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									                 Access to Personal Health Information (Paper Chart) for Research
                                Refer to Sunnybrook Corporate Policy
                   II-A-2550 Access to & Disclosure of Personal Health Information.

                Request application in person (E123), or by telephone - ext 5923 or 2996.
    Health Data Resources provides the requester with a copy of the “Requisition for Access to
                                 Personal Health Information”.
                              Complete an application in writing to include:

             Requisition for Access to Personal Health Information (All persons requiring
              access to the requested records must sign the confidentiality statement on
              the “Requisition for Access to Personal Health Information”);
             Copy of the Research Ethics Board letter of approval;
             Copy of continuing ethics approval, if applicable;
             A brief description of your study or study abstract;
             List of records required for review
              (maximum 20 records pulled/day/study – requires 48 hours notice);
             List of who will be reviewing the records; and
             Time frame for reviewing the records.

 Deliver completed Application with above supporting documents to HDR, Research Coordinator,
                         Health Data Resources will review and obtain approval.
Once approved, Health Data Resources retrieves requested records (usually within 48 hours) and
            advises requester. The records remain available for one week in HDR.
  Note: Not all charts are readily available (i.e. out to physician’s office, recent discharge from
           hospital, located offsite, etc…) and may not be available within 48 hours.
                         Fees are applicable for external chart reviews.
  All records are reviewed in E123 where there are cubicles with power outlets available. If the
 patient is currently in hospital, the record is reviewed on the unit (if approved by the Patient Care
 Note: Conference room may be available in HDR to review charts under special circumstances.
                 Availability will need to be discussed with Research Manager, HDR.

  Photocopies require the completion of the “Photocopies Request for Research” form available upon request from
     Health Data Resources. Note: There are fees for providing photocopies of personal health information.

19 January 09

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