Dear partners, by 3oe90R7


									Dear friends,

Our Project is approved. It is action 1.1. It is in KARS / TURKEY and between 13th- 19th JULY
2012. Every team will be 6+1 between 18-25 ages.

One of our partners won’t come. If you want you can join in name of them.


Reference number: TR-11-766-2011-R5

First of all, you should know some informations about our Projects.

İstanbul - KARS by Plane (BEST OPTION)

You can use the plane from İstanbul to Kars.

But be carefull in Istanbul we have two airports. Be carefull when you will buy tickets IST is Ataturk
Airport in European side and SAW is Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Assian side.

İstanbul (ataturk AİRPORT – european side)- KARS by Bus ( nearly 21 hours 1600 km by coach-

Firstly, you will come ESENLER ( bus station) from airport by metro (underground train)

Find IGDIRLI TURIZM and come use these bus agency.

When you come to ESENLER, you can call me and you can give your phone to a worker in bus
agencies. Please dont interest in the other people. they can cheat you. just find IGDIRLI TURIZM. ask
somebody ;

TURKISH : IGDIRLI TURIZM otobus sirketini ariyorum (i am looking for IGDIRLI TURIZM)

İSTANBUL ( Sabiha gokcen airport – anatolian side)- KARS by Bus ( nearly 21 hours 1600 km by

You should use taxi ( eu doesnt PAY this and you ll pay nearly 25 euros for taxi) from airport to
Kaynarca IGDIRLI TURIZM Office. You buy your ticket and say them ‘’BIZ NEREDEN BINECEGIZ. (
where will we get on bus).they ll take you buy small bus to take you to big bus station and you ll
change your bus. And after that, you will come from İstanbul to KARS. You ll not give money to small
bus. It is used for transfer.

Ankara (esenboga airport)- KARS by Bus (nearly 17 hours 1250 km by coach- estimated)
Firstly you will go to ASTI (bus station) from airport by HAVAS ( bus agency between airport and bus
station). in bus station; (ASTI).

You should come to KARS from Ankara by bus agencies (IGDIRLI TURIZM)

When you come to Asti, you can call me and you can give your phone to a worker in bus agencies.
Please dont interest in the other people. they can cheat you. just find IGDIRLI TURIZM. ask somebody ;

TURKISH : IGDIRLI TURIZM otobus sirketini ariyorum (i am looking for IGDIRLI TURIZM)

Please notify your teams about these things

       You should notify me if you want to join or not in the shortest time.
       You should buy your tickets until 02/06/2012
       If we need something from you, i also can notify you later before you come here.



First aid. Two little words. But side by side when they gain importance. Is important because it can
save lives. Is important because the human life is priceless. Many people know the importance of
first aid and. We are participants in this project we aim to teach first aid. We aim to draw attention to
this very important issue. In our project our partners are Bulgaria, Czech Repıblic, Lithuania,Poland
and Romania.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As Group Precise Ideas, we are a member of Zift United Project Groups. This is
our first project. So, we wanted the Zift Organization to help us. And they will help us. So, the rules of
Zift Organization are written in below. Until now, they managed 17 projects in Turkey and
participated 20 projects in other countries.


General information about our all projects:

    1. Our group has been doing projects since 2008. Until April 2009, we didn’t write project. But
       as the leaders, we managed the other people’s projects. After that time, we decided to
       write projects at the same time. From April 2009 to now, we wrote and we made 13
     projects. But our organisation provides leaders and members to other groups. Groups write
     the Project and if they need us, we help them as trainers, leaders or members and now in
     15 different cities, we work with 15 groups. And every group is writing his project in name
     of his own city and they do it there. When they want to help from us, we go there. But as
     our group, we dont live in there. So, sometimes, we dont know the project city like you. And
     it makes us happy. Because , we see a new city.
2.   Our website
3.    If you want to join our Project, you should trust us unsuspeciously.
4.   If you want to join , You should know that you should come for just friendship, fun, see
     somewhere and cultural Exchange.Not for the subject, or hotel or comfort or academical
     something. In our projects, we give the subject (democracy, human rights but first of
     all, we give our friendship and hospality. You should know that our projects’ main idea is to
     be friendship. It is so important thing for us. The other things (subject, workshops, seminars are only vehicles for our friendship. You should know that you are not tourists in our
     country. You are our friends and guests.
5.   If you want to join us , you should know that you come on first day of project and leave on
     last day of Project (except extra ordinary situations). If you leave earlier without my
     permission, you can’t take your ticket money. Because it means that you didnt join the
     Project. Already it is EU rule. not mine.
6.   You should know that our daily plan ( which sent to you) can be changable according to some
     situations or us. Before you come, we send our daily plan. But when you come here, we talk
     with you and we can change it. Or, without talking with you, we can change it. Because
     sometimes, somethings can’t be possible because of somethings. So, you won’t care for
     daily plan before you come here. And when you come here, you should care for our daily
     plan and join all the daily plan.(except extra ordinary situations).
7.   You should know that your arrival ticket money is paid on last day of project.
8.   If you want to join us, never mind about hotel or food or activities. I dont promise for
     anything. Of ourse, according to EU rules, already you take your clear bed, hot water (for
     bath) and clear food. But i can’t promise about the kind of food. Because our tasting is
     different from yours. In our Project , you stay with 4 or five people in the same room. not
     more than 5. Sometimes , it can be only two people in the same room. But it exchanges
     from city to city and hotel to hotel. but dont come with big expectations. We dont want to
     princess participants. Just come and have fun. Dont care for food , hotel or activities.
     Already if you want to come, about this subjects, you should trust me and if you trust me,
     then you know that i do my best for you. But the best is changable according to money. In
     the most time the projects have got little money. Sometimes they have got more. So, if the
     Project has got big money, then we do beter things and more comfortable things. But, dont
     expect. Among 17 projects, except two projects, other 15 projects were next to sea. So, for
     you we try to good places as it is possible. Except three projects, our participants stayed with
     three people and they have got their own bathroom in their own room.
     I mean that we do the best. But we dont promise for anything.

9. In our projects, there is no fund ( money) for your cultural night. And in all projects, there
   are cultural night for all countries. But this night depends on you. Whatever you want, you
   can do it. Food,drinks,presentations,dances,games, theatres, music e.t.c. But for this,there is
    no reinbursement. There can be in other projects maybe but in ours, there is no
    reinbursement for cultural night. For the Projects EU gives some money for in name of
    countries for something and we use this Money for Project and we cant pay this money. If
    you want to join our Project, you should accept this. When we join some projects in other
    countries, we dont ask this money. So also please dont ask this. It means WE DON’T PAY
    MONEY FOR PREPARATION TO PARTICIPANT COUNTRY. We spend this money for project
    (480 euro+190 euro). If you want to join, you should accept this.

10. If you will join our Project, please dont bring any person from other nationalities. Especially,
    Turkish people. For example, a turkish guy is living in spain. He cant join in name of Spain.
    Because when he comes, he stays between two countries. Turkey and Spain. He is Turkish
    but he joins in name of Spain. So, for our Project it is impossible. Of course this is valid for all
    nationalities and countries also. Not only for Turkish.
11. If you want to join, you will sign this contract on first day.
12. Don’t forget that in your tickets (it can be electronic ticket), your ticket price and names
    should be written. Don’t forget your boarding passes. And we need your passport first page
    and stamped page’ s (while passing border, the police stamp it) copy. So, when you come,
    either you copy it or you will give us for copy. It is your choice.
13. No taxi or private car money aren’t paid by EU. So, you should use economical train, plane or
    bus tickets. (this is international rules)
14. We are doing action 4.3 and action 1.1 projects.
    In action 1.1 : Usually in these projects, the participants make some teams (mixed) and try to
    produce somethings about the subject or do somethings as team. To give informations not
    so important.
    In action 4.3 : Usually in these projects, the participants take some seminars and some
    specialities give some information about subject as seminar. It is more serious and like
    academical thing.
    In our action 4.3 and 1.1 projects: All the time in these projects, you take seminars (one day
    maybe two-three days-by some specialities or by us or some people who knows the subject)
    and you take both of them. And in our projects, everybody should be active. Already,
    definitely, nearly in all projects, every team has got a presentations about subject which in
    their own country except cultural night.
15. In our projects, definitely you will visit city center or town center. And you take the most fun,
    friendship,hospality, and good information about subject.
16. If you join, dont contact with public people too much. You know we are Turkish. Our culture
    is different from you. Some people can misunderstand you. Maybe they can misunderstand
    and disturb you. I have to save you as my friend. But as you know , i dont live in Project city.
    So, if you dont listen to me, when they disturb you, maybe i can’t help you. So please, if i say
    and warn you that ‘’dont go somewhere, some streets, please dont go. Especially, dont
    contact with waiters or workers of hotel. Be careful about this subject. Because after 3 days,
    they learn who you are and they relax. So, it effects the quality of their work, e.t.c and also,
    some of them can have some bad opinions.
17. If we say that this project is in ………(or in another city), it doesn’t mean it will be in city
    center. It can be in a town or village or anywhere in this city. So, dont ask this why it didn’t be
    in city center. Because sometimes, some situations can be changable without me. In Turkey,
    before the project date, you make contract with hotel as speech. So sometimes, they can
    change their opinion or because of other problems. So, we can face to face with these things.
18. If you have problem in days of Project, firstly you will talk with your team leader and the
    leader will notify me. In normal time, in 4.3 projects, there is no leader. But in our all
    projects, every team has got a leader in 4.3 or 1.1. For problems in Turkey, you will contact
    with your team leaders. This is so important for good communication and solving problems.
19. I am writing these rules. Because in our Project in 30 people, definitely we have two or one
    person who has got a problem with us or Project. Even if the other 29 people become happy,
    it makes us sad and takes our energy. We are as experienced as to know we cant make
    everybody happy and it is so normal but despite of this, we become sad. I wrote all the rules
    because we experienced these problems in our Projects. That is why before the Project, we
    talk everything with organisators and we try to this way)))))
20. Maybe one group want to go early and i allow them. But for others, maybe i dont allow. It is
    my choice. It is not opened for criticize. Because maybe they have a really valid reason and
    they just share this with me and i dont have to explain it to you. And it is not my secret so , i
21. Anyway, we like clubs, we like dancing, chatting, friendship,learning culture,to be team, to go
    somewhere as team,dont care for small problems,smiling and people. We dont like stressful
    thing, serious people, angry and two faced people, seminars without fun, boring information.
    If you like things which we like, then hurry up and join us. You will have whatever i said.
22. Before come here, please buy your all the tickets as two way. Because i pay all your money in
    Turkey. If you don’t buy your departure tickets, after you go back your country , you should
    send your tickets and i invest your money. But bank commision belongs to you. We can’t pay
    this. Because NA doesnt accept this. And bank commision is not cheap in Turkey. So , in the
    best way, please buy your all tickets as two ways.

    NOTE: in normal time, to pay your departure and arrival tickets we should take both
    boarding passes and orijinal tickets. But you know boarding passes are given at airport. So,
    when you go back your country, you should send your boarding passes by post. And in
    normal time, you should take your money after this. So, sometimes, i can decide that we ll
    give your arrival ticket money in project and your departure money after we take your
    second boarding passes. It changable person to person and country to country. Sometimes,
    participants promise that they ll send boarding passes to us after they go. But when they
    take money from us, when they go to their own country, they dont send. So we have
    problem with NA. We dont have to pay money before we take both boarding passes. But
    usually we trust participants and we give their ticket money in Turkey. But you should know
    that it is not a rule. If we care for international or turkish national rules, we shouldnt give
    money before we take both boarding passes. But as i said we usually that we dont care for
    this rule and we give. And in 17 projects, just five people in two groups didn’t send boarding

23. please dont ask me the partners e-mail address or something about them. i dont give their
    e-mail address. Because it is not mine. If you want to take their adress before coming here,
    you cant take it from me. You should understand that these addresses belong to them . Not
    me. So, in name of them , i cant give. And also if you are curious for only country names, you
    can check the daily plan and you can understand it because of cultural night. The country
    names are written there.
24. In these situations, if you want, please come and have fun.
25. we dont pay money for insurance.
26. in the Project, you will take your international youthpass certificates.
27. This is confirmation letter also.

    What is youth action ?
       It is cultural exchange.
       You can learn many things about other countries.
       You destroy your barriers.
       It is very good experience
       You learn something about european citizenship and projects.
       You destroy your racist opinions.
       You have very good friendship from other countries.

            And a youth action is NOT :
           Holiday
           A language course
           Tour

            The best youth action
           In a hostel or in a place in countryside. Not city center. ( to be together as all team)

            Who are team leaders?
           He is a person who responsible for his team. He knows where his members, what
            they do e.t.c
           A leader can control his team.
           A leader dont allow fanatic reactions.


           In the projects, every partnership is equal. Turkey and their countries have got the
            same rights.

         He is a person like boss of project. He manages everything. He is not a participant. He
           is not a leader of a hosting group. He is leader of all projects and all people. He solves
           problems. He cares for tickets, money, activities, every situation. For example,
           organisator is a Turkish person. Project is in Turkey. But in project, organisator is
           international person. He should be equal to everybody. So, every participants, every
           leaders should care for his words.
             He is a person who knows the project subject as specialist. He gives seminars,
                manage the activities, games e.t.c. He is like second international leader.
                Participants and leaders should care for his words also. Because otherwise he can’t
                control the group everybody does whatever they want . So, the project can’t be

                Bulgaria : % 70 percent of 170 euros for each person
                Romania : % 70 percent of 230 euros for each person
                Other Countries: % 70 percent of 320 euros for each person

In name of my team, I read all things and accepted all the rules before I come to “Searching For




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