “Look! All the souls—to me they                Does conscious life continue for a
belong. As the soul of the father so likewise the             person after the spirit leaves the
soul of the son—to me they belong. The soul* that             body?
is sinning—it itself will die." (*Hebrew reads “the
nephesh." KJ, AS, RS, NE, and Dy render it “the               Ps. 146:4: “His spirit [Hebrew, from
soul." Some translations say “the man” or “the                ruach] goes out, he goes back to his
person.")                                                     ground; in that day his thoughts do
                                                              perish." (NAB, Ro, Yg, and Dy [145:4]
      here render ruach as “spirit." Some                No. 4:
      translations say “breath.") (Also Psalm            * God's View of Marriage
What is the origin of Christendom’s belief in an
immaterial, immortal soul?
   “The Christian concept of a spiritual soul
created by God and infused into the body at
conception to make man a living whole is the fruit
of a long development in Christian philosophy.
Only with Origen [died c. 254 C. E. ] in the East and
St. Augustine [died 430 C. E. ] in the West was the
soul established as a spiritual substance and a
philosophical concept formed of its nature. . . . His
[Augustine’s] doctrine . . . owed much (including
some shortcomings) to Neoplatonism."—New
Catholic Encyclopedia (1967), Vol. XIII, pp. 452,
   “The concept of immortality is a product of
Greek thinking, whereas the hope of a resurrection
belongs to Jewish thought. . . . Following
Alexander’s    conquests     Judaism     gradually
absorbed      Greek      concepts."—Dictionnaire
Encyclopédique de la Bible (Valence, France;
1935), edited by Alexandre Westphal, Vol. 2, p.
   “Immortality of the soul is a Greek notion formed
in ancient mystery cults and elaborated by the
philosopher Plato."—Presbyterian Life, May 1,
1970, p. 35.
   “Do we believe that there is such a thing as
death? . . . Is it not the separation of soul and
body? And to be dead is the completion of this;
when the soul exists in herself, and is released
from the body and the body is released from the
soul, what is this but death? . . . And does the soul
admit of death? No. Then the soul is immortal?
Yes.”—Plato’s “Phaedo,” Secs. 64, 105, as
published in Great Books of the Western World
(1952), edited by R. M. Hutchins, Vol. 7, pp. 223,
245, 246.
    “The problem of immortality, we have seen,
engaged the serious attention of the Babylonian
theologians. . . . Neither the people nor the leaders
of religious thought ever faced the possibility of the
total annihilation of what once was called into
existence. Death was a passage to another kind of
life."—The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria
(Boston, 1898), M. Jastrow, Jr. , p. 556.
See also pages 100-102, under the heading

Jan. 30                                                 must also be relaxed. They have to be ready to
Song 161                                                expand and contract rapidly so as to put the
Bible reading:         Nehemiah 1-4                     finishing touches to many sounds that originate in
Speech Quality: How to Speak Clearly (be p. 87 ¶        the mouth and the throat. If the jaw and the lips are
1-p. 88 ¶ 3)                                            tense, the mouth will not open properly, and sound
No. 1: Introduction to Nehemiah (si p. 88 ¶ 1-5)        will be forced through the teeth. This will result in
No. 2: Nehemiah 2:1-10                                  gruff, muffled, indistinct speech. Relaxing the jaw
No. 3: The Most Important Kind of Security              and the lips, however, does not mean becoming
No. 4: What Holy Spirit Is (rs p. 380 ¶ 2-p. 381 ¶ 1)   lazy in speech habits. This needs to be balanced
                                                        with the habit of forming sounds so that
Speech Quality                                          enunciation is clear.
How to Speak Clearly                                       In analyzing your situation, you may find it
be study 2 Words Clearly Spoken                         helpful to read aloud. Closely observe how you are
    How to Speak Clearly. One of the keys to            employing the marvelous organs of speech. Do
saying words clearly is understanding the makeup        you open your mouth sufficiently so that speech
of words in your language. In most languages,           sounds can come out without obstruction? The
words are made up of syllables. Syllables are           tongue, you must remember, is not the only organ
made up of one or more letters that are uttered as      of speech, though it is one of the busiest. The
a single unit. In such languages, each syllable         neck, the lower jaw, the lips, the facial muscles,
would normally be sounded when you speak,               and the throat muscles all play a part. As you
though not all with the same degree of emphasis. If     speak, do you seem to be doing so without facial
you want to improve the clarity of your speech,         movement? If so, then there is a strong probability
slow down and do your best to express each              that your speech is indistinct.
syllable. At first this may sound overly precise, but      If a tape recorder is available, record your own
as you practice, you will gradually resume a            voice while you are speaking in a natural way, as
smooth flow of speech. For the sake of fluency,         you would to someone when you are in the field
you will no doubt run certain words together, but       ministry. Record several minutes of conversational
this should be avoided if there is any danger of        speech. Listening to that recording can help you
obscuring the sense of the words.                       pinpoint any trouble you may have in clearly
  A note of caution: To cultivate your enunciation,     sounding certain words. Watch for instances of
you may practice speaking and reading in an             slurring, muffling, or clipping of words, and try to
overly precise manner. But do not allow that to         determine the cause. Usually the weakness can be
become your regular manner of speaking. It would        remedied by working on the points discussed
sound affected and unnatural.                           above.
    If your speech sounds somewhat muffled, learn           Do you have a speech impediment? Practice
to hold your head up and move your chin away            opening your mouth a little more than you have in
from your chest. When reading from the Bible, hold      the past, and try enunciating even more carefully.
the book high enough so that shifting your gaze         Fill your lungs when you take a breath, and speak
from the audience to your Bible requires only a         slowly. Doing this has enabled many with speech
slight downward look. This will allow your words to     impediments to speak with improved clarity. If you
come out unimpeded.                                     lisp, pull your tongue away from your front teeth
                                                        when uttering the s and z sounds in words.
   Learning to release tension can also improve         Although your problem may not be completely
your speech. It is well-known that tension in the       solved, do not despair. Remember that Jehovah
facial muscles or in those controlling your             chose Moses, a man who may have had a speech
breathing can have an adverse effect on the             impediment, to deliver vital messages to both the
speech mechanism. Such tension interferes with          people of Israel and Pharaoh of Egypt. (Ex.
the harmonious coordination that should exist           4:10-12) If you are willing, he will use you too, and
between your mind, vocal organs, and breath             he will bless your ministry with success.
control—an operation that should be smooth and
   The jaw muscles need to be relaxed in order to
respond readily to direction from the brain. The lips         HOW TO DO IT
       Speak and read individual words                  time marker in connection with a prophecy that
       clearly—with    proper     enunciation,          Jehovah had given Daniel concerning the coming
       sufficient volume, and at a reasonable           of Messiah. (Dan. 9:24-27) Accordingly, Jehovah
       pace.                                            directed events, using faithful and zealous
                                                        Nehemiah to carry out the divine will.
       Do not slur expressions or run words
       together in such a way as to make the                  Nehemiah is undoubtedly the writer of the
       meaning uncertain to your hearers.               book that bears his name. The opening statement,
                                                        “The words of Nehemiah the son of Hacaliah,” and
       Hold your head up, and open your
                                                        the use of the first person in the writing clearly
       mouth sufficiently when you speak.
                                                        prove this. (Neh. 1:1) Originally the books of Ezra
       Practice relaxing your neck, jaw, lips,          and Nehemiah were one book, called Ezra. Later,
       facial muscles, and throat muscles.              the Jews divided the book into First and Second
                                                        Ezra, and later still Second Ezra became known as
EXERCISE: Speak in your normal manner. How              Nehemiah. An interval of about 12 years lies
much do you open your mouth? Do you need to             between the closing events of Ezra and the
open it a little more and make fuller use of facial     opening events of Nehemiah, whose history then
muscles? Practice doing that as you read Matthew        covers the period from the end of 456 B. C. E. till
8:23-27 aloud. Be sure to hold your head up, and        after 443 B. C. E. —1:1; 5:14; 13:6.
endeavor to relax the muscles of your jaw.                 4
                                                              The book of Nehemiah harmonizes with the
                                                        rest of inspired Scripture, with which it rightfully
No. 1
                                                        belongs. It contains numerous allusions to the
Introduction To Nehemiah
                                                        Law, referring to matters such as marriage
 si p. 88 Bible Book Number 16—Nehemiah
                                                        alliances with foreigners (Deut. 7:3; Neh. 10:30),
       Writer: Nehemiah                                 loans (Lev. 25:35-38; Deut. 15:7-11; Neh. 5:2-11),
                                                        and the Festival of Booths (Deut. 31:10-13; Neh.
       Place Written: Jerusalem                         8:14-18). Further, the book marks the beginning of
       Writing Completed: After 443 B. C. E.            the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy that Jerusalem
                                                        would be rebuilt but not without opposition, “in the
       Time Covered: 456–after 443 B. C. E.             straits of the times."—Dan. 9:25.
                                                          What about the date 455 B. C. E. for Nehemiah’s
   NEHEMIAH, whose name means “Jah                      journey to Jerusalem to rebuild the city wall?
Comforts,” was a Jewish servant of the Persian          Reliable historical evidence from Greek, Persian,
king Artaxerxes (Longimanus). He was cupbearer          and Babylonian sources points to 475 B. C. E. as
to the king. This was a position of great trust and     the accession year of Artaxerxes and 474 B. C. E.
honor, one to be desired, for it gave access to the     as his first regnal year. This would make his 20th
king at times when he was in a happy frame of           year 455 B. C. E. Nehemiah 2:1-8 indicates it was
mind and ready to grant favors. However,                in the spring of that year, in the Jewish month
Nehemiah was one of those faithful exiles who           Nisan, that Nehemiah, the royal cupbearer,
preferred Jerusalem above any personal “cause           received from the king permission to restore and
for rejoicing." (Ps. 137:5, 6) It was not position or   rebuild Jerusalem, its wall, and its gates. Daniel’s
material wealth that was uppermost in Nehemiah’s        prophecy stated that 69 weeks of years, or 483
thoughts but, rather, the restoration of Jehovah’s      years, would stretch “from the going forth of the
worship.                                                word to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem until
      In 456 B. C. E. those “left over from the         Messiah the Leader”—a prophecy that was
captivity,” the Jewish remnant that had returned to     remarkably fulfilled at Jesus’ anointing in 29 C. E. ,
Jerusalem, were not prospering. They were in a          a date that may be harmonized with both secular
lamentable condition. (Neh. 1:3) The wall of the        and Biblical history. (Dan. 9:24-27; Luke 3:1-3, 23)
city was rubble, and the people were a reproach in      Indeed, the books of Nehemiah and Luke tie in
the eyes of their ever-present adversaries.             remarkably with Daniel’s prophecy in showing
Nehemiah was grieved. However, it was Jehovah’s         Jehovah God to be the Author and Fulfiller of true
appointed time for something to be done about the       prophecy! Nehemiah is truly a part of the inspired
wall of Jerusalem. Enemies or no enemies,               Scriptures.
Jerusalem with its protective wall must be built as a
No. 2
(Nehemiah 2:1-10)

No. 3:
The Most Important Kind of Security

No. 4
What Holy Spirit Is
rs p. 380 - p. 381 Spirit
What is the holy spirit?
   A comparison of Bible texts that refer to the holy
spirit shows that it is spoken of as ‘filling’ people;
they can be ‘baptized’ with it; and they can be
“anointed” with it. (Luke 1:41; Matt. 3:11; Acts
10:38) None of these expressions would be
appropriate if the holy spirit were a person.
   Jesus also referred to the holy spirit as a
“helper” (Greek, parakletos), and he said that this
helper would “teach,” “bear witness,” “speak,” and
‘hear. ’ (John 14:16, 17, 26; 15:26; 16:13) It is not
unusual in the Scriptures for something to be
personified. For example, wisdom is said to have
“children." (Luke 7:35) Sin and death are spoken of
as being kings. (Rom. 5:14, 21) While some texts
say that the spirit “spoke,” other passages make
clear that this was done through angels or humans.
(Acts 4:24, 25; 28:25; Matt. 10:19, 20; compare
Acts 20:23 with 21:10, 11.) At 1 John 5:6-8, not
only the spirit but also “the water and the blood” are
said to ‘bear witness. ’ So, none of the expressions
found in these texts in themselves prove that the
holy spirit is a person.
    The correct identification of the holy spirit must
fit all the scriptures that refer to that spirit. With this
viewpoint, it is logical to conclude that the holy
spirit is the active force of God. It is not a person
but is a powerful force that God causes to emanate
from himself to accomplish his holy will. —Ps.
104:30; 2 Pet. 1:21; Acts 4:31.
See also pages 406, 407, under the heading

Feb. 6                                                 However, foreign influences on a language may
Song 40                                                result in pronunciations that reflect the origin of the
Bible reading:         Nehemiah 5-8                    words. As a result, a specific letter or group of
Speech Quality: Correct Pronunciation-Factors to       letters may be pronounced in more than one way
Consider (be p. 89 ¶ 1-p. 90 ¶ 2)                      or, at times, may not be pronounced at all. You
No. 1: Read the Bible Daily (be p. 10 ¶ 1-p. 12 ¶ 4)   may need to memorize the exceptions and then
No. 2: Nehemiah 5:1-13                                 use them often in your speech. In Chinese, proper
No. 3: Evidence That a Person Has Holy Spirit (rs      pronunciation requires memorization of thousands
p. 381 ¶ 3-p. 382 ¶ 1)                                 of characters. In some languages the meaning of a
No. 4: "Safeguard Your Heart" (Prov. 4:23)             word changes when the tone is altered. Failure to
                                                       give adequate attention to this aspect of a
Speech Quality                                         language can result in conveying wrong ideas.
Correct Pronunciation-Factors to Consider                 If the words of a language are made up of
be study 3 pp. 89-90 Correct Pronunciation             syllables, it is important to place the primary stress
                                                       on the correct syllable. Many languages that use
      What do you need to do?                          such a structure have a fairly regular pattern of oral
      Say individual words correctly. This             stress. Where there are exceptions to that pattern,
      involves (1) using the right sounds to           an accent mark may be part of the written word.
      vocalize words, (2) stressing the right          This helps to make proper pronunciation relatively
      syllable(s) and, (3) in many languages,          easy. However, if the pattern is not consistent, the
      giving proper attention to diacritics.           problem is more difficult. Dealing with it
                                                       successfully requires much memorization.
      Why is it important?
                                                           In some languages, diacritics are a major factor
      Proper pronunciation adds to the
                                                       to consider. These include marks shown above
      dignity of the message we preach. It
                                                       and below certain letters of the alphabet, such as:
      allows a listener’s attention to be
                                                       è, é, ô, ñ, , , , ö, ç. The diacritical marks may be
      focused on the message we preach
                                                       written, or the reader may be expected to supply
      rather than on any mistakes in
                                                       them on the basis of the context in which a word
                                                       appears. In the latter case, careful preparation will
                                                       likely be needed when you are assigned to read
   NOT all Christians have had many years of
secular education. Even the apostles Peter and
John were described as “unlettered and ordinary."          With regard to pronunciation, there are some
(Acts 4:13) Nevertheless, it is important to avoid     pitfalls to avoid. Being overly precise can give the
detracting from your presentation of Bible truth by    impression of affectation, even snobbishness. The
pronouncing words poorly.                              same can be said of pronunciation that is no longer
                                                       in general use. The only effect will be to draw
   Factors to Consider. No one set of rules of
                                                       attention to the speaker. On the other hand, it is
pronunciation applies to all languages. Many
                                                       good to avoid the opposite extreme of using
languages are written in alphabetic letters. In
                                                       slovenly speech and pronunciation. Some of these
addition to the Latin alphabet, there are such
                                                       matters have already been discussed under
alphabets as Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew.
                                                       “Words Clearly Spoken."
Instead of an alphabet, written Chinese uses
                                                       Acceptable pronunciation of the words of a
characters that may be made up of a number of
                                                       language may differ from one country to another,
elements. These characters usually stand for a
                                                       even from one part of a country to another part of
word or part of a word. Although Japanese and
                                                       the same country. A person from another country
Korean borrow from Chinese, the characters may
                                                       may speak the local language with a distinctive
be used to represent very different sounds and
                                                       accent. Dictionaries may list more than one
may not carry the same meaning.
                                                       acceptable pronunciation for a word. Especially if a
    In alphabetic languages, proper pronunciation      person’s opportunity for secular education was
requires using the right sound for each letter or      very limited or if the language he now speaks is not
combination of letters. When such a language           his native tongue, he will benefit greatly by
follows consistent rules, as is true of Greek,         listening carefully to those who speak the local
Spanish, and Zulu, the task is not so difficult.       language well and then patterning his
pronunciation after theirs. As Jehovah’s                after they completed reading those 27 books, they
Witnesses, we want to speak in a manner that            turned their attention to the 39 books of the
dignifies the message we preach and that will be        Hebrew Scriptures and began reading and
readily understood by people in our area.               enjoying them. By the time they finished the
                                                        Hebrew Scriptures, they had established a pattern
No. 1                                                   of regular Bible reading, so they continued, reading
Read the Bible Daily                                    the Christian Greek Scriptures for a second time,
be Take Delight in God’s Word                           and they have never stopped. May you likewise
                                                        make daily reading of God’s Word your lifelong
    The psalmist said of the man who reads God’s
Word daily: “Everything he does will succeed." (Ps.
1:3) Yes, despite our imperfections, despite our           Is there someone in your family or congregation
living in Satan’s wicked system of things, and          who cannot read? Why not offer to read the Bible
despite the Devil’s efforts to devour us, regular       regularly to that person? You will benefit, and he
reading and application of what is in God’s Word        too will benefit as he meditates on what he hears
will enable us to succeed in everything that            and then applies it in his life. —Rev. 1:3.
involves our relationship with Jehovah.
                                                            In time, you may want to undertake special
    Since we are under pressure from this old           projects in connection with your Bible reading.
system, absorbing the Creator’s thoughts for even       Some of these can enhance your appreciation for
a few precious moments each day can impart              the relationship between the various parts of the
strength to us. Some who were imprisoned for their      Bible. If your Bible has marginal references, these
faith had access only to scattered verses that they     may direct you to historical details and parallel
found quoted in newspaper articles. They clipped        accounts. They may help you to discern the
these, memorized them, and meditated upon               circumstances that led to the writing of various
them. Jehovah blessed their efforts because they        psalms as well as letters penned by apostles of
did what their circumstances allowed in taking in       Jesus Christ. Insight on the Scriptures provides a
knowledge from God’s Word. (Matt. 5:3) Yet, most        wealth of background information on people,
of us have far more freedom than that. We should        places, and qualities mentioned in the Bible.
not conclude that quickly reading a Bible verse         Charts draw attention to the fulfillment of Bible
once a day will, in itself, have some miraculous        prophecies, show which kings and prophets were
effect. Blessings will be ours, however, if we adjust   contemporaries, and give approximate dates for
our priorities so as to read a portion of the Bible     many Bible events.
each day, think about it, and put it to work in our
                                                           As you meditate on what you learn, you will
                                                        understand the reasons why certain conditions
   Realistically, our best plans can be disrupted.      developed among God’s people. You will also find
When that happens, we give priority to the things       out why Jehovah dealt with his people as he did.
that really matter. For example, we would not on        You will see how Jehovah evaluates the actions of
purpose go without drinking water for a day or two.     governments, peoples, and individuals. This will
Regardless of what comes up in our daily lives,         give you greater insight into his thinking.
then, we should take some time to refresh
                                                            Bible history will become more interesting to
ourselves with the waters of truth. —Acts 17:11.
                                                        you when you visualize the region in which events
             Read All of God’s Word                     occurred. Maps of Bible lands reveal the terrain as
                                                        well as the distances between places. For
   Have you personally read the entire Bible?
                                                        example, approximately where did the Israelites
Some have felt overwhelmed by the prospect of
                                                        cross the Red Sea? What was the size of the
reading from Genesis to Revelation. Hence, many
                                                        Promised Land? How far did Jesus walk as he
who wanted to read the entire Bible started by first
                                                        carried out his earthly ministry? What sights did
reading the Christian Greek Scriptures. Why?
                                                        Paul see on his missionary journeys? Maps and
Perhaps it was because they could more readily
                                                        geographic descriptions convey details that will
see how those Bible books applied to them as
                                                        bring your reading to life. Where can you find maps
individuals seeking to walk in the footsteps of
                                                        of the Bible lands? Some appear in the New World
Christ. Or perhaps it was because the Christian
                                                        Translation of the Holy Scriptures. The Insight
Greek Scriptures did not seem like so much to
                                                        volumes contain some 70 maps, and there is a
read—only a little over one fourth of the Bible. But
map index at the end of the first volume. Use the
Watch Tower Publications Index to locate other            No. 3:
maps. If these resources are not available, use           Evidence That a Person Has Holy Spirit
maps published in The Watchtower to assist you in         rs p. 381 - p. 382 Spirit
your Bible reading.
                                                          What gives evidence that a person really has
   In the Hebrew Scriptures, King David extolled          the holy spirit, or “the Holy Ghost” (KJ)?
Jehovah, saying: “How precious your thoughts are!
                                                              Luke 4:18, 31-35: “[Jesus read from the scroll of
O God, how much does the grand sum of them
                                                          the prophet Isaiah:] ‘Jehovah’s spirit is upon me,
amount to!” (Ps. 139:17) In the Christian Greek
                                                          because he anointed me to declare good news’ . . .
Scriptures, the apostle Paul praised Jehovah
                                                          And he went down to Capernaum, a city of Galilee.
because He “has shone on our hearts to illuminate
                                                          And he was teaching them on the sabbath; and
them with the glorious knowledge of God by the
                                                          they were astounded at his way of teaching,
face of Christ." (2 Cor. 4:6) David and Paul lived
                                                          because his speech was with authority. Now in the
centuries apart; yet, they both delighted in God’s
                                                          synagogue there was a man with a spirit, an
Word. So can you if you take the time to read all
                                                          unclean demon, and he shouted with a loud voice .
that Jehovah has given you in the pages of his
                                                          . . But Jesus rebuked it, saying: ‘Be silent, and
inspired Word.
                                                          come out of him.’ So, after throwing the man down
[Box on page 11]                                          in their midst, the demon came out of him without
MAKE A SUCCESS OF DAILY BIBLE READING                     hurting him.” (What gave evidence that Jesus had
  A major part of the education offered in the            God’s spirit? The account does not say that he
Theocratic Ministry School centers on the program         trembled or shouted or moved about in a fervor.
of Bible reading. We urge you to share in it.             Rather, it says he spoke with authority. It is
  A modest portion of the Bible is scheduled for          noteworthy, however, that on that occasion a
personal reading and for discussion in the school         demonic spirit did move a man to shout and fall
each week. This will progressively take you               onto the floor.)
through the entire Bible.
                                                             Acts 1:8 says that when Jesus’ followers
  In order to make daily Bible reading a part of your
                                                          received holy spirit they would be witnesses about
life, set aside a regular time for it—perhaps early in
                                                          him. According to Acts 2:1-11, when they did
the morning, at noontime, at suppertime, or before
                                                          receive that spirit, observers were impressed by
you go to bed. Just reading snatches of it during
                                                          the fact that, although the ones speaking were all
the day when you happen to have time will not
                                                          Galileans, they were speaking about the
ensure regularity.
                                                          magnificent things of God in languages that were
  If you are a family head, show personal interest
                                                          familiar to the many foreigners who were present.
by helping family members to develop a good
                                                          But the record does not say that there were any
routine. Doing some Bible reading as a family may
                                                          emotional outbursts on the part of those who
encourage family members to pursue daily Bible
                                                          received the spirit.
reading on a personal basis.
  Daily Bible reading requires self-discipline. You          It is noteworthy that when Elizabeth received
are not born with a desire for it. You need to “form a    the holy spirit and then gave voice to “a loud cry”
longing” for God’s Word. (1 Pet. 2:2) As you              she was not in a meeting for worship but was
cultivate the habit, your spiritual appetite will grow.   greeting a visiting relative. (Luke 1:41, 42) When,
Then you may find that you want to broaden out by         as reported at Acts 4:31, holy spirit came upon an
undertaking special projects of Bible reading and         assembly of disciples, the place was shaken, but
study to deepen your understanding and                    the effect of that spirit on the disciples was, not that
appreciation for the spiritual riches that Jehovah        they trembled or rolled about, but that they ‘spoke
has made available to us.                                 the word of God with boldness. ’ Likewise today,
  When you do your Bible reading, take time to            boldness in speaking the word of God, zealously
ponder the meaning of what you read—what it tells         engaging in the work of witnessing—these are
you about Jehovah, how it can influence your life         what give evidence that a person has holy spirit.
beneficially, and how you can use it to help others.      Gal. 5:22, 23: “The fruitage of the spirit is love, joy,
                                                          peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith,
No. 2                                                     mildness, self-control." (It is this fruitage, rather
(Nehemiah 5:1-13)                                         than outbursts of religious fervor, that one should

look for when seeking to find people who truly have
God’s spirit.)

No. 4:
"Safeguard Your Heart" (Prov. 4:23)

Feb. 13                                                  explain these to you. The dictionary will show you
Song 159                                                 where to place the primary stress in a word that is
Bible reading:        Nehemiah 9-11                      made up of more than one syllable and where to
Speech Quality: Ways to Improve Pronunciation            place the secondary stress in a longer word. It will
(be p. 90 ¶ 3-p. 92)                                     show what sounds to use for the vowels and the
No. 1: Learning Peace Instead of War (w041/1 p. 6        consonants in a given word. In some instances, a
¶ 8-p. 7 ¶ 5)                                            word may be pronounced in more than one way,
No. 2: Nehemiah 10:28-37                                 depending on the setting in which it is used.
No. 3: Evidence That Jehovah Loves Us                    Whatever word you look up, say it aloud several
No. 4: There Is No Spirit Part of Man That Survives      times before you close the dictionary.
Death (rs p. 382 ¶ 5-p. 383 ¶ 2)
                                                            A second way that pronunciation can be
                                                         improved     is   by    reading    to someone
Speech Quality                                           else—someone who pronounces words well—and
Ways to Improve Pronunciation                            asking him to correct your mistakes.
be study 3 Correct Pronunciation
                                                             A third way to improve pronunciation is by
   In everyday speech it is usually best to employ       listening carefully to good speakers. If
words with which you are well acquainted.                audiocassettes of the New World Translation or
Ordinarily, pronunciation will not be a problem in       the Watchtower and Awake! magazines are
general conversation. However, when you read             available, make good use of these. As you listen,
aloud, you may encounter some words that you do          take note of the words that are being pronounced
not use in daily speech. And Jehovah’s Witnesses         differently from the way you would do it. Write
do a great deal of oral reading. We read the Bible       these down, and practice them. In time, your
to people when we witness to them. Some brothers         speech will be free of the blemishes of
are called on to read the paragraphs during the          mispronunciation, and this will greatly enhance
Watchtower Study or at the Congregation Book             your speaking.
Study. It is important that we read accurately and
that we do not detract from the message by                  HOW TO IMPROVE PRONUNCIATION
mispronouncing words.
                                                               Learn to make good use of a
   Do you find that some proper names in the Bible             dictionary.
are difficult to pronounce? In English, a stress
mark follows the syllable that should be given                 Ask someone who reads well to listen
primary stress. If the accented syllable ends in a             to you and offer counsel.
vowel, then the vowel is long in its pronunciation. If         Take note of pronunciation used by
a syllable ends in a consonant, then the vowel in              good speakers; compare your own
that syllable is short in its pronunciation. When the          with theirs.
two vowels a and i are combined, as in Mordecai          EXERCISE: Check pronunciation of any
and Sinai, the ai is pronounced simply as a long i.      unfam-iliar words in Psalm 83 or in a portion of the
With the exception of the name Rachel, the ch            Bible that presents a particular challenge to you.
combination of letters is given a hard k sound, as in    Use a dictionary or consult with someone who
Melchizedek.                                             knows the language well. Take note of which
   Ways to Improve. Many who have a problem              syllables should be stressed in proper names in
with pronunciation are not aware of it. If your          these verses; say each of those names aloud.
school overseer points out aspects of your               Then read the entire section aloud.
pronunciation that need attention, appreciate his
kindness. Once you know the problem, how can             No. 1:
you make improvement?                                    Learning Peace Instead of War
                                                         w04 1/1 An End to War
   First of all, when you have an assignment to
read aloud, take time to consult a dictionary. Look         Lasting peace can never be established while
up the words you do not know. If you are not             people are learning to kill. Many centuries ago, the
experienced in using a dictionary, turn to the           prophet Isaiah wrote: “If only you would actually
opening pages for an explanation of the symbols          pay attention to [God’s] commandments! Then
that are used or, if necessary, ask someone to           your peace would become just like a river." (Isaiah

48:17, 18) When people acquire accurate                       Apart from providing education, God has
knowledge about God’s Word and learn to love              established a government, or “kingdom,” capable
God’s law, violence and war become repulsive to           of ensuring worldwide peace. Significantly, the
them. Even now, parents can make sure that the            Bible describes God’s chosen Ruler, Jesus Christ,
games their children play do not encourage                as the “Prince of Peace." It further assures us that
violence. Adults can also learn to overcome hatred        “to the abundance of the princely rule and to peace
and greed. Jehovah’s Witnesses have discovered            there will be no end."—Isaiah 9:6, 7.
time and again that God’s Word has the power to
                                                              What guarantee do we have that Christ’s rule
change personalities. —Hebrews 4:12.
                                                          will successfully eliminate every kind of war? The
    Consider the example of Hortêncio. He was a           prophet Isaiah adds: “The very zeal of Jehovah of
young man when he against his will was recruited          armies will do this." (Isaiah 9:7) God has the will
to become a soldier. Military training was designed       and the means to preserve lasting peace. Jesus
to “inculcate in us the desire to kill other people and   has every confidence in this promise. That is why
not to have any fear of killing,” he explains. He         he taught his followers to pray for God’s Kingdom
fought in a drawn-out civil war in Africa. “The war       to come and for God’s will to be done on earth.
affected my personality,” he admits. “Even today I        (Matthew 6:9, 10) When that sincere request is
still remember everything I did. I feel very bad          finally answered, war will never again blight the
about what I was forced to do."                           surface of the earth.
    When a fellow soldier spoke to Hortêncio about        [Footnote]
the Bible, it touched his heart. God’s promise at         For an examination of the evidence that we are
Psalm 46:9 to bring an end to all forms of war            living in the last days, see chapter 11 of the book
impressed him. The more he studied the Bible, the         Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life,
less he wanted to fight. Before long, he and two of       published by Jehovah’s Witnesses.
his companions were expelled from the army, and
they dedicated their lives to Jehovah God. “Bible         No. 2
truth helped me to have love for my enemy,”               (Nehemiah 10:28-37)
Hortêncio explains. “I saw that by fighting in the
war, I was actually sinning against Jehovah, for          No. 3:
God says that we should not kill our neighbor. To         Evidence That Jehovah Loves Us
show this love, I had to change my way of thinking
and not view people as my enemies."                       No. 4:
                                                          There Is No Spirit Part of Man That Survives
   Such true-life experiences illustrate that Bible
education indeed promotes peace. This is not
                                                          rs p. 382 - p. 384 Spirit
surprising. The prophet Isaiah stated that there is a
direct relationship between divine education and          Is there a spirit part of man that survives the
peace. He foretold: “All your sons will be persons        death of the body?
taught by Jehovah, and the peace of your sons will
                                                             Ezek. 18:4: “The soul that is sinning—it itself will
be abundant." (Isaiah 54:13) The same prophet
                                                          die." (RS, NE, KJ, and Dy all render the Hebrew
foresaw a time when people of all nations would
                                                          word nephesh in this verse as “soul,” thus saying
stream to the pure worship of Jehovah God to
                                                          that it is the soul that dies. Some translations that
learn of his ways. With what result? “They will have
                                                          render nephesh as “soul” in other passages use
to beat their swords into plowshares and their
                                                          the expression “the man” or “the one” in this verse.
spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up
                                                          So, the nephesh, the soul, is the person, not an
sword against nation, neither will they learn war
                                                          immaterial part of him that survives when his body
anymore."—Isaiah 2:2-4.
                                                          dies.) (See the main heading “Soul” for further
   In harmony with that prophecy, Jehovah’s               details.)
Witnesses are engaged in a worldwide educational
                                                             Ps. 146:4: “His spirit goes out, he goes back to
work that has already helped millions to overcome
                                                          his ground; in that day his thoughts do perish."
the hatred that is at the root of man’s wars.
                                                          (The Hebrew word here translated “spirit” is a
          A Guarantee for World Peace                     derivative of ruach. Some translators render it
                                                          “breath." When that ruach, or active life-force,

leaves the body, the person’s thoughts perish; they
do not continue in another realm.)
    Eccl. 3:19-21: “There is an eventuality as
respects the sons of mankind and an eventuality
as respects the beast, and they have the same
eventuality. As the one dies, so the other dies; and
they all have but one spirit, so that there is no
superiority of the man over the beast, for
everything is vanity. All are going to one place.
They have all come to be from the dust, and they
are all returning to the dust. Who is there knowing
the spirit of the sons of mankind, whether it is
ascending upward; and the spirit of the beast,
whether it is descending downward to the earth?”
(Because of the inheritance of sin and death from
Adam, humans all die and return to the dust, as
animals do. But does each human have a spirit that
goes on living as an intelligent personality after it
ceases to function in the body? No; verse 19
answers that humans and beasts “all have but one
spirit." Based merely on human observation, no
one can authoritatively answer the question raised
in verse 21 regarding the spirit. But God’s Word
answers that there is nothing that humans have as
a result of birth that gives them superiority over
beasts when they die. However, because of God’s
merciful provision through Christ, the prospect of
living forever has been opened up to humans who
exercise faith, but not to animals. For many of
mankind, that will be made possible by
resurrection, when active life-force from God will
invigorate them again.)
Luke 23:46: “Jesus called with a loud voice and
said: ‘Father, into your hands I entrust my spirit
[Greek, pneuma]. ’ When he had said this, he
expired." (Notice that Jesus expired. When his
spirit went out he was not on his way to heaven.
Not until the third day from this was Jesus
resurrected from the dead. Then, as Acts 1:3, 9
shows, it was 40 more days before he ascended to
heaven. So, what is the meaning of what Jesus
said at the time of his death? He was saying that
he knew that, when he died, his future life
prospects rested entirely with God. For further
comments regarding the ‘spirit that returns to God,’
see page 378, under the heading “Soul.")

Feb. 20                                                 hesitate as he gropes for the right words. (6) If too
Song 118                                                many words are emphasized, fluency may be
Bible reading: Nehemiah 12-13                           impaired. (7) Lack of familiarity with rules of
Speech Quality: Fluent Delivery (be p. 93 ¶ 1-p.        grammar may contribute to the problem.
94 ¶ 3)
                                                           If you lack fluency, the audience in a Kingdom
No. 1: Nehemiah - Why Beneficial (si pp. 90-1 ¶
                                                        Hall will not literally walk out, but their minds may
                                                        wander. As a result, much of what you say may be
No. 2: Nehemiah 13:1-14
No. 3: Why It Is Impossible to Communicate With
the Dead (rs p. 384 ¶ 3-p. 385 ¶ 4)                         On the other hand, care must be exercised so
No. 4: * Violent Video Games Are Not for                that speech that is meant to be forceful and fluent
Christians                                              does not become overbearing, perhaps even
                                                        embarrassing to the audience. If because of
Speech Quality                                          difference in cultural background, people view your
Fluent Delivery                                         manner of speech as brash or as lacking in
be study 4 pp. 93-94                                    sincerity, that will defeat your purpose. It is
                                                        noteworthy that the apostle Paul, though an
      What do you need to do?                           experienced speaker, approached the Corinthians
                                                        “in weakness and in fear and with much trembling”
      Read and speak in such a manner that              so that he would not attract needless attention to
      your words and thoughts flow                      himself. —1 Cor. 2:3.
      smoothly. When delivery is fluent,
      speech is not jerky or painfully slow,                Practices to Avoid. Many people have the
      and there is no stumbling over words              mannerism of inserting such expressions as
      or groping for thoughts.                          “and-uh” when they speak. Others frequently start
                                                        a thought with “now,” or they tack a phrase, such
      Why is it important?                              as “you know” or “you see,” on to whatever they
      When a speaker lacks fluency, the                 are saying. Perhaps you are unaware of the
      minds of the listeners may wander;                frequency with which you use such expressions.
      wrong ideas may be conveyed. What                 You might try a practice session in which someone
      is said may lack persuasiveness.                  listens to you and repeats these expressions each
                                                        time you say them. You may be surprised.
    WHEN reading aloud, do you stumble over
                                                            Some people read and speak with numerous
certain expressions? Or when you get up in front of
                                                        regressions. That is, they begin a sentence and
an audience to give a talk, do you find that you
                                                        then interrupt themselves midway and repeat at
often grope for the right words? If so, you may
                                                        least a portion of what they already said.
have a problem with fluency. A fluent person reads
                                                        Still others speak rapidly enough, but they start
and speaks in such a manner that words and
                                                        with one line of thought and then, mid-sentence,
thoughts flow smoothly, with apparent ease. This
                                                        shift to something else. Though words flow freely,
does not mean that he is constantly talking, that he
                                                        abrupt changes in thought impair fluency.
speaks very rapidly, or that he speaks without
thinking. His speech is pleasingly graceful. Fluency
                                                        No. 1:
is given special attention in the Theocratic Ministry
                                                        Nehemiah -- Why Beneficial
                                                        si Bible Book Number 16—Nehemiah
    A variety of factors may contribute to lack of
                                                        WHY BENEFICIAL
fluency. Do you need to give special consideration
to any of the following? (1) When reading to others,          Nehemiah’s godly devotion should be an
unfamiliarity with certain words may cause              inspiration to all lovers of right worship. He left a
hesitancy. (2) Slight pauses in too many places         favored position to become a humble overseer
may result in jerky delivery. (3) Lack of preparation   among Jehovah’s people. He even refused the
may contribute to the problem. (4) In speaking          material contribution that was his right, and he
before a group, a common factor in lack of fluency      roundly condemned materialism as a snare. The
is failure to organize material in a logical manner.    zealous pursuit and upkeep of Jehovah’s worship
(5) A limited vocabulary may cause a person to          was what Nehemiah advocated for the entire

nation. (5:14, 15; 13:10-13) Nehemiah was a             servants to fight courageously for Kingdom
splendid example to us in being entirely unselfish      interests and to be busy in building true worship
and discreet, a man of action, fearless for             throughout the earth.
righteousness in the face of danger. (4:14, 19, 20;
6:3, 15) He had the proper fear of God and was
interested in building up his fellow servants in the    Insight on the Scriptures, Vol. 2, pages 613-16.
faith. (13:14; 8:9) He vigorously applied the law of    Insight on the Scriptures, Vol. 2, pages 899-901.
Jehovah, especially as it related to true worship       Some Jewish historians claim that this grandson of
and the rejection of foreign influences, such as        Eliashib was named Manasseh and that, with his
marriages with pagans. —13:8, 23-29.                    father-in-law, Sanballat, he built the temple on
       Throughout the book it is evident that           Mount Gerizim, which became the center of
Nehemiah had a good knowledge of Jehovah’s              Samaritan worship and at which he officiated as
law, and he made good use of this. He invoked           priest during his lifetime. Gerizim is the mountain
God’s blessing because of Jehovah’s promise at          referred to by Jesus at John 4:21. —The Second
Deuteronomy 30:1-4, having full faith that Jehovah      Temple in Jerusalem, 1908, W. Shaw Caldecott,
would act loyally on his behalf. (Neh. 1:8, 9) He       pages 252-5; see The Watchtower, July 15, 1960,
arranged numerous assemblies, principally to            pages 425-6.
acquaint the Jews with the things written aforetime.
In their reading of the Law, Nehemiah and Ezra          No. 2
were diligent to make God’s Word plain to the           (Nehemiah 13:1-14)
people and to follow through by applying it. —8:8,
13-16; 13:1-3.                                          No. 3:
   18                                                   Why It Is Impossible to Communicate With the
      Nehemiah’s complete reliance on Jehovah
and his humble petitions should encourage us to
                                                        rs p. 384 - p. 385 Spiritism
develop a like attitude of prayerful dependence on
God. Note how his prayers glorified God, showed         Is it really possible for a human to
recognition of the sins of his people, and petitioned   communicate with the “spirit” of a dead loved
that Jehovah’s name be sanctified. (1:4-11; 4:14;       one?
6:14; 13:14, 29, 31) That this zealous overseer            Eccl. 9:5, 6, 10: “The living are conscious that
was a power for strength among God’s people was         they will die; but as for the dead, they are
shown by the readiness with which they followed         conscious of nothing at all . . . Also, their love and
his wise direction and the joy that they found in       their hate and their jealousy have already
doing God’s will along with him. An inspiring           perished, and they have no portion anymore to
example indeed! However, in the absence of a            time indefinite in anything that has to be done
wise overseer, how quickly materialism,                 under the sun. All that your hand finds to do, do
corruption, and outright apostasy crept in! Surely      with your very power, for there is no work nor
this should impress on all overseers among God’s        devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in Sheol [the
people today the need to be alive, alert, zealous for   grave], the place to which you are going."
the interests of their Christian brothers, and
understanding and firm in leading them in the ways          Ezek. 18:4, 20: “The soul that is sinning—it itself
of true worship.                                        will die." (So the soul is not something that survives
   19                                                   the death of the body and with which living humans
     Nehemiah showed strong reliance on God’s           can thereafter communicate.)
Word. Not only was he a zealous teacher of the
Scriptures but he also used them in establishing           Ps. 146:4: “His spirit goes out, he goes back to
the genealogical inheritances and the service of        his ground; in that day his thoughts do perish."
the priests and Levites among God’s restored            (When the spirit is said to ‘go out’ of the body, this
people. (Neh. 1:8; 11:1–12:26; Josh. 14:1–21:45)        is merely another way of saying that the life-force
This must have been of great encouragement to           has ceased to be active. Thus, after a person dies,
the Jewish remnant. It strengthened their               his spirit does not exist as an immaterial being that
confidence in the grand promises previously given       can think and carry out plans apart from the body.
concerning the Seed and the greater restoration to      It is not something with which the living can
come under His Kingdom. It is hope in the               communicate after a person’s death.)
Kingdom restoration that stimulates God’s
See also pages 100-102, under the heading

No. 4:
* Violent Video Games Are Not for Christians

Feb. 27                                                    In conversation, fluency requires that you think
Song 215                                                before you speak. Make that a practice in your
Bible reading:         Esther 1-5                       everyday activity. Decide what ideas you want to
Speech Quality: How to Improve Fluency                  convey and the order in which you are going to
(be p. 94 ¶ 4-p. 96 ¶ 3, except box on p. 95)           state them; then start talking. Do not rush.
                                                        Endeavor to express a complete thought without
Oral Review                                             stopping or changing ideas in midstream. You may
                                                        find it helpful to use short, simple sentences.
Speech Quality                                               Words should come naturally if you know
How to Improve Fluency                                  exactly what you want to say. Generally speaking,
be study 4 Fluent Delivery                              it is not necessary to select the words that you will
   How to Improve. If your problem is that you          use. In fact, for the sake of practice, it is better just
often grope for the right word, you need to make a      to make certain that the idea is clear in your mind
concerted effort to build up your vocabulary. Take      and then to think of the words as you go. If you do
special note of words that are unfamiliar to you in     and if you keep your mind on the idea rather than
The Watchtower, Awake!, and other publications          on the words that you are speaking, the words will
that you may be reading. Look these up in a             come more or less automatically, and your
dictionary, check their pronunciation and their         thoughts will be expressed as you really feel them.
meaning, and add some of these words to your            But as soon as you begin to think of words rather
vocabulary. If no dictionary is available to you, ask   than ideas, your speech may become halting. With
for help from someone who speaks the language           practice, you can succeed in developing fluency,
well.                                                   an important quality in effective speaking and
  Making it a practice to read aloud regularly will
contribute to improvement. Take note of difficult          When assigned to represent Jehovah to the
words, and say these aloud several times.               nation of Israel and before Pharaoh of Egypt,
                                                        Moses felt that he was not capable. Why? He was
  In order to read fluently, it is necessary to         not a fluent speaker; he may have had a speech
understand how words work together in a                 impediment. (Ex. 4:10; 6:12) Moses offered
sentence. Usually words need to be read in groups       excuses, but none of these were accepted by God.
in order to convey the thought being expressed by       Jehovah sent Aaron along as a spokesman, but He
the writer. Take special note of these word             also helped Moses to speak. Repeatedly and
groupings. If it will help you, mark them. Your         effectively, Moses spoke not only to individuals
objective is not merely to read words correctly but     and to small groups but to the entire nation. (Deut.
also to convey thoughts clearly. After you analyze      1:1-3; 5:1; 29:2; 31:1, 2, 30; 33:1) If you
one sentence, go on to the next until you have          conscientiously do your part while trusting in
studied the entire paragraph. Become familiar with      Jehovah, you too can use your speech to honor
the flow of thought. Then practice reading aloud.       God.
Read the paragraph repeatedly until you can do it
without stumbling and without pausing in the wrong            HOW TO ACHIEVE IT
places. Then go on to other paragraphs.
                                                              When reading magazines and books,
   Next, increase your pace. If you have come to              mark new words, find out exactly what
appreciate how words within a sentence work                   they mean, and then use them.
together, you will be able to see more than one
word at a time and to anticipate what should come             Practice reading aloud at least five to
next. This will contribute much to the effectiveness          ten minutes each day.
of your reading.                                              Prepare     reading    assignments
   Making a regular practice of sight-reading can             thoroughly. Take special note of
be valuable training. For example, without doing              thought-conveying   word    groups.
advance preparation, read the day’s text and                  Become familiar with the flow of
comments aloud; do it on a regular basis. Become              thought.
accustomed to allowing your eye to take in words
as groups expressing complete thoughts rather
than seeing just one word at a time.
      In daily conversation, learn to think first
      and then to say complete sentences
      without stopping.

EXERCISE: Carefully preview Judges 7:1-25,
studying one paragraph at a time. Be sure that you
understand what it says. Using a dictionary, check
unfamiliar words. Say each proper name aloud.
Then read the paragraph aloud; be careful to do it
accurately. When you feel comfortable with that
paragraph, go on to the next one, and so on. Then
read the entire chapter. Do it again, this time a little
faster. Do it once more, going even faster on
portions where appropriate—but not so fast that
you stumble.

Mar. 6                                                  note, or show the person something in printed
Song 74                                                 form.
Bible reading: Esther 6-10
Speech Quality: Coping With Stuttering (be p. 95,       No. 1
box)                                                    Introduction To Esther & Why Beneficial
No. 1: Introduction to Esther and Why Beneficial (si
pp. 91-4 ¶ 1-6, 16-18)                                  si pp. 91-92 Bible Book Number 17—Esther
No. 2: Esther 6:1-10                                    Writer: Mordecai
No. 3: A Mild Answer Can Turn Away Rage                 Places Written: Shushan, Elam
No. 4: Why True Christians Reject All Spiritistic       Writing Completed: c. 475 B. C. E.
Practices (rs p. 385 ¶ 5-p. 387 ¶ 3)                    Time Covered: 493-c. 475 B. C. E.

Speech Quality                                             SIMPLY told, here is the story of Ahasuerus,
Coping With Stuttering                                  king of Persia, thought by some to be Xerxes I,
 be study 4 p. 95 Fluent Delivery                       whose disobedient wife Vashti is replaced by the
                                                        Jewess Esther, cousin of Mordecai. The Agagite
[Box on page 95]                                        Haman plots the death of Mordecai and all the
COPING WITH STUTTERING                                  Jews, but he is hung on his own stake, while
  Many factors may contribute to stuttering.            Mordecai is advanced to be prime minister and the
Therapies that bring relief to some people may not      Jews are delivered.
work as well for others. But to experience the joy of
success, it is important to keep on trying.                   Of course, there are those who want to say
  Does the idea of giving a comment at a meeting        that the book of Esther is neither inspired nor
give rise to fear, even panic? Pray to Jehovah for      beneficial but is simply a beautiful legend. They
his help. (Phil. 4:6, 7) Focus your thoughts on         base their claim on the absence of God’s name.
honoring Jehovah and helping others. Do not             While it is true that God is not directly mentioned, in
expect the problem to disappear altogether, but         the Hebrew text there appear to be four separate
observe how you are helped to cope with it. As you      instances of an acrostic of the Tetragrammaton,
experience       Jehovah’s     blessing   and    the    the initial letters of four successive words, spelling
encouragement of your brothers, you will want to        out YHWH (Hebrew,               ), or Jehovah. These
do more.                                                initials are made especially prominent in at least
  The Theocratic Ministry School affords                three ancient Hebrew manuscripts and are also
opportunity for you to gain experience in speaking      marked in the Masora by red letters. Also, at
before a group. You may be surprised at how well        Esther 7:5 there is apparently an acrostic on the
you do before a small group that is supportive and      divine pronouncement “I shall prove to be."—See
wants you to succeed. This can help you to gain         footnotes on Esther 1:20; 5:4, 13; 7:7, as well as
confidence to speak under other conditions.             7:5.
  If you are going to give a talk, prepare well.           3
                                                              Throughout the record it is strongly evident
Become engrossed in your delivery. Speak with           that Mordecai both accepted and obeyed the law of
appropriate feeling. If you begin to stutter while      Jehovah. He refused to bow down to honor a man
speaking, then, as much as possible, keep your          who probably was an Amalekite; God had marked
voice and manner calm. Relax the muscles of your        the Amalekites for extermination. (Esther 3:1, 5;
jaw. Use short sentences. Minimize the use of           Deut. 25:19; 1 Sam. 15:3) Mordecai’s expression
interjections, such as “um” and “ah."                   at Esther 4:14 indicates that he expected
  Having identified words that caused a problem in      deliverance from Jehovah and that he had faith in
the past, some who are coping with stuttering           divine direction of the entire course of events.
avoid these and instead use words that have             Esther’s fasting, together with similar action by the
similar meaning. Others favor identifying the           other Jews, for three days before she went in to the
speech sounds that give them the most difficulty        king shows reliance on God. (Esther 4:16) God’s
and practicing these again and again.                   maneuvering of events is also suggested in
  If you stutter when engaging in conversation, do      Esther’s finding favor in the eyes of Hegai, the
not give up in your effort to communicate. You may      guardian of the women, and in the king’s
want to encourage the other person to talk until you    sleeplessness on the night that he called for the
are able to proceed. If necessary, simply write a       official records and found that Mordecai had not

been honored for his past good deed. (Esther 2:8,          events of Esther immediately after they took place,
9; 6:1-3; compare Proverbs 21:1.) There is                 that is, about 475 B. C. E.
undoubtedly a reference to prayer in the words,
“the matters of the fasts and their cry for                si p. 94 Bible Book Number 17—Esther
aid."—Esther 9:31.
                                                                           WHY BENEFICIAL
      Many facts establish the record as authentic            16
                                                                  While no other Bible writer makes any direct
and factual. It was accepted by the Jewish people,
                                                           quotation from Esther, the book is completely in
who called the book simply the Meghillah, meaning
                                                           harmony with the rest of the inspired Scriptures. In
“roll; scroll." It appears to have been included in the
                                                           fact, it provides some splendid illustrations of Bible
Hebrew canon by Ezra, who would certainly have
                                                           principles that are stated later in the Christian
rejected a fable. To this day, the Jews keep the
                                                           Greek Scriptures and that apply to Jehovah’s
feast of Purim, or Lots, in celebration of the great
                                                           worshipers in all ages. A study of the following
deliverance in Esther’s time. The book presents
                                                           passages will not only show this to be so but will be
Persian manners and customs in a lifelike way and
                                                           upbuilding       to   Christian      faith:    Esther
in harmony with the known facts of history and
                                                           4:5—Philippians 2:4; Esther 9:22—Galatians 2:10.
archaeological discoveries. For example, the book
                                                           The charge made against the Jews, that they did
of Esther accurately describes the way Persians
                                                           not obey the king’s laws, is similar to the charge
honored a man. (6:8) Archaeological excavations
                                                           raised against the early Christians. (Esther 3:8, 9;
have revealed that the descriptions of the king’s
                                                           Acts 16:21; 25:7) True servants of Jehovah meet
palace as given in the book of Esther are exact to
                                                           such charges fearlessly and with prayerful reliance
the smallest detail. —5:1, 2.
                                                           on divine power to deliver, after the splendid
       This exactness is also to be noted in the           pattern of Mordecai, Esther, and their fellow Jews.
account itself, in its careful naming of court officials   —Esther 4:16; 5:1, 2; 7:3-6; 8:3-6; 9:1, 2.
and attendants, giving even the names of Haman’s              17
                                                                  As Christians, we should not think that our
ten sons. The lineage of Mordecai and Esther is
                                                           situation is different from that of Mordecai and
traced back to Kish of the tribe of Benjamin. (2:5-7)
                                                           Esther. We too live under “the superior authorities”
References are made to the official records of the
                                                           in an alien world. It is our desire to be law-abiding
Persian government. (2:23; 6:1; 10:2) The
                                                           citizens in whatever country we reside, but at the
language of the book is late Hebrew, with many
                                                           same time, we want to draw the line correctly
Persian and Aramaic words and expressions
                                                           between ‘paying back Caesar’s things to Caesar
added, which style matches that of Chronicles,
                                                           and God’s things to God. ’ (Rom. 13:1; Luke 20:25)
Ezra, and Nehemiah, thus harmonizing completely
                                                           Prime Minister Mordecai and Queen Esther set
with the period in which it was written.
6                                                          good examples of devotion and obedience in their
  It is thought that the events of Esther are set in
                                                           secular duties. (Esther 2:21-23; 6:2, 3, 10; 8:1, 2;
the days when the mighty Persian empire was at
                                                           10:2) However, Mordecai fearlessly drew the line
its peak and that they cover about 18 years of the
                                                           at obeying the royal command to bow low before
reign of Ahasuerus (Xerxes I). The time period,
                                                           the despicable Agagite, Haman. Moreover, he saw
extending down to about 475 B. C. E. , is indicated
                                                           to it that appeal was made to seek legal redress
by testimony from Greek, Persian, and Babylonian
                                                           when Haman conspired to destroy the Jews.
sources. Mordecai, eyewitness and a major
                                                           —3:1-4; 5:9; 4:6-8.
character in the account, was most likely the writer       18
                                                              All the evidence points to the book of Esther as
of the book; the intimate and detailed account
                                                           being part of the Holy Bible, “inspired of God and
shows that the writer must have lived through
                                                           beneficial." Even without directly mentioning God
these events in Shushan the palace. Though he is
                                                           or his name, it provides us sterling examples of
not mentioned in any other Bible book, there is no
                                                           faith. Mordecai and Esther were no mere figments
question that Mordecai was an actual individual of
                                                           of some storyteller’s imagination, but they were
history. Interestingly, an undated cuneiform text
                                                           real servants of Jehovah God, persons who placed
has been found that is described by A. Ungnad of
                                                           implicit confidence in Jehovah’s power to save.
Germany as referring to Mardukâ (Mordecai?) as a
                                                           Though they lived under “superior authorities” in a
high official at the court of Susa (Shushan) during
                                                           foreign land, they used every legal means to
the reign of Xerxes I. It was there at Shushan that
                                                           defend the interests of God’s people and their
Mordecai no doubt completed the record of the
                                                           worship. We today can follow their examples in
                                                           “the defending and legally establishing of the good
news” of God’s Kingdom of deliverance. —Phil.      loose conduct, idolatry, practice of spiritism . . . As
1:7.                                               to these things I am forewarning you, the same
                                                   way as I did forewarn you, that those who practice
No. 2                                              such things will not inherit God’s kingdom."
(Esther 6:1-10)                                    (Resorting to spiritism for help means that a person
                                                   believes Satan’s lies about death; he is seeking
No. 3:                                             advice from people who endeavor to draw power
A Mild Answer Can Turn Away Rage                   from Satan and his demons. Such a person thus
                                                   identifies himself with those who are avowed
No. 4:                                             enemies of Jehovah God. Instead of being truly
Why True Christians Reject All Spiritistic         helped, anyone persisting in such a course suffers
Practices                                          lasting harm.)
rs p. 385 - p. 387 Spiritism
                                                       Luke 9:24: “Whoever wants to save his soul [or,
     With whom are those who endeavor              life] will lose it; but whoever loses his soul for my
     to speak with the dead actually               sake [because he is a follower of Jesus Christ] is
     communicating?                                the one that will save it." (If a person deliberately
                                                   violates the clearly stated commands of God’s
     The truth about the condition of the
                                                   Word in an endeavor to safeguard or preserve his
     dead is clearly stated in the Bible. But
                                                   present life, he will lose out on the prospect of
     who tried to deceive the first human
                                                   eternal life. How foolish!)
     pair about death? Satan contradicted
     God’s warning that disobedience                  2 Cor. 11:14, 15: “Satan himself keeps
     would bring death. (Gen. 3:4; Rev.            transforming himself into an angel of light. It is
     12:9) In time, of course, it became           therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep
     obvious that humans did die as God            transforming themselves into ministers of
     said they would. Reasonably, then,            righteousness." (So we should not be misled when
     who was responsible for inventing the         some of the things done by spiritistic means seem
     idea that humans really do not die but        to be temporarily of benefit.)
     that some spirit part of man survives
                                                      See also pages 156-160, under “Healing. ”
     the death of the body? Such a
     deception fits Satan the Devil, whom          Is it wise to resort to spiritistic means to learn
     Jesus described as “the father of the         what the future holds or to assure oneself of
     lie." (John 8:44; see also 2                  success in some undertaking?
     Thessalonians 2:9, 10.) Belief that the          Isa. 8:19: “In case they should say to you
     dead are really alive in another realm        people: ‘Apply to the spiritistic mediums or to those
     and that we can communicate with              having a spirit of prediction who are chirping and
     them has not benefited mankind. On            making utterances in low tones,’ is it not to its God
     the contrary, Revelation 18:23 says           that any people should apply?”
     that, by means of the spiritistic
     practices of Babylon the Great, “all the         Lev. 19:31: “Do not turn yourselves to the spirit
     nations were misled." The spiritistic         mediums, and do not consult professional
     practice of ‘talking with the dead’ is        foretellers of events, so as to become unclean by
     actually a fraudulent deception that          them. I am Jehovah your God."
     can put people in contact with the            2 Ki. 21:6: “[King Manasseh] practiced magic and
     demons (angels that became selfish            looked for omens and made spirit mediums and
     rebels against God) and often leads to        professional foretellers of events. He did on a large
     a person’s hearing unwanted voices            scale what was bad in Jehovah’s eyes, to offend
     and being harassed by those wicked            him." (Such spiritistic practices actually involved
     spirits.                                      turning to Satan and his demons for help. No
                                                   wonder it was “bad in Jehovah’s eyes,” and he
Is there harm in seeking healing or protection     brought severe punishment upon Manasseh for it.
by spiritistic means?
                                                   But when he repented and gave up these bad
  Gal. 5:19-21: “The works of the flesh are        practices, he was blessed by Jehovah.)
manifest, and they are fornication, uncleanness,

Mar. 13                                                you read or may even result in distorting the
Song 160                                               meaning of the text.
Bible reading: Job 1-5
                                                          In addition to punctuation, the way thoughts are
Speech Quality: Pausing for Punctuation and for
                                                       expressed within a sentence has a bearing on
Change of Thought (be p. 97 ¶ 1-p. 98 ¶ 5)
                                                       where pauses are appropriate. A famous musician
No. 1: Introduction to Job (si pp. 95-6 ¶ 1-6)
                                                       once said: “The notes I handle no better than many
No. 2: Job 2:1-13
                                                       pianists. But the pauses between the notes, ah,
No. 3: Do Not Be Curious About Demonic Powers
                                                       that is where the art resides." It is similar with
(rs p. 387 ¶ 4-p. 388 ¶ 2)
                                                       speaking. Appropriate use of pausing will add
No. 4: Why True Christians Avoid Murmuring
                                                       beauty and meaning to your well-prepared
Speech Quality
Pausing for Punctuation and for Change of                  In preparing to read publicly, you may find it
Thought                                                helpful to mark the printed material from which you
be study 5 pp. 97-98 Appropriate Pausing               will read. Draw a small vertical line where a brief
                                                       pause, perhaps just a hesitation, is to be inserted.
      What do you need to do?                          Use two closely spaced vertical lines for a longer
                                                       pause. If you find that certain wording is awkward
      Make complete stops at appropriate               for you and you repeatedly pause in the wrong
      stages of your delivery. At times, you           place, make pencil marks to tie together all the
      may pause very briefly or simply allow           words that make up the difficult phrase. Then read
      the voice to fade momentarily. The               the phrase from beginning to end. Many
      pause is appropriate if it serves a              experienced speakers do this.
      worthwhile purpose.
                                                          Pausing in everyday speech usually does not
      Why is it important?                             present a problem because you know the ideas
      Proper use of pausing is an important            that you want to convey. However, if you have the
      factor in speech that can readily be             mannerism of pausing at regular intervals
      understood. Pausing also makes                   regardless of what the thought requires, your
      important points stand out.                      speech will lack force and clarity. Suggestions for
                                                       improvement are given in Study 4, “Fluent
   IN SPEECH, properly placed pauses are               Delivery."
important. This is true whether you are delivering a
                                                            Pause for Change of Thought. When you are
discourse or speaking with an individual. Without
                                                       making a transition from one main point to another,
such pauses, what is said may sound like babble
                                                       a pause can give your audience an opportunity to
instead of clear expression of thought. Appropriate
                                                       reflect, to adjust, to recognize the change in
pausing helps to impart clarity to your speech. It
                                                       direction, and to grasp more clearly the next
can also be used in such a way that your main
                                                       thought presented. It is just as important for you to
points will make a lasting impression.
                                                       pause when changing from one idea to another as
  How can you determine when you should                it is for you to slow down when turning the corner
pause? How long should pauses be?                      from one street into another.
    Pause to Punctuate. Punctuation has become             One reason why some speakers rush from one
an important part of written language. It may          idea to the next without pausing is that they try to
indicate the end of a statement or a question. In      cover too much material. For some, the habit
some languages it is used to set off quotations.       reflects their everyday speech pattern. Perhaps
Some punctuation indicates the relationship of one     everyone around them speaks in the same
part of a sentence to other parts. A person who        manner. But that does not result in effective
reads to himself can see the punctuation marks.        teaching. If you have something to say that is worth
But when he reads aloud for the benefit of others,     hearing and worth remembering, then take enough
his voice must convey the meaning of whatever          time to make the idea stand out clearly. Recognize
punctuation appears in the written material. (For      that pauses are essential to speech that conveys
further details, see Study 1, “Accurate Reading.")     ideas clearly.
Failure to pause when required by punctuation
may make it difficult for others to understand what
     If you are going to give a talk from an outline,          That the book of Job is authentic and inspired
your material should be organized in such a way           is also proved in that the ancient Hebrews always
that it is obvious where to pause between main            included it in their Bible canon, a fact remarkable in
points. If you will be reading a manuscript, mark         that Job himself was not an Israelite. In addition to
the places where there is a change from one main          the references by Ezekiel and James, the book is
point to the next.                                        quoted by the apostle Paul. (Job 5:13; 1 Cor. 3:19)
Pauses for change of thought are usually longer           Powerful proof of the book’s inspiration is given in
than pauses for punctuation—however, not so long          its amazing harmony with the proved facts of the
that they make the delivery drag. If they are too         sciences. How could it be known that Jehovah is
long, they give the impression that you are               “hanging the earth upon nothing,” when the
ill-prepared and are trying to determine what to say      ancients had the most fantastic notions as to how
next.                                                     the earth was supported? (Job 26:7) One view held
                                                          in ancient times was that the earth was supported
No. 1:                                                    by elephants standing on a large sea turtle. Why
Introduction To Job                                       does the book of Job not reflect such nonsense?
                                                          Obviously because Jehovah the Creator supplied
si pp. 95-96 Bible Book Number 18—Job                     the truth by inspiration. The many other
Writer: Moses                                             descriptions of the earth and its wonders and of the
Place Written: Wilderness                                 wild animals and birds in their natural habitats are
Writing Completed: c. 1473 B. C. E.                       so accurate that only Jehovah God could be the
Time Covered: Over 140 years between 1657                 Author and Inspirer of the book of Job.
and 1473 B. C. E.                                               Job lived in Uz, located, according to some
                                                          geographers, in northern Arabia near the land
     ONE of the oldest books of the inspired              occupied by the Edomites and east of the land
Scriptures! A book that is held in the highest            promised to Abraham’s offspring. The Sabeans
esteem and that is often quoted, yet one that is          were on the south, the Chaldeans on the east. (1:1,
little understood by mankind. Why was this book           3, 15, 17) The time of Job’s trial was long after
written, and what value does it have for us today?        Abraham’s day. It was at a time when there was
The answer is indicated in the meaning of Job’s           “no one like [Job] in the earth, a man blameless
name: “Object of Hostility." Yes, this book takes up      and upright." (1:8) This appears to be the period
two important questions: Why do the innocent              between the death of Joseph (1657 B. C. E.), a
suffer? Why does God permit wickedness in the             man of outstanding faith, and the time that Moses
earth? We have the record of Job’s suffering and          entered upon his course of integrity. Job excelled
his great endurance for our consideration in              in pure worship at this period of Israel’s
answering these questions. It has all been written        contamination by the demon worship of Egypt.
down, just as Job requested. —Job 19:23, 24.              Furthermore, the practices mentioned in the first
     Job has become synonymous with patience              chapter of Job, and God’s acceptance of Job as a
and endurance. But was there such a person as             true worshiper, point to patriarchal times rather
Job? In spite of all the efforts of the Devil to remove   than to the later period from 1513 B. C. E. on, when
this sterling example of integrity from the pages of      God dealt exclusively with Israel under the Law.
history, the answer is clear. Job was an actual           (Amos 3:2; Eph. 2:12) Thus, allowing for Job’s long
person! Jehovah names him along with His                  life, it appears that the book covers a period
witnesses Noah and Daniel, whose existence was            between 1657 B. C. E. and 1473 B. C. E. , the year
accepted by Jesus Christ. (Ezek. 14:14, 20;               of Moses’ death; the book was completed by
compare Matthew 24:15, 37.) The ancient Hebrew            Moses sometime after Job’s death and while the
nation regarded Job as a real person. The                 Israelites were in the wilderness. —Job 1:8; 42:16,
Christian writer James points to Job’s example of         17.
endurance. (Jas. 5:11) Only a true-life example,              Why do we say Moses was the writer? This is
not a fictitious one, would carry weight, convincing      according to the oldest tradition, among both
worshipers of God that integrity can be maintained        Jewish and early Christian scholars. The vigorous
under all circumstances. Moreover, the intensity          authentic style of Hebrew poetry used in the book
and feeling of the speeches recorded in Job testify       of Job makes it evident that it was an original
to the reality of the situation.                          composition in Hebrew, the language of Moses. It

could not have been a translation from another          to foretell events, not as a result of research, but by
language such as Arabic. Also, the portions in          the interpretation of omens or by the help of
prose bear stronger resemblance to the                  supernatural powers. Jehovah prohibited such
Pentateuch than to any other writings in the Bible.     practices among his servants. Why? All these
The writer must have been an Israelite, as Moses        practices are an invitation to communication with
was, because the Jews “were entrusted with the          or possession by unclean spirits, or demons.
sacred pronouncements of God." (Rom. 3:1, 2)            Engaging in such things would be gross
After he had reached maturity, Moses spent 40           unfaithfulness toward Jehovah.)
years in Midian, not far from Uz, where he could
                                                           Acts 16:16-18: “A certain servant girl with a
obtain the detailed information recorded in Job.
                                                        spirit, a demon of divination, met us. She used to
Later, when he passed near Job’s homeland
                                                        furnish her masters with much gain by practicing
during Israel’s 40-year wilderness journey, Moses
                                                        the art of prediction." (Obviously, no one who loves
could learn of and record the concluding details in
                                                        righteousness would consult such a source of
the book.
6                                                       information, whether with serious intent or as a
  According to The New Encyclopædia Britannica,
                                                        game. Paul tired of her crying out, and he ordered
the book of Job often is “counted among the
                                                        the spirit to come out of her.)
masterpieces of world literature." However, the
book is much more than a literary masterpiece. Job      Are wicked spirits able to take on human form?
is outstanding among the books of the Bible in              In the days of Noah, disobedient angels did take
exalting Jehovah’s power, justice, wisdom, and          on human form. They actually married, and they
love. It reveals most clearly the primary issue         fathered children. (Gen. 6:1-4) However, when the
before the universe. It illuminates much that is said   Flood came, those angels were forced back into
in other books of the Bible, especially Genesis,        the spirit realm. Regarding them, Jude 6 says:
Exodus, Ecclesiastes, Luke, Romans, and                 “The angels that did not keep their original position
Revelation. (Compare Job 1:6-12; 2:1-7 with             but forsook their own proper dwelling place he has
Genesis 3:15; Exodus 9:16; Luke 22:31, 32;              reserved with eternal bonds under dense darkness
Romans 9:16-19 and Revelation 12:9; also Job            for the judgment of the great day." Not only did God
1:21; 24:15; 21:23-26; 28:28 respectively with          abase them from their former heavenly privileges
Ecclesiastes 5:15; 8:11; 9:2, 3; 12:13.) It provides    and consign them to dense darkness regarding
the answers to many of life’s questions. It is          Jehovah’s purposes, but the reference to bonds
certainly an integral part of the inspired Word of      indicates that he has restrained them. From what?
God, to which it contributes much in the way of         Evidently, from taking on physical bodies so they
beneficial understanding.                               could have relations with women, as they had done
                                                        before the Flood. The Bible reports that faithful
No. 2                                                   angels, as messengers of God, did materialize in
(Job 2:1-13)                                            the performance of their duties down until the first
                                                        century C. E. But following the Flood, those angels
No. 3:                                                  that had misused their gifts were deprived of the
Do Not Be Curious About Demonic Powers                  ability to take on human form.
rs p. 387 - p. 388 Spiritism                            It is of interest, however, that demons apparently
What harm can there be in playing games that            can cause humans to see visions, and what they
involve a form of divination or in seeking the          see may appear to be real. When the Devil
meaning of something that seems to be an                tempted Jesus, he evidently made use of such
omen of good?                                           means in order to show Jesus “all the kingdoms of
                                                        the world and their glory."—Matt. 4:8.
   Deut. 18:10-12: “There should not be found in
you anyone who . . . employs divination, a practicer
                                                        No. 4:
of magic or anyone who looks for omens or a
                                                        Why True Christians Avoid Murmuring
sorcerer, or one who binds others with a spell or
anyone who consults a spirit medium or a
professional foreteller of events or anyone who
inquires of the dead. For everybody doing these
things is something detestable to Jehovah."
(Divination seeks to disclose hidden knowledge or

Mar. 20                                                   you pose questions that should make your
Song 214                                                  audience think but then you fail to pause
Bible reading: Job 6-10                                   sufficiently, much of the value of those questions
Speech Quality: Pausing to Emphasize, Pausing             will be lost.
to Listen (be p. 99 ¶ 1-p. 100 ¶ 4)
                                                             Of course, it is important to pause not only when
No. 1: The Superiority of Spiritual Values
                                                          speaking from a platform but also when witnessing
(w0410/15 p. 4 ¶ 2-p. 5 ¶ 3)
                                                          to others. Some people never seem to pause. If
No. 2: Job 7:1-21
                                                          that is your problem, put forth earnest effort to
No. 3: What It Means to Be Pure in Heart
                                                          cultivate this speech quality. You will improve in
No. 4: How to Break Free From Spiritistic Influence
                                                          your communication with others as well as in the
(rs p. 388 ¶ 3-p. 389 ¶ 4)
                                                          effectiveness of your ministry in the field. A pause
                                                          is a moment of silence, and it has truthfully been
Speech Quality                                            said that silence punctuates, it emphasizes, it
Pausing to Emphasize, Pausing to Listen                   commands attention, and it refreshes the ear.
be study 5 Appropriate Pausing
                                                             Everyday conversation involves a two-way flow
    Pause for Emphasis. A pause for emphasis is           of thoughts. Others are more inclined to listen to
often a dramatic one, that is, one that precedes or       you when you listen to them and show interest in
follows a statement or a question delivered with a        what they say. This requires that you pause long
measure of intensity. Such a pause gives the              enough to give them opportunity to express
audience opportunity to reflect on what has just          themselves.
been said, or it creates expectancy for what is to
follow. These are not the same. Decide which is              In the field ministry, our witnessing is often more
the appropriate method to use. But keep in mind           effective when it is done in the form of
that pauses for emphasis should be limited to truly       conversation. After an exchange of greetings,
significant statements. Otherwise, the value of           many Witnesses find it good to identify their
those statements will be lost.                            subject and then pose a question. They pause to
                                                          give the other person opportunity to reply, and then
    When Jesus read aloud from the Scriptures in          they acknowledge what the householder said.
the synagogue of Nazareth, he made effective use          During the discussion, they may give the
of the pause. First, he read his commission from          householder a number of opportunities to
the scroll of the prophet Isaiah. However, before         comment. They know that they can usually do
applying it, he rolled the scroll up, handed it back to   more to help a person if they know his views on the
the attendant, and sat down. Then, with the eyes of       matter being discussed. —Prov. 20:5.
all in the synagogue intently fixed on him, he said:
“Today this scripture that you just heard is                 Of course, not everyone will respond to
fulfilled."—Luke 4:16-21.                                 questions in a favorable way. But that did not deter
                                                          Jesus from stopping long enough to allow
    Pause When Circumstances Require It.                  opportunity even for opposers to speak. (Mark
Interruptions may also occasionally require that          3:1-5) Allowing the other person opportunity to
you pause in your speech. The noise of passing            speak encourages him to think, and he may, as a
traffic or a crying child may require an interruption     result, reveal what is in his heart. One of the
in conversation with a householder you have met           purposes of our ministry is, in fact, to stir a heartfelt
in the field ministry. If a disturbance at a place of     response by presenting people with vital issues
assembly is not too severe, you may be able to            from God’s Word on which they must make
raise your volume and continue. But if the                decisions. —Heb. 4:12.
disturbance is loud and prolonged, you must
pause. Your audience will not be listening anyway.           Use of appropriate pausing in our ministry is
So use pausing effectively, with a view to helping        indeed an art. When pauses are used effectively,
your audience get the full benefit of the good things     ideas are more clearly conveyed and are often
that you want to tell them.                               lastingly remembered.
  Pause to Allow for Response. Although you                               HOW TO DO IT
may be giving a talk with no provision for formal               Give special attention to punctuation
audience participation, it is important to allow the            when you read aloud.
audience to respond, not audibly, but mentally. If

      Listen carefully to well-qualified               Bible. (Proverbs 16:16) Like jewels, profound
      speakers, and observe where they                 truths are there for you to discover. Will you search
      pause and for how long.                          and dig for them? (Proverbs 2:1-6) Our Creator,
                                                       the Source of true values, urges you to do so, and
      After you say something that you really
                                                       he will help you. How?
      want others to remember, pause to let
      it sink in.                                          Jehovah provides gems of truth through his
                                                       Word, his spirit, and his organization. (Psalm 1:1-3;
      In conversation, invite others to
                                                       Isaiah 48:17, 18; Matthew 24:45-47; 1 Corinthians
      express their thoughts, and then listen
                                                       2:10) Examining these rare gems of inestimable
      to their reply. Let them finish. Do not
                                                       value gives you an opportunity to choose
                                                       intelligently the best and most rewarding way of
EXERCISE: Read Mark 9:1-13 aloud; pause
                                                       life. And that will not be hard because Jehovah, our
appropriately for the various marks of punctuation.
                                                       Creator, knows what we need to be truly happy.
Do not let the reading drag. After you have
practiced, ask someone to listen to you and offer      The Bible Promotes the Highest Values
suggestions for improvement in your pausing.
                                                           The sound counsel, or advice, that is available
                                                       in the Bible is both practical and unequaled. The
No. 1:
                                                       moral standards it advocates are unsurpassed. Its
The Superiority of Spiritual Values
                                                       counsel is always beneficial. It has stood the test of
w04 10/15 pp. 4-5 Benefit by Pursuing Spiritual
                                                       time. Examples of the Bible’s sound advice are to
                                                       work hard, to be honest, to use money wisely, and
    “Quit being fashioned after this system of         to avoid laziness. —Proverbs 6:6-8; 20:23; 31:16.
things,” admonished the apostle Paul centuries
                                                          In line with that, Jesus said: “Stop storing up for
ago. (Romans 12:2) The world has a fondness for
                                                       yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth
those who conform to its values. (John 15:19) The
                                                       and rust consume, and where thieves break in and
tendency is to appeal to your senses of sight,
                                                       steal. Rather, store up for yourselves treasures in
touch, taste, smell, and hearing—yes, to adopt a
                                                       heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes,
materialistic life-style. The emphasis is on “the
                                                       and where thieves do not break in and
desire of the eyes” so that you and others will
                                                       steal."—Matthew 6:19, 20.
pursue material gain. —1 John 2:15-17.
                                                       That timely admonition is as applicable today as it
    But there are values that transcend money,         was 2,000 years ago. Rather than getting caught
prominence, and material wealth. Centuries ago,        up in a quest for material wealth, we can benefit
King Solomon accumulated all that the world could      now by pursuing a superior way of life. The key is
offer in a material way. He built houses and had       storing up spiritual treasures, which lead to a life of
gardens, orchards, servants, livestock, male and       real happiness and contentment. How can we do
female singers, along with much gold and silver.       so? By reading God’s Word, the Bible, and by
Solomon increased his assets far beyond those of       applying what it teaches.
all who had preceded him. To say that he was rich
is an understatement. Solomon had virtually            No. 2
everything that could be desired. Yet, when he         (Job 7:1-21)
looked at his accomplishments, he said:
“Everything was vanity and a striving after            No. 3:
wind."—Ecclesiastes 2:1-11.                            What It Means to Be Pure in Heart
   With the superior wisdom that he was privileged
                                                       No. 4:
to gain, Solomon knew that greater fulfillment
                                                       How to Break Free From Spiritistic Influence
comes from the pursuit of spiritual values. He
                                                       rs p. 388 - p. 389 Spiritism
wrote: “The conclusion of the matter, everything
having been heard, is: Fear the true God and keep      How can a person be freed from spiritistic
his commandments. For this is the whole                influence?
obligation of man."—Ecclesiastes 12:13.
                                                          Prov. 18:10: “The name of Jehovah is a strong
   Of more value than gold or silver is the treasure   tower. Into it the righteous runs and is given
that can be found in the pages of God’s Word, the      protection." (This does not mean that use of God’s

personal name serves as a charm to ward off evil.
The “name” of Jehovah represents the Person
himself. We are protected when we come to know
him and put our full trust in him, submitting to his
authority and obeying his commands. If we do this,
then when we call out to him for help, using his
personal name, he provides the protection that he
has promised in his Word.)
   Matt. 6:9-13: “You must pray, then, this way: ‘ . .
. Do not bring us into temptation, but deliver us
from the wicked one. ’” You must also “persevere
in prayer." (Rom. 12:12) (God hears such prayers
from those who truly desire to know the truth and to
worship him in a manner that is pleasing to him.)
   1 Cor. 10:21: “You cannot be partaking of ‘the
table of Jehovah’ and the table of demons." (Those
who want Jehovah’s friendship and protection
must break off all participation in spiritistic
meetings. In harmony with the example recorded
at Acts 19:19, it is also important to destroy or
properly dispose of all objects in one’s possession
that relate to spiritism.)
    Jas. 4:7: “Subject yourselves, therefore, to God;
but oppose the Devil, and he will flee from you."
(To do this, be diligent to learn God’s will and to
apply it in your life. With love for God fortifying you
against fear of man, firmly refuse to share in any
customs related to spiritism or to obey any rules
laid down by a spiritist.)
Put on “the complete suit of armor from God” that is
described in Ephesians 6:10-18 and be zealous
about keeping every part of it in good condition.

Mar. 27                                                 only by the rest of the sentence but also by the
Song 8                                                  context. (2) Sense stress may be used to
Bible reading: Job 11-15                                emphasize the beginning of a new thought,
Speech Quality: Proper Sense Stress                     whether a main point or simply a change in the line
(be p. 101 ¶ 1-p. 102 ¶ 3)                              of reasoning. It might also draw attention to the
No. 1: "Pay Attention to How You Listen"                conclusion of a line of reasoning. (3) A speaker
(be p. 13 ¶ 1-p. 14 ¶ 5)                                may employ sense stress to show how he feels
No. 2: Job 12:1-25                                      about a matter. (4) Proper sense stress can also
No. 3: Guard Against the Spirit of Independence         be used to highlight the main points of a talk.
(rs p. 390 ¶ 1-4)
                                                           In order to use sense stress in these ways, a
No. 4: Why the Ministry Brings Us Joy
                                                        speaker or a public reader must clearly understand
                                                        his material and earnestly want his audience to
Speech Quality                                          absorb it. Regarding instruction given in the days
Proper Sense Stress                                     of Ezra, Nehemiah 8:8 states: “They continued
be study 6 pp. 101-102                                  reading aloud from the book, from the law of the
      What do you need to do?                           true God, it being expounded, and there being a
                                                        putting of meaning into it; and they continued
      Emphasize words and phrases in a                  giving understanding in the reading." It is obvious
      way that makes it easy for listeners to           that those who read and explained God’s Law on
      grasp the ideas being expressed.                  that occasion realized the importance of helping
      Why is it important?                              their audience to grasp the meaning of what was
                                                        read, to retain it, and to apply it.
      Proper sense stress helps the speaker
      to hold the attention of his audience as             What May Cause a Problem. Most people are
      well as to persuade or motivate them.             able to make their meaning clear in normal,
                                                        everyday conversation. However, when they read
   WHEN you speak or read aloud, it is important        material that was written by someone else,
not only that you say individual words correctly but    determining which words or expressions to stress
also that you emphasize key words and                   may present a challenge. The key lies in clearly
thought-containing expressions in a way that            understanding the material. That requires careful
conveys ideas clearly.                                  study of what was written. So if you are asked to
                                                        read some material at a congregation meeting, you
    Proper sense stress involves more than giving
                                                        should prepare diligently.
added emphasis to a few words or even to many.
The right words must be emphasized. If the wrong           Some people use what might be termed
words are stressed, the meaning of what you say         “periodic stress” instead of sense stress. They
may be unclear to your audience, who, in turn, may      emphasize words at fairly specific intervals,
let their thoughts drift to other things. Even though   whether such emphasis is meaningful or not.
the material may be good, a delivery having poor        Others emphasize function words, perhaps putting
sense stress will be less effective in motivating the   exaggerated stress on prepositions and
audience.                                               conjunctions. When the emphasis does not
                                                        contribute to clarity of thought, it easily becomes a
    Added emphasis can be conveyed by various
                                                        distracting mannerism.
means, frequently used in combination: by greater
                                                        In an effort to use sense stress, some speakers
volume, by more intensity of feeling, by slow and
                                                        employ increased volume in a way that may make
deliberate expression, by pausing before or after a
                                                        the audience feel that they are being scolded. Of
statement (or both), and by gestures and facial
                                                        course, that seldom yields the best results. If sense
expressions. In some languages, emphasis can
                                                        stress is not natural, the impression may be given
also be conveyed by lowering the tone or raising
                                                        that the speaker is talking down to his audience.
the pitch. Take into account the material and the
                                                        How much better simply to appeal to them on the
circumstances to determine what would be most
                                                        basis of love and to help them see that what is
                                                        being said is both Scriptural and reasonable!
    When deciding what to emphasize, consider the
following. (1) Within any sentence, the words that      No. 1
should be given added stress are determined not         “Pay Attention to How You Listen”
be pp. 13-14                                               To avoid drifting back to the ways of Satan’s
                                                        world, we must prepare our hearts to receive the
    LISTENING is an important factor in learning. It    instruction that Jehovah is providing today. How?
can also influence a person’s prospects for             One important way is by prayer. We should pray
survival. When Jehovah was preparing to deliver         that we will receive divine instruction with a
his people from bondage in Egypt, he gave               thankful spirit. (Ps. 27:4; 95:2) This will help us to
instructions to Moses, who told the older men of        appreciate the efforts of our brothers who, though
Israel what they must do in order to save their         imperfect, make themselves available for use by
firstborn from the angel of death. (Ex. 12:21-23)       Jehovah in teaching his people. It will move us to
The older men then conveyed this information to         thank Jehovah not only for new things that we are
each household. This was done orally. The people        learning but also for the opportunity to deepen our
had to listen carefully. How did they respond? The      appreciation for matters that we have learned
Bible reports: “All the sons of Israel did just as      before. Having the desire to do God’s will fully, we
Jehovah had commanded Moses and Aaron. They             pray: “Instruct me, O Jehovah, about your way. . . .
did just so." (Ex. 12:28, 50, 51) As a result, Israel   Unify my heart to fear your name."—Ps. 86:11.
experienced an awe-inspiring deliverance.
                                                        Focus Your Attention
   Today, Jehovah is preparing us for an even
                                                           There are many obstacles to our listening
greater deliverance. Surely, the instruction he
                                                        attentively. Our minds may be crowded with
provides merits our earnest attention. Such
                                                        anxieties. Noise and movement in the audience or
instruction is given at the congregation meetings.
                                                        outside the meeting place may distract us.
Are you benefiting fully from such gatherings?
                                                        Physical discomfort may make it difficult for us to
Much depends on how you listen.
                                                        concentrate. Those with young children often find
    Do you retain highlights of the instruction given   that their attention is divided. What can help us to
at the meetings? Is it your habit, week by week, to     keep our attention focused on the program?
seek ways to apply in your own life the instruction
                                                            The eyes strongly influence where we focus our
given or to share it with others?
                                                        attention. Use your eyes to help you concentrate
Prepare Your Heart                                      by keeping them on the speaker. When he cites a
   To benefit fully from the instruction provided at    Bible text—even a familiar one—look it up, and
Christian meetings, we need to prepare our hearts.      follow along as he reads it. Resist the temptation to
The importance of doing so is highlighted by what       turn your head in the direction of every noise or
occurred during the reign of King Jehoshaphat of        movement. If the eyes are flooding your mind with
Judah. Jehoshaphat took a bold stand for true           distracting information, you will miss much of what
worship. He “removed the high places and the            is being presented from the platform.
sacred poles from Judah” and commissioned               If any “disquieting thoughts” make it difficult for you
princes, Levites, and priests to teach Jehovah’s        to focus on the program, pray to Jehovah for the
Law to the people in all the cities of Judah. Still,    calmness of mind and heart needed to pay
“the high places themselves did not disappear." (2      attention. (Ps. 94:19; Phil. 4:6, 7) Do so repeatedly
Chron. 17:6-9; 20:33) The worship of false gods         if necessary. (Matt. 7:7, 8) The congregation
and the unauthorized form of worship of Jehovah         meetings are a provision from Jehovah. You can
practiced at the pagan high places were so              be confident that he wants you to benefit from
strongly entrenched that they were not eradicated.      them. —1 John 5:14, 15.

   Why did the instruction arranged by                  No. 2
Jehoshaphat fail to have a lasting influence? The       (Job 12:1-25)
record continues: “The people themselves had not
yet prepared their heart for the God of their
forefathers." They heard but failed to act              No. 3:
accordingly. Perhaps they felt that traveling to the    Guard Against the Spirit of Independence
temple in Jerusalem to offer sacrifices was             rs p. 390 - p. 391 Spirit of the World
inconvenient. In any case, their hearts were not
                                                        Why is being tainted by the spirit of the world a
moved by faith.
                                                        matter of serious concern?

   1 John 5:19: “The whole world is lying in the          No. 4:
power of the wicked one." (Satan has fostered a           Why the Ministry Brings Us Joy
spirit that dominates the thinking and activities of
those of mankind who are not Jehovah’s approved
servants. It is a spirit of selfishness and pride that
is so pervasive that it is like the air that humans
breathe. We need to exercise great care not to
submit to Satan’s power by letting that spirit mold
our lives.)
    Rev. 12:9: “Down the great dragon was hurled,
the original serpent, the one called Devil and
Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited
earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his
angels were hurled down with him." (Ever since
this took place, following the birth of the Kingdom
in 1914, the influence of Satan and his demons has
intensified greatly among mankind. His spirit has
goaded people to acts of increased selfishness
and violence. Especially do those who seek to
serve Jehovah come under great pressure to be a
part of the world, to do what others do, and to
abandon true worship.)
What are some of the characteristics of the
spirit of the world against which we need to be
on guard?
    1 Cor. 2:12: “Now we received, not the spirit of
the world, but the spirit which is from God, that we
might know the things that have been kindly given
us by God." (If the spirit of the world takes root in a
person’s thinking and desires, its fruitage is soon
seen in actions that manifest that spirit. So,
breaking free from the spirit of the world requires
not only avoiding unchristian activities and
excesses but also getting to the root of the matter
by cultivating attitudes that reflect God’s spirit and
genuine love for his ways. This you should keep in
mind as you consider the following manifestations
of the spirit of the world.)
      Doing what a person wants to do,
      without regard for the will of God
Satan urged Eve to decide for herself what was
good and what was bad. (Gen. 3:3-5; in contrast
see Proverbs 3:5, 6.) Many who follow Eve’s
course do not know what God’s will for mankind is,
nor are they interested in finding out. They just “do
their own thing,” as they say. Those who know
God’s requirements and try to conform to them
need to be careful that the world’s spirit does not
cause them deliberately to ignore the counsel of
God’s Word in what they may view as “little
things."—Luke 16:10; see also “Independence."

Apr. 3                                                  reasoning to influence the use of sense stress. You
Song 50                                                 need to be aware of places where the line of
Bible reading: Job 16-20                                reasoning ends or where the presentation shifts
Speech Quality: Improving Sense Stress (be p.           from one important thought to another. The
102 ¶ 4-p. 104 ¶ 4)                                     audience will appreciate it if your delivery alerts
No. 1: How We Show Our Love for God (w04 3/1            them to these places. This might be done by
pp. 19-21)                                              accenting such words as first of all, next, finally,
No. 2: Job 16:1-22                                      thus, and reasonably.
No. 3: How Jehovah Draws People to Worship Him
                                                           Your counselor will also direct your attention to
No. 4: * The Dangers of Pride and a Rebellious
                                                        thoughts to which you want to attach special
Attitude (rs p. 391 ¶ 1-2)
                                                        feeling. To do this you might emphasize such
                                                        words as very, absolutely, by no means,
Speech Quality                                          unthinkable, important, and always. Your doing so
Improving Sense Stress                                  can influence how your audience feels about what
 be study 6 Proper Sense Stress                         you are saying. More will be said about this in
    How to Improve. Often a person who has a            Study 11, “Warmth and Feeling."
problem with sense stress is not aware of it.              To improve your use of sense stress, you will
Someone else may need to draw it to his attention.      also be encouraged to have clearly in mind the
If you need to make improvement in this area, your      main points that you want your audience to
school overseer will help you. Also, feel free to ask   remember. This will be given further consideration
for help from anyone else who is a good speaker.        from the standpoint of public reading in Study 7,
Ask him to listen carefully to your reading and         “Principal Ideas Emphasized,” and from the
speaking and then to offer suggestions for              standpoint of speaking in Study 37, “Main Points
improvement.                                            Made to Stand Out."
    As a start, your counselor may suggest that you        If you are endeavoring to improve in your field
use an article in The Watchtower as a basis for         ministry, give special attention to how you read
practice. He will undoubtedly tell you to analyze       scriptures. Make it a practice to ask yourself, ‘Why
individual sentences to determine which words or        am I reading this text?’ For a teacher, simply
phrases need to be emphasized in order to make          saying the words properly is not always enough.
the meaning easy to grasp. He may remind you to         Even reading the text with feeling may not suffice.
give special attention to certain words that are        If you are answering someone’s question or
italicized. Remember that words within a sentence       teaching a basic truth, it is good to emphasize in
work together. Frequently, it is a group of words       the scripture the words or expressions that support
that should be emphasized, not merely an isolated       what is being discussed. Otherwise, the person to
word. In some languages, students may be                whom you are reading may miss the point.
encouraged to give more careful consideration to
what diacritics indicate as to proper sense stress.        Since sense stress involves giving added
                                                        emphasis to certain words and phrases, an
     As the next step in learning what to emphasize,    inexperienced speaker may tend to hit those words
your counselor may urge you to consider a context       and phrases too hard. The results will be
that is broader than the sentence itself. What          somewhat like the notes played by a person who is
central thought is being developed in the entire        just beginning to learn a musical instrument. With
paragraph? How should that influence what you           added practice, however, the individual “notes” will
emphasize in the individual sentences? Look at the      simply become part of “music” that is beautifully
title of the article and at the boldface subheading     expressive.
under which your material appears. What bearing
do these have on your selection of expressions to           After you have learned some of the basics, you
emphasize? All of these are factors to consider.        will be in a position to benefit by observing
But take care not to put strong emphasis on too         experienced speakers. You will soon come to
many words.                                             realize what can be accomplished by varying
                                                        degrees of emphasis. And you will appreciate the
   Whether    you     will    be     speaking           value of using emphasis in various ways to make
extempore-aneously or reading, your counselor           clear the meaning of what is said. Developing
may also encourage you to allow the line of

proper sense stress will greatly enhance the                 However, as we at times notice in our public
effectiveness of your own reading and speaking.          ministry, learning about God does not always
                                                         cause a person to love him. Jesus said to certain
    Do not learn just enough about sense stress to
                                                         unappreciative Jews of his day: “You are searching
get by. In order to speak effectively, keep working
                                                         the Scriptures, because you think that by means of
at it until you have mastered sense stress and can
                                                         them you will have everlasting life; . . . but I well
use it in a way that sounds natural to the ears of
                                                         know that you do not have the love of God in you."
                                                         (John 5:39, 42) Some spend years learning about
      HOW TO DEVELOP IT                                  Jehovah’s loving deeds and yet have little love for
                                                         him. Why? They fail to contemplate the
      Practice identifying key words and                 implications of what they learn. In contrast, millions
      word groups in sentences. Give                     of sincere people with whom we study the Bible
      special attention to doing this on the             experience that their love for God continues to
      basis of context.                                  grow. Why? Because, as we ourselves did, they
      Try using emphasis to indicate (1)                 follow Asaph’s example. In what way?
      change of thought and (2) how you feel             Meditate Appreciatively
      about what you are saying.
                                                            Asaph resolved to cultivate love for Jehovah in
      When reading scriptures, make it a                 his heart. He wrote: “With my heart I will show
      habit to emphasize the words that                  concern . . . I shall remember the practices of Jah;
      directly support your reason for                   for I will remember your marvelous doing of long
      referring to those texts.                          ago. And I shall certainly meditate on all your
EXERCISES: (1) Select two scriptures that you            activity, and with your dealings I will concern
frequently use in the field ministry. Determine what     myself." (Psalm 77:6, 11, 12) Love for God will
you are endeavoring to prove with each text. Read        grow in the heart of one who ponders Jehovah’s
the texts aloud in a manner that emphasizes the          ways as the psalmist did.
words or groups of words that support those
points. (2) Study Hebrews 1:1-14. Why must the              In addition, recalling experiences that we have
words “prophets” (vs. 1), “Son” (vs. 2), and             enjoyed while serving Jehovah strengthens our
“angels” (vss. 4, 5) be given special emphasis in        relationship with him. The apostle Paul said that
order to express clearly the line of reasoning in this   we are God’s “fellow workers,” and the friendship
chapter? Practice reading the chapter aloud with         that may grow between fellow workers is very
sense stress that keeps the line of reasoning in         special. (1 Corinthians 3:9) When we express our
focus.                                                   love for Jehovah, he appreciates it, and it makes
                                                         his heart glad. (Proverbs 27:11) Then, when we
No. 1:                                                   ask for Jehovah’s help and he guides us through
How We Show Our Love for God                             some difficulty, we know that he is with us, and our
w04 3/1 pp. 19-21                                        love for him deepens.
                                                            Friendship between two people develops as
   CULTIVATING love for God is not an academic           they express their feelings to each other. Similarly,
exercise. As God’s servants around the world can         when we tell Jehovah why we are devoted to him,
testify, true love for God grows as one becomes          we are strengthened in our love for him. We will
acquainted with his personality, and it becomes          find ourselves reflecting on Jesus’ words: “You
even stronger as one gets familiar with what he          must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart
loves, what he hates, and what his preferences           and with your whole soul and with your whole mind
and his requirements are.                                and with your whole strength." (Mark 12:30) What
   Lovingly, Jehovah has given us his Word, the          can we do to make sure that we will continue to
Bible, in which he reveals himself. From it, we learn    love Jehovah with our whole heart, our whole soul,
how Jehovah dealt with different situations. Just as     our whole mind, and our whole strength?
a letter from a loved one gives us much pleasure,        Loving Jehovah With Our Whole Heart
so the Bible brings us delight as we see new
aspects of Jehovah’s personality revealed.                 The Scriptures refer to the figurative heart,
                                                         which is the inner person—our desires, attitudes,
                                                         and feelings. So loving Jehovah with our whole

heart means that more than anything else, we                  Loving Jehovah with our whole mind means
desire to please God. (Psalm 86:11) We show that           that we make every effort necessary to understand
we have such love by making our personality                Jehovah’s      personality,       purposes,     and
acceptable to him. We strive to imitate God by             requirements. (John 17:3; Acts 17:11) We express
‘abhorring what is wicked and clinging to what is          our love to Jehovah by using all our mental
good. ’—Romans 12:9.                                       resources in helping others come to love Jehovah
                                                           too and by improving our art of teaching. “Brace up
    Our love for God affects our feelings about
                                                           your minds for activity,” urged the apostle Peter. (1
everything. For example, we may find our
                                                           Peter 1:13) Also, we put effort into showing an
employment to be challenging or absorbing, but is
                                                           interest in others, especially fellow servants of
this where our heart is? No. Since we love Jehovah
                                                           God. We are aware of their circumstances and
with our whole heart, we are first of all ministers of
                                                           observe when commendation is appropriate or
God. Likewise, we want to please our parents, our
                                                           when consolation is needed.
marriage mate, and our boss, but we prove our
wholehearted love for Jehovah by seeking above                We show Jehovah that we love him with our
all to please him. After all, he deserves first place in   whole mind by submitting to him mentally. We try
our heart. —Matthew 6:24; 10:37.                           to see things his way, take notice of him when we
                                                           make decisions, and trust that his way is best.
Loving Jehovah With Our Whole Soul
                                                           (Proverbs 3:5, 6; Isaiah 55:9; Philippians 2:3-7) But
   In the Scriptures the word “soul” basically refers      as we continue to show our love for God, how can
to our entire person as well as to the life we             we use our strength?
possess. So loving Jehovah with our whole soul
                                                           Loving Jehovah With Our Whole Strength
means that we use our life to praise him and to
prove our love for him.                                       Many youths in the Christian congregation use
                                                           their strength in praising Jehovah. (Proverbs
   Of course, we may have other interests in life,
                                                           20:29; Ecclesiastes 12:1) One way in which
such as learning a job, running a business, or
                                                           numerous young Christians show that they love
raising a family. But at the same time, we prove our
                                                           Jehovah with their whole strength is by sharing in
whole-souled love for Jehovah by doing things his
                                                           the pioneer service, the full-time ministry. Many
way and by keeping other things in their proper
                                                           mothers share in this ministry while their children
place in our life, thus “seeking first the kingdom
                                                           are at school. Faithful elders who make
and     his    righteousness."     (Matthew 6:33)
                                                           shepherding calls in addition to caring for the
Whole-souled worship also means being zealous.
                                                           welfare of their own families show that they love
We show Jehovah that we love him by zealously
                                                           Jehovah with all their strength. (2 Corinthians
preaching the Kingdom message, giving
                                                           12:15) Jehovah gives power to those who hope in
upbuilding comments at the meetings, or helping
                                                           him, so that they can demonstrate their love by
our Christian brothers and sisters. In everything,
                                                           praising him, using whatever strength they have.
we     keep       “doing     the    will  of    God
                                                           —Isaiah 40:29; Hebrews 6:11, 12.
whole-souled."—Ephesians 6:6.
                                                           Love will grow if cultivated properly. Therefore, we
    Jesus demonstrated whole-souled love for God           continue to take time to meditate. We remember
by disowning himself. He put God’s will first and his      what Jehovah has done for us and why he merits
personal needs second. Jesus invited us to follow          our devotion. As imperfect descendants of Adam,
his example. He said: “If anyone wants to come             we can never be worthy of “the things that God has
after me, let him disown himself and pick up his           prepared for those who love him,” but we can show
torture stake and continually follow me." (Matthew         that we love Jehovah with every fiber of our being.
16:24, 25) Disowning ourselves means making a              Let us continue to do so!—1 Corinthians 2:9.
dedication. It means that we love God so much that
we hand ownership of ourselves over to him, as             No. 2:
when an Israelite in Bible times loved his master so       (Job 16:1-22)
much that he obligated himself to him permanently
as a slave. (Deuteronomy 15:16, 17) Dedicating             No. 3:
our life to Jehovah provides convincing evidence           How Jehovah Draws People to Worship Him
that we love him.
Loving Jehovah With Our Whole Mind                         No. 4:
                                                           The Dangers of Pride and a Rebellious Attitude
rs p. 391 Spirit of the World
      Reacting to situations on the basis
      of pride
      It was Satan who first allowed an
      overestimation of self to corrupt his
      heart. (Compare Ezekiel 28:17;
      Proverbs 16:5.) Pride is a divisive force
      in the world of which he is ruler,
      causing     people       to     consider
      themselves better than those of other
      races, nations, language groups, and
      economic status. Even those serving
      God may need to root out remnants of
      such feelings. They also need to be on
      guard so that pride does not cause
      them to make major issues of minor
      matters, or become a barrier to their
      acknowledging their own faults and
      accepting counsel and thus benefiting
      from much loving help that Jehovah
      provides through his organization.
      —Rom. 12:3; 1 Pet. 5:5.
      Manifesting a rebellious attitude
      toward authority
Rebellion began with Satan, whose name means
“Resister." By his defiance of Jehovah, Nimrod,
whose name may mean “Let Us Rebel,”
demonstrated that he was a child of Satan.
Avoiding that spirit will prevent God-fearing
persons from becoming defiant of secular rulers
(Rom. 13:1); it will help minors to submit to the
God-given authority of their parents (Col. 3:20); it
will be a safeguard against sympathizing with
apostates, who disrespect those whom Jehovah
has entrusted with responsibility in his visible
organization. —Jude 11; Heb. 13:17.

Apr. 10                                                  that you will be reading has been developed, it
Song 119                                                 would be appropriate to make it stand out.
Bible reading: Job 21-27
                                                             Whether the portion you are to read is poetry or
Speech Quality: Principal Ideas Emphasized (be
                                                         prose, proverb or narrative, your audience will
p. 105 ¶ 1-p. 106 ¶ 2)
                                                         benefit if you read it well. (2 Tim. 3:16, 17) To do
No. 1: Spiritual Values Bring Rewards (w04 10/15
                                                         this you must take into account both the passages
p. 5 ¶ 4-p. 7 ¶ 2)
                                                         that you are going to read and your audience.
No. 2: Job 24:1-20
No. 3: Jehovah Gives Power Beyond What Is                   If you are to read aloud from a publication at a
Normal                                                   Bible study or at a congregation meeting, what are
No. 4: * Be on Guard Against the Desires of the          the principal ideas that you need to emphasize?
Flesh (rs p. 391 ¶ 3)                                    Treat the answers to the printed study questions as
                                                         the principal ideas. Also emphasize thoughts that
Speech Quality                                           relate to the boldface subheading under which the
Principal Ideas Emphasized                               material appears.
be study 7 pp. 105-106                                       It is not recommended that you make a practice
                                                         of using a manuscript for talks given in the
      What do you need to do?                            congregation. On occasion, however, manuscripts
      When reading aloud, put special                    are provided for certain convention discourses so
      emphasis on the principal ideas in the             that the same thoughts will be presented in the
      entire body of material being read, not            same way at all the conventions. In order to
      merely in individual sentences.                    emphasize the principal ideas in such a
                                                         manuscript, the speaker must first analyze the
      Why is it important?                               material carefully. What are the main points? He
      Your message will be easier to                     should be able to recognize these. The main points
      remember if the principal ideas are                are not simply ideas that he feels are interesting.
      emphasized.                                        They are the key thoughts around which the
                                                         material itself is developed. Sometimes a concise
   AN EFFECTIVE reader looks beyond the                  statement of a principal idea in the manuscript
individual sentence, even beyond the paragraph in        introduces a narrative or a line of argument. More
which it appears. When he reads, he has in mind          often, a strong statement is made after the
the principal ideas in the entire body of material       supporting evidence has been presented. When
that he is presenting. This influences his               these key points have been identified, the speaker
placement of emphasis.                                   should mark them in his manuscript. There usually
                                                         are only a few, probably not more than four or five.
    If this process is not followed, there will be no
                                                         Next, he needs to practice reading in such a way
peaks in the delivery. Nothing will stand out clearly.
                                                         that the audience can readily identify them. These
When the presentation is concluded, it may be
                                                         are the peaks of the talk. If the material is delivered
difficult to remember anything as being
                                                         with proper emphasis, these principal ideas are
                                                         more likely to be remembered. That should be the
   Proper attention to the emphasizing of principal      speaker’s goal.
ideas can often do much to enhance the reading of
                                                            There are various ways in which a speaker can
an account from the Bible. Such emphasis can
                                                         convey the emphasis needed to help the audience
impart added significance to the reading of
                                                         identify the main points. He might use heightened
paragraphs at a home Bible study or at a
                                                         enthusiasm, a change of pace, depth of feeling, or
congregation meeting. And it is especially
                                                         appropriate gestures, to mention a few.
important when giving a discourse from a
manuscript, as is sometimes done at our
                                                                 POINTS TO KEEP IN MIND
                                                               Analyze the printed material in order to
   How to Do It. In the school, you may be
                                                               identify the principal ideas around
assigned to read a portion of the Bible. What
                                                               which it is developed. Mark these.
should be emphasized? If there is some central
idea or important event around which the material

      When reading aloud, use heightened                 the wise and you will become wise." (Proverbs
      enthusiasm, a slower pace, or depth of             13:20, Today’s English Version) Moreover, a
      feeling, as appropriate, to make those             successful family is built on wisdom and love, not
      principal ideas stand out.                         material possessions. —Ephesians 5:22–6:4.
EXERCISE: Select five paragraphs from a                     We are not born with values. We must learn
  Watchtower article scheduled for study.                them from our peers or from a higher source. That
  Underscore the answers to the study questions          is why a Bible-based education can transform our
  for those paragraphs. Read the paragraphs              whole mental outlook regarding material things. “I
  aloud in such a way that the answers will be           was helped to rethink my values, and I learned to
  easy for a listener to identify.                       be content with the necessities,” says Don, a
                                                         former banker.
No. 1:
                                                         Pursue Lasting Spiritual Riches
Spiritual Values Bring Rewards
w04 10/15 Benefit by Pursuing Spiritual Values              Spiritual values highlight long-range rewards,
                                                         not short-term gratification. Paul wrote: “The things
   When properly applied, spiritual values benefit
                                                         seen [material] are temporary, but the things
us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Just as
                                                         unseen [spiritual] are everlasting." (2 Corinthians
the ozone layer high above the earth shields us
                                                         4:18) It is true that material pursuits may gratify
from harmful rays of the sun, sound moral
                                                         momentary desires, but greed has no future.
principles help protect us by exposing the
                                                         Spiritual values are eternal. —Proverbs 11:4; 1
dangerous effects of materialism. The Christian
                                                         Corinthians 6:9, 10.
apostle Paul wrote: “Those who are determined to
be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many             The Bible condemns the materialistic focus that
senseless and hurtful desires, which plunge men          is so prominent at this time. It teaches us how to
into destruction and ruin. For the love of money is a    curb a selfish appetite by keeping our eye simple,
root of all sorts of injurious things, and by reaching   focused on the more important things, spiritual
out for this love some have been led astray from         riches. (Philippians 1:10) It exposes greed for what
the faith and have stabbed themselves all over with      it is—self-idolatry. As we apply what we learn from
many pains."—1 Timothy 6:9, 10.                          God’s Word, we realize greater happiness. Our
                                                         thoughts turn from receiving to giving. What a
   The love of riches entices people to seek
                                                         powerful incentive to replace self-indulgence with
greater wealth, position, and power. Very often,
                                                         spiritual values!
devious and dishonest means are used to achieve
these goals. The pursuit of material things can rob          Admittedly, to a certain extent, money may
a person of time, strength, and abilities. It can even   serve as a protection. (Ecclesiastes 7:12) But the
rob one of a good night’s sleep. (Ecclesiastes 5:12)     Bible realistically states: “Your money can be gone
The quest for more certainly stifles spiritual           in a flash, as if it had grown wings and flown away
progress. The greatest man who ever lived, Jesus         like an eagle." (Proverbs 23:5, TEV) People have
Christ, clearly showed the better way: “Happy are        sacrificed a great deal on the altar of
those conscious of their spiritual need." (Matthew       materialism—health, families, even a good
5:3) He knew that spiritual riches lead to               conscience—with disastrous results. On the other
permanent rewards and are vastly more important          hand, having spirituality satisfies our most
than transient material gain. —Luke 12:13-31.            important needs—the need for love, the need for
                                                         purpose, and the need to worship the loving God,
Does It Really Work?
                                                         Jehovah. It also points the way to everlasting life in
   “My parents tried hard to convince me that            human perfection on a paradise earth—the hope
spiritual values are impractical,” Greg remembers.       that God holds out for us.
“Yet, I’ve gained tremendous peace of mind by
                                                            Soon mankind’s dream of prosperity will be fully
pursuing spiritual goals because I’m free from the
                                                         realized in God’s new world. (Psalm 145:16) At
stress of competing for wealth."
                                                         that time the whole earth will be “filled with the
   Spiritual values also build better personal           knowledge of Jehovah." (Isaiah 11:9) Spiritual
relationships. True friends are attracted to you         values will flourish. Materialism and its scars will be
because of who you are, not because of what you          completely eradicated. (2 Peter 3:13) Then the
own. The Bible recommends: “Keep company with            things that make life infinitely more worth

living—perfect health, satisfying work, wholesome       become just like a river, and your righteousness
leisure, warm family relationships, and lasting         like the waves of the sea."—Isaiah 48:18.
friendship with God—will bring mankind true               One reason God’s Word excels as a source of
happiness forever.                                      instruction is that it contains the oldest and most
                                                        accurate account of human experience. You likely
[Box/Picture on page 6]
                                                        realize that painlessly learning from the successes
Use Your Money Wisely!
                                                        and failures of others is preferable to repeating
Identify your needs. Jesus taught us to pray:
                                                        their mistakes. (1 Corinthians 10:6-11) More
“Give us our bread for the day according to the
                                                        important, in the Bible, God provides us with
day’s requirement." (Luke 11:3) Do not let today’s
                                                        superb laws and guiding principles that are
wants become tomorrow’s needs. Remember that
                                                        unequaled in reliability. “The law of Jehovah is
your life does not result from what you possess.
                                                        perfect . . . The reminder of Jehovah is trustworthy,
—Luke 12:16-21.
                                                        making the inexperienced one wise." (Psalm 19:7)
Make a budget. Do not give in to impulse buying.        Surely, learning from the wisdom of our loving
The Bible states: “The plans of the diligent one        Creator is the best possible way.
surely make for advantage, but everyone that is
hasty surely heads for want." (Proverbs 21:5)           No. 2:
Jesus advised his listeners to count the cost before    (Job 24:1-20)
undertaking any financial project. —Luke
14:28-30.                                               No. 3:
Avoid unnecessary debt. Wherever possible,              Jehovah Gives Power Beyond What Is Normal
save for purchases instead of buying on credit. The
proverb puts it this way: “The borrower is servant to   No. 4:
the man doing the lending." (Proverbs 22:7) By          Be on Guard Against the Desires of the Flesh
exercising self-restraint and staying within your
budget, you can even successfully plan for major        rs p. 391 Spirit of the World
purchases.                                                      Giving free rein to the desires of the
Avoid waste. Make what you already own last                     fallen flesh
much longer by caring well for it, thus cutting down    The influence of this can be seen and heard
on waste. Jesus showed proper regard for                everywhere. There is a need constantly to be on
conservation in connection with what he used.           guard against it. (1 John 2:16; Eph. 4:17, 19; Gal.
—John 6:10-13.                                          5:19-21) The thinking and the desires that may
                                                        lead to more serious evidences of it may be
Keep first things first. A wise person will ‘buy out    manifest in a person’s conversation, the jokes he
time’ to pursue more important goals. —Ephesians        tells, the lyrics of music to which he listens, the kind
5:15, 16.                                               of dancing he does, or in his watching shows that
[Box/Picture on page 7]                                 feature immoral sex. This aspect of the world’s
Learning From Experience—There Is a Better              spirit shows itself in drug abuse, drunkenness,
Way                                                     adultery, fornication, and homosexuality. It also is
  Personal experience—both good and bad—can             manifest when a person unscripturally, but
teach us valuable lessons. But is it true that          perhaps legally, divorces one mate and takes
experience is the best teacher, as the saying           another. —Mal. 2:16.
goes? No, there is a superior source of guidance.
The psalmist identified it when he said in prayer:
“Your word is a lamp to my foot, and a light to my
roadway."—Psalm 119:105.
 Why is learning from divine instruction far better
than learning from personal experience? For one
thing, learning only from experience—trial and
error—can be both costly and painful. It is also
unnecessary. “O if only you would actually pay
attention to my commandments!” God said to the
ancient Israelites. “Then your peace would

Apr. 17                                               the temple in Jerusalem in the days of Solomon,
Song 100                                              there was no sound equipment. So Solomon stood
Bible reading: Job 28-32                              on an elevated platform and blessed the people
Speech Quality: Volume Suitable to the Audience       “with a loud voice." (1 Ki. 8:55; 2 Chron. 6:13)
(be p. 107 ¶ 1-p. 108 ¶ 4)                            Centuries later, after the outpouring of holy spirit at
No. 1: Listening at Meetings and Assemblies (be p.    Pentecost 33 C. E. , a multitude—some interested,
15 ¶1-p. 16 ¶ 5)                                      others mocking—gathered around the small body
No. 2: Job 29:1-25                                    of Christians in Jerusalem. Showing practical
No. 3: Do Not Be Dominated by the Desire of the       wisdom, Peter “stood up . . . and raised his voice."
Eyes (rs p. 392 ¶ 1-2)                                (Acts 2:14) A powerful witness was given.
No. 4: Why the Crowds Were Astounded at Jesus'
                                                         How can you tell whether the volume that you
Way of Teaching
                                                      are using is suitable in a given situation? Audience
                                                      reaction is one of the best barometers. If you notice
Speech Quality                                        that some in the audience are straining to hear,
Volume Suitable to the Audience                       you should endeavor to adjust your volume.
be study 8 pp. 107-108 Suitable Volume
                                                         Whether we are speaking to an individual or to a
      What do you need to do?                         group, it is wise to consider who make up the
                                                      audience. If someone is hard of hearing, you may
      Speak with sufficient loudness or               need to raise your voice. But shouting will not
      intensity of voice. In determining what         endear you to people who may simply react a little
      is suitable, consider (1) the size and          slower because of advanced age. It may even be
      the makeup of your audience, (2)                considered a sign of rudeness. In some cultures,
      distracting noises, (3) the material            too much volume is viewed as evidence that a
      being discussed, and (4) your                   person is angry or impatient.
                                                          Consider Distracting Noises. When you
      Why is it important?                            engage in the field ministry, the circumstances you
      Unless others can readily hear you,             encounter definitely influence the volume needed
      their minds may wander, and the                 to give a witness. You may have to compete with
      information you present may not be              traffic noise, rowdy children, barking dogs, loud
      clear to them. If you speak too loudly,         music, or a blaring television. On the other hand, in
      people may find it irritating—and even          areas where homes are close together, it may
      disrespectful.                                  embarrass the householder if you speak so loudly
                                                      that you attract the attention of the neighbors.
    IF A public speaker lacks needed volume, some
                                                          Brothers who give talks in the congregation or at
in the audience may begin to doze. If a publisher
                                                      conventions also have to cope with a wide variety
speaks too softly in the field ministry, he may not
                                                      of circumstances. Speaking to an audience
hold the attention of the householder. And at
                                                      outdoors is quite different from delivering a talk in a
meetings where comments from the audience are
                                                      hall that has fine acoustics. In Latin America two
not given with adequate volume, those present will
                                                      missionaries shared in giving a public talk on the
not receive needed encouragement. (Heb. 10:24,
                                                      patio of the home of an interested person while
25) On the other hand, if a speaker increases his
                                                      fireworks were going off in the nearby plaza and a
volume at the wrong time, the audience may
                                                      rooster was crowing insistently nearby!
become uncomfortable—even annoyed. —Prov.
27:14.                                                    In the middle of a talk, something might happen
                                                      that calls for either a pause until the disturbance
   Consider Your Audience. To whom are you
                                                      subsides or an increase in volume. For example, if
speaking? to an individual? to a family group? to a
                                                      a meeting is being held in a structure with a tin roof,
modest-sized group that is meeting for field
                                                      a sudden downpour may make it almost
service? to the entire congregation? or to a large
                                                      impossible for the audience to hear the speaker. A
convention? It is evident that volume suitable in
                                                      crying child or a disturbance caused by late arrivals
one situation might not be appropriate in another.
                                                      will surely present a challenge. Learn to
  On various occasions, servants of God have          compensate for the distractions so that your
spoken to large audiences. At the inauguration of
audience can benefit fully from the information you        explain and apply the material. Looking at the
are presenting.                                            information from the viewpoint of others may give
Sound-amplifying equipment will be helpful if it is        you fresh insight into a familiar subject. Contribute
available, but it does not eliminate the need for          to the interchange by offering your own
increased volume on the part of the speaker when           expressions of faith. —Rom. 1:12.
the situation calls for it. In some places where
                                                               Studying the assigned material in advance will
power outages are frequent, speakers are obliged
                                                           help you to be absorbed in the discussion and to
to continue their talk without the aid of a
                                                           follow the comments made by others. If your
                                                           circumstances make it difficult to study the material
                                                           thoroughly, at least take a few minutes to get an
No. 1
                                                           overview of the information prior to the meeting.
Listening at Meetings and Assemblies
                                                           Doing this will enable you to get more out of the
be “Pay Attention to How You Listen”
Listening to Talks
                                                           Listening at Assemblies and Conventions
   Likely, you can recall favorite points that you
                                                              At assemblies and conventions, there are likely
have heard in talks. Listening to a talk, however,
                                                           to be more distractions than at congregation
involves more than just collecting outstanding
                                                           meetings. This can make listening a greater
points. A talk is like a journey. Although there may
                                                           challenge. What can help us?
be interesting things to see along the way, the
main thing is the destination, the objective. The              An important factor is getting enough rest at
speaker may be trying to lead the audience to a            night. Before the program begins each day, fix the
certain conclusion or move them to take some               theme firmly in mind. Look at the title of each talk,
action.                                                    and try to anticipate what will be presented. Make
                                                           good use of your Bible. Many people find that
    Consider the speech Joshua made to the nation
                                                           taking brief notes of main points helps them to
of Israel, recorded at Joshua 24:1-15. His objective
                                                           keep their minds focused on the program. Make a
was to move the people to take an
                                                           note of instruction that you plan to apply in your
uncompromising stand for true worship by
                                                           own life and ministry. Discuss a few points as you
completely separating themselves from the idolatry
                                                           travel to and from the assembly site each day. This
of the surrounding nations. Why was that so
                                                           will help you to retain the information.
important? The prevalence of false worship posed
a serious threat to the nation’s good standing with        Training Children to Listen
Jehovah. The people responded to Joshua’s plea                Christian parents can help their children—even
by saying: “It is unthinkable, on our part, to leave       infants—to become “wise for salvation” by bringing
Jehovah so as to serve other gods. . . . We shall          them to congregation meetings, assemblies, and
serve Jehovah." And they did!—Josh. 24:16, 18,             conventions. (2 Tim. 3:15) Since children vary in
31.                                                        disposition and attention span, discernment is
  As you listen to a talk, try to discern its objective.   needed to help them learn to listen attentively. You
Consider how the points the speaker brings out             may find the following suggestions to be helpful.
contribute toward reaching that objective. Ask                At home, arrange times for your young children
yourself what the information calls for you to do.         to sit quietly and read or look at the pictures in our
Listening During Discussions                               Christian publications. At the meetings, avoid
                                                           using toys to keep young ones occupied. As was
   The Watchtower Study, the Congregation Book
                                                           true in ancient Israel, so today young ones are
Study, and portions of the Service Meeting are
                                                           present “in order that they may listen and in order
conducted as question-and-answer discussions of
                                                           that they may learn." (Deut. 31:12) Where
printed Bible-based material.
                                                           practical, some parents provide even very young
    Listening during a discussion is, in certain           children with personal copies of the publications
respects, like sharing in a conversation. To benefit       being considered. As children get a little older, help
fully, listen carefully. Observe the direction in which    them prepare to have a share in programs that call
the discussion is moving. Note how the conductor           for audience participation.
emphasizes the theme and the main points.
Mentally respond to his questions. Listen as others
    The Scriptures reveal a close link between                 Showing off one’s possessions and
listening to Jehovah and obeying him. This can be              supposed attainments
seen in Moses’ words to the nation of Israel: “I         This practice, too, “originates with the world” and
have put life and death before you, the blessing         needs to be abandoned by those who become
and the malediction; and you must choose life . . .      servants of God. (1 John 2:16) It is rooted in pride,
by loving Jehovah your God, by listening to his          and instead of building up others spiritually, it
voice and by sticking to him." (Deut. 30:19, 20)         dangles material enticements and visions of
Today, listening to the instruction Jehovah              worldly achievement before them. —Rom. 15:2.
provides and obediently applying it in our lives are
essential to gaining God’s approval and the              No. 4:
blessing of everlasting life. How vital, then, that we   Why the Crowds Were Astounded at Jesus'
heed Jesus’ admonition: “Pay attention to how you        Way of Teaching
listen”!—Luke 8:18.
[Box on page 13]
Pray for help to focus your attention on the
Keep your eyes on the speaker
When scriptures are cited, look them up in your
 Bible, and follow along
Look for the objective of a talk
Mentally respond to questions asked; listen
 carefully to comments given
Take brief notes
Isolate points that you personally plan to apply

No. 2:
(Job 29:1-25)

No. 3:
Do Not Be Dominated by the Desire of the Eyes

rs p. 392 Spirit of the World
      Allowing one’s life to be dominated
      by the desire to possess what one
      It was such a desire that Satan
      cultivated in Eve, enticing her to do
      something that ruined her relationship
      with God. (Gen. 3:6; 1 John 2:16)
      Jesus firmly rejected such a
      temptation. (Matt. 4:8-10) Those who
      want to please Jehovah need to be on
      guard so that they do not allow the
      commercial world to develop such a
      spirit in them. Much grief and spiritual
      ruin result to those ensnared by it.
      —Matt. 13:22; 1 Tim. 6:7-10.

Apr 24                                                      How to Improve Your Volume. For some,
Song 94                                                  more than the usual effort is required to learn how
Bible reading: Job 33-37                                 to use suitable volume. A person may speak with
Speech Quality: How to Improve Your Volume (be           insufficient volume because of having a weak
p. 108 ¶ 5-p. 110 ¶ 2)                                   voice. However, with effort, improvement may be
                                                         possible, though he may still be soft-spoken. Give
Oral Review                                              attention to breathing and posture. Practice sitting
                                                         and standing erect. Push back your shoulders, and
Speech Quality                                           breathe deeply. Be sure that you are filling the
How to Improve Your Volume                               lower part of your lungs. It is this air supply,
be study 8 Suitable Volume                               properly regulated, that makes it possible for you to
                                                         control your volume when speaking.
   Consider the Material Being Discussed. The
nature of the material in your talk also has a              For others, the problem is that they speak too
bearing on the volume needed. If the subject calls       loudly. Perhaps they developed the habit as a
for strength, do not weaken the presentation by          result of working outdoors or in a noisy
speaking too softly. For example, when you are           environment. On the other hand, they may come
reading denunciations from the Scriptures, your          from a background where everyone shouts and
volume should be stronger than when you are              interruptions are common. As a result, they feel
reading counsel on showing love. Adapt your              that the only way to get a word in is to talk louder
volume to the material, but be careful to do it in a     than the rest. As they progressively heed the
manner that does not draw attention to yourself.         Bible’s counsel to clothe themselves with “the
                                                         tender affections of compassion, kindness,
   Consider Your Objective. If you want to               lowliness of mind, mildness, and long-suffering,”
stimulate your audience to spirited activity, you        they will make adjustments in the volume they use
may need to use somewhat stronger volume. If you         when conversing with others. —Col. 3:12.
want to change their thinking, do not drive them
away by using too much volume. If you are                   Good preparation, experience that comes from
endeavoring to console, a softer voice is usually        regular participation in the field service, and prayer
better.                                                  to Jehovah will help you to speak with suitable
                                                         volume. Whether speaking from the platform or to
    Effective Use of Increased Volume. When              an individual in the field ministry, endeavor to focus
you are trying to get the attention of someone who       your thoughts on how the other person can be
is busy, increased volume often helps. Parents           helped by hearing what you are saying. —Prov.
know this, so they raise their voices to call their      18:21.
children when it is time for them to come in from
play. Increased volume may also be necessary                   HOW TO IMPROVE
when a chairman brings a congregation meeting or
an assembly to order. As publishers share in the               Be observant of the reactions of those
field ministry, they may call out a greeting as they           to whom you speak; use the right
approach people who are working outdoors.                      amount of volume so that they can
                                                               hear comfortably.
   Even after you get someone’s attention, it is
important to continue to use sufficient volume. A              Learn to fill the lower part of the lungs
very subdued voice may give the impression that                as you breathe.
the speaker is ill-prepared or lacks conviction.         EXERCISE: First read Acts 19:23-41 silently,
    When coupled with a command, raising the               getting in mind the setting as revealed in the
voice can move people to action. (Acts 14:9, 10)           narrative and the context. Take note of who is
Similarly, a shouted command may avert disaster.           speaking and the attitude being displayed. Then
In Philippi a jailer was about to kill himself because     read it aloud with volume that is suitable for
he thought that his prisoners had escaped. “Paul           each portion.
called out with a loud voice, saying: ‘Do not hurt       [Box on page 108]
yourself, for we are all here!’” In this way a suicide   WHEN INCREASED VOLUME MAY BE NEEDED
was averted. Paul and Silas then witnessed to the        To hold the attention of a larger group.
jailer and his household, who all embraced the
truth. —Acts 16:27-33.                                   To counteract distractions.
To command attention when saying something
very important.
To stimulate to action.
To get the attention of an individual or a group.

May 1                                                      Adjust the Volume. One way to vary your
Song 154                                                vocal expression is to adjust your volume. But this
Bible reading: Job 38-42                                should not be simply a routine increase or
Speech Quality: Modulation-Adjust Your Volume           decrease in volume with monotonous regularity.
(be p. 111 ¶1-p. 112 ¶ 2)                               That would distort the sense of what you are
No. 1: Job-Why Beneficial (si p. 100 ¶ 39-43)           saying. If you raise the volume too often, the
No. 2: Job 38:1-24                                      impression will be unpleasant.
No. 3: How Is Isaiah 60:22 Being Fulfilled Today?
                                                           Your volume should be appropriate to the
No. 4: * Abusive Speech and Violence Are Works
                                                        material. Whether you are reading an urgent
of the Flesh (rs p. 392 ¶ 3)
                                                        command, such as that found at Revelation 14:6, 7
                                                        or at Revelation 18:4, or an expression of strong
Speech Quality                                          conviction, as recorded at Exodus 14:13, 14,
Modulation-Adjust Your Volume                           appropriate increase in volume is indicated.
be study 9 pp. 111-112 Modulation                       Likewise, if you are reading a strong denunciation
      What do you need to do?                           from the Bible, such as that found at Jeremiah
                                                        25:27-38, varying your volume will make certain
      Vary the sound of your voice. In this             expressions stand out above the rest.
      study, we consider changes in volume,
      pace, and pitch.                                      Consider, too, your objective. Do you want to
                                                        motivate your audience to action? Do you want to
      Why is it important?                              make the main points of your presentation stand
      Proper modulation gives life to a talk,           out? Greater volume, used with discretion, helps to
      stirs emotions, and motivates to                  accomplish these objectives. However, simply
      action.                                           increasing your volume may defeat your purpose.
                                                        How so? What you are saying may call for warmth
      Lack of modulation may give the
                                                        and feeling instead of increased volume. We will
      impression that you have no real
                                                        discuss this in Study 11.
      interest in your subject.
                                                        When used with discernment, a drop in volume can
                                                        stir up anticipation. But that usually requires
    YOUR use of simple sense stress helps an
                                                        greater intensity of tone immediately afterward.
audience to understand what you say. But when
                                                        Lower volume coupled with increased intensity can
you make good use of variety in volume, pace, and
                                                        be used to convey anxiety or fear. Reduced
pitch, your talk can be much more enjoyable to
                                                        volume may also be used to indicate that what is
listen to. More than that, it may tell your audience
                                                        being said is of secondary importance in
how you feel about what you are saying. Your
                                                        comparison with what surrounds it. If your volume
attitude toward the material can influence how they
                                                        is always low, however, this may convey
feel about it. This is true whether you are speaking
                                                        uncertainty or lack of conviction on your part or
from the platform or to an individual in the field
                                                        lack of real interest in your subject. Obviously, very
                                                        soft tones need to be used with discretion.
    The human voice is a marvelous instrument,
capable of great variety. Properly used, it can give    No. 1:
life to a talk, touch the heart, stir emotions, and     Job – Why Beneficial
motivate to action. However, this cannot be
achieved by simply marking your notes to indicate       si p. 100 Bible Book Number 18—Job
where to adjust the volume, change the pace, or
                                                        WHY BENEFICIAL
vary the pitch. Modulation in response to such
cues will sound artificial. Instead of imparting life         The book of Job exalts Jehovah and testifies
and color to your delivery, it may make your            to his unfathomable wisdom and power. (12:12,
audience feel uncomfortable. Proper use of              13; 37:23) In this one book, God is referred to as
modulation springs from the heart.                      the Almighty 31 times, which is more often than in
                                                        all the rest of the Scriptures. The account extols his
   When used wisely, modulation will not attract
                                                        eternity and exalted position (10:5; 36:4, 22, 26;
undue attention to the speaker. Instead, it will help
                                                        40:2; 42:2) as well as his justice, loving-kindness,
the audience to enter into the spirit of the subject
                                                        and mercy (36:5-7; 10:12; 42:12). It stresses
being discussed.
Jehovah’s vindication above man’s salvation.              (Job 1:6-12; 2:1-5; 38:6, 7) It indicates that the
(33:12; 34:10, 12; 35:2; 36:24; 40:8) Jehovah, the        controversy existed before Job’s day and that
God of Israel, is shown to be also the God of Job.        Satan is an actual spirit person. If the book of Job
   40                                                     was written by Moses, this is the first appearance
       The record in Job magnifies and explains the
                                                          of the expression has Satan in the Hebrew text of
creative work of God. (38:4–39:30; 40:15, 19; 41:1;
                                                          the Bible, giving further identity to “the original
35:10) It harmonizes with the Genesis statement
                                                          serpent." (Job 1:6, footnote; Rev. 12:9) The book
that man is made from the dust and that he returns
                                                          also proves that God is not the cause of mankind’s
to it. (Job 10:8, 9; Gen. 2:7; 3:19) It uses the terms
                                                          suffering, sickness, and death, and it explains why
“redeemer,” “ransom,” and “live again,” thus giving
                                                          the righteous are persecuted, while the wicked and
a foreglimpse of teachings prominent in the
                                                          wickedness are permitted to continue. It shows
Christian Greek Scriptures. (Job 19:25; 33:24;
                                                          that Jehovah is interested in pushing the issue to
14:13, 14) Many of the book’s expressions have
                                                          its final settlement.
been drawn on or paralleled by the prophets and           43
                                                             Now is the time when all who want to live under
by Christian writers. Compare, for example, Job
                                                          God’s Kingdom rule must answer Satan, “the
7:17—Psalm 8:4; Job 9:24—1 John 5:19; Job
                                                          accuser,” by their course of integrity. (Rev. 12:10,
10:8—Psalm 119:73; Job 12:25—Deuteronomy
                                                          11) Even in the midst of ‘puzzling trials,’
28:29;      Job     24:23—Proverbs        15:3;    Job
                                                          integrity-keepers must continue praying for God’s
26:8—Proverbs         30:4;     Job      28:12,     13,
                                                          name to be sanctified and for his Kingdom to come
15-19—Proverbs 3:13-15; Job 39:30—Matthew
                                                          and stamp out Satan and all his derisive seed. That
                                                          will be God’s “day of fight and war,” to be followed
       Jehovah’s righteous standards for living are       by the relief and blessings in which Job hoped to
set forth in many passages. The book strongly             share. —1 Pet. 4:12; Matt. 6:9, 10; Job 38:23;
condemns materialism (Job 31:24, 25), idolatry            14:13-15.
(31:26-28), adultery (31:9-12), gloating (31:29),
injustice and partiality (31:13; 32:21), selfishness      No. 2
(31:16-21), and dishonesty and lying (31:5),              (Job 38:1-24)
showing that a person who practices these things
cannot gain God’s favor and eternal life. Elihu is a      No. 3:
fine example of deep respect and modesty,                 How Is Isaiah 60:22 Being Fulfilled Today?
together with boldness, courage, and exaltation of
God. (32:2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 18-20; 33:6, 33) Job’s own       No. 4:
exercise of headship, consideration of his family,        Abusive Speech and Violence Are Works of the
and hospitality also provide a fine lesson. (1:5; 2:9,    Flesh
10; 31:32) However, Job is remembered most for
his integrity-keeping and patient endurance,              rs p. 392 Spirit of the World
setting an example that has proved to be a
                                                                 Giving vent to one’s emotions in
faith-strengthening bulwark for God’s servants
                                                                 abusive speech and violent acts
throughout the ages and especially in these
                                                          These are “works of the flesh” against which many
faith-trying times. “You have heard of the
                                                          persons have to put up a hard fight. With genuine
endurance of Job and have seen the outcome
                                                          faith and the help of God’s spirit they can conquer
Jehovah gave, that Jehovah is very tender in
                                                          the world rather than let its spirit dominate them.
affection and merciful."—Jas. 5:11.
                                                          —Gal. 5:19, 20, 22, 23; Eph. 4:31; 1 Cor. 13:4-8; 1
       Job was not one of the seed of Abraham to          John 5:4.
whom the Kingdom promises were given, yet the
record concerning his integrity does much to clarify
understanding of Jehovah’s Kingdom purposes.
The book is an essential part of the divine record,
for it reveals the fundamental issue between God
and Satan, which involves man’s integrity to
Jehovah as his Sovereign. It shows that the
angels, who were created before the earth and
man, are also spectators and very much interested
in this earth and the outcome of the controversy.
May 8                                                             Writers: David and others
Song 168                                                          Place Written: Undetermined
Bible reading:         Psalms 1-10
                                                                  Writing Completed: c. 460 B. C. E.
Speech Quality: Modulation-Change Your Pace
(be p. 112 ¶ 3-6)                                              THE book of Psalms was the inspired songbook
No. 1: Introduction to Psalms-Part 1 (si p. 101 ¶          of true worshipers of Jehovah in ancient times, a
1-5)                                                       collection of 150 sacred songs, or psalms, set to
No. 2: Psalm 4:1-5:12                                      music and arranged for the public worship of
No. 3: Put Your Trust in God, Not Man (rs p. 392 ¶         Jehovah God in his temple at Jerusalem. These
4-p. 393 ¶ 1)                                              psalms are songs of praise to Jehovah, and not
No. 4: Holding to the Pattern of Healthful Words           only that, they also contain prayers of supplication
                                                           for mercy and help, as well as expressions of trust
Speech Quality                                             and confidence. They abound with thanksgivings
Modulation-Change Your Pace                                and exultations and with exclamations of great,
be study 9 pp. 112-113 Modulation                          yes, superlative, joy. Some are recapitulations of
   Change Your Pace. In everyday speech,                   history, contemplating Jehovah’s loving-kindness
words flow spontaneously as we express our                 and his great deeds. They are packed with
thoughts. When we are excited, we tend to speak            prophecies, many of which have had remarkable
rapidly. When we want others to remember exactly           fulfillments. They contain much instruction that is
what we say, the pace of our speech becomes                beneficial and upbuilding, all of it clothed in lofty
more deliberate.                                           language and imagery that stirs the reader to the
                                                           very depths. The psalms are a sumptuous spiritual
    However, few speakers who are new to the               meal, beautifully prepared and spread invitingly
public platform vary their pace. Why? They                 before us.
prepare their wording too carefully. It may all be            2
written down. Even if the talk is not delivered from            What is the significance of the book’s title, and
a manuscript, the words may be virtually                   who wrote the Psalms? In the Hebrew Bible, the
memorized. As a result, everything is delivered in a       book is called Sepher Tehillim, meaning “Book of
measured pace. Learning to speak from an outline           Praises,” or simply Tehillim, that is, “Praises." This
will help to correct this weakness.                        is the plural form of Tehillah, meaning “A Praise” or
                                                           “Song of Praise,” found in the superscription of
    Avoid increasing your pace so abruptly that it         Psalm 145. The name “Praises” is most
reminds one of a strolling cat that suddenly leaps         appropriate, as the book highlights praise to
away when it spots a dog. And never speak so               Jehovah. The title “Psalms” comes from the Greek
rapidly that your diction suffers.                         Septuagint, which used the word Psalmoi,
To achieve variety in your pace, do not simply             denoting      songs     sung     with    a    musical
speed up and slow down at regular intervals.               accompaniment. The word is also found at a
Rather than enhancing the material you are                 number of places in the Christian Greek
presenting, that style of delivery will detract from it.   Scriptures, such as at Luke 20:42 and Acts 1:20. A
Changes of pace should be geared to what you are           psalm is a sacred song or poem used in the praise
saying, the emotions you want to convey, and your          and worship of God.
objective. Deliver your talk at a moderate pace. To           3
convey excitement, speak more rapidly, just as you               Many of the psalms have headings, or
would in everyday life. This is also appropriate           superscriptions, and these often name the writer.
when stating points of lesser importance or when           Seventy-three headings bear the name of David,
narrating events in which details are not vital. This      “the pleasant one of the melodies of Israel." (2
will add variety and help to keep your talk from           Sam. 23:1) No doubt Psalms 2, 72, and 95 were
sounding too heavy. On the other hand, weightier           also written by David. (See Acts 4:25, Psalm
arguments, main points, and climaxes in delivery           72:20, and Hebrews 4:7.) Additionally, Psalms 10
usually call for a slower pace.                            and 71 appear to be a continuation of Psalms 9
                                                           and 70 respectively and therefore may be
No. 1:                                                     attributed to David. Twelve psalms are ascribed to
Introduction To Psalms -Part 1                             Asaph, evidently denoting the house of Asaph, as
                                                           some of these speak of events later than Asaph’s
si pp. 101-102 Bible Book Number 19—Psalms                 day. (Ps. 79; 80; 1 Chron. 16:4, 5, 7; Ezra 2:41)
Eleven psalms are directly attributed to the sons of      rs p. 392 - p. 393 Spirit of the World
Korah. (1 Chron. 6:31-38) Psalm 43 appears to be
                                                                Basing one’s hopes and fears on
a continuation of Psalm 42, and therefore it may
                                                                what humans are able to do
also be attributed to the sons of Korah. In addition
to mentioning “the sons of Korah,” Psalm 88 also                A physical man considers what he can
accredits Heman in its superscription, and Psalm                see and touch to be what really counts.
89 names Ethan as the writer. Psalm 90 is                       His hopes and fears revolve around
attributed to Moses, and Psalm 91 is probably                   the promises and threats of other men.
Moses’ as well. Psalm 127 is Solomon’s. Over two                He looks to human rulers for help and
thirds of the psalms are thus ascribed to various               is disillusioned when they fail. (Ps.
writers.                                                        146:3, 4; Isa. 8:12, 13) To him, this life
   4                                                            is all there is. Threats of death easily
       The book of Psalms is the Bible’s largest
                                                                enslave him. (In contrast, see Matthew
single book. As evidenced by Psalms 90, 126, and
                                                                10:28; Hebrews 2:14, 15.) But a new
137, it was long in the writing, at least from the time
                                                                force actuates the minds of people
Moses wrote (1513-1473 B. C. E.) until after the
                                                                who get to know Jehovah, those who
restoration from Babylon and probably Ezra’s day
                                                                fill their minds and hearts with his
(537–c. 460 B. C. E.). Thus, the writing is seen to
                                                                promises and who learn to turn to him
span approximately a thousand years. The time
                                                                for help in every time of need. —Eph.
covered by the contents is much greater, though,
                                                                4:23, 24; Ps. 46:1; 68:19.
starting from the time of the creation and
epitomizing the history of Jehovah’s dealings with               Giving to humans and things the
his servants down to the time of the composition of              worshipful honor that belongs to
the last of the psalms.                                          God
     The book of Psalms is one that reflects              “The god of this system of things,” Satan the Devil,
organization. David himself refers to “the                encourages all sorts of practices that misdirect
processions of my God, my King, into the holy             man’s God-given inclination to worship. (2 Cor.
place. The singers went in front, the players on          4:4) Some rulers have been treated as gods. (Acts
stringed instruments after them; in between were          12:21-23) Millions bow before idols. Millions more
the maidens beating tambourines. In congregated           idolize   actors    and    outstanding      athletes.
throngs bless God, Jehovah." (Ps. 68:24-26) This          Celebrations frequently give undue honor to
gives the reason for the oft repeated expression          individual humans. So common is this spirit that
“To the director” in the superscriptions, as well as      those who truly love Jehovah and want to give him
the many poetic and musical terms. Some                   exclusive devotion need to be alert to its influence
superscriptions explain the use or purpose of a           every day.
psalm or provide musical instructions. (See the
superscriptions of Psalms 6, 30, 38, 60, 88, 102,         No. 4:
and 120.) For at least 13 of David’s psalms, such         Holding to the Pattern of Healthful Words
as Psalms 18 and 51, the events spurring their
composition are briefly related. Thirty-four of the
psalms are entirely without superscriptions. The
little word “Selah,” occurring 71 times in the main
text, is generally thought to be a technical term for
music or recitation, although its exact significance
is unknown. It is suggested by some that it
indicates a pause for silent meditation in the
singing or in both the singing and the instrumental
music. Hence, it need not be pronounced in

No. 2
(Psalms 4:1-5:12)

No. 3:
Put Your Trust in God, Not Man
May 15                                                       Laying a Foundation. Where, then, does
Song 217                                                  modulation begin? With selection of material for
Bible reading:         Psalms 11-18                       your talk. If you include nothing but argumentation
Speech Quality: Modulation-Vary Your Pitch (be            or nothing but exhortation, you will have little
p. 113 ¶1-p. 114 ¶ 3)                                     opportunity for variety in your delivery. So analyze
No. 1: Introduction to Psalms-Part 2 (si p. 102 ¶         your outline, and make sure that you have the
6-11)                                                     ingredients needed for a colorful, informative
No. 2: Psalm 14:1-16:6                                    presentation.
No. 3: In What Ways Are True Christians No Part
                                                             Suppose that in the middle of your talk, you feel
of the World?
                                                          the need for greater variety because your
No. 4: Who Is to Blame for Human Suffering? (rs p.
                                                          presentation is dragging. What then? Change the
393 ¶ 2-p. 394 ¶ 1)
                                                          nature of your material. How? One way is to open
                                                          the Bible, invite the audience to open theirs, and
Speech Quality                                            read a scripture instead of simply talking. Or
Modulation-Vary Your Pitch                                convert some statement into a question, adding a
be study 9 Modulation                                     pause for emphasis. Insert a simple illustration.
   Vary Your Pitch. Imagine someone playing a             These are techniques used by experienced
musical instrument for an hour or so. During all that     speakers. But regardless of the extent of your
time, he sounds just one note—first loudly, then          experience, you can use the same ideas when
softly, at times quickly, then slowly. There is           preparing your material.
variation in volume and in pace, but with no                  It can be said that modulation is the spice in a
variation of pitch, the “music” is not very appealing.    talk. If the right kind is used and in the right
Similarly, without variety in pitch, our voice will not   amount, it will draw out the full flavor of your
be pleasant to the ears.                                  material and make it a delight to your audience.
   It must be noted that changes in pitch do not
have the same effect in all languages. In a tonal               HOW TO DO IT
language, such as Chinese, changing the pitch                   Vary pitch, if appropriate, to convey
may change the meaning of a word. Nevertheless,                 emotions and touch hearts. In a tonal
even in such a language, there are things that a                language, widen or narrow the range
person can do to add greater variety to his vocal               of your voice.
expressions. He can work at improving the range
of his voice while retaining the same relative                  Modulation begins with your selection
values for the various tones. Thus he can make the              of material for your talk.
high tones higher and the low tones lower.                EXERCISES: (1) Read 1 Samuel 17:17-53 to
    Even in languages that are not tonal, a change          yourself, taking note of opportunities to use
in pitch may convey a variety of ideas. For                 appropriate variation in volume, pace, and
example, a slight raising of the pitch accompanied          pitch. Then read it aloud in an expressive but
by a comparable increase in volume may be used              not extreme manner. Do this several times. (2)
for sense stress. Or a change in pitch may be a             To develop flexibility in your voice, read verses
means of indicating size or distance. A rising              48-51 aloud as rapidly as you can without
inflection at the end of a sentence may indicate            stumbling. Without sacrificing articulation, read
that a question is being asked. Some languages              it over and over, constantly increasing your
may require a falling inflection.                           pace. Then read the same material as slowly as
                                                            possible, drawing out the sounds. Next, speed
   Excitement and enthusiasm may be expressed               up and slow down alternately until your voice
with a higher pitch. (In a tonal language, that may         will do what you want it to do.
call for a wider range of the voice.) Sorrow and
anxiety may call for a lower pitch. (Or in a tonal
language, a narrower voice range.) The emotions
mentioned here are ones that help the speaker
touch the heart. When you want to express them,
do not simply say the words. Use your voice in a
way that shows that you also feel them.

No. 1:                                                     enthusiastic worshiper of Jehovah and lover of His
Introduction To Psalms -Part 2                             Law. Against such a background, it is little wonder
si pp. 102-103 Bible Book Number 19—Psalms                 that the book of Psalms runs the entire scale of
   6                                                       human emotions! Contributing to its power and
     From ancient times, the book of Psalms has
                                                           beauty are the poetic parallelisms and contrasts so
been divided into five separate books, or volumes,
                                                           characteristic of Hebrew verse. —Ps. 1:6; 22:20;
as follows: (1) Psalms 1-41; (2) Psalms 42-72; (3)
                                                           42:1; 121:3, 4.
Psalms 73-89; (4) Psalms 90-106; (5) Psalms
107-150. It appears that the first collection of these           The authenticity of these most ancient songs
songs was made by David. Evidently Ezra, the               to Jehovah’s praise is amply testified to by their
priest and “skilled copyist in the law of Moses,” was      being in complete harmony with the rest of the
the one used by Jehovah to arrange the book of             Scriptures. The book of Psalms is quoted
Psalms into final form. —Ezra 7:6.                         numerous times by the writers of the Christian
   7                                                       Greek Scriptures. (Ps. 5:9 [Rom. 3:13]; Ps. 10:7
     The progressive growth of the collection may
                                                           [Rom. 3:14]; Ps. 24:1 [1 Cor. 10:26]; Ps. 50:14
explain why some of the psalms are repeated in
                                                           [Matt. 5:33]; Ps. 78:24 [John 6:31]; Ps. 102:25-27
the different sections, such as Psalms 14 and 53;
                                                           [Heb. 1:10-12]; Ps. 112:9 [2 Cor. 9:9]) David
40:13-17 and 70; 57:7-11 and 108:1-5. Each of the
                                                           himself said in his last song: “The spirit of Jehovah
five sections closes with a blessing pronounced on
                                                           it was that spoke by me, and his word was upon my
Jehovah, or a doxology—the first four of these
                                                           tongue." It was this spirit that had operated upon
including responses by the people and the last one
                                                           him from the day of his anointing by Samuel. (2
being the entire Psalm 150. —Ps. 41:13, footnote.
                                                           Sam. 23:2; 1 Sam. 16:13) Additionally, the
       A very special style of composition is              apostles quoted from the Psalms. Peter referred to
employed in nine psalms; it is called acrostic             “scripture . . . which the holy spirit spoke
because of its alphabetic structure. (Psalms 9, 10,        beforehand by David’s mouth,” and in a number of
25, 34, 37, 111, 112, 119, and 145) In this structure      quotations from the Psalms, the writer to the
the first verse or verses of the first stanza begin        Hebrews referred to them either as statements
with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, aleph        spoken by God or introduced them with the words,
(?), the next verse(s) with the second letter, behth       “just as the holy spirit says."—Acts 1:16; 4:25; Heb.
(?), and so on, through all or nearly all the letters of   1:5-14; 3:7; 5:5, 6.
the Hebrew alphabet. This may have served as a                Coming to the strongest proof of authenticity, we
memory aid—just think of the temple singers                quote Jesus, the risen Lord, saying to the disciples:
having to remember songs as long as Psalm 119!             “These are my words which I spoke to you . . . that
Interestingly, an acrostic of Jehovah’s name is            all the things written in the law of Moses and in the
found at Psalm 96:11. The first half of this verse in      Prophets and Psalms about me must be fulfilled."
Hebrew consists of four words, and the initial             Jesus was there grouping the entire Hebrew
letters of these words, when read from right to left,      Scriptures in the way adopted by the Jews and well
are the four Hebrew consonants of the                      known to them. His mention of the Psalms included
Tetragrammaton, YHWH (????).                               the whole of the third group of Scriptures, called
      These sacred, lyric poems are written in             the Hagiographa (or Holy Writings), of which
unrhymed Hebrew verse and display unsurpassed              Psalms was the first book. This is confirmed by
beauty of style and rhythmic flow of thought. They         what he said a few hours earlier to the two on their
speak directly to the mind and heart. They paint           way to Emmaus, when “he interpreted to them
vivid pictures. The wonderful breadth and depth, in        things pertaining to himself in all the
both the subject matter and the strong emotions            Scriptures."—Luke 24:27, 44.
expressed, are due in part to David’s extraordinary
life experiences, which provide background to              No. 2
many of the psalms. Few men have lived so varied           (Psalms 14:1-16:6)
a life—as a shepherd boy, a lone warrior against
Goliath, a court musician, an outlaw among loyal           No. 3:
friends and among traitors, a king and conqueror, a        In What Ways Are True Christians No Part of
loving father beset with divisions in his own              the World?
household, one who twice experienced the
bitterness of serious sin and yet was ever an              No. 4:
                                                           Who Is to Blame for Human Suffering?
rs p. 393 - p. 394 Suffering
Why does God permit suffering?
      Who really is to blame for it?
      Humans are to blame for much of the
      suffering. They fight wars, commit
      crimes, pollute the environment, often
      carry on business in a manner
      motivated by greed rather than
      concern for their fellowman, and
      sometimes indulge in habits that they
      know can be harmful to their health.
      When they do these things, they hurt
      others and themselves. Should it be
      expected that humans would be
      immune to the consequences of what
      they do? (Gal. 6:7; Prov. 1:30-33) Is it
      reasonable to blame God for these
      things that humans themselves do?
Satan and his demons also share responsibility.
The Bible discloses that much suffering is because
of the influence of wicked spirits. The suffering for
which so many people blame God does not come
from him at all. —Rev. 12:12; Acts 10:38; see also
pages 363, 364, under the heading “Satan the

May 22                                                    speaker delivers his talk, his thoughts must be
Song 23                                                   filled, not merely with details, but with appreciation
Bible reading: Psalms 19-25                               for what Jesus’ sacrifice means both to the
Speech Quality: Speak With Feeling (be p. 115 ¶           speaker himself and to his audience. He needs to
1-p. 116 ¶ 4)                                             recall his feelings of gratitude to Jehovah God and
No. 1: Good Insight Wins Favor (w04 7/15 p. 27 ¶          Christ Jesus for this marvelous provision. He
4-p. 28 ¶ 4)                                              needs to think of the grand prospect of life that it
No. 2: Psalm 22:1-22                                      opens up for mankind—eternal happiness in
No. 3: How Did Suffering Get Started? (rs p. 394 ¶        perfect health in a restored earthly paradise! Thus
2-3)                                                      he needs to get his heart involved.
No. 4: * What Are God's Reminders, and Why
                                                              Concerning the scribe Ezra, a teacher in Israel,
Should We Heed Them?
                                                          the Bible says that he “prepared his heart to
                                                          consult the law of Jehovah and to do it and to teach
Speech Quality                                            in Israel." (Ezra 7:10) If we do likewise—preparing
Speak With Feeling                                        not only information but also our hearts—we will
be study 10 pp. 115-116 Enthusiasm                        speak from the heart. Such heartfelt expression of
                                                          the truth can do much to help those to whom we
      What do you need to do?                             speak develop a real love for the truth.
      By animated delivery, give evidence of                 Think About Your Audience. Another
      your strong feeling about the value of              important factor in manifesting enthusiasm is
      what you are saying.                                having the conviction that your audience needs to
      Why is it important?                                hear what you have to say. This means that when
                                                          preparing your presentation, you should not only
      Enthusiasm on your part will help to
                                                          gather worthwhile material but also pray to
      hold the interest of your listeners; it
                                                          Jehovah for his guidance in using it to benefit those
      may also rouse them to action. If you
                                                          to whom you are going to speak. (Ps. 32:8; Matt.
      are enthusiastic about what you say,
                                                          7:7, 8) Analyze why your audience needs to hear
      your audience will be too.
                                                          the information, how it will benefit them, and how
                                                          you can present it in such a way that they will
    ENTHUSIASM helps give life to a talk. While it
                                                          appreciate its value.
is important to have informative material, it is a
lively, enthusiastic delivery that will help capture          Work on your material until you have something
the attention of an audience. Regardless of your          that you feel excited about. It need not be new, but
cultural background or personality, you can               your approach to the subject can be fresh. If you
cultivate enthusiasm.                                     prepare something that will truly help your
                                                          audience to strengthen their relationship with
    Speak With Feeling. When speaking to a
                                                          Jehovah, to appreciate his provisions, to cope
woman of Samaria, Jesus said that those who
                                                          successfully with the pressures of life in this old
worship Jehovah must do so “with spirit and truth. ”
                                                          system, or to be effective in their ministry, then you
(John 4:24) Their worship must be motivated by
                                                          have every reason to be enthusiastic about your
appreciative hearts and be in harmony with the
truth found in God’s Word. When a person has that
depth of appreciation, it will be reflected in the way        What if your assignment is to read publicly? In
he speaks. He will be eager to talk to others about       order to do that enthusiastically, more is required
Jehovah’s      loving    provisions.      His    facial   than being able to say the words correctly and to
expressions, his gestures, and his voice will reflect     group them together properly. Study the material. If
the way he really feels.                                  you are going to read a portion of the Bible, do
                                                          some research on it. Be sure that you understand
    Why is it, then, that a speaker who loves
                                                          its basic meaning. Consider how it is beneficial to
Jehovah and who believes what he is saying may
                                                          you and to your audience, and read with a desire to
lack enthusiasm when speaking? It is not enough
                                                          convey that to those listening to you.
for him to prepare what he is going to say. He must
                                                          Are you preparing for the field ministry? Review
live his subject, be emotionally involved in it.
                                                          your subject for discussion and the scriptures that
Suppose that he is assigned to speak about the
                                                          you plan to use. Consider, too, what is on the
ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ. When the
minds of the people. What has been in the news?             his lips in check. He prayerfully tries to manifest the
What problems do they encounter? When you are               fruitage of the holy spirit so that he does not get
equipped to show people that God’s Word contains            overly irritated. (Galatians 5:22, 23) The prudent
the solutions to the very problems that concern             one does not allow the other person or the situation
them, you feel an eagerness to do so, and                   to control him. Rather, he stays in control and
enthusiasm comes naturally.                                 avoids the fights that frequently befall an individual
                                                            who quickly flares up when offended.
No. 1:                                                      The shrewd one also acts with knowledge when
Good Insight Wins Favor                                     making decisions. He knows that wise actions are
                                                            rarely a product of guessing, acting on emotions,
w04 7/15 pp. 27-28 “Everyone Shrewd Will Act                or simply following the crowd. Therefore, he takes
With Knowledge”                                             time to investigate the situation at hand. He
                                                            gathers all the facts and determines what options
    “Good insight itself gives favor,” says Solomon,
                                                            are open to him. Then he searches the Scriptures
“but the way of those dealing treacherously is
                                                            and decides which Bible laws or principles apply.
rugged." (Proverbs 13:15) The original-language
                                                            The path of such a person remains straight.
expression for “good insight,” or good
                                                            —Proverbs 3:5, 6.
understanding, “describes the capacity for good
sense, sound judgment, and wise opinions,” states
                                                            No. 2
one reference work. A person having such
                                                            (Psalm 22:1-22)
qualities does not find it difficult to gain the favor of
                                                            No. 3:
   Consider the insightful way in which the apostle         How Did Suffering Get Started?
Paul dealt with his fellow Christian Philemon when
sending back Philemon’s runaway slave                       rs p. 394 pars. 2-3 Suffering
Onesimus, who had become a Christian. Paul
                                                                  How did suffering get started?
exhorted Philemon to receive Onesimus back in a
                                                                  Examination of the causes focuses
kind manner, even as he might welcome the
                                                                  attention on our first human parents,
apostle himself. In fact, Paul offered to make the
                                                                  Adam and Eve. Jehovah God created
payment if Onesimus owed Philemon anything.
                                                                  them perfect and put them in paradise
Yes, Paul could have used his authority and
                                                                  surroundings. If they had obeyed God,
ordered Philemon to do the right thing. But the
                                                                  they would never have got sick or died.
apostle chose to handle the matter tactfully and
                                                                  They could have enjoyed perfect
lovingly. In doing so, Paul felt confident that he
                                                                  human life forever. Suffering was not
would win Philemon’s cooperation, moving him to
                                                                  part of Jehovah’s purpose for
do even more than what he was asked to do.
                                                                  mankind. But Jehovah clearly told
Should we not also deal with fellow believers in this
                                                                  Adam that continued enjoyment of
way?—Philemon 8-21.
                                                                  what He had given them depended on
    The way of the treacherous, on the other hand,                obedience. Obviously, they had to
is rugged, or “hard." (New International Version) In              breathe, eat, drink, and sleep in order
what sense? According to one scholar, the word                    to continue living. And they had to
used here means “strong or firm, referring to the                 keep God’s moral requirements in
callous behavior of wicked people. . . . The man                  order to enjoy life fully and to be
who is set in his evil ways, callous and indifferent to           favored with such life forever. But they
the wise instruction of others, is on a path to ruin."            chose to go their own way, to set their
    Solomon continues: “Everyone shrewd will act                  own standards of good and bad, and
with knowledge, but the one that is stupid will                   thus they turned away from God, the
spread abroad foolishness." (Proverbs 13:16) This                 Life-Giver. (Gen. 2:16, 17; 3:1-6) Sin
shrewd one is not a crafty person. Shrewdness                     led to death. It was as sinners that
here is connected with knowledge and is                           Adam and Eve produced children, and
associated with a prudent person, who thinks                      they could not pass on to their children
things out before acting. When facing unfair                      what they no longer had. All were born
criticism or even insult, the shrewd person keeps                 in sin, with inclinations toward
                                                                  wrongdoing, weaknesses that could
       lead to illness, a sinful inheritance that
       would eventually result in death.
       Because everyone on earth today was
       born in sin, all of us experience
       suffering in various ways. —Gen. 8:21;
       Rom. 5:12.
Ecclesiastes 9:11 says that “time and unforeseen
occurrence” also have a bearing on what happens
to us. We may get hurt, not because the Devil
directly causes it or because any human does it,
but because by chance we are in a place at the
wrong moment.

No. 4:
* What Are God's Reminders, and Why Should
We Heed Them?

May 29                                                  high points of your talk, they will usually be the
Song 203                                                points designed to motivate your audience. Having
Bible reading: Psalms 26-33                             convinced your audience, you need to stimulate
Speech Quality: Enthusiasm Appropriate to               them, to show them the benefits of applying what
Material (be p. 116 ¶ 5-p. 117 ¶ 4)                     has been discussed. Your enthusiasm will help you
No. 1: You Can Improve Your Memory (be p. 17¶           reach the hearts of your listeners. Animated
1-p. 19 ¶ 1)                                            delivery should never be forced. There should be a
No. 2: Psalm 30:1-31:8                                  reason for it, and your material will provide you with
No. 3: In What Ways Does the Truth Set One              that reason.
No. 4: How We Can Avoid Much Suffering (rs p.           HOW TO DEVELOP IT
395 ¶ 1-2)                                                    Prepare not only the information that
                                                              you will present but also your heart;
Speech Quality                                                thus you get your emotions involved.
Enthusiasm Appropriate to Material
 be study 10 Enthusiasm                                       Give careful thought to how the points
                                                              you are going to cover will benefit
   Show Enthusiasm by Animated Delivery.                      those to whom you speak.
Enthusiasm is most clearly manifested by
animation in your delivery. This should be evident            Identify the portions      that   require
in your facial expression. You must sound                     special enthusiasm.
convinced, not dogmatic.                                     Be thoroughly alive in your manner of
   Balance is needed. Some may be inclined to get            speaking. Make sure that your face
excited about everything. They may need to be                reflects how you feel. Speak with
helped to realize that when a person becomes                 strength and vigor.
bombastic or overly emotional, his audience will be     EXERCISE: Examine Joshua chapters 1 and 2,
thinking about him rather than about the message.       determining where and how enthusiasm might
On the other hand, those who are shy need               appropriately be expressed when reading this
encouragement to be more expressive.                    account. Practice reading it aloud with appropriate
    Enthusiasm is contagious. If you have good
audience contact and are enthusiastic about your        No. 1
talk, your audience will pick up that enthusiasm.       You Can Improve Your Memory
Apollos showed animation in his speaking, and he        be pp. 17-19
was described as an eloquent speaker. If you are
aglow with God’s spirit, your animated delivery will       JEHOVAH GOD created the human brain with
move those who listen to you to action. —Acts           the marvelous ability to remember. He designed it
18:24, 25; Rom. 12:11.                                  to be a reservoir that could be tapped without
                                                        losing the precious things that had been put into it.
    Enthusiasm Appropriate to Material. Take            The brain’s design is consistent with God’s
care not to carry your enthusiasm on such a high        purpose that humans should live forever. —Ps.
plane throughout your entire talk that your             139:14; John 17:3.
audience becomes exhausted. Any exhortation
that you give to act on what is being discussed will       But you may feel that too much of what you take
fall on weary ears. This emphasizes the need to         into your mind gets lost. It does not seem to be
prepare material that allows for variety in your        there when you want it. What can you do to
delivery. Try not to lapse into a style that reflects   improve your memory?
indifference. If you choose your material carefully,    Take an Interest
you will be keenly interested in it. But some points
naturally call for more enthusiasm in delivery than        Interest is an important factor in memory
others, and these should be skillfully interwoven       improvement. If we make it a habit to be observant,
throughout your talk.                                   to be interested in people and what is going on
                                                        around us, our mind is stimulated. It will then be
   Main points particularly should be presented         easier for us to respond with similar interest when
enthusiastically. Your talk must have peaks,            we read or hear something of lasting value.
climaxes to which you build. Since these are the
    It is not uncommon for a person to have                 Then in the next few days, seek an opportunity
difficulty in remembering the names of people. Yet,     to review what you read by sharing the information
as Christians, we know that people are                  with someone else. You might do so with a family
important—fellow Christians, those to whom we           member, someone in the congregation, a
witness, and others with whom we have dealings          workmate, a schoolmate, a neighbor, or someone
as we care for necessary matters of life. What can      you meet in the field ministry. Try to repeat not only
help us to remember the names that we really            the key facts but also the Scriptural reasoning that
should? The apostle Paul listed by name 26 of           goes with them. Doing this will benefit you, helping
those in a congregation to which he wrote. His          to fix important things in your memory; it will also
interest in them is indicated by the fact that he not   benefit others.
only knew their names but mentioned specific
                                                        Meditate on Important Things
details concerning many of them. (Rom. 16:3-16)
Some modern-day traveling overseers of                      In addition to reviewing what you have read and
Jehovah’s Witnesses do very well in remembering         telling others about it, you will find that meditating
names, although they move from one congregation         on important things that have been learned is
to another each week. What helps them? They             beneficial. The Bible writers Asaph and David did
may make it a practice to use a person’s name           that. Asaph said: “I shall remember the practices of
several times when they first speak together. They      Jah; for I will remember your marvelous doing of
put forth effort to associate the person’s name with    long ago. And I shall certainly meditate on all your
his face. Additionally, they spend time with various    activity, and with your dealings I will concern
individuals in the field ministry and at meals          myself." (Ps. 77:11, 12) David similarly wrote:
together. When you meet someone, will you               “During the night watches I meditate on you,” and “I
remember that person’s name? Start by having a          have remembered days of long ago; I have
good reason for remembering the name; then try          meditated on all your activity." (Ps. 63:6; 143:5) Do
some of the foregoing suggestions.                      you do that?
                                                        Such deep, concentrated thinking in which you
    Remembering what you read is also important.
                                                        ponder on Jehovah’s doings, his qualities, and
What can help you to improve in this regard? Both
                                                        expressions of his will does more than help you to
interest and comprehension play a part. You need
                                                        retain facts. If you make a practice of such thinking,
to care enough about what you are reading to
                                                        it will impress truly vital things on your heart. It will
focus your full attention on it. You will not retain
                                                        mold the sort of person you are inside. The
information if your mind is somewhere else while
                                                        memories that are made will represent your inmost
you are trying to read. Comprehension is improved
                                                        thoughts. —Ps. 119:16.
when you relate the information to things that are
familiar to you or to knowledge that you already
                                                        No. 2
have. Ask yourself: ‘How and when can I apply this
                                                        (Psalms 30:1-31:8)
information in my own life? How can I use it to help
someone else?’ Comprehension is also improved
                                                        No. 3:
if you read phrases instead of individual words.
                                                        In What Ways Does the Truth Set One Free?
You will more readily grasp ideas and identify
principal thoughts, so they are easier to remember.
                                                        No. 4:
Take Time to Review                                     How We Can Avoid Much Suffering
   Experts in the field of education emphasize the
                                                        rs p. 395 Suffering
value of review. In one study, a college professor
demonstrated that one minute spent in prompt                  Why does God not do something to
review would double the amount of information                 bring relief to mankind? Why
retained. So immediately after you finish your                should we all suffer for something
reading—or some major portion of it—mentally                  that Adam did?
review the principal ideas in order to fix these in
                                                              In the Bible, God tells us how we can
your mind. Think about how you would explain in
                                                              avoid much suffering. He has provided
your own words any new points you learned. By
                                                              the very best counsel on living. When
refreshing your memory soon after you have read
                                                              applied, this fills our lives with
an idea, you will extend the length of time that you
                                                              meaning, results in happy family life,
can retain the point.
     brings us into close association with
     people who really love one another,
     and safeguards us against practices
     that can bring much needless physical
     suffering. If we ignore that help, is it fair
     to blame God for the trouble that we
     bring upon ourselves and others?—2
     Tim. 3:16, 17; Ps. 119:97-105.
     Jehovah has made provision to end all
     suffering. He created the first human
     pair perfect, and he lovingly made
     every provision so that life would be
     pleasant for them. When they
     deliberately turned their backs on God,
     was God obligated to intervene so as
     to shield their children from the effects
     of what the parents had done? (Deut.
     32:4, 5; Job 14:4) As we well know,
     married couples may have the joys
     that go with producing children, but
     they also have responsibilities. The
     attitudes and actions of parents affect
     their children. Nevertheless, Jehovah,
     as an expression of marvelous
     undeserved kindness, sent his own
     dearly loved Son to earth to lay down
     his life as a ransom, to provide relief for
     those of Adam’s offspring who would
     appreciatively exercise faith in this
     provision. (John 3:16) As a result, the
     opportunity is open to people living
     today to have what Adam lost—perfect
     human life, free from suffering, in a
     paradise earth. What a generous
     provision that is!
See also pages 306-308

June 5                                                      A leper comes to Jesus and begs to be healed.
Song 167                                                 Imagine Jesus’ tone of voice when he says: “I want
Bible reading:         Psalms 34-37                      to. Be made clean." (Mark 1:40, 41) Picture, too,
Speech Quality: Expressing Warmth (be p. 118 ¶           the scene as a woman subject to a flow of blood for
1-p. 119 ¶ 5)                                            12 years quietly approaches Jesus from behind
No. 1: The Power of Prayer (w04 8/15 p. 18 ¶ 6-p.        and touches the fringe of his outer garment. Upon
19 ¶ 10)                                                 realizing that she has not escaped notice, the
No. 2: Psalm 34:1-22                                     woman comes forward trembling, falls at Jesus’
No. 3: Why a God of Love Has Allowed Suffering           feet, and discloses before all the people why she
for So Long (rs p. 395 ¶4)                               has touched his garment and how she has been
No. 4: From What Forms of Idolatry Must We Flee?         healed. Think of the manner in which Jesus says to
                                                         her: “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go
Speech Quality:                                          your way in peace." (Luke 8:42b-48) The warmth
Expressing Warmth                                        that Jesus displayed on those occasions touches
be study 11 pp. 118-119 Warmth and Feeling               our hearts down to this day.
                                                           When, like Jesus, we feel compassion for people
      What do you need to do?                            and when we truly want to help them, it shows in
                                                         the way we speak to them. Such an expression of
      Speak in a manner that reflects the
                                                         warmth is sincere, not excessive. Our warmth can
      emotions you feel and that is
                                                         make a big difference in how people respond. Most
      consistent with what you are saying.
                                                         of the things we say in the field ministry lend
      Why is it important?                               themselves to this kind of expression, especially
      It is essential if you are to reach the            when we are reasoning, encouraging, exhorting,
      hearts of those listening.                         and sympathizing.
                                                             If you have a warm feeling toward others, show
    EMOTION is a fundamental part of human life.         it on your face. When you manifest warmth, your
When a person expresses his emotions, he                 audience is drawn to you as to a fire on a cold
reveals what is in his heart, the sort of person he is   night. If warmth is not evident on your face, your
inside, how he feels about situations and people.        audience may not be convinced that you sincerely
Because of harsh experiences in their lives—and          care about them. Warmth cannot be put on like a
in some instances because of cultural                    mask—it must be genuine.
influences—many people hide their emotions. But
Jehovah encourages us to cultivate positive                 Warmth should also be evident in your voice. If
qualities in the inner person and then to give           you have a hard, coarse voice, it might be difficult
appropriate expression to what is there. —Rom.           to express warmth in your speech. But with time
12:10; 1 Thess. 2:7, 8.                                  and conscious effort, you can. One thing that might
                                                         help, from a purely mechanical standpoint, is to
   When we speak, the words we use may                   remember that short, clipped sounds make speech
correctly identify emotions. But if our words are not    hard. Learn to draw out the softer sounds in words.
expressed with corresponding feeling, those who          This will help to put warmth into your speech.
hear us may doubt our sincerity. On the other
hand, if the words are expressed with appropriate            Of even greater importance, however, is the
feeling, our speech can take on a beauty and a           focus of your interest. If your thoughts are centered
richness that may touch the hearts of those who          sincerely on those to whom you are speaking and
are listening.                                           you have an earnest desire to convey something
                                                         that can benefit them, that feeling will be reflected
   Expressing Warmth. Warm feelings are                  in the way you speak.
frequently associated with thoughts about people.        A spirited delivery is stimulating, but tender feeling
Thus, when we speak about Jehovah’s endearing            is also needed. It is not always enough for us to
qualities and when we express our appreciation for       persuade the mind; we must also move the heart.
Jehovah’s goodness, our voice should be warm.
(Isa. 63:7-9) And when speaking to fellow humans,
our manner of speaking should also convey an
appealing warmth.

No. 1                                                    “I have called with my whole heart. Answer me, O
The Power of Prayer                                      Jehovah." (Psalm 119:145) Unlike the ritualistic
w04 8/15 pp. 18-19 Jehovah, Our ‘Fortress in             prayers in many religions, our prayers are not
Times of Distress’                                       perfunctory or halfhearted. When we pray to
   6                                                     Jehovah with our “whole heart,” our words are
     Some health experts recommend prayer as
                                                         charged with meaning and purpose. After such
treatment for depression and stress. While it may
                                                         earnest prayers, we begin to experience the relief
be true that a quiet moment of prayerlike reflection
                                                         that comes from throwing our “burden upon
may relieve stress, much the same could be said
                                                         Jehovah himself." As the Bible promises, “he
about certain sounds of nature or even a back rub.
                                                         himself will sustain” us. —Psalm 55:22; 1 Peter
True Christians do not trivialize prayer by viewing it
                                                         5:6, 7.
as just a feel-good therapy. We view prayer as
reverential communication with the Creator. Prayer
                                                         No. 2
involves our devotion to and confidence in God.
                                                         (Psalm 34:1-22)
Yes, prayer is part of our worship.
    Our prayers must be accompanied by a sense           No. 3:
of confidence, or trust, in Jehovah. The apostle         Why a God of Love Has Allowed Suffering for
John wrote: “This is the confidence that we have         So Long
toward him, that, no matter what it is that we ask
according to his will, he hears us." (1 John 5:14)       rs p. 395 - p. 396 Suffering
Jehovah, the Supreme Being, the only true and
                                                                But why would a God of love allow
almighty God, actually gives special attention to
                                                                the suffering to continue so long?
the earnest prayers of his worshipers. Just
                                                         Have we benefited because he has allowed it until
knowing that our loving God hears us when we
                                                         now? “Jehovah is not slow respecting his promise,
share our anxieties and problems with him is
                                                         as some people consider slowness, but he is
comforting. —Philippians 4:6.
                                                         patient with you because he does not desire any to
     Faithful Christians should never feel shy,          be destroyed but desires all to attain to
unworthy, or lacking in confidence when                  repentance." (2 Pet. 3:9) If God had immediately
approaching Jehovah in prayer. True, when we are         executed Adam and Eve, following their sin, none
disappointed in ourselves or are overwhelmed with        of us would be in existence today. Surely that is not
problems, we might not always be inclined to             what we would want. Moreover, had God at some
approach Jehovah in prayer. On such occasions            later time destroyed all who were sinners, we
we do well to remember that Jehovah “shows pity          would not have been born. The fact that God has
upon his own afflicted ones” and that he “comforts       allowed this sinful world to exist until now has
those laid low." (Isaiah 49:13; 2 Corinthians 7:6) It    afforded us the opportunity to be alive and learn his
is especially in times of anguish and distress that      ways, to make needed changes in our lives, and to
we need to turn confidently to our heavenly Father       avail ourselves of his loving provisions for eternal
as our fortress.                                         life. That Jehovah has granted us this opportunity
     To benefit fully from the privilege of prayer, we   is an evidence of great love on his part. The Bible
must have real faith. The Bible says that “he that       shows that God has a set time to destroy this
approaches God must believe that he is and that          wicked system and will do so soon. —Hab. 2:3;
he becomes the rewarder of those earnestly               Zeph. 1:14.
seeking him." (Hebrews 11:6) Faith is more than
just believing that God exists, that “he is." True       No. 4
faith involves a strong belief in God’s ability and      From What Forms of Idolatry Must We Flee?
desire to reward our life course of obedience to
him. “The eyes of Jehovah are upon the righteous
ones, and his ears are toward their supplication."
(1 Peter 3:12) A constant awareness of Jehovah’s
loving concern for us gives special meaning to our
   Jehovah listens to our prayers when they are
offered with a complete heart. The psalmist wrote:

June 12                                               indication in verse 16 of how Judah felt about the
Song 216                                              reason for the calamity, and how Joseph himself
Bible reading:         Psalms 38-44                   reacted, as stated at Genesis 45:1.
Speech Quality: Expressing Emotion (be p. 119 ¶
                                                         Thus, whether we are reading or speaking, to
6-p. 120 ¶ 5)
                                                      do so effectively we must give thought not only to
No. 1: The Role of God's Spirit in Remembering
                                                      words and ideas but also to the feeling that ought
(be p. 19 ¶ 2 p. 20 ¶ 3)
                                                      to accompany these.
No. 2: Psalm 40:1-17
No. 3: True Science Is Not at Odds With the Bible           HOW TO EXPRESS IT
No. 4: God Will Undo All the Harm His Servants
Have Suffered (rs p. 396 ¶ 1-4)                             Instead of being overly concerned
                                                            about the words you are using, focus
Speech Quality:                                             on your desire to help your listeners.
Expressing Emotion                                          Both your tone of voice and your facial
be study 11 Warmth and Feeling                              expression should reflect whatever
    Expressing Other Feelings. Emotions such as             emotion is appropriate for your
anxiety, fear, and depression might be expressed            material.
by a person who is in distress. Joy is an emotion           Learn by carefully observing others
that should be prominent in our lives and that we           who speak expressively.
freely express when speaking to others. On the        EXERCISE: Read aloud the following portions of
other hand, some emotions need to be curbed.          Scripture, doing so with feeling appropriate to the
They are not consistent with the Christian            material: Matthew 20:29-34; Luke 15:11-32.
personality. (Eph. 4:31, 32; Phil. 4:4) Emotions of
all sorts can be conveyed by the words we choose,     No. 1
our tone of voice, the intensity with which we        The Role of God's Spirit in Remembering
speak, our facial expression, and gestures.           be You Can Improve Your Memory
    The Bible reports on the whole range of human     The Role of God’s Spirit
emotions. Sometimes it simply names emotions.
At other times it relates events or quotes               When seeking to remember truths concerning
statements that reveal emotions. When you read        the activities of Jehovah and the things spoken by
such material aloud, it will have a greater impact,   Jesus Christ, we are not left on our own. On the
both on you and on those who are listening, if your   night before his death, Jesus told his followers:
voice reflects those emotions. To do that you need    “While remaining with you I have spoken these
to put yourself in the place of those about whom      things to you. But the helper, the holy spirit, which
you are reading. A talk is not a theatrical           the Father will send in my name, that one will teach
production, however, so be careful not to             you all things and bring back to your minds all the
exaggerate. Make the passages live in the minds       things I told you." (John 14:25, 26) Matthew and
of those who are listening.                           John were among those present. Did the holy spirit
                                                      prove to be such a helper to them? Yes, indeed!
   Appropriate to the Material. As with               About eight years later, Matthew completed writing
enthusiasm, the warmth you put into your              the first detailed account of the life of Christ,
expression and the other emotions you express         including such priceless memories as the Sermon
depend in large measure on what you are saying.       on the Mount and the detailed sign of Christ’s
   Turn to Matthew 11:28-30, and take note of         presence and of the conclusion of the system of
what it says. Then read Jesus’ condemnation of        things. Sixty-five years after Jesus’ death, the
the scribes and Pharisees, as recorded in Matthew     apostle John wrote his Gospel, including details of
chapter 23. We cannot imagine him expressing          what Jesus said on the last night that the apostles
these scathing words of condemnation in a dull        spent with the Lord before he laid down his life. No
and lifeless way.                                     doubt, both Matthew and John had vivid memories
                                                      of the things that Jesus had said and done while
   What sort of feeling do you believe is required    they were with him, but the holy spirit played a
by an account such as that in Genesis chapter 44      major role in ensuring that they did not forget
concerning Judah’s plea for his brother Benjamin?
Notice the emotion expressed in verse 13, the
important details that Jehovah wanted in his           spirit can help you to remember will expand, and
written Word.                                          your growing love for Jehovah will motivate you to
                                                       act in harmony with it.
    Does the holy spirit act as a helper to servants
of God today? Definitely! Of course, the holy spirit   [Box on page 17]
does not put into our minds things that we have        HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR READING RECALL
never learned, but it does act as a helper to bring
                                                        After reading a portion of text, ask yourself, ‘What
back to our minds important things that we have
                                                           is the main point of what I just read?’ If you
studied in the past. (Luke 11:13; 1 John 5:14)
                                                           cannot recall the key point, then look back and
Then, as the need arises, our thinking faculties are
                                                           find it in the material
stirred to “remember the sayings previously
                                                        When you finish reading an entire chapter or
spoken by the holy prophets and the
                                                       article, test yourself again. List all the main points.
commandment of the Lord and Savior."—2 Pet.
                                                       If they do not readily come to mind, look back and
3:1, 2.
                                                       review what you read
‘You Must Not Forget’
                                                       No. 2
    Jehovah repeatedly cautioned Israel: ‘You must
                                                       (Psalm 40:1-17)
not forget. ’ It was not that he expected them to
remember everything perfectly. But they were not
                                                       No. 3
to become so wrapped up in personal pursuits that
                                                       True Science Is Not at Odds With the Bible
they pushed their recollections of Jehovah’s
dealings into the background. They were to keep
                                                       No. 4
alive their memories of Jehovah’s deliverance of
                                                       God Will Undo All the Harm His Servants Have
them when his angel slew all the firstborn of Egypt
as well as when Jehovah opened the Red Sea and
then closed it, drowning Pharaoh and his army.
                                                       rs p. 396 pars. 1-4 Suffering
The Israelites were to recall that God gave them
his Law at Mount Sinai and that he led them                  God can and will undo all the harm that
through the wilderness and into the Promised                 may come upon his servants in this
Land. They were not to forget in the sense that              system of things. God is not the one
memories of these things were to continue to have            who is causing the suffering. But by
a profound effect on their daily lives. —Deut. 4:9,          means of Jesus Christ, God will raise
10; 8:10-18; Ex. 12:24-27; Ps. 136:15.                       the dead, heal obedient ones of all
                                                             their illnesses, root out every trace of
   We too should exercise care not to forget. As
                                                             sin, and even cause former grief to
we cope with the pressures of life, we need to
                                                             fade from our minds. —John 5:28, 29;
remember Jehovah, keeping in mind the kind of
                                                             Rev. 21:4; Isa. 65:17.
God he is and the love he manifested in the gift of
his Son, who provided a ransom for our sins so that          The time that has elapsed has been
we might have perfect life forever. (Ps. 103:2, 8;           needed to settle the issues that were
106:7, 13; John 3:16; Rom. 6:23) Regular Bible               raised in Eden. For details, see pages
reading and active participation in congregation             363, 364, also 428-430.
meetings and in the field ministry will keep these
                                                              We personally are anxious to have
precious truths alive in us.
                                                              relief. But when God takes action, it
   When faced with decisions, big or small, call to           must be in behalf of all who love what
mind those vital truths, and let them influence your          is right, not just a few. God is not
thinking. Do not forget. Look to Jehovah for                  partial. —Acts 10:34.
guidance. Instead of viewing matters simply from a     Illustrations: Is it not true that a loving parent may
fleshly standpoint or trusting the impulse of an       allow a child to undergo a painful operation
imperfect heart, ask yourself, ‘What counsel or        because of beneficial results that can come from
principles from God’s Word should have a bearing       it? Also, is it not true that “quick solutions” to painful
on my decision?’ (Prov. 3:5-7; 28:26) You cannot       ailments are often only superficial? More time is
recall things that you have never read or heard. But   frequently needed in order to eliminate the cause.
as you grow in accurate knowledge and love for
Jehovah, the reservoir of knowledge that God’s
June 19                                               the one speaking. But when these means of
Song 104                                              communication are tastefully blended, the
Bible reading:         Psalms 45-51                   effectiveness of speech is greatly enhanced. Even
Speech Quality: The Importance of Gestures and        when you speak over the telephone, if you make
Facial Expressions (be p. 121 ¶ 1-4)                  appropriate use of gestures and facial
No. 1: When Does Jesus Come? (w04 3/1 p. 16,          expressions, your voice will more readily convey
box)                                                  the importance of your message as well as your
No. 2: Psalm 46:1-47:9                                personal feelings about what you are saying. Thus,
No. 3: Why God Did Not Simply Overlook Adam's         whether you are speaking extemporaneously or
Sin (rs p. 396 ¶ 5-p. 397 ¶ 1)                        are reading, whether your audience is looking at
No. 4: How Can a Christian Be Weak and Yet            you or at their own copies of the Bible, gestures
Powerful? (2 Cor. 12:10)                              and facial expressions are of value.
                                                      Your gestures and your facial expressions should
Speech Quality: The Importance of Gestures            not be taken from a book. You never had to study
and Facial Expressions                                how to laugh or how to be indignant. Gestures
be study 12 p. 121 Gestures and Facial                should also express feelings that are within you.
Expressions                                           The more spontaneous your gestures, the better.
     What do you need to do?
                                                      No. 1
      Use movements of the hands, the                 When Does Jesus Come?
      shoulders, or the entire body to                w04 3/1 p. 16 ‘The Faithful Slave’ Passes the
      express    ideas, sentiments, or                Test!
                                                      [Box on page 16]
      Use the eyes and the mouth as well as           WHEN DOES JESUS COME?
      the positioning of the head to reinforce          In Matthew chapters 24 and 25, Jesus is said to
      the spoken word and to convey                   “come” in different senses. He does not need to
      feelings.                                       move physically in order to “come." Rather, he
      Why is it important?                            “comes” in the sense of turning his attention to
                                                      mankind or to his followers, often for judgment.
      Gestures and facial expressions add             Thus, in 1914 he “came” to begin his presence as
      visual and emotional emphasis to your           enthroned King. (Matthew 16:28; 17:1; Acts 1:11)
      speech. They may stir up your feelings          In 1918 he “came” as messenger of the covenant
      and therefore enliven your voice.               and began judging those claiming to serve
                                                      Jehovah. (Malachi 3:1-3; 1 Peter 4:17) At
   PEOPLE of some cultures gesture more freely        Armageddon, he will “come” to execute judgment
than those from other backgrounds. Yet, practically   on Jehovah’s enemies. —Revelation 19:11-16.
everyone talks with changes of facial expression        The coming (or, arriving) referred to a number of
and some form of gesturing. This is true both in      times at Matthew 24:29-44 and 25:31-46 is at “the
personal conversation and in public speaking.         great tribulation." (Revelation 7:14) On the other
   Gestures were natural to Jesus and his early       hand, the coming referred to a number of times at
disciples. On one occasion, someone reported to       Matthew 24:45 to 25:30 has to do with his judging
Jesus that his mother and his brothers wanted to      professed disciples from 1918 onward. It would not
speak with him. Jesus replied: “Who is my mother,     be reasonable to say, for example, that the
and who are my brothers?” Then the Bible adds:        rewarding of the faithful slave, the judgment of the
“Extending his hand toward his disciples, he said:    foolish virgins, and the judgment of the sluggish
‘Look! My mother and my brothers!’” (Matt. 12:48,     slave, who hid the Master’s talent, will take place
49) Among other references, the Bible shows at        when Jesus “comes” at the great tribulation. That
Acts 12:17 and 13:16 that the apostles Peter and      would imply that many of the anointed will be found
Paul also made spontaneous use of gestures.           unfaithful at that time and will thus have to be
                                                      replaced. However, Revelation 7:3 indicates that
   Ideas and feelings are communicated not only       all of Christ’s anointed slaves will have been
with the voice but also by means of gestures and      permanently “sealed” by that time.
facial expressions. Failure to use these well may
convey an impression of indifference on the part of   No. 2
(Psalms 46:1-47:9)

No. 3
Why God Did Not Simply Overlook Adam's Sin
rs p. 396 - p. 397 Suffering
Why did God not forgive Adam and so prevent
the terrible suffering experienced by mankind?
    Would that really have prevented suffering or
would it, instead, have made God responsible for
it? What happens when a father simply overlooks
deliberate wrongdoing on the part of his children
rather than take firm disciplinary measures? The
children often get involved in first one form of
wrongdoing and then another, and much of the
responsibility lies with the father.
Similarly, if Jehovah had forgiven Adam’s
deliberate sin, it would really have made God a
party to the wrongdoing. That would not have
improved conditions on earth at all. (Compare
Ecclesiastes 8:11.) Furthermore, it would have
resulted in disrespect for God on the part of his
angelic sons, and it would mean that there was no
real basis for hope of anything better. But such a
situation could never have occurred, because
righteousness is an unalterable foundation of
Jehovah’s rulership. —Ps. 89:14.

No. 4
How Can a Christian Be Weak and Yet
Powerful? (2 Cor. 12:10)

June 26                                                      As you gain experience and become more at
Song 103                                                 ease in speaking, any emphatic gestures that you
Bible reading:       Psalms 52-59                        do use will express your inner feelings naturally,
Speech Quality: Using Gestures and Facial                demonstrating your conviction and sincerity. They
Expressions (be p. 122 ¶ 1-p. 123 ¶ 2)                   will add meaning to your speech.
                                                            The Expression on Your Face. More than any
Oral Review
                                                         other bodily feature, your face often expresses
                                                         how you really feel. Your eyes, the shape of your
Speech Quality:                                          mouth, the inclination of your head all play a part.
Using Gestures and Facial Expressions                    Without a word being spoken, your face can
be study 12 Gestures and Facial Expressions              convey     indifference,     disgust,    perplexity,
    Gestures fall into two general categories:           amazement, or delight. When such facial
descriptive and emphatic. Descriptive gestures           expressions accompany the spoken word, they
express action or show dimension and location. In        add visual and emotional impact. The Creator has
the school, when you are working on the use of           placed a large concentration of muscles in your
gestures, do not be content with just one or two.        face—over 30 in all. Nearly half of these come into
Try to gesture in a natural way throughout your          play when you smile.
talk. If you are having difficulty in doing this, you        Whether you are on the platform or are
may find it helpful to look for words that show          participating in the field ministry, you are
direction, distance, size, location, or relative         endeavoring to share with people a message that
positions. In many cases, however, all that you          is pleasant, one that can make their hearts rejoice.
need to do is to get absorbed in your talk, not          A warm smile confirms that. On the other hand, if
worrying about the impression you are making, but        your face is devoid of expression, this may raise
saying and doing things as you would in daily life.      questions about your sincerity.
When a person is relaxed, gestures come
naturally.                                                  More than that, a smile tells others that you
                                                         have a kindly feeling toward them. That is
   Emphatic gestures express feeling and                 especially important in these days when people
conviction. They punctuate, vitalize, and reinforce      are often afraid of strangers. Your smile can help
ideas. Emphatic gestures are important. But              people to relax and to be more receptive to what
beware! Emphatic gestures can easily become              you say.
mannerisms. If you use the same gesture again
and again, it may begin to draw attention to itself            POINTS TO KEEP IN MIND
instead of enhancing your talk. If your school
overseer indicates that you have this problem, try             The most effective gestures and facial
limiting yourself solely to descriptive gestures for a         expressions spring from one’s inner
time. After a while, begin to use emphatic gestures            self. Observe what others do, but do
once more.                                                     not try to imitate them in detail.
   In determining the extent to which you should                Study the material for your talks until
use emphatic gestures and the sort of gestures                  you know it well. Feel it, visualize it,
that are appropriate, consider the feelings of those            and then use your voice, your hands,
to whom you are speaking. Pointing at the                       and your face to express it.
audience may make them feel uncomfortable. If a          EXERCISES: (1) Read Genesis 6:13-22. In your
male in some cultures were to make certain               own words, describe the building of the ark and the
gestures, such as putting his hand over his mouth        gathering of the animals. Do not worry about
to express surprise, this would be viewed as             details; simply tell what you remember. Use
effeminate. In some parts of the world, it is            descriptive gestures while doing so. Ask someone
considered immodest for women to gesture freely          to observe you and provide comments. (2) Talk as
with the hands. So in those places, sisters              if you were witnessing to someone about God’s
especially need to make good use of facial               Kingdom and the blessings that it will bring. Be
expressions. And before a small group, sweeping          sure that your facial expressions reflect how you
gestures may be viewed as comical in almost any          really feel about what you are describing.
part of the world.

July 3                                                    However, where it is not offensive, looking an
Song 45                                               individual in the eye when making an important
Bible reading:         Psalms 60-68                   statement can add emphasis to what is said. It may
Speech Quality: Visual Contact in the Ministry (be    be viewed as evidence of conviction on the part of
p. 124 ¶ 1-p. 125 ¶ 4)                                the speaker. Notice how Jesus responded when
No. 1: What Jehovah's Humility Means for Us (w04      his disciples expressed great surprise and said:
11/1 pp. 29-30)                                       “Who really can be saved?” The Bible reports:
No. 2: Psalm 60:1-61:8                                “Looking them in the face, Jesus said to them:
No. 3: Does Participation in Christian Activities     ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things
Excuse Us From Abiding by God's Laws?                 are possible. ’” (Matt. 19:25, 26) The Scriptures
No. 4: God Is Not the Cause of Physical and           also show that the apostle Paul keenly observed
Mental Defects (rs p. 397 ¶ 2-4)                      the reactions of those in his audience. On one
                                                      occasion a man lame from birth was present when
Speech Quality:                                       Paul spoke. Acts 14:9, 10 states: “This man was
Visual Contact in the Ministry                        listening to Paul speak, who, on looking at him
be study 13 pp. 124-125 Visual Contact                intently and seeing he had faith to be made well,
                                                      said with a loud voice: ‘Stand up erect on your feet.
      What do you need to do?                         ’”
      Look at those to whom you are                      Suggestions for the Field Ministry. When you
      speaking, allowing your eyes to meet            share in the field ministry, be friendly and warm as
      for a few seconds if that is acceptable         you approach people. Where appropriate, use
      locally. See individuals, not merely a          thought-provoking      questions      to    start   a
      group.                                          conversation on something that may be of mutual
                                                      interest. As you do this, endeavor to establish eye
      Why is it important?
                                                      contact—or at least to look the person in the face in
      In many cultures, eye contact is                a respectful and kindly way. A warm smile on the
      viewed as an indication of interest in          face of one whose eyes convey inner joy is very
      the person being addressed. It is also          appealing. Such an expression may tell the
      viewed as evidence that you speak               individual much about what sort of person you are
      with conviction.                                and help him to feel more relaxed as you converse.
                                                          Observing the expression in the person’s eyes,
  OUR eyes communicate attitudes and
                                                      where appropriate, may give you indications as to
emotions. They may indicate surprise or fear. They
                                                      how to deal with a situation. If the person is angry
may convey compassion or love. At times, they
                                                      or if he is really not interested, you may be able to
may betray doubt or give evidence of grief.
                                                      see it. If he does not understand you, you may
Concerning his countrymen, who had suffered
                                                      realize that. If he is getting impatient, you will
much, an elderly man said: “We speak with our
                                                      usually be able to tell. If he is keenly interested, this
                                                      too will be evident. The expression in his eyes may
     Others may draw conclusions about us and         alert you to the need to adjust your pace, to make
about what we say on the basis of where we focus      added effort to involve him in the conversation, to
our eyes. In many cultures, people tend to trust an   terminate the discussion or, possibly, to follow
individual who maintains friendly eye contact with    through with a demonstration of how to study the
them. Conversely, they may doubt the sincerity or     Bible.
competence of a person who looks at his feet or at
                                                         Whether you are engaging in public witnessing
some object rather than at the one to whom he is
                                                      or conducting a home Bible study, endeavor to
talking. Some other cultures view any intensive
                                                      maintain respectful eye contact with the one with
eye contact as rude, aggressive, or challenging.
                                                      whom you are speaking. Do not stare at him,
This is especially the case when speaking with
                                                      however, as that can be embarrassing. (2 Ki. 8:11)
members of the opposite sex or to a chief or other
                                                      But in a natural, friendly manner, frequently look
titled person. And in some areas, if a younger
                                                      the other person in the face. In many lands, this
person were to make direct eye contact when
                                                      conveys a feeling of sincere interest. Of course,
speaking to an older person, this would be viewed
                                                      when you are reading from the Bible or some other
as disrespectful.
                                                      publication, your eyes will be focused on the
printed page. But to emphasize a point, you may           have dealings with each one of us. This gives us
want to look directly at the person, though doing so      confidence that we may count on his unfailing help in
briefly. If you look up at intervals, this will also      even the most difficult of circumstances. There is no
enable you to observe his reaction to what is being       reason to fear that he will forget us. With regard to his
                                                          people of ancient Israel, Jehovah is aptly spoken of as
                                                          the one “who during [their] low condition remembered
If shyness makes visual contact difficult for you at      [them]: for his loving-kindness is to time
first, do not give up. With practice, appropriate         indefinite."—Psalm 136:23.
visual contact will become natural, and it may add        As Jehovah’s present-day servants, we may suffer
to your effectiveness in communicating with               adversity as David did. It may be that we face ridicule
others.                                                   from those who do not know God, or perhaps we are
                                                          struggling with poor health or have experienced
No. 1:                                                    bereavement. Whatever our situation, if our heart is
What Jehovah’s Humility Means for Us                      sincere, we can approach Jehovah in prayer, appealing
w04 11/1 pp. 29-30                                        to his mercy. Jehovah will ‘bend down’ to take note of us
                                                          and listen to our prayers. The inspired psalmist wrote:
                                                          “The eyes of Jehovah are toward the righteous ones,
    DAVID was a man who knew adversity. He                and his ears are toward their cry for help." (Psalm 34:15)
suffered mistreatment at the hands of King Saul,          Does it not touch your heart to reflect on Jehovah’s
his jealous father-in-law. Three times Saul tried to      endearing quality of humility?
kill David with a spear and for years hunted him
incessantly, forcing him to become a fugitive. (1         No. 2:
Samuel 18:11; 19:10; 26:20) Yet, Jehovah proved           (Psalms 60:1-61:8)
to be with David. Jehovah saved him not only from
Saul but also from other enemies. We can,                 No. 3:
therefore,    appreciate     David’s   sentiments,        Does Participation in Christian Activities
expressed in song: “Jehovah is my crag and my             Excuse Us From Abiding by God's Laws?
stronghold and the Provider of escape for me. . . .
You [Jehovah] will give me your shield of salvation,      No. 4:
and it is your humility that makes me great." (2          God Is Not the Cause of Physical and Mental
Samuel 22:2, 36) David achieved a measure of              Defects
greatness in Israel. How, then, was Jehovah’s             rs p. 397 pars. 2-4 Suffering
humility involved?
                                                              God does not cause such defects. He created
   When the Scriptures speak of Jehovah as being          the first human pair perfect, with the ability to bring
humble, they do not mean that he is limited in any        forth perfect children in their own likeness. —Gen.
way or that he is subject to others. Instead, this        1:27, 28.
beautiful quality indicates that he has deep
compassion for humans who sincerely strive to                 We have inherited sin from Adam. That
gain his approval and extends mercy to them. At           inheritance carries with it the potential for physical
Psalm 113:6, 7, we read: “[Jehovah] is                    and mental defects. (Rom. 5:12; for further details
condescending to look on heaven and earth,                see page 394.) This inheritance of sin is with us
raising up the lowly one from the very dust." His         from the time of conception in the womb. It is for
“condescending” means that “he bends down to              that reason that King David wrote: “In sin my
see” or that “he is humbling Himself to look."            mother conceived me." (Ps. 51:5) If Adam had not
(Today’s English Version; Young’s Literal                 sinned, there would be only desirable traits to
Translation of the Holy Bible) So from the heavens        transmit. (For comments on John 9:1, 2, see page
Jehovah himself ‘bent down,’ or ‘humbled himself,’        319.)
in order to pay attention to David, an imperfect but      Parents can harm their unborn offspring—for
humble man who desired to serve God. Therefore,           example, by drug abuse or by smoking during
David reassures us: “Jehovah is high, and yet the         pregnancy. Of course, it is not true that in every
humble one he sees." (Psalm 138:6) The merciful,          case the mother or the father is responsible for
patient, and compassionate way in which Jehovah           birth defects or poor health of their child.
dealt with David should encourage all who seek to
do God’s will.
  Though Jehovah as the Sovereign occupies the
most exalted position in the universe, he is willing to
July 10                                                 notes, audience contact will suffer. Consideration
Song 225                                                should be given both to how often you look at your
Bible reading:         Psalms 69-73                     notes and to when you do so. If you are looking at
Speech Quality: Visual Contact When Giving a            your notes while you are reaching a climax in the
Discourse (be p. 125 ¶ 5-p. 127 ¶ 1)                    talk, not only will you fail to see your audience’s
No. 1: Why Apply Yourself to Reading? (be p. 21 ¶       reaction but your delivery will lose some of its
1-p. 23 ¶ 3)                                            force. Likewise, if you are constantly consulting
No. 2: Psalm 71:1-18                                    your notes, you will lose audience contact.
No. 3: Jehovah Lovingly Extends to Children the
                                                            When you throw a ball to someone, you look to
Benefits of Christ's Ransom Sacrifice (rs p. 397 ¶
                                                        see if it is caught. Each thought in your talk is a
                                                        separate “throw” to the audience. A “catch” may be
No. 4: * Why Christians Must Be Impartial
                                                        indicated by their response—a nod, a smile, an
                                                        attentive look. If you maintain good visual contact,
Speech Quality:                                         this can help you to make sure that your ideas are
Visual Contact When Giving a Discourse                  being “caught."
be study 13 Visual Contact
                                                            If you are assigned to read to the congregation,
   When Giving a Discourse. The Bible tells us          should you try to look at the audience during the
that before Jesus began his Sermon on the Mount,        reading? If the audience is following your reading
“he lifted up his eyes upon his disciples." (Luke       in the Bible, most of them will not be aware of
6:20) Learn from his example. If you are going to       whether you look up or not. But looking at your
speak before a group, face them and then pause a        audience can help to invigorate your reading
few seconds before you start to talk. In many           because it will keep you keenly aware of their
places this will include making eye contact with        reaction. And for any in the audience who are not
some in the audience. This brief delay may help         using their Bibles and whose minds may be
you to overcome your initial nervousness. It will       wandering, visual contact with the speaker may
also help the audience to adjust themselves to          help bring their attention back to what is being
whatever attitude or emotion your face reveals.         read. Of course, you will only be able to look up
Additionally, your doing this will permit the           briefly, and it should not be done in a manner that
audience to settle down and be ready to give you        causes you to stumble in your reading. To that end,
their attention.                                        it is best to hold your Bible in your hand and to
   During your talk, look at the audience. Do not       keep your head up, not with the chin dropped
merely look at the group as a whole. Endeavor to        toward the chest.
look at individuals in it. In almost every culture,         At times, elders are called on to deliver a
some degree of eye contact is expected on the part      convention discourse from a manuscript. Doing
of a public speaker.                                    this effectively requires experience, careful
   Looking at your audience means more than             preparation, and much practice. Of course, use of
simply making a rhythmic eye movement from one          a manuscript limits visual contact with the
side to the other. Make respectful visual contact       audience. But if the speaker has prepared well, he
with someone in the audience, and if appropriate,       should be able to look at his audience from time to
say a full sentence to that individual. Then look at    time without losing his place. His doing so will help
another, and say a sentence or two to that person.      hold the attention of the audience and enable them
Do not look at anyone so long that he becomes           to benefit fully from the important spiritual
uncomfortable, and do not concentrate on only a         instruction being presented.
few people in the entire audience. Continue to
move your eyes through the audience in this way,              POINTS TO KEEP IN MIND
but as you speak to a person, really talk to that one         Be natural and friendly, genuinely
and notice his reaction before you pass on to                 interested in those to whom you
another.                                                      speak.
   Your notes should be on the speaker’s stand, in            When reading, hold the reading
your hand, or in your Bible so that you can glance            material in your hand and keep your
at these with only an eye movement. If it is                  chin up so that you need to move only
necessary to move your entire head to see your                your eyes, not your head.
EXERCISE: In everyday conversation with family          conjunction with the Theocratic Ministry School.
and friends, endeavor to increase your eye contact      Even where such classes are not available, a
with others, doing so in ways that will not offend      person can make good progress by taking some
local custom.                                           time each day to read aloud and by regularly
                                                        attending and participating in the school.
No. 1:
                                                            Sadly, comics and television, among other
Why Apply Yourself to Reading?
                                                        things, have pushed reading into the background
be pp. 21-23 Apply Yourself to Reading
                                                        in the lives of many people. Television viewing and
                                                        limited reading may hinder the development of a
   ANIMALS cannot do what you are doing right
                                                        person’s reading skills and his ability to think and to
now. One out of every 6 humans has not learned to
                                                        reason clearly and to express himself well.
read—often because of the lack of opportunity to
attend school—and of those who have, many do                Publications that help us to understand the
not do so regularly. Yet, your ability to read the      Bible are provided by “the faithful and discreet
printed page allows you by this means to travel to      slave." These make available a wealth of
other lands, to meet people whose lives can enrich      information concerning vital spiritual matters.
yours, and to gain practical knowledge that will        (Matt. 24:45; 1 Cor. 2:12, 13) They also keep us
help you cope with the concerns of life.                abreast of important world developments and their
                                                        meaning, help us to become better acquainted with
    The ability to read influences how much a young
                                                        the natural world, and teach us ways to cope with
person gets from his schooling. When he seeks
                                                        issues that concern us. Above all, they focus on
employment, his reading ability may influence the
                                                        how to serve God acceptably and gain his
kind of work that he is able to get and the number
                                                        approval. Such wholesome reading will help you to
of hours that he has to work in order to make a
                                                        develop as a spiritual person.
living. Housewives who read well are better able to
                                                        Of course, the ability to read well is not a virtue in
care for their families with regard to proper
                                                        itself. The skill needs to be used in the proper way.
nutrition, hygiene, and prevention of sickness.
                                                        Like eating, reading must be done selectively. Why
Mothers who are good readers may also exercise
                                                        eat food that offers no real nourishment or that may
a very positive influence on the intellectual
                                                        even poison you? In like manner, why read
development of their children.
                                                        material, even casually, that can corrupt the mind
   The greatest benefit that comes from reading, of     and heart? Bible principles should provide the
course, is that it can enable you to “find the very     standard against which we measure whatever
knowledge of God." (Prov. 2:5) Many of the ways in      reading material we choose. Before deciding what
which we serve God involve the ability to read. The     you will read, have in mind such scriptures as
Scriptures and Bible-based publications are read        Ecclesiastes 12:12, 13; Ephesians 4:22-24; 5:3, 4;
at congregation meetings. Your effectiveness in         Philippians 4:8; Colossians 2:8; 1 John 2:15-17;
the field ministry is greatly affected by the way you   and 2 John 10.
read. And preparation for these activities involves
reading. For that reason your spiritual growth          No. 2:
depends to a large extent on your reading habits.       (Psalm 71:1-18)
Make Good Use of the Opportunity
                                                        No. 3:
   Some who are learning God’s ways have had a          Jehovah Lovingly Extends to Children the
limited education. They may need to be taught to        Benefits of Christ's Ransom Sacrifice
read in order to improve their spiritual
advancement. Or they may need personal                  rs p. 397 par. 5 Suffering
assistance in improving their reading skills. Where     Jehovah lovingly extends to children the benefits of
there is a local need, congregations endeavor to        Christ’s ransom sacrifice. Out of consideration for
organize literacy classes based on the publication      parents who faithfully serve God, he views their
Apply Yourself to Reading and Writing. Many             young children as holy. (1 Cor. 7:14) This
thousands have benefited greatly from this              motivates God-fearing parents to be careful about
provision. Because of the importance of being able      their own standing with God, out of loving concern
to read well, some congregations arrange for            for their offspring. To young ones who are old
reading-improvement classes to be held in               enough to exercise faith and demonstrate

obedience to God’s commands, Jehovah extends
the privilege of having an approved standing as his
servants. (Ps. 119:9; 148:12, 13; Acts 16:1-3) It is
noteworthy that Jesus, who was a perfect
reflection of his Father, showed special interest in
the welfare of young ones, even raising a child
from the dead. Surely he will continue to do that as
Messianic King. —Matt. 19:13-15; Luke 8:41, 42,

No. 4:
* Why Christians Must Be Impartial

July 17                                                 his presentation will be successful. None of this is
Song 28                                                 unusual, but problems arise when too much
Bible reading:        Psalms 74-78                      attention is given to such things. If you get nervous
Speech Quality: Naturalness in the Field Ministry       before engaging in the ministry, what can help?
(be p. 128 ¶ 1-p. 129 ¶ 1)                              Careful preparation and fervent prayer to Jehovah.
No. 1: Read With the Proper Motive (be p. 23 ¶          (Acts 4:29) Think about Jehovah’s great mercy in
4-p. 26 ¶ 5)                                            inviting people to enjoy perfect health and eternal
No. 2: Psalm 75:1-76:12                                 life in Paradise. Think about those whom you are
No. 3: What Does Seeking Jehovah Involve?               endeavoring to help and their need to hear the
(Zeph. 2:3)                                             good news.
No. 4: God Is Not Using Natural Disasters to
                                                           Remember, too, that people have free will, so
Punish People (rs p. 398 ¶ 1-3)
                                                        they can either accept or reject the message. The
                                                        same was true when Jesus witnessed in ancient
Speech Quality:                                         Israel. Your assignment is simply to preach. (Matt.
Naturalness in the Field Ministry                       24:14) Even when people do not let you talk, your
be study 14 pp. 128-129 Naturalness                     very presence will give a witness. You will have
     What do you need to do?                            succeeded because you let Jehovah use you to
      Be yourself—conversational, sincere,              accomplish his will. On those occasions when you
      and unaffected.                                   do have opportunity to talk, what will characterize
                                                        your speech? If you learn to focus your thoughts on
      Why is it important?                              the needs of others, your speech will be appealing
      If you are nervous, stiff, or awkward in          and natural.
      your speech because of being                      When giving a witness, if you act and speak as you
      self-conscious,   others       may   be           do every day, this will put your listeners at ease.
      distracted from what you say.                     They may even be more receptive to the Scriptural
                                                        thoughts that you want to share with them. Rather
    EXPRESSING yourself in a natural manner             than giving them a formal discourse, converse with
helps you win the confidence of others. Would you       them. Be friendly. Show an interest in them, and
put your confidence in something said by someone        welcome their comments. Of course, where the
who spoke to you from behind a mask? Would it           language or local culture calls for certain protocols
make a difference if the face on the mask was           to show respect when speaking to strangers, you
more handsome than the speaker’s own face? Not          would want to observe these. But you can always
likely. So rather than using a disguise, be yourself.   be ready with a relaxed smile.
   Naturalness should not be confused with              No. 1:
carelessness.     Poor       grammar,        wrong      Read With the Proper Motive
pronunciation, and muffled speech are not               be Apply Yourself to Reading
appropriate. Slang should also be avoided. We
always want to manifest appropriate dignity, both          The importance of the proper motive in reading
in our speech and in our bearing. Someone who           becomes clear upon examination of the Gospel
manifests such naturalness is neither overly formal     accounts. In Matthew’s Gospel, for example, we
nor overly concerned about impressing others.           find Jesus asking well-versed religious leaders
                                                        such questions as “Have you not read?” and “Did
   In the Field Ministry. When you approach a           you never read this?” prior to his giving them the
house or step up to someone in a public place with      Scriptural answers to their crafty questions. (Matt.
a view to giving a witness, do you feel nervous?        12:3, 5; 19:4; 21:16, 42; 22:31) One lesson we
Most of us do, but for some the feeling is more         learn from this is that if our motive for reading is
persistent than for others. Tension may cause the       improper, we can draw incorrect conclusions or
voice to sound somewhat strained or shaky, or           miss the point altogether. The Pharisees were
nervousness may manifest itself in awkward              reading the Scriptures because they thought that
movements of the hands or the head.                     by means of them, they would get everlasting life.
   A publisher may encounter this problem for a         That reward, as Jesus pointed out, is not granted
number of reasons. Perhaps he is thinking about         to those who do not love God and accept His
the impression he will make or wondering whether        means of salvation. (John 5:39-43) The intentions

of the Pharisees were selfish; hence, many of their        visualize the dimensions and materials or imagine
conclusions were wrong.                                    the scent of the incense, the roasted grain, and the
                                                           animals presented as burnt offerings. Think how
   Love for Jehovah is the purest motive we can
                                                           awe-inspiring it must have been to carry out
have for reading his Word. Such love stirs us to
                                                           priestly services! (Luke 1:8-10) Involving your
learn God’s will, for love “rejoices with the truth." (1
                                                           senses and your emotions in this way will help you
Cor. 13:6) Even if we did not enjoy reading in the
                                                           grasp the significance of what you are reading and
past, loving Jehovah with our “whole mind” will
                                                           will serve as a memory aid.
move us to apply our minds vigorously to take in
the knowledge of God. (Matt. 22:37) Love awakens               If you are not careful, though, when you try to
interest, and interest stimulates learning.                read, your mind may wander. Your eyes may look
                                                           at the page, but your thoughts may be elsewhere.
Consider the Pace
                                                           Is music playing? Is the television on? Are family
   Reading goes hand in hand with recognition.             members talking? If possible, it is best to read in a
Even as you are reading right now, you are                 quiet location. However, the distraction may come
recognizing words and remembering their                    from within. Perhaps you had a busy day. Alas,
meaning. You can increase the pace of your                 how easy it is to replay the day’s activities in your
reading if you broaden out the area of recognition.        mind! It is good, of course, to review the day’s
Instead of stopping to look at each word, try to see       events—but not when you are reading. Perhaps
several words at a time. As you develop this ability,      you start out with your mind focused, or you may
you will find that you more clearly understand what        even open your reading session with a prayer. But
you are reading.                                           then as you read, your mind begins to drift. Try
    When reading deeper material, however, what            again. Discipline yourself to keep your mind
you derive from your efforts may be increased by           focused on the material you are reading.
using a different method. Counseling Joshua on             Gradually, you will see improvement.
his reading of the Scriptures, Jehovah said: “This             What do you do when you come to a word that
book of the law should not depart from your mouth,         you do not understand? Some unfamiliar words
and you must in an undertone read in it." (Josh.           may be defined or discussed in the text. Or you
1:8) Speaking in an undertone is often done when           may be able to discern the meaning from the
a person is musing. Therefore, the Hebrew term             context. If not, take the time to look the word up in a
that is rendered “in an undertone read” is also            dictionary if one is available, or mark the word so
translated “meditate." (Ps. 63:6; 77:12; 143:5)            that you can ask someone the meaning later. This
When meditating, a person thinks deeply; he does           will broaden your vocabulary and contribute toward
not rush. Reading in a contemplative manner                your reading comprehension.
allows God’s Word to have a greater impact on the
                                                           Public Reading
mind and heart. The Bible contains prophecy,
counsel, proverbs, poetry, pronouncements of                  When the apostle Paul told Timothy to continue
divine judgment, details regarding Jehovah’s               applying himself to reading, Paul was specifically
purpose, and an abundance of real-life                     referring to reading for the benefit of others. (1 Tim.
examples—all valuable to those who want to walk            4:13) Effective public reading involves more than
in Jehovah’s ways. How beneficial to read the              simply calling out words from a page. The reader
Bible in a manner that allows it to be deeply              needs to understand the meaning of the words and
impressed on your mind and heart!                          comprehend the thoughts they express. Only when
                                                           he does that can he convey the ideas correctly and
Learn to Concentrate
                                                           reproduce the emotions accurately. This, of
   As you read, put yourself in each scene being           course, requires thorough preparation and
described. Try to see the characters in your mind’s        practice. Hence, Paul exhorted: “Continue
eye, and participate emotionally in the experiences        applying yourself to public reading." You will
taking place in their lives. This is relatively easy       receive valuable training in this skill in the
when reading an account such as the one about              Theocratic Ministry School.
David and Goliath, recorded in 1 Samuel chapter
                                                           Make Time to Read
17. But even details in Exodus and Leviticus about
the construction of the tabernacle or the installation       “The plans of the diligent one surely make for
of the priesthood will come to life when you               advantage, but everyone that is hasty surely heads

for want." (Prov. 21:5) How true that is with respect     often in today’s news. He is not using these to
to our desire to read! To get the “advantage,” we         bring punishment on certain peoples. To a large
need to plan diligently so that other activities do not   extent, these are caused by natural forces that
crowd out our reading.                                    have been operating since the earth’s creation.
                                                          The Bible foretold great earthquakes and food
    When do you read? Do you benefit by reading
                                                          shortages for our day, but that does not mean that
early in the morning? Or are you more alert later in
                                                          either God or Jesus is responsible for them, any
the day? If you can set aside even 15 or 20
                                                          more than a meteorologist is responsible for the
minutes each day to do some reading, you will be
                                                          weather that he forecasts. Because these are
amazed at how much you can accomplish. The key
                                                          occurring along with all the other things foretold in
is regularity.
                                                          the composite sign of the conclusion of this system
    Why has Jehovah chosen to have his grand              of things, they are part of the evidence that the
purposes written down in a book? So that people           blessings of God’s Kingdom are near. —Luke
can consult his written Word. This enables them to        21:11, 31.
consider Jehovah’s wonderful works, to tell these
                                                              Humans often bear heavy responsibility for
to their children, and to commit to memory God’s
                                                          harm done. In what way? Even when given ample
practices. (Ps. 78:5-7) Our appreciation for
                                                          warning, many people refuse to get out of the
Jehovah’s generosity in this matter is best shown
                                                          danger area or fail to take needed precautions.
by the way that we apply ourselves to reading his
                                                          —Prov. 22:3; compare Matthew 24:37-39.
life-giving Word.
                                                          God can control such natural forces. He
[Box on page 21]                                          empowered Jesus Christ to calm a storm on the
WHAT IS INCLUDED IN YOUR READING                          Sea of Galilee, as an example of what He will do
PROGRAM?                                                  for mankind under His Messianic Kingdom. (Mark
Is the Bible at the top of your list?                     4:37-41) By turning his back on God, Adam
                                                          rejected such divine intervention on behalf of
Do you regularly read the Watchtower and Awake!           himself and his offspring. Those who are granted
  magazines?                                              life during Christ’s Messianic Reign will experience
Do you read new Bible study literature soon after it      such loving care, the kind of care that only a
  is received?                                            government empowered by God can give. —Isa.
When given your copy of Our Kingdom Ministry,
  do you read what has been provided there to
  help you in your ministry?
How many of the older publications of Jehovah’s
Witnesses have you read?

No. 2:
(Psalms 75:1-76:12)

No. 3:
What Does Seeking Jehovah Involve?
(Zeph. 2:3)

No. 4:
God Is Not Using Natural Disasters to Punish

rs p. 398 Suffering
Why does God permit “natural disasters,”
which cause extensive damage to property and
   God is not causing the earthquakes, hurricanes,
floods, droughts, and volcanic eruptions that are so
July 24                                                   Then when on the platform, you will more readily
Song 112                                                  speak and act with appealing naturalness.
Bible reading:         Psalms 79-86
Speech Quality: Naturalness on the Platform (be           No. 1:
p. 129 ¶ 2-p. 130 ¶ 1)                                    “The Tent of the Upright Ones Will Flourish”
No. 1: "The Tent of the Upright Ones Will Flourish"       w04 11/15 pp. 26-28
(w04 11/15 p. 26 ¶ 1-p. 28 ¶ 2)
No. 2: Psalm 82:1-83:18                                      WHEN the storm of Har–Magedon breaks loose
No. 3: Adversity Should Not Be Considered Proof           and brings an end to Satan’s wicked system of
of God's Disapproval (rs p. 398 ¶ 4-p. 399 ¶ 1)           things, “the house of wicked people will be
No. 4: Can Imperfect Humans Really Please God?            annihilated." What about “the tent of the upright
                                                          ones”? Why, in the new world of God’s making, it
Speech Quality:                                           “will flourish."—Proverbs 14:11.
Naturalness on the Platform                                  Until the time when ‘the wicked are cut off from
be study 14 pp. 129-130 Naturalness                       the very earth and the treacherous are torn away
   On the Platform. When you speak to a group, a          from it,’ however, the blameless must exist side by
natural, conversational style of delivery is usually      side with them. (Proverbs 2:21, 22) Can the upright
best. Of course, when the audience is large, you          ones flourish under these circumstances? Verses
need greater voice projection. If you try to              1 to 11 of chapter 14 in the Bible book of Proverbs
memorize your talk or if your notes are too               show that by letting wisdom guide our speech and
detailed, you are probably overly concerned about         actions, we can enjoy a measure of prosperity and
wording things precisely. Appropriate wording is          stability even now.
important, but when it is given too much attention,       When Wisdom Builds Up a Household
delivery becomes stiff and formal. Naturalness is
lost. Your ideas should be carefully thought out in           Commenting on the wife’s influence on the
advance, but give most of your attention to the           welfare of the family, King Solomon of ancient
ideas, not the exact wording.                             Israel says: “The truly wise woman has built up her
                                                          house, but the foolish one tears it down with her
   The same is true when you are being                    own hands." (Proverbs 14:1) How does a woman
interviewed at a meeting. Be well prepared, but do        possessing wisdom build up her household? A
not read or memorize your answers. Deliver them           wise woman respects God’s arrangement of
with natural modulation so that your comments will        headship. (1 Corinthians 11:3) She is not
have an appealing spontaneity.                            influenced by the spirit of independence that
   Even desirable speech qualities taken to an            permeates Satan’s world. (Ephesians 2:2) She is
extreme may strike an audience as being                   in submission to her husband and speaks well of
unnatural. For example, you should speak                  him, increasing the respect others may have for
distinctly and use proper pronunciation but not to        him. A wise woman takes an active part in the
the extent that your speech sounds stiff or artificial.   spiritual and practical education of her children.
Emphatic or descriptive gestures, when done well,         She works hard for the good of the household,
can enliven your talk, but gestures that are stiff or     making the home a pleasant and comfortable
grandiose will detract from what you are saying.          place for the family. Her style of management is
Use ample volume, but try not to be excessively           marked by prudence and economy. A truly wise
loud. It is good occasionally to put fire into your       woman contributes to the prosperity and stability of
delivery, but you should avoid being bombastic.           her household.
Modulation, enthusiasm, and feeling should all be            A foolish woman lacks respect for God’s
used in a manner that does not draw attention to          arrangement of headship. She does not hesitate to
yourself     or   make     your   audience        feel    speak ill of her husband. Not being thrifty, she
uncomfortable.                                            squanders      the     household’s        hard-earned
Some people naturally have a precise way of               resources. She also wastes time. As a result, the
expressing themselves, even when they are not             house is not well kept, and the children suffer
giving a talk. Others are more colloquial in their        physically and spiritually. Yes, the foolish one tears
speech. The important thing is to speak well every        down her household.
day and to conduct yourself with Christian dignity.

   What, though, determines whether a person is           harvest will not be great." The farmer must choose
wise or foolish? Proverbs 14:2 states: “The one           wisely.
walking in his uprightness is fearing Jehovah, but
                                                              Would not the principle of this proverb also
the one crooked in his ways is despising Him." The
                                                          apply when we consider changing employment,
upright one fears the true God, and “the fear of
                                                          choosing a certain type of housing, purchasing a
Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom." (Psalm
                                                          car, acquiring a house pet, and the like? A wise
111:10) A truly wise person knows that it is his
                                                          person would weigh the advantages and the
obligation to “fear the true God and keep his
                                                          disadvantages and evaluate whether the endeavor
commandments." (Ecclesiastes 12:13) On the
                                                          is really worth the effort and expense.
other hand, the foolish one follows a course that is
not in harmony with God’s standards of                    When a Witness Is Wise
uprightness. His ways are crooked. Such a person              “A faithful witness is one that will not lie,”
despises God, saying in his heart: “There is no           continues Solomon, “but a false witness launches
Jehovah."—Psalm 14:1.                                     forth mere lies." (Proverbs 14:5) The lies of a false
When Lips Are Guided by Wisdom                            witness certainly can do much harm. Naboth the
                                                          Jezreelite was stoned to death because two
   What can be said about the speech of a person
                                                          good-for-nothing men falsely testified against him.
who fears Jehovah and of the one who despises
                                                          (1 Kings 21:7-13) And did not false witnesses
Him? “The rod of haughtiness is in the mouth of the
                                                          come forward against Jesus, leading to his death?
foolish one,” says the king, “but the very lips of the
                                                          (Matthew 26:59-61) False witnesses also testified
wise ones will guard them." (Proverbs 14:3)
                                                          against Stephen—the first disciple of Jesus to be
Lacking the wisdom from above, a foolish person is
                                                          killed because of his faith. —Acts 6:10, 11.
neither peaceable nor reasonable. The wisdom
that guides his steps is earthly, animal, demonic.            A man of untruth may go unexposed for the time
He utters words that are contentious and arrogant.        being, but consider his future. Jehovah hates “a
The haughtiness in his mouth stirs up much trouble        false witness that launches forth lies,” states the
for himself and others. —James 3:13-18.                   Bible. (Proverbs 6:16-19) Such a man’s portion will
                                                          be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur—the
   The lips of a wise person guard, or protect, him,
                                                          second death—along with such wrongdoers as
adding to his sense of well-being. How? The
                                                          murderers, fornicators, and idolaters. —Revelation
Scriptures state: “There exists the one speaking
thoughtlessly as with the stabs of a sword, but the
                                                          The faithful witness does not commit perjury when
tongue of the wise ones is a healing." (Proverbs
                                                          testifying. His testimony is not tainted with lies.
12:18) The words of a wise person are not rash or
                                                          However, this does not mean that he is under
cutting. His heart meditates so as to answer.
                                                          obligation to give full information to those who may
(Proverbs 15:28) His well-thought-out speech is
                                                          want to bring harm to Jehovah’s people in some
healing—it encourages the depressed souls and
                                                          way. The patriarchs Abraham and Isaac withheld
refreshes the downtrodden. Rather than irritating
                                                          facts from some who did not worship Jehovah.
others, his lips promote peace and calmness.
                                                          (Genesis 12:10-19; 20:1-18; 26:1-10) Rahab of
When Wisdom Guides Human Endeavors                        Jericho misdirected the king’s men. (Joshua 2:1-7)
                                                          Jesus Christ himself refrained from divulging total
   Solomon next presents an intriguing proverb
                                                          information when doing so would have caused
that seems to deal with the need to weigh the
                                                          needless harm. (John 7:1-10) He said: “Do not give
advantages and the disadvantages of undertaking
                                                          what is holy to dogs." Why not? So that “they may
a certain task. He says: “Where there are no cattle
                                                          never . . . turn around and rip you open."—Matthew
the manger is clean, but the crop is abundant
because of the power of a bull."—Proverbs 14:4.
   Commenting on the meaning of this proverb,             No. 2:
one reference work states: “An empty crib                 (Psalms 82:1-83:18)
[manger] indicates that there are no oxen [cattle] to
feed, and hence one is free of the trouble of
cleaning and caring for the animals, and expenses
would be less. But this ‘advantage’ is offset in
v[erse] 4b: without the use of oxen, it is implied, the

No. 3:
Adversity Should Not Be Considered Proof of
God's Disapproval
rs p. 398 - p. 399 Suffering
Are people who suffer adversity being
punished by God because of wickedness?
   Those who violate godly standards of living do
experience bad effects. (Gal. 6:7) Sometimes they
reap a bitter harvest quickly. In other instances,
they may seem to prosper for a long time. In
contrast, Jesus Christ, who never did wrong, was
cruelly mistreated and put to death. So, in this
system of things prosperity should not be viewed
as proof of God’s blessing, nor should adversity be
considered proof of his disapproval.
When Job lost his possessions and was afflicted
with loathsome disease, that was not because of
God’s disapproval. The Bible clearly says that
Satan was responsible. (Job 2:3, 7, 8) But
companions who came to visit Job argued that
Job’s plight must prove that he had done
something wicked. (Job 4:7-9; 15:6, 20-24)
Jehovah reproved them, saying: “My anger has
grown hot against you . . . for you men have not
spoken concerning me what is truthful as has my
servant Job."—Job 42:7.

No. 4:
Can Imperfect Humans Really Please God?

July 31                                                       When preparing a talk, give principal
Song 57                                                       attention to ideas, not precise wording.
Bible reading: Psalms 87-91
                                                              When delivering a talk and when
Speech Quality: Naturalness When Reading
                                                              speaking in everyday conversation,
Publicly (be p. 130 ¶ 2-4)
                                                              avoid careless speech habits as well
No. 1: When "Knowledge Is an Easy Thing" and
                                                              as the tendency to use speech
Wisdom Guides Us (w04 11/15 p. 28 ¶ 3-p. 29 ¶ 7)
                                                              qualities in a manner that draws
No. 2: Psalm 89:1-21
                                                              attention to yourself.
No. 3: Study of the Bible Is Part of Our Worship
No. 4: Material Prosperity Should Not Be                       Prepare well for public reading. Read
Considered Proof of God's Blessing (rs p. 399 ¶                with feeling and a keen awareness of
2-3)                                                           meaning.
                                                        EXERCISES: (1) Read Malachi 1:2-14 silently,
Speech Quality:                                         and take note of those who are speaking. Now
Naturalness When Reading Publicly                       read it aloud with appropriate expressiveness. (2)
be study 14 Naturalness                                 On three separate occasions before sharing in the
                                                        field ministry, read the first two paragraphs of this
    When Reading Publicly. Naturalness in public        lesson as well as the material under the
reading requires effort. To achieve it, identify the    subheading “In the Field Ministry,” on page 128.
principal ideas in the material that you are going to   Make an effort to apply the counsel.
read, and observe how these are developed. Have
these clearly in mind; otherwise, you will simply be    No. 1:
reading words. Check the pronunciation of               When "Knowledge Is an Easy Thing" and
unfamiliar words. Practice reading aloud so as to       Wisdom Guides Us
get proper inflection and to group the words
together in a way that conveys thoughts clearly. Do     w04 11/15 pp. 28-29 “The Tent of the Upright
it again and again until your reading is fluent. Get    Ones Will Flourish”
to know the material well enough that when you
read it aloud, your reading sounds like spirited        When “Knowledge Is an Easy Thing”
conversation. That is naturalness.                          Is wisdom a possession of all people? Proverbs
    Of course, most of our public reading is from our   14:6 states: “The ridiculer has sought to find
Bible-based publications. Apart from reading            wisdom, and there is none; but to the
assignments in the Theocratic Ministry School, we       understanding one knowledge is an easy thing." A
read scriptures in the field ministry and when giving   ridiculer, or scoffer, may seek wisdom, but true
talks from the platform. Brothers are assigned to       wisdom eludes him. Since a ridiculer arrogantly
read material being considered at the Watchtower        scoffs at the things of God, he fails to gain the
Study and at the Congregation Book Study. Some          basic      prerequisite   for   wisdom—accurate
qualified brothers receive assignments to read          knowledge of the true God. His pride and
manuscripts before convention audiences.                arrogance prevent him from learning about God
Whether you read the Bible or other materials,          and gaining wisdom. (Proverbs 11:2) Why does he
read portions that embody quotations in a way that      even bother to look for wisdom? The proverb does
makes the material live. If a number of characters      not say, but perhaps he does so in order that
are quoted, alter your voice somewhat for each          others may think that he is wise.
one. A word of caution: Do not be overly dramatic,         “Knowledge is an easy thing” to an
but do put life into the reading in a natural way.      understanding person. Understanding is defined
   Reading that is natural is conversational. It does   as “a mental grasp: comprehension,” “the capacity
not sound artificial but has conviction.                to apprehend general relations of particulars." It is
                                                        the ability to connect various aspects of a subject
      HOW TO DO IT                                      and see the whole matter, not just the isolated
                                                        parts. This proverb is saying that knowledge
      Speak in your everyday manner.                    comes easy to a person who has this ability.
      Focus your thoughts, not on yourself,
      but on Jehovah and on the need for                   In this regard, consider your own experience of
      people to learn about him.                        gaining knowledge of Scriptural truth. When you

started to study the Bible, very likely the basic         share with them precisely what we are
teachings about God, his promises, and his Son            experiencing? And can one at all times fully
were among the first truths you learned. For a time       understand how another person feels? The answer
they remained separate details. But as you                to both questions is No.
continued to study, the pieces began to fit together
                                                              As an example, consider suicidal feelings. The
and you could clearly see how various details
                                                          one having them often cannot clearly communicate
related to Jehovah’s overall purpose for humans
                                                          these feelings to a family member or a friend. And
and the earth. The truth from the Bible became
                                                          others cannot always recognize signs of such
logical and connected. Learning and remembering
                                                          feelings in their associates. We need not feel guilty
new details then became easier because you
                                                          when we do not see these signs and fail to take
could see where to place them in the total picture.
                                                          helpful action. This proverb also teaches that
    The wise king warns of where knowledge is not         although it is comforting to turn to an empathetic
to be found. “Go away from in front of the stupid         friend for emotional support, humans are limited in
man,” he says, “for you will certainly not take note      the comfort they can offer. We may have to rely on
of the lips of knowledge." (Proverbs 14:7) A stupid       Jehovah alone when it comes to enduring some
person lacks true knowledge. Lips that utter              difficulties.
knowledge do not belong to him. The advice is to
                                                          “Valuable Things and Riches Are in His House”
get away from such a man, and it is wise to stay
away from him. Anyone “having dealings with the              “The house of wicked people will be
stupid ones will fare badly."—Proverbs 13:20.             annihilated,” states the king of Israel, “but the tent
                                                          of the upright ones will flourish." (Proverbs 14:11)
   “The wisdom of the shrewd is to understand his
                                                          A wicked person may prosper in this system of
way,” continues Solomon, “but the foolishness of
                                                          things and may live in a well-built house, but of
stupid ones is deception." (Proverbs 14:8) A wise
                                                          what benefit will that be to him when he himself is
person gives thought to his actions. He considers
                                                          no more? (Psalm 37:10) On the other hand, the
the various options that are open to him and
                                                          dwelling place of an upright one may be quite
ponders the possible outcome to which each one
                                                          humble. But “valuable things and riches are in his
leads. He chooses his course wisely. What about a
                                                          house,” says Psalm 112:3. What are these?
stupid person? He chooses a foolish way,
                                                          When our words and deeds are guided by wisdom,
believing that he knows what he is doing and that
                                                          we have the “riches and glory” that exist with
he is making the best choice. His foolishness
                                                          wisdom. (Proverbs 8:18) They include a peaceful
deceives him.
                                                          relationship with God and our fellowman, a sense
When Wisdom Guides Relationships                          of well-being, and a measure of stability. Yes, “the
                                                          tent of the upright ones” can flourish even now.
   The one guided by wisdom has peaceful
relationships with others. “Foolish are those who
                                                          No. 2:
make a derision of guilt,” observes the king of
                                                          (Psalm 89:1-21)
Israel, “but among the upright ones there is
agreement." (Proverbs 14:9) The feeling of guilt, or
                                                          No. 3:
remorse, is a laughing matter to a fool. He has
                                                          Study of the Bible Is Part of Our Worship
damaged relationships at home and elsewhere
because he is “too arrogant to make amends” and
seek peace. (The New English Bible) The upright
person is willing to make allowances for the
shortcomings of others. He is ready to apologize
and make amends when he himself is in the wrong.
Because he pursues peace, he enjoys happy and
stable relationships with others. —Hebrews 12:14.
    Solomon next points to a limiting factor in
human relationships. He says: “The heart is aware
of the bitterness of one’s soul, and with its rejoicing
no stranger will intermeddle." (Proverbs 14:10)
Can we always express our innermost
emotions—whether sadness or joy—to others and
No. 4:
Material Prosperity Should Not Be Considered
Proof of God's Blessing
rs p. 399 pars. 2-3 Suffering
   Wicked ones may, in fact, prosper for a while.
Asaph wrote: “I became envious of the boasters,
when I would see the very peace of wicked people.
They are not even in the trouble of mortal man, and
they are not plagued the same as other men. They
scoff and speak about what is bad; about
defrauding they speak in an elevated style. Look!
These are the wicked, who are at ease indefinitely.
They     have    increased     their     means       of
maintenance."—Ps. 73:3, 5, 8, 12.
The day of accounting with God will come. At that
time he will punish the wicked, destroying them
forever. Proverbs 2:21, 22 says: “The upright are
the ones that will reside in the earth, and the
blameless are the ones that will be left over in it. As
regards the wicked, they will be cut off from the
very earth; and as for the treacherous, they will be
torn away from it." Then the upright ones, many of
whom have suffered adversity, will enjoy perfect
health and a generous share of earth’s abundant

Aug. 7                                                    our breath, and our clothing should be clean so
Song 190                                                  that others do not find us offensive. Those who
Bible reading: Psalms 92-101                              give talks or share in demonstrations in front of the
Speech Quality: Personal Cleanliness Adorns the           congregation should set a fine example in this
Message (be p. 131 ¶ 1-3)                                 regard. Giving attention to our personal
No. 1: How to Study (be p. 271']I-p. 311']2)              appearance shows respect for Jehovah and for his
No. 2: Psalm 92:1-93:5                                    organization.
No. 3: Does Speaking in Tongues Prove That One
Has God's Spirit? (rs p. 400 ¶ 3-p. 401 ¶ 2)              No. 1:
No. 4: The Importance of Moral Integrity                  How to Study
                                                          be pp. 27-31 Study Is Rewarding
Speech Quality:
Personal Cleanliness Adorns the Message                      HAVE you ever watched people select fruit?
be study 15 p. 131 Good Personal Appearance               Most observe its color and size to determine its
     What do you need to do?                              ripeness. Some people smell the fruit. Others
                                                          touch it, even squeeze it. Still others weigh it,
      Be neat, clean, and modest in your                  putting one piece in each hand to detect which is
      clothing. Hair should be neatly                     heavier with juice. What are these people thinking?
      combed. Posture should convey an                    They are analyzing details, evaluating differences,
      attentive attitude.                                 remembering previous selections, and comparing
      Why is it important?                                what they now see with what they already know. A
                                                          tasty reward awaits them because they give
      Your personal appearance may                        careful attention to the matter.
      influence how others view your
      Christian beliefs and the way of life                  Of course, the rewards for studying God’s Word
      that you represent.                                 are far greater. When such study occupies an
                                                          important place in our lives, our faith becomes
   YOUR personal appearance says much about               stronger, our love deepens, our ministry becomes
you. While Jehovah sees what the heart is,                more productive, and decisions that we make give
humans generally draw conclusions from “what              greater evidence of discernment and godly
appears to the eyes." (1 Sam. 16:7) When you are          wisdom. Concerning such rewards, Proverbs 3:15
clean and well-groomed, others will likely conclude       says: “All other delights of yours cannot be made
that you have self-respect, and they will be more         equal to it." Are you experiencing such rewards?
inclined to listen to you. Your being appropriately       The way that you study may be a factor. —Col. 1:9,
dressed will also reflect well on the organization        10.
that you represent and on your listeners’ view of            What is study? It is more than superficial
the God you worship.                                      reading. It involves using your mental faculties in
    Guidelines to Apply. The Bible does not set           careful or extended consideration of a subject. It
out many rules about personal appearance. But it          includes analyzing what you read, comparing it
does provide balanced principles that can help us         with what you already know, and taking note of
make sound decisions. Fundamental to all of these         reasons given for statements made. When
is the fact that we “do all things for God’s glory." (1   studying, think deeply on any ideas expressed that
Cor. 10:31) What principles come into play relative       may be new to you. Consider, too, how you might
to our personal appearance?                               personally apply Scriptural counsel more fully. As a
First, the Bible encourages us to be clean, both in       Witness of Jehovah, you will also want to think
our body and in our clothing. In his Law to ancient       about opportunities to use the material to help
Israel, Jehovah set out requirements regarding            others. Obviously, study includes meditation.
cleanliness. For example, when the priests were           Getting Into the Right Frame of Mind
on duty, they were to bathe and wash their
garments at designated times. (Lev. 16:4, 24, 26,            When preparing to study, you lay out such
28) Christians are not under the Mosaic Law, but          things as your Bible, whatever publications you
principles embodied in it are still valid. (John 13:10;   plan to use, a pencil or pen, and perhaps a
Rev. 19:8) Especially when we are going to a place        notebook. But do you also prepare your heart? The
of worship or sharing in the field ministry, our body,    Bible tells us that Ezra “prepared his heart to

consult the law of Jehovah and to do it and to teach     may still mark important points that you want to
in Israel regulation and justice." (Ezra 7:10) What      remember. If a thought is new to you, spend a little
does such heart preparation involve?                     extra time on it to be sure that you understand it
                                                         well. Be on the lookout for illustrations or lines of
   Prayer enables us to approach the study of
                                                         reasoning that will be useful to you in the field
God’s Word with the proper attitude. We want our
                                                         ministry or that might be incorporated in an
heart, our inmost self, to be receptive to the
                                                         upcoming talk assignment. Think of specific people
instruction that Jehovah gives us. At the beginning
                                                         whose faith might be strengthened if you share
of each study session, petition Jehovah for the
                                                         with them what you are studying. Mark the points
help of his spirit. (Luke 11:13) Ask him to help you
                                                         that you want to use, and review them when you
understand the meaning of what you will study,
                                                         complete your study.
how it relates to his purpose, how it can help you to
discern between good and bad, how you should                As you consider the material, look up the cited
apply his principles in your life, and how the           scriptures. Analyze how each scripture relates to
material affects your relationship with him. (Prov.      the general thrust of the paragraph.
9:10) As you study, “keep on asking God” for
                                                             You may encounter points that you do not
wisdom. (Jas. 1:5) Honestly evaluate yourself in
                                                         readily understand or that you would like to explore
the light of what you learn as you seek Jehovah’s
                                                         more thoroughly. Instead of letting them sidetrack
help in getting rid of erroneous thoughts or hurtful
                                                         you, make a note to give these further
desires. Always “respond to Jehovah with
                                                         consideration later. Points are often clarified as
thanksgiving” for the things he reveals. (Ps. 147:7)
                                                         you make your way through the material. If not, you
This prayerful approach to study leads to intimacy
                                                         can do additional research. What things might be
with Jehovah, since it enables us to respond to him
                                                         noted for such attention? Perhaps there is a
as he speaks to us through his Word. —Ps.
                                                         scripture quoted that you do not understand
                                                         clearly. Or you may not readily see how it applies
    Such receptiveness differentiates Jehovah’s          to the subject being discussed. Perhaps you feel
people from other students. Among those who lack         that you understand a certain idea in the material
godly devotion, it is fashionable to doubt and           but not well enough to explain it to someone else.
challenge what is written. But that is not our           Rather than simply passing these by, it may be
attitude. We trust Jehovah. (Prov. 3:5-7) If we do       wise to do research on them after you have
not understand something, we do not                      finished what you started to study.
presumptuously conclude that it must be in error.
                                                            When the apostle Paul wrote his detailed letter
While searching and digging for the answers, we
                                                         to the Hebrew Christians, he paused midway
wait on Jehovah. (Mic. 7:7) Like Ezra, we have the
                                                         through it to say: “This is the main point." (Heb. 8:1)
goal of acting on and teaching what we learn. With
                                                         Do you give yourself a reminder like that from time
this inclination of heart, we are in line to reap rich
                                                         to time? Consider why Paul did so. In the
rewards from our study.
                                                         preceding chapters of his inspired letter, he had
How to Study                                             already shown that Christ as God’s great High
                                                         Priest had entered heaven itself. (Heb. 4:14–5:10;
     Instead of simply starting with paragraph 1 and
                                                         6:20) Yet, by isolating and emphasizing that main
working your way through to the end, first take time
                                                         point at the beginning of chapter 8, Paul prepared
to preview the entire article or the chapter in the
                                                         the minds of his readers to think deeply on how it
material. Begin by analyzing the wording of the
                                                         related to their lives. He pointed out that Christ had
title. This is the theme of what you will be studying.
                                                         appeared before the person of God in their behalf
Then take careful note of how the subheadings
                                                         and had opened the way for their own entry into
relate to the theme. Examine any illustrations,
                                                         that heavenly “holy place." (Heb. 9:24; 10:19-22)
charts, or teaching boxes that accompany the text.
                                                         The surety of their hope would help move them to
Ask yourself: ‘Based on this preview, what do I
                                                         apply the further counsel that this letter contained
expect to learn? In what way will it be of value to
                                                         regarding faith, endurance, and Christian conduct.
me?’ This gives direction to your study.
                                                         Similarly, when we study, focusing on the main
   Now get the facts. Watchtower study articles          points will help us discern the development of the
and some books include printed questions. As you         theme and will impress on our minds the sound
read each paragraph, it is beneficial to mark the        reasons for acting in harmony with it.
answers. Even if there are no study questions, you
    Will your personal study move you to act? This             the truth. ’ (John 16:13) Do the
is a vital question. When you learn something, ask             members of each of these religions
yourself: ‘How should this affect my attitude and              believe that the others who also
my goals in life? How can I apply this information in          “speak in tongues” have been guided
solving a problem, making a decision, or reaching              into “all the truth”? How could that be,
a goal? How can I use it with my family, in the field          since they are not all in agreement?
ministry, in the congregation?’ Consider these                 What spirit is making it possible for
questions prayerfully, contemplating real situations           them to “speak in tongues”?
in which you can put your knowledge to work.            A joint statement by the Fountain Trust and the
After completing a chapter or an article, take time     Church of England Evangelical Council admitted:
for a brief review. See if you can recall the main      “We are also aware that a similar phenomenon can
points and the supporting arguments. This step will     occur under occult/demonic influence." (Gospel
help you to retain the information for future use.      and Spirit, April 1977, published by the Fountain
                                                        Trust and the Church of England Evangelical
No. 2:                                                  Council, p. 12) The book Religious Movements in
(Psalms 92:1-93:5)                                      Contemporary America (edited by Irving I.
                                                        Zaretsky and Mark P. Leone, quoting L. P.
No. 3:                                                  Gerlach) reports that in Haiti ‘speaking in tongues’
Does Speaking in Tongues Prove That One                 is characteristic of both Pentecostal and Voodoo
Has God's Spirit?                                       religions. —(Princeton, N. J.; 1974), p. 693; see
rs p. 400 - p. 401 Tongues, Speaking in                 also 2 Thessalonians 2:9, 10.
Does the Bible say that all who would have
                                                        No. 4:
God’s spirit would “speak in tongues”?
                                                        The Importance of Moral Integrity
   1 Cor. 12:13, 30: “Truly by one spirit we were all
baptized into one body . . . Not all have gifts of
healings, do they? Not all speak in tongues, do
they?” (Also 1 Corinthians 14:26)
   1 Cor. 14:5: “Now I would like for all of you to
speak in tongues, but I prefer that you prophesy.
Indeed, he that prophesies is greater than he that
speaks in tongues, unless, in fact, he translates,
that the congregation may receive upbuilding."
Does ecstatic speech in a language that a
person never learned prove that he has holy
      Can the ability to “speak in
      tongues” come from a source other
      than the true God?
      1 John 4:1: “Beloved ones, do not
      believe every inspired expression
      [“every spirit,” KJ, RS], but test the
      inspired expressions to see whether
      they originate with God." (See also
      Matthew 7:21-23; 2 Corinthians 11:14,
      Among those ‘speaking in tongues’
      today are Pentecostals and Baptists,
      also Roman Catholics, Episcopalians,
      Methodists,        Lutherans,        and
      Presbyterians. Jesus said that the holy
      spirit would ‘guide his disciples into all
Aug. 14                                                The apostle Peter showed that even more
Song 1                                                 important than hairstyles and outer garments is
Bible reading: Psalms 102-105                          apparel associated with “the secret person of the
Speech Quality: How Modesty and Soundness of           heart." (1 Pet. 3:3, 4) When our hearts are filled
Mind Affect One's Dress and Grooming (be p. 131        with love, joy, peace, kindness, and faith that is
¶ 4-p. 132 ¶ 3)                                        solidly based, these will become to us spiritual
No. 1: "How Many Your Works Are, 0 Jehovah!"           garments that truly honor God.
(w04 11/15 pp. 8-9)
No. 2: Psalm 104:1-24                                  No. 1:
No. 3: Why We Must Keep on the Watch                   "How Many Your Works Are, 0 Jehovah!"
No. 4: Why Is Speaking in Tongues Today                w04 11/15 “How Many Your Works Are, O
Different From That Done by First-Century              Jehovah!”
Christians? (rs p. 401 ¶3-p. 402 ¶1)
                                                       The Splendor of Jehovah’s Creation
Speech Quality:
How Modesty and Soundness of Mind Affect                  WHETHER we live in the country or in a city,
One's Dress and Grooming                               high up in the mountains or way down by the sea,
be study 15 pp. 131-132 Good Personal                  we are surrounded by the awe-inspiring splendor
Appearance                                             of creation. Fittingly, the 2004 Calendar of
                                                       Jehovah’s Witnesses features a panorama of
   Second, the Bible exhorts us to cultivate           Jehovah God’s astounding handiwork.
modesty and soundness of mind. The apostle Paul
urged Christian women to “adorn themselves . . .          Appreciative humans have always concerned
with modesty and soundness of mind, not with           themselves with God’s works. For example,
styles of hair braiding and gold or pearls or very     consider Solomon, whose wisdom “was vaster
expensive garb, but in the way that befits women       than the wisdom of all the Orientals." The Bible
professing to reverence God." (1 Tim. 2:9, 10)         says: “He would speak about the trees, from the
Modesty and soundness of mind are also                 cedar that is in Lebanon to the hyssop that is
important in the dress and grooming of men.            coming forth on the wall; and he would speak
                                                       about the beasts and about the flying creatures
   A person who is modest is concerned about not       and about the moving things and about the fishes."
needlessly offending others and not drawing            (1 Kings 4:30, 33) Solomon’s father, King David,
undue attention to himself. Soundness of mind          often meditated on God’s masterpieces. He was
results in discretion, or good judgment. The person    moved to exclaim to his Maker: “How many your
who displays these qualities has balance that          works are, O Jehovah! All of them in wisdom you
results from respect for godly standards.              have made. The earth is full of your
Manifesting these qualities does not rule out          productions."—Psalm 104:24.
dressing in an attractive manner but helps us to be
sensible in our appearance and to avoid                   We too do well to observe and study creation.
extravagant styles of dress and grooming. (1 John      For instance, we might well “raise [our] eyes high
2:16) We want to apply these principles whether        up” and ask: “Who has created these things?”
we are at a place of worship, sharing in the field     Why, it is Jehovah God, who has an “abundance of
ministry, or engaging in other activities. Even our    dynamic energy” and who truly is “vigorous in
casual dress should reflect modesty and                power”!—Isaiah 40:26.
soundness of mind. At school or on our secular job,       How should meditation on Jehovah’s creative
there will be opportunities to do informal             works affect us? In at least three ways. It can (1)
witnessing. While we may not be dressed in the         remind us to cherish our life, (2) move us to help
same manner as when attending meetings,                others to learn from creation, and (3) impel us to
conventions, and assemblies, our dress should still    get to know and appreciate our Creator more fully.
be neat, clean, and modest.
                                                          Our life as humans, far superior to that of
    Of course, we do not all dress alike. We are not   “unreasoning animals,” enables us to observe and
expected to. People have different tastes, and this    value the wonders of creation. (2 Peter 2:12) Our
is quite proper. But Bible guidelines should always    eyes can see the graceful landscape. Our ears can
be applied.                                            hear the melodious songs of birds. And our sense

of time and place gives us reference points that         his conceptions, interpreting a system that is His
become fond memories. Even though our present            and not ours."—Louis Agassiz, American biologist.
life is not perfect, it is definitely worth living!
                                                         No. 2:
   Parents can enjoy their children’s natural
                                                         (Psalm 104:1-24)
fascination with creation. How children love to find
shells on the seashore, to pet an animal, to climb a
                                                         No. 3:
tree! Parents will want to help their young ones to
                                                         Why We Must Keep on the Watch
see the connection between creation and the
Creator. The awe and respect that children
                                                         No. 4:
develop for Jehovah’s creation can stay with them
                                                         Why Is Speaking in Tongues Today Different
throughout life. —Psalm 111:2, 10.
                                                         From That Done by First-Century Christians?
    We would be extremely shortsighted were we to        rs p. 401 - p. 402 Tongues, Speaking in
admire the creation but fail to appreciate the
                                                              Is the ‘speaking in tongues’ that is
Creator. Isaiah’s prophecy helps us to reflect on
                                                              done today the same as that done
this very point when it says: “Have you not come to
                                                              by first-century Christians?
know or have you not heard? Jehovah, the Creator
of the extremities of the earth, is a God to time             In the first century, the miraculous gifts
indefinite. He does not tire out or grow weary.               of the spirit, including the ability to
There      is   no     searching    out    of   his           “speak in tongues,” verified that God’s
understanding."—Isaiah 40:28.                                 favor had shifted from the Jewish
                                                              system of worship to the newly
    Yes, Jehovah’s works give evidence of his
                                                              established Christian congregation.
peerless wisdom, his unrivaled power, and his
                                                              (Heb. 2:2-4) Since that objective was
deep love for us. When we see the beauty around
                                                              accomplished in the first century, is it
us and discern the qualities of the One who made it
                                                              necessary to prove the same thing
all, may we be moved to echo David’s words:
                                                              again and again in our day?
“There is none like you . . . , O Jehovah, neither are
there any works like yours."—Psalm 86:8.                      In the first century, the ability to “speak
                                                              in tongues” gave impetus to the
   We can be assured that obedient humans will                international work of witnessing that
continue to be fascinated by Jehovah’s creative               Jesus had commissioned his followers
works. Throughout eternity, we will have endless              to do. (Acts 1:8; 2:1-11; Matt. 28:19) Is
opportunities to learn more about Jehovah.                    that how those who “speak in tongues”
(Ecclesiastes 3:11) And the more we learn about               use that ability today?
him, the more we will come to love our Creator.
                                                              In the first century, when Christians
 [Box on page 9] Praise for the Creator                       ‘spoke in tongues,’ what they said had
  Many appreciative scientists see the hand of God            meaning to people who knew those
in creation. Following are a few examples:                    languages. (Acts 2:4, 8) Today, is it not
  “The significance and joy in my science comes in            true that ‘speaking in tongues’ usually
those occasional moments of discovering                       involves an ecstatic outburst of
something new and saying to myself, ‘So that’s                unintelligible sounds?
how God did it. ’ My goal is to understand a little             In the first century, the Bible shows,
corner of God’s plan."—Henry Schaefer, professor                congregations were to limit the
of chemistry.                                                   ‘speaking in tongues’ to two or three
  “As to the cause of the Universe, in context of               persons who might do that at any given
expansion, that is left for the reader to insert, but           meeting; they were to do it “each in
our picture is incomplete without Him                           turn,” and if there was no interpreter
[God]."—Edward Milne, British cosmologist.                      present they were to keep silent. (1
  “We know that nature is described by the best of              Cor. 14:27, 28, RS) Is that what is
all possible mathematics because God created                    being done today?
it."—Alexander Polyakov, Russian mathematician.          See also pages 381, 382, under the heading
  “In our study of natural objects we are                “Spirit."
approaching the thoughts of the Creator, reading

Aug. 21                                                     As the experience of Dinah illustrates, “if you
Song 201                                                make friends with stupid people, you will be
Bible reading:        Psalms 106-109                    ruined." (Proverbs 13:20, Today’s English Version)
Speech Quality: The Value of Well-Arranged              Remember that in Biblical usage, the “stupid” one
Dress (be p. 132 ¶ 4-p. 133 ¶ 1)                        is somebody who does not know Jehovah or who
No. 1: Youths--Do Not Blindly Follow Your Peers         chooses not to walk in his ways.
(w04 10/15 p. 22 ¶ 4-p. 24 ¶ 4)
                                                            It may not be easy, however, to reject the
No. 2: Psalm 107:20-43
                                                        viewpoints or practices of your classmates. María
No. 3: God's Word Helps Us to Reason On Claims
                                                        José explains: “I wanted other youths to accept
That Some Make About Having God's Spirit (rs p.
                                                        me. Since I didn’t want them to think that I was
402 ¶ 3-6)
                                                        different, I copied them as closely as possible."
No. 4: In What Ways Can We Imitate God?
                                                        Without realizing it, you may be affected by your
                                                        peers—in your choice of music, in what you want
Speech Quality:                                         to wear, or even in how you speak. Perhaps you
The Value of Well-Arranged Dress                        feel comfortable with youths of your own age. That
be study 15 pp. 132-133 Good Personal                   is natural, but it leaves you susceptible to their
Appearance                                              considerable influence, which may be destructive.
   Third, the Bible urges us to consider whether        —Proverbs 1:10-16.
our appearance is well arranged. At 1 Timothy 2:9,         Caroline recalls the difficulty she faced a few
mention is made of “well-arranged dress." While         years ago: “From the age of 13, most of the girls
the apostle Paul was referring to the attire of         around me had boyfriends, and for several years I
women, the same principle applies to men.               was under constant pressure to follow their
Something that is well arranged is neat and             example. My mother, however, steered me
orderly. Whether we have much materially or not,        through this difficult time. She spent hours listening
we can have a neat appearance.                          to me, reasoning with me, and helping me to see
   One of the first aspects of personal appearance      the need to postpone such relationships until I was
that is noticed by others is our hair. It ought to be   more mature."
neat, or well arranged. Both local custom and              Like Caroline’s mother, your parents may feel
hereditary factors have a bearing on how people         obligated to warn you about peer pressure or even
wear their hair. At 1 Corinthians 11:14, 15, we find    to restrict certain activities or friendships. Nathan
counsel from the apostle Paul on hairstyles, which      remembers several clashes with his parents on
evidently took into consideration both of these         such issues. “My friends often invited me to go out
factors. However, when a person’s hairstyle             with them,” he explains, “but my parents didn’t
conveys the impression that he or she is trying to      want me to hang around in large groups or go to
look like a person of the opposite sex, this is in      large unsupervised parties. At the time, I couldn’t
conflict with Bible principles. —Deut. 22:5.            understand why other parents were more
For men, a neat personal appearance may include         permissive than mine."
being clean-shaven. In areas where mustaches
are widely viewed as dignified, any who wear these          Later, however, Nathan did understand. “I know
should keep them neatly trimmed.                        that in my case ‘foolishness was tied up with the
                                                        heart of a boy,’” he admits. “This foolishness
No. 1:                                                  seems to surface easily when boys hang around in
Youths--Do Not Blindly Follow Your Peers                groups. One starts something bad, another goes a
w04 10/15 Youths—Let Your Parents Help You              step further, and a third takes it beyond that. Soon
Guard Your Heart!                                       all the others are urged to join in. Even young ones
                                                        who profess to serve Jehovah can fall into this
The Persuasive Power of Your Peers                      trap."—Proverbs 22:15.
    A strong tide or current can drive a ship off          Nathan and María José both had a battle with
course. To counteract this force, the ship has to be    their hearts when their parents did not allow them
steered in another direction. In a similar way, the     to do things their peers suggested. They listened,
persuasive influence of other youths can push you       though, and afterward they were glad that they did.
off   course     spiritually  unless    you     take    The proverb says: “Incline your ear and hear the

words of the wise ones, that you may apply your          guide you, to lead you in the way of wisdom. The
very heart to my knowledge."—Proverbs 22:17.             rewards can be incalculable.
                                                         “When wisdom enters into your heart and
Worthy of Honor
                                                         knowledge itself becomes pleasant to your very
    A ship that lists is hard to maneuver, and if it     soul, thinking ability itself will keep guard over you,
lists too much, it can easily capsize. Because of        discernment itself will safeguard you, to deliver you
our imperfect nature, all of us lean toward the          from the bad way, from the man speaking perverse
selfish and the forbidden. Despite these                 things, from those leaving the paths of uprightness
tendencies, young ones can still reach port, as it       to walk in the ways of darkness . . . For the upright
were, if they carefully follow their parents’            are the ones that will reside in the earth, and the
guidance.                                                blameless are the ones that will be left over in it.
   For example, your parents can help you reject         ”—Proverbs 2:10-13, 21.
the idea that there is a middle road between the
narrow one to life and the broad one to destruction.     No. 2:
(Matthew 7:13, 14) It is unrealistic to think that you   (Psalm 107:20-43)
can enjoy a little of what is wrong but not go all the
way, that you can “taste” without swallowing.            No. 3:
Those who try to follow such a course are “limping       God's Word Helps Us to Reason On Claims
upon two different opinions”—serving Jehovah to a        That Some Make About Having God's Spirit
certain extent but also loving the world and the         rs p. 402 Tongues, Speaking in
things in the world—and can easily capsize                     Might the holy spirit be directing
spiritually. (1 Kings 18:21; 1 John 2:15) Why does             charismatics into practices that
that happen? Because of our sinful tendencies.                 reach beyond what is found in the
    Our imperfect desires get stronger if we give in           Scriptures?
to them. Our ‘treacherous heart’ will not be                   2 Tim. 3:16, 17: “All Scripture is
satisfied with just a morsel. It will demand more.             inspired of God and beneficial for
(Jeremiah 17:9) Once we start drifting spiritually,            teaching, for reproving, for setting
the world will exercise greater and greater                    things straight, for disciplining in
influence on us. (Hebrews 2:1) You may not notice              righteousness, that the man of God
that you are listing spiritually, but likely your              may be fully competent, completely
Christian parents will. True, they may not be as               equipped for every good work." (If
quick as you are at learning a computer program,               someone claims to have an inspired
but they know much more than you do about the                  message that conflicts with revelations
wayward heart. And they want to help you to “lead              made by God’s spirit through Jesus
your heart on in the way” that can result in life.             and his apostles, could it possibly be
—Proverbs 23:19.                                               from the same source?)
   Of course, do not expect your parents to judge              Gal. 1:8: “Even if we or an angel out of
matters perfectly when they have to give you                   heaven were to declare to you as good
guidelines in difficult areas, such as music,                  news something beyond [“at variance
entertainment, and grooming. Your parents may                  with,” NE] what we declared to you as
not have the wisdom of Solomon or the patience of              good news, let him be accursed."
Job. Like a ship’s pilot, they might sometimes err
                                                               Does the way of life of members of
on the side of caution. Still, their guidance will
                                                               organizations that look with favor
prove invaluable if you pay attention to “the
                                                               on ‘speaking in tongues’ give
discipline of your father, and do not forsake the law
                                                               evidence that they have God’s
of your mother."—Proverbs 1:8, 9.
   Other youths may talk disparagingly of their
                                                               As a group do they outstandingly
parents. Yet, if your parents are striving to follow
                                                               manifest such fruits of the spirit as
the Scriptures, they stand at your side, in all kinds
                                                               mildness and self-control? Are these
of weather, at all times, in the face of all
                                                               qualities readily evident to persons
adversities. Like the ship’s captain who is advised
                                                               who attend their meetings for
by an experienced pilot, you need your parents to
                                                               worship?—Gal. 5:22, 23.
Are they truly “no part of the world”? Because of
this do they give full devotion to the Kingdom of
God or are they involved in the world’s political
affairs? Have they remained clean of bloodguilt
during wartime? As a group do they have a fine
reputation because of avoiding the world’s immoral
conduct?—John 17:16; Isa. 2:4; 1 Thess. 4:3-8.

No. 4:
In What Ways Can We Imitate God?

Aug. 28                                                  close the minds of people to whom we want to
Song 125                                                 witness.
Bible reading:       Psalms 110-118
Speech Quality: Good Personal Appearance
Gives No Cause for Stumbling (be p. 133 ¶ 2-4)

Oral Review

Speech Quality:
Good Personal Appearance Gives No Cause
for Stumbling

be study 15 p. 133 Good Personal Appearance

   Fourth, our appearance should not reflect love
of the world and its ways. The apostle John
cautioned: “Do not be loving either the world or the
things in the world." (1 John 2:15-17) Many sinful
desires characterize this world. Among these John
mentions the desire of the sinful flesh and the
showy display of one’s possessions. The
Scriptures also draw attention to the spirit of
rebellion, or disobedience to authority. (Prov.
17:11; Eph. 2:2) These desires and attitudes are
often manifest in the way that people dress and
groom themselves. As a result, their appearance
may be immodest, sensual, gaudy, unkempt,
careless, or sloppy. As Jehovah’s servants, we
avoid styles that reflect such unchristian ways.

    Rather than imitate the world, how much better
to allow the fine example of spiritually mature men
and women in the Christian congregation to
influence your dress and grooming! Young men
who hope to be public speakers someday can
observe the attire of those who already qualify to
give public talks. All can learn from the example set
by individuals who have loyally shared for many
years in the public ministry. —1 Tim. 4:12; 1 Pet.
5:2, 3.
    Fifth, in deciding what is appropriate, we ought
to keep in mind that “even the Christ did not please
himself." (Rom. 15:3) Jesus’ foremost concern was
the doing of God’s will. Jesus also put helping
others ahead of personal convenience. When it
comes to certain styles of dress and grooming, if
anything would raise a barrier between us and the
people where we are now serving, what should we
do? Imitating the humble spirit shown by Christ can
help us to decide wisely. The apostle Paul set out
the principle: “In no way are we giving any cause
for stumbling." (2 Cor. 6:3) For that reason we may
forgo hairstyles or items of attire that would tend to

Sept. 4                                                 another place would be consistent with having your
Song 59                                                 equipment well arranged. Realize, too, that placing
Bible reading:        Psalm 119                         the Bible or other religious publications on the floor
Speech Quality: Good Posture and Neat                   is viewed as very disrespectful in some cultures.
Equipment (be p. 133 ¶ 5-p. 134 ¶ 4)
                                                            Good personal appearance should be important
No. 1: Study Is Rewarding (be p. 31 ¶ 3-p. 32 ¶ 4)
                                                        to us. It also influences how others view us. But
No. 2: Psalm 119:25-48
                                                        above all, we give it careful attention because we
No. 3: Why We Show Respect for Secular
                                                        desire to “adorn the teaching of our Savior, God, in
                                                        all things."—Titus 2:10.
No. 4: Speaking in Tongues Does Not Identify True
Christians Today (rs p. 403 ¶ 1-3)                              CHECK YOUR APPEARANCE
                                                                Is everything clean?
Speech Quality:                                                 Does your appearance reflect modesty
Good Posture and Neat Equipment                                 and good judgment?
be study 15 Good Personal Appearance                            Is everything well arranged?
    Posture. Good personal appearance also                      Is your hair neat?
involves proper posture. Of course, we do not all               Is there anything about your
carry ourselves in the same way, and we do not                  appearance that might reflect love of
endeavor to conform to a certain pattern. However,              the world?
it is noteworthy that according to Bible usage,
                                                                Is there any good reason to think that
standing erect conveys a sense of personal dignity
                                                                your appearance could stumble
and optimism. (Lev. 26:13; Luke 21:28)
Nevertheless, because of working for years in a
                                                        EXERCISE: Once a day for a full week, regardless
stooped position or because of advancing years or
                                                        of what activity you plan, check yourself against
physical weakness, a brother or a sister may not
                                                        the list “Check Your Appearance,” on page 132.
be able to stand straight or may need to lean
against something for support. But for those who
                                                        No. 1:
are able to do so, standing reasonably erect when
                                                        Study Is Rewarding
speaking to others is recommended so as not to
                                                        be p. 31- 32
convey an indifferent or apologetic attitude.
Likewise, while it is not wrong for a speaker           What to Study
occasionally to rest his hands on the speaker’s
                                                            As Jehovah’s people, we have plenty to study.
stand, a more positive impression is generally
                                                        But where should we start? Each day, we do well
conveyed to the audience if he does not lean on
                                                        to study the text and comments from Examining
the stand.
                                                        the Scriptures Daily. Each week, we attend
   Neat Equipment. Not only should our personal         congregation meetings, and study done in
appearance be clean and well arranged but our           preparation for these will help us to benefit to a
equipment for use in the ministry should also be        greater extent. In addition to this, some have
clean and neat.                                         wisely invested time in studying some of our
                                                        Christian publications that were printed prior to
   Consider your Bible. It is not possible for all of
                                                        their learning the truth. Others select some portion
us to obtain a new Bible when ours has become
                                                        of their weekly Bible reading and do deeper study
worn. Nevertheless, no matter how long we have
                                                        of those verses.
had our Bible, it should give evidence that it has
been handled with care.                                    What if your circumstances do not permit you to
                                                        study carefully all the information that will be
   There are, of course, many ways to pack a
                                                        considered at the weekly congregation meetings?
witnessing case, but it should be neat. Have you
                                                        Avoid the pitfalls of rushing through the material
ever seen papers fall out of a Bible when a
                                                        just to get it done or, worse, of not studying any of it
publisher was preparing to read a scripture to the
                                                        because you cannot do it all. Instead, determine
householder or perhaps when a brother was giving
                                                        how much you can study, and do that well. Do it
a talk to the congregation? You were distracted,
                                                        each week. In time, endeavor to broaden out to
were you not? If papers kept in a Bible are a source
                                                        include the other meetings.
of distraction, it may be that your keeping them in

“Build Up Your Household”                                    Marvelous as that is, it should not cause us to
                                                         become proud. Instead, daily examination of God’s
   Jehovah recognizes that family heads must
                                                         Word helps us to remain humble. (Deut. 17:18-20)
work hard to provide for their loved ones. “Prepare
                                                         It also shields us from “the deceptive power of sin”
your work out of doors,” says Proverbs 24:27, “and
                                                         because when God’s Word is alive in our hearts,
make it ready for yourself in the field." Yet, your
                                                         the appeal of sin is less likely to overpower our
family’s spiritual needs cannot be overlooked.
                                                         determination to resist it. (Heb. 2:1; 3:13; Col.
Hence, the verse continues: “Afterward you must
                                                         3:5-10) Thus, we will “walk worthily of Jehovah to
also build up your household." How can family
                                                         the end of fully pleasing him as [we] go on bearing
heads do this? Proverbs 24:3 says: “By
                                                         fruit in every good work." (Col. 1:10) Doing so is
discernment [a household] will prove firmly
                                                         our objective in studying God’s Word, and
                                                         accomplishing it is the greatest reward.
    How can discernment benefit your household?
                                                         [Box on page 27]
Discernment is the mental ability to look beyond
                                                         TO REAP THE GREATEST REWARDS
the obvious. It could well be said that an effective
family study begins with a study of your family          Prepare your heart
itself. How are your family members progressing
                                                         Preview the study material
spiritually?     Listen   carefully   during   your
conversations with them. Is there a spirit of            Isolate important facts
complaint or resentment? Are materialistic pursuits      Consider how the scriptures provide reasons for
the big thing? When you are in the field ministry          statements made
with your children, do they feel comfortable
identifying themselves before their peers as             Review the main points
Jehovah’s Witnesses? Do they enjoy your program          Meditate on how your own life should be
of family Bible reading and study? Are they really        influenced by what you study
making Jehovah’s way their way of life? Careful
observation will reveal what you, as a family head,      Seek opportunities to use the material to help
need to do in order to establish and build up              others
spiritual qualities in each family member.               [Box on page 28]
    Check The Watchtower and Awake! for articles         HOW TO PREVIEW STUDY MATERIAL
that deal with specific needs. Then tell the family in   Analyze the wording of the title
advance what will be studied so that they can give
thought to the information. Maintain a loving             Consider how each subheading relates to the title
atmosphere during the study. Without chastising or        Examine any illustrations, charts, or teaching
embarrassing any family member, highlight the            boxes
value of the material under consideration, making
specific application to your family’s needs. Keep        No. 2:
each member involved. Help each one to see how           (Psalm 119:25-48)
Jehovah’s Word is “perfect” in providing just what
is needed in life. —Ps. 19:7.                            No. 3:
                                                         Why We Show Respect for Secular Authorities
Reaping the Rewards
    Observant       people      without    spiritual     No. 4:
comprehension can study the universe, world              Speaking in Tongues Does Not Identify True
events, and even themselves but fail to                  Christians Today
comprehend the real meaning of what they are             rs p. 403 Tongues, Speaking in
seeing. On the other hand, with the help of God’s        Are true Christians today identified by the
spirit, people who regularly study God’s Word can        ability to “speak in tongues”?
discern in these things the handiwork of God, the
fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and the unfolding of        John 13:35: “By this all will know that you are
God’s purpose for blessing obedient humans.              my disciples, if you have love among yourselves."
—Mark 13:4-29; Rom. 1:20; Rev. 12:12.                       1 Cor. 13:1, 8: “If I speak in the tongues of men
                                                         and of angels but do not have love, I have become
                                                         a sounding piece of brass or a clashing cymbal.
Love never fails. But whether there are gifts of
prophesying, they will be done away with; whether
there are tongues, they will cease."
Jesus said that holy spirit would come upon his
followers and that they would be witnesses of him
to the most distant part of the earth. (Acts 1:8) He
instructed them to “make disciples of people of all
the nations." (Matt. 28:19) He also foretold that
‘this good news of the kingdom would be preached
in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all nations.
’ (Matt. 24:14) Who today, both as a group and
individually, are doing this work? In harmony with
what Jesus said, should we not look for this as an
evidence that a group has holy spirit?

Sept. 11                                              help you deal with your situation by increasing your
Song 65                                               energy level. The challenge is to channel the surge
Bible reading: Psalms 120-134                         of energy into constructive thinking and
Speech Quality: How to Reduce Speaking                enthusiastic delivery.
Anxiety (be p. 135 ¶ 1-p. 137 ¶ 2)
                                                         How to Reduce Anxiety. Remember that it is
No. 1: How to Do Research (be p. 33 ¶ 1-p. 35 ¶ 2)
                                                      normal to feel some anxiety. To maintain poise,
No. 2: Psalm 121:1-123:4
                                                      however, you need to be able to reduce the level of
No. 3: How Long Was the Gift of Tongues to Last?
                                                      anxiety and deal with your situation in a calm and
(rs p. 403 ¶ 4-p. 404 ¶ 1)
                                                      dignified manner. How can you accomplish this?
No. 4: What Is Hyperbole, and How Did Jesus
Make Use of It?                                           Prepare thoroughly. Invest time in the
                                                      preparation of your talk. Make sure that you clearly
Speech Quality:                                       understand your subject. If your talk is one in which
How to Reduce Speaking Anxiety                        you select the points to cover, take into account
be study 16 pp. 135-137 Poise                         what your audience already knows about the
     What do you need to do?                          subject and what you hope to accomplish. This will
                                                      help you to select material that is most worthwhile.
     Stand, move, and speak in a calm,                If at first you find that difficult, discuss the problem
     dignified manner that gives evidence             with an experienced speaker. He can help you
     of composure.                                    make a constructive analysis of your material and
     Why is it important?                             of the audience. When you are sure that you have
      If you are poised, your audience will be        material that will benefit your audience and you
      more likely to concentrate on what you          have it clearly in mind, your desire to share it will
      are saying rather than on you.                  begin to overshadow the anxiety that you may feel
                                                      about the delivery.
   IT IS not unusual for a speaker to feel nervous      Give special attention to your introduction.
when he gets up to speak, especially if he does not   Know how you are going to start. Once your talk is
give talks frequently. A publisher may feel           under way, your nervousness will likely subside.
somewhat nervous when he makes the first few
calls of the day in the field ministry. When              The same basic steps apply to preparing for the
commissioned to be a prophet, Jeremiah                field ministry. Consider not only the subject that
responded: “Here I actually do not know how to        you plan to discuss but also the type of people to
speak, for I am but a boy." (Jer. 1:5, 6) Jehovah     whom you will be witnessing. Plan your
helped Jeremiah, and he will help you too. In time,   introduction carefully. Benefit from the experience
you can develop poise.                                of mature publishers.

  A poised speaker is one who is composed. This          You may feel that you will be more poised if you
composure is evident in his physical bearing. His     use a manuscript when giving a talk before a
posture is natural and appropriate to the occasion.   group. Actually, this may result in increased
Movement of his hands is meaningful. His voice is     anxiety every time you give a talk. It is true that
expressive and controlled.                            some speakers use extensive notes, while others
                                                      use few. But what will change the focus of your
   Even though you may feel that this description     thinking and reduce the level of your anxiety is, not
of a poised person does not fit you, you can          the words on the paper, but the conviction in your
improve. How? Let us consider why a speaker           heart that what you have prepared for your
feels nervous and lacks poise. The cause may be       audience is truly worthwhile.
                                                         Practice your delivery aloud. Such practice will
   When you are faced with a challenge and want       give you confidence that you can put your thoughts
to do well but are not sure that you will, you feel   into words. As you practice, you build up memory
anxiety. As a result, the brain signals the body to   patterns that can readily be activated when you
produce more adrenaline. The resulting surge may      give your talk. Make your practice session realistic.
cause a more rapid heartbeat, a change in             Visualize your audience. Sit at a table or stand, just
breathing rate, increased perspiration, or even       as you will when giving the talk.
shakiness in the hands and knees as well as
trembling of the voice. Your body is endeavoring to
    Pray to Jehovah for help. Will he answer such a         Consider that assignment to give a talk. The
prayer? “This is the confidence that we have             material that you have been asked to cover may
toward him, that, no matter what it is that we ask       seem quite general. How can you apply it locally?
according to his will, he hears us." (1 John 5:14) If    Enrich it by doing research. When supported with a
you desire to honor God and to help people benefit       statistic or two or with an example that fits your
from his Word, he will surely answer your prayer.        material and that touches the lives of those in your
That assurance can do much to strengthen you to          audience, a point that may have seemed obvious
fulfill your assignment. Furthermore, as you             becomes informative, even motivating. The
cultivate the fruitage of the spirit—love, joy, peace,   published material with which you are working may
mildness, and self-control—you will develop the          have been prepared for readers worldwide, but you
mental attitude needed to handle situations with         need to amplify, illustrate, and apply the points to
poise. —Gal. 5:22, 23.                                   one congregation or to one person. How should
                                                         you proceed?
    Acquire experience. The more you share in the
field service, the less nervous you will be. The            Before running in search of information,
more you comment at congregation meetings, the           consider your audience. What will they already
easier it will be to speak before others. As the         know? What do they need to know? Then identify
number of talks that you give in the congregation        your objective. Is it to explain? to convince? to
increases, the degree of anxiety that you feel           refute? or to motivate? Explaining requires
before each talk will probably decrease. Would you       providing further information to make a matter
like to have more opportunities to speak? Then           clear. Although the basic facts may be understood,
volunteer to substitute in the school when others        you may need to expand on when or how to do
are not able to fulfill their assignments.               what is stated. Convincing calls for giving reasons
After you have taken the steps outlined above, you       outlining why a thing is so, including presentation
will find it beneficial to examine the symptoms that     of evidence. Refuting requires a thorough
point unmistakably to lack of composure.                 knowledge of both sides of an issue along with a
Identifying the symptoms and learning how to cope        careful analysis of evidence used. Of course, we
with these will help you speak with poise. The           seek not simply strong arguments but ways to
symptoms may be physical or vocal.                       present facts in a kindly manner. Motivating
                                                         involves reaching the heart. It means giving your
No. 1:                                                   audience incentive and building up their desire to
How to Do Research                                       act on what is being discussed. Real-life examples
be pp. 33-35                                             of those who have taken such action, even in the
                                                         face of difficulty, can help to reach the heart.
   KING SOLOMON “pondered and made a
                                                             Are you now ready to begin? Not quite.
thorough search, that he might arrange many
                                                         Consider how much information you need. Time
proverbs in order." Why? Because he was
                                                         may be an important factor. If you are going to
interested in writing “correct words of truth." (Eccl.
                                                         present the information to others, how much time
12:9, 10) Luke “traced all things from the start with
                                                         will be available for you to do it? Five minutes?
accuracy” in order to narrate in logical order the
                                                         Forty-five minutes? Is the time fixed, such as at a
events of Christ’s life. (Luke 1:3) Both of these
                                                         congregation meeting, or is it flexible, such as on a
servants of God were doing research.
                                                         Bible study or a shepherding call?
   What is research? It is a careful search for
                                                            Finally, what research tools are available to
information about a particular matter. It includes
                                                         you? In addition to what you have at home, are
reading, and it requires the application of the
                                                         there more in the library at your Kingdom Hall?
principles of study. It may also involve interviewing
                                                         Would brothers who have been serving Jehovah
                                                         for many years be willing to let you consult their
   What circumstances call for research? Here are        research tools? Is there a public library in your area
a few examples. Your personal study or Bible             where reference books can be used if necessary?
reading may give rise to questions that are
                                                         Using Our Foremost Research Tool—The Bible
important to you. Someone to whom you witness
may raise a question on which you would like to             If your research project involves the meaning of
have specific information for a reply. You may have      a scripture, start with the Bible itself.
been assigned to give a talk.
    Examine the Context. Ask yourself: ‘To whom           direct you to all the texts containing each of the
was this text directed? What do the surrounding           principal words in the Bible.
verses indicate as to the circumstances leading up
to the statement or the attitude of the people            No. 2:
involved?’ Such details can often help us                 (Psalms 121:1-123:4)
understand a text, and they can also add life to a
talk in which you might use them.                         No. 3:
                                                          How Long Was the Gift of Tongues to Last?
    For example, Hebrews 4:12 is often quoted to
                                                          rs p. 403 - p. 404 Tongues, Speaking in
show the power of God’s Word to touch hearts and
influence lives. The context adds depth to our                  Is ‘speaking in tongues’ to continue
appreciation of how that can be so. It discusses the            until that which is “perfect” comes?
experiences of Israel during the 40 years in the
                                                                 At 1 Corinthians 13:8 reference is
wilderness before entering the land that Jehovah
                                                                 made       to     several      miraculous
had promised to Abraham. (Heb. 3:7–4:13) “The
                                                                 gifts—prophecy,         tongues,      and
word of God,” his promise to bring them into a
                                                                 knowledge. Verse 9 again refers to two
place of rest in harmony with his covenant with
                                                                 of these gifts—knowledge and
Abraham, was not dead; it was alive and moving
                                                                 prophecy—saying: “For we know in
toward fulfillment. The Israelites had every reason
                                                                 part, and we prophesy in part." (KJ) Or,
to show faith in it. However, as Jehovah led them
                                                                 as RS reads: “For our knowledge is
from Egypt to Mount Sinai and on toward the
                                                                 imperfect and our prophecy is
Promised Land, they repeatedly showed a lack of
                                                                 imperfect." Then verse 10 states: “But
faith. Thus, by their reaction to the way that God
                                                                 when that which is perfect is come,
carried out his word, what was in their hearts was
                                                                 then that which is in part shall be done
made manifest. In a similar way in our day, God’s
                                                                 away." (KJ) The word “perfect” is
word of promise shows up what is in the hearts of
                                                                 translated from the Greek teleion,
                                                                 which conveys the thought of being full
    Check the Cross-References. Some Bibles                      grown, complete, or perfect. Ro, By,
have cross-references. Does yours? If so, these                  and NW here render it “complete."
may help. Note an example from the New World                     Notice that it is not the gift of tongues
Translation of the Holy Scriptures. First Peter 3:6              that is said to be “imperfect,” “in part,”
points to Sarah as an example worthy of imitation                or partial. That is said of “prophecy”
by Christian wives. A cross-reference to Genesis                 and “knowledge." In other words, even
18:12 reinforces that by disclosing that Sarah                   with those miraculous gifts, the early
spoke of Abraham as lord “inside herself." Her                   Christians had only an imperfect or
submission, therefore, was heartfelt. In addition to             partial understanding of God’s
such insights, cross-references may refer you to                 purpose. But when the prophecies
texts that show the fulfillment of a Bible prophecy              would come to fulfillment, when God’s
or of a Law covenant pattern. Realize, however,                  purpose would be accomplished, then
that some cross-references are not meant to give                 “that which is perfect,” or complete,
such explanations. They may simply refer to                      would come. So, this is obviously not
parallel thoughts or to biographical or geographic               discussing how long the ‘gift of
information.                                                     tongues’ would continue.
Search With a Bible Concordance. A Bible                  However, the Bible does indicate how long the ‘gift
concordance is an alphabetic index of words used          of tongues’ would be a part of Christian
in the Bible. It can help you locate scriptures that      experience. According to the record, this gift and
relate to the subject on which you are doing              the other gifts of the spirit were always conveyed to
research. As you explore them, you will learn other       persons by the laying on of hands of the apostles
helpful details. You will see evidence of “the            of Jesus Christ or in their presence. (Acts 2:4, 14,
pattern” of truth set forth in God’s Word. (2 Tim.        17; 10:44-46; 19:6; see also Acts 8:14-18.) Thus,
1:13) The New World Translation contains a basic          after their death and when the individuals who in
listing   of    “Bible Words Indexed." The                that way had received the gifts died, the
Comprehensive Concordance is much more                    miraculous gifts resulting from the operation of
extensive. If it is available in your language, it will   God’s spirit must have come to their end. Such a

view agrees with the purpose of those gifts as
stated at Hebrews 2:2-4.

No. 4:
What Is Hyperbole, and How Did Jesus Make
Use of It?

Sept. 18                                                moment to look at your audience, pick out a
Song 97                                                 friendly face, and smile. Speak slowly in the
Bible reading:          Psalms 135-141                  introduction, and then get immersed in your talk.
Speech Quality: How to Acquire Poise (be p. 137
                                                           What to Expect. Do not expect all feelings of
¶ 3-p. 138 ¶ 5)
                                                        nervousness to disappear. Many speakers with
No. 1: Psalms-Why Beneficial-Part 1 (si pp. 104-5
                                                        years of experience on the platform feel nervous
¶ 23-7)
                                                        before they get up in front of an audience.
No. 2: Psalm 136:1-26
                                                        However, they have learned to control their
No. 3: In What Way Is the Memorial a Communion
                                                        nervousness. One such speaker said: “I still have
                                                        butterflies in my stomach, but now they fly in
No. 4: # The Trinity Is Not Based on the Bible (rs p.
405 ¶1-p. 411 ¶ 4)
                                                           If you make a sincere effort to eliminate the
Speech Quality:                                         outward manifestations of nervousness, your
How to Acquire Poise                                    audience will view you as a poised speaker. You
be study 16 Poise                                       may still feel nervous, but they may not be aware of
                                                        that at all.
    Physical Symptoms. Your poise, or lack of it,
is shown by your physical bearing and the way that        Remember, the surge of adrenaline that causes
you use your hands. Consider first the hands.           symptoms of nervousness also brings increased
Hands clasped behind the back, held rigidly at the      energy. Use it to speak with feeling.
sides, or tightly clutching the speaker’s stand;            There is no need to wait until you get on the
hands repeatedly in and out of pockets, buttoning       platform to practice all these things. Learn to be
and unbuttoning the jacket, aimlessly moving to         poised and controlled and to speak with
the cheek, the nose, the eyeglasses; hands toying       appropriate feeling in your daily life. Your doing so
with a watch, a pencil, a ring, or notes; hand          will go a long way toward giving you confidence on
gestures that are jerky or incomplete—all of these      the platform and in the field ministry, where it is
demonstrate a lack of poise.                            most important.
    Lack of confidence may also be indicated by
constantly shuffling the feet, swaying the body               HOW TO ACQUIRE POISE
from side to side, standing with posture that is              Prepare well.
overly rigid, slouching, frequently moistening the
lips, repeatedly swallowing, and breathing in a               Practice your delivery aloud.
rapid and shallow manner.                                     “Throw your burden upon Jehovah” in
   With conscious effort these manifestations of              prayer. —Ps. 55:22.
nervousness can be controlled. Work on just one               Share regularly in field service,
at a time. Identify the problem, and consider in              comment frequently at meetings, and
advance what you need to do to prevent it. If you             volunteer for extra assignments in the
make that effort, you will give evidence of poise in          school.
your physical bearing.
                                                             Identify symptoms of lack of
   Vocal Symptoms. Vocal evidences of                        composure, and learn how to prevent
nervousness may include an abnormally                        or control these.
high-pitched or trembling voice. Perhaps you            EXERCISE: Every week for a month, endeavor to
repeatedly clear the throat or speak too rapidly.       comment more than once at the Watchtower Study
These problems and mannerisms can be                    and at the Congregation Book Study. Notice that
conquered by diligent effort to bring the voice         nervousness begins to subside when you give your
under control.                                          second or third comment at the same meeting.
   If you feel nervous, pause to take a few deep
breaths before you go to the platform. Endeavor to
relax your entire body. Instead of thinking about
your nervousness, concentrate on why you want to
share with your audience the things you have
prepared. Before beginning to speak, take a
No. 1:                                                    his famous speech. This had to do with an
Psalms-- Why Beneficial Part 1                            individual: “Jesus the Nazarene." The latter part of
si pp. 104-105 Bible Book Number 19—Psalms                his argument is based almost entirely on
                                                          quotations from the Psalms proving that Christ
                                                          Jesus is the Greater David and that Jehovah would
        Because of their perfection of beauty and         not leave Jesus’ soul in Hades but would raise him
style, the psalms of the Bible are to be included         from the dead. No, “David did not ascend to the
among the greatest literature in any language.            heavens,” but as he foretold at Psalm 110:1, his
However, they are much more than literature. They         Lord did. Who is David’s Lord? Peter reaches his
are a living message from the Supreme Sovereign           great climax and forcefully answers: “This Jesus
of all the universe, Jehovah God himself. They give       whom you impaled”!—Acts 2:14-36; Ps. 16:8-11;
deep insight into the fundamental teachings of the        132:11.
Bible, speaking first and foremost of Jehovah, its           26
                                                                 Was Peter’s speech, based on the Psalms,
Author. He is clearly shown to be the Creator of the
                                                          beneficial? The baptism of about 3,000 who were
universe and everything in it. (8:3-9; 90:1, 2; 100:3;
                                                          added to the Christian congregation the same day
104:1-5, 24; 139:14) The name Jehovah is indeed
                                                          speaks for itself. —Acts 2:41.
magnified in the book of Psalms, where it appears         27
                                                             Shortly after, at a special gathering, the disciples
about 700 times. Additionally, the abbreviated form
                                                          appealed to Jehovah and quoted Psalm 2:1, 2.
“Jah” is to be found 43 times, so that all together
                                                          They said that this had been fulfilled in the united
the divine name is mentioned about 5 times, on the
                                                          opposition of the rulers against God’s “holy servant
average, in each Psalm. Moreover, Jehovah is
                                                          Jesus, whom [God] anointed." And the account
spoken of about 350 times as Elohim, or God.
                                                          goes on to say that they were “all filled with the holy
Jehovah’s supreme rulership is shown in
                                                          spirit."—Acts 4:23-31.
references to him as “Sovereign Lord” in a number
of psalms. —68:20; 69:6; 71:5; 73:28; 140:7;
                                                          No. 2:
                                                          (Psalm 136:1-26)
      In contrast with the eternal God, mortal man is
shown to be born in sin and in need of a redeemer,        No. 3:
and he is shown as dying and returning to “crushed        In What Way Is the Memorial a Communion
matter,” going down into Sheol, the common grave          Meal?
of mankind. (6:4, 5; 49:7-20; 51:5, 7; 89:48; 90:1-5;
115:17; 146:4) The book of Psalms emphasizes              No. 4:
the need for heeding the law of God and trusting in       The Trinity Is Not Based on the Bible
Jehovah. (1:1, 2; 62:8; 65:5; 77:12; 115:11; 118:8;       rs p. 405 - p. 412 Trinity
119:97,      105,     165)      It    warns    against
                                                          What is the origin of the Trinity doctrine?
presumptuousness         and       “concealed     sins”
(19:12-14; 131:1) and encourages honest and                  The New Encyclopædia Britannica says:
healthful associations. (15:1-5; 26:5; 101:5) It          “Neither the word Trinity, nor the explicit doctrine
shows that right conduct brings Jehovah’s                 as such, appears in the New Testament, nor did
approval. (34:13-15; 97:10) It holds out bright hope      Jesus and his followers intend to contradict the
in saying that “salvation belongs to Jehovah” and         Shema in the Old Testament: ‘Hear, O Israel: The
that in the case of those fearing him, he will “deliver   Lord our God is one Lord’ (Deut. 6:4). . . . The
their soul from death itself." (3:8; 33:19) This brings   doctrine developed gradually over several
us to the prophetic aspect.                               centuries and through many controversies. . . . By
   25                                                     the end of the 4th century . . . the doctrine of the
      The book of Psalms is virtually packed with
                                                          Trinity took substantially the form it has maintained
prophecies pointing forward to Jesus Christ, the
                                                          ever since."—(1976), Micropædia, Vol. X, p. 126.
“son of David,” and the role he would play as
Jehovah’s Anointed One and King. (Matt. 1:1) As              The New Catholic Encyclopedia states: “The
the Christian congregation sprang into life on the        formulation ‘one God in three Persons’ was not
day of Pentecost 33 C. E. , the holy spirit began to      solidly established, certainly not fully assimilated
enlighten the apostles as to the fulfillment of these     into Christian life and its profession of faith, prior to
prophecies. On that very day, Peter quoted                the end of the 4th century. But it is precisely this
repeatedly from Psalms in developing the theme of         formulation that has first claim to the title the

Trinitarian dogma. Among the Apostolic Fathers,            “anointed” with it. (Luke 1:41; Matt.
there had been nothing even remotely                       3:11; Acts 10:38) These latter
approaching      such      a      mentality  or            references to holy spirit definitely do
perspective."—(1967), Vol. XIV, p. 299.                    not fit a person. To understand what
                                                           the Bible as a whole teaches, all these
   In The Encyclopedia Americana we read:
                                                           texts must be considered. What is the
“Christianity derived from Judaism and Judaism
                                                           reasonable conclusion? That the first
was strictly Unitarian [believing that God is one
                                                           texts cited here employ a figure of
person]. The road which led from Jerusalem to
                                                           speech personifying God’s holy spirit,
Nicea was scarcely a straight one. Fourth century
                                                           his active force, as the Bible also
Trinitarianism did not reflect accurately early
                                                           personifies wisdom, sin, death, water,
Christian teaching regarding the nature of God; it
                                                           and blood. (See also pages 380, 381,
was, on the contrary, a deviation from this
                                                           under the heading “Spirit.”)
teaching."—(1956), Vol. XXVII, p. 294L.
                                                           The Holy Scriptures tell us the
   According to the Nouveau Dictionnaire
                                                           personal        name        of    the
Universel, “The Platonic trinity, itself merely a
                                                           Father—Jehovah. They inform us that
rearrangement of older trinities dating back to
                                                           the Son is Jesus Christ. But nowhere
earlier peoples, appears to be the rational
                                                           in the Scriptures is a personal name
philosophic trinity of attributes that gave birth to the
                                                           applied to the holy spirit.
three hypostases or divine persons taught by the
Christian churches. . . . This Greek philosopher’s         Acts 7:55, 56 reports that Stephen was
[Plato, fourth century B. C. E. ] conception of the        given a vision of heaven in which he
divine trinity . . . can be found in all the ancient       saw “Jesus standing at God’s right
[pagan] religions."—(Paris, 1865-1870), edited by          hand." But he made no mention of
M. Lachâtre, Vol. 2, p. 1467.                              seeing the holy spirit. (See also
                                                           Revelation 7:10; 22:1, 3.)
   John L. McKenzie, S. J. , in his Dictionary of the
Bible, says: “The trinity of persons within the unity      The New Catholic Encyclopedia
of nature is defined in terms of ‘person’ and ‘nature’     admits: “The majority of N[ew]
which are G[ree]k philosophical terms; actually the        T[estament] texts reveal God’s spirit as
terms do not appear in the Bible. The trinitarian          something, not someone; this is
definitions arose as the result of long controversies      especially seen in the parallelism
in which these terms and others such as ‘essence’          between the spirit and the power of
and ‘substance’ were erroneously applied to God            God." (1967, Vol. XIII, p. 575) It also
by some theologians."—(New York, 1965), p. 899.            reports: “The Apologists [Greek
                                                           Christian writers of the second century]
Even though, as Trinitarians acknowledge,
                                                           spoke too haltingly of the Spirit; with a
neither the word “Trinity” nor a statement of
                                                           measure of anticipation, one might say
the Trinitarian dogma is found in the Bible, are
                                                           too impersonally."—Vol. XIV, p. 296.
the concepts that are embodied in that dogma
found there?                                               Does the Bible agree with those
                                                           who teach that the Father and the
      Does the Bible teach that the “Holy
                                                           Son are not separate and distinct
      Spirit” is a person?
      Some individual texts that refer to the
                                                           Matt. 26:39, RS: “Going a little farther
      holy spirit (“Holy Ghost,” KJ) might
                                                           he [Jesus Christ] fell on his face and
      seem to indicate personality. For
                                                           prayed, ‘My Father, if it be possible, let
      example, the holy spirit is referred to
                                                           this cup pass from me; nevertheless,
      as a helper (Greek, parakletos;
                                                           not as I will, but as thou wilt. ’” (If the
      “Comforter,” KJ; “Advocate,” JB, NE)
                                                           Father and the Son were not distinct
      that ‘teaches,’ ‘bears witness,’ ‘speaks’
                                                           individuals, such a prayer would have
      and ‘hears. ’ (John 14:16, 17, 26;
                                                           been meaningless. Jesus would have
      15:26; 16:13) But other texts say that
                                                           been praying to himself, and his will
      people were “filled” with holy spirit, that
                                                           would of necessity have been the
      some were ‘baptized’ with it or
                                                           Father’s will.)
John 8:17, 18, RS: “[Jesus answered           Greek word here rendered “all things”
the Jewish Pharisees:] In your law it is      is panta, an inflected form of pas. At
written that the testimony of two men is      Luke 13:2, RS renders this “all . . .
true; I bear witness to myself, and the       other”; JB reads “any other”; NE says
Father who sent me bears witness to           “anyone else." (See also Luke 21:29 in
me." (So, Jesus definitely spoke of           NE and Philippians 2:21 in JB.) In
himself as being an individual separate       harmony with everything else that the
and distinct from the Father.)                Bible says regarding the Son, NW
                                              assigns the same meaning to panta at
See also pages 197, 198, under
                                              Colossians 1:16, 17 so that it reads, in
                                              part, “by means of him all other things
Does the Bible teach that all who are         were created . . . All other things have
said to be part of the Trinity are            been created through him and for him."
eternal, none having a beginning?             Thus he is shown to be a created
Col. 1:15, 16, RS: “He [Jesus Christ] is      being, part of the creation produced by
the image of the invisible God, the           God.
first-born of all creation; for in him all    Rev. 1:1; 3:14, RS: “The revelation of
things were created, in heaven and on         Jesus Christ, which God gave him . . .
earth." In what sense is Jesus Christ         ‘And to the angel of the church in
“the first-born of all creation”? (1)         La-odicea write: “The words of the
Trinitarians say that “first-born” here       Amen, the faithful and true witness, the
means prime, most excellent, most             beginning [Greek, arkhe] of God’s
distinguished; thus Christ would be           creation."’” (KJ, Dy, CC, and NW, as
understood to be, not part of creation,       well as others, read similarly.) Is that
but the most distinguished in relation        rendering correct? Some take the view
to those who were created. If that is so,     that what is meant is that the Son was
and if the Trinity doctrine is true, why      ‘the beginner of God’s creation,’ that
are the Father and the holy spirit not        he was its ‘ultimate source. ’ But
also said to be the firstborn of all          Liddell and Scott’s Greek-English
creation? But the Bible applies this          Lexicon lists “beginning” as its first
expression only to the Son. According         meaning of arkhe. (Oxford, 1968, p.
to the customary meaning of                   252) The logical conclusion is that the
“firstborn,” it indicates that Jesus is the   one being quoted at Revelation 3:14 is
eldest in Jehovah’s family of sons. (2)       a creation, the first of God’s creations,
Before       Colossians       1:15,     the   that he had a beginning. Compare
expression “the firstborn of” occurs          Proverbs 8:22, where, as many Bible
upwards of 30 times in the Bible, and in      commentators agree, the Son is
each instance that it is applied to living    referred to as wisdom personified.
creatures        the    same      meaning     According to RS, NE, and JB, the one
applies—the firstborn is part of the          there speaking is said to be “created.")
group. “The firstborn of Israel” is one of
                                              Prophetically, with reference to the
the sons of Israel; “the firstborn of
                                              Messiah, Micah 5:2 (KJ) says his
Pharaoh” is one of Pharaoh’s family;
                                              “goings forth have been from of old,
“the firstborn of beast” are themselves
                                              from everlasting." Dy reads: “his going
animals. What, then, causes some to
                                              forth is from the beginning, from the
ascribe a different meaning to it at
                                              days of eternity." Does that make him
Colossians 1:15? Is it Bible usage or is
                                              the same as God? It is noteworthy that,
it a belief to which they already hold
                                              instead of saying “days of eternity,” RS
and for which they seek proof? (3)
                                              renders the Hebrew as “ancient days”;
Does Colossians 1:16, 17 (RS)
                                              JB, “days of old”; NW, “days of time
exclude Jesus from having been
                                              indefinite." Viewed in the light of
created, when it says “in him all things
                                              Revelation 3:14, discussed above,
were created . . . all things were
created through him and for him”? The
Micah 5:2 does not prove that Jesus          Instead, what Jesus said shows that
was without a beginning.                     the Father, to whom the “Spirit”
                                             belonged, is greater than Jesus, the
Does the Bible teach that none of
                                             Son of man.)
those who are said to be included in
the Trinity is greater or less than          John 14:28, RS: “[Jesus said:] If you
another, that all are equal, that all        loved me, you would have rejoiced,
are almighty?                                because I go to the Father; for the
                                             Father is greater than I."
Mark 13:32, RS: “Of that day or that
hour no ones knows, not even the             1 Cor. 11:3, RS: “I want you to
angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only      understand that the head of every man
the Father." (Of course, that would not      is Christ, the head of a woman is her
be the case if Father, Son, and Holy         husband, and the head of Christ is
Spirit were coequal, comprising one          God." (Clearly, then, Christ is not God,
Godhead. And if, as some suggest, the        and God is of superior rank to Christ. It
Son was limited by his human nature          should be noted that this was written
from knowing, the question remains,          about 55 C. E. , some 22 years after
Why did the Holy Spirit not know?)           Jesus returned to heaven. So the truth
                                             here stated applies to the relationship
Matt. 20:20-23, RS: “The mother of the
                                             between God and Christ in heaven.)
sons of Zebedee . . . said to him
[Jesus], ‘Command that these two             1 Cor. 15:27, 28 RS: “‘God has put all
sons of mine may sit, one at your right      things in subjection under his [Jesus’]
hand and one at your left, in your           feet. ’ But when it says, ‘All things are
kingdom. ’ But Jesus answered, . . .         put in subjection under him,’ it is plain
‘You will drink my cup, but to sit at my     that he is excepted who put all things
right hand and at my left is not mine to     under him. When all things are
grant, but it is for those for whom it has   subjected to him, then the Son himself
been prepared by my Father. ’” (How          will also be subjected to him who put
strange, if, as claimed, Jesus is God!       all things under him, that God may be
Was Jesus here merely answering              everything to every one."
according to his “human nature”? If, as
                                             The Hebrew word Shaddai and the
Trinitarians say, Jesus was truly
                                             Greek word Pantokrator are both
“God-man”—both God and man, not
                                             translated       “Almighty."       Both
one or the other—would it truly be
                                             original-language       words        are
consistent to resort to such an
                                             repeatedly applied to Jehovah, the
explanation? Does not Matthew 20:23
                                             Father. (Ex. 6:3; Rev. 19:6) Neither
rather show that the Son is not equal to
                                             expression is ever applied to either the
the Father, that the Father has
                                             Son or the holy spirit.
reserved some prerogatives for
himself?)                                    Does the Bible teach that each of
                                             those said to be part of the Trinity is
Matt. 12:31, 32, RS: “Every sin and
blasphemy will be forgiven men, but
the blasphemy against the Spirit will        Jesus said in prayer: “Father, . . . this is
not be forgiven. And whoever says a          eternal life, that they know thee the
word against the Son of man will be          only true God, and Jesus Christ whom
forgiven; but whoever speaks against         thou hast sent." (John 17:1-3, RS;
the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven,        italics added.) (Most translations here
either in this age or in the age to          use the expression “the only true God”
come." (If the Holy Spirit were a person     with reference to the Father. NE reads
and were God, this text would flatly         “who alone art truly God." He cannot
contradict the Trinity doctrine, because     be “the only true God,” the one “who
it would mean that in some way the           alone [is] truly God,” if there are two
Holy Spirit was greater than the Son.        others who are God to the same

      degree as he is, can he? Any others
      referred to as “gods” must be either
      false or merely a reflection of the true
      1 Cor. 8:5, 6, RS: “Although there may
      be so-called gods in heaven or on
      earth—as indeed there are many
      ‘gods’ and many ‘lords’—yet for us
      there is one God, the Father, from
      whom are all things and for whom we
      exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ,
      through whom are all things and
      through whom we exist." (This
      presents the Father as the “one God”
      of Christians and as being in a class
      distinct from Jesus Christ.)
      1 Pet. 1:3, RS: “Blessed be the God
      and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!”
      (Repeatedly, even following Jesus’
      ascension to heaven, the Scriptures
      refer to the Father as “the God” of
      Jesus Christ. At John 20:17, following
      Jesus’ resurrection, he himself spoke
      of the Father as “my God." Later, when
      in heaven, as recorded at Revelation
      3:12, he again used the same
      expression. But never in the Bible is
      the Father reported to refer to the Son
      as “my God,” nor does either the
      Father or the Son refer to the holy spirit
      as “my God.")
        For comments on scriptures used by
        some in an effort to prove that Christ is
        God, see pages 212-216, under the
        heading “Jesus Christ."
In Theological Investigations, Karl Rahner, S. J. ,
admits: “Θεός [God] is still never used of the Spirit,”
and: “ο θεός [literally, the God] is never used in the
New Testament to speak of the πνευµα αγιον [holy
spirit]."—(Baltimore, Md. ; 1961), translated from
German, Vol. I, pp. 138, 143.

Sept. 25                                                4:1, 2) Why did Jesus speak from a boat?
Song 5                                                  Evidently because the human voice carries with
Bible reading:           Psalms 142-150                 remarkable clarity over the smooth surface of a
Speech Quality: The Importance of Voice                 body of water.
Amplification (be p. 139 ¶ 1-p. 140 ¶ 1)
                                                           Until early in the 20th century, the volume and
No. 1: Psalms-Why Beneficial-Part 2 (si pp. 105-6
                                                        clarity of a speaker’s voice often determined how
¶ 28-32)
                                                        many in an audience could hear what was said.
No. 2: Psalm 142:1-143:12
                                                        However, starting in the 1920’s, Jehovah’s
No. 3: # When Someone Asks, 'Do You Believe in
                                                        servants were able to take advantage of electrical
the Trinity?' (rs p. 425 ¶ 3-p. 426 ¶ 4)
                                                        sound amplification of the human voice at their
No. 4: In What Ways can We Put the Needs of
Others Ahead of Our Own?
                                                           Sound Equipment. Such equipment can
Speech Quality:                                         amplify the volume of a speaker’s voice many
The Importance of Voice Amplification                   times and yet adequately maintain the quality and
be study 17 pp. 139-140 Use of Microphone               tone of his voice. The speaker is not required to tax
                                                        his vocal cords. Listeners do not have to strain to
      What do you need to do?                           catch what is said. Instead, they can concentrate
      If a microphone is used for voice                 on the message.
      amplification at your meetings, use it            Much has been done to make sure that good
      correctly.                                        sound equipment is available at conventions and
                                                        assemblies of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Additionally,
      Why is it important?                              many Kingdom Halls use sound equipment to
      What is said will benefit others only if it       amplify the voices of those who give discourses,
      can be heard clearly.                             conduct meetings, or read from the platform. And
                                                        some congregations also have microphones that
   OUR Christian brothers and sisters spend much        are used by the audience when giving comments
time and effort attending Christian meetings. If they   during meetings. If your congregation has such
are to benefit from what is said, they must be able     equipment, learn to use it well.
to hear clearly.
                                                        No. 1:
    In the days of ancient Israel, there was no
                                                        Psalms-- Why Beneficial Part 2
electrical sound amplification. When Moses spoke
to the nation of Israel on the Plains of Moab before
                                                        si pp. 105-106 Bible Book Number 19—Psalms
they entered the Promised Land, how were all of
those in his audience, numbering in the millions,              Look, now, at the letter to the Hebrews. In the
able to hear? Moses possibly employed a system          first two chapters, we find a number of quotations
of human relays whereby his words were                  from the Psalms respecting the superiority of
successively repeated by men stationed at               Jesus, as God’s heavenly enthroned Son, over the
appropriate intervals across the camp. (Deut. 1:1;      angels. Paul shows from Psalm 22:22 and other
31:1) Not long after the Israelites began their         references that Jesus has a congregation of
conquest of the land west of the Jordan, Joshua         “brothers,” part of Abraham’s seed and “partakers
gathered the nation in front of Mount Gerizim and       of the heavenly calling." (Heb. 2:10-13, 16; 3:1)
Mount Ebal, evidently with the Levites in the valley    Then, commencing at Hebrews 6:20 and
that separated them. There all the people heard         continuing through chapter 7, the apostle enlarges
and responded to the divine blessings and               on the additional office that Jesus occupies as
maledictions that were presented to them. (Josh.        “high priest according to the manner of
8:33-35) It is possible that on this occasion too,      Melchizedek forever." This refers to God’s
human relays were used, but no doubt the                oath-bound promise at Psalm 110:4, to which Paul
excellent acoustics of the area were also helpful.      makes reference time and again in proving the
                                                        superiority of Jesus’ priesthood over that of Aaron.
   About 1,500 years later when “a very great
                                                        Paul explains that by Jehovah’s oath Jesus Christ
crowd gathered” at the Sea of Galilee to hear
                                                        is a priest, not on earth, but in heaven and “he
Jesus, he boarded a boat, pushed away from
                                                        remains a priest perpetually”—the benefits of his
shore, and sat down to speak to the crowd. (Mark

priestly service will be eternal. —Heb. 7:3, 15-17,      “a praise, of David”: “About the glory of your
23-28.                                                   kingship they will talk, and about your mightiness
   29                                                    they will speak, to make known to the sons of men
      Further, at Hebrews 10:5-10, we are told of
                                                         his mighty acts and the glory of the splendor of his
Jesus’ fine appreciation for the sacrificial course
                                                         kingship. Your kingship is a kingship for all times
that was God’s will for him and of his determination
                                                         indefinite, and your dominion is throughout all
to carry out that will. This is based on David’s
                                                         successive generations." (Ps. 145:5, 11-13) True
words at Psalm 40:6-8. This exemplary spirit of
                                                         to the prophetic psalm, the splendor of God’s
devotion is of the greatest benefit for all of us to
                                                         established Kingdom by Christ is even now being
consider and to copy so as to win God’s approval.
                                                         made known to the sons of men in all nations. How
—See also Psalm 116:14-19.
                                                         thankful we should be for that Kingdom and its
        The course that Jesus took, culminating in       King! Appropriate, indeed, are the closing words of
that terrible ordeal he endured on the torture stake,    the Psalms: “Every breathing thing—let it praise
was foretold in the Psalms in remarkable detail.         Jah. Praise Jah, you people!”—150:6.
This included his being offered vinegar to drink, the
casting of lots for his outer garments, the cruel        No. 2:
treatment of his hands and feet, the mockery, and        (Psalms 142:1-143:12)
the still more bitter mental anguish of that
agonizing cry: “My God, my God, why have you             No. 3:
forsaken me?” (Matt. 27:34, 35, 43, 46; Ps. 22:1, 7,     When Someone Asks, 'Do You Believe in the
8, 14-18; 69:20, 21) As indicated by John                Trinity?'
19:23-30, even during those hours, Jesus must            rs p. 425 - p. 426 Trinity
have drawn much comfort and guidance from the
                                                         When Someone Says—
Psalms, knowing that all these scriptures had to be
fulfilled down to the last detail. Jesus knew that the   ‘Do you believe in the Trinity?’
Psalms also spoke concerning his resurrection and
                                                             You might reply: ‘That is a very popular belief
exaltation. He doubtless had such things in mind
                                                         in our time. But did you know that this is not what
when leading in “singing praises,” or psalms, with
                                                         was taught by Jesus and his disciples? So, we
his apostles on the last night before his death.
                                                         worship the One that Jesus said to worship. ’ Then
—Matt. 26:30.
                                                         perhaps add: (1) ‘When Jesus was teaching, here
      Thus Psalms clearly identifies the “son of         is the commandment that he said was greatest . . .
David” and Kingdom Seed to be Christ Jesus, who          (Mark 12:28-30). ’ (2) ‘Jesus never claimed to be
is now exalted as both King and Priest in the            equal to God. He said . . . (John 14:28). ’ (3) ‘Then
heavenly Zion. Space does not permit a                   what is the origin of the Trinity doctrine? Notice
description in detail of all the passages from           what well-known encyclopedias say about that.
Psalms that are quoted in the Christian Greek            (See pages 405, 406.)’
Scriptures as fulfilled in this Anointed One of
                                                              Or you could say: ‘No, I do not. You see, there
Jehovah, but a few more examples are here listed:
                                                         are Bible texts that I could never fit in with that
Ps. 78:2—Matt. 13:31-35; Ps. 69:4—John 15:25;
                                                         belief. Here is one of them. (Matt. 24:36) Perhaps
Ps. 118:22, 23—Mark 12:10, 11 and Acts 4:11; Ps.
                                                         you can explain it to me. ’ Then perhaps add: (1)
34:20—John 19:33, 36; Ps. 45:6, 7—Heb. 1:8, 9.
                                                         ‘If the Son is equal to the Father, how is it that the
Also, Jesus’ congregation of true followers is
                                                         Father knows things that the Son does not?’ If they
foretold in the Psalms, not as individuals, but as a
                                                         answer that this was true only regarding his human
group taken into God’s favor from all nations to
                                                         nature, then ask: (2) ‘But why does the holy spirit
share in a work of praise to Jehovah’s name. —Ps.
                                                         not know?’ (If the person shows a sincere interest
117:1—Rom. 15:11; Ps. 68:18—Eph. 4:8-11; Ps.
                                                         in the truth, show him what the Scriptures do say
95:7-11—Heb. 3:7, 8; 4:7.
32                                                       about God. (Ps. 83:18; John 4:23, 24)’
   Our study of the Psalms adds much to our
appreciation of the kingship of Jehovah God, which          Another possibility: ‘We do believe in Jesus
He exercises through the promised Seed and               Christ but not in the Trinity. Why? Because we
Kingdom Heir, to His glory and vindication. May we       believe what the apostle Peter believed about
ever be among those loyal ones who exult in ‘the         Christ. Notice what he said . . . (Matt. 16:15-17). ’
glorious splendor of Jehovah’s dignity’ and who
are spoken of in Psalm 145, which is referred to as
   An additional suggestion: ‘I find that not
everyone has the same thing in mind when he
refers to the Trinity. Perhaps I could answer your
question better if I knew what you mean. ’ Then
perhaps add: ‘I appreciate that explanation. But
what I believe is only what the Bible teaches. Have
you ever seen the word “Trinity” in the Bible? . . .
(Refer to the concordance in your Bible.) But is
Christ referred to in the Bible? . . . Yes, and we
believe in him. Notice here in the concordance
under “Christ” one of the references is to Matthew
16:16. (Read it.) That is what I believe. ’
    Or you might answer (if the person draws
particular attention to John 1:1): ‘I am acquainted
with that verse. In some Bible translations it says
that Jesus is “God,” and others say that he is “a
god." Why is that?’ (1) ‘Could it be because the
next verse says that he was “with God”?’ (2) ‘Might
it also be because of what is found here in John
1:18?’ (3) ‘Have you ever wondered whether Jesus
himself worships someone as God? (John 20:17)’
‘Do you believe in the divinity of Christ?’
   You might reply: ‘Yes, I certainly do. But
perhaps I do not have in mind the same thing that
you do when you refer to “the divinity of Christ."’
Then perhaps add: (1) ‘Why do I say that? Well,
at Isaiah 9:6 Jesus Christ is described as “Mighty
God,” but only his Father is ever referred to in the
Bible as the Almighty God. ’ (2) ‘And notice that at
John 17:3 Jesus speaks of his Father as “the only
true God." So, at most, Jesus is just a reflection of
the true God. ’ (3) ‘What is required on our part to
be pleasing to God? (John 4:23, 24)

No. 4:
In What Ways can We Put the Needs of Others
Ahead of Our Own?

Oct. 2                                                  side. This means that your head should be slightly
Song 111                                                to the other side of the microphone. Then when
Bible reading: Proverbs 1-6                             you read, your voice will go directly into the
Speech Quality: Use Microphones Effectively (be         microphone.
p. 140 ¶ 2-p. 142 ¶ 1)
                                                           Most brothers who read at the Watchtower
No. 1: Introduction to Proverbs-Part 1 (si pp. 106-7
                                                        Study stand and speak into an upright microphone.
¶ 1-5)
                                                        This position allows them to breathe more freely
No. 2: Proverbs 5:1-23
                                                        and to read with greater expressiveness. Keep in
No. 3: Why Is There So Much Wickedness? (rs p.
                                                        mind that the reading of the paragraphs constitutes
427 ¶ 1-4)
                                                        a major part of the meeting. The benefit derived by
No. 4: * Do Not Spread False Stories (2 Tim. 4:4)
                                                        the audience depends, in large measure, on
                                                        hearing the material being read.
Speech Quality:
Use Microphones Effectively                                When Commenting During the Meeting. If
be study 17 Use of Microphone                           your congregation uses microphones for audience
                                                        participation, remember that there is still a need to
    Some Basic Guidelines. To use the                   speak distinctly and with sufficient volume. When
equipment properly, keep the following points in        commenting, endeavor to hold your study
mind: (1) The microphone should generally be            publication or your Bible in your hand. This will
about four to six inches [10 to 15 cm] from your        enable you to see the material clearly while you are
mouth. If the microphone is too close, your words       speaking into the microphone.
may become distorted. If it is too far away, your
voice will be indistinct. (2) The microphone should        In some congregations brothers are assigned to
be in front of you, not to one side. If you move your   take microphones to those called on to comment. If
head to the right or to the left, speak only when       that is the case in your congregation, when you are
your face is toward the microphone. (3) Use a little    called on, keep your hand up so that the brother
more volume and intensity than you would in             handling the microphone can see where you are
conversation. But there is no need to shout. The        seated and get to you quickly. If the microphone is
sound equipment will easily carry your voice to the     a hand-held type, be prepared to reach for it. Do
farthest ones in your audience. (4) If you need to      not begin your comment until the microphone is in
clear your throat or have the urge to cough or          position. When you finish your comment, return the
sneeze, be sure to turn your head away from the         microphone promptly.
microphone.                                                When Sharing in a Demonstration. Using a
   When Giving a Discourse. When you step up            microphone during a demonstration requires
to the speaker’s stand, a brother will ordinarily       special forethought. If the microphone is mounted
adjust the position of the microphone. Stand in a       on a stand, you will have both hands free to
natural manner with your face toward the audience       manage your Bible and your notes. Using a
while he does that. Place your notes on the             hand-held microphone may afford greater freedom
speaker’s stand, and be sure that the microphone        of movement, but you may need to arrange for
does not block your view of them.                       your partner to hold it. In that way your hands will
                                                        be free to handle your Bible. You and your
    When you begin to speak, listen to how your         householder should practice this so that your
voice sounds as it comes through the loudspeaker.       partner knows how to hold it properly. Remember,
Is the volume too loud, or do certain words result in   too, that when on the platform, you should not turn
popping sounds? You may need to move back an            your back to the audience, especially when you are
inch or two [2. 5 to 5 cm]. When you are glancing       speaking.
at your notes, remember that you should speak
and read only when your face is directed toward            In Service Meeting demonstrations, there may
the microphone or slightly above it, not below it.      be a number of participants, and they may move
                                                        around on the platform. Thus, several
    When Reading From the Platform. It is best to       microphones may be required. These should be
hold your Bible or other publication up so that your    put in place in advance or made available to the
face is toward the audience. Since the microphone       participants when they go to the platform. Making
will probably be directly in front of you, you may      sure that the microphones are in the right place at
need to hold your reading material slightly to one      the right time takes advance planning. Rehearsing
demonstrations before they are presented affords         proverbs." (1 Ki. 4:32) Some of this spoken wisdom
opportunity to instruct participants on the effective    was recorded in the Bible book of Proverbs. Since
use of the microphones. When a rehearsal cannot          his wisdom was really that which “God had put in
take place on the platform, it may be wise for           his heart,” then in studying Proverbs we are in fact
participants to hold a small object similar in size to   studying the wisdom of Jehovah God. (1 Ki. 10:23,
a microphone in order to practice proper                 24) These proverbs sum up eternal truths. They
positioning. After the demonstration, the                are just as up-to-date now as when they were first
participants     should       replace     hand-held      uttered.
microphones gently, being careful not to trip over          2
                                                              The reign of Solomon was an appropriate time
cords from other microphones as they leave the
                                                         for providing this divine guidance. Solomon was
                                                         said to “sit upon Jehovah’s throne." The theocratic
   Our giving attention to the use of microphones        kingdom of Israel was at its height, and Solomon
is directly connected with one of the principal          was favored with surpassing “royal dignity." (1
objectives of our meetings, namely, benefiting one       Chron. 29:23, 25) It was a time of peace and
another by our discussion of God’s Word. (Heb.           plenty, a time of security. (1 Ki. 4:20-25) However,
10:24, 25) By learning to use microphones                even under that theocratic rule, the people still had
effectively, we can personally contribute to this        their personal problems and difficulties due to
important objective.                                     human imperfections. That the people would look
                                                         to wise King Solomon to help them solve their
      HOW TO DO IT
                                                         problems is understandable. (1 Ki. 3:16-28) In the
      Keep the microphone four to six inches             course of pronouncing judgment in these many
      [10 to 15 cm] from your mouth.                     cases, he uttered proverbial sayings that fitted the
      Be sure to speak only when your                    many circumstances of life arising from day to day.
      mouth is toward the microphone.                    These brief but impressive sayings were greatly
                                                         treasured by those who desired to regulate their
      Use a little more volume and intensity             lives in accordance with the will of God.
      than you would in conversation.                       3
                                                               The record does not say that Solomon wrote
      If you need to clear your throat, turn             the Proverbs. However, it says that he ‘spoke’
      your head away from the microphone.                proverbs, also that “he . . . made a thorough
EXERCISE: If microphones are used in your                search, that he might arrange many proverbs in
Kingdom Hall, take special note of how                   order,” thus showing that he had an interest in
experienced speakers use both fixed and                  preserving proverbs for later use. (1 Ki. 4:32; Eccl.
hand-held microphones. Identify procedures that          12:9) In the time of David and Solomon, there were
you desire to use or avoid, along with reasons for       official secretaries in the lists of court officials. (2
your conclusions.                                        Sam. 20:25; 2 Ki. 12:10) Whether these scribes in
                                                         his court wrote and collected his proverbs, we do
No. 1:                                                   not know, but the expressions of any ruler of his
Introduction To Proverbs -Part 1                         caliber would be highly regarded and would
                                                         normally be recorded. It is generally agreed that
 si pp. 106-107          Bible     Book     Number       the book is a collection compiled from other
20—Proverbs                                              collections.
      Speakers: Solomon, Agur, Lemuel                         The book of Proverbs may be divided into five
                                                         sections. These are: (1) Chapters 1-9, opening
      Place Written: Jerusalem                           with the words, “The proverbs of Solomon the son
      Writing Completed: c. 717 B. C. E.                 of David”; (2) Chapters 10-24, described as the
                                                         “Proverbs of Solomon”; (3) Chapters 25-29, which
    WHEN Solomon, the son of David, became king          division begins: “These also are the proverbs of
of Israel in 1037 B. C. E. , he prayed to Jehovah for    Solomon that the men of Hezekiah the king of
“wisdom and knowledge” to “judge this great              Judah transcribed”; (4) Chapter 30, introduced as
people." In response, Jehovah gave him                   “The words of Agur the son of Jakeh”; and (5)
‘knowledge and wisdom and an understanding               Chapter 31, which comprises “The words of
heart. ’ (2 Chron. 1:10-12; 1 Ki. 3:12; 4:30, 31) As a   Lemuel the king, the weighty message that his
result, Solomon came to “speak three thousand            mother gave to him in correction." Solomon was
thus the originator of the bulk of the proverbs. As to   of heaven following the birth of the Kingdom. See
Agur and Lemuel, nothing definite is known about         verse 10.)
their identity. Some commentators suggest that           2 Tim. 3:1-5: “Know this, that in the last days
Lemuel may have been another name for                    critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men
Solomon.                                                 will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money,
  When was Proverbs written and compiled? The            self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient
greater part was no doubt written down during            to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural
Solomon’s reign (1037-998 B. C. E.) before his           affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers,
deflection. Because of uncertainty as to the identity    without self-control, fierce, without love of
of Agur and Lemuel, it is not possible to date their     goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with
material. Since one of the collections was made in       pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of
the reign of Hezekiah (745-717 B. C. E.), it could       God, having a form of godly devotion but proving
not have been before his reign that the final            false to its power." (This is the fruitage of centuries
collecting was done. Were the last two divisions         of apostasy from true worship. These conditions
also collected under King Hezekiah’s purview? In         have developed because people who have
answer there is an illuminating footnote to              professed to be religious have ignored what God’s
Proverbs 31:31 in the New World Translation of the       Word really says. They have proved false to the
Holy Scriptures—With References: “Some                   power for good that true godly devotion can have in
ed[itions] of the Heb[rew] text display the              one’s life.)
trigrammaton, or three letters, Chehth, Zayin,
Qohph (???) that stand as King Hezekiah’s                No. 4:
signature to the copy-work done by his scribes to        Do Not Spread False Stories (2 Tim. 4:4)
signify that the work had been completed."

No. 2:
(Proverbs 5:1-23)

No. 3:
Why Is There So Much Wickedness?
rs p. 427 - p. 428 Wickedness
   God is not to blame. He gave mankind a perfect
start, but humans have chosen to ignore God’s
requirements and decide for themselves what is
good and what is bad. (Deut. 32:4, 5; Eccl. 7:29;
Gen. 3:5, 6) By doing this, they have come under
the influence of wicked superhuman forces. —Eph.
6:11, 12.
  1 John 5:19: “The whole world is lying in the
power of the wicked one."
   Rev. 12:7-12: “War broke out in heaven . . . the
dragon and its angels battled but it did not prevail,
neither was a place found for them any longer in
heaven. So down the great dragon was hurled, the
original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan,
who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he
was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were
hurled down with him. . . . ‘On this account be glad,
you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe for
the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has
come down to you, having great anger, knowing he
has a short period of time. ’” (This increased woe to
the world has occurred since Satan was hurled out

Oct. 9                                                  questions and deal with situations that were thrust
Song 73                                                 upon him? Sometimes by using illustrations that
Bible reading:         Proverbs 7-11                    would make people think. At other times by asking
Speech Quality: Use of the Bible in Replying (be        the inquirer about his own understanding of a
p. 143 ¶ 1-3)                                           scripture. Frequently by quoting scriptures,
No. 1: Introduction to Proverbs-Part 2 (si pp. 107-8    paraphrasing them, or alluding to them. (Matt.
¶ 6-11)                                                 4:3-10; 12:1-8; Luke 10:25-28; 17:32) In the first
No. 2: Proverbs 7:1-27                                  century, Scripture scrolls were usually kept in the
No. 3: Christian Neutrality Contributes to the Unity    synagogues. There is no evidence that Jesus had
of Our Brotherhood                                      a personal collection of those scrolls, but he knew
No. 4: Why Does God Permit Wickedness? (rs p.           the Scriptures well and referred to them liberally
428 ¶ 1-p. 429 ¶ 1)                                     when teaching others. (Luke 24:27, 44-47) He
                                                        could truthfully say that what he taught was not of
Speech Quality:                                         his own originality. He spoke what he had heard
Use of the Bible in Replying                            from his Father. —John 8:26.
be study 18 p. 143 Use of Bible in Replying
                                                        No. 1:
      What do you need to do?                           Introduction To Proverbs -Part 2
      Make good use of the Bible itself when             si pp. 107-108 Bible Book                  Number
      answering questions.                              20—Proverbs
      Why is it important?                                   In Hebrew Bibles the book was first called by
                                                        the opening word in the book, mishleh, meaning
      Our commission is to “preach the
                                                        “proverbs." Mishleh is the plural number, construct
      word." Jesus set the example, saying:
                                                        state, of the Hebrew noun mashal, which noun is
      “I do not speak of my own
                                                        generally thought to be derived from a root word
      originality."—2 Tim. 4:2; John 14:10.
                                                        meaning “be like” or “be comparable." These terms
                                                        nicely describe the contents of the book, for
   WHEN asked about our beliefs, our way of life,
                                                        proverbs are pithy sayings that often employ
our viewpoint regarding current events, our hope
                                                        likenesses or comparisons and that are designed
for the future, we endeavor to use the Bible in
                                                        to make the hearer think. The brief form of the
replying. Why? Because it is the Word of God. It is
                                                        proverbs makes them easy to follow and
from the Bible that we draw our beliefs. We base
                                                        interesting, and in this form they are easily taught,
our way of life on the Bible. It shapes our view of
                                                        learned, and remembered. The idea sticks.
world events. Our hope for the future is firmly
rooted in the Bible’s inspired promises. —2 Tim.              The style of expression in the book is also
3:16, 17.                                               most interesting. It is in Hebrew poetic style. The
                                                        structure of most of the book is parallel poetry. This
    We are keenly aware of the responsibility that
                                                        does not make the ends of lines or verses rhyme,
goes with our name. We are Jehovah’s Witnesses.
                                                        or sound alike. It consists of making rhythmic lines
(Isa. 43:12) So we answer questions, not on the
                                                        give parallel thoughts or ideas. Its beauty and
basis of human philosophy, but on the basis of
                                                        power of instruction lie in this thought rhythm. The
what Jehovah says in his inspired Word. True, as
                                                        thoughts may be synonymous or contrasting, but
individuals we have opinions on matters, but we
                                                        the power of the parallel is there to give extension
allow God’s Word to shape our views because we
                                                        to the thought, to enlarge upon the idea, and to
are firmly convinced that it is the truth. Of course,
                                                        make sure of conveying the meaning in the
the Bible gives us latitude for personal preference
                                                        thought. Examples of the synonymous parallelism
in many matters. Rather than imposing our
                                                        are to be found at Proverbs 11:25; 16:18; and
preferences on others, we desire to teach the
                                                        18:15, and examples of the more abundant
principles set out in the Scriptures, thus allowing
                                                        contrasting parallelism at Proverbs 10:7, 30; 12:25;
our listeners to exercise the same freedom of
                                                        13:25; and 15:8. Another type of structure is found
choice that we enjoy. Like the apostle Paul, we
                                                        right at the end of the book. (Prov. 31:10-31) The
seek “to promote obedience by faith."—Rom.
                                                        22 verses there are arranged so that in Hebrew
                                                        each one begins with the succeeding letter of the
Jesus Christ is described at Revelation 3:14 as
                                                        Hebrew alphabet, this being the acrostic style that
“the faithful and true witness." How did he answer
is used also in a number of the psalms. For beauty
this style has no parallel in ancient writings.            No. 2:
   8                                                       (Proverbs 7:1-27)
    The authenticity of Proverbs is also shown in
the wide use made of the book by the early
                                                           No. 3:
Christians in stating rules of conduct. James was
                                                           Christian Neutrality Contributes to the Unity of
apparently very familiar with Proverbs and used its
                                                           Our Brotherhood
basic principles in the fine counsel he gave for
Christian conduct. (Compare Proverbs 14:29;
                                                           No. 4:
17:27 with James 1:19, 20; Proverbs 3:34 with
                                                           Why Does God Permit Wickedness?
James 4:6; Proverbs 27:1 with James 4:13, 14.)
                                                           rs p. 428 - p. 429 Wickedness
Direct quotations from Proverbs are also to be
found in the following passages: Romans                       At times it may seem to us that the best thing
12:20—Proverbs 25:21, 22; Hebrews 12:5,                    would be simply to get rid of everyone who is
6—Proverbs 3:11, 12; 2 Peter 2:22—Proverbs                 wicked. We long for an end to wickedness, and yet
26:11.                                                     we have experienced it for relatively few years
   9                                                       when compared with the time that wickedness has
     In addition, Proverbs shows itself to be in
                                                           existed. How must Jehovah God feel? For
harmony with the rest of the Bible, thus proving it to
                                                           thousands of years people have blamed him, even
be a part of “all Scripture." It presents striking unity
                                                           cursed him, for the bad conditions they have
of thought when compared with the Law of Moses,
                                                           endured. Yet, these are caused, not by him, but by
Jesus’ teaching, and the writings of Jesus’
                                                           Satan and by wicked men. Jehovah has the power
disciples and apostles. (See Proverbs 10:16—1
                                                           to destroy the wicked. Surely there must be good
Corinthians 15:58 and Galatians 6:8, 9; Proverbs
                                                           reasons why he has exercised such restraint. If
12:25—Matthew 6:25; Proverbs 20:20—Exodus
                                                           Jehovah’s way of handling the situation is different
20:12 and Matthew 15:4.) Even when touching on
                                                           from what we would recommend, should that
such points as the readying of the earth for human
                                                           surprise us? His experience is much greater than
habitation, there is oneness of thinking with other
                                                           man’s, and his view of the situation is much
Bible writers. —Prov. 3:19, 20; Gen. 1:6, 7; Job
                                                           broader than that of any human. —Compare Isaiah
38:4-11; Ps. 104:5-9.
                                                           55:8, 9; Ezekiel 33:17.
      Also testifying to the book’s divine inspiration
                                                              There would be no wickedness if God had not
is its scientific accuracy, whether the proverb
                                                           endowed intelligent creatures with free will. But
involves chemical, medical, or health principles.
                                                           God has given us the capacity to choose to obey
Proverbs 25:20 apparently tells of acid-alkali
                                                           him because we love him or to disobey. (Deut.
reactions. Proverbs 31:4, 5 agrees with modern
                                                           30:19, 20; Josh. 24:15) Do we wish it were
scientific findings that alcohol dulls the thinking
                                                           otherwise? If we are parents, which makes us
processes. Many doctors and nutritionists agree
                                                           happier—when our children obey us because they
that honey is a healthful food, calling to mind the
                                                           love us or when we make them do it? Should God
proverb: “My son, eat honey, for it is good." (Prov.
                                                           have forced Adam to be obedient? Would we really
24:13) Modern observations on psychosomatics
                                                           be happier if we lived in a world where we were
are not new to Proverbs. “A heart that is joyful does
                                                           forced to obey God? Before destroying this wicked
good as a curer."—17:22; 15:17.
11                                                         system, God is allowing opportunity for people to
   Indeed, so completely does the book of Proverbs
                                                           demonstrate whether they really want to live in
cover every human need and situation that one
                                                           harmony with his righteous laws or not. At his
authority stated: “There is no relation in life which
                                                           appointed time, he will without fail destroy the
has not its appropriate instruction, no good or evil
                                                           wicked. —2 Thess. 1:9, 10.
tendency without its proper incentive or correction.
The human consciousness is everywhere brought                 Wisely he is allowing time for the settling of vital
into immediate relation with the Divine, . . . and         issues: (1) The righteousness and rightfulness of
man walks as in the presence of his Maker and              Jehovah’s rule was challenged in Eden. (Gen.
Judge . . . Every type of humanity is found in this        2:16, 17; 3:1-5) (2) The integrity of all of God’s
ancient book; and though sketched three thousand           servants in heaven and on earth was called into
years ago, is still as true to nature as if now drawn      question. (Job 1:6-11; 2:1-5; Luke 22:31) God
from its living representative."—Smith’s Dictionary        could have destroyed the rebels (Satan, Adam,
of the Bible, 1890, Vol. III, page 2616.                   and Eve) immediately, but that would not have
settled matters. Might does not prove that one’s
cause is right. The issues raised were moral ones.
God’s allowing of time was, not to prove any point
to himself, but to permit all creatures with free will
to see for themselves the bad fruitage produced by
rebellion against his rulership, also to afford them
opportunity to demonstrate where they personally
stand on these vital matters. With these issues
settled, never again would anyone be permitted to
disrupt the peace. The good order, harmony, and
well-being of the entire universe depend upon the
sanctifying of Jehovah’s name, the treating of him
with heartfelt honor by all intelligent creatures.
(See also pages 363, 364, under the heading
“Satan the Devil.")
Illustration: If someone made a charge before the
whole community that you abused your position as
family head, that your children would be better off if
they made their own decisions independent of you,
and that all of them obeyed you, not because of
love, but because of material benefits you
provided, what would be the best way to settle the
matter? Would shooting the false accuser put the
charges to rest in the minds of the community?
Instead, what a fine answer it would be if you gave
your children opportunity to be your witnesses to
show that you are a just and loving family head and
that they live with you because they love you! If
some of your children believed your adversary, left
home, and ruined their lives by adopting other
life-styles, it would only make honest observers
realize that the children would have been better off
if they had heeded your direction.

Oct. 16                                                  important that this counsel be firmly based on the
Song 180                                                 Scriptures! An elder’s example in doing this can
Bible reading:         Proverbs 12-16                    influence many others in their manner of teaching.
Speech Quality: How to Improve in Using the
                                                               HOW TO BECOME MORE
Bible (be p. 144 ¶ 1-4)
No. 1: Learning to Use Other Research Tools (be
p. 35 ¶ 3-p. 38 ¶ 4)                                           Read the Bible daily. Have a good
No. 2: Proverbs 14:1-21                                        program of personal study.
No. 3: How Has God's Permission of Wickedness                  Make it a practice to include scriptures
Benefited Us? (rs p. 429 ¶ 2-3)                                in your comments at congregation
No. 4: What Can Help Us to Pay Close Attention at              meetings.
                                                               When faced with questions or
Speech Quality                                                 situations, before replying or making a
How to Improve in Using the Bible                              decision, always ask yourself, ‘What
be study 18 p. 144 Use of Bible in Replying                    does the Bible say?’
    Our desire is to follow Jesus’ example. We have            When you do not know what the Bible
not personally heard God speak, as Jesus did. But              says on a matter, do not guess or give
the Bible is God’s Word. When we use it as the                 a private opinion. Offer to do research.
basis for our answers, we avoid drawing attention        EXERCISE: List one or two questions that you
to ourselves. We show that instead of voicing the          have been asked (1) in the field service, (2)
opinion of an imperfect human, we are firmly               about some matter recently reported in the
determined to let God have the say as to what is           news, and (3) about engaging in a certain
truth. —John 7:18; Rom. 3:4.                               popular activity. For each, select at least one
   Of course, our desire is not merely to use the          scripture that would be appropriate to use in
Bible but to do so in a way that will be most              replying.
beneficial to our hearer. We want him to listen with
an open mind. Depending on the attitude of the           No. 1:
person, you could introduce Biblical thoughts by         Learning to Use Other Research Tools
saying: “Don’t you agree that what really counts is      be How to Do Research
what God says?” Or you could say: “Did you know              The box on page 33 lists a number of other
that the Bible discusses that very question?” If you     research tools that have been provided by “the
are speaking to someone who does not have                faithful and discreet slave." (Matt. 24:45-47) Many
respect for the Bible, you may need to use a             of these have a table of contents, and many have
somewhat different introduction. You could say:          an index in the back, which is designed to help you
“Let me share this ancient prophecy with you." Or        pinpoint specific information. At the end of each
you might say: “The book that is the most widely         year, subject indexes are published in both The
distributed in human history says this . . ."            Watchtower and Awake! for that year’s collection
    In some instances, you may choose simply to          of articles.
paraphrase a text. Where possible, however, it is           Being familiar with the type of information
best to open the Bible itself and read what it says.     offered in these Bible study publications can
Show the scripture to the person in his own copy of      accelerate the research process. Say, for instance,
the Bible whenever this is practical. This direct use    that you want to know about prophecy, doctrine,
of the Bible often has a powerful effect on people.      Christian conduct, or the application of Bible
—Heb. 4:12.                                              principles. The Watchtower will likely contain what
    Christian elders have a special responsibility to    you seek. Awake! deals with current events,
use the Bible when answering questions. One of           contemporary problems, religion, science, and
the qualifications for serving as an elder is that the   peoples of various lands. Commentary on each
brother is “holding firmly to the faithful word as       account in the Gospels in chronological order
respects his art of teaching." (Titus 1:9) A member      appears in The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. A
of the congregation may make a serious decision          verse-by-verse discussion of entire Bible books is
in life after an elder has given him counsel. How        found in such publications as Revelation—Its

Grand Climax At Hand!, Pay Attention to Daniel’s         contains a vast collection of our publications. The
Prophecy!, and the two volumes of Isaiah’s               easy-to-use search program enables you to look
Prophecy—Light for All Mankind. In Reasoning             for a word, a combination of words, or a scripture
From the Scriptures, you will find satisfying            citation in any of the publications in the
answers to hundreds of Bible questions that are          Watchtower Library. Even if this research tool is
commonly raised in the field service. For a clearer      not available in your language, you may be able to
understanding of other religions, their teachings,       benefit from it in a widely used international
and their historical backgrounds, see Mankind’s          language with which you are familiar.
Search for God. A detailed account of the
                                                         Other Theocratic Libraries
modern-day history of Jehovah’s Witnesses is
contained in Jehovah’s Witnesses—Proclaimers of              In his second inspired letter to Timothy, Paul
God’s Kingdom. For a report on current                   asked the young man to bring “the scrolls,
developments in the global preaching of the good         especially the parchments,” to him at Rome. (2
news, check the latest Yearbook of Jehovah’s             Tim. 4:13) Paul valued certain writings and kept
Witnesses. Insight on the Scriptures is a Bible          them. You can do the same. Do you save your
encyclopedia and atlas. If you need details about        personal copies of The Watchtower, Awake!, and
people, places, things, languages, or historical         Our Kingdom Ministry even after these have been
events associated with the Bible, this is an             considered at congregation meetings? If so, you
excellent resource.                                      will have them available to use as research tools,
                                                         along with the other Christian publications you
    “Watch Tower Publications Index.” This
                                                         have acquired. Most congregations maintain a
Index, published in more than 20 languages, will
                                                         collection of theocratic publications in a library at
direct you to information in a wide variety of our
                                                         the Kingdom Hall. These are for the benefit of the
publications. It is divided into a subject index and a
                                                         entire congregation, for their use while at the
scripture index. To use the subject index, locate a
                                                         Kingdom Hall.
word representing the subject you want to
investigate. To use the scripture index, locate in       Maintain Personal Files
the list of scriptures the one you would like to              Keep alert to items of interest that you can use
understand better. If something has been                 when you are speaking and teaching. If you find in
published in your language on that subject or that       a newspaper or a magazine a news item, statistic,
scripture in the years covered by the Index, you will    or example that you can use in your ministry, clip it
find a list of references to consult. Use the key in     out or copy the information. Include the date, the
the front of the Index to decipher the abbreviations     title of the periodical, and perhaps the name of the
for the names of cited publications. (With that help,    author or publisher. At congregation meetings, jot
for example, you would learn that w99 3/1 15 refers      down reasoning points and illustrations that may
to The Watchtower for 1999, March 1 issue, page          help you to explain the truth to others. Have you
15.) Main headings such as “Field Ministry               ever thought of a good illustration but did not have
Experiences” and “Life Stories of Jehovah’s              an opportunity to use it right away? Write it down,
Witnesses” can be helpful in preparing motivating        and keep it in a file. After you have been in the
presentations for the congregation.                      Theocratic Ministry School for some time, you will
   Since doing research can be very absorbing, be        have prepared a number of presentations. Instead
careful not to get sidetracked. Stay focused on          of throwing away your notes from these talks, save
your objective to search out the material needed         them. The research you have done may prove
for the task at hand. If the Index refers you to a       useful later.
certain source, turn to the page(s) cited, then use      Talk to People
subheadings and opening sentences of
paragraphs to guide you to the material that fits            People are a rich source of information. When
your needs. If you are searching for the meaning of      Luke was compiling his Gospel account, he
a particular Bible verse, first locate the citation on   evidently gathered much information by
the page to which you are referred. Then examine         interviewing eyewitnesses. (Luke 1:1-4) Perhaps a
the surrounding comments.                                fellow Christian can shed light on a matter on
                                                         which you have been endeavoring to do research.
   “Watchtower Library” on CD-ROM. If you                According to Ephesians 4:8, 11-16, Christ uses
have access to a computer, you may benefit from          “gifts in men” to help us grow in “the accurate
using the Watchtower Library on CD-ROM, which
knowledge of the Son of God." Interviewing those          New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures
with experience in serving God may yield useful
                                                          Comprehensive Concordance
ideas. Conversing with people may also reveal
what they are thinking, and this can help you to          The Watchtower and Awake!
prepare material that is truly practical.                 Reasoning From the Scriptures
Evaluate Your Results                                     Jehovah’s Witnesses—Proclaimers         of   God’s
   After wheat is harvested, the grain needs to be          Kingdom
removed from the chaff. So it is with the fruitage of     Insight on the Scriptures
your research. Before it is ready for use, you need
to separate what is valuable from what is                 Watch Tower Publications Index
superfluous.                                              Watchtower Library on CD-ROM
   If you are going to use the information in a talk,     No. 2:
ask yourself: ‘Does the point I plan to use really        (Proverbs 14:1-21)
contribute    something       worthwhile     to    my
presentation of the subject? Or, even though it is        No. 3:
interesting material, does it tend to divert attention    How Has God's Permission of Wickedness
from the subject that I ought to be talking about?’ If    Benefited Us?
you are considering using current events or               rs p. 429 - p. 430 Wickedness
material from the ever-changing fields of science
or medicine, make sure that the information is                  Have we in any way benefited by
up-to-date. Realize, too, that some points in older             God’s permission of wickedness
publications of ours may have been updated, so                  down till the present?
consider what has most recently been published                   2 Pet. 3:9: “Jehovah is not slow
on the topic.                                                    respecting his promise, as some
    There is a special need to be cautious if you                people consider slowness, but he is
choose to compile information from secular                       patient with you because he does not
sources. Never forget that God’s Word is truth.                  desire any to be destroyed but desires
(John 17:17) Jesus occupies the key role in the                  all to attain to repentance." (Because
fulfillment of God’s purpose. Therefore, Colossians              his patience has extended down till our
2:3 says: “Carefully concealed in him are all the                day, we have the opportunity to
treasures of wisdom and of knowledge." Evaluate                  demonstrate that we are repentant and
the fruits of your research from that perspective.               that, instead of making our own
With regard to secular research, ask yourself: ‘Is               decisions as to good and bad, we want
this material exaggerated, speculative, or                       to submit to Jehovah’s righteous
shortsighted? Was it written with a selfish or                   rulership.)
commercial motive? Do other authoritative sources         Rom. 9:14-24: “What shall we say, then? Is there
agree with it? Above all, does it harmonize with          injustice with God? Never may that become so! . . .
Bible truth?’                                             If, now, God, although having the will to
                                                          demonstrate his wrath and to make his power
   Proverbs 2:1-5 encourages us to keep                   known, tolerated with much long-suffering vessels
searching for knowledge, understanding, and               of wrath made fit for destruction [that is, he
discernment “as for silver, and as for hid                tolerated the existence of wicked people for a
treasures." That implies both exertion and rich           time], in order that he might make known the riches
rewards. Research takes effort, but doing it will         of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he
help you to find God’s thoughts on matters, to            prepared beforehand for glory [that is, he would
correct mistaken ideas, and to make firm your             use the time to extend mercy to certain ones, in
grasp of the truth. It will also add substance and life   harmony with his purpose], namely, us, whom he
to your presentations, making them a pleasure to          called not only from among Jews but also from
deliver and a delight to hear.                            among nations, what of it?” (Thus God put off the
[Box on page 33]                                          destruction of the wicked so as to allow time to
WHICH OF THESE RESEARCH TOOLS DO YOU                      select people whom he would glorify with Christ as
HAVE?                                                     members of the heavenly Kingdom. Has God’s

doing that been an injustice to anyone? No; it is
part of Jehovah’s arrangement for blessing people
of all sorts who will be favored with the opportunity
to live forever on a paradise earth. Compare Psalm
37:10, 11.)

No. 4:
What Can Help Us to Pay Close Attention at

Oct. 23                                                        You must realize, however, that some Bible
Song 131                                                   translators have taken liberties with God’s Word.
Bible reading:        Proverbs 17-21                       Their renderings may not conform in all respects to
Speech Quality: Use of the Bible Encouraged (be            what was in the original Bible languages. A number
pp. 145-6)                                                 of modern translations have eliminated God’s
No. 1: Proverbs-Why Beneficial-Part 1 (si pp.              personal      name,       obscured      what     the
109-10 ¶ 19-28)                                            original-language text says regarding the condition
No. 2: Proverbs 17:1-20                                    of the dead, and concealed what the Bible says
No. 3: How Christians View the Elderly                     about God’s purpose for the earth. In order to show
No. 4: * What View of Women Does the Bible                 a person what has been done, you may need to
Promote? (rs p. 431 ¶ 2-3)                                 compare key texts from a variety of Bibles or from
                                                           earlier translations in the same language. On a
Speech Quality                                             number of subjects, Reasoning From the
Use of the Bible Encouraged                                Scriptures provides a comparison of the ways that
be study 19 pp. 145-146                                    various translations render key expressions in
                                                           verses that are often used. Anyone who loves truth
      What do you need to do?                              will be grateful for knowledge of the facts.
      Encourage your audience to follow                       At Congregation Meetings. All should be
      along in the Bible as texts are read.                encouraged to use their Bibles at congregation
      Why is it important?                                 meetings. This accomplishes good in a number of
                                                           ways. It helps to keep the attention of the audience
      What a person sees with his own eyes,
                                                           on what is being discussed. It adds visual impact to
      especially in his own Bible, makes a
                                                           the oral instruction given by the speaker. And it
      deeper impression.
                                                           impresses on the minds of newly interested ones
                                                           that the Bible is, indeed, the source of our beliefs.
   OUR desire is to direct the attention of everyone
to God’s Word, the Bible. That sacred book is the              Whether those in your audience actually follow
basis for the message that we preach, and we               your reading of Scripture texts in their own Bibles
want people to realize that what we say is, not of         will depend to a great extent on the
our own originality, but from God. People need to          encouragement that you give. Direct invitation is
develop confidence in the Bible.                           one of the best methods.
    In the Field Ministry. When preparing for the             It is up to you, the speaker, to decide which
field ministry, always select one or more scriptures       texts you want to emphasize by having the
to share with people who are willing to listen. Even       audience look them up. It is best to read scriptures
if you are planning to make a relatively brief             that will help you develop your main points. Then,
presentation of Bible literature, it is often beneficial   as time permits, add a few others that support your
to read an appropriate Bible text. The Bible has           argument.
greater power to direct sheeplike people than
                                                              Of course, merely citing the text or inviting the
anything that we might personally say. Where it is
                                                           audience to look up a scripture is not usually
not possible actually to read from the Bible, you
                                                           sufficient. If you read one text and then go on to
may choose to quote from it. In the first century,
                                                           another before your audience has even had time to
copies of Scripture scrolls were not widely
                                                           find the first one, they will soon become
available. Yet, Jesus and his apostles quoted
                                                           discouraged and will stop trying to follow along in
extensively from the Scriptures. We too should
                                                           the Bible. Be observant. When the majority have
make an effort to memorize scriptures and use
                                                           located the text, read it.
these appropriately in our ministry, sometimes just
quoting them.                                                 Think ahead. Cite your scripture sufficiently in
                                                           advance of reading it. This will minimize the loss of
   When you are able to read from the Bible, hold it
                                                           time that results from waiting for the audience to
so that the householder can follow along as you
                                                           find the text. While less material will be covered if
read. If the householder follows along in his own
                                                           you allow time for the audience to look up
copy of the Bible, his response to what he reads
                                                           scriptures, the benefits will make it worthwhile.
may be even more favorable.
                                                                 HOW TO DO IT
        Show the householder the text as you             in want of heart to turn aside and feed themselves
        read it from the Bible, or invite him to         with wisdom’s bread. Then, with the fear of
        follow along in his own Bible.                   Jehovah, they will be happy even if they have little.
                                                         Many are the blessings of wisdom; greatly
      When speaking in the congregation,
                                                         beneficial are its effects. Wisdom and
      directly invite the audience to look up
                                                         knowledge—these are preliminary fundamentals
      key scriptures, and then allow them
                                                         for thinking ability, the kind that will safeguard us.
      enough time to do this.
                                                         As honey is beneficial and pleasant, so is wisdom.
EXERCISES: On return visits, try the following: (1)
                                                         It is of more value than gold; it is a tree of life.
Hand your Bible to the householder, and ask him if
                                                         People perish without wisdom, for wisdom
he would like to read a certain verse that you have
                                                         preserves life; it means life. —4:7; 1:7, 20-23; 2:6,
already located. (2) Ask the householder if he
                                                         7, 10, 11; 3:13-18, 21-26; 8:1-36; 9:1-6, 10; 10:8;
would like to get his own Bible and read a key
                                                         13:14; 15:16, 24; 16:16, 20-24; 24:13, 14.
                                                                  (3) Besides knowledge and wisdom,
No. 1:                                                   understanding is vital; hence, “with all that you
Proverbs-- Why Beneficial - Part 1                       acquire, acquire understanding." Understanding is
                                                         the ability to see a thing in its connected parts; it
si pp. 109-110 Bible Book Number                         means discernment, always with God in mind, for
20—Proverbs                                              man cannot lean upon his own understanding.
                                                         How utterly impossible to have understanding or
                                                         discernment if one works in opposition to Jehovah!
      The beneficial purpose of Proverbs is stated       To make it our own, we must keenly seek
in the opening verses: “For one to know wisdom           understanding as a hidden treasure. To
and discipline, to discern the sayings of                understand, we must have knowledge. The search
understanding, to receive the discipline that gives      that the understanding one makes for knowledge is
insight, righteousness and judgment and                  rewarded, and wisdom is in front of him. He is
uprightness, to give to the inexperienced ones           safeguarded from this world’s innumerable pitfalls,
shrewdness, to a young man knowledge and                 such as from the countless bad people who might
thinking ability." (1:2-4) In harmony with that stated   try to ensnare one to walk with them in the way of
purpose, the book highlights knowledge, wisdom,          darkness. Thanks be to Jehovah God—the Source
and understanding, each of which is beneficial in        of     life-giving  knowledge,       wisdom,    and
its particular way.                                      understanding!—4:7; 2:3, 4; 3:5; 15:14; 17:24;
        (1) Knowledge is man’s great need, for it is     19:8; 21:30.
not good for man to fall into ignorance. One can               In harmony with the beneficial purpose of
never acquire accurate knowledge without the fear        Proverbs, the book presents an abundance of
of Jehovah, for knowledge starts with that fear.         wise, inspired counsel to help us acquire
Knowledge is to be preferred rather than choice          understanding and safeguard the heart, “for out of
gold. Why? Through knowledge the righteous are           it are the sources of life." (4:23) Following is a
rescued; it holds us back from hastening into sin.       selection of the wise counsel stressed throughout
How we need to search for it, to take it in! Precious    the book.
it is. So “incline your ear and hear the words of the       24
                                                               The wicked and the righteous contrasted: The
wise ones, that you may apply your very heart to
                                                         wicked one will be caught in his crooked ways, and
my knowledge."—22:17; 1:7; 8:10; 11:9; 18:15;
                                                         his treasures will not save him in the day of fury.
19:2; 20:15.
                                                         The righteous one is in line for life and will be
       (2) Wisdom, the ability to use knowledge          rewarded by Jehovah. —2:21, 22; 10:6, 7, 9, 24,
aright to the praise of Jehovah, “is the prime thing."   25, 27-32; 11:3-7, 18-21, 23, 30, 31; 12:2, 3, 7, 28;
Acquire it. Its Source is Jehovah. Life-giving           13:6, 9; 14:2, 11; 15:3, 8, 29; 29:16.
wisdom has its start in knowing and fearing                 25
                                                                The need for clean morals: Solomon warns
Jehovah God—that is the great secret of wisdom.
                                                         continually against immorality. Adulterous persons
So fear God, not man. Wisdom personified issues
                                                         will receive a plague as well as dishonor, and their
a proclamation, urging all to mend their ways.
                                                         reproach will not be wiped out. “Stolen waters” may
Wisdom cries aloud in the very streets. Jehovah
                                                         seem sweet to a youth, but the prostitute descends
calls out to all those inexperienced ones and those
to death and takes her inexperienced victims with          God indicated that woman would possess qualities
her. Those who fall into the deep pit of immorality        that would complement those of man within God’s
are denounced by Jehovah. —2:16-19; 5:1-23;                arrangement. A complement is one of two mutually
6:20-35; 7:4-27; 9:13-18; 22:14; 23:27, 28.                completing parts. Thus women as a group are
   26                                                      outstanding in certain qualities and abilities; men,
      The need for self-control: Drunkenness and
                                                           in others. Compare 1 Corinthians 11:11, 12.)
gluttony are condemned. All who will have God’s
                                                           Gen. 3:16: “To the woman [God] said: ‘ . . . your
approval must practice moderation in eating and
                                                           craving will be for your husband, and he will
drinking. (20:1; 21:17; 23:21, 29-35; 25:16; 31:4, 5)
                                                           dominate you. ’” (This declaration after Adam and
Those who are slow to anger are abundant in
                                                           Eve had sinned was not a statement of what men
discernment and greater than a mighty man that
                                                           should do but of what Jehovah foreknew they
captures a city. (14:17, 29; 15:1, 18; 16:32; 19:11;
                                                           would do now that selfishness had become part of
25:15, 28; 29:11, 22) Self-control is also needed to
                                                           human life. A number of Bible accounts thereafter
avoid envy and jealousy, which is rottenness in
                                                           tell of the very unhappy situations that developed
one’s bones. —14:30; 24:1; 27:4; 28:22.
                                                           because of such selfish domination by men. But
       Wise and unwise use of speech: Crooked              the Bible does not say that God approved of such
speech, the slanderer, the false witness, and the          conduct or that it is an example for others to
falsifier will be uncovered, for they are detestable       follow.)
to Jehovah. (4:24; 6:16-19; 11:13; 12:17, 22; 14:5,
25; 17:4; 19:5, 9; 20:17; 24:28; 25:18) If one’s
mouth speaks good things, it is a source of life; but
the mouth of the foolish person precipitates his
ruin. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
and he that is loving it will eat its fruitage." (18:21)
Slander, deceitful speech, flattery, and hasty
words are condemned. It is the course of wisdom
to speak truth, to honor God. —10:11, 13, 14;
12:13, 14, 18, 19; 13:3; 14:3; 16:27-30; 17:27, 28;
18:6-8, 20; 26:28; 29:20; 31:26.
   The folly of pride and the need for humility: The
proud person elevates himself to a height that he
really does not have, so that he crashes. The
proud in heart are detestable to Jehovah, but he
gives humble ones wisdom, glory, riches, and life.
—3:7; 11:2; 12:9; 13:10; 15:33; 16:5, 18, 19; 18:12;
21:4; 22:4; 26:12; 28:25, 26; 29:23.

No. 2:
(Proverbs 17:1-20)

No. 3:
How Christians View the Elderly

No. 4:
What View of Women Does the Bible Promote?
rs p. 431 Women
Does the Bible downgrade women or treat
them as if they were inferior persons?
                                                           Oct. 30
   Gen. 2:18: “Jehovah God went on to say: ‘It is          Song 9
not good for the man to continue by himself. I am          Bible reading: Proverbs 22-26
going to make a helper for him, as a complement of         Speech Quality: The Importance of Introducing
him. ’” (The man is not here described by God as           Scriptures Effectively (be p. 147 ¶ 1-p. 148 ¶ 2)
being a better person than the woman. Rather,

Oral Review                                            Timothy 3:1-5 with conditions that are familiar to
                                                       you." “Will there ever be an end to suffering and
Speech Quality                                         death? The Bible answer can be found at
The Importance of Introducing Scriptures               Revelation 21:4, 5."
Effectively                                                In a discourse, careful use of questions to
                                                       introduce scriptures can motivate your audience to
be study 20 pp. 147-148 Scriptures Effectively         take a fresh look at texts, even those familiar to
Introduced                                             them. But will they do so? That may depend on
      What do you need to do?                          whether the questions that you raise are of
                                                       genuine concern to them or not. Even when the
      Prepare the minds of your listeners              subject is of interest to the audience, their minds
      before you read a scripture.                     may drift when you are reading texts that they have
      Why is it important?                             heard many times. To prevent that from
                                                       happening, you need to give the matter enough
      An effective introduction to a scripture
                                                       thought to make your presentation appealing.
      can help your audience understand
      the real significance of what the text               Present a Problem. You might present a
      says.                                            problem and then direct attention to a scripture that
                                                       has a bearing on the solution. Do not lead the
   THE Scriptures provide the foundation for           audience to expect more than they will get. Often a
instruction given at our congregation meetings.        scripture provides only part of the solution.
Bible texts are also focal points in what we say in    However, you might ask the audience to consider,
the field ministry. How much these contribute to       while you read the text, what guidance it does give
our discussion, however, depends in part on how        for dealing with the situation.
effectively they are introduced.                       In a similar manner, you might state a principle of
                                                       godly conduct and then use a Bible account to
   More is needed than simply referring to the
                                                       illustrate the wisdom of following it. If a scripture
scripture and inviting someone to read it with you.
                                                       contains two (or perhaps more) specific points
When introducing a scripture, endeavor to
                                                       related to what is being discussed, some speakers
accomplish two objectives: (1) Arouse anticipation,
                                                       ask the audience to watch for these. If a problem
and (2) focus attention on the reason for using the
                                                       appears to be too difficult for a particular audience,
text. These objectives can be attained in a variety
                                                       you can stimulate thought by presenting several
of ways.
                                                       possibilities and then allowing the text and its
   Ask a Question. This is most effective if the       application to provide the answer.
answer is not already obvious to your audience.
Endeavor to phrase the question in a manner that
makes people think. Jesus did this. When the
Pharisees approached him in the temple and
publicly tested his understanding of the Scriptures,
Jesus asked them: “What do you think about the
Christ? Whose son is he?” They replied: “David’s."
Jesus then asked: “How, then, is it that David by
inspiration calls him ‘Lord’?” And with this he
proceeded to quote Psalm 110:1. The Pharisees
were silenced. The crowd, however, listened to
Jesus with pleasure. —Matt. 22:41-46.
    In the field ministry, you might use such
introductory questions as the following: “You and I
have personal names. Does God have a personal
name? We can find the answer at Psalm 83:18."
“Will there ever be one government for all
mankind? Notice how this is answered at Daniel
2:44." “Does the Bible really deal with conditions
that exist in our day? Compare what is stated at 2
Nov. 6                                                the psalms were composed by David and not all of
Song 51                                               the book of Proverbs was written by Solomon. It is
Bible reading: Proverbs 27-31                         also beneficial to know who was being addressed
Speech Quality: Selecting Appropriate Comments        by the Bible writer and what general subject was
to Introduce Scriptures (be p. 148 ¶ 3-p. 149 ¶ 2)    being discussed.
No. 1: Proverbs-Why Beneficial-Part 2 (si pp.
                                                          Use Background Information. This is
110-11 ¶ 29-38)
                                                      especially effective if you can show that
No. 2: Proverbs 28:1-18
                                                      circumstances existing at the time of the Bible
No. 3: Is the Assigning of Headship to Men
                                                      account were similar to those that you are
Demeaning to Women? (rs p. 432 ¶ 1-3)
                                                      discussing. In other instances background
No. 4: Why We Should Not Judge People We Meet
                                                      information is necessary in order to understand a
in the Ministry by Outward Appearances
                                                      particular text. If you were to use Hebrews 9:12, 24
                                                      in a talk on the ransom, for example, you might find
Speech Quality:                                       it necessary to preface your reading of the text with
Selecting Appropriate Comments to Introduce           a brief explanation of the innermost room of the
Scriptures                                            tabernacle, which, the scripture indicates, pictures
be study 20 Scriptures Effectively Introduced         the place Jesus entered when he ascended to
    Cite the Bible as the Authority. If you have      heaven. But do not include so much background
already aroused interest in your subject and stated   material that it overshadows the text that you are
one or more views on some aspect of it, you might     introducing.
introduce a scripture by simply saying: “Note what       To improve the way that you introduce
God’s Word states on this point." This shows why      scriptures, analyze what experienced speakers do.
the material that you are going to read is            Note the different methods that they use. Analyze
authoritative.                                        the effectiveness of these methods. In preparing
   Jehovah used such men as John, Luke, Paul,         your own talks, identify the key scriptures, and give
and Peter to write portions of the Bible. But they    special thought to what each text should
were only writers; Jehovah is the Author.             accomplish. Carefully plan the introduction for
Especially when speaking to people who are not        each one so that it will be used with the most telling
students of the Holy Scriptures, introducing a text   effect. Later, widen out to include all of the texts
by saying “Peter wrote” or “Paul said” may not        that you use. As this aspect of your presentation
have the same force as an introduction that           improves, you will be focusing greater attention on
identifies the text as the word of God. It is         the Word of God.
noteworthy that in certain instances, Jehovah                HOW TO DO IT
instructed Jeremiah to introduce proclamations by           When selecting a method that will
saying: “Hear the word of Jehovah." (Jer. 7:2;              arouse interest, take into account what
17:20; 19:3; 22:2) Whether we use Jehovah’s                 your audience already knows and how
name in introducing scriptures or not, before we            they feel about the subject.
conclude our discussion, we should endeavor to
point out that what is in the Bible is his word.            Be sure that you know what is to be
                                                            accomplished by each text, and let
    Take the Context Into Account. You should               your introductory comments reflect
be aware of the context when deciding how to                that.
introduce a scripture. In some cases you will
directly mention the context; however, context may    EXERCISE: Select a scripture that you believe you
in other ways influence what you say. For instance,     can use effectively in your territory. Plan (1)
would you introduce the words of God-fearing Job        what question or problem you will present to
in the same way that you would a statement made         arouse anticipation on the part of the
by one of his false comforters? The book of Acts        householder and (2) how you will focus
was written by Luke, but he quotes, among others,       attention on your reason for reading the text.
James, Peter, Paul, Philip, Stephen, and angels,
as well as Gamaliel and other Jews who were not
Christians. To whom will you ascribe the text that
you quote? Remember, for example, that not all of

No. 1:                                                   course, but Jehovah must direct his steps. The
Proverbs-- Why Beneficial Part 2                         name of Jehovah is a strong tower, into which the
si pp. 110-111 Bible Book Number                         righteous run and gain protection. Hope in
20—Proverbs                                              Jehovah and go to his Word for guidance. —3:1, 5,
   29                                                    6; 16:1-9; 18:10; 20:22; 28:25, 26; 30:5, 6.
       Diligence, not slothfulness: Many are the
descriptions of a lazy person. He should go to the             How beneficial for teaching and disciplining
ant for a lesson and become wise. Ah, but the            ourselves and others is the book of Proverbs! No
diligent one—he will prosper!—1:32; 6:6-11; 10:4,        phase of human relationship seems to be
5, 26; 12:24; 13:4; 15:19; 18:9; 19:15, 24; 20:4, 13;    overlooked. Is there a person who isolates himself
21:25, 26; 22:13; 24:30-34; 26:13-16; 31:24, 25.         from his fellow worshipers of God? (18:1) Is one in
   30                                                    a high position coming to conclusions before
      Right association: It is folly to associate with
                                                         hearing both sides of a matter? (18:17) Is one a
those who do not fear Jehovah, with wicked or
                                                         dangerous practical joker? (26:18, 19) Does one
stupid ones, with hot-tempered people, with
                                                         tend to be partial? (28:21) The tradesman in his
talebearers, or with gluttons. Rather, associate
                                                         store, the farmer in his field, the husband and wife
with wise persons, and you will become still wiser.
                                                         and child—all receive wholesome instruction.
—1:10-19; 4:14-19; 13:20; 14:7; 20:19; 22:24, 25;
                                                         Parents are helped so they can expose the many
                                                         snares lurking in the path of youth. Wise ones can
     Need for reproof and correction: “The one           teach the inexperienced ones. The proverbs are
whom Jehovah loves he reproves,” and those who           practical wherever we live; the book’s instruction
pay heed to this discipline are on the way to glory      and counsel never go out of date: “The book of
and life. He who hates reproof will come to              Proverbs,” once said American educator William
dishonor. —3:11, 12; 10:17; 12:1; 13:18; 15:5,           Lyon Phelps, “is more up to date than this
31-33; 17:10; 19:25; 29:1.                               morning’s newspaper." Up-to-date, practical, and
      Counsel on being a good wife: Repeatedly           beneficial for teaching is the book of Proverbs
the Proverbs warn against a wife’s being                 because it is inspired of God.
contentious and acting shamefully. The discreet,               Being beneficial for setting things straight, the
capable God-fearing wife has the law of                  book of Proverbs, spoken largely by Solomon,
loving-kindness on her tongue; whoever finds such        turns men to Almighty God. So, too, did Jesus
a wife gets goodwill from Jehovah. —12:4; 18:22;         Christ, the one referred to at Matthew 12:42 as
19:13, 14; 21:9, 19; 27:15, 16; 31:10-31.                “something more than Solomon."
       The rearing of children: Teach them God’s            How thankful we can be that this preeminently
commandments regularly so that they “do not              wise One is Jehovah’s choice as the Kingdom
forget." Bring them up from infancy in the               Seed! His throne it is that “will be firmly established
instruction of Jehovah. Do not spare the rod when        by righteousness itself,” for a peaceful reign far
it is needed; as an expression of love, the rod and      more glorious than even that of King Solomon.
reproof give a boy wisdom. Those who rear                Concerning that Kingdom rule, it will be said,
children God’s way will have wise children who will      “Loving-kindness and trueness—they safeguard
bring rejoicing and much pleasure to father and          the king; and by loving-kindness he has sustained
mother. —4:1-9; 13:24; 17:21; 22:6, 15; 23:13, 14,       his throne." That will open up an eternity of
22, 24, 25; 29:15, 17.                                   righteous government for mankind, concerning
                                                         which the Proverbs also say: “Where a king is
      Responsibility to help others: This is often       judging the lowly ones in trueness, his throne will
stressed in the Proverbs. The wise one must              be firmly established for all time." Thus, we come
spread knowledge about for the benefit of others. A      to appreciate with joy that the Proverbs not only
person must also be generous in showing favor to         light our pathway to knowledge, wisdom, and
those of little means, and in doing so, he is really     understanding, as well as to everlasting life, but,
lending to Jehovah, who guarantees repayment.            more important, they magnify Jehovah as the
—11:24-26; 15:7; 19:17; 24:11, 12; 28:27.                Source of true wisdom, which he dispenses
     Reliance upon Jehovah: Proverbs gets to the         through Christ Jesus, the Kingdom Heir. Proverbs
heart of our problems in counseling that we put          adds much to our appreciation of God’s Kingdom
complete trust in God. We must take notice of            and the righteous principles by which it now
Jehovah in all our ways. A man may plan his              governs. —Prov. 25:5; 16:12; 20:28; 29:14.

                                                   Jehovah refers to his own organization of loyal
No. 2:                                             spirit creatures as a woman, his wife, the mother of
(Proverbs 28:1-18)                                 his sons. (Rev. 12:1; Gal. 4:26) Also, the
                                                   spirit-anointed congregation of Jesus Christ is
No. 3:                                             spoken of as his bride. (Rev. 19:7; 21:2, 9) And
Is the Assigning of Headship to Men                from a spiritual standpoint there is no distinction
Demeaning to Women?                                between male and female among those called to
rs p. 432 Women                                    share in the heavenly Kingdom with Christ. —Gal.
     Is the assigning of headship to men
     demeaning to women?                           No. 4:
     Being under headship is not in itself         Why We Should Not Judge People We Meet in
     demeaning. Headship contributes to            the Ministry by Outward Appearances
     the handling of matters in an orderly
     arrangement, and Jehovah is “a God,
     not of disorder, but of peace." (1 Cor.
     14:33) Jesus Christ is under the
     headship of Jehovah God, and he
     finds great satisfaction in that
     relationship. —John 5:19, 20; 8:29; 1
     Cor. 15:27, 28.
      A relative headship is also assigned to
      man, particularly in the family and in
      the Christian congregation. God has
      not given to man absolute authority
      over woman; man must answer to his
      head, Jesus Christ, and to God for the
      way that he exercises such headship.
      (1 Cor. 11:3) Furthermore, husbands
      are commanded “to be loving their
      wives as their own bodies” and to
      ‘assign honor’ to their wives. (Eph.
      5:28; 1 Pet. 3:7) The sexual needs of a
      husband are not put above those of his
      wife in God’s arrangement for married
      couples. (1 Cor. 7:3, 4) The role of a
      capable wife, as outlined in the Bible,
      emphasizes her value to the
      household and the community. It
      allows a broad field in which she can
      use initiative while demonstrating her
      appreciation for her husband’s
      headship. (Prov. 31:10-31) The Bible
      commands children to honor not only
      their father but their mother as well.
      (Eph. 6:1-3) It also gives special
      attention to caring for the needs of
      widows. (Jas. 1:27) Thus among true
      Christians, women can find great
      security,     true   appreciation      for
      themselves as individuals, and
      personal satisfaction in their activity.
The dignity of woman’s position in God’s
arrangement is further shown by the fact that
Nov. 13                                                       Writer: Solomon
Song 25                                                       Place Written: Jerusalem
Bible reading:         Ecclesiastes 1-6
                                                              Writing Completed: Before 1000 B. C. E.
Speech Quality: Proper Emphasis Involves
Feeling (be p. 150 ¶ 1-2)                                 THE book of Ecclesiastes was written for a lofty
No. 1: Introduction to Ecclesiastes (si pp. 112-13 ¶   purpose. Solomon, as leader of a people dedicated
1-8)                                                   to Jehovah, had the responsibility to hold them
No. 2: Ecclesiastes 5:1-15                             together in faithfulness to their dedication. He
No. 3: How Are Bible Truths Hidden From the Wise       sought to fulfill this responsibility by means of the
and Intellectual Ones? (Matt. 11:25)                   wise counsel of Ecclesiastes.
No. 4: Should Women Be Ministers? (rs p. 432 ¶
4-p. 433 ¶ 1)                                                In Ecclesiastes 1:1 he refers to himself as “the
                                                       congregator." The word in the Hebrew language is
Speech Quality:                                        Qoheleth, and in the Hebrew Bible, the book is
Proper Emphasis Involves Feeling                       given that name. The Greek Septuagint gives the
                                                       title as Ekklesiastes, meaning “a member of an
be study 21 p. 150 Scriptures Read With Proper         ecclesia (congregation; assembly),” from which is
Emphasis                                               derived the English name Ecclesiastes. However,
                                                       Qoheleth is more aptly translated “The
      What do you need to do?
                                                       Congregator,” and this is also a more fitting
      Emphasize words and expressions                  designation for Solomon. It conveys Solomon’s
      that highlight your line of reasoning.           purpose in writing the book.
      Read with appropriate feeling.                      3
                                                              In what sense was King Solomon a
      Why is it important?                             congregator, and to what did he do congregating?
      The full force of scriptures that are            He was a congregator of his people, the Israelites,
      read is made to stand out with proper            and of their companions, the temporary residents.
      emphasis.                                        He congregated all of these to the worship of his
                                                       God, Jehovah. Previously he had built Jehovah’s
   WHEN you speak to others about God’s                temple in Jerusalem, and at its dedication he had
purposes, whether privately or from the platform,      called together, or congregated, all of them to the
your discussion should center on what is in God’s      worship of God. (1 Ki. 8:1) Now, by means of
Word. This usually involves reading scriptures         Ecclesiastes, he sought to congregate his people
from the Bible, which ought to be done well.           to worthwhile works and away from the vain,
Proper Emphasis Involves Feeling. Scriptures           fruitless works of this world. —Eccl. 12:8-10.
should be read with feeling. Consider some                  Though Solomon is not specifically named,
examples. When you read Psalm 37:11 aloud,             several passages are quite conclusive in
your voice should convey happy anticipation of the     establishing him as the writer. The congregator
peace that is promised there. When you read            introduces himself as “the son of David” who
Revelation 21:4 regarding the end of suffering and     “happened to be king over Israel in Jerusalem."
death, your voice should reflect warm appreciation     This could apply only to King Solomon, for his
for the marvelous relief that is being foretold.       successors in Jerusalem were kings over Judah
Revelation 18:2, 4, 5, with its appeal to get out of   only. Moreover, as the congregator writes: “I
sin-laden “Babylon the Great,” ought to be read        myself have greatly increased in wisdom more
with a tone of urgency. Of course, the feeling         than anyone that happened to be before me in
expressed should be heartfelt but not overdone.        Jerusalem, and my own heart saw a great deal of
The proper amount of emotion is determined by          wisdom and knowledge." (1:1, 12, 16) This fits
the text itself and by the way it is being used.       Solomon. Ecclesiastes 12:9 tells us that “he
                                                       pondered and made a thorough search, that he
No. 1:                                                 might arrange many proverbs in order." King
Introduction To Ecclesiastes                           Solomon spoke 3,000 proverbs. (1 Ki. 4:32)
                                                       Ecclesiastes 2:4-9 tells of the writer’s building
 si pp. 112-113         Bible    Book      Number      program; vineyards, gardens and parks; irrigation
21—Ecclesiastes                                        system; arrangement of menservants and

maidservants; accumulation of silver and gold; and        No. 2:
other accomplishments. All of this was true of            (Ecclesiastes 5:1-15)
Solomon. When the queen of Sheba saw
Solomon’s wisdom and prosperity, she said: “I had         No. 3:
not been told the half."—1 Ki. 10:7.                      How Are Bible Truths Hidden From the Wise
   5                                                      and Intellectual Ones? (Matt. 11:25)
     The book identifies Jerusalem as the place of
writing in saying that the congregator was king “in
                                                          No. 4:
Jerusalem." The time must have been before the
                                                          Should Women Be Ministers?
year 1000 B. C. E. , well along in Solomon’s
                                                          rs p. 432 - p. 433 Women
40-year reign, after he had engaged in the
numerous pursuits referred to in the book but                 Those charged with oversight of a congregation
before his fall into idolatry. By then he would have      are described in the Bible as being males. The 12
gained extensive knowledge of this world’s                apostles of Jesus Christ were all males, and those
occupations and its striving after material gains. At     later appointed to be overseers and ministerial
the time he would still have been in God’s favor          servants in Christian congregations were males.
and under His inspiration.                                (Matt. 10:1-4; 1 Tim. 3:2, 12) Women are
   6                                                      counseled to “learn in silence with full
      How can we be sure that Ecclesiastes is
                                                          submissiveness” at congregation meetings, in that
“inspired of God”? Some may query its inspiration
                                                          they do not raise questions challenging the men in
in that it does not once mention the divine name,
                                                          the congregation. The women are ‘not to speak’ at
Jehovah. However, it certainly advocates the true
                                                          such meetings if what they might say would
worship of God, and it repeatedly uses the
                                                          demonstrate lack of subjection. (1 Tim. 2:11, 12; 1
expression haElohim, “the true God." Another
                                                          Cor. 14:33, 34) Thus, although women make
objection may be raised because there are no
                                                          valuable contributions to the activity of the
direct quotations from Ecclesiastes in the other
                                                          congregation, there is no provision for them to
Bible books. However, the teachings presented
                                                          preside, or to take the lead by instructing the
and the principles laid down in the book are entirely
                                                          congregation, when qualified men are present.
in harmony with the remainder of the Scriptures.
                                                          But may women be preachers, proclaimers,
Clarke’s Commentary, Volume III, page 799,
                                                          ministers of the good news, outside the
states: “The book, entitled Koheleth, or
                                                          congregation meetings? At Pentecost of 33 C. E.
Ecclesiastes, has ever been received, both by the
                                                          holy spirit was poured out on both men and
Jewish and Christian Church, as written under the
                                                          women. In explanation, the apostle Peter quoted
inspiration of the Almighty; and was held to be
                                                          Joel 2:28, 29, saying: “‘In the last days,’ God says,
properly a part of the sacred canon."
                                                          ‘I shall pour out some of my spirit upon every sort
     Worldly-wise “higher critics” have claimed that      of flesh, and your sons and your daughters will
Ecclesiastes is not Solomon’s writing or a genuine        prophesy and your young men will see visions and
part of “all Scripture,” saying that its language and     your old men will dream dreams; and even upon
its philosophy are of a later date. They ignore the       my men slaves and upon my women slaves I will
fund of information that Solomon would have               pour out some of my spirit in those days, and they
accumulated through his progressive development           will prophesy. ’” (Acts 2:17, 18) In like manner
of international trade and industry, as well as from      today, women properly share in the Christian
traveling dignitaries and other contacts with the         ministry, preaching from house to house and
outside world. (1 Ki. 4:30, 34; 9:26-28; 10:1, 23,        conducting home Bible studies. —See also Psalm
24) As F. C. Cook in his Bible Commentary,                68:11; Philippians 4:2, 3.
Volume IV, page 622, writes: “The daily
occupations and chosen pursuits of the great
Hebrew king must have carried him far out of the
sphere of ordinary Hebrew life, thought and
   However, are outside sources really needed to
argue the canonicity of Ecclesiastes? An
examination of the book itself will reveal not only its
inward harmony but also its harmony with the rest
of the Scriptures, of which it is indeed a part.
Nov. 20                                                 primary emphasis to “declared righteous” instead
Song 37                                                 of to “works” might cause some who hear you to
Bible reading: Ecclesiastes 7-12                        miss the point.
Speech Quality: Emphasize the Right Words (be           Another helpful example can be found at Romans
p. 150 ¶ 3-p. 151 ¶ 2)                                  15:7-13. This is part of a letter written by the
No. 1: Ecclesiastes-Why Beneficial (si p. 114 ¶         apostle Paul to a congregation made up of both
15-19)                                                  Gentiles and natural Jews. Here the apostle
No. 2: Ecclesiastes 9:1-12                              argues that the ministry of Christ benefits not only
No. 3: Why Do Christian Women Wear Head                 circumcised Jews but also people of the nations so
Coverings on Certain Occasions? (rs p. 433 ¶ 2-p.       that “the nations might glorify God for his mercy."
434 ¶1)                                                 Then Paul quotes four scriptures, drawing
No. 4: What Is Wrong With Jealousy?                     attention to that opportunity for the nations. How
                                                        should you read those quotations in order to
Speech Quality                                          emphasize the point that Paul had in mind? If you
Emphasize the Right Words                               are marking expressions to stress, you might
be study 21 pp. 150-151 Scriptures Read With            highlight “the nations” in verse 9, “you nations” in
Proper Emphasis                                         verse 10, “all you nations” and “all the peoples” in
                                                        verse 11, and “nations” in verse 12. Try reading
    Emphasize the Right Words. If your                  Romans 15:7-13 with that emphasis. As you do so,
comments on a certain verse are built around just a     Paul’s entire line of argument will become clearer
portion of it, you should highlight that portion when   and easier to grasp.
reading the text. For example, when reading
Matthew 6:33, you would not give primary stress to      No. 1:
“his righteousness” or to “all these other things” if   Ecclesiastes -- Why Beneficial
you intend to analyze what is meant by “seeking
first the kingdom."                                     si p. 114 Bible Book Number 21—Ecclesiastes
   In a talk on the Service Meeting, you may plan       WHY BENEFICIAL
to read Matthew 28:19. What words should you
emphasize? If you want to encourage diligence in                 Far from being a book of pessimism,
starting home Bible studies, stress “make               Ecclesiastes is studded with bright gems of divine
disciples." On the other hand, if you plan to discuss   wisdom.        When       enumerating     the     many
the Christian’s responsibility to share Bible truth     accomplishments that he labels vanity, Solomon
with an immigrant population or you want to             does not include the building of Jehovah’s temple
encourage certain publishers to serve where the         on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, nor the pure
need is greater, you might stress “people of all the    worship of Jehovah. He does not describe God’s
nations."                                               gift of life as vanity, but he shows that it was for the
                                                        purpose of man’s rejoicing and doing good. (3:12,
   Frequently, a scripture is presented in answer to    13; 5:18-20; 8:15) The calamitous occupations are
a question or in support of an argument that others     those that ignore God. A father may lay up wealth
view as controversial. If every thought expressed       for his son, but a disaster destroys all and nothing
in the text is emphasized equally, your audience        remains for him. Far better it would be to provide
may fail to see the connection. The point may be        an enduring inheritance of spiritual riches. It is
obvious to you but not to them.                         calamitous to possess an abundance and not be
   For example, when reading Psalm 83:18 from a         able to enjoy it. Calamity overtakes all the worldly
Bible that contains the divine name, if you put all     rich when they “go away” in death, with nothing in
the emphasis on the expression “the Most High,” a       their hand. —5:13-15; 6:1, 2.
householder may fail to grasp the seemingly                16
                                                              At Matthew 12:42, Christ Jesus referred to
obvious fact that God has a personal name. You          himself as “something more than Solomon." Since
should stress the name “Jehovah." However, when         Solomon pictured Jesus, do we find the words of
you are using that same scripture in a discussion of    Solomon in the book Qoheleth to be in harmony
Jehovah’s sovereignty, you should give primary          with the teachings of Jesus? We find many
emphasis to the expression “the Most High."             parallels! For example, Jesus underlined the
Likewise, when using James 2:24 to show the             extensive scope of the work of God in saying, “My
importance of coupling faith with action, giving        Father has kept working until now, and I keep
working." (John 5:17) Solomon also refers to God’s        Why Do Christian Women Wear Head
works: “And I saw all the work of the true God, how       Coverings on Certain Occasions?
mankind are not able to find out the work that has        rs p. 433 - p. 434 Women
been done under the sun; however much mankind
                                                              1 Cor. 11:3-10: “The head of every man is the
keep working hard to seek, yet they do not find out.
                                                          Christ; in turn the head of a woman is the man; in
And even if they should say they are wise enough
                                                          turn the head of the Christ is God. . . . Every
to know, they would be unable to find out."—Eccl.
                                                          woman that prays or prophesies with her head
                                                          uncovered shames her head . . . For a man ought
      Both Jesus and Solomon encouraged true              not to have his head covered, as he is God’s image
worshipers to congregate. (Matt. 18:20; Eccl.             and glory; but the woman is man’s glory. For man
4:9-12; 5:1) Jesus’ comments on “the conclusion of        is not out of woman, but woman out of man; and,
the system of things” and “the appointed times of         what is more, man was not created for the sake of
the nations” are in harmony with the statement by         the woman, but woman for the sake of the man.
Solomon that “for everything there is an appointed        That is why the woman ought to have a sign of
time, even a time for every affair under the              authority upon her head because of the angels."
heavens."—Matt. 24:3; Luke 21:24; Eccl. 3:1.              (When a Christian woman wears a head covering
   18                                                     on appropriate occasions, this is an evidence of
       Above all, Jesus and his disciples join with
                                                          her respect for the headship arrangement that was
Solomon in warning of the pitfalls of materialism.
                                                          instituted by God. Christ respects theocratic
Wisdom is the true protection, for it “preserves
                                                          headship; man and woman are also obligated to do
alive its owners,” says Solomon. “Keep on, then,
                                                          so. The first man, Adam, was not produced by birth
seeking first the kingdom and his righteousness,
                                                          from a woman but was created by God. When
and all these other things will be added to you,”
                                                          creating Eve, God used a rib from Adam as a
says Jesus. (Eccl. 7:12; Matt. 6:33) At Ecclesiastes
                                                          foundation, and God stated that she was to be a
5:10 it is written: “A mere lover of silver will not be
                                                          helper for Adam. Thus to man, who was produced
satisfied with silver, neither any lover of wealth with
                                                          first, was assigned the position of head. The man
income. This too is vanity." Very similar is the
                                                          does not wear a head covering when ‘praying or
counsel that Paul gives at 1 Timothy 6:6-19 that
                                                          prophesying’ because, in regard to headship, man
“the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious
                                                          is “God’s image,” having no earthly head in matters
things." There are similar parallel passages on
                                                          relating to his family. However, for a woman to
other points of Bible instruction. —Eccl. 3:17—Acts
                                                          ‘pray or prophesy’ without a head covering would
17:31; Eccl. 4:1—Jas. 5:4; Eccl. 5:1, 2—Jas. 1:19;
                                                          show disrespect for man’s God-assigned position
Eccl. 6:12—Jas. 4:14; Eccl. 7:20—Rom. 3:23;
                                                          and would shame him. Even the angels, who are
Eccl. 8:17—Rom. 11:33.
19                                                        members of Jehovah’s wifelike heavenly
   The Kingdom rule of God’s beloved Son, Jesus
                                                          organization, observe the “sign of authority” worn
Christ, who in the flesh was a descendant of wise
                                                          by faithful Christian women and are reminded of
King Solomon, will establish a new earthly society.
                                                          their own subjection to Jehovah.)
(Rev. 21:1-5) What Solomon wrote for the
guidance of his subjects in his typical kingdom is of            When is it necessary for a woman to
vital interest to all who now put their hope in God’s            wear a head covering?
Kingdom under Christ Jesus. Under its rule                When she “prays or prophesies,” as stated at 1
mankind will live by the same wise principles that        Corinthians 11:5. This does not mean that a head
the congregator set forth and will rejoice eternally      covering is needed when she prays privately or
in God’s gift of happy life. Now is the time to be        when she converses with others about Bible
congregated in Jehovah’s worship, in order to             prophecy. However, she should wear such a head
realize to the full the joys of life under his Kingdom.   covering as an outward sign of her respect for
—Eccl. 3:12, 13; 12:13, 14.                               man’s headship when she cares for matters
                                                          pertaining to worship that would ordinarily be cared
No. 2:                                                    for by her husband or by another man. If she prays
(Ecclesiastes 9:1-12)                                     aloud on behalf of herself and others or conducts a
                                                          formal Bible study, thus doing the teaching, in the
                                                          presence of her husband, she should wear a head
No. 3:                                                    covering, even if he does not share her faith. But
                                                          since she is divinely authorized to teach her

children, no head covering is needed when praying
or studying with her undedicated young ones at
times when her husband is not present. If, in an
exceptional circumstance, a dedicated male
member of the congregation is present or when
she is accompanied by a visiting traveling
overseer, then, when she conducts a prearranged
Bible study, she should cover her head, but he
should offer the prayer.

No. 4:
What Is Wrong With Jealousy?

Nov. 27                                                 Tone of voice. In some languages, words may
Song 11                                              at times be read in a tone that influences their
Bible reading: Song of Solomon 1-8                   meaning and sets them apart. Here, too, discretion
Speech Quality: Methods of Emphasis (be p. 151       should be exercised, especially in using sarcasm.
¶ 3-p. 152 ¶ 5)
                                                        When Others Read Texts. When a
No. 1: Introduction to Song of Solomon and Why
                                                     householder reads a scripture, he may stress the
Beneficial (si pp. 115-17 ¶ 1-4, 16-18)
                                                     wrong words or none at all. What can you do then?
No. 2: Song of Solomon 7:1-8:4
                                                     Generally it is best to make the meaning clear by
No. 3: Why Should Christians Be Neat, Clean, and
                                                     your application of the texts. After making the
Modest In Their Dress?
                                                     application, you might focus special attention
No. 4: Is It Proper for Women to Use Cosmetics or
                                                     directly on the thought-carrying words in the Bible.
Wear Jewelry? (rs p. 435 ¶ 1-3)
                                                           HOW TO CULTIVATE THE USE OF
Speech Quality:                                            EMPHASIS
Methods of Emphasis
be study 21 Scriptures Read With Proper                    Regarding any scripture that you plan
Emphasis                                                   to read, ask yourself: ‘What feeling or
                                                           emotion do these words express? How
   Methods of Emphasis. The thought-carrying               should I convey it?’
words that you want to stand out may be stressed
in a number of ways. The means that you use                Analyze texts that you plan to use.
should be in keeping with the scripture and the            Regarding each one, ask yourself:
setting of the talk. A few suggestions are offered         ‘What purpose will this text serve?
here.                                                      Which words need to be emphasized
                                                           in order to achieve that purpose?’
   Voice stress. This involves any change in voice
that makes the thought-carrying words stand out      EXERCISES: (1) Analyze a scripture that you plan
from the rest of the sentence. The emphasis may        to use in the field service. Practice reading it
be achieved by a change in volume—either by            with appropriate feeling. Having in mind the way
increasing it or by decreasing it. In many             that you plan to use the text, read it aloud with
languages, a change in pitch adds emphasis. In         emphasis on the correct word(s). (2) In a current
some languages, however, that may change the           study publication, select one paragraph that
meaning altogether. When a slower pace is used         contains quoted scriptures. Analyze how the
for key expressions, this adds weight to them. In      scriptures are being used. Mark the
languages that do not permit voice stress as a         thought-conveying words. Read the entire
means of emphasizing certain words, it will be         paragraph aloud in a manner that gives proper
necessary to do whatever is customary in that          emphasis to the scriptures.
language in order to obtain the desired results.
                                                     No. 1:
   Pausing. This may be done before or after         Introduction To Song of Solomon & Why
reading the key portion of a scripture—or both.      Beneficial
Pausing immediately before you read a main           si p. 115 Bible Book Number 22—The Song of
thought creates anticipation; pausing afterward      Solomon
deepens the impression made. However, if there
are too many pauses, nothing will stand out.               Writer: Solomon
   Repetition. You can place emphasis on a                 Place Written: Jerusalem
particular point by interrupting yourself and
rereading the word or phrase. A method that is             Writing Completed: c. 1020 B. C. E.
often preferable is to complete the text and then
repeat the key expression.                                “THE whole world was not worthy of the day in
                                                     which this sublime Song was given to Israel." Thus
   Gestures. Body movement as well as facial         the Jewish “rabbi” Akiba, who lived in the first
expression can often add emotion to a word or a      century of the Common Era, expressed his
phrase.                                              appreciation for The Song of Solomon. The book’s
                                                     title is a contraction of the opening words, “The
                                                     superlative song, which is Solomon’s." According
to the Hebrew word-for-word text, it is the “Song of    said: “You are searching the Scriptures, because
the songs,” denoting superlative excellence,            you think that by means of them you will have
similar to the expression “heavens of the heavens,”     everlasting life." (John 5:39) Moreover, its powerful
for the highest heavens. (Deut. 10:14) It is not a      portrayal of the exquisite quality of mutual love,
collection of songs but one song, “a song of the        such as exists, in a spiritual sense, between Christ
utmost perfection, one of the best that existed, or     and his “bride,” marks The Song of Solomon for its
had ever been penned."                                  unique place in the Bible canon. —Rev. 19:7, 8;
   2                                                    21:9.
     King Solomon of Jerusalem was the writer of
this song, as is borne out by its introduction. He
                                                        si p. 117 Bible Book Number 22—The Song of
was highly qualified to write this supremely
beautiful example of Hebrew poetry. (1 Ki. 4:32) It
is an idyllic poem loaded with meaning and most         WHY BENEFICIAL
colorful in its description of beauty. The reader who      16
                                                              What lessons are taught in this song of love
can visualize the Oriental setting will appreciate
                                                        that the man of God might find beneficial today?
this still more. (Song of Sol. 4:11, 13; 5:11; 7:4)
                                                        Faithfulness, loyalty, and integrity to godly
The occasion for its writing was a unique one. The
                                                        principles are clearly shown. The song teaches the
great king Solomon, glorious in wisdom, mighty in
                                                        beauty of virtue and innocence in a true lover. It
power, and dazzling in the luster of his material
                                                        teaches that genuine love remains unconquerable,
wealth, which evoked the admiration even of the
                                                        inextinguishable, unpurchasable. Young Christian
queen of Sheba, could not impress a simple
                                                        men and women as well as husbands and wives
country girl with whom he fell in love. Because of
                                                        can benefit from this fitting example of integrity
the constancy of her love for a shepherd boy, the
                                                        when temptations arise and allurements present
king lost out. The book, therefore, could rightly be
called The Song of Solomon’s Frustrated Love.
Jehovah God inspired him to compose this song                 But this inspired song is also most beneficial
for the benefit of Bible readers of the ages to         for the Christian congregation as a whole. It was
follow. He wrote it in Jerusalem. Perhaps this was      recognized as part of the inspired Scriptures by the
about 1020 B. C. E. , some years after the temple       Christians of the first century, one of whom wrote:
had been completed. By the time he wrote the            “All the things that were written aforetime were
song, Solomon had “sixty queens and eighty              written for our instruction, that through our
concubines,” compared with “seven hundred               endurance and through the comfort from the
wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines”        Scriptures we might have hope." (Rom. 15:4) This
at the end of his reign. —Song of Sol. 6:8; 1 Ki.       same inspired writer, Paul, could well have had in
11:3.                                                   mind the Shulammite girl’s exclusive love for her
   3                                                    shepherd when he wrote to the Christian
     The canonicity of The Song of Solomon was
                                                        congregation: “For I am jealous over you with a
wholly unchallenged in early times. It was regarded
                                                        godly jealousy, for I personally promised you in
as an integral and inspired portion of the Hebrew
                                                        marriage to one husband that I might present you
canon long before the Common Era. It was
                                                        as a chaste virgin to the Christ." Paul also wrote of
embodied in the Greek Septuagint. Josephus
                                                        the love of Christ for the congregation as that of a
inserted it in his catalog of the sacred books.
                                                        husband for a wife. (2 Cor. 11:2; Eph. 5:23-27) Not
Therefore, it has the same evidence for its
                                                        only is Jesus Christ the Fine Shepherd for them but
canonicity as is commonly adduced for any other
                                                        he is also their King who holds out to his anointed
book of the Hebrew Scriptures.
4                                                       followers the indescribable joy of “marriage” with
  Some, however, have questioned the book’s
                                                        him in the heavens. —Rev. 19:9; John 10:11.
canonicity on the ground that there is no reference     18
                                                            Certainly these anointed followers of Christ
to God in it. The absence of any mention of God
                                                        Jesus can benefit much from the example of the
would not disqualify the book any more than the
                                                        Shulammite girl. They also must be loyal in their
mere presence of the word “God” would make it
                                                        love, unenticed by the materialistic glitter of the
canonical. The divine name does appear in its
                                                        world, keeping balance in their integrity clear
abbreviated form at chapter 8, verse 6, where love
                                                        through to the attainment of the reward. They have
is said to be “the flame of Jah." The book
                                                        their minds set on the things above and ‘seek first
unquestionably forms a part of those writings to
                                                        the Kingdom. ’ They welcome the loving
which Jesus Christ referred with approval when he
                                                        endearments of their Shepherd, Jesus Christ.
They are overjoyed in knowing that this dear one,         Prov. 31:30: “Charm may be false, and prettiness
though unseen, is close beside them, calling on           may be vain; but the woman that fears Jehovah is
them to take courage and conquer the world.               the one that procures praise for herself."
Having that unquenchable love, as strong as “the
flame of Jah,” for their Shepherd King, they will
indeed overcome and be united with him as fellow
heirs in the glorious Kingdom of the heavens. Thus
will Jah’s name be sanctified!—Matt. 6:33; John

No. 2:
(Song of Solomon 7:1-8:4)

No. 3:
Why Should Christians Be Neat, Clean, and
Modest In Their Dress?

No. 4:
Is it proper for women to wear cosmetics or

rs p. 435 Women
   1 Pet. 3:3, 4: “Do not let your adornment be that
of the external braiding of the hair and of the
putting on of gold ornaments or the wearing of
outer garments, but let it be the secret person of
the heart in the incorruptible apparel of the quiet
and mild spirit, which is of great value in the eyes of
God." (Does this mean that women should wear no
ornaments? Certainly not; just as it obviously does
not mean that they should not wear outer
garments. But they are here encouraged to be
balanced in their attitude regarding grooming and
dress, putting the primary emphasis on spiritual
   1 Tim. 2:9, 10: “I desire the women to adorn
themselves in well-arranged dress, with modesty
and soundness of mind, not with styles of hair
braiding and gold or pearls or very expensive garb,
but in the way that befits women professing to
reverence God, namely, through good works."
(What really counts with God—one’s outward
appearance or one’s heart condition? Would God
be pleased if a woman wore no cosmetics or
jewelry but lived immorally? Or would he approve
women who are modest and sound in mind in their
use of cosmetics and jewelry and who primarily
adorn themselves with godly qualities and
Christian conduct? Jehovah says: “Not the way
man sees is the way God sees, because mere man
sees what appears to the eyes; but as for Jehovah,
he sees what the heart is."—1 Sam. 16:7.)

Dec. 4                                                further and to bring in more money. We do not
Song 90                                               adulterate the Word of God by mixing it with human
Bible reading: Isaiah 1-5                             philosophies. “We are not peddlers of the word of
Speech Quality: Scriptures Correctly Applied (be      God as many men are,” Paul declared, “but as out
p. 153 ¶ 1-p. 154 ¶ 3)                                of sincerity, yes, as sent from God, under God’s
No. 1: Introduction to Isaiah (si pp. 118-19 ¶ 1-8)   view, in company with Christ, we are speaking."—2
No. 2: Isaiah 3:1-15                                  Cor. 2:17; 4:2.
No. 3: Will the World Be Destroyed by Fire? (rs p.
                                                         At times, you may quote a scripture to highlight
436 ¶ 1-2)
                                                      a principle. The Bible is filled with principles that
No. 4: * Why Christians Should Be "Slow About
                                                      provide sound guidance in dealing with a wide
Wrath" (Jas. 1:19)
                                                      variety of situations. (2 Tim. 3:16, 17) But you
                                                      should make sure that your application is accurate
Speech Quality                                        and that you are not misusing a scripture, making it
Scriptures Correctly Applied                          appear to say what you want it to say. (Ps. 91:11,
be study 22 pp. 153-154                               12; Matt. 4:5, 6) The application must be in
     What do you need to do?                          harmony with Jehovah’s purpose, consistent with
      Make sure that any application of a             the entire Word of God.
      scripture is in harmony with the context            “Handling the word of the truth aright” also
      and with the Bible as a whole. The              includes getting the spirit of what the Bible says. It
      application should also be in harmony           is not a “club” with which to browbeat others.
      with what has been published by “the            Religious teachers who opposed Jesus Christ
      faithful and discreet slave."                   quoted from the Scriptures, but they were shutting
      Why is it important?                            their eyes to the weightier matters—those
                                                      involving       justice     and       mercy      and
      It is a serious thing to teach others           faithfulness—which are required by God. (Matt.
      God’s Word. His will is that people             22:23, 24; 23:23, 24) When teaching God’s Word,
      come to “an accurate knowledge of               Jesus reflected his Father’s personality. Jesus’
      truth." (1 Tim. 2:3, 4) That imposes on         zeal for the truth was coupled with his deep love for
      us the responsibility to teach God’s            the people he taught. We should endeavor to
      Word correctly.                                 follow his example. —Matt. 11:28.

   WHEN teaching others, more is required than            How can we be sure that we are making proper
merely reading verses from the Bible. The apostle     application of a scripture? Regular Bible reading
Paul wrote to his associate Timothy: “Do your         will help. We also need to appreciate Jehovah’s
utmost to present yourself approved to God, a         provision of “the faithful and discreet slave,” the
workman with nothing to be ashamed of, handling       body of spirit-anointed Christians through whom he
the word of the truth aright."—2 Tim. 2:15.           provides spiritual food for the household of faith.
                                                      (Matt. 24:45) Personal study as well as regular
    To do this means that our explanation of          attendance at and participation in congregation
scriptures must be consistent with what the Bible     meetings will help us to benefit from the instruction
itself teaches. This requires that we take into       provided through that faithful and discreet slave
account the context, instead of simply selecting      class.
expressions that appeal to us and adding our own      If the book Reasoning From the Scriptures is
ideas. Through the prophet Jeremiah, Jehovah          available in your language and you learn to use it
warned against those prophets who professed to        well, you will have at your fingertips the guidance
speak from the mouth of Jehovah but who actually      that you need for correct application of hundreds of
presented “the vision of their own heart." (Jer.      scriptures that are frequently used in our ministry.
23:16) The apostle Paul warned Christians against     If you are planning to use an unfamiliar scripture,
contaminating    God’s     Word    with    human      modesty will move you to do needed research so
philosophies when he wrote: “We have renounced        that when you speak, you will be handling the word
the underhanded things of which to be ashamed,        of the truth aright. —Prov. 11:2.
not walking with cunning, neither adulterating the
word of God." In those days dishonest wine
merchants would dilute their wine to make it go       No. 1:
Introduction To Isaiah                                    or no less than 46 years. No doubt he had also
si pp. 118-119 Bible Book Number 23—Isaiah                committed his prophecy to writing by this latter
                                                          date. (1:1; 6:1; 36:1) Other prophets of his day
       Writer: Isaiah                                     were Micah in Judah and, to the north, Hosea and
       Place Written: Jerusalem                           Oded. —Mic. 1:1; Hos. 1:1; 2 Chron. 28:6-9.
       Writing Completed: After 732 B. C. E.                    That Jehovah commanded Isaiah to write
                                                          down prophetic judgments is established by Isaiah
       Time Covered: c. 778–after 732 B. C.               30:8: “Now come, write it upon a tablet with them,
       E.                                                 and inscribe it even in a book, that it may serve for
                                                          a future day, for a witness to time indefinite." The
    THE menacing shadow of the cruel Assyrian             ancient Jewish rabbis recognized Isaiah as the
monarch hung heavy over the other empires and             writer and included the book as the first book of the
lesser kingdoms of the Middle East. The whole             major prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel).
area was alive with talk of conspiracy and                   5
confederation. (Isa. 8:9-13) Apostate Israel to the             Though some have pointed to the book’s
north would soon fall victim to this international        change of style from chapter 40 onward as
intrigue, while Judah’s kings to the south were           indicating a different writer, or “Second Isaiah,” the
reigning precariously. (2 Ki. , chaps. 15-21) New         change in subject matter should be sufficient to
weapons of war were being developed and put into          explain this. There is much evidence that Isaiah
action, adding to the terror of the times. (2 Chron.      wrote the entire book that bears his name. For
26:14, 15) Where could anyone look for protection         example, the oneness of the book is indicated by
and salvation? Although the name of Jehovah was           the expression, “the Holy One of Israel,” which
on the lips of the people and the priests in the little   appears 12 times in chapters 1 to 39, and 13 times
kingdom of Judah, their hearts turned far off in          in chapters 40 to 66, a total of 25 times; whereas it
other directions, first to Assyria and then down to       appears only 6 times throughout the rest of the
Egypt. (2 Ki. 16:7; 18:21) Faith in Jehovah’s power       Hebrew Scriptures. The apostle Paul also testifies
waned. Where it was not outright idolatry, there          to the unity of the book by quoting from all parts of
prevailed a hypocritical way of worship, based on         the prophecy and crediting the whole work to one
formalism and not the true fear of God.                   writer, Isaiah. —Compare Romans 10:16, 20;
                                                          15:12 with Isaiah 53:1; 65:1; 11:1.
      Who, then, would speak for Jehovah? Who                6
would declare his saving power? “Here I am! Send               Interestingly, starting in the year 1947, some
me,” came the ready response. The speaker was             ancient documents were brought out of the
Isaiah, who had already been prophesying before           darkness of caves not far from Khirbet Qumran,
this. It was the year that leprous King Uzziah died,      near the northwest shore of the Dead Sea. These
about 778 B. C. E. (Isa. 6:1, 8) The name Isaiah          were the Dead Sea Scrolls, which included the
means “Salvation of Jehovah,” which is the same           prophecy of Isaiah. This is beautifully written in
meaning, though written in the reverse order, of the      well-preserved pre-Masoretic Hebrew and is some
name Jesus (“Jehovah Is Salvation”). From start to        2,000 years old, from the end of the second
finish, Isaiah’s prophecy highlights this fact, that      century B. C. E. Its text is thus about a thousand
Jehovah is salvation.                                     years older than the oldest existing manuscript of
                                                          the Masoretic text, on which modern translations of
      Isaiah was the son of Amoz (not to be               the Hebrew Scriptures are based. There are some
confused with Amos, another prophet from Judah).          minor variations of spelling and some differences
(1:1) The Scriptures are silent as to his birth and       in grammatical construction, but it does not vary
death, though Jewish tradition has him sawn               doctrinally from the Masoretic text. Here is
asunder by wicked King Manasseh. (Compare                 convincing proof that our Bibles today contain the
Hebrews 11:37.) His writings show him stationed in        original inspired message of Isaiah. Moreover,
Jerusalem with his prophetess wife and at least           these ancient scrolls refute the critics’ claims of two
two sons with prophetic names. (Isa. 7:3; 8:1, 3)         “Isaiahs,” since chapter 40 begins on the last line
He served during the time of at least four kings of       of the column of writing containing chapter 39, the
Judah: Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah;                opening sentence being completed in the next
evidently beginning about 778 B. C. E. (when              column. Thus, the copyist was obviously unaware
Uzziah died, or possibly earlier) and continuing at       of any supposed change in writer or of any division
least till after 732 B. C. E. (Hezekiah’s 14th year),     in the book at this point.
      There is abundant proof of the authenticity of   (Notice that it is “the ungodly men,” not humankind
Isaiah’s book. Aside from Moses, no other prophet      as a whole, who are to be destroyed. Similarly,
is more often quoted by the Christian Bible writers.   verse 6 refers to destruction of “the world” in
There is likewise a wealth of historical and           Noah’s day. Wicked people were destroyed, but
archaeological evidence that proves it genuine,        the earth as well as God-fearing Noah and his
such as the historical records of the Assyrian         household remained. Is the “fire” in the coming day
monarchs, including Sennacherib’s hexagonal            of judgment going to be literal, or is it symbolic of
prism on which he gives his own account of the         complete destruction? What effect would literal fire
siege of Jerusalem. (Isa. , chaps. 36, 37) The heap    have on such literal heavenly bodies as the already
of ruins that was once Babylon still bears witness     intensely hot sun and stars? For further
to the fulfillment of Isaiah 13:17-22. There was a     consideration of this text, see pages 113-115,
living testimony in each one of the thousands of       under “Earth.")
Jews that marched back from Babylon, freed by a        Prov. 2:21, 22: “The upright are the ones that will
king whose name, Cyrus, had been penned by             reside in the earth, and the blameless are the ones
Isaiah nearly 200 years earlier. It may well be that   that will be left over in it. As regards the wicked,
Cyrus was later shown this prophetic writing, for,     they will be cut off from the very earth; and as for
on freeing the Jewish remnant, he spoke of being       the treacherous, they will be torn away from it."
commissioned by Jehovah to do so. —Isa. 44:28;
45:1; Ezra 1:1-3.                                      No. 4:
    Outstanding in the book of Isaiah are the          Why Christians Should Be "Slow About Wrath"
Messianic prophecies. Isaiah has been called “the      (Jas. 1:19)
Evangelist prophet,” so numerous are the
predictions fulfilled in the events of Jesus’ life.
Chapter 53, for long a “mystery chapter,” not only
to the Ethiopian eunuch referred to in Acts chapter
8 but to the Jewish people as a whole, foretells so
vividly the treatment accorded Jesus that it is like
an eyewitness account. The Christian Greek
Scriptures record the prophetic fulfillments of this
remarkable chapter of Isaiah, as the following
comparisons show: vs. 1—John 12:37, 38; vs.
2—John 19:5-7; vs. 3—Mark 9:12; vs. 4—Matthew
8:16, 17; vs. 5—1 Peter 2:24; vs. 6—1 Peter 2:25;
vs. 7—Acts 8:32, 35; vs. 8—Acts 8:33; vs.
9—Matthew 27:57-60; vs. 10—Hebrews 7:27; vs.
11—Romans 5:18; vs. 12—Luke 22:37. Who but
God could be the source of such accurate

No. 2:
(Isaiah 3:1-15)

No. 3:
Will the world be destroyed by fire?
rs p. 436 World
   2 Pet. 3:7: “By the same word [of God] the
heavens and the earth that are now are stored up
for fire and are being reserved to the day of
judgment and of destruction of the ungodly men."
Dec. 11                                                      The Pharisees asked Jesus what they thought
Song 204                                                  was a difficult question, namely: “Is it lawful for a
Bible reading: Isaiah 6-10                                man to divorce his wife on every sort of ground?”
Speech Quality: Making Scripture Application              Jesus based his reply on Genesis 2:24. Notice that
Clear (be 154 ¶ 4-p. 155 ¶ 4)                             he focused attention on just one part of it, and then
No. 1: Making an Outline (be pp. 39-42)                   he made the needed application. Having pointed
No. 2: Isaiah 10:1-14                                     out that the man and his wife become “one flesh,”
No. 3: Why Is Being Able to Forgive So Important?         Jesus concluded: “Therefore, what God has yoked
No. 4: Who Rules This World-God or Satan? (rs p.          together let no man put apart."—Matt. 19:3-6.
436 ¶ 3-p. 437 ¶ 2)                                       How much explanation should you give in order to
                                                          make the application of a scripture clear? The
Speech Quality                                            makeup of your audience and the importance of
Making Scripture Application Clear                        the point being discussed should determine that.
be study 22 pp. 154-155 Scriptures Correctly              Let simplicity and directness be your aim.
                                                          No. 1:
    Make the Application Clear. When teaching             be pp. 39-42 Making an Outline
others, make sure that they clearly see the
connection between the subject that you are                   WHEN assigned to deliver a talk, many
discussing and the scriptures that you use. If you        laboriously write it out, beginning with the
lead up to the scripture with a question, your            introduction and working through to the conclusion.
listeners should see how the scripture answers            Before the talk is completed, numerous drafts may
that question. If you are using the scripture in          have been prepared. The process may take hours.
support of some statement, be sure that the
student clearly sees how the text proves the point.           Is that the way you prepare your talks? Would
                                                          you like to learn an easier way? If you learn how to
   Just reading the scripture—even with                   prepare an outline, you will no longer need to write
emphasis—is usually not enough. Remember, the             everything out. This will give you more time to
average person is unfamiliar with the Bible and will      practice delivering the talk. Your presentations will
probably not grasp your point with just one reading.      be not only easier to give but more interesting to
Draw attention to the portion of the text that directly   listen to and more motivating to your audience.
applies to what you are discussing.
                                                             Of course, for public talks given in the
   This usually requires that you isolate key words,      congregation, a basic outline is provided.
those that have a direct bearing on the point being       However, that is not the case for most other talks.
discussed. The simplest method is to restate those        You may be assigned only a subject or a theme. Or
thought-carrying words. If you are talking to an          you may be asked to cover specific printed
individual, you might ask questions that will help        material. Sometimes you may simply be provided
him to identify the key words. When talking to a          with a few instructions. For all such assignments,
group, some speakers prefer to achieve their              you need to prepare your own outline.
objective by using synonyms or by restating the
idea. However, if you choose to do this, exercise            The sample on page 41 will give you an idea of
care that the audience does not lose sight of the         how a brief outline might be arranged. Notice that
connection between the point of discussion and            each of the main points begins at the left margin
the wording in the scripture.                             and is written in capital letters. Under each main
                                                          point are listed the thoughts that support it.
    Having isolated the key words, you have laid a        Additional points that will be used to develop those
good foundation. Now follow through. Did you              thoughts are listed under them and indented a few
introduce the scripture with a clear indication as to     spaces from the left margin. Examine this outline
your reason for using the text? If so, point out how      carefully. Notice that the two main points relate
the words that you have highlighted relate to what        directly to the theme. Observe, too, that the sub
you led your audience to expect. State clearly what       points are not simply interesting items. Rather,
that connection is. Even if you did not use such an       each one supports the main point under which it
explicit introduction to the text, there ought to be      appears.
some follow-through.

   When you prepare an outline, it may not look         points, note ideas that will help you to reason on
exactly like the sample. But if you grasp the           those texts in a meaningful way. Put each item
principles involved, these will help you organize       under the main point to which it belongs. If some of
your material and prepare a good talk in a              the information does not fit any of your main points,
reasonable amount of time. How should you               discard it—even if it is very interesting—or put it in
proceed?                                                a file for use on another occasion. Keep only the
                                                        best material. If you try to cover too much, you will
Analyze, Select, and Organize
                                                        have to speak too fast and your coverage will be
   You need a theme. Your theme is not merely a         shallow. It is better to convey a few points that are
broad subject such as might be represented by a         of real value to the audience and to do that well. Do
single word. It is the central idea that you want to    not go overtime.
convey, and it indicates the angle from which you
                                                            At this point if not before, arrange your material
plan to discuss your subject. If a theme is
                                                        in logical sequence. The Gospel writer Luke did
assigned, analyze each main word carefully. If you
                                                        this. Having collected an abundance of facts
are to develop the assigned theme on the basis of
                                                        relating to his subject, he set them out “in logical
published material, study that material with the
                                                        order." (Luke 1:3) You might line your material up
theme in mind. If you are assigned only a subject,
                                                        chronologically or topically, possibly according to
then it will be up to you to choose the theme.
                                                        cause and effect or problem and solution,
Before doing so, however, you may find it helpful to
                                                        depending on what is most effective to attain your
do some research. By keeping your mind open,
                                                        objective. There should be no abrupt switching
you will often get fresh ideas.
                                                        from one idea to another. Your listeners should be
   As you take these steps, keep asking yourself:       led easily from one thought to another, with no
‘Why is this material important to my audience?         gaps that cannot easily be bridged. Evidence
What is my objective?’ It should be not just to cover   presented should lead the audience to logical
material or to give a colorful talk but to accomplish   conclusions. As you arrange your points, think
something beneficial for your audience. When your       about how the presentation will sound to your
objective takes shape, write it down. Keep              audience. Will they readily follow your line of
reminding yourself of it as you prepare.                thought? Will they be moved to act on what they
    After you have determined your objective and        hear, in harmony with the objective that you have
have selected a theme consistent with it (or            in mind?
analyzed how your assigned theme fits in with that          Next, prepare an introduction that arouses
objective), you can do research that is more            interest in your subject and that shows your
focused. Look for material that will be of particular   audience that what you are going to discuss is of
value to your audience. Do not settle for               real value to them. It might help to write out your
generalities, but search for specific points that are   first few sentences. Finally, plan a motivating
informative and truly helpful. Be realistic in the      conclusion that is consistent with your objective.
amount of research that you do. In most cases you
                                                            If you work out your outline early enough, you
will soon have more material than you can use, so       will have time to refine it before you deliver the talk.
you will need to be selective.                          You may see the need to support certain ideas with
   Identify the main points that you need to discuss    a few statistics, an illustration, or an experience.
in order to develop your theme and achieve your         Using a current event or some item of local interest
objective. These will become your framework, your       may help your audience to see more readily the
basic outline. How many main points should there        relevance of the material. As you review your talk,
be? Perhaps two are enough for a short                  you may become aware of more opportunities to
discussion, and usually five are sufficient for even    adapt the information to your audience. The
an hour-long discourse. The fewer the main points,      process of analyzing and refining is essential to
                                                        shaping good material into an effective talk.
the more likely your audience will remember them.
                                                           Some speakers may need more extensive
   Once you have your theme and the main points         notes than others do. But if you organize your
in mind, organize your research material. Decide        material under just a few main points, eliminate
what directly relates to your main points. Select       what does not really support these, and put your
details that will add freshness to your presentation.   ideas in logical order, you will find that with a little
When you choose scriptures to support the main          experience, you will no longer need to write

everything out. What a time-saver that can be! And
the quality of your talks will improve. It will be       rs p. 436 - p. 437 World
evident that you are truly benefiting from your
Theocratic Ministry School education.                       Dan. 4:35: “[The Most High God, Jehovah,] is
                                                         doing according to his own will among the army of
[Box on page 40]                                         the heavens and the inhabitants of the earth. And
HOW TO PREPARE AN OUTLINE                                there exists no one that can check his hand or that
Determine why your subject is important to your          can say to him, ‘What have you been doing?’” (In a
  audience and what your objective is                    similar vein, Jeremiah 10:6, 7 refers to Jehovah as
                                                         “King of the nations” because he is the Superlative
Select a theme; if one is assigned, analyze it           King, the one who can and will call to account
Gather informative, helpful material                     human kings and the nations over which they rule.
                                                         As the earth’s Creator, Jehovah is its rightful Ruler;
Identify your main points                                he has never abdicated that position.)
Organize your material; keep only the best                   John 14:30: “[Jesus said:] The ruler of the world
Prepare an interest-arousing introduction                is coming. And he has no hold on me." (This ruler
                                                         obviously is not Jehovah God, whose will Jesus
Plan a motivating conclusion                             always performs loyally. This “ruler of the world”
Review your talk; refine it                              must be “the wicked one,” Satan the Devil, in
                                                         whose power “the whole world is lying,” as stated
[Box on page 41]                                         at 1 John 5:19. Although mankind lives on a planet
WHAT IS GOD’S PURPOSE FOR THE EARTH?                     that belongs to God, the world that is made up of
                                                         those who are not Jehovah’s obedient servants is
GOD’S ORIGINAL PURPOSE WAS FOR THE                       under Satan’s control because such people obey
EARTH TO BE A PARADISE                                   him. Those who wholeheartedly submit to
God started a paradise in Eden (Gen. 2:8, 15)            Jehovah’s rulership are not part of that world.
     Adam and Eve and their offspring were to            Compare 2 Corinthians 4:4.)
        extend Paradise earth wide (Gen. 1:28)               Rev. 13:2: “The dragon [Satan the Devil] gave
GOD HAS NOT ABANDONED HIS PURPOSE TO                     to the beast its power and its throne and great
MAKE THE EARTH A PARADISE                                authority." (Comparison of the description of this
                                                         “beast” with Daniel 7 indicates that it represents
Lawless conduct of first humans under Satan’s            human government, not just one such but the
  influence did not change God’s purpose                 global system of political rulership. That Satan is its
      At God’s appointed time, wicked people will        ruler agrees with Luke 4:5-7, also with Revelation
         be destroyed by God (Prov. 2:22)                16:14, 16, which depicts demonic utterances as
      Satan will be cast into the abyss (Rev.            leading the rulers of all the earth to war against
         20:1-3)                                         God at Armageddon. Satan’s rulership of the world
Christ will fulfill God’s purpose for the earth during   is one that is merely tolerated by God until His
   Millennial Rule                                       appointed time arrives for settling the issue of
      Sickness and death will be no more (Rev.           universal sovereignty.)
         21:3, 4)                                        Rev. 11:15: “Loud voices occurred in heaven,
      Dead ones will be resurrected to life on earth     saying: ‘The kingdom of the world did become the
Under heavenly rulership, faithful humans will           kingdom of our Lord [Jehovah] and of his Christ. ’”
share in making all the earth a paradise (Isa.           (When this occurred in 1914, “the last days” for the
65:17, 21-25)                                            present wicked system began. A new
                                                         manifestation of Jehovah’s sovereignty appeared,
                                                         this time through his own Son as Messianic Ruler.
                                                         Soon the wicked world will be destroyed, and
No. 2:                                                   Satan, its wicked spirit ruler, will be abyssed,
(Isaiah 10:1-14)                                         unable to influence mankind.)

No. 3:
Why Is Being Able to Forgive So Important?

No. 4:
Who rules this world—God or Satan?
Dec. 18                                                     It is evident that when answering questions,
Song 47                                                  Jesus did not simply quote texts that gave a direct,
Bible reading: Isaiah 11-16                              obvious answer. He analyzed what these said and
Speech Quality: Reason From the Scriptures (be           then made application to the question at hand.
p. 155 ¶ 5-p. 156 ¶ 5)
                                                             When the resurrection hope was being
No. 1: Youths-Let Your Parents Help You Guard
                                                         challenged by the Sadducees, Jesus focused
Your Heart (w0410/15 p. 20 ¶1-p. 22 ¶ 3)
                                                         attention on one specific portion of Exodus 3:6. But
No. 2: Isaiah 11:1-12
                                                         he did not stop after quoting the scripture. He
No. 3: How Do True Christians View the World and
                                                         reasoned on it to show clearly that the resurrection
People Who Are Part of It? (rs p. 437 ¶ 3-p. 438 ¶
                                                         is part of God’s purpose. —Mark 12:24-27.
No. 4: True Christians Will Not Participate in the          Mastering the ability to reason correctly and
War of Armageddon                                        effectively from the Scriptures will be a significant
                                                         factor in your becoming a skilled teacher.
Speech Quality
Reason From the Scriptures                                     HOW TO DEVELOP THE ABILITY
be study 22 Scriptures Correctly Applied                       Read the Bible regularly. Carefully
   Regarding the apostle Paul’s ministry in                    study The Watchtower, and prepare
Thessalonica, Acts 17:2, 3 tells us that he                    well for congregation meetings.
‘reasoned from the Scriptures. ’ This is an ability            Be sure that you know the meaning of
that every servant of Jehovah should try to                    the words in any scripture that you plan
cultivate. For example, Paul related facts regarding           to use. Read the text carefully so that
the life and ministry of Jesus, showed that these              you correctly understand what it is
had been foretold in the Hebrew Scriptures, and                saying.
then gave a forceful conclusion by saying: “This is
the Christ, this Jesus whom I am publishing to                  Make it a practice to do research in our
you."                                                           Christian publications.
                                                         EXERCISE: Reason on the meaning of 2 Peter
   When writing to the Hebrews, Paul repeatedly          3:7. Does it prove that the earth will be destroyed
quoted from the Hebrew Scriptures. To emphasize          by fire? (When defining “earth,” also consider what
or clarify a point, he often isolated one word or a      is meant by “heavens." What scriptures show that
short phrase and then showed its significance.           “earth” can be used in a figurative sense? Who or
(Heb. 12:26, 27) In the account found in Hebrews         what is actually destroyed, as stated in verse 7?
chapter 3, Paul quoted from Psalm 95:7-11. Notice        How does that agree with what occurred in Noah’s
that he then enlarged on three portions of it: (1) the   day, which is referred to in verses 5 and 6?)
reference to the heart (Heb. 3:8-12), (2) the
significance of the expression “Today” (Heb. 3:7,        No. 1:
13-15; 4:6-11), and (3) the meaning of the               Youths-Let Your Parents Help You Guard Your
statement: “They shall not enter into my rest” (Heb.     Heart
3:11, 18, 19; 4:1-11). Endeavor to imitate that          w04 10/15 pp. 20-22
example as you make application of each
scripture.                                                  WHAT do you think is the most difficult
                                                         challenge facing a ship’s captain? Is it crossing a
    Observe the effectiveness with which Jesus           vast ocean safely? Not usually. Most shipwrecks
reasoned from the Scriptures in the account found        occur near the shore, not in the open sea. In fact,
at Luke 10:25-37. A man versed in the Law asked:         docking a ship can even be more hazardous than
“Teacher, by doing what shall I inherit everlasting      landing an airplane. Why?
life?” In reply Jesus first invited the man to express
his view of the matter, and then Jesus emphasized           Before a captain can safely berth his ship, he
the importance of doing what God’s Word says.            has to avoid all the dangers that a particular port
When it became clear that the man was missing            may pose. He needs to take into account
the point, Jesus discussed at length just one word       underwater currents while steering clear of other
from the scripture—“neighbor." Instead of simply         ships. He must also skirt any sandbanks, rocks, or
defining it, he used an illustration to help the man     wrecks hidden underneath the water. And to make
come to the proper conclusion himself.
matters worse, this may be his first visit to the          wrote that children should obey their parents, he
harbor.                                                    used a Greek word that can apply to children of
                                                           any age. As recorded at Matthew 23:37, for
    To help overcome these problems, a wise
                                                           example, Jesus referred to the inhabitants of
captain may engage the services of a pilot who
                                                           Jerusalem as her “children,” even though the
knows the local waters intimately. The pilot stands
                                                           majority were adults.
at the captain’s side on the bridge and gives expert
direction. Together they consider the hazards and             Many faithful men of old continued to obey their
steer the ship through any narrow channels to the          parents long after they had become adults. Jacob,
port.                                                      although a grown man, understood that he should
                                                           obey his father’s command to avoid marrying a
   The invaluable expertise of the pilot illustrates
                                                           woman who was not a worshiper of Jehovah.
the priceless help available to Christian youths
                                                           (Genesis 28:1, 2) Doubtless, Jacob had also
who have to chart a course through the difficult
                                                           noticed that his brother’s decision to marry pagan
waters of life. What is this help? Why do teenagers
                                                           Canaanite women had caused his parents
need it?
                                                           considerable heartache. —Genesis 27:46.
    Let us continue the illustration of the ship. If you
                                                              Apart from their God-given duty to guide you,
are an adolescent, you are somewhat like the
                                                           your Christian parents are likely the most qualified
captain of a ship in that you must eventually take
                                                           to act as your advisers. That is primarily because
responsibility for your life. And your parents have a
                                                           they know you so well and have no doubt shown
role similar to that of a ship’s pilot as they try to
                                                           their selfless love for you over many years. Like the
guide you through some of the most difficult
                                                           ship’s pilot, they speak from experience. They
situations you will ever have to face in life. During
                                                           themselves have experienced “the desires
the teenage years, however, you may find it hard to
                                                           incidental to youth." And as true Christians, they
accept the advice your parents give you. Why is
                                                           have personally seen the value of following Bible
                                                           principles. —2 Timothy 2:22.
    The problem often lies with the heart. Your
                                                               With such experienced help at your side, you
figurative heart may impel you to desire what is
                                                           are aided in handling even the most difficult of
forbidden or to protest at any apparent denial of
                                                           situations successfully. Take, for example, your
freedom. “The inclination of the heart of man,” the
                                                           relationship with the opposite sex. How can
Bible says, “is bad from his youth up." (Genesis
                                                           Christian parents guide you in this sensitive
8:21) Jehovah makes clear that you have a real
challenge ahead of you. “Deceitful is the heart
above all things, and dangerously wayward,” he             Attraction to the Opposite Sex
warns. (Jeremiah 17:9, Rotherham) In addition to
                                                               Pilots advise ship captains to give sandbanks
harboring wrong desires, the heart can deceive a
                                                           that stretch beneath the waters a wide berth.
youth into thinking that he knows better than his
                                                           Sandbanks are soft but also treacherous, since
parents, even though they have much more
                                                           they constantly shift position. Your parents will
experience. There are good reasons, however, for
                                                           likewise want you to keep your distance from
you to seek your parents’ help when navigating the
                                                           situations that might ensnare you emotionally.
difficult teenage years.
                                                           Parents know, for example, that feelings toward
Why Obey Your Parents?                                     the opposite sex go deep and can be difficult to
                                                           define. But once aroused, these feelings can
    Above all, Jehovah, the Originator of the family,
                                                           cause you to run aground.
tells you that you should listen to your parents’
direction. (Ephesians 3:15) Since God has                     The example of Dinah illustrates a risk of
appointed your parents to take care of you, he             steering too close to danger. Perhaps curiosity and
gives you this counsel: “Children, the right thing for     a desire to have a good time moved Dinah to seek
you to do is to obey your parents as those whom            companionship with Canaanite girls, whose morals
the Lord has set over you." (Ephesians 6:1-3,              were undoubtedly lax. What at first seemed to be
Phillips; Psalm 78:5) While you may now be in your         innocent fun soon led to a tragic experience—she
teenage years, your parents still have the                 was raped by “the most honorable” young man in
responsibility to guide you, and you have the              town. —Genesis 34:1, 2, 19.
obligation to take notice. When the apostle Paul

   Such dangers are compounded by the sexually          Jehovah’s righteous ways.) (See pages 269-276,
oriented times in which we live. (Hosea 5:4) Most       also 389-393.)
youths may give the impression that having fun
                                                           Jas. 4:4: “Adulteresses, do you not know that
with the opposite sex is the most exciting thing
                                                        the friendship with the world is enmity with God?
possible. Your heart may race at the thought of
                                                        Whoever, therefore, wants to be a friend of the
being alone with someone whom you find
                                                        world is constituting himself an enemy of God."
physically attractive. But loving parents will try to
                                                        (Because Christians are imperfect, they may at
protect you from association with youths who do
                                                        times get soiled through contacts with the world.
not respect God’s standards.
                                                        But when counseled from God’s Word, they repent
   Laura admits that curiosity can blind teenagers      and correct their ways. However, if some, by
to danger. “When the girls in my class tell me that     deliberate choice, ally themselves with the world or
they have danced into the night with some great         imitate its spirit, they show that they no longer are
boys,     they   make       it     sound    like    a   true Christians but have become part of the world
never-to-be-forgotten experience. I realize that        that is at enmity with God.)
they often exaggerate, but I still feel curious and
                                                           Rom. 13:1: “Let every soul be in subjection to
think that perhaps I’m missing out on a lot of fun.
                                                        the superior authorities, for there is no authority
Although I know that my parents are right not to let
                                                        except by God; the existing authorities stand
me go to such places, I still feel the temptation."
                                                        placed in their relative positions by God." (Those
    A ship has no brakes, so it takes a long time to    who heed this counsel are not rebels, trying to
stop. Parents know that passion behaves similarly.      overthrow governments of the world. They subject
The book of Proverbs likens a man moved by              themselves to the authority of political rulers,
unrestrained passion to a bull being led to the         obeying them as long as the demands of such
slaughter. (Proverbs 7:21-23) You do not want to        rulers do not conflict with God’s requirements.
allow such a thing to happen to you, leading you to     Such governments were foreseen and foretold by
emotional and spiritual shipwreck. Your parents         God. They exercise authority, not because he
may recognize when your heart has begun to              empowered them, but by his permission. In his due
mislead you in this area, and they may give you         time he will also remove them.)
counsel accordingly. Will you have the wisdom to
                                                            Gal. 6:10: “As long as we have time favorable
listen to them and thus avert calamity?—Proverbs
                                                        for it, let us work what is good toward all, but
1:8; 27:12.
                                                        especially toward those related to us in the faith."
You also need your parents’ support when you
                                                        (So, true Christians do not hold back from doing
have to cope with peer pressure. How can they
                                                        good to their fellowmen. They imitate God, who
help you?
                                                        makes the sun shine upon both wicked people and
                                                        good. —Matt. 5:43-48.)
No. 2:
                                                        Matt. 5:14-16: “You are the light of the world. . . .
(Isaiah 11:1-12)
                                                        Let your light shine before men, that they may see
                                                        your fine works and give glory to your Father who
No. 3:
                                                        is in the heavens." (For others to give glory to God
How Do True Christians View the World and
                                                        because of what Christians do, it is obvious that
People Who Are Part of It?
                                                        those who are Christians must be active witnesses
                                                        to the world concerning God’s name and purpose.
rs p. 437 - p. 438 World
                                                        It is to this activity that true Christians give primary
What is the attitude of true Christians toward          emphasis.)
the world and toward people who are part of
the world?
   John 15:19: “You [Jesus’ followers] are no part
                                                        No. 4:
of the world, but I have chosen you out of the
                                                        True Christians Will Not Participate in the War
world." (Thus true Christians are no part of the
                                                        of Armageddon
mass of human society that is alienated from God.
They care for normal human activities, but they
shun attitudes, speech, and conduct that are
characteristic of the world and that conflict with

Dec. 25                                                 very young ones, teenagers, adults, and some who
Song 53                                                 are elderly. There may be newly interested ones as
Bible reading: Isaiah 17-23                             well as those who began serving Jehovah before
Speech Quality: Practical Value Made Clear (be          you were born. Some may be spiritually mature;
p. 157 ¶ 1-p. 158 ¶ 1)                                  others may still be strongly influenced by certain
                                                        attitudes and practices of the world. Ask yourself:
Oral Review                                             ‘How might the material I am going to discuss
                                                        benefit those in the audience? How can I help them
Speech Quality:                                         to get the point?’ You may decide to give principal
Practical Value Made Clear                              attention to just one or two of the groups
be study 23 pp. 157-158                                 mentioned here. However, do not completely
     What do you need to do?                            forget the others.
                                                        What if you are assigned to discuss a basic Bible
      Help your audience to see how your                teaching? How can you make such a talk beneficial
      subject affects their lives or can be             to an audience that already believes the teaching?
      used by them in a beneficial way.                 Endeavor to strengthen their conviction in it. How?
      Why is it important?                              By reasoning on the Scriptural evidence
                                                        supporting it. You can also deepen their
      If people do not see the practical value          appreciation for that Bible teaching. This might be
      of what you are saying, they may tell             done by showing how the teaching is consistent
      you that they are not interested, or              with other Bible truths and with Jehovah’s own
      they may tune out mentally, allowing              personality. Use examples—real-life experiences if
      their minds to wander.                            possible—that show how understanding this
                                                        particular teaching has benefited people and has
    WHETHER you are speaking to an individual or        influenced their outlook on the future.
to a larger audience, it is unwise to assume that
your listener(s) will be interested in your subject
just because you are interested in it. Your
message is important, but if you fail to make clear
its practical value, you will probably not hold the
interest of your audience very long.
    This is true of even a Kingdom Hall audience.
They may mentally tune in when you use an
illustration or experience that they have not heard
before. But they may tune out when you talk about
things they already know, especially if you fail to
build on those things. You need to help them see
why and how what you are saying is of real benefit
to them.
   The Bible encourages us to think in practical
terms. (Prov. 3:21) Jehovah used John the
Baptizer to direct people to “the practical wisdom of
righteous ones." (Luke 1:17) This is wisdom that is
rooted in wholesome fear of Jehovah. (Ps. 111:10)
Those who appreciate this wisdom are helped to
cope successfully with life now and to lay hold on
the real life, the eternal life to come. —1 Tim. 4:8;
   Making a Talk Practical. If your talk is going to
be practical, you must give careful thought not only
to the material but also to the audience. Do not
think of them merely as a group. That group is
made up of individuals and families. There may be

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