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									                                                            Youth Board
                                                         Member Expectations

Members of the Youth Board (YB) are leaders of the community. YB members will represent their high schools
at required meetings beginning in August and ending in May. Board members will be expected to:

      Attend monthly Youth Board meetings at 730 West Wilshire Blvd. #108, Oklahoma City, OK 73116
      Attend Committee meetings as needed
      Discuss and plan publicizing, recruitment, fundraising and training of fellow classmates in preparation
       for Work Day in April/May
      Attend Work Day and act in a leadership role
      Contribute to the decision making process and help establish goals for the Youth Program as a whole
      Be willing to work on committees such as Board Development, Resource Development, Governance, or
       Project Planning.
      Recruit volunteers for Youth Board sponsored projects
      Participate in fundraising events
       Make a financial contribution to the Youth Program*

   * The purpose of this is to offer the students the pride of working on a board that they actually financially
   support. Students may only have a little money to give, and so a donation of $5 is as acceptable as a
   donation of $20.

Rebuilding Together OKC, Inc.

730 West Wilshire Blvd., #108

Oklahoma City, OK 73116


fax (405)607-0362

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