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Woodland Handbook 2009 2010 by 3oe90R7


									Welcome to Woodland Elementary

      “Home of the Eagles”
         2303 Indian Ridge Road
         Johnson City, TN 37604
       Main Office: (423)434-5267
       Cafeteria:   (423)929-0733

   Dr. Richard Bales, Director of Schools

        Dr. Tracey Crowe, Principal

         Parent/Student Handbook

Dear Parents and Students,

Woodland Elementary offers students an environment of high expectations where students,
teachers, and parents work collaboratively to promote innovation, continuous improvement, and
the desire for life-long learning. Our vision is to be thought of as an outstanding institution of
education, dedicated to excellence and achievement. It is our mission to provide a learning
environment that reflects a commitment to the success of every student through continuous
improvement of the educational, instructional, and organizational environment.

The parental support at Woodland is unsurpassed in contribution to the well being of the total
school program. The P.T.A. raises funds each year to support the Woodland Elementary
program as well as helping to organize a tremendous amount of volunteer hours to support
students and faculty. Parent involvement is encouraged through written reports each nine
weeks, progress reports at the interim, newsletters, and parent conference days. Parents can
also access Woodland’s website for timely information about current events and classroom
activities. The website address is

Please read the Woodland Elementary Handbook with your child/children. It is very important
for everyone to have a clear understanding of the procedures and policies included in this
booklet. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

I am honored to be a part of the Woodland team and eagerly anticipate the 2009-2010 school
year. Expect the best!


Tracey Crowe, Ed.D.
                          STUDENTS & VISITORS

Arrivals to school are from 7:45 a.m. until 8:15 a.m. Students arriving from 7:45 a.m. to 8:05
a.m. may go to breakfast. If a student is not eating breakfast, kindergarten – 2nd grades will
report to the forum, 3rd– 5th grades will report to the gym. If you choose, you may wait with
your child in the foyer. Please do not proceed to the classroom before obtaining a visitor’s pass
in the front office. Teacher’s are not on duty until 8:15 a.m. Dismissal pickups are from 3:15
p.m. until 3:30 p.m. To ensure the safety of all students, if you are waiting on your child in the
foyer, please listen for the afternoon announcements. When you hear the afternoon
announcements, please move to the left hand side of the foyer. As kindergarten – 2nd grade
teachers begin to exit the building, they will identify you, call your child’s name, and release
your child to you. Parents are not permitted to drop-off/pick-up students in the Bus Loading
Area near the small teacher parking lot. All cars should pull up to the front entrance or
Educare entrance only to drop-off/pick-up students. No students will be allowed to be
picked up at the street. (Indian Ridge Road). Additional parking is available in the large
field located to the left of the school. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR WHEN IN THE DROP-
OFF/PICK-UP LANE. Please instruct your child to be looking for you, so you do not hold up the
line of cars. If your child is not there, please circle around again or go to the parking area and
walk up the sidewalk to pick-up your child. It is recommended that you pick up your child
promptly, as there is no supervision after 3:30 p.m. After 3:30 p.m. students will be sent to
Educare. You will receive a bill for this service.
Changes in Pick-up
In the event that a change has to be made in the way your child is dismissed from school, please
discuss this with your child, and send a note to the teacher. Except in the case of an
emergency, changes in student dismissal must be called into the front office by 2:00 p.m.
Parents are always welcome at our school, but state statutes require permission from the
principal or his/her designated representatives to visit the classroom while classes are in
session. All visitors must check in at the office before going to the classroom. All visitors are
required to wear a badge while on campus. No one will be permitted in the classrooms or
building without a visitor or volunteer pass. Children who are not registered at this school are
not allowed to visit the classroom. Therefore, your child may not bring a guest to class.
Please turn off cell phones while visiting classrooms.

School attendance is a major factor in determining the academic success of students. Arriving
on time and remaining the entire school day provides students with full academic instruction.
You are requested to call the school before 9:00 a.m. if your child is out for the day or if the
child will be late for school. After an absence, our policy requires that a written excuse from
the parent be sent to the office the day the child returns to school. This note should explain
the absence or tardiness. If a parent/guardian does not contact the school, attempts will be
made by the Home-School coordinator to check on your child. When a student is absent for 5 or
more total days, he or she MUST have a dentist or doctor’s note before the absence can be
recorded as excused. The school is obligated to report absences to the authorities. The
student will also be referred to “Operation On Track” and the parent may be required to
produce documentation to court authorities. According to Johnson City Board of Education
policy 6.200, the principal of students in grades K-7 may recommend that students who
miss twenty (20) or more days of school not be promoted to the next grade.
Unexcused Tardiness and Early Dismissal Regulations

An unexcused tardy is defined as a student not in his/her classroom by 8:15 a.m. for
unacceptable reasons. All tardies without a doctor or dentist note are considered unexcused.
If your child arrives after 8:15 a.m., please accompany him/her to the office to get a tardy
admit. Upon the third tardy and/or early dismissal in a grading period, the student will be
subject to one or more of the following consequences:
    Loss of free play at recess
    After-school detention
    Lunch detention
    Loss of privileges
and other means or measures for making up missed work as determined by the principal.
Students are not to leave school for any reason without permission from the office. All
appointments, including medical and dental appointments, should be made outside of school
hours. The parent/guardian or other responsible adult MUST come by the office to pick up an
early dismissal slip and sign the student out. Only those persons named on the
emergency/enrollment card will be permitted to pick up students, unless the parent gives
verification in written or personal form. Please do not send unauthorized persons (not on the
emergency card) to pick up your child. An unexcused early dismissal is defined as a student
leaving school before 3:15 p.m. for unacceptable reasons. Early dismissals will be treated the
same as tardies.

Principals have the authority to implement “time for time” procedures that would allow students
to make up time missed from school. After three unexcused tardies or early withdrawals, the
Home-School coordinator will arrange a meeting with the parent(s)/guardian. Excessive early
checkouts will be addressed by the principal.
Emergency/Enrollment Card Information
A current phone number on file will ensure you of an immediate contact in case of an emergency.
If you have an unlisted number, we will keep it confidential. However, we must have the number.
Children are not permitted to use the office telephone for routine and/or social matters. Please
keep the office informed of a change of address and/or telephone numbers.
Without the proper numbers we CANNOT contact you in the event of an emergency!
An instructional fee of $20.00 is requested for each student at the beginning of the school
year. This fee is used to provide classroom consumables for instruction. This fee is approved
by the Board of Education. Make checks payable to: Woodland School. All students that
qualify for free and reduced lunch automatically qualify for fee waiver.
Lost and Found
Lost & Found is located in the cafeteria. This box is emptied at the end of each month. Please
clearly mark all of your children’s jackets, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc. The school is not
responsible for personal items left on school property or in the building.


Parties/Special Occasions
Please do not send party invitations to school unless the entire class is being invited. In the
case of boy parties, all boys must be invited and in the case of girl parties, all girls must be
invited or parents are asked to extend invitations by phone or mail.

Special birthday arrangements should not take place on school grounds (i.e., limousines,
costumed characters, etc.). Any flower or balloon arrangements would have to remain in the
office until the end of the day due to distractions to the learning environment. If there are
any questions please call the school office.

Parents bringing snacks to school should bring the snack to the office to be delivered. This
method of delivery is not as disruptive to the classroom. The teacher will distribute the snacks
at an appropriate time.

**We are under new guidelines from our state department concerning foods offered students
at anytime during the student day. Because of this and other concerns all classroom
celebrations should have healthy treats provided. These should not include items with sugar or
carbonated drinks, but should be limited to fruits, cheeses, crackers, popcorn, nuts, and health
fruit juices.
Perfect Attendance Awards
Perfect Attendance awards will be given only to students who have perfect attendance. Perfect
attendance is defined as not missing one minute of school. Therefore, if you child is ever tardy,
picked up early, or absent for any reason, they will not receive an end of the year perfect
attendance award.


Breakfast is served each morning from 7:45 a.m. until 8:05 a.m. All children are provided
breakfast free of charge. Students eating breakfast at school should arrive no later than 8:05
or the last bus arrival. Eating breakfast past 8:15 is not considered an excused tardy unless a
bus is late.
Students may purchase lunch in the cafeteria or bring their lunch from home. Parents who pack
lunch for their children are asked not to include soft drinks. Please remember that meals
cannot be refrigerated or heated. Parents are asked not to bring restaurant food to the
cafeteria. You may purchase a school lunch or bring lunch from home. On the first day of
school, all students will be given an application for free and reduced price meals to take to their
parents. Only those who wish to apply need to return these forms. Meal prices are established
by the Board of Education annually.


Throughout the year, we strive to have close contact with all of our parents. We need your help
in this process. We request you stay in contact by:
     Reading all memos, notes, and newsletters sent home in Wednesday packets.
     Attending parent conferences, parent meetings, and family night activities.
     Taking a few minutes each day to talk to your child about school.
     Calling or writing us a note for more explanations.
     Participating in two parent conferences (in-person) per year, one in the fall and one in the
     Utilizing the school suggestion box located at the front entrance.

Conferences are very important to the success of your child. The school or parent may call or
write and request a meeting at any time. Please make an appointment with the teacher at least
twenty-four hours prior to your visit for a private, productive meeting. Teachers are not
available to meet every day and will not be able to meet while their classes are in session.
School-wide conferences will be scheduled in the fall and as needed. Every parent is expected
to attend at least one conference. Attendance, or lack thereof, will be recorded on the child’s
permanent record.

Code of Conduct
The Johnson City School Board has adopted a Code of Student Conduct and Discipline. Parents
are responsible for informing their children of its content. Our school will comply with the
current Code of Student Conduct. Each student will receive a personal copy at the beginning of
the school year. All teachers will discuss this booklet with their classes. Parents must sign
and return the back page of the Code of Conduct booklet.
Pupils are under the authority of the principal, and are subject to the principal’s discipline. The
administration of discipline by principals and teachers is authorized as provided in Tennessee
Grounds for disciplinary action are:
     Willful disobedience of school personnel or other persons so designated by the principal.
     Violence against persons or property.
     Any act that disrupts the orderly operation of the school or school processes and
     Willful disobedience of school rules.
Dress Code/School Gear
The appearance of our students reflects the quality of the school and must not cause
disruptions to the learning environment. The principal has the right to ask students to leave,
at home, any item that may distract the class. We stress good grooming, neatness, and
clothing that allows the student to participate in all activities during the school day. The
following items will not be allowed at Woodland or at any school-related activity:
     Sagging pants
     Clothing with suggestive or offensive messages
     Short tops that show the midriff. During class times, when seated, students should wear
       clothing that does not expose them.
     No brightly colored hair or unusual face make-up will be allowed
     No hats, visors, bandanas, or head rags
     No in-line skate shoes
     No mesh shirts
     Shorts and skirts must be at finger tip length
     All shoulder straps must be three fingers wide. Absolutely no “spaghetti straps”.
Students who dress inappropriately during the school day may be asked to wear “loaner”
clothing or to notify their parents to make arrangements to correct the problem. Any other
clothing deemed inappropriate by the principal may also result in a violation of this policy.
The following items are not permitted on school grounds:
   Trading cards of any type.
   Playing cards of any type.
   Toys.
   Headphones.
   Portable Electronic Games.
   CDs or CD players.
   IPods or other MP3 players.
   Radios.
   Cell phones.
   Illicit drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

The principal may also forbid any other items that are determined to be disruptive to the
learning environment. These items will be confiscated and not returned to the student.
We operate on the premise that the school has the responsibility to ensure that no student’s
learning will be infringed upon by another student’s misbehavior. EACH STUDENT HAS THE
and principal maintain student behavior, but an individual’s chronic misbehavior is the
responsibility of the parents. Minor offenses will be handled through parent-teacher contact.
Students who continue to be disruptive, disrespectful, disobedient, or defiant will be removed
from class. Parents may be notified to come to the school to pick up their child if necessary.
Please talk with your child so that he/she will not need to be removed from school. The
principal reserves the right to make class changes as necessary.
Johnson City School Board Policy states that students and staff shall be provided a
learning/working environment free from sexual, racial, ethnic, or religious
discrimination/harassment. The learning environment includes school district facilities and
premises, and non-school property at any school sponsored, school approved or school related
activity or function such as field trips or athletic events where students are under the control
of the school district. It shall be a violation of this policy for any employee or any student to
discriminate against or harass another person through disparaging conduct or communication
that is sexual, racial, ethnic, or religious in nature. Any concerns regarding the use of
discrimination and/or sexual harassment should be reported to the school principal immediately.
Bus Rules
All school rules apply at all school sponsored events, going to and from school, and including the
bus stop. Transportation is provided as a convenience to parents, not as a right to students.
Students who do not obey the bus rules will lose the privilege of riding the bus for a period of
time. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, well-behaved manner while
waiting for the bus and during travel.

                Johnson City Transit System Disciplinary Code is as follows:
Front Seat Offenses:
Students will receive a written warning and be placed on front seat of bus for 2 weeks as a
result of the following behaviors:
   1. eating or drinking on the bus.
   2. failure to remain seated.
   3. hanging out of the window.
   4. improper boarding/departing procedures.
   5. refusal to obey the driver.
   6. rude, discourteous and annoying conduct.
   7. spitting or littering.
   8. unnecessary noise.
   9. using profanity.

Depending on the severity of the offense the student may be placed on front seat indefinitely.
Repeat occurrence of front seat offenses will result in a 2-week suspension.

Automatic Two (2) Week Suspension:
   1. Bringing articles aboard bus of injurious or objectionable nature
   2. Destruction of property
   3. Fighting/pushing/tripping
   4. Lighting matches, smoking, use of other tobacco products on bus
   5. Making obscene gestures
   6. Other behavior relating to safety, well-being and respect for others
   7. Tampering with bus equipment
   8. Throwing objects in or out of bus

School Year Suspension
Student will be suspended from riding any school bus for the remainder of the school year as a
result of the following:
   1. Attacking the bus driver.
   2. Attempting to set fire to seat, hair, clothing, etc.
   3. After serving two 2-week suspensions, the 3rd suspension will be for the remainder of the
       school year.


Textbooks are distributed to your child for his/her use during the school year. These books
are the property of the Johnson City Board of Education and shall be returned to the student’s
teacher at the end of the school year or upon withdrawal. Parents must be prepared to pay for
the cost of replacing damaged or lost text books.
Special Area Classes
All students are provided art instruction. A fifth grade special project is produced annually.
A comprehensive counseling program is provided for all students. Referral forms are available
in the school office or you may contact the school counselor for a scheduled appointment.
The school library is a well-stocked media center that affords various learning opportunities for
students. Students attend library classes often. Students must keep up with their library
books! Parents must be prepared to pay for the cost of replacing any lost or
damaged/ruined books.
All students are provided music instruction. Grades 4 and 5 may also try out for the SELECT
Physical Education
The physical education program provides organized activities planned and directed by a
certified physical education teacher. No child will be excused from participation in physical
education unless a written excuse is presented or the teacher feels it is necessary. Prolonged
excuses must have a doctor’s recommendation for exclusion (those in excess of three days).
Tennis shoes must be worn on P.E. Days!

Report Cards/Progress Reports
Report cards/progress reports are issued every 9 weeks for grades PreK-5. Students in PreK,
K, 1st, and 2nd will receive developmental progress reports, while students in grades 3-5 are
given letter grades.
Student Performance
Report cards will be sent home following the end of each 9 weeks. The grading scale is as
For grades 3-5
A= 94-100% Excellent Achievement
B= 86-93% Above Average
C= 75-85% Average
D= 70-74% Below Average
F= 50-69%* Failing *No term average of less than 50 will be recorded

Teachers will issue mid-term progress reports to all students during the fourth week of the
reporting period. This report will indicate the student’s strengths as well as areas that need
                              EMERGENCY PROCEDURES

Emergency School Closing Procedures
Please discuss with your child, in advance, the plan that you have established in the event that
school is closed early. Occasionally, it becomes necessary to close school due to inclement
weather conditions. If this occurs, buses may be able to run on emergency routes only, due to
poor road conditions.
Notification of Emergency School Changes
For information about school closings and delayed openings, parents and students may listen to
any one of the area radio and television stations. Parents and students are urged not to phone
their school, the director of schools, or the area media for information, but to stay tuned to
the station of their choice.
Delayed Openings
On days that school open on a delay, buses will run on a two-hour delayed schedule. On these
days breakfast will not be served. Students arriving after 10:15 a.m. on a delayed opening
school day, will be considered tardy.
Early Dismissal Due to Weather
On those days that weather conditions worsen after the student arrives at school, parents will
be alerted of early dismissal by area radio and television stations. Please do not call the school,
as this ties up the phone lines.
Fire Drills/Tornado Drills/Safety Drills
Monthly practice drills are conducted to make certain that all students and school personnel are
aware of and adhere to the safety guidelines.


When a suspected case of chicken pox, measles, impetigo, hepatitis, mumps, pink eye, strep,
head lice, or other communicable (contagious) disease is reported, parents will be called
immediately to take the child home.

When a child has confirmed strep throat, he/she should remain out of school for at least 36
hours after treatment with either oral antibiotics or injection (weekend days count as time
away from school). Please do not send your child to school while waiting for the results of
his/her strep test because of the risk of exposing other students.

If a child has been ill with a fever, cold, sore throat, skin rash, skin eruption, or vomiting,
he/she should not be in school. A child should be free of symptoms and/or fever for 24
hours before returning to school.

All medication must be housed in the clinic with the proper paperwork on file in order to be
administered at school. Parents must bring the medication to the office. Forms must be on
file for prescriptions as well as over-the-counter medications.

School System Lice Policy
Parents will be notified in the event their child has
head lice and will be required to pick their child up from school. After treatment and removal
of all nits, the parent must bring the child to the office of the Johnson City School Nurses,
contact phone number 232-5380. An admit form will be given to the parent if the child is nit
and lice free. The school requires this form from each student who has lice to be re-admitted.
A student will be expected to have met all requirements for treatment and return to school no
later than 2 days following exclusion for head lice. All days in excess of the allowable period
will be marked as unexcused.

       The school office should be notified immediately when a communicable disease
                                        is diagnosed.

Student Accidents
Accidents are reported immediately to the staff member on duty. The staff member will
complete an accident report form as necessary with efforts made to contact the parents or
guardians. A current home or work phone number and an additional emergency number on your
child’s enrollment card will ensure a speedy contact.
Student Accident Insurance
Insurance coverage against accidents at school, on the playground, going to school or returning
home is offered at a low cost. Follow the instructions on the material being sent to you. Please
have your child check with the teacher if he/she did not receive an application. The application
and money must be sent directly to the company.

                                             Title I

Woodland is a School-wide Title I Federally Funded School. This designation provides
additional funding for our school to be used for personnel, equipment, supplies, and staff
development. These additional resources enable our students to receive help in promoting their
educational progress.

Johnson City Board of Education encourages the involvement of parents/guardians, both as
individuals and as groups, to act as advisors and resource people in the following ways:
1. With specific talents to complement and            extend the instructional services of the
classroom teacher.
2. To serve as advisors on curriculum development
3. To express ideas and concerns by responding to surveys and other information-gathering
4. To be actively involved in parent-teacher groups.
5. To serve on citizen’s advisory committees.

Under the Federal Projects Director, the school system shall provide the coordination and
technical assistance, plan and implement the Title I Program according to the guidelines set
forth in law which includes, but is not limited to, the following:
1. Parent input into the planning, design and implementation of the Title I Program.
2. Meaningful consultation of parents/guardians
of participating children in the planning, design, and implementation of the Title I Program.
3. Organized, systematic, ongoing, informed, and timely consultation in relation to decisions
about the program.
4. The involvement of parents through activities and procedures which are of sufficient size,
scope, and quality to give reasonable promise of substantial progress toward achieving the
required goals.

To ensure that parents/guardians of participating children have an adequate opportunity to
participate in the planning, designing, and implementation of the Title I Program, the school
system shall:
1. Convene an annual meeting, to which all parents/guardians of participating children, including
migrant students and limited English proficiency students, must be invited, to explain the
programs, activities, and curriculum available under Title I.
2. Provide parents/guardians of participating children, including migrant students and limited
English proficiency students, with reports and explanations of their child’s progress.
3. To the extent practical, conduct a parent/teacher conference with the parents of each
child to discuss the child’s progress, placement, and training in methods the parents can use to
complement the child’s instruction.
4. Make educational personnel under the Title I Program, including student services personnel,
readily accessible to parents/guardians.
5. Permit parents/guardians of participating children to observe Title I Program activities.
6. Provide opportunities for regular meetings with parents/guardians to formulate parental
input into
the program.
7. Provide parents/guardians of participating children with a copy of the parental involvement
policy as well as timely information about the program.
8. Make parents/guardians aware of parental involvement requirements and other relevant
provisions of the program.
9. Provide reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents/guardians may
10. Coordinate, to the extent possible, parental involvement activities and strategies under
other programs.
11. Develop a school-parent compact/contract that outlines how parents, the entire school
staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student achievement and the
means by which the school and parents will build and develop a
partnership to help children achieve high standards.
12. Provide information, to the extent to which it is practical, on programs and activities in a
language and form that parents/guardians understand.
13. Annually assess, through consultation with parents, the effectiveness of the parental
involvement program and determine what action needs to be taken, if any, to increase parental

  The faculty, staff, and administration at Woodland Elementary School appreciate your
       support of our guidelines. Our students benefit when we all work together.

   The administration reserves the right to amend this handbook as deemed necessary.

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