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         JUST BORN

         January 28, 2002
•   Think 360 was asked to provide implications for Mike & Ike
    repositioning and/or relaunch based upon a competitive brand
    differentiation review of the fruit-flavored candy segment
     –   Starburst
     –   Skittles
     –   Lifesavers
     –   Jolly Ranchers
     –   Jelly Bellies
     –   Good ‘n Plenty
     –   Dots
     –   Jujy Fruits
•   Think 360 was also asked to identify cross-industry examples of
    strategic character/icon development that brought brand
    positionings to life
•   Finally, Think 360 has begun to identify ownable
    positionings/differentiators based on the competitive review

•   Competitive Review
     – Overview and current marketing activity
         – Starburst
         – Skittles
         – Lifesavers
         – Jolly Ranchers
         – Jelly Bellies
         – Good ‘n Plenty
         – Dots
         – Jujy Fruits
     – Implications
•   Character/Icon Review
     – Examples
     – Implications
•   Positioning Work
     – Critical Target Audience Insights
     – Competitive Assumptions
     – Potential Positionings for Mike & Ike
•   Next Steps                                   6
Competitive Review

•   Owned by M&M/Mars (now called Master Brands)
•   Base Business
     –   Tagline: Get Your Juices Going.
     –   Flavors
           •   Original (Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Strawberry)
           •   Tropical (Tropical Punch, Strawberry-Banana, Mango-Melon & Kiwi-Banana)
           •   California Fruits (Red Cherry, Strawberry-Watermelon, Raspberry & Plum Passion)
     –   Advertising: Tween/Contemporary!
           •   Isn’t Life Juicy? Tag
           •   Offbeat, irreverent attitude where kids interact with the product as hero
                  –   Current spots
                          » Starburst. Making pink acceptable to guys.
                          » Starburst. As long as it’s still wrapped.
     –   Promotion
           •   Pack line event (online sweeps): Hit the Code. Win the Cash.
     –   Packaging
           •   Contemporary new packaging with bold graphics
           •   Makes the product/shape hero
     –   Icon Usage
           •   Uses juice drop icon repetitively to communicate fruit flavor
                  –   As a design element in the logo (part of the “S” in Starburst)
                  –   To showcase fruit flavors on packaging and website
                  –   To form lips icon

•   Extensions
     – Jelly Beans
          • Original (Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Green Apple, Grape)
          • Tropical (Tropical Punch, Strawberry-Banana, Mango-Melon & Kiwi-
            Strawberry, Watermelon & Pineapple-Orange)
     – Hard Candies
          • Original & Tropical
     – Red Fruit Twists (NEW)
          • Strawberry, Orange, Lemon & Cherry flavors (all red color)
     – Fruit Chew Pops (NEW)
               – Orange, Green Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon & Cherry
     – King Size Sticks (NEW)
     – Chewlicious (Summer 2002)
          • Watermelon, Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple
•   POV
     – Extensions appear to have shown mixed results, but M&M/Mars is
       clearly committed to growing the franchise through brand form

•   Owned by M&M/Mars
•   Base Business
    –   Tagline: Taste The Rainbow.
    –   Flavors
          •   Original (Orange, Lemon, Grape, Lime, Strawberry)
    –   Advertising: Ethereal/Artsy!
          •   Carousel/Trail/Tree TV spots all feature dream-like monotone sequences/music with the
              rainbow discovery as the conclusion
          •   Radio spots use music from the TV creative and focus on color – not flavor
          •   Print execution also uses the ethereal tone/monotone coloration and features the rainbow
              as hero
    –   Promotion
          •   Pack line event (online sweeps): Hit the Code. Win the Cash.
          •   Green Apple vs. Lime vote: Lime won!
    –   Packaging
          •   Rainbow is primary communication
          •   “Original Fruit” is used as a flavor description but not depicted as actual fruit
                 –   No real fruit focus
    –   Icon Usage
          •   Uses rainbow icon repetitively to communicate variety
                 –   Primary image on packaging, in all print and TV advertising, and throughout the website

•   Extensions
     – Mint Skittles (January 2002)
          • Tagline: Feel the Kiss. Taste the Rainbow.
          • Flavors
               – Peppermint Mix
               – Spearmint Mix
     – Sour Skittles (2000)
          • Tagline: Feel the Charge. Taste the Rainbow.
          • Sour Orange, Sour Lemon, Sour Grape, Sour Lime, Sour Strawberry
     – Wild Berry (1990)
          • Raspberry, Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Berry Punch, Melon Berry
     – Tropical (1990)
          • Strawberry/Orange/Banana, Mango/Peach, Kiwi Lime, Passion Punch,
•   POV
     – Skittles franchise strategy is similar to M&Ms – extend through flavor,
       not format

•   Owned by Nabisco
•   Base Business
     –   Tagline: Lifesavers. The Candy With The Hole.
     –   Flavors
           •   Original (Orange, Pineapple, Cherry, Lemon & Lime)
           •   Five Tangy (Watermelon, Green Apple, Strawberry, Tangy Tangerine, Tangy Peach)
           •   Tropical (Fruit Punch, Pina Colada, Mango Melon, Tangerine, Banana)
           •   Chill-O-Mints (Wintergreen, Spearmint, Vanilla Mint, Peppermint)
           •   Wild Berries (Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Blackberry, Cherry)
           •   Butter Rum, Wild Cherry, Wint-O-Green, Pep-O-Mint, Cryst-O-Mint, Spear-O-Mint
     –   Advertising: Flavor romance – brings flavor to life!
           •   Tropical flavor TV features candy rolling though a lush tropical forest, falling on/over the
               real fruits that the flavors represent
           •   Mint flavor TV features candy rolling through winter landscape – snow, ice, etc.
           •   Original flavor TV features similar creative
     –   Packaging
           •   Product colors and shape highlighted
           •   No real fruit focus
     –   Icon Usage
           •   Does not use an icon but does use their color stripes consistently in all marketing

•   Extensions
     –   Crème Savers (1998)
           •   Tagline: The Creamiest, Dreamiest Lifesavers Yet
           •   Flavors
                  –   Strawberries & Crème, Orange & Crème, Chocolate & Caramel and Raspberries & Creme
           •   Advertising: Flavor romance – brings flavor to life!
                  –   Similar creative execution for Orange & Crème, Strawberries & Crème and Chocolate & Caramel
           •   Promotion
                  –   Web game:Top scorers win a digital camera
                  –   Enchanted Spa online sweeps
     –   Gummies (1993)
           •   Flavors
                  –   Original (Orange, Pineapple, Cherry, Lemon & Lime)
                  –   Tangy (Lemon, Sour Apple, Watermelon, Tangerine, Tangy Cherry, Tangy Fruit Punch)
                  –   Mixed Berries (Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Blackberry, Cherry Berry, Grape)
           •   Advertising: NA
     –   Kickerz Sweet & Sour (NEW!)
           •   Tagline: We wanted them to be Lifesavers. They don’t care what we want.
           •   Flavors
                  –   Green Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry & Cherry
           •   Advertising: Print is bold and irreverent – in line with category communication but
               references the base brand in a humorous, rebellious way
•   POV
     –   Dedicated to maintaining consistency with Lifesavers name and form
     –   When format is inconsistent, leads with a name variation (i.e. Crème Savers)

Jolly Ranchers
•   Owned by Hershey’s
•   Base Business
    – Tagline: Long Lasting Intense Fruit Flavor.
    – Flavors: Apple, Grape, Lemon & Watermelon
    – Advertising: Contemporary 12-24 – brings flavor to life!
         • Live the Flavor. Tag
         • Spots feature 12-24 year olds “living the flavor”
              – Dressed all in red with red poodle to support the cherry flavor
              – Driving a watermelon VW bus to support the watermelon flavor
    – Promotions
         • Learning Network “Chews” to Make A Difference contest
         • Big Fruit Flavor minisite on and
              – Weekly sweepstakes and place for kids to take test/polls about having “flava” (AKA
              – Mix of pop culture and brand info
    – Packaging
         • Features real fruit imagery
    – Icon Usage
         • Does not use an icon

Jolly Ranchers
•   Extensions
     –   Gummies
     –   Jellies
     –   Lollipops
     –   Jelly Beans
     –   Fruit Chews
          • Watermelon, Green Apple & Cherry
•   POV
     – Success story
          • Long history – owned by multiple companies since its beginnings in Golden
            Colorado in 1949
          • Since Hershey acquisition in 1996, the brand has reinvented itself, supported
            its image with media and is extending its equity to other flavors and forms

Jelly Bellies
•   A family-run candy business since 1869 that started making jelly
    beans in 1976
•   Base Business
     –   Tagline: The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean.
     –   Flavors: Over 40
     –   Advertising: NA
     –   PR/Visibility (Courtesy of the website)
          • “Jelly Belly became the favorite candy of President Ronald Reagan, who
            made the beans a staple in the Oval Office and on Air Force One. (President
            Reagan's passion for jelly beans inspired Blueberry flavor, which was cooked
            up so he could serve red, white, and blue beans at his inaugural
            parties.) Diplomats and world leaders clamored to have Jelly Belly beans.
            And guess what? Jelly Belly was also the first jelly bean in outer space. Free
            floating, weightless Jelly Belly beans were served on the space shuttle in
            1983 - the same mission that boasted another bit of history - the first
            American woman astronaut, Sally Ride.”
     – Extensions
          • Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
               – Includes Harry Potter flavours such as Black Pepper, Sardines and Grass

•   Good ‘n Plenty
     –   Oldest candy brand in the US – began production in 1893 and advertising in 1950
           •   Had a theme song called Choo Choo Charlie
     –   Bought by Hershey’s in 1996
           •   Owned by multiple companies throughout the years
     –   Licorice flavor
           •   Did extend to fruit-flavored candy with Good ‘n Fruity
     –   Theater heritage
     –   Currently little-to-no marketing effort
•   Dots
     –   Owned by Tootsie Roll
     –   Introduced as Mason Dots in 1945
     –   Fruit flavor
     –   Theater heritage
     –   Currently little-to-no marketing effort
•   Jujy Fruits
     –   Owned by Hershey’s
     –   Fruit flavor
     –   Theater heritage
     –   Currently little-to-no marketing effort

Fruit-Flavored Equity Landscape and Extensions

                    Chewy                                               Hard

Starburst                          Skittles               Jolly Ranchers          Lifesavers

Starburst King Size Sticks         Mike & Ike
Starburst Chewlicious
Starburst Red Fruit Twists           Dots                       Lifesavers Crème Savers
                             Jolly Ranchers Gummies
Lifesavers Gummies                                               Starburst Hard Candy
                             Jolly Ranchers Jellies
Jujy Fruits                  Jolly Ranchers Fruit Chews

               Jelly Bellies                                   Starburst Fruit Chew Pops
              Starburst Jelly Beans                             Jolly Ranchers Lollipops
           Jolly Ranchers Jelly Beans                              Lifesavers Lollipops

                Jelly Beans                                           Lollipops

•   Major fruit candy equities (chewy and hard) are extending cross form as well as into
    multiple flavors

Chewy Fruit-Flavored Candy Equity Matrix

                                                               Fruit Flavor Equity**

           Starburst                               High                               Jolly Ranchers Fruit Chews
             30%                                                                                 3%
           95% ACV                                                                             71% ACV
                         96% ACV


                                                                                    Mike & Ike
        High                                                                           5%
                                                                                    73% ACV
                                               91% ACV                                                    Dots
                                                                                      Jujy Fruits
                                                                                          5%              2%
                                                Lower                                 70% ACV           38% ACV

 •   Need to have relevant and current positioning/equity, as well as the marketing
     budget to drive awareness
         Starburst and Skittles have built relevant chewy candy equity
         Jolly Ranchers may be successful based on hard candy equity halo

*Source: Share data is FDTKS dollar share, chewy type, assorted fruit flavor, 52 weeks ending 12/9/01
**Assumptions made based on current marketing efforts                                                              19
•   Building blocks of success (Assumptions made based on current marketing efforts)
     –   Distinct Positioning
     –   Marketing Budgets
     –   Trade Support/Distribution
     –   Line Extensions
           •   Add revenue by leveraging equity investment
•   Elements critical to Mike & Ike repositioning and/or relaunch
     –   Sound, differentiated positioning and creative marketing to break-through the
         strong teen-focus of the big players
           •   OR… play bigger in a smaller pond (i.e. younger target)
     –   Product innovations/extensions
     –   Marketing budget
     –   Drive sales/trade support

                          Brand              Target         Marketing Support
                          Starburst            Teen                Strong
                           Skittles            Teen                Strong
                       Jolly Ranchers    Teen/Young Adult         Moderate*
                    Lifesavers Gummies   Teen/Young Adult         Moderate*
                         Jujy Fruits          Unclear              Weak
                             Dots             Unclear              Weak
                         Mike & Ike            Teen                Weak

     *While support for these extensions is minimal, they are the beneficiaries of their base brand’s
     equity and marketing exposure

Character/Icon Review

Slim Jim
•   Slim Jim Positioning
     –      Target: Males 12-17
     –      Born of the male emotional need to be rebellious and irreverent
•   Slim Jim Guy Character Development
     –      Used to create a humorous, irreverent, rebellious attitude for the brand in 1996
     –      Brought to life through the attitude of tough country singers and professional
            wrestlers, as well as extreme athletes
•   Consistently leverage in marketing activity (AdWeek July 16, 2001)
     –      Advertising
              •   New spots feature character bursting through the stomach of a kid about to get an
                  appendix operation
     –      Promotional Usage
              •   Tie-in with brands that have similar attitude/positioning
                     –   Vans footwear, LifeStyle condoms, Sunglass Hut and American Pie 2
              •   Consistently edgy communication: This Sweepstakes Blows promotion offering the grand
                  prize of an all-expense paid trip to Hollywood along with the flute actually used in the film;
                  Raw Meat promotion that offers free hard-core rock and rap CDs, magazines and videos
•   Overall results from repositioning and character development (AdWeek August 7,
     –      Explosive growth beyond convenience stores
              •   Double-digit growth; Fastest growing snack segment since 1995
     –      New image for the entire category

Red Bull
•   Red Bull Positioning
     –   Target: Men & women 16-29
     –   Born of the product benefit: Red Bull gives you the energy to do whatever you do
           •   Garnered early buzz among ravers who drank the international energy drink to dance until
•   Icon Development
     –   Fans swear that the product helps them work better, play better, etc.
     –   Developed the tagline “It gives you wings” to support product benefit and an
         animated winged bull icon for support
•   Consistently bring to life in marketing activity (AdWeek July 16, 2001)
     –   Grassroots efforts aimed at rave culture while maintain mainstream top-of-mind
     –   Advertising features the animated winged bull
     –   Promotional Usage (AdWeek November 12, 2001)
           •   Sponsored cliff diving in Cyprus, an island with a big clubbing reputation
           •   Red Bull Music Academy brings popular DJs aboard to teach young, aspiring spinners in
               many European and US cities
           •   Underwrites many extreme sports events and alternative athletes
•   Overall results
     –   In less than 3 years Red Bull established and lifted the energy drink category from
         $12MM to $42MM in 1998 and $75MM in 1999
     –   New rush of competition from 180 (Anheuser-Bush), KMX (Coca-Cola) and Amp
         (Mt. Dew)

•   StarKist Positioning
     – Target: Men & women 25-34
     – Born of a product attribute: StarKist is the best-tasting premium tuna
•   Icon Development
     – Introduced Charlie the Tuna, a NY, rough-around-the-edges,
       unsophisticated tuna with “no taste”
     – Initially developed the tagline “Sorry Charlie” to support the product
       attribute that only the finest tuna (with the best taste) were used in
       StarKist tuna
          •   Therefore, Charlie was not allowed to be a StarKist tuna
•   Consistently brought to life in successful marketing activity for many
•   Usage of Charlie declined in the late ‘80s until HJ Heinz revamped
    their icon to align more closely with their new positioning toward
    healthy people on the go
     – Created a slimmed down, more energetic Charlie
     – Added a full smile as opposed to a smirk
     – Charlie is no longer a StarKist “reject” but the brand spokesperson
          • Currently center-stage on packaging, the internet and in TV supporting
            the new pouch product

•   Keebler Positioning
     – Target: Families with kids
     – Born of a product attribute and history
          • Keebler has the best cookies and crackers – “Uncommonly Good”
          • United Biscuit Company was started with one Keebler bakery in 1853 with a
            focus on consistency and quality
•   Icon Development
     – Introduced Ernie, the rest of the Keebler Elves and The Hollow Tree
       that houses the Elfin Cookie and Cracker Corps. and the magic oven
     – Characters are happy/social and stand for commitment, pride and hard
•   Consistently brought to life in marketing activity since their inception
•   By establishing an entire Keebler Elves “kingdom”, Keebler has
    ultimate creative license over situations and context to maintain
    relevancy and support unique product extensions, promotions,
    relevant trends, etc.

Starburst and Skittles
•   Starburst
     – Positioning
          • Target: Teens
          • Born of a product attribute: Made with real fruit juices
     – Icon Development
          • Juice drop
          • Used consistently in all
            parts of the marketing mix

•   Skittles
     – Positioning
          • Target: Teens
          • Born of a product attribute: Rainbow of colors/fruit flavors
     – Icon Development
          • Rainbow
          • Used consistently in all parts of the marketing mix

•   It is obvious that the brands studied developed a clear, differentiated
    positioning and created strategic icons/characters to bring that positioning to
•   Positionings and icons appear to be based upon a rich understanding of the
    target’s emotional/psychological needs, lifestyle and culture
•   In addition, the positioning/icons bring to life something differentiating and
    ownable for the brands
     –   An emotional and/or lifestyle connection with the target audience
     –   Dimentionalization of a product benefit from the target’s point of reference
     –   A distinct product attribute that is relevant to the target
•   As in the case of StarKist, a strong brand icon can often survive changes in
    positioning if managed correctly
     –   Must be kept relevant and be a real source of equity, even in the face of a
         changing consumer profile
•   In the case of Keebler, a long-term vision based on product and brand
    culture enabled the company to build equity over time and create an
    environment in which to maximize their communication
•   Mike & Ike must go through the rigor of target understanding and brand
    differentiation, developing into a distinct positioning, before character/icon

Target Review: Critical Insights

12-17 Year Olds

… they’re little leaguers who treat umpires with more respect than their parents do…
babies aboard minivans with child seats, special mirrors and radars that beep when
something is behind them… volunteers at the library, clocking in community service needed
to graduate… middle schoolers designing websites for their parent’s businesses… young
bicycle riders who wear their helmets even though their moms and dads don't…

High-school grads having fun with parents at alcohol-free graduation parties… kids buying
presents for one another at The Learning Company… kids in SAT-prep summer camps…
urban kids in bright school uniforms… home schoolers surfing the net with stay at-home
parents… second-generation Latino kids drilling their parents in civics… kids who avoid
X-rated movies because they know they’ll get carded…

Fans of Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Sabrina and Power Puff Girls… kids who have
traded gangsta pants for khakis… pre-teens downloading MP3 tunes and making custom
CDs for their friends… grandkids going to Europe with Grandpa… readers of Teen
Newsweek and Time for Kids… Columbine students who risked their lives staying with their
dying teacher…

Source: Millennials Rising: The Next Generation by Neil Howe and William Strauss
Millennial Generation
•   Overview of the Millennials (Millennials Rising: The Next Generation by Neil Howe and
    William Strauss)
     –   Born in or after 1985
     –   Reject the Generation Y or Echo Boomers label (proclaim they are unique!)
            •   ABC and authors’ poll found Millennials title to be most accepted by this group
     –   Unlike any other generation
            •   Numerous (76MM at the end of 2000)
                   –   Outnumber Gen Xers and Boomers
            •   More affluent
            •   Better educated
            •   More ethnically diverse – least Caucasian
            •   More upbeat – some negative attitudes that permeate the media are cited as “residue”
                created by Gen Xers and not born of this generation
            •   Rule followers vs. rule breakers
                   –   Juvenile crime and pregnancy rates plummeted between 1995 and 2000
            •   Most watched over
                   –   More adult structure, supervision and nurturing at every age that any other generation
                           » i.e. Play dates, soccer, piano, tutoring, etc. in daily schedules
                   –   Kids issues have become more prominent on the nation’s political agenda
            •   Beginning to manifest a wide array of positive social habits (teamwork, achievement)
                   –   Not the selfish, alienated slacker Gen Xers were thought to be
            •   Smarter than people think
                   –   8 in 10 teens say it is “cool to be smart”
            •   Believe in the future and see themselves on the cutting edge

Millennial Traits
•   Seven distinguishable traits
     Millennials (1985-2002)                                              Gen Xers (1965-85)
     Special                                                              Felt like castaways
     Sheltered                                                            Divorce and STDs on the rise
     Confident                                                            Personal rediscovery
     Team-oriented                                                        Trusted the individual
     Achieving                                                            Slackers
     Pressured                                                            Latch-key kids
     Conventional                                                         Experimental

•   Society and Culture
                              Boomers (1945-65)        Gen Xers (1965-85)             Millennial (1985 - today)
     Child Nurture            relaxing                 under protective               tightening
     Family Stability         high, starting to fall   falling                        low, starting to rise
     Family Policy Priority   needs of community       needs of adults                needs of children
     School Emphasis          excellence               liberation                     standards
     Crime & Drugs            low, starting to rise    rising                         high, starting to fall
     Popular Culture          homogenizing             confrontational                fragmenting
     Gender-Role Gap          wide                     narrowing                      narrow
     Racial Goal              integration              assertion                      diversity
     Immigration              low                      rising                         high
     Income Equality          rising                   peaking                        falling
     Fiscal Tilt              to working-age adults    to retirees                    to kids
     Generosity to Poor       rising                   peaking                        falling

Millennial Pop Culture
•   Bubblegum Pop – music like ‘N Sync, Backstreet Boys, S Club 7, and
    Britney Spears who are teen and parent friendly (although Britney Spears is
    getting criticism from fans about recent inappropriate dress, etc.)
     –   “To Millennial ears, this new music was ’ear candy’… brighten-my-day-pick-me-
         uppers to confirm their self-confident happiness, digitally enhanced by nimble
         techies, marketed on brisk and bright videos and websites, downloadable with
         MP3, fungible on homemade CDs, playable whenever, portable wherever,
         sharable with whomever.”
•   Magical Simplicity
     –   Harry Potter and Pokemon triumph with the virtues of courage, honor, loyalty and
         energy (vs. the realism of Judy Bloom and the bluntness of the Simpson's)
     –   A generational learning? Yes.
           •   A 12 year old in 1999 who loves Harry Potter would have been a pre-schooler in 1991
               watching Barney, who also stands for the same virtues
•   Coming-of-Age Stories
     –   Until 1990’s, movies for and about teens had been more cynical in tone
     –   Clueless was the first of the Millennial movies in1995; a string of others followed
         such as 10 Things I Hate About You and American Pie 1 and 2
     –   TV following suit: Dawson’s Creek and Popular uphold classic virtues and
         sentimentality in a contemporary manner
•   Techno Domain Ownership/Status
     –   Internet is perceived as ownable by Millennials: instant messaging allows them to
         see friends online, myriad of teen-friendly sites, chat rooms and e-media
     –   Video games maintain popularity, but computer/internet gaming is a means to
         achieve social status in the network of gamers
Mosaic Generation
•   George Barna, President of Barna Research Group, calls this group
    Mosaics vs. Millennials and breaks them down into the following groups
    (360 Youth Report November 2001)
     –   Interactives (50% of population)
           •   Highly personable and develop their lifestyle according to relational possibilities and
           •   Stream of consciousness approach to problem solving while remaining sensitive to the
               needs and feelings of those with whom they have contact
           •   Respond to advertising that is real and sincere – not cynicism
     –   Dynamos (25%)
           •   Aggressive, focused, driven individuals who are effective at problem solving and are
               above-average producers
           •   Irritate some with their relentless energy, competitiveness and self-assurance
           •   Respond to short, direct messaging
     –   Stabilizers (15%)
           •   Provide continuity and consistency wherever they are found
           •   Appreciated for their loyalty, predictability and thoroughness and criticized for their rigidity
               and lack of creativity
           •   Respond to accuracy and are not easily fooled by nebulous product benefits or offerings
     –   Evaluators (10%)
           •   Detail-oriented individuals who are continually assessing situations and people
           •   Place lofty demands on themselves and others; perfectionist tendencies and aversion to
               risk can frustrate others
           •   Respond to accuracy and are not easily fooled by nebulous product benefits or offerings

12-17 Specifics
•   23MM 12-17 year olds eat 4.33 times/day (Prepared Foods May 2000)
•   Special Report Teen Marketing (Ad Age June 2001)
     – $155 billion in discretionary income for kids 12-19 (+1.3% over YAG)
     – 80% of girls between 12 and 19 read a magazine for pleasure each
       week vs. 65% of boys
          • Top Girl’s pubs: Seventeen, YM, Teen, Teen People, CosmoGirl
          • Top Boy’s pubs: Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, GamePro,
            Nintendo Power, Electronic Gaming Monthly
     – Top 10 coolest brands
          • Nike, Sony, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, Adidas,
            American Eagle, Gap, Pepsi, Coke
     – Top TV
          • MTV, Fox, ABC, Comedy Central, HBO, WB (very female dominated)
     – Multi-taskers: Play games on the computer while sending instant
       messages; listening to the stereo and watching TV while a friend is
       sitting on the couch
     – Tendency to distrust commercial media and trust word-of-mouth
          • Looking for something real – not hype
          • Viral and guerilla marketing work well

  13-17 Specifics

  •        Zandl Group Research (February 2001)
                             The best                                                    Last
              Latest product   thing     Describe a                  How you'd        rebellious
                bought b/c    about       really fun    Usual      describe "cool"    thing you       Favorite       Favorite Most exciting thing Role
Question       advertising? your life?      time     conversation?     people            did?         website?     place to be? you've done?     model?
                                                                                      Didn't come                              (championship/met
Boys 13-17        Nike        Friends     Friends        Girls      Myself/friends       home    Hone/room         pro athlete)      Dad
                                                                                        Ditched   Skateboarding.  Playing
                  CDs         Myself       Sports       Sports      Well-dressed        school         com         sports            Travel          Mom
                                         Amusement                                       Drove
                              Family       Parks        Music         Fun/funny        110mph    Friends         Car/license       Parents
                                                                    Not "cool" kids

                                                                                      Asked a by
                                                                                      out that my
Girls 13-17       CDs         Friends     Friends        Guys       Myself/friends    friend liked   Hone/room       Boyfriend         Mom
               Neutrogena                                                              Screamed
               Face Wash      Family       Dating       Friends       Stuck-up           at mom         Mall          Concert         Sister
                                                                                      Didn't go to                               (homecoming
                              Myself       Movies       Music        Dress well         church       Friends   court/scholarship)   Parents
                                                                    Not "cool" kids

•   Regardless of generational nomenclature, it is clear that today’s teens have
    a clear, unique culture that marketers must connect with to be successful
•   In general, teens will favor brands that assist them as they develop
     –   Help them develop a sense of identity
     –   Define them within their peer group
     –   Provide confidence
     –   Gives ritual and/or bonding experiences
•   Specifically, Mike & Ike should connect the following unique attributes of
    today’s 12-17 year olds
     –   Define themselves as individuals – distinct from other generations
     –   Upbeat and happy
     –   “Clean cut” and achievement-oriented
     –   Looking for people and brands that are “real”, not mere hype/commercialism
     –   Traditional
     –   Process information quickly
     –   Pop-culture savvy
     –   Socially aware

Positioning Work

Positioning Work
•   Need State Overview
     –   Without a clear positioning and greater share of marketing voice, Mike & Ike only
         delivers the category benefits of chewy, fruit-flavored candy
     –   However, the big competitors are able to deliver an additional psychological
         benefit based on their advertising/promotion communication

                    Brand                      Need
                   Starburst     To be accepted and social
                    Skittles   Fantasy and personal discovery
                Jolly Ranchers Self-expression and individuality

•   Mike & Ike Today                                      Mike & Ike Tomorrow
    Typical                                                          Special
    Indifferent                                                      Stand for something
    Not contemporary                                                 Be relevant
    Great fruit flavor

Positioning Development
•   Step 1
     –   Develop multiple positioning platforms
           •   Expression of a need-state, lifestyle or other relevant idea that can be developed and
               extended into a positioning statement
     –   Criteria for a positioning platform
           •   Must reawaken the brand
           •   Must be expressible throughout the marketing mix
           •   Must be believable
           •   Must be ownable long-term
           •   Must be differentiating
           •   Must be successfully communicated with realistic budget
           •   Must add value to the brand proposition
•   Step 2
     –   Determine most viable platforms based on brand goals and competitive realities
•   Step 3
     –   Identify the following supports for each platform
           •   Emotional benefits
           •   Product attributes: Which attributes support the emotional benefit?
           •   Territory: Abstract definition of where the product “lives” in the consumer’s mindset
           •   Role: The role the product plays in achieving the emotional benefit
           •   Attitude

Step 1: Positioning Platforms
Need-states                                                         Platform Working Title
      Acceptance                                                   Mr./Mrs. Popularity Candy
                                                                    The Other Cool Candy
        Belonging                                                  Fitting In Candy
        Friendship                                                 Best Friend Candy
        Self-expression/Independence                               Candy with a Voice
        Self-Discovery                                             My Time Candy
        Comfort                                                    Get You Through It Candy
        Internet/tech                                              e-Candy
        Social/environmental consciousness                         Aware Candy
        Pop Culture                                                Pop Culture Candy
        Sports                                                     Team Candy
        Comedy                                                     Not-So-Serious Candy
Product Benefit
      The ultimate fruit chew blend                                 Candyman’s Candy
      The fruitiest chewy fruit candy                               Just Picked Candy
      The most fun chewy fruit candy                                Good Time Candy
      Americana                                                    America’s Favorite Candy

     *must be careful about aligning positioning with trends – need to think long-term viability

 Step 2: Ranking
 •        Based on the following criteria, Think 360 ranked the Positioning
          Platforms as shown
 •        The top five Platforms follow
           – The remaining Platforms are in the Appendix

                                Scale 1-5 (5= most; 1= least)
                                       Extend in                                          In    Add
             Platforms      Reawaken Marketing Mix Believable Long-term Differentiating Budget Value TOTAL
Mr./Mrs. Popularity Candy      5           5            1         3            2           1     3     20
The Other Cool Candy           5           5            3         3            4           3     3     26
Fitting In Candy               3           4            2         3            3           3     3     21
Best Friend Candy              4           5            5         5            4           4     4     31
Candy with a Voice             5           5            2         3            4           2     3     24
Get You Through It Candy       3           5            3         4            3           2     3     23
My Time Candy                  3           3            4         3            3           3     3     22
e-Candy                        5           5            3         4            5           4     4     30
Aware Candy                    3           5            1         3            5           1     5     23
Pop Culture Candy              5           5            3         5            5           4     5     32
Team Candy                     3           5            3         5            3           3     3     25
Not-So-Serious Candy           4           5            3         4            5           3     4     28
Candyman’s Candy               3           4            3         5            3           3     2     23
Just Picked Candy              2           5            1         5            5           2     2     22
Good Time Candy                3           4            2         3            3           2     3     20
America’s Favorite Candy       2           5            2         5            4           4     3     25

Step 3: Identify the Platform Supports
•   The Other Cool Candy
•   Best Friend Candy
•   e-Candy
•   Pop Culture Candy
•   Not-So-Serious Candy

The Other Cool Candy

    Emotional Benefit               Design                      Role

        Confidence                    TBD              Be different from the rest
       Self-expression                                 Catalyst for individuality
        Acceptance                                     Badge for nonconformity

    Product Attribute              Territory                  Attitude

            Original              Theater group             A bit rebellious
    Real – no airs/pretense   Alternative music fans        Individualistic

•   Summary: Not the “football player/cheerleader cool”, but the “cool”
    group that rejects that and finds a place of their own

Best Friend Candy

    Emotional Benefit            Design              Role

           Trust                   TBD             Supporter
         Comfort                                   Comforter
         Fitting In                                Neutralizer

    Product Attribute           Territory          Attitude

     Consistency/quality    At recess and lunch    Fun/Upbeat
        Traditional        Sleepovers and on the   Supportive

•   Summary: The feeling you get knowing that your best friend will
    always be there and stand by your side, no matter what


    Emotional Benefit      Design               Role

        Connected             TBD           E-companion
          Fulfilled                            E-fuel
         In control

    Product Attribute     Territory          Attitude

        Long-lasting          EBay              Savvy
          Chewy          Surfing the net     In-the-know
                          In chatrooms        Surprising
                             Level 3        Individualistic

•     Summary: The candy you reach for whenever you are surfing,
      reading, chatting, gaming, etc. online

Pop Culture Candy

    Emotional Benefit            Design                   Role

         Inspired                   TBD                Experiential
           Open                                          Tradition
          Happy                                      Enabler/connector

    Product Attribute            Territory              Attitude

         Colorful            In the popcorn bag            Fun
      Theater heritage            In the beat          High-energy
         Original          Front row concert seats        Kitsch
      Great fruit flavor                                 Upbeat

•     Summary: Affiliation with pop culture… music, TV, movies, etc. in a
      fun, kitsch manner

Not-So-Serious Candy

    Emotional Benefit       Design                  Role

        Happiness             TBD             Laughter catalyst
            Joy                             Break from the serious
       Light-hearted                               Release

    Product Attribute      Territory              Attitude

      Chewy and fruity   Friday afternoon       Light-hearted
         Colorful         Sitcom line-up        Mischievous
           BIG                                     Goofy

•   Summary: Current Mike & Ike likeability with updated humor and

Next Steps
•   Choose positioning platform

•   Think 360 to create positioning statement(s)

•   Think 360 to create character/icon strategy

•   Think 360 to develop positioning statements and character/icon
    directions for test


Mr./Mrs. Popularity Candy

 Emotional Benefit             Design                         Role

 Confidence of being the       TBD                            Catalyst for coolness
 “coolest”                                                    In the spotlight
 Happy                                                        Pre-requisite for being cool
 Acceptance                                                   Badge
 Praised by being the leader
 of the clique

 Product Attribute             Territory                      Attitude

 The right flavors             High-profile social settings   Respected
                               In the hands of the            Cool/confident
                               Homecoming King and            Trendy

Fitting In Candy

 Emotional Benefit     Design                    Role

 Fitting in            TBD                       Ice breaker
 Belonging                                       Bonding
 Not an outcast

 Product Attribute     Territory                 Attitude

 The right flavors     At all the cool parties   Social
 Variety               At the cool lunch table   Confidence

Candy with a Voice

 Emotional Benefit   Design               Role

 Confidence to be    TBD                  Jump start
 seen/heard                               Catalyst to do and be
 Acceptance                               seen/heard/noticed

 Product Attribute   Territory            Attitude

 Fruit flavor rush   Center stage with    Confident
                     microphone in hand   Excited

My Time Candy

Emotional Benefit       Design                  Role

Centered                TBD                     Takes you away
Self-satisfaction                               Companion
Secure                                          Catalyst for introspection

Product Attribute       Territory               Attitude

Long-lasting flavor     Shooting hoops          At peace
Ultimate fruit flavor   Writing in your diary   Relaxed
                        Reading a great book    Supportive
                        Riding your bike        Free

Get You Through It Candy

Emotional Benefit     Design                 Role

Reward                TBD                    Secret weapon
Escapist                                     Get you though the X
Able to cope                                 Keep you happy

Product Attribute     Territory              Attitude

Long-lasting flavor   Studying               Stealth humor
Variety               Boring history class   Mischievous
                      Family dinners         Devil-on-the-shoulder

Aware Candy

Emotional Benefit           Design                        Role

Pride                       TBD                           Catalyst for making a
Individuality                                             difference

Product Attribute           Territory                     Attitude

No airs – just good candy   Earthday celebration          Positive
                            Volunteering at the library   Can-do attitude

Team Candy

Emotional Benefit   Design                       Role

Belonging           TBD                          Part of the team
Confidence                                       Supportive
Pride                                            Connector

Product Attribute   Territory                    Attitude

Dependable          In the dug-out               Team-player
Quality             On the basketball court or   Playful
Tradition           soccer field                 Loyal
                                                 Tries hard

Candyman’s Candy

Emotional Benefit     Design        Role

Feel savvy/smart      TBD           Bringing people together
Satisfied                           Gold standard of candy
Proud                               Treat
                                    Special reward

Product Attribute     Territory     Attitude

Ultimate fruit chew   Top shelf     Deserved arrogance
Trusted               Special jar   Superior
Family-owned          Front row     Looked up to
Rich history                        Confident

Just Picked Candy

Emotional Benefit     Design           Role

Satisfied             TBD              Fruit pick-me-up
Satiated                               Fruit juice

Product Attribute     Territory        Attitude

Great fruit flavors   In fruit grove   Fanciful
Ultimate fruit chew                    High-energy

Good Times Candy

Emotional Benefit   Design                  Role

Happy               TBD                     Gold standard of fun
Secure                                      Reward

Product Attribute   Territory               Attitude

Colorful            Laughing with friends   High-spirited
Chewy               Pajama party            Open to anything
Fruity                                      Easy going
                                            A little boisterous

America’s Favorite Candy

 Emotional Benefit       Design                    Role

 Belonging               TBD                       Badge of patriotism
 Pride                                             Tradition

 Product Attribute       Territory                 Attitude

 Made in the USA         BBQ with friends          Proud
 Rich tradition          Every baseball park in    Open-minded
 Your mom grew up with   America                   Friendly
                         Picnics and field trips   Boy-next-door

Positioning Grid

 Emotional Benefit   Design      Role

 Product Attribute   Territory   Attitude


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