Keeping a Portable Phone Charger Close by darreljefferson


									Keeping a Portable Phone Charger Close

A portable phone charger is a very useful thing to have, no matter what situation you find yourself in.
Anyone who owns a cell phone can readily attest that the battery rarely lasts as long as you think it will,
and they tend to run out at inopportune times.

What’s more, there isn’t always an outlet close by, even if you do have a phone charger that you could
use in these situations. As such, these times present a unique challenge to those who encounter them.

Dangers of Being Without a Phone
What may be an inconvenience at some times can be a real danger
in others. Not being able to use a phone when you are stranded or
lost or injured makes for a much more dangerous experience overall.

The fact of the matter is that most people use their cell phones as
their primary means of communicating today. When they are not
able to use them, it causes confusion and makes things much more

All of these reasons are why a portable battery charger is such a
useful innovation overall. These multipurpose units are meant to
give people power wherever they are, through a variety of means.

Various Uses of a Solar Powered Battery Charger
First of all, it is important to note that these portable models can be used as a traditional charger, by
plugging it into the wall and running the line to your cell. This is the most direct way of doing this, as will
likely lead to the fastest recharge overall.

If nothing else, this option is a good one to have because it allows people to plug in wherever there is an
outlet present. Continuously plugging in during the day is recommended, in order to keep the battery of
your unit topped off and ready to go.

                                       The next way that the portable charger is able to provide a power
                                       source to a cell is through an A/V adaptor (also known as a
                                       cigarette lighter in the car). The A/V port is typically found in the
                                       front of the car under the dash or display.

                                       Filling up your battery when you are in the car is a great passive
                                       way to stay full. Simply plug in when you get in the car and go to
                                       your destination without having to think about it.

                                       There is also an attachment to use with a USB port. As computers
                                       are going to be found everywhere that have USB ports in them,
                                       powering your phone through USB is a great way to go.
You don’t need an open outlet, and more and more electronics have USB each year. Perhaps most
impressively of all, the portable phone charger has an attachable solar cell, allowing you to have true
autonomy when it comes to your power needs.

Said solar cell will passively draw in the solar energy from the sun and turn it into electrical impulse,
giving an unlimited source of power. Even if someone should be in a situation with no power and no way
to plug in, the solar cell would ensure that enough energy was collected to make a crucial call.

This is an investment which is well worth it all in nature. As such, it is something which should be gotten
immediately, no matter what the needs are.

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