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					        Lindsay Lohan

Target analysis for a young American celebrity
Good, clear analysis. Can it
be shorter?

  Lindsay is the sidelined every-girl.

  Lindsay Lohan is a 19-year-old actress and singer. Her career was born out of childhood
  and teen roles aimed at tween and teenage audiences, though aspects of her character
  (both on-screen and off) resonate with a broader audience.

  Her equity lies in her spunky persona, the quirky girl who fights to find her place in the

  The persona honed in movie roles …
        – Parent Trap: twin girls reunite after their parents’ divorce
        – Freaky Friday: her widowed mom is remarrying
        – Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen: her parents divorce and she moves
             from NYC to the suburbs
        – Mean Girls: home schooled kid entering an American public high school

  … is also true of real-life Lindsay:
        – wants to transition from child star to “credible actress”
        – growing up in the public eye
        – branching out from movies to music albums
        – stress of dad’s financial scandal and parents’ impending divorce
Good use of headlines.
Journalism is a good source
     Recently, Lindsay has been more side-tracked
of credibility when illustrating
your points.
     than side-lined.
 •    While Lohan is still the girl trying to discover how she fits into a new life, the
      overwhelming combination of fame, fortune, and family troubles is overpowering her
      ability to fight back.
     “Lohan’s Parents Reach Divorce Settlement”
     -People Magazine

     “Lindsay’s Dolce Vita! She buys $80,000 watches and wears couture nightly”
     -People Magazine

     “Lindsay’s Left-Handed Ring!”
     -US Weekly

     “Lindsay’s Fully Loaded Freak-Out”
     -Seventeen Magazine

     “Lindsay Lohan Stands Up Regis & Kelly”
     -Teen People

 •    The audience has become less sympathetic to the Lohan brand in part as a result of
      its success. She is starting to become commoditized.

 •    Her core audience is either losing interest or outgrowing her.
   Lindsay has become not only
unattainable but worse, undesirable.

         How do we fix this?
The build works really well
here. Great use of images to
  The good news: everyone else is unattainable
tell a story.

  and undesirable too.
  •    The current paradigm in
       young women
       celebrities for girls is
       skinny, bitchy, and rich
       (oh yeah, and blonde).
  •    The audience expects
       Lindsay is moving in
       the wrong direction.
    These celebrities are poor role models and are
    under-delivering to their targets.
                                •   “i believe they hide all their insecurities w/they're $500 purse, or
                                    $100,000 car, or even they're $30 manicures. i believe they think they
                                    lose one more insecurity w/money. i believe they think money builds
                                    them when really it has to come from the inside.”
Is there no good
competition? No-one who’s                               --xanga blogger, age 16
doing it right? A model Lohan
should follow?
    Other role models are boring and too close to home.

•    Saccharine-sweet celebrities like Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, and Kelly Clarkson lack
     interesting stories.
  Lindsay’s desired audience clearly has a wider set
  of values.
Good way of bringing them to      I keep up on pop culture
life - but this person sounds          I am open-minded
perfect. Are their any
negatives or insecurities to         I am adventuresome
                          I am
their character? That would opinionated; people ask me for   my opinion
make it feel more plausible.        I care about my looks
                                I worry about the environment
                              It’s worth paying extra for quality
                 I can see myself as characters in movies sometimes
                            I can relate to characters in movies
                                           I am imaginative
                          I enjoy owning the newest technology
                                     I try to plan for my future
                                  I am an independent thinker
                                 It’s important to me to be real
                                          I am an individual
                          I’m not satisfied with being “standard”
                       I am empathetic to people who need help
                                   I value lasting relationships
Most importantly, girls and young women want a
good story.                          Yup. I buy this. Good point
                                                            and good examples.
•   Elements of a captivating life story:
     –   Drama
     –   Struggle
     –   Empathy
     –   Triumph

•   Celebrity stories that encompass this:
     – Gwen Stefani
     – Jennifer Aniston
     – Angelina Jolie

•   A degree of sophistication and likability is also essential. The audience must
    believe that the celebrity is “like me,” but different enough to provide an
Good thoughts and good
   Lindsay Lohan has the right components to fulfill
This is great. Smart and
   this role.
succinct. Good ‘brand’ ideas.
I’d have liked for a little more
about who the audience is.
   •     Drama: Her life is a mess and the media is fueling negative images of
It also demonstrates how it’s
easier to do something good
when you’re talking about
something you’re obviously
   • Struggle: Rise to   the occasion and acknowledge that life extends beyond
interested in. (I suspect)
        what is seen on the red carpet.

   •    Empathy: Being open about her life will let girls and women empathize with
        her. At the moment, her brand lacks depth. She is defined by headlines, to
        which her target can only relate on a superficial level.

   •    Triumph: Overcome obstacles incrementally, in months rather than in a
        week. A quick and easy turn around would not be credible; time is essential
        to lend authenticity to her story. Lindsay’s audience needs to witness her
        development for her brand to secure a place in their hearts.

          It’s time for Lindsay to create her own headlines.

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