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									Immigration Direct Guides You
Through The US Immigration

Immigration Direct has been
 a leader in online
 immigration services for
 nearly a decade.
Helping people visit and
immigrate to the United
States, they offer concise,
information and helpful
services for non-immigrant
(temporary stay) and
immigrant (permanent
resident) processes such as
obtaining temporary visas,
green cards and
Non-immigrant and
immigrant processes are
extremely complicated
such much so that non-
immigrants and
immigrants alike often
require the expensive
services of lawyers.
Immigration Direct is a cost-
 effective alternative to
 hiring an immigration
 attorney, offering expert
 advice and exceptional
 services that save time and
 Services include 24-hour
customer service, USCIS
Forms Navigation System,
Online form-filing
assistance, and multi-
language immigration
DVDs and EBooks.
1. 24-Hour Customer Service
2. USCIS Form Navigation
3. Detailed Customized Filing
4. Multi-Language Immigration
5. Immigration EBooks
24-Hour Customer Service
Immigration Direct
provides online customer
services 24 hours a day, 7
days a week. They also
offer phone support during
normal business hours.
 USCIS   Form Navigation
 There is a great quantity of
 non-immigrant and
 immigrant forms that vary
 depending on the
 circumstances of the
 Every immigration and
non-immigration process
requires a form to be filed
and often several forms.
Finding which forms one
needs is tricky and the
USCIS website can be
extremely confusing.
Immigration Direct's Form
Navigation System
provides simple, easy-to-
understand definitions of
each form and each form's
purpose along with other
helpful information about
the filing process.
Detailed Customized
Filing Instructions

Immigration Direct offers
Form Filing products for
some of the most popular
immigrant and non-
immigrant forms.
These products give
customized filing
instructions to applicants to
ensure accurate & efficient
filing. Immigration Direct
also offers step-by-step
filing instructions for less
popular forms free of
Immigration DVDs
Immigration Direct has
educational DVDs in
several different languages
that provide user-friendly
guides for immigrant
DVD titles include: How to
Pass the U.S. Citizenship
Test, How to Get A United
States Student & Tourist
Visa, Learn How to Get a
Green Card and How to
Pass the K-1 Fiancé (e) &
Marriage Visa Interviews.
Immigration EBooks

Immigration Direct has a
variety of EBooks that
cover a large range of
immigration topics.
EBooks provide detailed
guides on immigrant
petitions, applications, and
a variety of other processes.
All applicable USCIS forms
are also included in the
eBook packages.
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